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Creative birthday wishes on facebook

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Creative birthday wishes on facebook
February 06, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Get unique, latest, impressive birthday wishes, messages, quotes for Facebook Post, Wall, and Timeline. Read. Select. Send.

A friend's birthday is a perfect occasion to say how he or she is dear to us. Therefore, congratulations to him or her should be the most touching and unusual. Don't be shy to congratulate your friend brightly and emotionally. After all, a birthday is a special holiday. It gives the best impressions. We have made a selection of birthday wishes for the friend on Facebook. You need to spend only a few minutes to choose a text.

Happy birthday wishes for the friend on Facebook

Here you will find many unique birthday greetings for both male and female friends, for best friends and not so close ones.

  • Dear friend, today is your birthday! And I am glad to wish you health, which is strong as whiskey, cloudless life, and beautiful love. I want to say thank you for giving me support in the dark moments of my life. Your day is so happy for me. So be always the same fun, kind, ready to help in any difficult situation. Happy Birthday!
  • You know, we always appreciate those people who bring some mad things into our life. They are rash doings and spontaneous jokes. We always remember such situations. Thank you that you bring this madness into my life, I appreciate this a lot. Happy Birthday to you, my friend ever!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish a hundred reasons for happiness, a thousand reasons for fun, and a million opportunities for a carefree life. Stay who you are. Be free in thoughts, actions, and feelings. Live by the soul, dream by your heart, smile to your thoughts. Let life be a beautiful song. I appreciate our friendship!

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  • Dear friend! I wish you a fabulous celebration of your birthday, and may the whole next year be so happy! Good luck!
  • My dear friend! Life is complicated, but on your birthday, I wish you easiness in everything. Let your dreams come true. I wish you a lot of creative ideas and thoughts. I wish you to reach the heights and never fall. And let your beloved inspire you every day. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear friend! I wish you to choose the tastiest piece of a festive cake and always choose the best things in life with the same appetite! I wish you easy, productive days and fun, exciting weekend! Let your success exceed all expectations!
  • Hello! Today, one of my friends has a birthday, and if you don’t know who it could be, the bathroom mirror will allude you! And I want to wish this friend good health, success at work and in personal life, to remain always the same cheerful and kind person.
  • A birthday is not just a small number underlined in the calendar. It is the starting point, which is dividing life into "before" and "after." Many doubts and recklessness are left behind. The first hopes and the first offenses, victories, and retreats are in the past. But the main thing is what lies ahead. There is a long way to happiness. I wish you millions of rainy and sunny days, snowfall and rainbows, love and friendship. Just believe in your luck. And it will not let you down!
  • I know that I will never meet such friends as you. You are unique. Today I just want to tell you a few simple words. They are sincere, kind, just like you. They are worthy of you! Just be happy! And do not be afraid that luck will betray you. Just believe in yourself! And everything will work out! Never forget that this world loves you too!

Funny birthday wishes for friend

  • Dear friend, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish to celebrate it so that you do not remember where you are and realize that it was the best night of your life! Let the beer flow like a river. The number of girls around will be huge as the sea. The size of pockets with money will be so large as lakes. And the problems will be as small as the puddle!
  • Hey, friend! There is a terrible misfortune today. I deadly want to celebrate your birthday with you! What were we taught in childhood? Yes, our friends should help us. So wait for me! I will come with heavy artillery including alcohol and gifts. We will change the situation. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, dear! I wish your life was not a mincing machine and did not make mincemeat of you. And it was not a juicer and did not squeeze all the juice out of you. But let your life would be a cool shaker which will make excellent cocktails of love and happiness for you every day.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you to be mutton dressed as lamb for enemies and competitors. Be happy like cat Garfield for relatives and friends. Do wonders, like David Copperfield. Find the key to success by a wave of a magic wand like Harry Potter.
  • Happy Birthday! I confess that even small kittens may envy you in insane grace. Fluttering butterflies may adore your incredible magic. And wonderful raccoons will be completely upset when they see that you excel them in charm. But if you recount all your good qualities, then the world would not have enough animals for their description. I wish you happiness!
  • Each coin has two sides. So I want to wish you in the next year to learn how to combine such opposites as to fly on the wings of a dream and stand firmly on your feet, have a hundred friends and much more banknotes, laugh from rigours and cry from happiness. I wish you conquer the world and obey to love. Happy Birthday!

