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Happy anniversary wishes to a cute couple
October 11, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

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A wedding anniversary is a special touching holiday when people celebrate the birth and development of their love. Samples below will help you to express your thoughts via nice messages and quotes for people, who have a strong spiritual bond.
Send them SMS or share these cute texts on Facebook, Twitter, and your attention will make their anniversary more unforgettable.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

  • Your common life is like the sea: sometimes it is full of troubles, and sometimes it brings you a sense of unique happiness. You haven’t got lost in a series of life events and problems, and I know that whatever happens, you will be always together.

  • Looking at your marriage and seeing your boundless love, I believe that marriages are made in heaven. Happy Anniversary.
  • Happy wedding Anniversary to the sweetest couple ever! You’ve filled your lives with magic and I know that you will never lose this connection.

  • Your love is the best romantic melody, which has been sounding for many years, let this music last forever.
  • On your anniversary I want to ask you one thing – promise that you will stand together under these stars for a lifetime!
  • Let all your troubles disappear and your love will become only stronger.

Marriage Anniversary Quotes

  • Your love story is a romance, adventure and a tale at the same time. I wish you to spend as many fantastic moments as possible together. Happy Anniversary.
  • I have always thought that the ideal does not exist, but you destroyed this myth. Stay positive, cheerful and romantic as you are now!

  • Do you know what the sun and your love have in common? It is always sparkling, it warms with its heat and lasts forever. Happy Anniversary.
  • You are the closest people I’ve ever seen, you share secrets like best friends and laugh and love like soul mates.

  • Whatever the life offers you, I know that you’ll accept everything because you have faith in souls and love in your heart.
  • Your marriage made all your dreams come true, together you have created a wonderful family, you’ve been blessed by God.

  • Even nature today celebrates your anniversary – the sun shines brighter and the breeze whispers: I love you. Happy Anniversary to the most loving pair!
  • I wish you to bathe in tenderness, care and affection not only on the day of your anniversary but every day of your common life.
  • This day is a new beginning of a wonderful common year of fulfilled dreams and sweet memories. Happy Anniversary!

  • The day when you got married became the beginning of the era of euphoria and bliss. Let this period be endless.
  • The synonym of your marriage is “LOVE” – loving, optimistic, warm, and enigmatic – all these words describe only a little part of your life, which becomes more and more beautiful every year! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Message for Couples

  • The greatest success you’ve achieved in life is that you have married the most caring, kind, generous and understanding person on Earth!
  • If your common life was a movie, then it would be the most touching story ever!
  • People change and their attitude changes, but your strong love remains unchanged. Love each other and be happy!
  • You were meant for each other by fate, your inexhaustible belief in the best and your unselfishness truly amaze me. Stay the same incredible people you are now. Happy Anniversary!
  • The major thing I want to wish you is to an eternity together.

