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Congrats on ur wedding wishes
April 16, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Congrats on your marriage. Happy wedding day wishes. Wishing that every day in your marriage is as happy and joyful for you both as this one. Happy wedding.

Wedding etiquette is a set of certain rules everybody has to follow, and sending wedding cards with warm wishes is one of the most important of them. It may seem that there’s nothing easier than writing a heartfelt message that will show how much you are happy for the newlyweds, but actually, it’s a quite tough task, especially when you’re going to congratulate your coworker, acquaintance or a distant relative. The closest ones also experience difficulties when writing a wish, mostly because some things just can’t be put into words. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful, funny or serious, touching or formal, short or long messages you can customize and turn into the best greeting ever!

What to Write in a Wedding Card

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Writing a congratulatory message isn’t actually as easy as it sounds. No wonder a lot of people don’t try to reinvent the wheel and prefer to choose one of the beautiful, heartfelt greetings and customize them. It’s nothing to be ashamed of: after all, why not use the words and phrases that perfectly reflect everything you feel? If you don’t know what to write in the card, just read the warm quotes below. You can always make them more personal by adding some details and make a message even more pleasant to the newlyweds!

  • May the day of your wedding be a beginning of your long and happy life together as husband and wife.
  • Hope you will have all the ingredients a good marriage needs such as a bowl full of love, a handful of humor, a spoonful of romance and a pinch of understanding. When you mix all this, your joy will last forever! Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • Your wedding day is a starting point of your new life together. May joy, love and happiness follow you all the way.
  • Congratulations to the most beautiful couple! The two of you are created to be together.
  • May your journey as a married couple keeps getting only better with each passing day.
  • I will never be able to express how happy and grateful I am to witness the joy of your wedding day. Congratulations to you both on finding each other because it’s truly a blessing to find the perfect person whom you can share all your days with.
  • Congratulations! Guys, if only you could see yourself with my eyes! You look perfect together! And I am super happy and excited for you both!
  • Congratulations on finally finding each other! You are a perfect match and your greatest adventure is about to begin.
  • Please, accept my heartfelt congratulations on your wedding day. The best wishes to both of you .
  • I am really happy to celebrate this day with you both! Wishing you a long, happy marriage full of love and understanding.

Best Wedding Congratulations for Newly Wed

In some cases, the phrase “Congratulations on your wedding” is just not enough. It’s a big day for the newlywed couple, and they expect their relatives and close friends be really happy for them and express their feelings in a more personal way. If you don’t know what to say, how to put your positive emotions into words, you can always choose the easy way: just take a glance at the wonderful congrats we’ve selected for you. Maybe one of them describes exactly what you feel and wish to the bride and groom!

  • As you share your lives together with each other, may a married life be full of romance and cuddling. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!
  • I wish there were a bigger font so that I could express the amount of joy and happiness I experienced when the news that you two were going to get married had arrived. Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations to the Newly-weds! I’d like to wish you love that knows no end just like your wedding rings!
  • What the family is if not the most magic place. The place where people find love, tenderness, care and understanding. As two people who have just created a family, you should know that any family’s initial purpose is healing not hurting. Due to this, I wish you lots of love and only positive emotions. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • We bet that you can’t wait to find out what the married life has got in store for the two of you. Hope that it has only good surprises. Take the best wishes on your wedding day! May it be happy! Congrats!
  • From now on you aren’t just two souls in love, you are a family. The family brings a whole package of love, care, passion and affection!
  • Some say that if you want to know whether love is real or not, you must go through with your loved one many tests. That’s why I want to wish you from all my heart to pass these tests and keep your love till the very end. My beloved bride and groom, congratulations on your wedding!
  • Congratulations on your wedding day! Looking at you both I am sure that your love will last till the last breath.
  • The shared life that is waiting you ahead will be the best part of your lives. We are all super excited that you have decided to tie the knot. Accept our warmest congratulations and best wedding wishes!
  • Wishing you a shared life as beautiful as in fairy tales. May the years you will spend together as husband and wife be full of happiness, love, and blessings.
  • Wishing you a happy married life. Never forget to feel each other‘s heart and soul.
    Love you, congratulations!

Ideas of Wedding Card Messages from Parents

There’s no way for the parents to express their joy for their dear kid and his or her soulmate that have found each other in this big world. But this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t even try! It’s a day of happiness for the whole family that gained a new member. If you’re looking for the great ideas of the truly touching, sincere, and beautiful message for your dear children, take a glance at these wishes. The truth is that happy parents of the newlyweds often feel the same, so why not use the words that describe everything you feel? Moreover, you can always combine these quotes and create a entirely new, original message!

  • Marriage means that your soul and heart have met the soul and heart of another person and you finally feel complete and loved beyond measure.
  • I don’t doubt your love even for a second and I know that it last and be a proof that true love is kind, beautiful and enduring. May you have great happiness together!
  • There is no other blessing in life that could be compared to a blessing of finding a soul mate. You both found yours. May your happiness last for a lifetime. All the best wishes for your wedding day!
  • No matter how much you want your wedding day to stay forever, it’ll pass. But your love to each other won’t. May it only grow stronger! Congratulations to the perfect couple!
  • Care for each other, grow together, share everything with each other and keep each other closest to the heart. These are the main rules of a happy married life. May you have many, many happy years ahead!
  • Our big and happy family has grown by one today and we couldn’t be happier about that! Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your marriage, we love both of you very much and wish you endless happiness.
  • May the love you have for each other today only grow stronger and more fulfilling with each year ahead.
  • Life is a roller coaster and riding it together is better than alone. Give each other high fives at all the right times and places and remember to support each other through all twists and turns.

