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Farewell wishes for seniors
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Funny Goodbye Messages for Friends: Tired of sad goodbye quotes? Well farewells don't always need to be dull, especially if you're giving your last hug to your.

All of you are welcome at this special event, however, these celebrations are bitter-sweet. All of us have gathered here today to give a farewell to the college who works with us. It is time to say goodbye to them, however, giving it a farewell is a moment for all of us. I want to share some memorable moments spent in this college with them in front of you all. The valuable work done by them for college is not hidden from us. This is like an open book for us, who is the master of good habits and high character. You gave this college a regular schedule, and now you are leaving us. You are the person who always followed the etiquette in his life and taught us to do too. Best farewell wishes for teachers.


Farewell Wishes for Boss:

We have gathered here to join the farewell ceremony of our dear companions who are leaving our office and all of us. As we all know, Mr. ……, who is employed in our sales department. You are one of our best partners. You are the best employee from the time of joining the office. It is a matter of great sadness that today you are going to join another office and we have to leave you. It is your destiny and hard work which has given you an opportunity to join a large company outside the city, however, it is our misfortune that we are always departing for a good partner. Being the Head of the Sales Department and First of all, as your partner, I want to say something about you. From all, I wish you good luck wishes for your better future.

  1. It has been a great experience working with a boss like you, you shall always be remembered. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors.

  2. It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to a wonderful boss. You have been a true leader and inspiration, all the best.

  3. Another boss may come to fill your shoes, but know that, in our eyes, you are irreplaceable. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Your contribution to this team has been incredible and we are sad to see you go. Your new workplace gains an incredible new boss.

  5. Boss, you will be sorely missed. Never has there been a more hardworking and supportive person at the head of this team.

  6. I am sorry to learn that you are leaving. I wish you all the best of luck on the next stage of your journey.

  7. I will forever cherish the memories I have of working with such an amazing boss, don’t forget us! Good luck.

  8. I feel the privilege to have been guided and supported by such a brilliant boss. Onwards and upwards to better things.

  9. It shall be strange coming into the office with you not here. You have been such an integral part of the team and we are sad to see you leave.

  10. I bid you the fondest farewell and wish you all the success and happiness on the next stage of your journey.

  11. You have been the best boss we could have asked for. I have learned a great deal under your guidance and I am sad to bid you farewell.

  12. Please don’t go! You have been a pleasure to work for and I wish that you would stay. Good luck in all you go on to do.

  13. You have to lead this team to some of our greatest successes and we know that you will continue your reign of success in your new venture.

  14. I am both incredibly sad and happy to hear you are leaving. Sad because we lose the best leader this team has had, but happy to know you are following your dreams.

  15. What an absolute pleasure it has been to work with you. You have been one of our most valued members of staff and we are sorry to be losing you.

  16. From the entire team, thank you for being a wonderful boss. We all wish you the greatest happiness.

  17. You have always been there with a helping hand and words of encouragement, you will be sorely missed.

  18. It’s been a blast working with you! Such a pleasure and a privilege, I know that you will succeed in anything you put your mind too.

  19. There have been highs and lows but you have navigated us through them all with grace and strength. Farewell.

  20. I have been dreaded this day ever since I learned you were leaving. You will surely never be forgotten.

  21. I hope that our paths shall one day cross again. Until that moment, I wish you all the luck and happiness.

  22. You leave with my utmost respect and admiration. I have learned a great deal from you and hope to follow your footsteps.

  23. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all your years of service. Goodbye and good luck for the future.

  24. You have redefined what it means to be a boss. Your leadership and guidance have been the reason for all our success.

  25. We say goodbye to you today but you leave a great legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Farewell Wishes for Friend:

For some days and some time, we need to give a farewell to someone in our life. Farewell to your friends or colleagues will be a painful moment. It is not easy to say goodbyes to colleagues, friends, bosses and even our classmates and teachers. On this section, you can find such special farewell greetings and farewell greetings. Feel free to share these farewell wishes that go away from a friend, colleagues, loved ones and family.

  1. As you take your new road,We wish you a cup of success,A pint of happiness,And a jug of achievements.May you live the life of your dreams each moment.

