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December 28, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

When someone you care about is feeling ill, having surgery, or going through a rough patch, writing get well soon wishes or other inspirational.

Messages, Greetings and Wishes

Send gifts and flowers to your loved ones and special someone, partnered with one-of-a-kind and heartfelt messages and wishes. Aside from card messages and giving you ideas on what to write in a greeting card, we are here to provide you more ideas and tips when it comes to giving gifts and sending flowers.

Aside from birthday gifts, Christmas hampers, Diwali goodies, Valentine’s day gifts and others, we also include some messages and notes for business cards, party invitations, SMS, quotes and poems.


People from all walks of life have occasions they value and celebrate, unique to either their culture or religion. However there are those moments in life that are valued in high esteem across all cultures and religions: one such is a person’s birthday. Celebrating ones birthday is practically the celebration of one’s life. People tend to feel very moved when their loved ones recognize and celebrate their birthday. Expressing best wishes for birthday by organizing a birthday party, sending gifts or even sending a special birthday message; makes people feel appreciated and loved. Here are some of the birthday wishes messages that you can get inspiration from:

Sending a birthday message always portrays the sender as one who is caring and thoughtful. Whether you are sending it to an employee, friend, family or spouse; one thing you can be sure about, is that birthday messages have a way of piercing straight into the heart. And there is definitely no better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ than to express your true feelings than to say it in words. Birthday messages can help you say that one thing you have longed to say all year long; especially when you choose one that says precisely what is in your heart. Check out the compilation of heartfelt birthday messages for certain recipient below and select one that reveals your true feelings.

Go ahead and share one of these beautiful birthday messages with a loved one today, and see how great the impact will be! Along with your birthday gifts, flowers and birthday cards, you may include these personalized birthday wishes and birthday greetings that we personally created for your taste and needs. Best used as handwritten, these personalized birthday messages will surely give a boost to your birthday present and make it even more special. For more birthday messages, just go HERE.

GENERAL MESSAGES (Good Morning, Goodnight, Get Well, Good Luck)

We have a tradition of sending greetings to our loved ones; but how beautiful it would be to receive a heartfelt message from a loved one.  Daily messages such as good morning messages, goodnight messages, or even good weekend messages; don’t always have to be plain and boring. You can go for daily messages that can change someone’s day from sad to cheerful. These messages work best when you are far from those you love and care about and would like to keep in touch at all times. Sending someone a short but heart-warming message early in the morning can mean the difference between a beautiful day and one without much energy. It is putting down on paper the desire to have that loved one waking up next to you or simply hearing their voice calling out from down stairs.

To avoid sounding artificial in your messages you must try to select or draft messages that express what you would have said if he/she was with you. Wishing a loved one a perfect day or time is a great way to keep constant communication with those who are far from you. Daily messages can also be used to just put a smile on someone’s face by showing that you care and are thinking of them. Here is a compilation of some of the sweetest daily messages around.


Celebrating an Anniversary shows that you do not regret your decisions and that you would make the same all over again. People celebrate different anniversaries ranging from job anniversary, marriage, and death. However one that seems to matter so much to individuals from all walks of life is marriage anniversary. A wedding anniversary is celebrated to recognize that a relationship has overcome all odds. For centuries the words that one says during this special occasion always matters the most. For this reason anniversary messages have found a special place in every wedding anniversary; giving a chance for one to express their appreciation to their spouse.

However, you can also send anniversary messages to celebrants; celebrate them for an inspiring relationship. Whatever the case may be, anniversary messages are a great way of reminding a loved one that you appreciate what happened on that particular day and that you would do it all over again if you had to. So before you rash into sending one to that special someone, go through this compilation and select the best of them all. Send something that will describe your experience together and at the same time express your love and appreciation to them.


Poetry is one of the most beautiful ways to use words, and it is also one of the most effective ways to melt someone’s heart. The way language is artistically used in poems, brings out the message within so deeply and intensely. Writing a poem to a loved one is the simplest way to put down your true emotions on paper. Poems deliver the message exactly how you would want to say it verbally. It easily paints a picture of you saying those words in the mind of the reader. For this reason poems, have for the longest time helped save a dying relationship, start a relationship and even to strengthen one that already exists. In a message you cannot put in words your fantasies and imaginations; but in a poem you can. You can use nature to describe your burning desire to be with your spouse, or even to express your disappointment at something.