Happy Wedding Day Wishes for the Bride and Groom

What in marriage matters most? Mutual respect, love and care, strength or understanding? A lot of the guests tell the new couple what they think, and in most cases, this is a correct strategy. Wedding day wishes aren’t always about the joy you feel; sometimes they are also about important advice you can give the bride and groom. Who knows, maybe they’ll remember it when the time comes. If you’re looking for some great inspirational congratulations on getting married, you’re in the right place. Just look through the messages below and select the quote you like most!

  • May the joy that fills in your heart right now never leave you! Congratulations on your wedding!
  • If you love real, then marriage will only get better and stronger with each passing year. All that you feel today is just the start. Congratulations!
  • We hope that you both will always find yourselves as much in love as you are today. (Tip: always find time for date nights and lots of them!)
  • What an honor for you to get a new title of husband and wife! Be patient and understanding as you won’t make it through the marriage without these qualities!
  • It is so inspiring to watch you two making promises and stepping forward into the future together! Have a wonderful journey!
  • A married life should be modern enough to move with the times, yet old-fashioned enough to last forever! Love and respect each other!
  • It’s wonderful to see you both knotted as one. Family and friends are here today to share and celebrate your marital union. Look at your marriage as at a bridge that leads to peace, happiness, prosperity and deeper love!
  • Every time it seems that we couldn’t have been happier for you, you look at each other with eyes full of love and affection and we get even more excited for your marriage! Congratulations to a lovely couple!
  • As you are off to a flying start of your shared life, remember that your first and foremost job is each other’s happiness. Congratulations.
  • You should enjoy each other’s company, celebrate each other’s life, and love each other every single day the same way you do today! That’s what I wish you!

Casual Wedding Greeting Card Messages

Weddings are the occasions that all of us visit a lot of times, and that’s normal. We all live in society, we communicate, find new friends, work for bosses, keep in touch with childhood friends, spend time with colleagues, and so forth. We’re surrounded by a lot of good people, but not all of them are the closest time. When you’re invited to a wedding of your acquaintance, you need to write some nice words of congratulations, but how to do that when you can’t write something really personal? The answer is simple: fortunately, there are a lot of sweet but casual greeting messages that will definitely make the spouses smile, so don’t hesitate to use them!

  • May you never stop being amazed and inspired by each other! Fill the house you will in with the warmth of your love and happiness!
  • As you enter the new phase of your life, hope you will always find time for each other, support each other, share each other’s joys and sorrows! Married life means sharing everything. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • May your love for each other shine brighter and grow stronger with each upcoming day. The best of wedding wishes for the newlyweds.
  • Dear newly married couple, you have decided to start a family and so one of the most important and spectacular phases in your life has just started. Wish that all of your plans and hopes for the future become true! Congratulations on your wedding!
  • Congratulations on your marriage! You two look so great together that we have no doubts that you were made for each other! May a wonderful life together bring you lots of joys and happiness!
  • Today is the day of your wedding,
    From now on you’re called husband and wife.
    May love, support and sharing
    Be the principles of your life!
  • The key to a long happy married life is to never stop falling in love with each other! May it be so! Congratulations to the most beautiful couple on your wedding day!
  • Dear newlyweds, all people have only a few really meaningful events in their life and without any doubts wedding is one of them. That’s why I hope that you will cherish this beautiful day in your hearts forever. Good luck in family life.
  • There is only one secret to have a strong and happy family. The secret is to love and care for each other no matter what! Looking at you, I know that everything is going to be just right. Thank you for giving us all hope and belief that true love exists! Congrats.
  • Today is your wedding day, the happiest day of all and I’d like to tell you that everything you need to know about love is in this quote: “Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”

Happy Marriage Wishes for Daughter or Son

It’s not true that the family loses a son or a daughter when they meet their significant other. What can be more inspiring than seeing that your little princess is building her own happiness with a man who’s absolutely worth her? What can bring more joy than looking at your dear son who became a real man and found a woman who loves and respects him? Parents note that the wedding of their beloved children is gaining a new family member, and there’s nothing more priceless. In this time of tons of positive emotions, gifts, and love you can tell your kid how happy you are by writing one of these wonderful wishes on the wedding card!

  • As far as the saying goes, you don’t lose a son, you gain a daughter, we’d like to point out that it is certainly true for our family. We can’t imagine a better new daughter, so, darling, welcome into our family. The two of you are made to be together! You have no idea how much happiness you have brought to us over the years, and we look forward to sharing even more joy over the years to come.
  • Our sweet little princess is all grown up and I might say that no one ever looked more beautiful in a wedding dress than you do. Darling, you are like an angel. As you take this man as your husband, we don’t have to worry about your future – he will take care of you!  Best of luck on the future of adventures!
  • Our sincere congratulations to our son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day. Be happy every day!
  • We don’t understand parents who say that they are losing a son/daughter when their child gets married. We’re not losing, but gaining one. We are happy to see a new family member! Welcome!
  • You’re an amazing man who can love with your whole heart. We are proud of you and bet you can’t wait until the time you become a proud parent too! Hope, it won’t take you long. Have a blessed wedding day from your mom and dad.
  • Dear son, since you have always been good at building things, we have no doubts that you will build an amazing married life with your beautiful wife! We are very proud of you!
  • I could have told you that I loved you in tons of different ways. I could have told you one more time that with you my life was fulfilled with joy. I could have expressed in different words how honored I was to have you as my child, but for better or for worse there won’t be not enough time on earth. May you be blessed on your wedding day as I have been every day with you in it.
  • As much as I love you both, I know that you two love each other even more! That’s why I couldn’t be happier for you!
  • What a wonderful day for our family to welcome a new member. We are happy for each of us, especially for you two. May the joy you feel today last a lifetime.
  • As our son/daughter and son-in-law/daughter-in-law start off their life as a married couple, we’d like to let them know that they always can count on us. Best wishes to you two.