  2. The way I see it,a goodbye just means thathello, will be coming soon.I hope to meet you again someday.

  3. It may be hard to say goodbyeBut the good with it isA promise of something better.

  4. It may be time to say goodbyeBut always remember our special moments.Sharing them with you makes it all worthwhile.

  5. You may not be among us tomorrow,But your wisdom will remain.

  6. A wave,A tear,A farewell.Forever it will be a special moment.

  7. We wish you calm seas and a serene pathMay all your future wishes come true.

  8. May your path you walk on be bright and cheery.May success follow you all your life.

  9. Far from my sightBut still in my heartThough we said our goodbyesWe will never be apart

  10. May this parting be so quickFor it is such a bittersweet experience.Such bitterness to be away from you,but such sweetness longing for you.

  11. We started our journey together and now we are not leaving the same way. I wish all the very best for your future endeavors.

  12. I will miss you in each pantry break,coffee chat, after hours gossips,and simple hand waves.This goodbye wish sends you on a successful path.Take care, my friend.

  13. As you walk on your new chosen pathMay the treasures of life come knockingAs each pound on the door, count my wishes,For they are like my kisses.

  14. We are not always lucky to find a good friend among colleagues.May our friendship remain even after we change the path.Goodbye, and may we cross paths again soon.

  15. Though farewells are sad,mine is filled with happiness,because you are pursuing better pastures.May God bless you with success on this new endeavor.

  16. Seems like our office hours are no longer without you.You are certainly missed around here.Wishing you all the best in the new challenges ahead of you.

  17. It was a great pleasure working with you my dear,We really appreciate your help you have rendered us,We will be missing you so much.

  18. We know this farewell is going to heavy our heartsAs we are going to miss you rest of our working day.

  19. Even though it is difficult to accept the pain,We wish you to have all success in your remaining lifeAnd support us from outside as you were from inside.

  20. The time has come for you to part from us,We all had a wonderful timeAnd you were a great colleague for us.

  21. We have seen so many people in our life;It is you who made the difference in our career,Thanks for the support you have given so farAnd we wish you a great future.

  22. Your honesty is unsurpassed.Your work cannot be scrutinized.You are leaving with your head held high.

  23. People come and go in our lifeBut when you leave us,You are making a scare in my heartAll the best in your Future Endeavors.

  24. When you leave us I am missing yourHumor and happiness you used to give to usAll the best.

  25. You are a great person to work withAnd your farewell makes me sad.

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Touching farewell card quote to boss from colleagues Farewell Messages for Boss: It Assembly; Farewell Party Speech format by Seniors to Juniors in School.

Farewell Message to Boss

farewell wishes for seniors

> > Farewell Messages to Say Goodbye

Last Updated: 23rd September, 2019

Farewell Messages to Say Goodbye

A farewell is not just about saying goodbye to your loved ones. Rather, it is about encouraging and giving your best wishes to someone on his/her new journey. We bring to you the best and unique farewell messages that you can share with your family, friends and colleagues.

I will always remember the good times we spend together.
Those precious moments were the best times of my life.
Farewell my friend;
hope to see you soon.

This is such an great opportunity for you, but I still can’t believe you’re leaving. Please keep in touch!

I’ll miss you and think of you. Thank you for the good times and sweet memories that we shared together.

I hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with.

Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart,
for friendship doesn't count miles, it's measured by the heart.

Saying goodbye is the most painful way of solving a problem.

May your journey be a pleasant one. Farewell and hope to see you soon.

Goodbye my friend
I hope our path will cross again.

Today as we part I am forced to say goodbye. But, I know, that we would meet again very soon.

You are not only a great teacher but also a great human being. There are so many things that we have learned from you! you deserve the best farewell!

Goodbye without reasons is the most painful one.
Love without reason is the most beautiful one.

Saying goodbye to a true friend is really tough.
But I bid you goodbye with the hope that we would meet again one day.

Your decision-making skills are an asset that have always inspired me to be like you.
I appreciate all your words of encouragement and everything I have learned from you.
Farewell, sir!

You’ve been an inspiration to all of us, and we've enjoyed working with you.
We wish you success wherever you go.
Farewell, boss!