One thing for sure, is that a poem can become your best bet in expressing your inner emotions. You however have to know how to write a good one. To make work easier for you, here are some poems you can use to reveal what you truly feel inside. Choose the one that expresses your feelings or one that says exactly what you want to say the way you want to say it. Poems are a great way to express how you feel toward someone or something… Best sent to your love partner during love season like Valentine’s Day, Make your Valentine’s gift, mother’s day gifts and father’s gift and flowers even more special by inserting some notes with poems. For more poetry pieces, just go HERE.


There is power in words; and when the wordsmiths use words to express an emotion, it touches the deepest of our hearts. The arrangement of words matters the most and determines how much it impacts the heart. Though there are many ways to express something, using such like quotes to say something, creates a better picture. But quotes are not used only to express feelings, they are also important in motivating people. Others turn to motivational quotes for inspiration and strength to not give up. In light of this, we can understand why it would be better to send your loved one a quote or quotes to either inspire them or even to simply express our feelings towards them.

Quotes are one of the best ways to lift someone’s spirit and make them love life again. It is also a beautiful way to say you love and care because it paints clearly what is in the heart. Becoming a wordsmith may not be a simple task for everyone and that is why we are here to help. We have made a compilation of some of the best quotes for your selection. Check them out and select one that perfectly suits the situation or what you would like to say your loved one.

Inspire a friend and give them some words of wisdom with our collection of quotes and sayings. These are best given together with a little gift favor like bookmarks, stickers with quotes and printable stick-notes with inspirational notes with it. Make your friends and text-mates smile with these funny SMS quotes and Jokes that we have collected.


The Lord God Almighty is the author of love and all its beauties. It is said that love covers a multitude of sins; when you love someone we tend to concentrate only on the good things about them. And honestly there is no better feeling that knowing that the one you love feels exactly the same way or even more. Sometimes buying a gift for our loved ones, does not make them feel the extent in which we hold them dear. For this reason, love messages have found a very special place in many relationships. Love messages tend to express what is in our hearts and somehow they create more impact than anything else.

Sending a love messages to someone you care about, is like opening your heart and letting them witness how fast they make your heart beat. Such messages have for years brought people closer and even saved many relationships. So go ahead and pick one message and see it ignite fire back into your relationship. When you choose a love message it is always more effective to pick one that directly expresses your true feelings; your partner knows you and honesty will strengthen, build and even salvage any kind of relationship. Check out the compilation below and make your loved one’s heart melt with joy!

Christmas Messages

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays globally. The Christmas season usually takes almost a month with the entire world making merry with friends and family. Occasions like this bring family together; and sometimes people who have not seen each other for a long time. This season also tends to remind everyone of home, where all the love is. People, who cannot manage to spend the Christmas holiday with loved ones, usually send heartfelt gifts and messages. The Christmas messages however, tend to stand out the most: This is mostly because of the unique nature of the gesture. Sending gifts during Christmas is still a beautiful tradition: however a well drafted message can linger in the mind for years to come. We as humans hold dear to our hearts things that are personally directed to only us. It makes you feel special.

So, this Christmas season we have compiled some fantastic Christmas messages to help you put your loved ones into the celebration mood. Remind that special someone that you care and that you appreciate them in your life by sending them a wonderful Christmas message. Remember that there is no better way to say, ‘Merry Christmas’ than to say ‘I love you’. Check out the following and have yourself a happy merry Christmas!


We have a tradition of sending greetings to our loved ones; but how beautiful it would be to receive a heartfelt message from a loved one.  Daily messages such as good morning messages, goodnight messages, or even good weekend messages; don’t always have to be plain and boring. You can go for daily messages that can change someone’s day from sad to cheerful. These messages work best when you are far from those you love and care about and would like to keep in touch at all times. Sending someone a short but heart-warming message early in the morning can mean the difference between a beautiful day and one without much energy. It is putting down on paper the desire to have that loved one waking up next to you or simply hearing their voice calling out from down stairs.

To avoid sounding artificial in your messages you must try to select or draft messages that express what you would have said if he/she was with you. Wishing a loved one a perfect day or time is a great way to keep constant communication with those who are far from you. Daily messages can also be used to just put a smile on someone’s face by showing that you care and are thinking of them. Here is a compilation of some of the sweetest daily messages around.


