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Formal birthday wishes
August 20, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Wishes can be formal, hilarious, or carefree, depending upon your association with the individual and the message you wish to pass on.

Age And Birthdays

Wie alt bist Du? ('How old are you?') Okay, you obviously don't need to answer this question now, and it's also a good idea to be cautious when asking this to anyone over 35 or 40 in our youth-obsessed society. However, if you want to find out when to congratulate someone on their birthday, it might not be an inappropriate question after all! Be it as it may, you are about to witness an interesting German birthday gathering in Hamburg and learn all about the best birthday greetings. Before we head over to the celebration, let's take a look at some birthday expressions we will encounter:

Common German Birthday Greetings

Zum Geburtstag viel GlückTsum Geh-BURTZ-tahg feel glueck for the birthday much happiness
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe / lieber...HEHRTS-lihsch-ehn GLUECK-wunsh, LEE-buh/ LEE-behr...Happy Birthday, dear...
Alles Liebe zum GeburtstagAHLL-ehs LEE-buh tsum Geh-BURTZ-tahgMuch love for the birthday
Von Herzen alles Gute zum GeburtstagFawn HEHRTS-ehn AHL-lehs GUT-uh tsum Geh-BURTZ-tahgall the best from the heart for the birthday
Auch von mir nur das Beste zum GeburtstagOwkh fawn mihr noor dahs Behst-uh tsum Geh-BURTZ-tahg all the best for the birthday from me as well
Hoch soll sie leben, drei Mal hochHohkh sawll see leh-behn, driy mahl hohkh German saying: 'May she live high, three times high'
Viel Gesundheit, Glück und Zufriedenheit dem GeburtstagskindFeel Geh-SUND-hyit, glueck und tsu-FREE-dehn-hyit Much health, happiness and contentment for the birthday child
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag für SieAHL-lehs GU-tuh tsum Geh-BURTZ-tahg fuer seeAll the best for the birthday for you (formal)
Ich wünsche Ihnen ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Lebensjahr!Isch WUENSH-uh EEH-nehn iyn geh-SUN-dehs und ehr-FOHLG-riysh-ehs NOY-ehs LAY-behns-yahrI wish you (formal) a healthy and successful new year of life!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag nachträglichAHL-lehs GU-tuh tsum Geh-BURTZ-tahg nah Happy belated birthday
Viel Glück und viel Segen!Feel glueck und feel SEH-gehn much happiness and blessings!
Es lebe das Geburtstagskind!Ehs LEH-buh dahs Geh-BURTS-tahg-kihnd Long live the birthday child!
Viel Liebe und Freude fuer Dich!Feel LEE-buh und FROY-duh fur dihschLots of love and joy for you!

Birthday Example Conversation

Petra is turning 25. She has invited her closest friends to her favorite Cafe Gerngeschehen ('You are welcome'). A huge and gorgeously decorated Kuchen ('cake') with Kirschen ('cherries') on top is awaiting her. Germans just love their cakes!

All her friends are already there and start singing a traditional German Geburtstagslied ('birthday song') for Petra:

Zum Geburtstag viel Glück, ('for the birthday much happiness')

zum Geburtstag viel Glück, ('for the birthday much happiness')

zum Geburtstag liebe Petra, ('for the birthday dear Petra')

zum Geburtstag viel Glück! ('for the birthday much happiness')

Petra is blushing a little, while her friends start hugging and congratulating her:

Anton: Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe Petra! ('Happy birthday, dear Petra')

Petra: Danke Dir! ('Thank you!')

Susanne: Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! ('Much love for the birthday!')

Jens: Petra, von Herzen alles Gute zum Geburtstag! ('Petra, all the best from the heart for the birthday!')

Petra: Danke, wie lieb von Euch! ('Thanks, how lovely of you!')

Laura: Auch von mir nur das Beste zum Geburtstag! ('All the best for the birthday from me as well!')

Martin: Hoch soll sie leben, drei Mal hoch! (German saying: 'May she live high, three times high')

Anna: Viel Gesundheit, Glück und Zufriedenheit dem Geburtstagskind! ('Much health, happiness and contentment for the birthday child!')

