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Congratulation message for thesis defense

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Congratulation message for thesis defense
September 24, 2018 Anniversary Wishes No comments

When you want to tell someone their life achievement is worth celebrating, it's typical to offer a note of congratulations. Saying 'congratulations'.

On August 6, 2014, Jonathan Udoff defended his dissertation to earn his doctoral degree!  Congrats, Jonathan!


I am proud that you were my first Ph.D student in the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program! It’s been great working with you and congratulations, Dr. Udoff!”

– Dr. Karen Emmorey


Dear Jonathan,

Many congratulations on this huge accomplishment, Dr. Udoff! It has been wonderful witnessing your dissertation in the making from close by and watching you very successfully present your work at meetings and conferences. All leading up to this very special moment! Congratulations to Max as well, for sharing this important milestone with you. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, wherever these may take you!

– Marcel and Heleen


Dear Jonathan.

As our resident expert on Jeopardy! you should be able to answer this one easily.

Answer: One day of examination and celebration

Question: _______________________________

Congratulations on your Ph.D., Dr. Jonathan Udoff! That is a huge accomplishment that requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Your perseverance over the years has finally paid off. I wish you all the best as you embark on a new and exciting chapter in your life.

– Steve



Congratulations on completing your dissertation and receiving your Ph.D! I learned a lot from you in the year I spent working with you in the lab, and am so happy for you. Best wishes for your future!

– Desiree Sasunian


Congratulations Jonathan!

Thanks for all your advice over the years. It’s been great getting to work with you. Best of luck to you in your next steps!

– Kristen



Congratulations! A little bird (named Allie) told me that you are now Dr. Jonathan Udoff!!!! How wonderful! I wish you all the best for the exciting things that await you. I look forward to our paths crossing again in your journey.

Warm wishes,

– Brenda Nicodemus


Congratulations Jonathan!

Thank your for being a great TA for Dr.Emmorey’s class.

– Hannah Bowley

Dearest Jonathan,

What’s up doc??? i can’t wait to see what words of wisdom you dispense after being crowned ‘doctor’. i’m very proud of you for reaching this pinnacle of your journey. take some deep breathes and savor the moment. in lieu of words of wisdom, i instead offer you this silly limerick:

there was a boy named jonathan

who was very cosmopolitan.

now that he’s a doctor

(we should celebrate with lobster!)

he can finally breathe in some oxygen.

Good luck in your recovery from grad school – i look forward to your future successes!


– Jill


Well deserved! Thanks for showing me around when I was in San Diego!

– Joshua Williams

Congrats, Jonathan!!

Now spread your Jeopardy knowledge to the world!

– Adam Stone



“Oh, the Places You’ll Go with Your Ph.D.” Gluck!

– ETLP & Dr. Seuss

Jonathan, it has been wonderful to meet you. Congratulations for having closed this important stage. I have no doubts you have done a very good job and I am looking forward to reading it. ‘Petonets’ from Barcelona!

– Celia

Congratulations Jonathan on your accomplishment! It seems like yesterday that you arrived in the lab for your first year and now I can no longer say, “What year are you in again?” You will be missed, but I know that you will continue to be a part of our large LLCN family.

With love,

– Allie


Congratulations for earning a Ph.D. degree! You have earned every single bit of it! May this open many doors in life for you!

– Zed


Congrats Jonathan!

You put some much hard work into this and I’m so thrilled I was able to work by your side during it. Welcome to the land of being able to put Ph.D. after your name!

– Jordan Weber


Congrats for successfully completing your academics. Your amazing perseverance/dedication has paid off. Like Napoleon Hill said, cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprint of your ultimate achievement. Keep on living!

– Franco Korpics

Congratulations, Dr Jonathan!

It was great working for you and I hope a was able to ease off at least a little bit of the work load! Thanks for being patient with me while I tried to navigate through those complicated (for me) programs and I really wish you the best of luck with what ever you decide to do next ! But for now you’ve earned yourself a good holiday, so enjoy! Hope to see you and Sadie again someday !

– Mahie

We all start out little pups, and if we’re lucky, we find good friends to love us
and good mentors to guide and teach us.

……Yup, we definitely lucked out!





Much Love,

– Amy & Bean


Dear Jonathan!

It was my pleasure to working with you for a couple of years. I remembered my first day in the lab, you welcomed me warmly. I thank you for that!

It’s exciting to see you defending your dissertation. You will do well.

I wish you the best of luck with your career.


– Cindy




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When you want to tell someone their life achievement is worth celebrating, it's typical to offer a note of congratulations. Saying 'congratulations'.