There are many legal or rather official ceremonies around the world, but of the most important are informal. The many important things in life that we celebrate are legally recognized by the different systems of government; such include birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers etc.  However these occasions are held in great esteem in our different communities. When someone celebrates a baby shower they are essentially celebrating the arrival of their baby. And because in itself is big deal to many individuals, they invite people to share in their joy. When going to a party people carry gifts, but it is always great to stand out in a positive way.. Draft a sweet message that will come close describing the overwhelming joy for the occasion. Make them feel how much you understand their joy and share in it too.

Sending a congratulatory message leaves a mark in someone’s heart because at that point they long to have someone understand fully the extent of their joy. So be that special someone and create a beautiful memory by sending warmest greetings to the celebrant. Here is a list to make work easier for you!


Holidays are a joyful occasion where people make memories and enjoy the company of close ones. Talking about the holidays is always a welcomed topic in many social gathering; and most especially the unforgettable parts of it. For this reason we always desire that our holidays are as unforgettable as possible. The happy moments or things that happen to us during the holidays are some of the things we love to share with others with a lot of joy. As a result we also want to strive to make special impacts of our loved ones during the holidays. One timeless way to make someone’s holiday or to create a strong impression is by drafting a heartfelt holiday message. Now, whether it is Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Christmas or even valentine; a well drafted message will leave a log lasting impression on anyone.

Gifts have become normal and when you do send it, It can sometimes become one of the not-so-interesting memories. But top that up with message from the heart and you will be one of the most memorable parts of that particular holiday. To make your work easier we have made a list of some of the best holiday’s messages just for you. Check out the selection and pick one that not only suits the occasion, but will also create that lasting memory.


In these times when we are all busy running up and down trying to live life as we want to, we seldom have time to stop and reflect on those around us who make life bearable. There are those that we live with, those we work with, our neighbors and even those we buy our necessities and luxuries from. We have friends who go out of their way to make life worth living for us but rarely do we show our appreciation and gratitude.

The mark of true maturity is in showing gratitude for both small and great things done for us by others. It is time to realize that without many people around us we would never get to where we would like to be. So this is the time to show our appreciation and thanks to those who have impacted our lives in one way or another. It is time to say thank you, it does not cost us anything and yet it is so enriching to the one who is appreciated.

Gift Ideas, Party Themes and Invitation Ideas

Throwing a party? Looking for some ideas what to give to your loved ones who’s celebrating particular occasion? Worry not. Aside from party favors, party costumes, venues and food, party invitations are another thing to be prepared. Enjoy our invitation wording ideas for birthday party, bridal shower, housewarming party, baby shower, etc.


Go through our collection of inspirational, wise, and motivational Get Well sayings and Get well soon quotes wishing them a speedy recovery.

Birthday wishes, quotes, messages and greetings

greetings and well wishes

You’re on Get Well Soon Messages, page 3 of 3 of Get Well Soon Quotes and Messages

Page 1 – Get Well Quotes

Page 2 – Quotations and Wishes for Getting Well

Page 3 – Get Well Soon Messages

Get well soon messages when someone is sick, injured, or recovering from a surgery, your words of care and love can go a long way in making them feel better and relaxed. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a friend, colleague or a relative. What matters is how your caring words make them feel!

Doctor’s medicine is important, but sometimes, it’s more important for patients to feel good about themselves! The healing power is often said to be a matter of how you feel. So when you send a get-well-soon card to a close friend or loved one, make sure the messages inspire and encourage them to feel better!

Get Well Soon Messages – Magical Words for Speedy Recovery

Funny Get Well Wishes

Fun and laughter can revive and rejuvenate anyone. It is not for nothing that they say that laughter is one of the best medicine. Anything funny that brightens up the patient can work wonders! Send a card with an appropriate funny message from these:

  • Falling ill is a great way to get paid off. I wish you enjoy your beauty sleep while funding our poor doctors! Wish you a quick recovery!
  • Dear friend, we are sad that you have been away for a while. We have been missing your smile. We miss you at work! Get well soon!
  • If you had not enjoyed all that ice cream without me, the fever would not have been this severe. Next time call me to share all the ice cream! Get well soon!
  • What happened to you? You need to get well soon. We have to continue our gossiping, so sleep well and get well soon.
  • Now that you have fallen sick, you must know that you are the most likable person around. Even the bacteria and viruses have fallen for your charms. Wish you make a speedy recovery!