Funny Wedding Wishes Quotes for Siblings

Sisters and brothers have a very special relationship. They share everything from birth, they support and help each other, they can rely on each other, and, of course, they make fun of each other. Seeing your sibling in a wedding dress or in an elegant suit means that the new chapter in their life is beginning, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that. Still, it doesn’t mean that you must forget about humor. Your dear sis or bro will appreciate the funny message or quote from you. After all, there’s always time for a smile, even if it’s a wedding day!

  • We’d like to thank for being invited to eat and drink at your wedding while you are getting married. Congrats btw!
  • Wish you a married life that will be more X-rated than any film of such kind!
  • Thanks for the free drinks, guys. And of course, best wishes on your marriage. May it be a long and happy one!
  • I thought I’d never see the day of your wedding – but here it is! Congratulations!
  • I always compare getting married to going to drama school. You do your best to play a role you’re given, but the difference is, as a spouse your tears are real. Well, wish you to have more comedy than melodrama.
  • Those who say that your marriage marks a new chapter of your love story have probably never been married. Because the truth is, marriage marks the beginning of a never-ending wrestling match. Anyways, wish you all the very best.
  • Marriage is indeed beautiful. You have been lucky enough to find that one person you get to annoy to rest of your and their life.
  • Being married, I have learned one thing, the only key to build a successful married life is saying “yes” when you really wanted to say “no.” This rule can save your life. Just kidding… Or not?
  • Who could have known that you’d eventually find someone you love more than me, but I guess it’s late to say anything, it’s official now.
  • Our pieces of advice for a married couple: love and honor each and… don’t forget to scrub the toilet in time.

Happy Married Life Wishes for a Friend

Your friend has made a choice, and this is a truly happy event! On this day, a bride and a groom need maximum support, and as a friend, you need to provide it. In this case, help is not just about some organizational issues but also about a kind of approval from a person who means the world to the newlywed. The warm words and heartfelt wishes from a bridesmaid or best man is a must attribute for every wedding, so don’t break it and wish a happy married life to your closest one!

  • You make a perfect couple. I really can’t think of anybody else who would deserve to be together more than you. Wish you true love, happiness, and a lifetime of joy.  My dearest friends take my warmest congratulations! Have a happy wedding day!
  • Life is worth living only if you have someone special to share this life with. Even though finding true love isn’t easy, you did it! It’s so great to see you both in bliss right now. I wish you all the happiness in life.
  • Can you imagine how eagerly we have been waiting for this special day to come? All of your friends, family and well-wishers are here to celebrate your wedding and share the joy with you! May this day as well as the rest of your life will be nothing less than a grand happiness. Also, we will do our best to make this day unforgettable for you! Starting today, may all of memories be nice ones. Congrats!
  • Marriage is no less than a holy union of two people who decided to dedicate their lives and love to each other. The happiness of any family depends on being able to listen to each other and, more importantly, to hear. So all I want to wish you here and now is to find out the happy medium between listening and hearing. Be ready to give and take! Congratulations!
  • We are so happy to see the fusion of two beautiful souls, the merger of two loving hearts, the blending of dreams and aspirations. May you be happy together forever!
  • Support, kindness, love, care, understanding and patience are the main bricks that help in building of a happy and healthy family. That’s why I am wishing you all of the above on the day of your wedding. May your newly-created family prosper! I am sure your family will be a role model! Congratulations on your wedding!
  • Your life stories have finally met and turned into one. From now on you will be writing the new chapters together and I can’t wait to read them all. Happy wedding day to you both!
  • Marriage is an inspiring bond of two soul mates. Marriage is an exciting adventure that lasts until the end. Wishing you all the best for this day and for your life!
  • What a wonderful and mysterious new adventure has just begun for the two of you. May you enjoy every single moment of it!
  • May the love that each of you experience towards the other one shines brightly like a lighthouse at night, showing the right way. Heart filled wishes on your marriage!

Short Wedding Card Sayings and Sentiments

People say that brevity is the soul of wit. In some cases, you just don’t need to try to impress someone with sophisticated phrases, pretentious words, or long poems. Sometimes short sentiments are exactly what you need, especially if you’re going to the wedding of your coworkers, distant relatives or acquaintances. Still, the warm saying is what people expect from you, and we have some great wishes that are warm enough to make the newlyweds smile.

  • May the day of your wedding be the beautiful beginning of your long and happy life together.
  • This big day calls for lots of congratulations and champagne!
  • May the years of your life as a couple be filled with lasting joy.
  • On this super exciting day, we wish you both lots of love and joy!
  • I have this strong feeling that cute babies are on their way. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • Wishing you love and happiness that will shine not only today, but also through all the years of your married life.
  • Our most sincere prayers and blessings on your marriage.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love and happiness!
  • So happy for you!
  • Wish you to live happily-ever-after as in fairy tales. You deserve it.