300 Congratulations Message on Becoming a Medical Doctor | PHD Graduation Wishes

congratulation message for thesis defense

Quotes after thesis defense

Quotes after thesis defense

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Quotes after thesis defense

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Quotes after thesis defense

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Best wishes for thesis defense Congratulation messages

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Best wishes for thesis defense Congratulation messages

life after thesis. Defense Scheduled! by Josh Thompson, via Flickr I took this photo of my laptop screen a while back, when my thesis was barely started. I havent changed this section yet, but the rest of the thesis is much closer to done. And my defense is scheduled now; August 13. If youre on ATLAS or CMS and need a postdoc, let me know.

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A thesis defense! Everybody seems diffident of taking an oral examination. But how can you not be intimidated? After all, you are defending a topic in front of experts! In this situation, fear is more of a natural response than exception. It turns out that the outcome of your thesis defense is largely dependent on how you manage your fears!

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13. It is the students responsibility to reserve a room for the defense and to bring the signature page and the examination form to the defense. 14. Be prepared for revisions after the defense. You can expedite clearance by the graduate school by letting the staff examine a draft of the thesis or dissertation before you defend. 15.

Nasty PhD Viva Questions Extract After writing a thesis, you should have one big, connected network of discussion in your head, so you need to jump in at the appropriate place for a given question. If they have a misconception about your work, try to pin it down and explain it.

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Congratulations on successful Ph.D. thesis defense

congratulation message for thesis defense

Congratulation Messages 


PhD congratulation messages are the messages that are sent to students to congratulate them on successful completion of their PhD’s. These messages are mainly sent to students with a note of inspiration and few words of good wishes for their future.

Sample Phd Congratulations Messages

  • Earning a PHD degree with such good scores was surely a tough deal. You have shown true signs of your relentless efforts and hard work. Heartiest congratulations to you for such an achievement. Good luck wishes for your career.
  • [blockquote]You have finally managed to see the twinkling stars at the time of mid night darkness. You efforts and hard work has finally paid you off with a PHD degree in hand. Congratulations on such a success, may you continue to achieve excellence.[/blockquote]
  • Your undying hope and strength to credit a PHD degree has finally come true. Congratulations for earning a PHD degree. Sending you wishes and blessings for the career prospects.
  • [blockquote]Your PHD degree surely secures a brightest future for you. You have really made us proud with your hard work and success. We wish you good luck for your future endeavours and we look forward for a celebration time.[/blockquote]
  • Your courage and strength has led you earn a PHD degree! It is the time to enjoy the fruits of your success and achievements. Heartiest congratulations to you.
  • Before you started your PHD studies, you were a dreamer. Now with a prod heart, you can be called an ACHEIVER! Heartiest congratulations to you for your PHD degree.
  • Your midnight hard work has finally paid off! Heartiest congratulations to you for earning your PhD degree. Looking forward for a great party ahead.
  • Your dream to reach up to the light at the end of the tunnel has come true. We congratulate you for such a huge success. All the best for your new life!
  • It was great pleasure to hear that you have gained your PhD degree after this never ending hard work. Your dedication has surely brought you a huge success. Congratulations to you for the same.
  • I always knew that if anyone could earn a PhD degree in our family, it would be surely you. You have held our heads high up. Heartiest congratulations to you for such a huge success. Good luck for your future projects.
  • [blockquote]You have proven the fact that “hard work pays you off in future”. Your undying hope to earn a PhD degree has come true. The entire team at Biochemical Institute congratulate you for such a remarkable success. All the very best for your future aspirations. [/blockquote]

PhD congratulation messages are the messages that are sent to students to congratulate them on successful completion of their PhD's.

37 Best Graduation Congratulation Quotes

congratulation message for thesis defense

Sample Letter #1


John and I are delighted to hear that you graduated and we extend our hearty congratulations. You have reached an important goal by hard work and perseverance. We know you will take your work ethic into your career and have great success. We have enclosed a small gift and send our best wishes.

Sample Letter #2


Congratulations on receiving your degree! I have heard that the physics program is one of the toughest at the University, and I am quite impressed with you for sticking with it. Your commitment to using your training to improve urban life is commendable. Don't lose the vision!

Please let me know when you begin your job search. Although I can't offer you a job, I have connections with several others who may. Good luck in beginning your new career!

Sample Letter #3


So you finally made it through the mill! I know just how it feels. I couldn't be happier for you. Congratulations!

In the last few years I have watched you grind and be ground. You have really shown your stuff and have every right to be proud.

I am sending a few dollars for you to spend while you are traveling. Eat a good meal now and then. I expect to see great things coming from your direction in the next years!

Sample Letter #4


I was delighted to receive your graduation announcement. I know that you have put in a great deal of work and effort to get to this point, and we want you to know that we are all very proud of you.

Enclosed is a small gift. I hope you will get yourself something you can use and will enjoy. It comes with my best wishes for your future.

Sample Letter #5


Congratulations on the completion of your degree. It has been a long haul for you, but I am sure you will agree that it is all worth it in the end. You face a new chapter in your life now, and I want you to know that my thoughts and best wishes go with you. May you enjoy continued success in the years that lie ahead.

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congratulation message for thesis defense
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