Funny Get Well Messages

  • Now that you are under house arrest, you will get all the lawful punishments you deserve! It’s time to get all the bed rest and fluids that you deserve so much! Wishing you to get well soon!
  • I wish you to make a speedy recovery. You know I need to borrow some money! Don’t you know that you are the only bank I take loans from! So get well dear!
  • Another chance to sleep in for you? Some folks will go to great lengths to get some extra shut-eye. All kidding aside, get well soon!
  • If you were not this beautiful, the virus would not have hit on you. I am luckier than you because I am not as charming as you. Get well soon!
  • I used to think that you were superhuman. But now I think that you too are human like us! Get well soon!
  • A healthier you means less work for me. What are you waiting for? Get well soon!

Get Well Soon Funny

  • Folks who think laughter is the best medicine apparently have never had morphine. Be well.
  • Feel better in a hurry so we can get back to making fun of you with no guilt.
  • I’ve waved my magic wand to make it all better…what’s taking so long?
  • Sorry you had to eat hospital food.
  • Life is boring without you. Hurry up already!
  • I can only be nice for so long – get better soon.

Wishes for Friend

  • God’s speed in your recovery to full health!
  • Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery.
  • Hope your 100% soon!
  • Sending recovery good thoughts your way.
  • Hope your feeling well soon.
  • Sending good, healthy vibes your way for a speedy recovery.
  • Being sick is no fun — come join the fun people and get well soon.
  • Feeling better sometimes just takes a little time. You’ve taken enough. Get well right away.
  • I’m Florence Nightingale and you’re my patient. We will get through this together.

Recovery Notes

  • I worry that when you get all our warm regards your fever will increase further. Just kidding! Get well and get back soon!
  • You don’t look great when you are ill. So get well in a hurry so that you look attractive again! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • I think God is always testing your tolerance because you have lots of patience. Be on good terms with god and get well soon!
  • I am looking for a magician to fix that broken leg of yours. You don’t have to spend so many weeks in recovery! Just kidding! Wish you a speedy recovery!
  • I remember telling you that I will stand by you forever! But that didn’t mean that you had to break your hands for me to prove my words! Get well soon!
  • Make sure that you don’t play with the medicines and follow what the doctors tell you! Wish you a complete and speedy recovery!
  • If you don’t get better fast I will inject you with lots of pain killers. I guess you know that I am not great when it comes to taking injections! Get well and skip my injections!
  • Hope day by day goes quickly and you’re up on your feet soon.
  • Your illness is another confirmation for my doubts that you are such a great attention seeker! Wish you a quick recovery so that you can seek all the attention when you are healthy!
  • I know that there is no fun in being in the hospital. I wish that you are kicked out of there quickly! Get well soon!

Check out our messages for occasions like birthdays, weddings and more.

Inspiring Wishes

Inspiring a patient and making them feel strong can contribute to their recovery in a big way. Here are some messages that can inspire your friend or loved one to get will and get back to their normal life!

  • I wish you to get well and get back to life again so that you can experience all the delights and fun that life has to offer!
  • When I checked the doctor’s prescription I found that it didn’t have a very important medicine – your best friend’s company! Wish you a speedy recovery!
  • I wish that every day your strength grows and you become happier and healthier! Fill yourself with all the positive energy and you will recover faster!
  • Don’t worry about the illness. I am taking karate classes to kick the hell out of it! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • Take a look outside and the sun is shining bright and tells you to get better and get going! Cheer up and get well soon!
  • This is the best time when you should know that so many people care about you. And I am one of those people! Wish you get well and back to work soon!

What to Say in a Get Well Card

  • There is time for work and time for rest. You feel sick because it was time your body got some rest. I think it was for the best! When you get back on your feet, it will be time for us to party hard! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • We all miss you, your kindness and your sense of humor! You need to know that everyone is eagerly waiting for your return. Get well soon!
  • I have a whole bunch of new stories to tell! Get well and get back soon so that I won’t forget them!
  • When I was sick, you cracked up a joke and said that laughter is the best medicine! It made me even more ill. Don’t worry I will not be sending many jokes to you! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • Good humor and health are like sunshine to greenery! Life is not just about living, it’s about living well! So shine and get well soon!
  • I am wondering why it’s easy to read the doctor’s bill and not their prescription! Keep pondering as you heal quickly!