  • Marriages of other people are divided into certain periods, and you are happy because you have one period of a lifetime – love, joy, happiness, laughter, lots of smiles and flowers.
  • When you have met for the first time, you were naive and impulsive, you made each other wise, mature and taught how to love truly. Have a magnificent anniversary.
  • Each day you inspire each other to be better, you are two halves of the whole. Have many gorgeous days ahead.
  • You need to express your love for each other, not only today but every day of life. I wish you that every day will be special and significant for you and your anniversary will be only one of the most significant pages of the story.
  • Today is the anniversary of your wedding, and do you know what is the most surprising thing for me? You still look like newlyweds and shine in your eyes haven’t darkened. Love each other only stronger!
  • Happy anniversary! Celebrate the moments of the past, the joys of today and hopes of tomorrow!
  • Over the years, you have experienced many good and bad, but this only has tempered your love. I wish you to enjoy your love and to cry only from happiness. Happy anniversary!
  • The destiny brought you together, so go well together on the road of life and let only joy is found in your way.
  • May the sky of your marriage be free from clouds of misunderstandings and resentments and the sun of love will shine there forever.
  • Looking at you, I realize that true love exists. May each year together will be even brighter, more beautiful and better for you. Have a fantastic anniversary!
  • I wish you many happy years ahead, such a wonderful couple like you deserves it!
  • Your example has proved that the marriage is based on three main principles: honesty, respect, and love. You are a true role model.
  • You have come a long way around the world, however, you have found each other in a small paradise, so let it only bloom for you and remain the happiest place on earth. Happy anniversary to an amazing couple.
  • A harmonious marriage is the result of hard work, you managed to go through bad and good times and remained together. I wish you to stay as happy as you are now.
  • You are different personalities, which surprisingly fit together. Your marriage is ideal, keep it up! Happy anniversary!
  • You are like a prince and princess, descended from the pages of the best fairy tales. All I want to wish you is to keep what you have.
  • As Richard Bach said: “Real love stories never have endings”, so I wish that your love story will last forever.
  • This special day is here again, let your marriage be blessed with boundless love and joy.
  • Let the bouquet of wishes and flowers, which you’ll receive today surround you for the whole life. Happy anniversary.
  • Watching you I dream that somebody will look at me with such strong love and tenderness as you both look at each other.
  • Let this wonderful fairy tale that you share together will last a lifetime for you.
  • A marriage is a very unpredictable thing, I wish you to pass all the tests that you may encounter, and I hope that your hearts will be filled with love and tenderness.
  • I have not met more loving, caring and respectful people, keep your fire in hearts, and be happy now and forever. Happy anniversary.
  • Best wishes to your both, keep the best emotions, you experienced together, they will make up the best memories.
  • Let on each anniversary day you fall in love again and every day will be a new joyful moment for you.
  • When you are together, you are charging with optimism and good all people around, always stay good-natured, funny and cute, you are a great couple.
  • Today is a great day, the day of the birth of your love. Let every year it become stronger and shine brighter! Happy anniversary.
  • You shared everything in half in your life, you’ve managed to build a great family, raise beautiful children and realize professionally! May each day bring you only joy.
  • I admire your attitude towards each other and to others, for me, you are the perfect couple, whose love is visible to the naked eye. I wish you unconditional happiness.
  • You do not always see a lot of things the same way, but you always help each other to realize all your dreams! For me, you are an exemplar of a truly loving couple.
  • I am honored to have such an amazing, blessed, kind-hearted couple like you as my friends. Let me share this fabulous day with you and wish you many blissful years ahead. Happy anniversary.
  • Let this day be a reminder of the existence of large and bright love. May the Lord be still favorable to you and you will experience a huge number of happy moments.
  • As Julia Child said: “The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person”, you have found each other among millions. I wish you to remain the closest people for each other.
  • Many years have passed from the day of your wedding, but your passion and love are still strong. I wish you to keep it and carry through the years.
  • On this special day, I wish you to spend an eternity caring about each other, loving each other and making each other happy. Happy anniversary.
  • Wishing you the best in this world, spend your youth happily and meet an old age together. Happy fancy anniversary.
  • Let each your anniversary be a beautiful flower in the garden of the marriage, that you created together.
  • You both are remarkable people, you leave everybody better after meeting them, you inspire me and make me believe in selfless love. Happy anniversary to the best couple ever!

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“Happy Anniversary to a cute couple And two lovely hearts who are inseparable!” “After all these years, you still make an amazing couple.

Anniversary wishes: what to write in an anniversary card

happy anniversary wishes to a cute couple

  • One Summer's Memory - Happy Anniversary Card

    Take a stroll down memory lane this anniversary. You've been through everything together. This anniversary card helps you remember cherish every moment. Wish happy anniversary to your soul mate and flood their life with love. This anniversary card features a stroll on the beach, a couple moving forward through life together. It represents your commitment to walk alongside each other for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part.

  • Cheers to the Special Day - Happy Anniversary Card

    Raise a glass and drink to love! This intimate anniversary card says it all. Red roses, packages wrapped up tight, and sparkling champagne - all the ingredients for romance. Let your love shine this anniversary and don't forget to send a loving card to your soul mate and special someone. Have a little bubbly, toast to each other, and laugh over all the good times you've shared. This is your special day. Make the most of it.

  • Sweet Moment - Happy Anniversary Card

    Wish a sweet moment to a wonderful couple! This romantic anniversary card reminds the happy couple to sit back and enjoy a special moment together. Remind them to take time for themselves and to nurture their love. The setting sun offers a warm golden light to the couple lazing in the hammock. It is the idyll setting for romance and the perfect anniversary card to spend to a loving couple.

  • Always Together - Happy Anniversary Card

    Do you know two lovebirds? Wish your friends a happy anniversary with this sweet anniversary card. Remind them to walk hand in hand and keep love at the center of their relationship. Every day is a good day to celebrate love, so why not celebrate a little extra and send a special anniversary greeting to a couple who warms your heart. This laid back card represents the charm of married life -the little moments that make up a rich life.

