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Good wishes synonym
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Synonyms for wish at with free online thesaurus, related words, and antonyms. Find another word for wish.

GOOD LUCK Sayings!

You can say:

  • Wish you all the best!
  • Wish you the best of luck!
  • Good luck with that!
  • Best of luck!
  • I wish you luck!
  • Wishing you lots of luck!
  • Fingers crossed!
  • Break a leg!
  • Knock them dead!
  • Blow them away!
  • You’ll do great!
  • I hope everything will be all right.
  • I hope things will turn out fine.
  • I hope things will work out all right.

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Best Wishes Synonyms and how to pronounce best wishes and definitions at with free online thesaurus. Synonyms for best wishes.


good wishes synonym

It is the well-wishing from the hearts of women, who go back to weep in silence.

I felt that in the midst of my family, in the midst of well-wishing hearts, I was lonely.

A god might be conceived of as an amiable and well-wishing father, foolishly indulgent toward his children.

"I wishes ye a gay journey then," the henchman assured him, using the stereotyped phrase of well-wishing, to the wayfarer.

Fortune, or rather the well-wishing wits of friends below, gave Larry a few precious moments more than he had counted on.

While she enunciated her few and simple words of well-wishing, she looked straight out at them from deep black eyes.

Shaikh Byazd now began to send persons to us from Akhs to testify to well-wishing and pressingly invite us to Akhs.

Again she vowed her belief to the God who would send one sign of his well-wishing toward her.

From a well-wishing friend, but obligated to vote (against his conscience) for the Blues.

My well-wishing friends here sent me a little money, which came to hand, shortly after I saw you.

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best/good/warmest etc wishes

good wishes synonym

Wishing You Well

By Maeve Maddox

A reader has written to express her astonishment at the following usage in an office memo:

Please come to the Open House to give [so-and-so] your well-wishes in person.

Where, wonders the reader, did the person who wrote the memo get the expression “well-wishes”?

Thought I, “Where indeed?”

My first move was to do a Web search to see how common this use of well-wishes might be.

First I searched “well wishes” in quotations. Results: about 1,290,000.

I found numerous examples on entertainment and sports sites:

Seinfeld cast sends well-wishes to terminally ill fan

Reese Witherspoon Sends Well Wishes to Newlywed Sofia Veragara

NFL Players send prayers, well-wishes to Rams receiver Stedman Bailey after shooting

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood sends well-wishes to Minnesota’s Jerry Kill

No surprise there, I thought. People who write about sports and entertainment are not always models of standard usage. Let’s see if I can find examples in sources noted for more formal usage:

The London Telegraph: Jubilee concert goers send well wishes to Prince Philip

A Vancouver hospital: Send well wishes by email to your friend or family member staying in one of our hospitals below.

The Wall Street Journal: Firms across the world have begun the time-honored tradition of sending well wishes and gifts to their investors.

The New York Times:  Entering an election year with the well wishes of both parties, Mr. Ryan will not be pushing legislation simply to send a message of ardent conservatism.

Hmm. This, I saw, was a case for my two dictionaries.

Merriam-Webster Unabridged
well-wishnoun: a good or kindly wish

Oxford English Dictionary
well wishnoun: An instance of wishing well to someone or something; an expression of this, a good wish.

The earliest OED citation is dated 1595. The most recent is from a biography of Lincoln published in 2009: “His return was not greeted with the well wishes of the press and public with which he had left for Washington.”

No doubt about it, the forms well wishes and well-wishes are regarded as standard British and American usage. Although—in defense of the reader’s feelings and my own—the OED notes that well wishes is “now less common than best or good wishes.” Further, a comparison search of “well wishes” and “good wishes” on the Ngram Viewer shows well wishes hugging the bottom of the graph.

Bottom line: Although well-wishes sounds nonstandard to me and I won’t use it, I cannot criticize its use in the memos or headlines of others.

Oddly enough, “well wishes” strikes me as unidiomatic, but “get well wishes” does not.

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impassible with the preserve “good form” that we are impervious to the that is free from turbulence Kfervent thanks) Kfervent good wishes) Ka fervent Christian) .

Synonyms for wish

good wishes synonym

NNA - Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri received numerous well-wishing calls on Tuesday marking the Adha Feast, most notably from President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, former President Michel Sleiman and heads of a number of Arab and Islamic parliaments and legislative councils.

Berri receives several congratulatory cables, calls marking the Adha Eid

"The brick blessing ceremony was a great way to do this, as it enabled me to get physically involved with laying the foundations of the site whilst saying my well-wishing prayers."

Brick blessing ceremony sees building start

Family, well-wishing friends and neighbours joined to celebrate the 100th birthday of Helen Bruce - but managed to keep the party plan a secret right up until the big day.

Helen living life to the full

Being a peace-loving nation, we hope and pray for India to come ahead and embrace Pakistan as her good and well-wishing neighbor.

One step by India

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Another word for wish: desire, liking, want, longing, hope | Collins English Thesaurus. See examples for each synonym He wished me a good morning.

good wishes synonym
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