Good friends never say goodbye
They simply say "See you soon"

Goodbyes are never easy
Pictures never carry your warmth
memories will always pierce the heart
No words can say it all.
I'll Miss you.

Just a note to say..
As you move into a new venture...
May luck and success always be with you!

You decided to move to greener pastures, but your departure will leave our grounds barren and dry.

Monthly targets and performance appraisals will come and go,
but the memories of working with a colleague like you will stay in my heart forever.

Because we are in the office
I may not let tears out of my eyes
But I want you to know that
My heart will silently weep and cry.
Farewell & Goodbye

It's difficult to bid you farewell
As you leave though my mind says you have a brighter future in store & a better life ahead...
the heart can never outgrow,
the pleasant experience of having you near,
Wherever you may go, here's wishing you all the best.

Fell very lucky to know someone who is so hard for me to say goodbye.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same.

It may be hard to say goodbye but the good with it is a promise of something better.

Wishing you much joy & happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life.

You were the best colleague that I have ever worked with.
I wish you all the best for your future.

It's time to move on and scale new heights.
But we wish that you don't forget the old friends who have loved you always.

Goodbye is only truly painful if you know
you will never say hello again...

Keep us informed about your welfare!
Farewell, my friend we'll miss you!!

Go ahead, enjoy your new job.
We are friends forever!!

The troubles of miles of commute was undone by your one smile.
Do well!

In the journey of life you meet several people who are hard to forget.
I am glad to have met a person like you.
Hope the path ahead is smooth for you and may you reach your goal without fuss.
Farewell my dear.

Thanks for all those times when you helped me in the tasks I wasn't able to do on time.
It will be difficult to fill the void created by your absence.
I am really going to miss you.
Best of luck!

Not always do you find a friend in a colleague.
But here I was lucky.
Hope we retain this friendship even after you have moved on.
Saying good bye with the hope to meet you soon.

This goodbye might be painful
but it is not the end.
My heart knows, that we will meet again...

Morning classes, bunking college, midnight studies, late night drives, we have seen a wonderful time together.
But now it's time to part. But its not the final goodbye, see you soon

The tiring office hours seemed much more relaxed when you were around.
You will be missed with each passing day.
All the best for your future endeavors.

Today our team is going to lose its sense of humor and its heart beat.
Farewell to the guy who made every day so lively with his jokes and enthusiasm.

I know that you are going to get an awesome salary in your new job but there is no guarantee that you will get awesome colleagues like us too.

You were an asset for the entire department.
We will surely miss you.
Wishing you a great future!

Wish you a smooth sailing ahead and a path full of joy.
May all your dreams come true!

Though we are are sad that you are leaving the company, but we wish that you may have a great future ahead.
Wishing you lots of success.

It has been an enriching experience to work with someone like you.
You will remain my best colleague ever.

Since you are bidding farewell to us,
please know that your legacy would forever remain remain deep in our hearts.
Thank you for being a great leader, friend and a supervisor.

Thank you for all the loving memories, wishes and support.
Those are the possession of my life.

The way I see it, A GOODBYE just means that A HELLO will be coming soon.
I hope to meet you again someday.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of a relationship but sometimes it is the best thing that can happen.

You have always let your Work speak for you. Let your honesty answer all criticism.
We know you are leaving a very proud man!

You have been kind & generous and wise & witty.
We will miss you!

I had come to rely on your "random wisdom".
Would miss that terribly.
Do well!

Parting has a bitter sweetness.
Bitter for the present separation and sweet for the future longing.
Hope this farewell is for a short period.

As you embark upon a new path, let us wish you many moments of happiness success and achievements.
May you live your dreams in each moment.

Remember me with a smile that warms a heart.
Remember me for the miles we walked together and got lost to find new paths.
Always remember me for the good!

Goodbyes are never easy...
pictures never carry your warmth..
memories will always pierce the heart...
no words can say it all
I will miss you

I would envy you for your new job, but right now I am just shocked and sad to know that you are leaving.
Farewell to the colleague to made team meetings meaningful and lunch breaks awesome.

The coffee breaks, the canteen chats, office gossips and long hours schedule,
I will miss you in all. Hope the path ahead for you is smooth.
Good bye and take care.