Suddenly, Petra spots an unexpected guest walking in: her boss! He approaches her and says:

Frau Schmidt-Meyer, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag für Sie! Ich wünsche Ihnen ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Lebensjahr! ( 'Mrs. Schmidt-Meyer, all the best for the birthday for you! I wish you a healthy and successful new year of life!')

Wie Theodor Fontane schon sagte: Man wird nicht älter, sondern besser! ('Just like Theodor Fontane (a famous German writer) stated: We don't get older; we just get better!')

Petra did not expect the surprise guest! She is having a blast at her birthday party anyways. Even a few days later, she is still receiving birthday wishes via email and Social Media saying:

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag nachträglich! ('Happy belated birthday')

Petra is excited about getting a huge amount of lovely Geschenke ('gifts') and Geburtstagswünsche ('birthday wishes').

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, we have learned how to brave a German birthday occasion by learning important birthday greetings and expressions. We know now that a Geburtstagslied ('birthday song'), Geburtstagskuchen ('birthday cake') and 'Geburtstagswünsche' ('birthday wishes') are an essential part of any German birthday celebration. The birthday girl or boy is oftentimes called Das Geburtstagskind ('the birthday child') in German.

The most important German birthday greetings are:

Zum Geburtstag viel Glückfor the birthday much happiness
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe / lieber...Happy Birthday, dear...
Alles Liebe zum GeburtstagMuch love for the birthday
Von Herzen alles Gute zum Geburtstagall the best from the heart for the birthday
Auch von mir nur das Beste zum Geburtstagall the best for the birthday from me as well
Hoch soll sie leben, drei Mal hochGerman saying: 'May she live high, three times high'
Viel Gesundheit, Glück und Zufriedenheit dem GeburtstagskindMuch health, happiness and contentment for the birthday child
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag für SieAll the best for the birthday for you (formal)
Ich wünsche Ihnen ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Lebensjahr!I wish you (formal) a healthy and successful new year of life
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag nachträglich Happy belated birthday
Viel Glück und viel Segen!much happiness and blessings!
Es lebe das Geburtstagskind! Long live the birthday child!
Viel Liebe und Freude für Dich!Lots of love and joy for you!

Birthdays are significant. Everyone should have a birthday celebration that stands out and lives in his or her memories. Formal birthday wishes.

40+ Formal Birthday wishes and quotes

formal birthday wishes

Many happy returns, madam

Today is the birthday of a very wise lady,
somebody everyone looks up to and holds
nothing but respect for; you, madam!

I wish you all the joy and happiness on
your special day and I hope you enjoy it
surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

Many happy returns, madam!

You are truly inspiring, madam

Madam, I wish you a very
happy birthday today!

Your drive, ambition, and
focus are truly inspiring.
I hope that this year continues
to bring you success in all of
your endeavours, and proves
very prosperous for you.

My very best wishes to you!

You do so much for everyone, madam

Wishing you a very happy birthday
today, madam! You deserve all the
happiness in the world, as you do
so much for everyone else!

You have such a kind, giving,
generous soul and I hope that
we can give back to you on your
special day this year!

I hope you have an enjoyable
birthday that you are so deserving
of! All the very best to you, madam!

Working under your guidance is a pleasure, madam

Happy birthday to a truly professional lady!

It is an honour and a pleasure to work
under your guidance. You inspire each
and every one of us to do better, always
striving for the greatest possible results.

You are amazing at what you do, and I
hope that you can be rewarded today
with a stress-free and relaxing birthday!

Have a marvellous day, madam!

You've had a significant impact on me, madam

I would like to wish a very happy birthday
to somebody very special and important
to me today, who has truly changed my
life for the better.

Madam, your influence has had such an
effect on me, giving me new aspirations
to focus on and the motivation to work
towards achieving them.

So, for someone who has had such a
significant impact on me, I hope you
have the most wonderful and enjoyable
birthday, being recognised for all the
great that you do!

All the very best to you, madam!

You bring out the best in all of us, madam

Here’s to a great lady who brings
out the very best in all of us!

You truly are an inspiration to all
of those around you, and you’re
genuinely a pleasure to work alongside!

Happy birthday, madam! I hope your
day is as wonderful as you are!

You have done so much for me, madam

Madam, today is your special day and
is as good a time as any to express
my heartfelt appreciation for everything
that you have done for me over the
recent months and years.