Formal Wedding Well Wishes for Newlyweds

There’s nothing bad about formality, of course, when it’s appropriate. Most of the people prefer to write more personal wishes on the wedding cards considering that they will demonstrate that the big day for the young couple is a significant event for them. Well, that’s a good strategy, of course, if you know the couple well. In other cases, you need good, formal yet warm sayings that won’t break the boundaries. The good news is that we’ve selected the messages that fully meet such a requirement.

  • Our heartfelt congratulations go to the most beautiful couple. As you both start building your new life together, we are all wishing you a wonderful journey full of exciting adventures.
  • May your marriage bring you lots of love and happiness.
  • May the love and happiness that you feel now never leave you and keep enlightening your life path through the years.
  • Being able to lean on one another in times of trouble and always having someone to turn to throughout all of life’s storms is the greatest of life’s blessings. May your life be filled with love and understanding!
  • Be grateful for what you have, be happy with one another, and love each other more than anything! These are the three pillars of a long happy married life.
  • We’re wishing you most of all love, happiness and success in your marriage!
  • May all the years ahead you be filled with everlasting joy and love.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of days that will be just as happy and memorable as this one. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • Please accept our warmest congratulations on your marriage! May happiness and love follow no matter which path you will go.
  • Congratulations to [insert a couple name here]! I am really honored to be a part of your big day!
  • Husband/wife isn’t just a new title that you have got today, it also means new responsibilities for both of you. Love and respect each other as spouses. Wishing you all the best!

Religious Wedding Wishes for Marriage Blessing

Writing a religious wedding wish may be a perfect decision or a complete disaster. After all, it’s all ethics and mutual respect. If a bride and groom are religious, they’ll be happy to receive a nice message from people that share their views and beliefs. However, if they don’t believe in God, they’ll at least feel uncomfortable when getting such a wish. Still, if you’re looking for a great message with heartfelt blessings, good wishes, and telling metaphors, we have some for you!

  • May Lord grant you with all of the blessing of life and joys of love.
  • With your marriage you honor God and bring lots of joy to the family and friends who are celebrating this big day with you!
  • This day marks the beginning of your life’s journey as a married couple. Love each other and trust in God’s guidance. Congratulations!
  • Love is the glue that holds you and your marriage together. With God’s love this glue will become even stronger.
  • God is the One who brought you together. May He bless your marriage and enrich your lives with love making it deeper and stronger throughout the years.
  • When two people are brought together in marriage by God, the world gets enriched by love and it becomes a better place for everyone to live in!
  • Happy Wedding Day! May God bless you, keeping you safe and guiding you the rest of your lives.
  • May the sun shine upon your path. May the Almighty smile upon you always.
  • ‘Love is patient. Love is kind…Love never fails.’ 1 Corinthians 13:4-13
  • There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear. I John 4:18

A wedding wishes collection to review for the newlyweds in your life. chosen words to express your excitement and to congratulate the soon-to-be or just wed.

Wedding wishes: what to write in a wedding card

congrats on ur wedding wishes

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When someone you know is getting married, you want to pass on some well chosen words to express your excitement and to congratulate the soon-to-be or just wed. We’ve got you covered. Look below and see if you find some wedding wishes to meet your needs.

Wonderful Wedding Wishes

Marriage is considered by many the culmination of success in life! You’ve found the one you love. So, it is one of the most important moment in your life. It is also the time when you should be there alongside your loved ones – making them feel special, blessed, and loved. It is also the time to shower them with the best words you can imagine for them, wishing them a fruitful, new journey in life!

If the right words are difficult to come by, here are some beautiful wedding messages that can brighten up your loved one’s heart and face!

Good luck with today’s ceremony and all the very best for the future. May the honeymoon never end!

Here’s to success in your new titles, bride, groom, husband, wife, and any more you will pick up over the years together.

Happiness always!

We’re so happy to extend our joyful wedding wishes to you. Three Cheers!

So Happy

Our prayer for you: That you never go to bed mad and enjoy each other every day of your lives.

May God love and keep you all the days of your life.

Here’s to a great wedding and an even better life together.

May your marriage blessed with love be an everlasting source of strength for you two.

All the best, and good luck for the future.

As God blessing enriches you both, look to each other for strength.

Lean on each others strengths and forgive each others weaknesses.

Eat, drink and be married!

Wishing you everlasting happiness!

For Family & Friends – Make Them Feel Special

Remember to always take care of each other first and foremost; everything else will fall into place.

Wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love, and happiness.

May our blessed God look over your marriage.

We salute a wonderful couple!

We’ll say a prayer for sunny weather and to bless your wedding.

Kindest wishes on this special occasion of your wedding for a very special couple.

It took two angels like you for this match made in heaven.

Tip: these wedding wishes work great for scrapbooking and captions for Instagram and Facebook.

For Daughter

Daughters are meant to make life a paradise for everyone! When your princess leaves you for a man who loves her, it is the most important time of your life to tell her what she meant to you and what you wish for her new life.

  • I have always imagined how I would feel on this day. But now I know how great it feels. I want to wish you all the happiness in your home and life!
  • It feels that it was only yesterday that you came into our lives. Wherever you will be in life, you will always be our princess! We wish you all the happiness and prosperity in your new home!
  • The ceremony wedding is just the beginning of a beautiful life together – enjoy every step along the way.
  • My life’s dream has been to see you succeed in life. Now you have found a man who loves and respects you. Nothing more matters to me! I wish you to be happy forever!