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Cute birthday wishes for best friends

  • With great pleasure, I want to wish you much health, love, happiness, and freedom in your dreams. Wish you eternal youth, original ideas, big success in everything you do! Happy birthday to you, my dear friend!
  • With all my heart I wish you to have many happy moments this day! Let all your dreams, hopes, and expectations come true. I wish you to have good health, strength to resist difficulties, big success in all your deals, and great happiness! Thank you for your being in my life! Happy birthday!
  • Amazing life will be your way, Forever, not only today. And let all your troubles disappear, And all your friends be always near!
  • One wise man said that a friend is the greatest wealth. In this case, I am richer than any person on this planet, because I have such a wonderful friend like you! So let me congratulate you, my friend, and say happy birthday! Let you will always have luck!
  • Do you know, my friend, how dear are you to me? I just cannot express it in words. Today is your birthday, and I would not be so happy even if it were my own birthday. Let the wish that you will make today come true as soon as possible!
  • I want to congratulate you! You are my best friend! Let your life path will be without barriers. I wish you loyal friends and a close-knit and loving family. May all your life plans be fulfilled.
  • With all my heart I wish you many happy returns of the day! Let all your fond dreams, hopes and expectations come true in your new year. I wish you always to have a cheerful mood, good health, strength to resist difficulties and patience, big success in all your dealings and great personal happiness! Thank you for the bright light you give me! Thank you for your being in this world! Happiness and good luck to you! Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on a wonderful day of your birth! Let every new day begins with a smile. Let all your cherished dreams come to life, and even the most ambitious plans will be realized.
  • I wish your life to be as vivid and exciting as a science fiction novel. Let bright moments and beautiful events accompany you every day. I wish you to meet your soul mate finally, a woman with whom you will live for many years in happiness and joy. May luck smile at you, and success always accompany in your hard moments. Congratulations!
  • My faithful friend was born on this beautiful sunny day. You taught me to trust, to open my heart to joy and fun. You gave me the most desired gift, and it was our friendship. What can I wish you? I wish great people like you to surround you!

Special birthday wishes

  • I wish my good friend a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead full of blessings and accomplishments.
  • Happy Birthday! Don’t count the age and the wrinkles you have. Count the stars and wonderful experiences you’ve had.
  • My best friend deserves the brightest sun, the freshest wind, the coolest stars, and the most amazing birthday party! Happy birthday to you!
  • Today is a special day because you are special. Have a wonderful birthday. Cheers!
  • There isn’t any word to express how happy I am staying with you here on your birthday. My wish is simple, be always happy and healthy!
  • I wish you a long and amazing life. I wish you great health and excellent results in all your dealings. Most importantly, I wish you happiness without measure every minute in your life. Be loved, be happy, enjoy every day!
  • Happy birthday my friend. I’ve never seen the day as bright as the sun and as fresh as the morning breeze, but today it is so because it is your birthday today.
  • I am sure there’re lots of beautiful moments in your heart. Hold them inside and enjoy this day and many others. Be always happy and smile as you always do!
  • Birthday girl, today’s your day! Time to eat cake, sing songs and play! There are so many ways to have birthday fun. Here’s hoping you get to do every one!
  • It was a pleasant thing for me to learn about your approaching birthday as it gives me the opportunity of adding my good wishes to those of your many colleagues. Your life has been so full of great achievements and well-earned successes that you must feel great satisfaction. Please accept my heartiest congratulations.
  • May this special day bring you endless joy and tons of precious memories! I want this day to be better than the previous ones. I wish you endless joy, passionate love and the most beautiful moments in life. Our friendship is priceless to me. Happy Birthday!

We have analyzed different birthday greetings and have chosen for you those you can please your friend on Facebook with. All you need is to select the appropriate greeting and then an exclusive, memorable, unusual and pleasant birthday surprise gift is ready!

Do not forget to congratulate your friend, even if you plan to meet him or her at the evening birthday party! Touching sincere words will please your friend for sure!

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Located here are Birthday Wishes to send to the Facebook friends H.B.D.; Don' t let anyone mess up this day for you, it's special and unique.

Facebook Stories Sweetens Birthdays With a New Feature

creative birthday wishes on facebook

You know the most unimaginative thing on Facebook in this modern world? Posting Happy Birthday on someone’s Facebook wall.

