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Easter spring wishes
April 15, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The occasion marks the beginning of the spring time as well. Everyone is engrossed in greeting and.

Some remember walking up the sidewalk to church on Easter morning with their family. Mom wore a hat, Dad was in a suit, and the children had on their most beautiful Spring clothes. Others remember searching for eggs and candy, then tearing into an Easter basket brimming with treats. Christians give thanks for the resurrection of Christ, while others look forward to the daffodils and crocus’ to appear. Whatever your memories, Easter is a time of renewal and awakening. Here are some examples of hopeful thoughts to share with those who join you in celebrating Easter and the arrival of Spring.

Warm Easter Wishes and Blessings

  • Joining you in gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice and the joyful renewal it brings to all God’s children this Easter season.
  • May this Easter Sunday inspire you to new hope, happiness, prosperity, and abundance, all received through God’s divine grace.
  • An Easter Poem For You: Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wish I were in the chocolate biz! Happy Easter.
  • If it weren’t for the beautiful Spring weather, I’d be distracted with that damn bunny for eating all my flower bulbs. Happy Easter anyway.
  • Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter.
  • I love Easter. It’s a time for eating all the chocolate you can find with complete impunity! Have a delicious Easter.
  • Lavender plaid, pinks, and pastels everywhere, sun shining and blue skies… It’s almost like being on a golf course in South Florida! Happy Easter.
  • We tolerate a little Spring rain to enjoy the sunshine that follows. It’s just like we tolerate a little heartburn to enjoy copious amounts of Easter candy! Enjoy!
  • All we got to do is follow Christ, for in Christ will all our queries be solved. Have a Blessed and Meaningful Easter.
  • Be thankful because Jesus gave us another chance to be a good person. His death cleansed us from our sins.
  • Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!
  • Christ is risen. Hallelujah! May the miracle of Easter bring you renewed hope, faith, love and joy.
  • Easter brings fun, Easter bring Happiness, Easter brings God’s endless blessings, Easter brings love and the freshness of spring. Happy Easter to you and your family!
  • Easter brings God Endless Blessings, Easter brings new love… Happy Easter to You, with all best wishes!
  • The risen Christ is celebrated in every opened flower, in every beam of nourishing sunlight, in every small patch of green beneath our feet. Easter blessings.


Lovely Easter Messages

  • Easter brings us hope, may it linger in our hearts forever. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Easter.
  • Easter gives hope for tomorrow, As after the winter comes Spring. Our hearts can be filled with gladness As hearts rejoice and sing.
  • “Forgive them father, for they no not what they do.” He died so that we can live again. Celebrate his love this Easter Day!
  • Easter gives us yet another reason to be thankful to God. Have the joy of the coming of Christ be filled in your heart and bring peace into your life. Have a Blessed Easter.
  • Easter is a beautiful day to celebrate all Christ has done for us. Have a Blessed Easter!
  • Easter is an excellent time to enjoy all of your many meaningful blessings: family, friends, Jesus, and, of course, chocolate molded into tasty bunnies.
  • Easter is a time of reflection and joy. When we emerge from our cocoon of doubt to fly freely on the wings of faith. I wish you a pleased Easter!
  • Easter is God’s blessing to the world. It is his way of telling us that, love and hope still exist in the world. May you have a learned Easter.
  • Easter is the time to repent for all our sins and thank God for all his blessings over us. Let us prepare ourselves for the returning of Christ. Happy Easter to you.
  • Easter is the time to spread the joy and happiness that Christ has brought about into our lives, to everyone we meet. Wishing you and your loved ones a Meaningful Easter.
  • Easter reminds us of God’s never-ending love for us. Let us all together praise and worship God for his endless blessings. Have a blessed Easter.
  • Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. May all your prayers be fulfilled. May you have a pleasant Easter!
  • I wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love, happiness, and life. Have a wonderful Easter!