This page may also be helpful: Suggestions for what to Write in a Wedding Card

Couldn’t Be Happier

  • You have been the greatest daughter and I know you will make a great wife!
  • I have loved you since the day you were born! I have seen you turn from my darling baby to a beautiful bride. You are the story of success of my life and I wish you endless happiness and joy in your new journey!
  • A blessing marriage prayer that you two will always love each other as much as you do now.
  • I am the happiest mother in the world because my princess has found her prince charming! I wish your new home to be a place full of love!
  • You came into this world, you won our hearts, and now someone has won yours! May he love you more than we loved you! I wish the best for you throughout your life!

For Son

Sons have always stood as the symbol of pride for parents! So your son moves ahead in life to form a family of his own, it is the right time to tell him how you have always felt for him! It also the best time to wish him and his bride the best for their future life!

  • This is just the beginning of beautiful things in your life! We wish you and your life to have a great life together!
  • I remember the day when you first started walking. There was a day when you couldn’t even spell your name and here you are getting married to your love. What more can I ask for?
  • I wish you to celebrate every day of your life together, the same way you have celebrated today!
  • Yes, you got hitched! I wish you to a great life being together!
  • Yours is a match made in heaven! Be always happy and stay blessed!
  • Our warm wedding wishes to you and your lovely wife.
  • I wish that you will experience the most memorable and magical moments of your life from this day onwards!
  • This moment will become a beautiful memory tomorrow. May you create a lifetime of beautiful and happy memories with each other!
  • It is easy to tell when you are in the presence of true love! We are so happy to see you both together and wish you to remain so for the rest of your life!
  • We couldn’t be happier for you on this day! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Sister Wedding

Only the extra lucky get to have a sister in their life! And when it is time for her wedding, you cannot afford to miss it for anything. Your words and presence can mean the world to her.

  • What I like the best about your marriage is that you two look madly in love with each other! My best wishes on finding the man who loves you so much!
  • You have been the best sister in the world, and I know you will also make the best wife! I am so happy for you and wish you all the happiness in your future life!
  • My best wishes for the best sister in the world who is now also the most beautiful bride! I wish this to be the first day of your joyous, loving and prosperous new life!
  • A beautiful dream is coming true, and I wish that many other dreams will now come true in your life! My best wishes for a happy and prosperous future with the man you love!
  • Sending you a smile even when I am shedding a tear, you will go away but in my heart you will always be near! Best wishes dear sister!
  • Now that you are getting married, I realize how important you were in my life. I am going to miss you but with a great happiness that you are starting a new and lovely chapter in your life! Wish you the best my dear sister!
  • Here’s to a new and happy chapter in your life! Cheers and best wishes to my sweetest and dearest sister!
  • You are no longer a Miss, but you will always be my Sis and princess! I wish you all the love in your new life!

Brother Wedding

A brother is someone who loves you with all his heart even when he knows all your faults! He’s also the only one who speaks in a language only the two of you understand. Let your wedding message be something he will remember for the rest of his life!

  • It seems like it was only yesterday that we were playing together and here we are! It seems like a dream! I wish you a happy married life ahead and that all your dreams come true!
  • Dear brother, well done on finding your true love! No matter where you are in life, I will always be with you! My best wishes for a wonderful life with your new family!
  • You were always the naughtiest of all but we all loved you for your pranks! Now I know that you have been ‘domesticated’! Bravo on your marriage and my best wishes for a happy and loving life with your future wife!
  • It’s time to bid adieu to your bachelor days and enter the hitched club! May you find all the happiness in your married life!
  • Heartfelt wishes for my brother who always stood with me! I wish your days ahead will be full of happiness, love and joy!
  • Dear brother, my best wishes to you and your bride in the beginning of a journey when you weave your beautiful dreams together!

To Your Spouse

And suddenly all the love songs were about you.

All of me loves all of you.

A kiss to build a dream on.

You’re as beautiful as the day we met.

I’ll love you forever.

You’re my partner, my lover, my friend.

I’m mad about you – always have been and always will!

Looking forward to a life together.

Can’t say how lucky I was to have found you.

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?

As God decreed, we agreed.

(Groom To Bride) Thanks for being so amazing in every way–for loving me so completely. You make me want to be a better man spending my days with you. I am so proud you chose me.

(Groom To Bride) The world has changed a lot (and so have we!) since we first met. We’ve shared some sad and funny times and years we won’t forget. When all is said and done, there’s one unchanging thing that’s true-with every breath, I find myself more thankful I have you.

Your love is the best gift I ever received.

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Husband Wedding Message

This is the beginning of our forever.

The best is yet to be.

Where would I be without you?

You’ve always been my source of inspiration and joy.

(Bride To Groom) A happy wedding day to the man I want beside me every night for the rest of forever. I love you.

(Bride To Groom) I love you. Every time I say it, every time I hear it, I’m even more thankful to be marrying you.

The best day of my life – by far!

We make a great team.

All the little things you do make me love you!

Today, tomorrow and always: I love U!

Friend Wedding Message

A friend is someone who stood by you through thick and thin. So when they are moving up in their life and making a new life, it is the best time to show how important they are and how thankful you are to have them in your life.