As you choose a new path to walk, may you discover new treasures of life to unlock.
Wait a while and count my wishes, I am sending you lots of good bye kisses.

The truest feelings for someone are known when you are bidding adieu to them.

Now and always I will love you, but it's time that we part and say goodbye.

Even when you are saying goodbye make a promise to say hello again.

Gone with the wind yet so close to my heart.
Maybe we have bid goodbye but it is only a new start.

Sometimes you realize how important people are in your life when you bid goodbye to them.

Parting at the end of a journey isn't the most important part.
It's the journey that fills the hearts.

If you dare to say goodbye
life will always give you a new hello.

It is sometimes difficult to let go of but it is a wonderful feeling to know you are leaving us for a better future.
May you excel in every field of your life.

I will always cherish the happy times I have spent with you.
Whenever I need to smile I know I can look back to them.
Hoping to see you soon. Good Bye!

My good bye should not make you sad as you are going to pursue something better.
Hope God bestows you with success as you take a new path.

We wish you lots of success on your way.
Sadly, we will not go this way together.

When everything is said and done it is best to bid farewell to each other.

Your tear-stained face is the most painful memory of the time we parted.

As it is your last day with us, we'd like to thank you for being a great manager, mentor and guide.
May you shine always.

Wishing you all the success for your upcoming future.
Good bye and good luck.

May this goodbye only be momentary.
Hope to meet you again. May the coming days make you a better person personally and professionally.

Your resignation is the biggest loss that our company has suffered this fiscal.
We all bid farewell to the employee who was a profit-driving machine.

A goodbye is most painful when you can't explain it in words...

You didn't let any of your team members fall behind. Cheers!

One of the most difficult words to say is 'goodbye'.

You were an asset and we were all set with you :) Enjoy!

I know you can only do wondrous things and make friends at workplace.
Will miss you.

I want to hunt down the head hunter who hunted you and tell him that he has managed the best ever hunt.

It will be difficult to find a friend like you.
But let not that hold me from wishing you all the success for the future.

Though it's the time to part I want you to know that you have always been special to me for all the great moments we have shared together.

You will be leaving us but your teachings, morals, ethics and advice will always stay with us. Thanks for being such an inspirational co-worker.

You are leaving behind a legacy that will show young ones the right path to take in the future.

Hope this farewell gives us another opportunity to meet in the future.

The thought of you going away makes me think about all the times when I could have said how much I love you, but I didn't

We wish this farewell is temporary and takes you a step closer to a new beginning

Be in touch. Your touch is spiritual.

Dear friends, we studied together all these years and shared our feelings and emotions in this institution.
Today, we move on to different parts of the world.
Though, physically we depart, we are there in each others heart.
Thank you friends..

Farewell Messages For Teacher

Words cannot express our sorrow as we bid you farewell today! Your teachings will always light up the ways that lead us to a better future!

You were not only a boss to us, but you were also a great leader who always knew what motivates his employees best! Farewell to you!

Farewell Messages For Boss

You made us believe in ourselves. No one could guide us more successfully than you. It’s hard to bid you farewell for us. But you’ll be missed for sure!

Anyone can be a boss. But few know how to become a leader. You were one those few. Today we say goodbye to an amazing leader!

Farewell does not mean the end of our friendship. We have had a great journey together and we’ll surely meet each other at the end!

Farewell Messages For Friend

Working with you was always learning new things in the office every day. I wonder if I’ll ever have a colleague like you! Good by dear!

Saying farewell is tough but for me it is a moment of happiness because I know you are going away for a better and more prosperous future. Goodbye my friend

Farewell Messages For Colleagues

Dear colleagues, the time has come to say goodbye.
I had a lovely time working with you all.
Thank you so much for your support guys!
I am really going to miss you!

Definitely, your future is going to be rich, rewarding and kind.

Dear colleagues, I have been working here for long and have gained loads of experience.
Thank you for all the cooperation that you extended to me.

I take this opportunity of sending you a thank you note to express my grateful regards to my friends and colleagues.
I really enjoyed working with you all!
And I am really going to miss our coffee breaks!

Farewell Messages For Students

It may be hard to say goodby but the 'good' with it is a promise of something better.