After a Surgery

Surgeries are followed by some pain and challenges. A few words of care and love during this time can help speed up the healing!

  • You are one of the strongest and bravest people I know! Now it’s time to heal and get better soon! Wishing a speedy recovery!
  • I wish you the best in health and that you make a quick recovery from your surgery!
  • A successful surgery is 100% of the job done well! Now it’s up to you to heal quickly and get back to life! Wishing you a quick recovery!
  • The best thing about a surgery is that everyone takes full care of you! It is an even better feeling than getting a vacation! I wish you a speedy recovery!
  • Your surgery was your doctor’s headache! Healing and recovering is yours! Rest and relax and enjoy all the pampering and care you get! Wishing you all the care and love so that you make a quick recovery!

Wishes Recovery Good

  • Don’t worry if you feel crummy after the surgery. Its only for a few days. Sending you wishes for a faster recovery!
  • I wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and good wishes! I am praying for your quick recovery and better health!
  • Feel messages of healing coming your way from all your friends at the office.
  • When I think of your strength, I know that a surgery is nothing to stop you! Wish you a speedy recovery!

Words of Encouragement After Surgery

  • The medicines and pain are not as bad as the hospital food! I know how much you must be craving for home-made food! Get well soon so that you can enjoy all the good food you love!
  • Sending you our love and wishes after your surgery! We wish you to recover quickly and get back to being healthy and happier than ever!
  • It’s time for you to listen to your doctor and loved ones! Drink all the fluids, take all the medicines and take rest. You can work and enjoy all you can once you have recovered fully! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • I am happy for your successful surgery! Spending your days in the hospital can be boring. But the best part is getting your food in bed! Wishing you a speedy recovery so that you don’t get spoilt by the daily routine!
  • I wish you comfort and rest after your surgery! I want you to know that we are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery!

Looking for get well card messages that hit the mark?  Review these listings for ideas.  And, then, personalize your card with your own message.

Card Messages

Card messages aren’t my thing. Get well soon!

During this down time we hope that your recovery is a relaxing and restful one. All the best and we hope you get well soon!

GET WELL SOON!! Missing you lots and we hope that you have a quick recovery.

Get well soon. Feel better. We miss you!

Better you than me. Get well soon!

Get Well Soon Greetings

GET WELL SOON!! We’re missing you lots at [ home / work / school ]. Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to having you back soon.

Good health starts with a happy heart. Hope these flowers start the job!

Here’s to hoping you get well soon. We’re thinking of you during this time and we hope that your recovery is a restful one.

Get well soon greetings from one of your best friends.

Here’s to hoping you GET WELL SOON! We’re missing you at [ home / work / school ] and can’t wait to have you back.

Hope your recovery is a speedy one. We miss you!

We’re hoping your surgery (GOES/WENT) well, and that your recovery is quick!

Hope you’re back on your feet pronto.

You’ll be on your feet again soon.

Hoping these flowers brighten not only your room, but your heart today.

We pray and hope this finds you well on the way to recovery.

More recovery messages

I am sorry you are not feeling well. I am praying for you to have a complete and quick recovery.

If I told you to “Get Well Soon,” it wouldn’t be soon enough. Get Well Now.

I’m really sorry to hear of your illness. We’re all thinking of you during this time and hope your recovery is a speedy one.

Loving relief for your aches and pains.

Recovery Greetings

Loving thoughts are tucked inside this bundle of flowers!

May every day find you feeling better!

May you enjoy this time off to put your feet up and recover fully. We hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of rest and relaxation.

May you feel your usual self again in no time!! Missing you lots while you’re getting back on you feet and hope to see you at [ home / work / school ] again soon.

May your hospital stay be only short! Wishing you a complete and restful recovery. GET WELL SOON!

May your recovery be a quick and zippy one. Enjoy the time off and we hope to see back on your feet again soon.

May your recovery be a short but restful one. We’re all thinking of you during this time and we hope you’re back on your feet soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we wish for a complete and restful recovery. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

Our thoughts are with you. Get well soon! Thinking of you.