  • I wish your love for each other to last forever – in both joyful and hard times! My best wishes on your marriage!
  • Wish you a wonderful wedding ceremony with tons of amazing memories to follow! You’ve both done well to find each other as partners for life!
  • My best wishes on one of the most important and special days of your life! I wish a joyful and prosperous life to both of you who truly deserve each other!
  • You have always been a good friend! I have no doubt that you will also be a great wife! My best wishes to you and your partner for a happy life together!
  • If you think that your life was great before, trust me, your life will become much more amazing now! We couldn’t be happier for you.
  • I wish that your joining together brings you even more joy than you ever imagined! Best wishes on becoming husband and wife!
  • I cannot decide what is better – you two together or sliced bread! My best wishes on your wedding day and for your future life!
  • We’re so honored to be giving weddings readings at your ceremony. Reading the passage in practice already has me so excited for you two.
  • I am glad to be a part of your wedding day, and looking forward to seeing what comes from you two.
  • Much love to you both. Excellent!

To a Friend

May today fill you with much joy and happiness. Wishing you all the very best on this special day and for many years to come.

May your joy last forever. YES!

Our best wedding wishes to a beautiful couple. Congrats.

My congratulations on tying the knot! This is a great day when two lives and hearts are united! Wish you a happy and prosperous future together.

I have not seen a better matched and more beautiful couple! I wish that you two are from the story that says “Happily Ever After.”

May you be rich in everything in your life, most importantly in your love for each other! Have a great marriage and a greater married life!

Happy wife, happy life!

May your love for one another always shine brightly.

May your wedding day be all that you wish for!! I already know that all your planning will make for a special day filled with lots of wonderful memories. All the very best and looking forward to catching up with you both after the honeymoon. Lots of love.

Thanks for inviting us all to celebrate your wedding. Wishing you all the best for today and always. Good luck!

May you celebrate every day together the way you have celebrated today.

May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.

The warmest of warm wishes for an especially happy wedding day.

May you have a long and happy life together.

For Friends

The warmest wishes are what we are sending.

Thinking of you both and wishing you all happiness as you celebrate the joys your marriage has brought. Congratulations!

Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong. Wishing you joy and happiness on your wedding day.

To a wedding filled with joy never ending.

Always remember that in the word “wedding,” “we” comes before “i.”

Shower each other with love the rest of your lives.

Always be there for each other.

When you read wedding vows, all your dreams will come true.

May today be a day that surrounds you with beauty, warms you with memories and fills your life with very special happiness.

May today be the start of a long and happy life together – Wishing you both a very special day.

Wedding Congratulations

May this next chapter in your lives be a long and happy one. All the best and good luck!

May the two simple words, “I Do” be the start of a beautiful life together.

Our very best wishes to you on your wedding day and on your journey through life together.

Congratulations on the wedding! Wishing you all the best for the future.

Congratulations on Your Marriage

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone.

Sending a lot of love your way on this joyous occasion!

Congratulations on your wedding day!

Words for Wedding

Two becoming one – it makes the math simple! Bravo!

So happy for you both!

Walking down the aisle of life is made easier when you hold hands. Have a great life together.

Be each other’s best friend and look to find romance in the smallest opportunities. Happy wedding day!

Wishing you happiness for many, many years.

Wishing you all the very best of happiness and a long life together.

Wedding Blessings

As you begin your new life together, cherish each other with open hearts!

Bravo on getting hitched! May the love you share continue to grow.

May you always live life to the fullest, laugh often and love eternally.

Prediction: cute babies! Congrats!

Have a wonderful wedding day and I wish happiness always for both of you

Best wishes on your “happily ever after” to a true prince and princess!

Have a fantastic married life – you both deserve it!

May you two lovebirds always fly together. Best wishes.

Congrats to the magnificent two of you!

Best wishes to the Happy Couple!


Wishing you both lots of joy and happiness on your wedding day. May it be the start of a wonderful and exciting life together. Lots of love.

Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on this special day. May it be the start of a wonderful and exciting life together. Lots of love.

As you go through this life together, remember this day forever.

Wishing you many years of love and happiness.

With love to a special couple whose happiness together warms the hearts of everyone around them. Well done!

Words are just not quite enough today.

Wishing you both the happily ever after you deserve. Cheers on your wedding day!

Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. To the perfect couple!

A special wish for a sweet couple: a lifetime of happiness!

Warm wedding wishes for the couple that was meant to be.

Celebrate love, life and happiness!

A wedding wish for you: Enjoy every moment of your journey together!


Thank you for enabling us to participate in this beautiful day!

We’re so excited you tied the knot! Congrats!

Heartfelt congratulations on your special day, we wish you joy and happiness through all the days of your lives.

May the love and happiness you feel on this special day last for many years to come.

Well done oh beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.

Taking the plunge is a lot easier when you’re with the perfect partner. You both are!

Each of us is truly excited that today has finally come! May it be a special and unforgettable one with a lot of wonderful moments.

Wishing you love, happiness and laughter!

Thank you for letting us be part of your special day.

For a special couple. May your wedding be a time to celebrate all the richness love has brought into your lives.

May your troubles be few and your blessings be many!

On this wonderfully special day, my sincerest best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Happy Married Life

May the true happiness that you feel last well past the honeymoon and for many years to come.

All the very best, and lots of love.

May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. To a couple whose match truly seems made in heaven!

May your life together be as joyful and happy as your love and may you both continue to shine in each other’s life.

To the perfect pairing – love always!

To the love that brought you together that it may never part!