You are a truly fantastic mentor, and I’d
go as far as to say that if my own kids
grow up to be as outstanding as you are,
I would be a very proud parent indeed!

Many congratulations, and have a
wonderful birthday!

I am forever grateful to you, madam

Madam, I wish you a very happy birthday today! Working with you has been a true honour, and I am forever grateful and indebted to you for all of the life lessons and wisdom you have imparted to me!

Be forever happy, and relish in your many successes, madam!

You deserve a break, madam

Happy birthday to someone who is
more deserving of a relaxing break
out of everyone I know: you, madam!

Enjoy your special day!

Put your feet up and relax today, madam

I don’t know of anyone else more deserving of a fantastic, laid-back and relaxing birthday than you, madam!

Put your feet up and enjoy being spoiled all day, as you have certainly earned some much-needed rejuvenation!

A very happy birthday to you!

I appreciate your support and guidance, madam

Madam, I just wanted to take this opportunity, on your birthday, to tell you how much I appreciate all of your support and guidance since I met you.

Your wisdom has been invaluable to me, and the lessons that I have learnt from you will stay with me forever. I truly appreciate the impact you have made on my life!

Many happy returns, madam! I’m wishing you the very best birthday today!

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Happy birthday wishes in Russian

formal birthday wishes

Birthdays come around but once a year. When a special person in your life has a birthday, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what words will make the big day special. Here are some suggested quotes and words for birthday wishes which can brighten any birthday and that you can write in a card or incorporate in a birthday toast whether the celebrant is a teenager or ninety-five.

Words for Birthday Wishes

Words for birthday wishes can take many forms - they may be serious or funny. You may even wish to say happy birthday in a foreign language. Here are a bunch of great sayings and phrases you can use.

Quotes for Happy Birthdays

  • Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are. - Muhammad Ali
  • The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. - Lucille Ball
  • Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed. - Charles Schultz
  • May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. - Irish Blessing
  • Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. - Jack Benny
  • A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age. - Robert Frost
  • Robert Brault said, I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar. Your birthday was penciled in as soon as I got this calendar! Happy birthday.
  • According to Emerson, it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. Let's be stupid today. Happy birthday.

See more birthday quotes.

Milestone Birthdays

  • You're halfway to 42.
  • Twenty-one is the age of responsibility. Give it a few months and you will be wondering why you are in such a hurry to get here. - Anonymous
  • The first twenty years are the best half of your life. Happy 39th!
  • At the age of twenty, we don't care what the world thinks of us; at thirty, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at forty, we discover that it wasn't thinking of us at all - Anonymous
  • You're not fifty yet. You're $49.95. Happy Birthday.
  • The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life - Muhammad Ali

Friendly Happy Birthdays

  • On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy birthday.
  • Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.
  • A birthday only happens once in a lifetime. Today, I am celebrating the anniversary of your birth.
  • You are a good friend and and even better person. May God bless you with wonderful times ahead. Happy Birthday and thanks for the friendship we share.
  • The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. I still like you. Happy birthday.
  • I wish for you to have people to love, people in your life who will care about you as much as I do. Happy birthday.
  • You've been my friend for ___ birthdays. I've been yours for ___. I win-so happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my friend. I can't imagine celebrating with anyone else.
  • I'm so proud of all you've accomplished, but I'm more proud that you're my friend. Happy birthday.

Romantic Happy Birthdays

  • Falling in love with you was easy. Staying in love with you is easier. Happy birthday. I can't wait until next year.
  • Being in love doesn't make me happy. It's being in love with you, year after year, that does the trick.
  • With each year, I love you even more. Happy birthday, darling.
  • You're not growing older. You're growing better. I love you! Happy birthday.
  • We're one year closer to growing old together. It's just what I've always dreamed.
  • I never thought we'd make it this far, but now I know that we'll keep going forever. Happy birthday, baby.
  • I already gave you my heart ___ years ago-this year all I can give you is a simple wish: Happy Birthday. And I hope you're happier and more in love with me than you were last year.