Dear students, may you have a bright future.
You have always been successful students and we wish you all the very best.
May you achieve success.

The dedication with which you have pursued your studies in this school should also guide in your further education and career.

May God bless you and help you achieve your dreams.
Do not forget us. We will always be there for you whenever you need us.

Dear students,
you have surely held our heads high with your fabulous results and achievements.
We would like to appreciate your efforts.
On your farewell, we wish you all the best.
Keep up the spirit and study with the utmost dedication.

As we bid you farewell, we hope that the education you gained here would help you in your future.
Good luck for your higher studies and continue to achieve success.

May you enjoy your life and achieve greater heights in your career.
We wish you best of luck.

It was a great pleasure being a teacher of such good students.
Happy farewell dear children and all the best for your bright future.

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Good luck wish to aviator
wishing someone happiness
New year success wishes
thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes
Inspirational birthday wishes for husband
good wishes for baby boy
I wish you a life full of joy and hapiness

Farewell Messages to Seniors

farewell wishes for seniors

Every beginning has an end. And every end is a new beginning. 

It's a relentless cycle seen in every aspect of our lives. The football season is no exception.

A year starts; a year ends, only to give birth to another. 

As much as I anticipate the start of a new season, I know that fate says it will cease. 

The weeks pass and I engulf myself in all things football: watching games, reading articles, debating the polls. But, somewhere in the back of my mind, I know that as every week passes, the end draws near. 

This past weekend and the weekend upcoming marks for most colleges a tradition simply known as—Senior Day—a day set aside to honor those who'll play their last home game as a college football athlete.

Bittersweet to say the least. 

For four or five years, these young men have put their heart and soul into playing this game we so love.

They've logged hundreds of hours on the field in both practice and in games. They've watched film and studied tape all in the name of becoming the best player they could be.

And let's not forget the time spent in class to fulfill their academic requirements—the lectures, the exams, the labs, and the study groups. 

No, it hasn't been easy, but it has been worth every minute.

They've laughed; they've cried; they've leaped; they've fallen down; they've felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. 

And now it's over.

When the whistle blows at the end of the fourth quarter, it'll be the last time they'll hear that sound on their home field.

The last time they'll stand in the middle of thousands upon thousands of adoring fans. The last time they'll hear the band play the Alma Mater. 

Sure, many of these seniors will go to the NFL and earn large paychecks for doing what they love to do, but deep inside their beings they know that it won't measure up to the thrill of playing college football.

That thrill is playing for pride and the pure love of the game. Playing, because this is what you've dreamed about since you were six years old.

The dream was in every way exactly how you imagined it to be. 

The seniors will have their parents on the sidelines this day. They'll hug and smile and most assuredly take pictures, trying to freeze this moment in time.

They'll wrap their arms around their fellow players who are feeling the same emotion but somehow can't describe it. 

And they'll look up into the stands, up at us as we watch in awe of such a spectacle. 

How is it we get so enamored by these players, these young men we never have and never will meet?

We've spent hours with them, and they don't even know our names.

We've laughed; we've cried; we've leaped; we've fallen down; we've felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. 

All from the comfort of our living rooms.

Someway, somehow, we've bonded with these senior players and it's as hard to see them go as it is for them to say goodbye.

We'll watch them play their last home game and anticipate the bowl game that marks the official end of their careers.

And as they take off their helmets and raise them in salute, we'll raise our hands to return the gesture.

The whistle has blown, the game is over, it's time to go home.

And as these players walk out through the tunnel one last time, another group is coming in for the first.

So begins the cycle once again.

Thanks for the memories, Seniors. 

Good luck in whatever the future holds.

100+ Farewell Messages and Quotes for your friend or colleague, boss or teacher and anyone you care. These are the best Farewell Wishes you could ever.

Farewell Speech for Seniors

farewell wishes for seniors

Saying goodbye is a struggle for a lot of people especially when someone you care about is leaving unexpectedly. A change of job, new schools, college, marriage or other life changes could make people leave.

It’s not easy to say goodbye but you eventually need to let them know how you feel. It’s more painful when your friends leave and you can’t stop regretting all the things you could have said to them. Maybe you are just tongue-tied and the words won’t come, we have the perfect solution.

