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Christian easter wishes
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Send beautiful Christian Easter ecards for free! Celebrate the risen Savior and say Happy Easter with online greeting cards that include inspirational Scriptures .

Easter is an important celebration for Christians. This is the day when Jesus Christ has resurrected. Easter Sunday is one of the most important parts of Christian faith. It promises new hope, new joy and new aspirations. Easter Sunday also marks the end of the Lent season (which starts from Ash Wednesday). During the Lent season, fasting, spiritual discipline and repentance are observed. At the end of this season, there will be a celebration as it’s believed that Jesus Christ has risen.Inspire your loved ones and remind them with the promise of Easter with these inspirational Christian Easter messages.

If you do not have any idea what to write on your personalized or store-bought Easter cards, you don’t have to search anymore. Here, we compile some of the best samples of religious Easter wishes. For long distance loved ones, you may send these religious Easter greetings as SMS or email.

Image: Nicholas Francis

Christian Easter Greetings and Messages

Open your heart and you will see God’s gift for you.
Clear your mind and you will understand the message of this special celebration.
Choose your deed so that you will see Christ in every person.
Have a great Easter!

We may overlook some of the important things in life
When we are carried away by other things that keep us occupied.
It is good to step back and slow down
So we can recall all of the things we should be grateful for.
Easter is a good time for recollection
And being thankful for all the blessings that we have in our lives.
Happy Easter!

May the blood of Christ cleanse your soul
and protect you from all the evil things that might disturb you.
Pray and celebrate this Easter!

We are equally treated special by God.
He is the Father who is willing to sacrifice even His own Son to save us all.
Be inspired of such selfless love!
Happy Easter!

Fill your life with new hope, new goals, new aspirations this Easter.
Have a meaningful Easter celebration!

Easter reminds us how God has been good to us.
He gave His own precious son to save us from our sins.
Let’s return the favor by sharing our blessings to others.
Happy Easter!

Christian Easter Wishes

This is the perfect time to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. Spread the joy of Easter with the following spiritual Easter messages and religious Easter greeting messages that will open our eyes to the love of God.

Praise Christ for He has defeated death and saved us all!
Happy Easter!

Glorify the Lord who sacrificed His own Son for us.
Give thanks and celebrate His life!

Blessed are the people who experience the presence of Christ in their lives.
Live to be a life to others as well. Have a blessed Easter!

May you always find peace and forgiveness in your heart.
Shine brightly and shed light to others.
Happy Easter!

I want to share this day’s blessing of hope and love.
Reach out to those who need it too! Praise the Lord!

Hallelujah! To God be the glory.
He didn’t fail to save us.
Happy Easter!

May your heart be filled with joy
As we receive another gift of life from Jesus Christ.
Happy Easter!

Religious Easter Messages


May our Savior’s scar be a guide for us a live a life according to His will.
Happy Easter!

Know that Jesus Christ has died for us.
Learn to give back by doing good deeds that glorifies His name!
Have a meaningful and blessed Easter!

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” – 1 Peter 1-3.

Christ’s resurrection offers a promise of renewed life.
Go out and spread the good news for Christ has risen!
Happy Easter!

The true meaning of Easter.
Happy Easter everyone!

Jesus Christ should live in our hearts.
Let us invite Him to reign in our lives.
Have a meaningful Easter!

Religious Happy Easter Greetings And Wishes

God has given us the gift of hope when He Died and Resurrected on Easter.
Let us remind ourselves of this great gift and keep a positive outlook in life.
We will always be blessed with prosperity in all things through Him.
A Blessed Easter!

May you always be blessed with love, life and happiness.
May this Easter be the start of your new, better life.
Have a Blessed Easter Sunday!

Wishing you abundance in all things possible and contentment
for what you already have in your life.
Happy Easter Sunday.

To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise
and honor and glory and power, forever and ever!
– Revelations 5:13

The Lord, almighty Jesus Christ has resurrected.
May this Easter fill you with joy and happiness
More blessings for you and your family.
Happy Easter!

The Lord has shared his great love for us by giving His only Son to save us.
Let us do our part as well.
Spread the love this Easter.

Short Christian Easter Wishes for Friends

Our families have always been there for us, even when we are at our worst. Our friends have always been there to pick at us and tease us mercilessly yet they are also there to pick us up when we stumble along the way. So this Easter, spread the word of love for them thru heartfelt Easter wishes.

I wish this Easter will bring your home peace, love and happiness.

I wish that your Easter will bring you joy, harmony and happiness therein.

Sending you hugs and kisses this Easter. Wishing your day will be blessed!

I wish this Easter will bring your home peace, love and happiness.

Wishing you a renewed faith in life to strive harder for your goals and ambitions on this Easter Sunday.

Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love and joy. Have a Blessed day!

There is much to be happy about and so much love abounds in our lives. This Easter may we celebrate the gifts that we have received all year round.