"Old Age" Happy Birthdays

  • "Over the hill" is a relative term-but here's a sled, just in case. Happy Birthday!
  • Statistics have proven that those who have the most birthdays live the longest. You're statistically guaranteed to have a happy birthday.
  • Growing old is mandatory. Growing up, however, is optional. Happy Birthday, old friend!
  • At this point, you probably want to forget your birthday. Fortunately, I haven't. Happy ____th Birthday!
  • So many birthdays. So few candles. Next year, may your birthday wish be a bigger cake.
  • Let's take a birthday photo. Smile while you've still got the teeth!
  • In spite of the advances in science, we've still found no cure for excessive birthdays. Happy Birthday-hope to see you next year!
  • Old age isn't so bad. After all, consider the alternative. Happy Birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Forget your past-it's already done. Forget your present, too; because I forgot. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday. Wait, that was last week? Guess I'm getting old!
  • I hope your birthday was as special as you are.
  • If I couldn't be the first one to wish you, at least I can be the last one to cross your mind this birthday! Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had an amazing day!

Saying Happy Birthday in Different Languages

  • Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag! (Afrikaans)
  • Ois guade winsch i dia zum Gbuadsdog! (Austrian)
  • Chestit Rojden Den! (Bulgarian)
  • Sun Yat Fai Lok! (Cantonese)
  • Qu ni sheng er kuai le. (Mandarin)
  • Tillykke med fodselsdagen! (Danish)
  • Palju onne sunnipaevaks! (Estonian)
  • Tavalodet Mobarak! (Farsi)
  • Bonne Fete! (French)
  • Haerzliche Glueckwuensche zum Geburtstag! (German)
  • Hau`oli la hanau! (Hawaiian)
  • Yom Huledet Same'ach! (Hebrew)
  • Boldog szuletesnapot! (Hungarian)
  • Buon Compleanno! (Italian)
  • Quchjaj qoSlIj! (Klingon)
  • Fortuna dies natalis! (Latin)
  • Torson odriin mend hurgee! (Mongolian)
  • Gratulerer med dagen! (Norwegian)
  • Parabens! (Portuguese)
  • Feliz Cumpleanos! (Spanish)
  • Brigo! (Syriac)
  • Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat! (Vietnamese)
  • A Freilekhn Gebortstog! (Yiddish)

Enjoy the annual milestones in the lives of your friends and family.

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Formal birthday wishes are especially important. By sending them, you are letting people in your life who work hard, live far away, add to your livelihood, and.

60 Unique Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss and Mentor

formal birthday wishes

The birthday time is to celebrate, share happiness, host parties, be the centre of attraction and not to forget calling friends to join you in merriment. When you are busy in deciding party theme, venue and cake, you often not get enough time to pen an appealing birthday invitation wording. Mind it this is an important piece, so do not keep it for the last moment! have a panoply of birthday invitation wording which you can send with slight amendments. Informing your guests' various details about the party is important and an obligation to, makes it easy for you by providing an extensive range of birthday invitation wordings.

  • Make my sister’s birthday even more special by joining in the fun. You are cordially invited to the party.
  • My daughter is turning 21 and we have arranged a grand party on the occasion. Join in the celebrations.
  • I have planned a grand party on the occasion of my birthday. Please come over and make my evening memorable
  • Our little one has turned a year older. Please join us in celebrating is first birthday
  • Even the old buddies need company of young people. My Grandpa is celebrating his 80th birthday. Join him in his party at home in the evening.
  • Any party will not become happening when it is done without you. My mother has turned 50 and she needs lots of love and blessings.
  • You all are invited in my sister’s birthday party. Please take this message as a formal invitation for the party.
  • Sometime, even the presence of friends make the day memorable. On my birthday, I have arranged a get together plz come.
  • Yes, I have not forgotten to give you guys, birthday party in return of love and gifts. Assemble in evening to rock the show.
  • So, finally all your efforts brought the results, the party is there at my home in the evening. Do come to have remaining fun.
  • Here I am inviting all my friends in my birthday party which is going to rock in their presence and boredom in their absence.
  • My no birthday party can be fun filled if you are not there. Do come in the evening to enjoy dinner, drink and dance.
  • Partty!! I Know you were waiting for the invitation, so here it is. Please take this message as a formal invitation in my birthday party.
  • Ur presence in my birthday will make it more special. Please come to bless us.
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To start your wishes, you can say я жела́ю тебе́ (informal) or я жела́ю вам ( formal), depending on who you talk to, or just жела́ю. Pay attention, that the words.

formal birthday wishes
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