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Happy birthday wishes for sportsman

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Happy birthday wishes for sportsman
May 05, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Send Free Fishing Happy Birthday Card for Nephew to Loved Ones on this sportsman birthday greeting card is quite a catch for your awesome nephew.

  • A 'Par-fect' Day!

    Wish your near and dear ones a perfect day on the field.

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  • Slam Dunk!

    A groovy 'Basketball' ecard for your pals/ loved ones.

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  • I Love Soccer!

    A sportive ecard!

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  • Let's Go Fishing!

    Call your buddy to fish some fun with this card.

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  • The Swiss National Course.

    Funny painting featuring a mouse playing golf on an emmental cheese.

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  • Super Sunday!

    Let's make it a super Sunday!


  • Congrats Champ!

    Congratulate your pals/ teammates/ with this sporty soccer ecard.

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  • Go Dallas Cowboys!

    Greetings for dallas cowboys football team fans.

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  • Born To Win.

    Send this card to win a game in advance!

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  • Soccer Mania!

    Reach out to your pal/ bro/ cuz with this trendy soccer ecard.

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  • Wish your near and dear ones a perfect day on the field. Rated 3.4 | 18,851 Funny painting featuring a mouse playing golf on an emmental cheese. Rated 4.1.

    Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

    happy birthday wishes for sportsman

    Being stronger and more fit is a goal that most of us would like to attain. People who care particularly about their body and the health benefits of practicing are our favorite fitness freaks, never to be forgotten on their special days.

    Here are some super cool birthday wishes you can give to those who exemplify and lead us down the road to strength and good health.

    Birthday Wishes For a Pilates Trainer

    • Happy birthday. May life grant you many decades more, and I know under your tutelage I’ll be right there with you!
    • I sincerely thank you for helping me get back in shape. I know I couldn’t have done it without you. Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday to the best instructor I’ve ever had. May you achieve perfect balance in life.
    • Thank you for taking the time to extend the longevity of my life, and I know as a reward, yours will be lengthened as well. Happy birthday.
    • Thank you for not letting me give up all those times I wanted to quit. Happy birthday to the best trainer life could have sent me.
    • I know that with a trainer like you I’m also going to enjoy a long, healthy life! Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday, and may the years of your life go round like a magic circle. Have a day laden with fun and blessings.
    • Many people notice your greatness on the outside, but only a few of us know how special you are at the core. Happy birthday, and keep on being the best at what you do!

    You’re a winner! Happy Birthday, mate.

    Birthday Wishes For a Gym-Type Guy

    • You’re more than a dude… you’re a man! Happy birthday, and thank you for being my inspiration to finally get in shape!
    • You have proven beyond a doubt that age is just a number! Happy birthday, super friend.
    • Happy birthday! The world needs more men with your level of discipline. May life bless you to feel the burn of its favor for many years to come.
    • You’ve taught me to always jack up and be like a man! Please accept this birthday gift as my sign of appreciation.
    • Happy birthday to the most masculine man I know. May life bring you the fame and fortune of an athlete and superstar.
    • Every time I look at you, I know my dreams of becoming diesel are still possible. Happy birthday.
    • I never believed a macho man could be graceful until I met you. Happy birthday, dear friend.
    • Not even in a million years would I have believed that such a skinny, scrawny boy could grow up to be such an inspirationally strong, powerful man! Happy birthday. May you keep on being lifted higher in life.
    • Happy birthday, bigger bro. I hope one day we can become tag team wrestling partners.
    • May the only shaking you ever experience in a long, healthy life be that of protein. Happy birthday.
    • Thank you for teaching us all that machismo doesn’t have to manifest in being a bully but instead can be complimented with love. Happy birthday.
    • Continue kicking life’s a*s and being the best that you can be. Happy birthday, our model of greatness!

    Go get ’em, girl. It’s your birthday!

    Birthday Wishes For a Fit Lady

    • In my eyes, you are the most visually stunning woman God ever created. Happy birthday. May the world be blessed many more years with your amazing presence!
    • I know you usually watch what you eat, but I hope today you’ll celebrate with the rest of us and just pig out. Happy birthday!
    • I love your body, not in a sexual sense but as inspiration to get my own in shape. Thank you for inspiring me. Happy birthday.
    • Wishing the fittest and most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen a fabulous birthday celebration. Thank you for teaching me that athletics are a part of life, and a person should never stop having fun and staying fit.
    • Please don’t get me arrested for saying this, but nothing makes my day more than seeing you. Happy birthday.
    • You are the perfect mixture of fitness and success, and I hope we all face many of more blessed days beholding your beauty. Happy birthday.