Easter Sunday commemorates the Resurrection of God's Son, Jesus Christ easter is about christ, - Google Search Easter Bible Verses, Easter Wishes, Easter.

What to write in an Easter card

christian easter wishes

Rejoice Easter Resurrection, Cross & Plants card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: He has truly risen! May you have a GLORIOUS EASTER, filled with the JOY of the RESURRECTION!
Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
Artist Notes: Rejoice! He will reign for ever and ever! A beautiful religious message about resurrection for a very important Christian holiday. This is the cute card you need with green plants and a big wooden cross.
Product Id: 377518

Spirtual Easter Blessings Golden Cross on the Hill…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... fill our hearts with Praise Happy Easter
Artist: �Doreen Erhardt
Artist Notes: May all the beauty and glory of this blessed season arrive in the mail of those you love when you send your Easter Blessings with this lovely golden cross card.
Product Id: 1046883

Multiplying blessings card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: happy easter ! may your blessings multiply like bunnies
Artist: Corrie Kuipers
Product Id: 45688

Orthodox Easter card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Wishing you a blessed Easter.
Artist: eugenia bacon
Product Id: 145898

Christ’s Resurrection, He is Risen, Jesus & Angels…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: On that first Resurrection Day, doubt became faith. Fear was transformed into peace; despair became hope. Death and darkness fled with the light of Jesus, and joy reigned upon the earth. May these blessings of faith, peace, hope and joy shine brightly in your heart on this Easter Day and all throughout the year.
Artist: Ramelle Richardson
Artist Notes: The victorious words: "He is Risen" is emblazoned upon this religious Easter card that is an updated design adapted from a 19th century oil painting by the Danish artist, Carl Bloch. As two angels kneel before the risen Christ in awe and reverence, golden light from the resurrected Jesus radiates around them. The inside verses express faith-affirming words of hope and joy. Wish your family and friends a Happy Easter and remind them of the reason for the season with this elegant Easter greeting.
Product Id: 794104

He is Risen Easter Card mountains and sun and cros…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: He has risen! May you rejoice in the Lord this Easter season.
Artist: michelle lanoue
Artist Notes: Colorful Easter card, He is Risen with cross, sunrise and mountains. Beautiful reds, purples and blues make yellow sunset pop. Cross is brightly shown in front of rising sun. Christ is risen card perfect for Christian holiday of Easter.
Product Id: 1356580

Easter Blessings of Risen Christ Flowers on Navy c…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: May the peace and joy of the risen Christ be with you! Wishing you a Happy Easter.
Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
Artist Notes: Pretty flowers are seen at the top and bottom of a dark navy blue background. Easter blessings are wished to anyone with a Christian theme. A cross with a white flower is next to the message.
Product Id: 1560870

Easter Matthew 28 3 card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Happy Easter!
Artist: Rocky Henriques
Artist Notes: The sunrise coming through the fog reminded me of the angel speaking to the women that first Easter. Photo taken by Rocky Henriques.
Product Id: 365370

Happy Easter - Lamb with Narcissis card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: In this beautiful season of joy and rebirth, we look to our Heavenly Father, who in His deep love for us, sent His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins, so that we could have eternal life. Rejoice! We are forgiven, for our Savior has overcome the grave. Happy Easter
Artist: � gina minton kearns
Product Id: 144555

Easter Joy to you, Jesus Christ at the Supper at E…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: On that first Resurrection Day the friends of Jesus recognized Him in the breaking of the bread. On this Easter Day, may you recognize Him in the faces of friends, in the shining eyes of children and in the beauty of the world that He has given us.
Artist: Ramelle Richardson
Artist Notes: This is elegant design for Easter is adapted from "The Supper at Emmaus", a painting by Carl Bloch (1834-1890). It depicts the resurrected Jesus sharing a meal with some friends. You may change the inside text, if you'd like to add "Happy Easter" wishes in your own words..
Product Id: 787316

Happy Easter, He is Risen, Christian, cross, paste…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: May your home be filled with love, joy and peace as you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ this Easter!
Artist: Micklyn Le Feuvre
Artist Notes: Words set on a pastel colored gradient of lime / mint, cream / yellow and pink: Hope & Love & Forgiveness & Salvation. No more fear. Life eternal. Sins are paid for. We are free, now and forever. Happy Easter! Letters in cobalt blue down the middle spell out: He is Risen. A Christian Easter card!
Product Id: 1053987

Happy Easter, Religious - He is Risen card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: "He is not here: for he is risen, as he said." Matthew 28:6 Happy Easter! May God’s richest blessings be yours during this season of hope and always.
Artist: Kathleen Johnson
Artist Notes: Celebrate the risen Lord by wishing someone a happy easter with this brush script typography design featuring the message, "He is Risen" in bold black letters on top of golden cross. Inside can be customized with your own message.
Product Id: 1515976
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Jesus Easter wallpapers

christian easter wishes

Easter is a very important occasion in every Christian’s life. This was the day when Jesus Christ Send beautiful Christian Easter cards messages for free! Celebrate the risen Savior and say Happy Easter with online greeting cards that include inspirational Scriptures and faith-filled encouragement.