Warmest wedding wishes and joyful hopes for you beautiful union.

Thinking of you both with love and happiness on your wedding day!

Wishing you all the love and happiness that this world offers. Happy wedding day!

Happy Wedding Day

May this be the happy beginning of a wonderful life together.

Best wedding wishes for a happy married life together!

Happy married life to an adorable couple!

Celebrate love and your new wife – happy married life!

May this special day be all that you planned for and a whole lot more. Happy married Life!

May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. To a happy married life.

Congratulations on Your Wedding Examples

The most enjoyable part of life is sharing it with the one you know the best. Congratulations on your wedding!

The start of something beautiful begins with great ingredients. Best wishes and congrats!

Hoping that your love grows stronger every day and wishing you lifetime of happiness! Congratulations on your wedding!

May your “happily ever after” be all that it should be. A heartfelt congratulations!

Seal your marital bliss with a kiss today and every day! Congrats!

Congratulations and best wishes to our favorite couple!

Joyful wedding wishes to the perfect couple.

Warmest wedding wishes on a wonderful life together. Congratulations!

Live well, love much and laugh often = the recipe for a great marriage. Congrats!

Wedding Greetings

We all want the best for you both on this special day and we hope that your future is a long and happy one. Lots of love.

We’re all really excited that the big day has finally come!! We hope today’s ceremony all goes to plan and that you can look back with fond memories. All the best and we look forward to catching up with you after the honeymoon. Lots of love.

We’re really excited that today has finally arrived!! May it be a special and memorable. Good luck for the future.

Your love will light the way.

The wedding vows are done, now let’s have some fun!

Our wedding wishes for you our lives of joy and happiness.

Wishing both of you a world of happiness and joy on your wedding day.

Wishing you a wonderful ceremony with lots of wonderful memories. Lots of love.

Wishing you both a wonderful ceremony with a great honeymoon to follow. All the best on this special day and for many years to come.

Wishing you both all the best on this special day. May it be a wonderful and memorable one. All the best.

Wishing you both great happiness and joy on your wedding day. We hope that it is something that you’ll cherish for many years to come. All the very best and good luck for the future.

If you have any suggestions for wedding wishes, please let us know via the Contact page. Thanks.



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50 Beautiful Wedding Day Wishes For Friends

congrats on ur wedding wishes

Marriage Wishes

A wedding is a day in which a man and woman united in marriage according to their customs and traditions. Marriage day customs are varying according to cultures, religions, countries, ethnic groups, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve exchange of gifts and dinner. Groom and bride wear special wedding dress. This is a big day for both as well as their loved ones. Family members and friends send Marriage Wishes to the couple.

This is very important to send appropriate and warm wishes for newly married couple. Whenever your family member, friend, co-worker, relative or neighbor marriage is going to settle. You always want to write down some beautiful sentences on card for congratulations and the best wishes for the couple.

This is not easy to write down or select sensational wedding gift card message. This is even more difficult if you have lack of words. We have a collection of wishes for you thus pick up and write it.

Marriage Wishes for Newly Married Couple

Wishing a newly married couple bloom of never ending cheers, intimacy to relationship, love for each other. Congratulations!


All that you have will be adequate, till there will be trust, comprehension and friendship in each circumstance of your life. Wishing you a delighted wedded life!

To the lovely couple who demonstrate that affection can be valid and until the end of time. May your lives keep on growing in adoration and satisfaction together! Happy Wedding Day!

I wish your relation as couple blooms into a never ending tale of love and trust.

With my heart loaded with happiness, I wish you the best of both universes in the years yet to come!

The rhythm of the music of your hearts may change, but the song will always remain the same. May you have a long and happy marriage!

The art of capturing hearts and connecting with the other soul makes a marriage perfect. May your marriage be equally artistic.

With my heart filled with joy, I wish you the best of both worlds in the years yet to come!

Friend Marriage Wishes

Wedding is a mutual bond; I wish that your adoration for each other would stay intact. Congrats!

You have a bright future ahead of you two; make sure you have a good one. Heartiest congratulations.

May your love and faith for each other always be immutable. Stay jolly forever, newly weds!

May you two be blessed with love that grows stronger with every day and deeper every minute. Happy marriage!

May your love be a firm foundation for a beautiful married life!

By the night your wedding day will be gone, but your love will last forever. Congratulations on the big day!

May God bless your marriage and keep it safe by showing his choicest blessings.

Wedding Wishes for Friend


I praise you on this cheerful event and wish a ton of marvelous years together. Congrats on your wedding!

Nothing can be superior to beginning your own particular family. Acknowledge and respect it your entire life.

Today is a start of your new life as a couple and I wish that this life is brimming with joy and delight, and may it never end!

Hope that you‘ll always give to each other all your unconditional love, because that’s what marriages are about.

With joys to come and love to cherish, have a remarkable married life!

Let the invisible force always guide you and help you to take the right decisions, in the years to come!

Marriage Wishes to a Friend

Wishing to see you both holding hands during good or hard times. Have a magical married life ahead!

On this special day you two are opening a new book of your life, be sure to make it colorful!

Marriage has connected you internally, so never stop holding each other‘s hands, because now you are nothing but one soul.

And God will bless you with peace, content and joy from above. Congratulations, have a happy family!

On this occasion of celebration, I wish you lots of days as happy and amazing as this one.

May your married life be sunny and bright, filled with all the blessings and joys of life.