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    The Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends And Couples

    happy anniversary wishes to a cute couple

    We have Collected the world best Anniversary Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for our visitors. Anniversary wishes, Messages, and quotes collection focus on Wishing and Messaging Family members, Friends, and Colleague the best on their day. We recommend our visitors to help the favorite couples in your life celebrate the wonderful occasion of the day they were married.

    Anniversaries are the happiest moments of life that come once in a while. Whether you would like to write an anniversary card or Send text, Here are more than 350 Anniversary Wishes, Messages, And Quotes. You can Share it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Wechat, etc.

    Happy Anniversary Messages

    • “It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s much harder to stay in love with the same person for the rest of one’s life.”

    • “Congratulations on another wonderful year of falling in love with each other. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Even though another year has passed, the love you share continues to last. Sending all my best wishes that you will continue to be blessed in love and happiness.”

    • “Throughout the ages, numerous people have searched but have never found such a love as the two of you share. May you be continually blessed with great love and happiness. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Take pride in knowing that you possess the kind of love that everyone aspires to one day find. May your hearts always remain as caring and passionate as when you fell in love. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Sending all my love and best wishes as you celebrate another year of love and affection for one another. May you love to continue to hold strong and grow with the passing of the ages. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “True love never dies, it only grows stronger and truer with the passing of time. It’s clear to see that your love is the strongest and truest kind. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “As you celebrate another year together, take a moment to reminisce in the happy memories you’ve created together and to reflect on the lessons learned. May you continue to grow ever stronger. Happy Anniversary.”

    • “Another year’s passed and you continue to show the world that true love does exist – Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Like wine, marriage can be sweet or bitter, intense or mellow, flat or acidic. But a couple like you enjoys all its flavors, whether dull or romantic. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Parties, dinners, and get-togethers – we have many selfish reasons to gather and wish you both a great marriage ahead. Happy anniversary.”

    • “The bond of a marriage can take various forms, depending on whether life is imitating calm or storms. Sometimes it can be a beautiful knot, sometimes it can be a fragile cord. Regardless of what it is, I hope your lives overflow with bliss. Happy anniversary.”

    • “For some people, a perfect marriage is a myth, fairytale, legend, fable or false hope. But for me, it is a real thing which exists between you both. Happy anniversary.”

    • “You don’t need to wait for your 10th, 20th or 25th anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life. Every anniversary of yours is a special milestone. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Like an old couple, your legs may have become wobbly and beautiful wrinkles may adorn your lovely faces, but your love for each other never seems to fade regardless of life’s phases. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Your anniversary is a milestone where you can pause and look back at your life to cherish all the beautiful memories and bind yourselves to all the wonderful promises that are yet to be fulfilled. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Even after so many years of living together, you both haven’t got tired of each other. Here’s wishing that you stay like this forever. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Sending you many blessings and best wishes. May you continue to live a full and joyous life together for many more years yet to come. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “I just wanted to send you my best wishes and congratulate you both on your anniversary! You guys make it look easy”

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    • “Congratulations on your Anniversary! Many best wishes and blessings as you continue walking life’s paths hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Thinking of you as you celebrate the passing of another year together. You’ve truly been an inspiration to others by staying true to each other. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Roses are red, violets are blue. But I don’t know of anyone else who possesses a love so true. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Just wanted to send all of my love and best wishes as you celebrate another wonderful year together. May life grant you many more amazing years. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “May the sun always shine on the path that you share. May the moon and stars always light your hearts with care.”

    • “Most of all, never lose the love which makes you a couple beyond compare. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “You’ve shown that you possess a true love which is sure to withstand the tests of time and continue to grow with the passing of the ages. May your love grow ever stronger. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you to be celebrating another year of love and happiness. May your love continue to bloom and grow with the passing of each day. Happy Anniversary!”

    Best Anniversary Wishes

    • “May the sunshine of happiness always break out from the clouds of misunderstandings to form a rainbow of love in your timeless marriage. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Your family name too should end with EST because it comes after every word I use to describe you as a couple – happiEST, coolEST, hottEST and the very best. Happy anniversary.”

    • “The echo of your love and the sound of the sea have a few things in common – they are both constant and eternal. Happy anniversary.”