Here’s a list of emotional goodbye quotes you can use:

#1: Leaving is sometimes tearful, sad and heart-wrenching even but I smile because I know you are forever mine and distance would never change that. Good bye.

#2: We have been together for so long that I never thought about how difficult it would be to say goodbye, still you must. So farewell.

#3: It would have been better if goodbyes could be killed, I would have murdered this one I have to send with you because it breaks my heart so much like a stab wound.

#4: I’m not sure I am brave enough to wave you off, to say goodbye, to wish you well and look away knowing you could quite easily forget me. Still I must, so bye for now.

#5: I hate to see you leave, it’s not like I could keep you around forever, growth and change are mostly inevitable so I would rather wish you Godspeed. Good bye.

#6: I want to bump in you down the road someday, I want to remember how it feels to jump on your neck elated by your presence, so I will let you go till we cross paths again my friend. Good bye.

#7: Some people are temporal parts of your life so when they leave, you feel nothing but some others make your heart bleed because they have plunged too deep. Saying goodbye is too much pain.

#8: You’ve been such a great time of my life, I almost didn’t notice we were getting older and changing times have finally pulled us apart. I loved every moment so good bye with kisses and much love.

#9: That feeling of emptiness, like you have been robbed of something precious, we all want to avoid it yet it comes after that last wave, when we say goodbye. Hope we meet again soon.

#10: As you say goodbye to the history, the moments, the treasures shared, you must realize that the door again opens for new people who would come around and create even more beautiful memories with you.

#11: Don’t be afraid to let people know how you feel about them, waiting for the goodbyes would leave you wondering what could have been so make the best of now.

#12: You could be there by the tarmac, faking a smile, pretending to be happy that they are chasing their dreams but deep down you know it breaks you to see them go.

#13: The lives we’ve touched, the ones we have changed, they would be the ones giving us a hand on our next stage in life, they would bid us farewell with prayers in their hearts.

#14: We hold on tight because we care, we also say goodbye because we care. It’s the same reason achieving different purposes altogether.

#15: Goodbyes remind us to take every moment like they could be the last, we are reminded of the finite nature of our beings and thus we cherish the times we share like they are infinite.

#16: Memories of our first meeting up till the moment where we say goodbye, they are the summation of the history we have created and they are worth every tear shed when we part ways.

Emotional Goodbye Quotes For Friend

#1: As you move to a new place and to new friends, I am sure you are only going because you can’t help it, so go make new friends for us, grow the circle. Bye for now.

#2: Goodbyes are expensive, they mean that you have accepted letting go, you are ready to see them make new friends and probably forget you but it also means you are strong enough to see them grow.

#3: Having a lot of friends is a beautiful experience, it means you have so many people working to make you happy. The sad part is that you have to say goodbye a lot of times too.

#4: It always feels like you would never find anyone like your friend now that they are moving, but you know what? Just outside the door they are leaving through is another super fun and exciting human you need to meet.

#5: There’s no forever friend, every friend is for a season then they leave and sometimes you will never fully recognize their significance in your life’s story till you say goodbye.

#6: We start out as strangers, we end up as friends then we become buddies. At this point it becomes almost impossible to let people go because we’ve had history yet we must say goodbye not as strangers but as buddies.

#7: Look out for your friends while you can, be their security, pray for them and stay loyal because they might leave and you won’t have the chance to do that anymore after saying goodbye.

#8: You have been my partner, a friend and you’ve made life a beautiful journey for me so I am sure you will be doing the same for someone where you are going. This is why saying goodbye is not a loss.

Goodbye Quotes For Family

#1: Family is so precious that we want to simply keep them around us, but family is also about defying time and space to show that we care so be willing to say goodbye to those you love.

Don’t ever be afraid to let people go but also don’t let them go without telling them all they mean to you. These quotes are quite handy and you can whip one right out at the right moment giving your friends a lasting memory of you. Don’t hesitate, give someone this collection and see them handle goodbyes like champs!

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Touching farewell card quote to boss from colleagues Farewell Messages for Boss: It Assembly; Farewell Party Speech format by Seniors to Juniors in School.

farewell wishes for seniors
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