    Birthday Wishes For a Yoga Trainer

    • I know I can be difficult at times, so thank you for being flexible with me. Happy birthday.
    • You have taught me more than anyone to appreciate every breath life has given us. Happy birthday, and may you experience many healthy and joyful years on earth.
    • Happy birthday, my highly inspirational trainer. May the ocean breath fill your lungs for countless years to come.
    • You have taught us how to be healthy in both mind and body, which would be impossible if you didn’t already possess these qualities yourself. Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday, my wonderful instructor and friend. I hope that positive energy flows throughout your life for decades to come.
    • Happy birthday! Dearest, I wish you the best in your endeavors to become a highly successful yoga trainer – not a common profession but one the world sorely needs.
    • Yoga was something I used to take for granted until the universe brought me to such a wonderful instructor like you. Happy birthday, and thank you for not only being an excellent example but also continuing to lead me down the path of fitness.

    Birthday Wishes For a Personal Trainer

    • Happy birthday to the most wonderful personal trainer ever. I hope that life gives you proper credit for all the people you have helped.
    • Not many people can actually brag of transforming lives like you have. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are. Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday to the man with the mind of a nerd but the body of a movie star! You rock!
    • Happy birthday! Thank you for helping me stay competitive in the game of life. You’re so exceptional they should name an energy drink after you! I’m so proud to call you my personal trainer.
    • Thank you for teaching me there’s more to life than watching TV and eating pizza. Happy birthday, life changer!
    • Thank you for the effective inspiration and outstanding guidance, but I honestly don’t believe I’ll ever be as strong as you. Happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday, my crazy ball of energy!

    • Happy birthday! May God reward you greatly for dedicating your existence to edifying the lives of others!
    • I’ve never met anyone as committed to their craft as you are. You inspire me greatly. Happy birthday.
    • I never thought you’d be more than a trainer, but now you’ve also become one of my best friends. Happy birthday! May the blessings you receive on this special day be beyond measure.

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    Best Birthday Wishes for Cricketer friend & Cricket Lover

    happy birthday wishes for sportsman

    Inspirational birthday Wishes

    Courage + Confidence is a prime need,
    In case you really want to succeed!!!.
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Inculcate the habit of being tolerant,
    If you want your personality to shine vibrant!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Let your personality be tough and your heart be soft,
    And don’t allow yourself by the bad things waft!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Gift of wisdom is very common,
    But you have to know when it should be summoned!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Once you start giving your best,
    There won’t be any chance of failing in a test!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Always have sportsman spirit within you,
    Then success to you will accrue!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Never curse the opponents,
    Because just cursing and not acting makes you stagnant!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    May your efforts for mankind be utile,
    Else all you hard work is nothing but futile!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Always get into healthy competition,
    Because grudges can spoil the whole fruition!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Don’t pull others to get you on high,
    Because victory is for true competitor not for sly!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Send Free Fishing Happy Birthday Card for Nephew to Loved Ones on this sportsman birthday greeting card is quite a catch for your awesome nephew.

    Never Give up! Happy Birthday Card for Son

    happy birthday wishes for sportsman

    Has another year passed already? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your last birthday. I guess that’s what happens when you race through your days at top speed, though! Here’s hoping you can slow down long enough to enjoy the happiest and most exciting of birthdays!

    Happy birthday to one of the most talented people I know. You’ve never let anything stand in your way, no matter what obstacles you have had to pass on your journey. May this year be your best one yet! You are an amazing person and you deserve every good birthday wish.

    Do you know that feeling you get when you are running and you suddenly see a drink station? That’s how I feel when I see you. Thanks for being a bright spot in my life. Happy birthday!

    When you are a runner, it’s important to take a day every now and then to relax and rejuvenate. Your birthday is that day! Put your feet up, eat some cake and celebrate another amazing year. May your next year be just as adventurous as your last year has been. Happy birthday!

    From the day I met you, I knew you were a real go-getter. Don’t let today be any different. Make your birthday everything you want it to be. Here’s some cash to get you started! Happy birthday!

    Today is your birthday! It’s your big day! Spend it doing whatever you please. Whether you run or relax, or you do both at the same time, I hope it’s a day full of ease! Happy birthday!

    Life is an adventure, and you are making the most of it. May this next year be every bit as exciting and breath-taking as your last. Happy birthday!

    Wait, you’re how old? I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your time going at top speed! Remember to grab a slice of birthday cake on your way by–you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

    You’ve dedicated your life to running, and this day is dedicated to you. May it be filled with smiles, sunshine and laughter, and may it produce many wonderful memories you will cherish for years to come. Happy birthday!

    If you are trying to outrun the aging process, don’t worry, you can slow down. You haven’t aged a bit! (Although, it might take a runner’s lung capacity to blow out all of those birthday candles!)

    Funny Birthday Wishes to make them smile! all your favorite sportsmen and women have retired. it takes forever to scroll down to choose your year of birth .

    happy birthday wishes for sportsman
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