    • “The sweetest of anniversaries are a result of getting through the most bitter of all moments of life – hand in hand and heart to heart. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Your anniversary will remind you of the best moments of your relationship, but it will also remind you of all the strife you went through to experience those blissful moments. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Best friends in love – that fact that you don’t behave like a typical husband-wife makes your marriage perfect. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Anniversaries are reminders of the promises that couples have fulfilled in the past, the ones they are making in the present and those that are in store for the future. Cherish this milestone date and make yet another beautiful promise as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.”

    • “Most couples devote all their time to work in order to achieve success. But you both have a perfect balance – seeking success through work, love, and happiness. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Remember the good times and forget the bad, reminisce about the happy memories and forget the sad. Take pride in a love that has lasted so long that even the angels are rejoicing in song. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Through the good times and the bad, you two have withstood the true test of time, every year growing with each other and growing closer together. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on another year spent together. May your life continue to be filled with love, laughter, and happiness.”

    • “Finding true love which continues to thrive and grow over the course of time is truly a blessing. May you continue to have many more years of being blessed with an ever growing love and affection for each other. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Anyone can fall in love, but not everyone can stay in love – Happy Anniversary! And here’s to many more!”

    • “Thinking of you on this very special day as you celebrate yet another year together full of love and devotion. May your affections grow ever stronger and your love last ever longer. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Very few people have the integrity and strength to stay together through thick and thin, you’re a beacon of inspiration and hope to all those around you. Happy Anniversary!”

    • ” As you celebrate another year of love and happiness, remember that you’re also a beacon of light and hope to others. Never let go of the beautiful love that binds you to each other. Happy Anniversary.”

    • “Sometimes your marriage is slow like Waltz, sometimes it is peppy like Salsa, sometimes it is hot like Tango and sometimes it is soulful like Jazz – cheers to the couple who can dance to any rhythm of life. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Looking at divorced couples make me feel that marriages are ephemeral. But you both have proved that marriages are truly eternal. Happy anniversary.”

    • “One of the best memories of a couple is not just the magic of their first kiss but the magic they create every time they kiss for the rest of their lives. Happy anniversary.”

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    • “The wrinkles on your faces are not signs of how much you have aged, but how beautifully your marriage has survived the test of time. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Not a long journey, your marriage is an adventure. Not a love story, your marriage is an epic tale of romance. Not a happy ending, your marriage is a blissful loop of sweet memories. Happy wedding anniversary.”

    • “Happy Anniversary! May you celebrate many more years together, withstanding the tests of time to emerge stronger and happier.”

    • “As time passes, the elements of life seem to erode even the strongest of substances. Yet, it is clear to see that absolutely nothing can erode your love for one another. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.”

    • “Here’s to another year of being great together!”

    • “Anniversary cheers!”

    • “Happy [21st] anniversary, you old lovebirds!”

    • “Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.”

    • “Always knew you two had something special.”

    • “Hope the next [10] years are even happier than your [first decade] together!”

    • “Can’t believe it’s been [three] years already. Here’s to many more!”

    • “Love and much happiness to one of our all-time favorite couples!”

    • “Warmest wishes to the wonderful two of you on your [sixth] anniversary.”

    • “Wishing you a happy ‘you two’ day!”

    • “Another year, another great reason to celebrate!”

    • “Congratulations all over again!”

    Happy Anniversary Wishes

    •  “Happy Anniversary! It’s truly amazing to see that you’re still so deeply in love with one another after so many years.”

    • “May you have many more happy anniversaries to come.”

    • “Aphrodite herself could never have formed such a great love as the bonds that you two share. May you always possess such astonishing love and care. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “If I had my life to live over again…next time I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer. Happy Anniversary to us!”

    • “The way you love me, the way you touch my life, I wish the journey, should never end till I die. Thanks for making the day special in my life. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “We have changed over the years, but the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever, and my love for you is even stronger.”

    • “The day is here again, I can’t’ remember every moment of that day, but I could remember when I first looked at your eyes. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!”

    • “When two people are connected at heart, it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers. Happy Anniversary to us!”

    • “True love is spending one day getting married… and the rest of your life feeling glad you did. Greetings of this Day to you and me!”

    • “When I look at you, my dear – It doesn’t seem like you’ve aged. To me, you’re just as beautiful as the day we became engaged. Happy Anniversary.”