Giving Easter messages is one of the most heartfelt way of sending your Easter greetings card and wishes to your friends, family and love ones. Short Christian Easter messages to share on Facebook,  Whatsapp and other social networking website.

Christian Easter Greetings and Messages

1. May the blessings of Christ shower on you, may you be surrounded with the joy and laughter of your near and dear ones on this day. Happy Easter.

2. May this day bring lot of hope and happiness in your family. Let your faith on Christ remain intact forever. Happy Easter.

3. Let all your dreams be fulfilled, may all the happiness you deserve be showered on you. May Christ show you the right path. Happy Easter day.

4. Heartfelt greeting and warm greeting are on your way. Happiness and peace will bestow in your life. Happy Easter

5. Easer is the time to remember the sacrifice made by Lord Christ and his unconditional love. Let us follow the rightful path shown by the Son of God. Happy Easter.

Beautiful Religious Happy Easter Greetings and Wishes

6. Hope this Easter fill your home with happiness and your life with hope and joy. Happy Easter to all

7. I wish that all your sins are forgiven and live a meaningful life. Happy Easter

8. I wish that you have a blessed Easter with all your family and friends. Happy Easter

9. May the blessings of Christ shower on your home. May this season bring all the delights to your family. Happy Easter.

10. Happy Easter to all. May your heart be filled with purest form of love and May lord give you the courage to walk on the right path.

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Happy Easter." "Easter is a time when the Lord showers his endless blessings to the faithful. Keep the faith and rejoice in the name of the Lord. Wish you and.

Christian Easter Greetings, Messages and Religious Easter Wishes

christian easter wishes

Celebrate The Resurrection Of Our Lord Happy Easter Wishes Picture

Celebrate The Resurrection Of Our Lord Happy Easter

Easter Blessings Flower Picture

Easter Blessings From Jesus Animated Picture

Easter Spells Out Beauty, The Rare Beauty Of New Life Happy Easter

Happy Easter Awake Thou Wintry Earth Fling Off Thy Sadness

Happy Easter But From This Earth This Grave

Happy Easter Celebrate The Resurrection Of Our Lord

Happy Easter Day Facebook Cover Picture

Happy Easter Day

Happy Easter Eggs Are Sign Of New Life
Image Source

Happy Easter Greetings To You

Happy Easter Have A Fulfilling And Joyful Easter

Happy Easter He Is Not Here For He Is Risen

Happy Easter He Is Risen Picture

Happy Easter He Is Risen

Happy Easter Jesus Blessings
Image Source

Happy Easter May Christ's Message Of Eternal Life Fill You With Love

Happy Easter May The Day That God Has Resurrected Bring You Happiness

Happy Easter Religious Ecard

Happy Easter Religious Header Image

Happy Easter To You And Your Lovely Family

Happy Easter Wishes Image
Image Source

Happy Easter Wishes

Have A Blessed And Happy Easter

Have A Blessed Easter Glitter

Have A Blessed Easter Jesus On Cross
Image Source

Have A Blessed Easter Picture

Have A Blessed Easter Wishing That The Lord Blessed You On Easter And Always
Image Source

Have A Blessed Easter

Have A Great Easter

He Lives Happy Easter Glitter

Jesus Has Risen Blessed Easter Praise The Lord Glitter

May All The Choicest Blessings Of The World Be Showered Upon You Happy Easter

May All Your Prayers Be Answered And May You Feel The Lord's Presence Near You Happy Easter

May His Blessings Be Upon You On Easter And Always

May His Blessings Lead You To Success & Happiness Wishing You A Happy Spring & A Joyous Easter
Image Source

May The Blessings Of The Lord Guide You, Protect You & Be With You On Easter & Always
Image Source

May The Lords Blessings Be With You On Easter

May The Lord's Gift Of Love Light Up Happy Easter

May The Triumph Of The Lord Strengthen Your Soul And Grace You With Happiness And Success On Easter & Always

May Your Easter Be Filled With Blessings

Sending You A Basket Of Warm Wishes For A Bright & Happy Easter

The Lord Came To Earth With A Life To Give Happy Easter

The Lord Gave Us Life So That We May Live It To The Fullest Happy Easter

The Lord Is Close To All Those Who Call On Him Happy Easter
Image Source

Wishing You A Bright Spring And A Happy Easter Animated Ecard
Image Source

Wishing You A Peaceful & Blessed Easter
Image Source

Wishing You All A Happy Easter

Wishing You Easter Blessings

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In this section, I have a large selection of Free Christian Easter Card Verses for use in your Easter greeting cards — for non-commercial use. These Easter.

christian easter wishes
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