Happy Easter Sayings and Quotes

  • Finally, that time of the year is here. Happy Easter to you my friend. May the risen Lord fill your heart with compassion, joy, love and never-ending bliss.
  • God blesses all those who believe in him. May the light of faith in God grow each day. May you have a pleasant Easter!
  • Have a happy, peaceful, and fun Easter filled with marshmallows, chocolate, and jelly beans
  • He was born to die and rise into the sky so that one day we all could pray to him to save our lives. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Easter.
  • I hope this holiday fills your heart and your home with love and joy.
  • I hope you have colorful eggs, candy, grass, and chocolate bunnies in your Easter basket this year.
  • I just popped into your inbox, to wish the sweetest person in this world loads of Easter eggs, just as sweet as you. Happy Easter.
  • It’s not about the bunny, eggs, or even dressing up for the church. It’s about the hope that we have because there was an empty tomb.
  • Jesus chooses to lay down on the cross in place of us so that we can have life. So great is his love for each one of us. Let us praise and worship Him. Have a Blessed Easter.
  • Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger, is born again in your heart. Happy Easter to you and your family.
  • Just like after every night comes a new day and after darkness comes light after a painful death comes new life. Happy Easter to you.
  • Let this Easter be a joyous one. Let us prepare ourselves, to be worthy of the risen Christ. Happy Easter.
  • Let us together pray to Jesus to rise into our hearts and bring us new life. Here’s wishing you a Memorable Easter.
  • May Easter bunny get you lots and lots of presents. Enjoy the season of Easter eggs and bonnet hats. Have a Happy Easter.


Unique Easter Greeting Cards

What to Write in an Easter Card

  • May Easter Day Brings Lot of Happiness And joy in your life, May you live long life And Easter Day comes in your life a hundred times, Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!
  • May Jesus bless you immensely on this auspicious occasion. May you have a pleasant Easter.
  • May Jesus Christ bless you and your family with abundant happiness and inner peace. Have a Blessed Easter.
  • May our Lord send his choicest blessings upon you and your family this Easter. Have a Blessed Easter.
  • May the angels protect you, May the sadness forgets you, May goodness surround you, And may Lord Jesus Christ always bless you, Happy Easter to you and your family!
  • May the Lord’s face shine upon you this Easter. Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!
  • May the returning back of Jesus Christ bring inner peace and satisfaction to your heart. Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!
  • May the risen Christ bring happiness to you and your family all year round. Wishing you and all your loved ones a very Happy Easter.
  • May the risen Christ bring you and your family abundant happiness. Have a blessed Easter.
  • May the risen Lord bless you abundantly and bring lots of happiness to you and your family.
  • May, the spirit of hope that Easter brings, Help you find contentment in little things And restore your faith in the Lord above, Who gave His life for the ones He loves. Happy Easter to you and your family!
  • May this year’s Easter bring you new faith, new hope, and new goals! Have a wonderful Easter!
  • May you and your family be blessed with countless blessings from the Lord. May your life be transformed magically into something beautiful and magical. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

  • May you be blessed with God’s warm love and trust in his living grace this Easter.
  • May you be renewed and strengthened in the promise of our Lord. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!
  • May you feel love and happiness during this holiday. Have a wonderful Easter!
  • May your Easter be filled with bright feelings and may your heart be filled with the joy of the holiday.
  • May your Easter be filled with lots of Easter eggs, presents from the Easter bunny, blessings from Jesus Christ and most of all happiness that lasts for a lifetime. I’m sending lots of love on your way. Happy Easter to you.
  • On Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ promises us never to leave our side and to love us this way forever. Let us place all our hope and trust in him. Have a Joyous Easter.
  • Our dear Jesus gave us the best gift anyone could ever give us, the gift of life. Have a Happy Easter.
  • Our Lord said, ‘Ask, and you shall receive, knock, and the door will be opened to you.’ Such is the love of the Lord. Let us place all our trust in him. Have a Peaceful and Hopeful Easter.
  • Praise God for He loves us so much! Thank Jesus for living among us. Be worthy of the life we have been given. Celebrate Easter with joy!
  • Rejoice and be glad, for the promise of Jesus Christ has been fulfilled. Our Savior has risen from the dead. Happy Easter to one and all.
  • Rejoice and sing praises to God. For Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, just how he had promised. Here’s wishing a very happy Easter to you and your family. May your hearts be filled perpetually with compassion, hope, and love.
  • Spread the warmth and joy in your hearts to all those you meet. Rejoice for the Lord has risen from the dead. Happy Easter to you and your family.
  • Take time to be silent and offer prayers to God. It is through our silence that He hears our prayers the most. Happy Easter!
  • The cross is the symbol of sacrifice for love. This Easter let all of us promise in our hearts, to face suffering readily for the happiness of our brothers and sisters. Happy Easter to you.
  • The Easter feeling does not end, It signals a new beginning of nature spring and brand new life of friendship. Happy Easter!
  • The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!
  • The risen Lord has come into our lives and blessed us with abundant happiness and joy. Let us all together sing out praises to our heavenly Father. Have a Blessed Easter.
  • The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Joyful living. I wish you a very happy Easter!