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    • “As a tree must learn to bend when the wind blows to prevent it from breaking apart, together you’ve learned to bend in the bad times and stand tall during the good. May you continue to stand tall together for many more years to come. Happy Anniversary.”

    • “Even amidst difficult times, tough situations and harsh circumstances, you have proved that a happy marriage can sail you through any storm of life. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Happy anniversary to a couple who has made their marriage as perfect as it is made out to be in romantic books and movies.”

    • “In the Waltz of Life, you have proved to be the perfect dancing partners for each other and forever. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Even though the years continue to pass, may the love that you share only continue to grow stronger with time. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Just wanted to send you the very best wishes possible. May you continue to love, cherish, and honor one another for many more years to come. Happy Anniversary!”

    Best Anniversary Wishes

    • “Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary as you celebrate another year of love and compassion. May you have many more years together filled with love, happiness, and prosperity.”

    • “Happy Anniversary! May your love and devotion inspire all who surround you, and may you be blessed with all the gifts that life has to offer.”

    • “Your dreams, ambitions, and hopes for the future may not be always the same. But the beauty of your marriage is that you both live to make each others’ dreams come true. Happy anniversary to a perfect couple.”

    • “If your love story was made into a movie, it would give The Notebook a run for its money. Happy wedding anniversary.”

    • “Most married couples hear each other’s words, you listen to each other’s heartbeats. Most of them admire each other’s looks, you compliment each other’s soul. Most of them commit to each other’s lives, you have committed to each other’s dreams. Happy anniversary to an awesome couple.”

    • “The first few years of marriage are likely to be the best. It is only later that life becomes a test. But the love between you both makes you better than the rest. Happy anniversary and good luck.”

    • “No one and nothing in this world are perfect, but the two of you are as close as it gets. Happy anniversary.”

    • “For some couples, being perfect means being flawless. But for a beautiful one like you, being perfect means accepting each other’s flaws. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Your anniversary should have been a monthly and not a weekly affair, for having just one day in a year is just not enough to show each other how much you care. Happy anniversary.”

    • “A romantic journey, thrilling ride, fun adventure, amazing voyage, beautiful expedition, memorable escapade, heavenly trip – if this is the definition of your marriage and the path to your destiny. Happy anniversary.”

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    • “Every year, your anniversary makes me anxious, insecure, nervous and stressed because it adds to the pressure of finding the perfect match – just like you both did. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Wishing you another wonderful year of marital bliss together. Happy wedding anniversary.”

    • “Sending you both loving wishes on your anniversary, may it be something so very special.”

    • “Wishing more laughter, more joy, more love for the both of you in the years to come.”

    • “Wishing you many more years of happiness and unconditional love.”

    • “Wishing you many more years of happiness and unconditional love”

    • “Best wishes to you both on your anniversary.”

    • “Happy anniversary and best wishes to my favorite couple.”

    • “Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary to a lovely couple.”

    • “Wishing you all the best on your anniversary day.”

    • “Wishing that you two will grow even closer together with each passing day. Happy anniversary.”

    • “Wishing you a wonderful and long life together on your anniversary.”

    • “Sending my warmest wishes to a wonderful couple on their special day. Hope that you have a sparkling celebration on your anniversary.”

    • “Happy Anniversary to the one I’ll always want, even when I’m too old to remember what I’m supposed to want you for.”

    • “I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is the best day of my life. Happy anniversary to you my dear.”

    • “Happy Anniversary to my dear love and very best friend.”

    • “Remember the yesterdays, Plan your tomorrows, And celebrate your today, Happy anniversary to a lovely couple, God bless both of you.”

    • “Happy anniversary to a couple who almost never make me physically ill.”

    • “Happy Anniversary to a couple whose age difference is much less creepy now.”

    • “Best Wishes for a Happy Anniversary…to a pair who know how to take romance to heart. Treasure your day.”

    • “Happy anniversary to you both; Have a bright and happy day. Your marriage sets an example; It shines in every way.”

    • “You had turned my life to a poem and its rhythm makes my dears and nears to rejoice ever and ever Happy Anniversary to you.”

    • “Happy Anniversary to someone who was my least deplorable marriage option.”

    • “Yours is a story of endless love, made stronger by time. Happy anniversary!”

    Best Anniversary Wishes

    • “To another year of sharing sunsets and dreams.”

    • “Together is my favorite place to be.”

    • “I still fall for you every day.”