Our warmest thoughts are with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Card Sayings

Sending loads of love your way for a speedy recovery!

Our prayers, healing thoughts, and a little sunshine to brighten your day are coming your way.

Sending you some get well cheer!

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Thinking of you. May you feel better soon.

To brighten your day!

Come Back Soon

We miss you! Come back soon!

We’re sick without you. Get well soon.

We’re all missing you terribly and can’t wait to have you back at [ home / work / school ] again. Get well soon! Lots of love.

We’re all thinking of you during this time while you’re getting better in hospital. Wishing you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you again at [ work / home / school ] soon.

We’re all thinking of you while you’re in hospital with your feet up. Wishing you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you at [ home / work / school ] again soon.

We’re thinking of you during this time!! Wishing you a restful recovery and we hope that your back to you’re usual self again soon.

Our prayers for a speedy recovery.

The Official “Get Well Soon” Song Video

Wishing you a super duper, fast and zippy recovery! [ Home / Work / School ] hasn’t been the same without you.

Wishing you all the best with your recovery. May you use this restful time to recharge and energize. All the best.

You are in my thoughts. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

You are missed! Get well and hurry back.

Get Well Wishes

  • For a quick recovery and return to good health.
  • Sending you a boatload of well wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • Hugs and Kisses and get well wishes.
  • Hope your tail is wagging again soon.
  • Take care of yourself and be well soon.
  • Praying you are feeling great in no time.
  • Heard that you’ve been under the weather. Hope things clear up soon.

What to say when someone is sick

  • Sending loving thoughts your way and hoping for a quick recovery.
  • Caring thoughts are with you.
  • Hope you feel better soon!
  • We’re missing you tons.
  • Surgery stinks! Get well in a hurry – we miss you.


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Greetings for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

greetings and well wishes

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are two of the biggest holidays (high holidays) in the Jewish faith when Jews send special holiday greetings to friends and loved ones. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, is traditionally a day for wishing people well in the year ahead. Yom Kippur greetings, by contrast, are more solemn, as befits this day of atonement. Each day has its own traditional sayings.

Rosh Hashanah

Traditions: Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration that marks the beginning of the Jewish new year, according to the lunisolar Hebrew calendar. It occupies the first two days of the month Tishrei. The name Rosh Hashanah means "head of the year" in Hebrew. The first day of the holiday is the most important because it is a day to be spent in prayer and contemplation as well as a day to celebrate with family.

Prayers for forgiveness called selichot are said during synagogue services, and the shofar (ram's horn) is blown to symbolically awaken the faithful. After services, some Jews also take part in a tashlich ceremony by gathering at a body of water like a pond or stream to cast away their sins by throwing bread crumbs in and repeating silent prayers.

Food also plays a significant role in Rosh Hashanah. Challah, a staple at the Sabbath supper, is served. Unlike the usual oblong bread loaf, the Rosh Hashanah challah is round, symbolizing the circle of life. Sweets are thought to symbolize wishes for a sweet new year, and for this reason, Jews will often dip apples in honey on Rosh Hashanah. 

Greetings: There are several ways to wish your Jewish friends a happy new year. A few of the more common greetings include:

  • L'Shana Tova: Wishing your Jewish friends happy new year is as easy as saying L'Shana Tova, which means "For a good year" in Hebrew.
  • Shanah Tovah Umetukah: If you want to express the same sentiment but more elaborately, this phrase means "A good and sweet year."
  • L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu V'taihatem: A Rosh Hashanah greeting used by the devout, this one means, "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year."

Yom Kippur

Traditions: Yom Kippur is the Jewish Day of Atonement and is considered the holiest and most solemn day of the Jewish calendar. According to Jewish tradition, it is the day when God judges people's actions and seals their fate for the upcoming year in the Book of Life or Book of Death. Jews traditionally observe Yom Kippur by fasting for 25 hours and attending special synagogue services. Some Jewish faithful also choose to wear white, representing the purification that the holiday represents.

The holiday begins with a special synagogue service on the first night when congregants recite Kol Nidre ("all vows" in Hebrew), a special liturgical chant offered only on Yom Kippur. It is believed that by reciting these vows, Jews will be forgiven for pledges left unfulfilled during the past year.

Services often continue overnight into the second day of observance. Readings from the Torah are given, loved ones who died in the previous year are remembered, and at the very end of the religious observances, the shofar is blown once to signal the end of the holiday.