  • The spirit of giving, the act of sharing, The blessings from above, with hearts pure as a dove. May you have a blessed Easter.
  • There has never been and will never come a day when our loving Jesus is not a part and soul of our life. He will never ever forget us. He has carved each of our names on the palm of his hands. So let us all together thank and praise our risen Lord for his abundant and unconditional blessings. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!
  • Thinking of you at Easter, and wishing the wonders of springtime fill your heart with happiness. I wish you a very happy Easter!
  • This Easter may the resurrected Lord bring you loads of happiness and joy. Happy Easter to you and your family.
  • This Easter may you be blessed with lots of love and hope. Happy Easter to you my beloved friend.
  • This Easter may your hearts be filled with love, peace, and joy. May it remain with you forever and may you spread the word of Christ wherever you may go. May you have a pleasant Easter!
  • This Easter, I’m wishing you to have a peaceful heart and peaceful mind. May you realize all of your aspirations and hopes. Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!
  • Warm and sincere wishes to you and your family on the glorious day of Easter. May the risen Christ visit you and your families.
  • We could have just not asked for anything more, from a man who gave us way more than what we ever wished for. Let us thank and praise Jesus for his gift of new life and hope. Have a blessed Easter. May you be touched by the love of the Lord.
  • We hope your celebration of Easter is filled with the joy the Christ offers in his resurrection.
  • What better sacrifice can one talk of when our Lord himself laid down his entire life in suffering to save us from our sins! Let us praise and thank our Lord for his loving blessings. Have a blessed Easter.
  • What better time to think of those who mean the most to us, than at this beautiful season of love. May this Easter be filled with happiness and bright with blessings.
  • Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares? It’s Easter! Happy Easter to you and your family.
  • Wishing you an Easter that touches your heart and lives in your thoughts as a sweet reminder of just how special you are. Happy Easter to you and your family!
  • Wishing you Happy Easter with new joys and new promises… and blessed with love and happiness!
  • Wishing you were here to celebrate this holy occasion with me. Have a wonderful Easter!
  • Without Easter, there would be no point in any other holiday. Have a wonderful Easter!
  • You owe your life to God. Don’t waste it… Live responsibly… Inspire others to give glory to the Lord! Happy Easter!

More Easter Wishes and Cards

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Easter Flowers

easter spring wishes

Easter is joyful spring holiday, so share your happiness with your dear ones. It is a great time to let them know how much they mean to you by sending them warm and heartfelt wishes through pop up card Easter. On the post, we present you a nice collection of Happy Easter messages for everyone. We hope that you will find wishes, greetings and pop up card Easter here that you like.

Religious Messages

  • Wishing you Christ’s many blessings throughout this joyful season.
  • May the Lord lift up your heart, at Easter and always.
  • May the miracle of Easter bring you perfect peace.
  • Hope you always feel His love shining in your life.
  • Praying that you feel Christ’s peace all year.
  • God bless you at Easter and always.

The Risen Lord Pop Up Card

Inspirational Wishes in Pop Up Card Easter

  • It’s such a hopeful time of year, and I wish you every good thing at Easter and always.
  • Wishing you the hope and beauty of springtime and the promise of brighter days.
  • Knowing someone as special as you adds a little extra joy to Easter.
  • Hope Easter brings you as many smiles as you bring to others.
  • You deserve nothing but happiness to bloom all year!
  • Happy Easter — hop til’ you drop!

Bunny Easter Pop Up Card

Messages for Springtime Joy

  • It’s such a hopeful and happy season for remembering special people like you.
  • Thinking of you and wishing you all the nicest things this season.
  • Always remember — you’re somebunny special!
  • Sending you ‘eggstra’ love today and always.
  • Happy Spring — to one of my favorite peeps!
  • Wishing you a bright and happy spring!

Easter is a perfect time to reflect on our lives and open our minds and hearts to new experiences. May it be a great day for you too! Make use of our excellent Easter ideas for kids and adults and let your holiday be bright and full of joy. Order your unique pop up card Easter and any other greetings from Unipop and bring even more happiness to the people you love!


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What to Write in an Easter Card

easter spring wishes

Easter Wishes – Love, Hugs and Kisses

Easter brings eggs in baskets and flowers in bloom, chocolates and sunshine, and warm thoughts of you. We send love, hugs, and many kisses your way. Happy Easter!