    • “The best things in life are better with you. Our years of marriage have taught me to treasure every moment.”

    • “Forever and Always.”

    • “Finding the right person can be difficult, but I knew from the first moment it was you.”

    • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. Warmest Wishes and Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Love is a friendship set to music. And you two seem to love the band! Congrats!”

    • “Best Wishes to a beautiful couple! May the freshness of your love remain in your hearts forever.”

    • “May your a celebration of love turn out as beautiful as the both of you.”

    • “Love is life’s champagne. Pour me a glass for each year we’ve been married. It’s a celebration!”

    • “Love puts a twinkle in your eye and a smile in your heart. Congratulations on your married years!”

    • “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person.”

    • “It doesn’t matter where you’re going; it’s whom you have beside you.”

    • “Best wishes to you both on this momentous occasion. Congratulations!”

    • “God bless our love.”

    • “I’m still wearing the smile you gave me on our wedding day!”

    • “May you both enjoy hearts full of memories.”

    • “Best wishes for a day filled with love.”

    • “You two were made for each other. Congratulations!”

    • “May your love grow like wildflowers, and happy anniversary to an amazing couple!”

    • “Best wishes on this wonderful occasion!”

    • “A love like yours lasts! Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Love you now more than ever.”

    • “Many blessings on this amazing day. Congrats!”

    • “Here’s to your health and happiness!”

    • “May God bestow more blessings today on this important day.”

    • “Continued health, happiness, and good fortune.”

    • “Best wishes on this momentous occasion. Bravo!”

    • “Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple.”

    • “God only knows where I’d be without you. (Beach Boys)”

    • “Many blessings on this wonderful day. May God bless you.”

    Happy Anniversary Wishes to You Both

    • “A couple of anniversary messages to remember: Always treasure your partner and know the best is yet to come.”

    • “May you have many more chapters to this love story.”

    • “Lovely anniversary wishes to a lovely couple.”

    • “Yours is a love that is built to last. Congratulations!”

    • “Enjoy your wonderful journey together!”

    • “You two make marriage bliss look easy. You deserve the happiest of days. Love you Mom and Dad, and happy anniversary!”

    • “All things grow with love, and nothing more so than your beautiful relationship. Love you, Mom and Dad.”

    • “To the perfect couple on their 25th Anniversary.”

    • “Mom and Dad:  You make this whole marriage thing look easy. May you continue to grow in your love for each other. Love from all of your children.”

    • “With every passing year, you’re the living embodiment of a great marriage, mother and father. From your favorite son (or daughter)!”

    • “Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world today and every day. Congratulations Mom and Dad! Love you!”

    • “Your love, dedication, and commitment to one another is truly an inspiration to all of us kids. Congratulations on your years of marriage.”

    • “Wishing you more joy, laughter, and happiness in the years to come. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “True love isn’t found, it is built. You showed us this.”

    • “To the married couple who deserves the best. Hope you feel special on this momentous occasion!”

    • “Sister, now and forever, all the best to one of the happiest couples I know!”

    • “I want to pass along my congratulations to a beautiful couple. May the celebration of this day enhance your love and understanding. Love you, Sis!”

    • “What a lovely couple you make.”

    • “Wishing you more years of love and happiness to my favorite Sister and Brother-in-law. Have a wonderful anniversary!”

    • “Happy anniversary wishes to my beautiful sister!”

    • “It seems like just yesterday you were walking down the aisle. Congrats!”

    • “I’m so happy for both of you. Congratulations!”

    • “Congrats Sis! Have a wonderful celebration with your perfect match.”

    • “Wonderful wishes for “the made for each other” couple! Cheers on your big day, Sis!”

    • “Happy moments, Great memories, and the best of times to my awesome sister!”

    • “To my beautiful sister, may the love you found together years ago continues to grow and grow.”

    • “To my dear brother, the love you share is a precious gift.”

    • “It probably goes without saying, but you two were made for each other.”

    • “Cheers to the happiest of anniversaries to the happiest couple I know! Bravo!”

    • “May your life together continue to be blessed. Cheers!”

    • “Kudos on extending you’re happily ever after. Well done!”

    • “The Dynamic Duo gets a chance to celebrate. Have a great wedding anniversary brother!”

    • “Count your anniversaries by blessings shared by two. Congratulations my brother.”

    • “Time and you two go well together with my brother. Congrats!”