Greetings: There are several ways to wish your Jewish friends well on Yom Kippur. Some of the more common greetings include:

  • G'mar Hatimah Tovah: This is the traditional Yom Kippur greeting. It means, "May you be sealed for a good year [in the Book of Life]."
  • Tzom Kal: Yom Kippur is a fast day, so this Hebrew greeting is appropriate for wishing your Jewish friends an easy fast.
  • L'Shana Tovah: This Rosh Hashanah greeting can also be used for Yom Kippur because they are both part of Judaism's 10 Days of Awe, which runs from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur.

General Holidays

There's one more Hebrew greeting that you can use for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, or any Jewish holiday. That's ​Chag Samayach, which means "happy holidays." In Yiddish, the equivalent is Gut Yontiff.

You will find a variety of texts specifically formulated for everything related to birthdays: birthday cards, messages, wishes, greetings or even creating a party.

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All The Best Wishes

All The Best Messages

Every person has some special days in his life. So the person you are close with must be wished by you on their special days. All the best wishes and all the best messages are there for you to wish your loved ones and your family. You can wish anyone for their exams or tests. These All The Best Wishes can also be used for someone who is going on a journey or going for studies. Wish them with beautiful All The Best Wishes. By wishing someone on any event of wishing the best of luck means that the person means a lot to you and has importance in your life. Sending All The Best Wishes is also a good way of showing your concern.

You can use these messages in different ways. Sending messages in the morning on phone is a good way. Using social media for All The Best Wishes can also be done. You just need to pick up a messages of your choice and wish best of luck to your friends or loved ones. You can also wish best of luck for the future to your friend or family members. Say good luck in a unique way using these messages.

All The Best Wishes

We have a wonderful collection of All The Best Wishes. Here is a collection of All The Best Wishes for your friends, family members and loved ones:


Happiness in life is not permanent so when you have happy moments in life, enjoy it to the limits and forget every sadness. Wish you all the best for coming days


I wish you the best of luck for every exam of life. May you get success on every step.


I wish you a very good luck for what you have planned in life. May your all the plans work out. Best of luck for every coming test of life.


I wish you a very good luck for all you life. May you get all your desires and may you get success on every single step. I wish you the best of luck.


So happy for your success and I hope that you get success at every point. May your all desires be completed and all the dreams come true. I wish you a very good luck for your present and your future. May your life be filled with the happiness and all the sadness eliminate from your life.


The most important thing to get success in life is to have faith on yourself. So have faith on yourself and be happy all the life. Never lose faith and I wish you a successful life. Best of luck my friend.


I pray for you that you get courage to face all the problems in life and may your all the problems be solved easily. I wish you a very happy life ahead with no problems and sadness. Keep smiling and have a wonderful life.


Change your direction when the world stands against you. Never lose faith from yourself and face all the problems with smile on your face. Best of luck for life and may you have a wonderful life with happiness all the way.


Forget your problems, sadness and worries and wake up fresh with happiness and new hopes. I wish that you get all the hopes completed and may you have no problem in your life. I wish you best of luck for the future.


all the best

May you always get what you want and may you be at the right place. I wish you a very good luck for the future and may you have a wonderful life with no worries.


Luck is one of the most amazing things in this world but some people do not have it much. Today I wish you the best of luck for your life. May you have a wonderful and awesome life ahead with no worries.


All The Best Quotes

Luck is something that you need every single moment of your life. You must have a good luck for a good life because without luck, life is black and white. Luck brings so many colors to life and makes life colorful. May you have a good luck in your entire life.


All people in this world are born with luck but not all the people have discovered it. I wish you best of luck for finding your luck and making your life amazing and happy.


Please remember one thing that no matter whatever you do and wherever you go, I will always be there to support you and to stand by your side. And I will wish you the best of luck every time.


Luck is everywhere in the world but you have to search for it. Once you find it, then it will never leave you. Best of luck for finding your luck and having a good life with no tensions and worries.


I wish you a very happy life ahead in which you do not need to worry about anything. May you get all the thing you want in life. Best of luck to you my friend.


All The Best Wishes eventgreetings

You need luck on every single step of life. Luck is needed to survive, but also skills. Luck is needed to do crazy things in life but you have to be crazy for this. So I wish you lots of luck for every single step. May you have an awesome life ahead.