It’s a birth anniversary of your friend, and people (not you, People!) can’t even come up with single witty sentence or other ways to say happy birthday? Well, not anymore.

Do you believe we should all aspire to change the world in our own ways? This is my teeny-tiny effort to do just that.

Now, getting to the point, there are lots of different ways to wish happy birthday to a friend on Facebook. And let me just say it right now, literally, anything is better than the plain “Happy Birthday”. No wait! Actually, shorter versions such as “happy bday, HBD” are even worse.

Moving on!

Now, the effort you’re willing to put-in will directly depend on the closeness of your relationship. And that’s totally acceptable. While some friendships can be pleased with one witty line, others will require bit more effort than that.

So, here are some birthday wish ideas to choose from.

Birthday Wish with Photos

This is currently the most popular trend on Facebook. Those who want to show that they care, make an effort to find photos from the past and post it on birthday person’s wall. You can then caption the photo reminiscing the past, or you can think of some other message for your friend. Just don’t forget to write Happy Birthday at the end.

Birthday Wish with Personal Message

Friends move away but friendship still lasts, and we all have few of our close friends in distant lands. Best way to wish them a quick happy birthday on Facebook is to write a heartfelt message letting them know how special they are. You can dig up some inside jokes from the past, or just make a detailed wish for the life they long for.

Caution: Do not, any circumstance, use cliches.

Birthday Wish with Poems/Song-Remix

Poetry seems to be coming back now, as more and more people are engaged in this art form. You can write a poem for the birthday person, but if that’s not your forte, you can borrow lyrics of songs and remix them to make them best fitting for your friend. Remember, it’s not some talent show that requires originality. It’s the gesture that counts.

An example of how to do it is:

There are plenty of songs with girls’ names right. So, just pick out the one that you think makes most sense for your friend. Replace that name with your friend’s name, and you’re already making great progress.
Note: Might only work if birthday person is female.

Birthday Wish with Videos

This is, by far, the most unique and creative way to make a birthday wish I can think of. Luckily, it hasn’t started trending all over social media yet, which it will soon. So, you’ll still be among the precious few to wish your friends with birthday videos.

I don’t just mean recording a video singing happy birthday. While that is still something you can do, I would suggest something more meaningful. Videos with a story-line are always entertaining and memorable to watch. You could make birthday videos about timeline of the person’s life, or you could highlight some particular aspect of the individual’s life with a thoughtful message at the end.

For more ideas: 9 Tips for Birthday Slideshow Videos

Check out this birthday video we prepared on the occasion of Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday.

Also, here’s a birthday video we created on Obama’s birthday. This video features Obama’s life about how he grew over the years.

We literally created these videos within matter of minutes, and we may not be the most creative of beings. You can do much better.

Here’s a quick guide to How to create a birthday video with Picovico?

We’ve got more ideas on making Facebook Birthday Video.

Do you feel ready yet? Just log in to Picovico, and get started on the video making journey. Trust me you’ll feel more accomplished and you’ll have a happier friend (who probably cried little seeing your efforts).

Create a Birthday Video Now

Was this page helpful to you? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share the videos you made with us. We would be happy to feature your video on your Facebook and Twitter page.

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creative birthday wishes on facebook

By Jehan Damji, Product Manager

People have always come to Facebook to connect with friends and celebrate important moments, like birthdays. Today, we’re launching birthday stories globally — a way for friends, family and everyone in your community to add digital birthday cards, photos or videos to a story celebrating your big day. The result is a happy birthday message that’s visual, memorable, interactive and fun — it’s like getting a personalized birthday card from everyone you care about, no matter where they are in the world.

500 million people use Facebook Stories every day. This community has shown us just how creative and thoughtful birthday wishes can be — whether with a series of funny photos or a video reminiscing about past birthdays spent together. Sharing these photos, videos and memories can make a birthday even more special.

Just tap on the birthday notification, shoot or upload a photo or short video or use one of our digital birthday cards, and you’ve instantly got a birthday wish. You can even add a music sticker to give your story a “Happy Birthday” soundtrack. Then, your wish gets added to your friend’s birthday story, creating a personalized slideshow for them.