    • “Wishing you a long and wonderful life together on this grand occasion. Kudos!”

    • “Your Anniversary Day is one to always treasure. Enjoy!”

    • “You’re two of a kind: people I love! Happy Anniversary to the perfect pair!”

    • “Sending you our warmest wishes on this glorious occasion.”

    • “The three keys to a lasting marriage are respect, communication, and love.”

    • “All our love and best wishes. Three cheers!”

    • “Love makes the world go round, and in your case, it seems to be spinning at a good clip. Best wishes.”

    • “Happy anniversary for the cutest couple we know. Well done!”

    • “It’s not the destination, it’s not the journey, it’s your traveling partner.”

    • “To the perfect pair yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

    • “Sending our love and best wishes to our favorite couple. Cheers!”

    • “Wonderful wishes to a wonderful couple!”

    • “May this day make your relationship stronger and lovelier. Wishing you all the best!”

    • “Your anniversary began with a promise. May that promise continue to strengthen with each passing year.”

    • “Wishing a beautiful pair a beautiful day on a magnificent day!”

    • “Today is a special day for two who share a special love!”

    • “A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, and partnership.”

    Anniversary Messages for Couple

    • “Much happiness weddings are to be remembered and cherished.”

    • “You two lovebirds have grown closer together yet another year. Congrats and Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

    • “Like a fine wine, the years just seem to make the two of you better. Happy Anniversary!”

    • “Wish you might wish you may have a sweet romantic day made of moments meant for two, filled with love that feels brand-new.”

    • “Wishing you both another year of happy smiles, romantic moments, and memories that make your hearts sing.”

    • “Thinking of you both. Wishing you all happiness as you celebrate the joys your marriage has brought.”

    • “Couldn’t think of a more fun couple. Have a great day. Love you!”

    • “More love. More joy and more happiness. These things I wish for you on this special day.”

    • “Happy Anniversary to two love birds. Cheers!”

    • “With love to a special couple whose happiness together warms the hearts of everyone around them. Congratulations.”

    • “Happy [11th], [Babe]. I love you more every year!”

    • “[Fourteen] years of marriage and mayhem! You’ve made me so happy through every single one.”

    • “Happy Anniversary, with all my love, to the strongest, kindest, funniest, best guy I know.”

    • “[Eight] years ago today, you made me the happiest man on earth. And I still feel like I’m the luckiest.”

    • “Every day I’m still discovering new things about you to love.”

    • “It’s been a tough year, but our love is tougher. Thanks for staying so strong through it all. Here’s to us…and to a brighter year ahead.”

    • “I’m so lucky to have you and your love. Thanks for putting up with me for another year!”

    • “So grateful that God gave me you to love.”

    • “It’s our [fourth] wedding anniversary and our first as parents. I’m so grateful to be sharing this adventure with someone so wonderful, and I look forward to all the love, laughter and wonder ahead for us.”

    • “I still remember the way my heart leaped when you got down on your knee and asked me to be your wife. Of course, I said yes, and I’d say it all over again. Yes to you. Yes to this life we’ve made. Thousand times YES to our love!”

    • “Yours is still my favorite face.”

    • “Our anniversary marks 365 more days you’ve made me laugh, appreciate you, learn, grow and be oh so glad we’re together!”

    • “I never dreamed love could be this good.”

    • “Still in this together. Love that.”

    • “Love you even though I sometimes have a funny way of showing it.”

    • “Happy Anniversary to My Better-in-Every-Way Half. Seriously, you’re amazing.”

    • “Marrying you was the smartest thing I ever did.”

    • “Happy first-date anniversary to us! You bowled me over then and you still do!”


    Happy Anniversary Wishes & Messages "A day of loving. A week of quarrel. 50 Cute and Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband - Part 2 Short Wedding Wishes, Quotes & Messages (With Images) Anniversary Wishes For Couple,. Open.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for Couples

    happy anniversary wishes to a cute couple

    While a wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion that allows us to share in the joy that our friends experience and to cheer their relationship on, it can sometimes be daunting to come up with just the right words to say and unique ideas of wedding anniversary wishes for a couple.

    We understand these issues and have provided a variety of well-written of “Happy wedding anniversary wishes for a friendly couple” for anyone looking to wish his friends with the warmest and sincere words.