Marriage is all about going throughout the life with trust, support and never-ending love. Have a blessed one!

On this special day, when you tie the knot with the love of your life, I wish you nothing but everlasting joy and luck ahead.

Always give you support in any hard times in the future because you’re a team now. Congratulations!

Marriage Wishes Quotes

Cheers on this auspicious day, when two beautiful people become one forever and always!

You are a wonderful couple, perfect for each other. Praying your years together are full of utter affection, sheer joy and blessings.

May you always find comfort in each other’s presence and your wedding bond stays ever green!

Presently and perpetually, may your magnificent family never experience anguish and distress. Have a terrific coexistence marriage wishes!

The time flies and things change, yet I wish that your adoration for each other would remain unchangeable. Congrats!

I wish you bunch of fortune, tolerance and chuckles, yet above all else trust, on the grounds that without trust, there can be no adoration!

With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find love, laughter and joy.

Wedding Wishes for Friends

I am so glad for you. May your love story is fascinating and bring immense love in your way. This is my wedding wish for friend. Happiness stays forever at your door!

In the spirit of two souls joining together, I wish for blessings, care and empathy in hearts, forever and always.

May you have the wedding of your dreams and the happiest of marriages!

Congrats on finding your true love! Lean on each other’s strengths and forgive each other weaknesses.

Never neglect love and it will save you when the chips are down. Wish you an incredible family life.

May your life together be filled with unforgettable moments and endless tenderness! Congratulations!

My heart swells with sheer joy to congratulate you two on this lovely journey that you’re gonna live ahead!

Wishes for Marriage

Knowing that your hearts will now beat together, I hope you get all the love and jolly moments in the world.

Marriage changes people’s lives and I wish that your changes would be for the better. Congratulations folks!

May your family be like an island of peace and tranquility in this mad world.

All I want for you is to have a happy married life, and I hope you never get tired of each other!

May your affection be a firm establishment for an excellent wedded life!

Wishing you wedded life that brings you tones of bliss and satisfaction of ageless love.

I wish you will have a long and glad coexistence, with endowments and fondness.

On this beautiful and lovely occasion I wish you a day filled with cherished moments.

If wishes were flowers, I’d give you a garden filled with blessings on your union day!

Wishing that you keep falling in love with each other again and again, have a brilliant married life.

May this day be the start of the best time in your life. Congratulations.

May love, harmony and understanding are aims of your marriage union! Congratulations.

The most heartfelt congratulations to Bride and Groom for uniting with each other forever and ever!

May your love bloom forever in the garden of two hearts that best unanimously. Congrats!

Today is going to be a day that you shall never forget. Enjoy the bliss of becoming one.

New Wedding Wishes

May you never once pause to measure your love and always find magic in each other’s hands! Congrats, folks!

Continuously treat each other superior to anything you need to be dealt with in light of the fact that marriage is about treating each other with care.

On this excellent and exquisite event I wish you a day loaded with appreciated minutes.

You both are key to each other, and you ought to keep it that way, good fortunes on being a couple!

Marriage is a promise to each other to guide and to protect. All the best for the times ahead!

To cherish and to hold onto, may you love story live on ahead! Have a jolly life ahead.

Wishing that your love lasts till your last breath! Congratulations on the auspicious day.

I wish the wedded couple joy, intimacy and kindness through the coming life.

Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.! Here’s to the beginning of the rest of your lives!

You were meant to be! Wishing you both an eternity of love and happiness together.

May your joys grow as your grow older together as a couple. May the wedding bond strengthen your love more.

May the sparkle in your heart and twinkle your eyes stay intact through the years. Happy wedding!

Marriage is the uniting of two souls. Wishing you a lifetime of love!

With the great being done and best to come, May your marriage lives on as an example for all!

Love is best when shared by two! Have a wonderful wedded life!

Warm marriage wishes to a very special pair, who have found their dearest moments in the happy life they share!

From this day forward, may you never have to sip your tea alone. Welcome to wedded life!

When two hearts connect, they are inseparable for eternity. Congratulations on becoming inseparable!

Are you looking for birthday wishes for friend or want to send Happy New Year Messages. We have beautiful collection of dedicated phrases.

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"Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you Congrats!" "Lots of love today and beyond." "Here's a little something to start your life.

Wedding Wishes: Examples of What to Write in a Wedding Card

congrats on ur wedding wishes

What to write in a religious wedding card

Religion is a powerful element of a wedding that can hold very rich meaning to the parties involved. If you’d like to go the route of a religious greeting, be sure to consider the couple’s beliefs and practices as you do so. Share your blessings in a religious tone that will resonate with the couple, and even share a favorite piece of sacred text or scripture as an enlightening wish for the marriage.

“Thank you for allowing us to bear witness to a beautiful love, and this sacred moment in your lives. May God bless this union!”

“Mazel Tov! Congratulations on a spectacular wedding and a lifetime of love and happiness ahead.”

“Warmest wishes on your big day and as you start a new chapter of life and love together. May Allah grant you wisdom, blessings, and happiness!”

“The two of you are a blessing not only to each other, but to all those around you. Your love ripples out into the world and inspires your friends, family, and community. We are so happy for you and look forward to watching you grow in love as a couple!”

“May God grant you blessings of untold happiness and joy. May you love each other and cherish one another forever!”

My heartfelt wishes on your wedding day. . Congrats to a couple that is fully in love and that deserves all of the good things that are going to.

congrats on ur wedding wishes
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