Luck is very important in life. All you need in life is luck. Rely on the luck and faith and you will never fail in every condition. Luck and faith will help you to succeed in life.


Life is not perfect but you can make it perfect yourself. All you need to make your life perfect is love, happiness, laughter and lots of luck. I wish you the best of luck for a perfect life with happiness all the way.


They say that you need oxygen to live. But I believe that there are some other things without which life will be so difficult. Those important things are love, happiness and most importantly Luck. Luck is very important to survive in life. I wish you the best of luck for all your life. May you have a great life ahead.


Never stop believing in yourself. Never think of quitting in life. You can do everything and you can get through every problem if you don’t quit and if you have belief on yourself. I will always be there for you to help you out whenever you need me and I will stand beside you every time. Wishing you the best of luck for the future.


Be prepared for any kind of tasks every time. Always believe in yourself. If you follow these two thing than you will surely get success in every field on life. I hope that you win each task and you have a very happy life. Have a best of luck for all your life.


Never ever think of quitting. Think about winning and you will win for sure. Keep on running and struggling and then there is no force that can stop you from getting success in life. Have courage and belief in yourself and the go ahead and face every problem with all the courage. Then nothing can stop you from winning. Best of luck to you my friend.


My prayers and best wishes are always with you. May you have a very good luck. You can make your future bright and shinning when you will believe in yourself and never think of quitting. Good luck for all the life.


All The Best Wish

You may be hurt sometimes, you may fail and lose sometimes. You may not get what you want, but never stop thinking good and struggling. By struggles, you will get everything you want. This is the real success. I wish you good luck for your tasks.


Success is never permanent and it comes to only those people who try try again and who do not wait and hesitate. It comes to those people who are ready to do anything. I wish you the best of luck. May you have a successful life ahead.


Success may be for sometime but what you have achieved will always be yours and will stay with you forever. Work hard to achieve things, it may take your time today but you will cherish it tomorrow. Good luck to you dear.


Actions are much more important than dreams in order to achieve something really great. You must have a proper plan for how to achieve it. And the most important thing is that you must believe yourself that you can do it. I wish you good luck for all the things you have to achieve.


Yes, no perfect life is there. But it can be made perfect by having lots of perfect moments and celebrating them. Best of luck dear


You will meet many people in life who will hate you much. But you have to stand strong and straight and you have to be yourself. Define yourself with how strong you stand at that time. Good luck, have a happy life.


Being failure or loser is totally up to you. Just remember one thing that the failure is a defeat for the loser and it is nothing less than inspiration for the winners. Get inspired from your failure and get success next time. I wish you the best of luck and may you be winner every time in life.


Wishing you strength to face every problem, joy and happiness to enjoy your wonderful life, love to make life beautiful, talent to make life good and worth living, and a very happy life. Best of luck my dear.


They say that successful people are those who dream big, but I believe that they not only believe but their actions are more important in their success. They do hard work to get their desires and to change their dreams into a reality. I wish you strength and a good luck in life.


If your good luck is with you, all the good things happens to you in life. You get happiness, friends, love and success in life. Best of luck to achieve your desires.


Wish You All The Best  Quotes and Messages

All the best wishes on your wedding! You finally did it!


Best wishes on your new apartment! Enjoy every minute there!


Happy birthday! Sending all the best wishes to you!


Sending wishes of joy and love on your engagement news! The day has finally come!


Graduation is no joke! All the best wishes for your future!


There are days to celebrate, and your B-Day is one of them! All the best wishes on this day!


You’ll get to be a bride and that’s a magical experience! Wishing you all the best on your special day!


May love color your world forever! All the best wishes on your new baby!


 Great love stories do happen! Sending nothing but best wishes to you both!


Best wishes on your retirement! Today starts the rest of the good life!


I hope your new home is filled with love and adventure! All the best wishes to your whole family!


A love like your is hard to find. All the best wishes on your marriage, I hope your spark burns forever!


Congratulations and all the best wishes on your birthday!


Best wishes at your new job! Remember, good things come to those who wait!


This is your day – enjoy it! Best wishes on your birthday!

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Be it celebration or general wishes French Greetings for all Occasions Or someone has done a really good job in your office and wanna pat.

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