    40 Wedding anniversary wishes for a couple

    • § While your memory may grow shorter as the years pass by, I’m sure that your love for each other will continue to grow to keep up. Happy anniversary!
    • § Happy anniversary! I hope that your love will only strengthen with time, that it will inspire us all and that it guides the way toward providence.
    • § This day signals an echo of the sound of two souls uniting. May that echo’s sound continue to strengthen and endure much like your marriage.
    • § It warms my heart to see that your hearts are burning even brighter than they did last year. Happy anniversary!
    • § They say that “falling in love is easy but holding onto that love is hard” but you guys seems to have found a winning shortcut.
    • § The real secret to a prosperous, joyful marriage is the components. The fact you two remain together is proof that you were made for one another.
    • § Here’s to every day being as special as the day your union started. May your marriage be long and fruitful. Happy wedding anniversary!
    • § Whenever I ponder the merits of getting married, you two are the first example I think of. With that said, here’s to your continued example!
    • § Anniversaries serve as a reminder of personal milestones. In this particular case, we are here to bask in the continued happiness of two humans deserving it.
    • § Marriage is much like cheese and wine. All three continue to improve and refine themselves with time. Happy wedding anniversary!
    • § A wedding anniversary is more than just an annual event. It also serves as a reminder of when two friends found happiness.
    • § As a witness to one of the best romantic couples I can think of, I just want to wish you guys a very happy anniversary.
    • § The most important thing in marriage is the love each person has for their partner. Fortunately for you guys, you have more than enough of that.
    • § I love to see it when a couple shows unflinching care for each other. It seems like your love has only gotten stronger since last year.
    • § It is my wish that God gives you two a marriage full of joy. Scratch that, I hope He keeps it going.
    • § May the bonds that link you only strengthen each day, providing warmth and comfort for years and years to come.
    • § While “Best Bride and Groom” is a one-day award, “Best Couple” is a title that you guys keep seeming to win. Here’s to a lifetime championship.
    • § While an entire year has passed, you two seem to love each other as sincerely as your wedding day. Happy anniversary!
    • § Whenever I list off the greatest couples I can think of, you two always seems to make the list for your mutual love and understanding.
    • § Your anniversary isn’t just a reminder of when you took your love to the next level, but also all the friends who cheered that on.
    • § While you guys may have your own issues, I think it is your humane imperfection and your love that has kept you together this long.
    • § Your anniversary is proof that the love between two people thrives under care and mutual understanding, it isn’t something that thrives on material wealth.
    • § While you guys are bound to get a lot of awesome stuff today, we all know the best present is your annual subscription to each other.
    • § The way you hold hands and how your eyes glisten, gives us all something to aspire to, so everyone listen to these experts’ advice. Happy anniversary!
    • § It’s amazing how a friendship snowballs into dating, then a wedding day and then reaches equilibrium with loving each other for the rest of your days.
    • § Allow me to add my own admiration for your love to the furnace that seems to keep you guys as happy and caring for each other. Even if that never seems to run out.
    • § True love, like many a hero, never dies, it only grows hardier and better from time and exposure.
    • § As you guys celebrate another year of wedding bliss, remember to give yourself a chance to reflect upon all the joyous steps that brought you here.
    • § A party, food, presents, mingling, these are many of the selfish reasons to celebrate such a selfless couple. Cheers!
    • § While some claim an ideal marriage is a fantasy, legend or myth, I think that everyone here agrees you guys are the perfect response to that. Happy anniversary!
    • § Cherish the days past, plan out tomorrow and bask in the joy we give you today so that it fuels your love as a couple.
    • § While some place emphasis on major anniversaries like their tenth or their 20th or even their 50th, the others are no less special. Happy anniversary!
    • § Your bones may creak and your vision may fade as you guys age, but I’m sure your love for each other will remain this youthful forever.
    • § I really don’t understand this; you guys have been married how many years and all without any major fight. Your love is a truly eternal thing.
    • § Strawberries are cerise, blueberries blue, this is a couple to cherish, for their love is one that is all too true. Happy anniversary!
    • § Today marks a full solar rotation since your wedding day. May that same sun bless your path and may its lunar partner guide you in darkness.
    • § Today is a reminder of the bumper crop of love that comes from tending to a happy marriage. Here’s to future harvests of even more love. Happy anniversary!

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    3 days ago You're such a lovely couple. And this greeting brings your way, many happy wishes, for your Anniversary day For you deserve an Anniversary.

    happy anniversary wishes to a cute couple
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