Easter Saying – A Good Egg

May the magic of springtime bring blossoms of joy. Happy Easter to a good egg!

Easter Message – Across the Miles

Although we are miles and states apart, you’re deeply treasured within my heart! I sent many blessings to you on Easter.

Easter Card – Springtime Fun

May your Easter be decorated with love, laughter and springtime fun!

Easter Note – Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you and yours. The _______ family.

Easter Verse – Joy of the Season

May the joy of the season fill your home with love. Happy Easter!

Easter Message – Joy and Cheer

Easter Day is almost here! May your lives be filled with joy and cheer!

Easter Saying – From All of Us

From all of us to all of you, happy Easter!

Easter Letter – Many Blessings

Kindness and pleasure, beauty and love. May you receive many blessings from Heaven above. Happy Easter.

Easter Quote – You’re Thought Of

I want to let you know today, that you’re thought of in the warmest way! Happy Easter.

Easter Wishes – Greetings on Easter

From our family to yours, heartfelt greetings on Easter! Enjoy all the blessings and happiness of the season.

Easter Card – Gratitude and Celebration

May the joy of this Easter season fill your heart with gratitude and celebration.

Easter Note – Thinking of You

Thinking of you on Easter and always. The ________Family.

The Magic of Springtime

The magic of springtime is now here! The glorious scent of flowers fills the air. May the beauty and sunshine of the season embrace you. Best wishes for a very Happy Easter!

May your Sunday morning be filled with fuzzy yellow chicks and Easter Bunny surprises! Happy Easter.

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The occasion marks the beginning of the spring time as well. Everyone is engrossed in greeting and.

Springtime Easter Greeting - 039G

easter spring wishes

What does Easter mean to you? Is it just about egg hunting and baskets full of chocolate goodies? Or does it hold a much deeper spiritual significance?

Obviously, this is one holiday that inspires different feelings depending on your outlook and upbringing. The one thing most people can agree on is that Easter is a great time to send well wishes to friends. After all, Spring is here – and that inspires good feelings that ought be spread far and wide.

Of course, putting those good feelings into words isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of Easter card sayings. Some are funny, some are religious – but all of them say “Happy Easter” in their own way.

For Friends

Here are some general Easter wishes to share with friends, whether you’re sending a paper greeting card, an electronic card, or just a humble email.

Spring has sprung. Here’s hoping your Easter is as beautiful as the flowers in bloom.
Wishing you a joyous Easter and a glorious Spring.
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and put a little Spring in your step.
Happy Easter! May you have all the hard-boiled eggs and chocolate bunnies your heart desires!
Easter is about love, hope, and happiness. May you have plenty of each.

For Kids

Children love Easter, and not just because of the candy (although that does play a big part). Here are some cute Easter messages that kids can appreciate.

Hoppy Easter from some-bunny who loves you!
Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail,
Hippity, hoppity,
Easter’s on its way.
Here comes Peter Cottontail (song)
Chocolate bunnies aren’t half as sweet as you!
The Easter Bunny is stretching out his legs – he’s about to get some serious eggs-ercise!
How does the Easter Bunny deliver all those baskets before the sun rises on Easter Sunday?
He beats it by a hare!

Did we mention that kids love Easter candy? If you’re pairing your Easter wishes with a gift of peeps, here are some more ideas to chew on.


For Christians, Easter is first and foremost a religious holiday. Here are some spiritual Easter sayings, including a couple of key passages from the Bible.

He has risen!
Just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.
Let us remember that Easter is not about the full basket, but the empty tomb.
May God’s light shine on you this Easter as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
May you have a blessed Easter in the company of friends and loved ones.


Easter is ripe for humor, thanks in large part to its association with a certain magical rabbit. Here are some Easter jokes, quotes, and sayings that reveal the funny side of the holiday.

With each passing Easter, it gets harder and harder to remember where I hid the eggs. This year, I will be lucky if I remember whether I hid the eggs.
Two pieces of advice for Easter:
1. Don’t eat too much chocolate.
2. There’s no such thing as too much chocolate.
Easter candy is overrated… said no-bunny ever.
Hope you have a good hare day this Easter!
Easter egg hunts: the one time kids are allowed to eat stuff off the ground.

Looking for some cute and “punny” wording for Easter? Hop on over to our article on bunny puns. Or check out this eggs-haustive list of egg puns.

Easter is joyful spring holiday, so share your happiness with your dear ones. It is a great time to let them know how much they mean to you by.

easter spring wishes
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