Birthday Stories Giveaway Day and Bakery Takeover

To celebrate the launch of birthday stories we’re partnering with bakeries across the US to give away free treats on May 10. We’re also taking over FLOUR SHOP in New York City and turning it into a Birthday Stories Bakery from Facebook featuring free sweets. It doesn’t need to be your birthday to join the fun, just come by a participating location and we’ll show you how to use the new feature. You can find more details here.

Knowing that, we have crafted this wonderful set of wishes that you can send to your Facebook friends Birthday Messages for Close Friends on Facebook May this unique day that is meant for you be as beautiful and awesome as you are.

7 Better Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook

creative birthday wishes on facebook

As now Facebook is an important part of our social life. Also, it does manage birthday reminder notification for our loved ones. Moreover, when we see the notification in the morning, we just send a very simple message like Happy Birthday; Wish you very Happy Birthday, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, etc.

Social media take us all on the same platform where we can meet with our relationship and can spend some time with them, no matter how far away we are.

We can post birthday wishes just not bound from the friend timeline or wall, we can also post lovely birthday wishes on our lovely relations wall and timeline it can be anyone viz. best friends, female friend, male friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, uncle, aunty, niece, nephew, grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, colleague, boss, celebrity, cricketer, teacher, brother, sister, cousin brother, cousin sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law & more.

Unique & Creative Facebook Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, SMS, Saying, Meme & posts

  • Your hard work, attitude, and devotion to achieve success in your life are simply great. I keenly follow your footsteps, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the world’s most qualified, good looking and dashing bachelor. Have a joyful and fantastic day ahead. Happy birthday!
  • I wish, you may spend your special day with full of enjoyment and it will also come with lots of hope and happiness, not today and also in the upcoming many more years. Have an excellent day ahead.
  • You are truly an inspiration for everyone’s life, your all achievements are the reward of your hard work.  May this year filled with loads of fun, excitement and cheerful memories, Happy Birthday!
  • May God bless you a wonderful life ahead and many more glories in life, Celebrate your birthday fullest…
  • Don’t worry what happened in the past, what will happen in the future, I wish that you always stay positive in your present, happy birthday!
  • On your ravishing day, I wish you lots of cherishing and beautiful memories to remember!
  • Many Congratulations on your special birthday! Have some chocolate cake, soft drink and lots and cookies to fill our stomach!
  • With every increasing candle on your cake make a new wish, blow the candle and I pray your wish come true! Happy birthday to you dear!
  • I wish you that all your family, friends and loved ones are around to you on this special day, have a great happy birthday!
  • Wish you the best day of your life this birthday, filled with joy, happiness, peace, and lots of hope, and to continue next year, and decades to come…
  • Wish you a very very happy birthday…may God fill your every day, every minute, every second of life with loads of joy and happiness…
  • Happy birthday, hope you have a great day…
  • Happy birthday, wishing you success, happiness, and joy always…
  • Happy birthday to my elegant, handsome, and charming friend… have a special day ahead…
  • Wishing my friend a beautiful day, may all be good and all dreams come true on this special day…
  • Enjoy your day and may God bless you with many more years…Happy Birthday, Dear…
  • Happy Birthday to my gorgeous friend…have a great day love you to bits God bless always…
  • Wishing you a very big happy birthday and all the very best wishes for the day and much more to come god bless you always love always…
  • Happy birthday to you! I wish you lots of opportunities and success in your life…
  • Many congratulations on your birthday! If you don’t mind I will eat some cake in honor of you on this special occasion…
  • Happy birthday to the person who lives life with his own rules and dares to adopt new changes without any hesitation.
  • Dear things can’t be possible so easy without you, I am feeling so relieved when you are along with me, happy birthday to my life maker.
  • You are the most energetic person I have ever seen in my life, you are simply great personality. Happy birthday dear.
  • Words are few but feelings are infinity, wish you a healthy and prosperous life. Happy birthday dear..
  • Lots of people are following your lifestyle, I like your dressing sense very much, your small quality is making you different from the others. Be with yourself, Happy birthday to my coolest buddy…

Birthday Wishes for Other Social Media Platforms

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: how to wish happy birthday to facebook friends

How to Auto-Post Birthday Wishes on Facebook Walls of Friends Without Choose from a bunch of canned birthday greetings or go creative to.

creative birthday wishes on facebook
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