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April 22, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

The new born baby wishes are sent to the boss for congratulating him for the birth of his baby boy or baby girl. The new born baby wishes can be sent through.

Find the best new born baby wishes and messages here. The world of happy family never gets complete without the arrival of a new baby. Congratulations messages for new born baby section contain messages of baby congratulations messages for wishing a family for the arrival of a new member in their family. New born baby is not only a pleasure for the family but also the people connected with them. Below find the congratulations messages for new born baby.

The new parents, for sure, got unexplainable happiness as they are starting a new journey with a little hand to hold. Newborn baby wishes and messages might mean a lot to them as they’d be encouraged and cheered up to enter parenthood. Check the following; you might know it but you’ll be a part of your friends’ sources of motivation.

Best Wishes for Newborn Baby

  • A new ray of sun has fallen on your life, the ray of a cute little princess; yes it is your new baby girl! Let the ray of sun be there forever. Long live the kid! Congratulations!
  • Your world has become so full today; it’s all because of the arrival of your little kid. Congratulations cute little baby!
  • Congratulations to everyone in the family! The role of mom and dad is the wonderful thing in the world. So congratulations mom and dad!
  • Becoming a mom and dad for a sweet kid is a pleasure moment and seeing the kid growing is the most precious moment! Enjoy the pleasure and precious moments! Congrats!
  • We are all so happy for you and would like to share the joy of becoming a mom to your little angel! Congratulations mom!

  • May this joy of receiving the new baby remain in your family forever and let it grow along with the kid’s growth. Congratulations!
  • Have a wonderful time and we all welcome the new baby’s arrival. We wish you all happiness to overflow in your family because of this arrival! Congrats!
  • As you welcome the newest member of your family into the world, may this child bring you blessings untold and light up the days to come. Congratulations on your new born baby.

New Born Baby Wishes and Messages

  • My Heartfelt Congratulations for your new Baby
  • All the best wishes to the new member
    Who just arrived to your sweet family
  • Happy to know that you had a new baby
    I know how joyful are you and your wife
    My special wishes for mom and kid
  • You have one more member in your family
    So work hard, Congratulations
  • Babies are gem who gives immense
    pleasure to Dad and Mom.
    The make them proud in front of the world
    Congratulations for New Baby

  • For a man who is just crowned as Dad
    For a Women who enjoys the pleasure of mother hood
  • Mother is the best friend to anybody
    So you have become best friend to someone
    Congratulations sweet mom

Newborn Baby Congratulations Messages

  • Motherhood is the most divine in this world
    And you have attained that
    Congratulations for your new Baby
  • Your baby is a rare treasure. Congratulations!
  • She will make your home more suited for the term “home”.
    I am happy for your new-found love, dearest parents.
  • Life is full of surprises.
    You’re sure to agree with that!
  • Cherish her infant times!

  • I foresee a happy heart that you possess, baby.
    That’s how wonderful your parents are with regards to parenthood.
  • Celebrate a new life with a blast of care for your baby.
  • Pamper yourself by reaping a ripe fruit of parenthood, someday.
  • Gladness will come your way each and every day!
  • In front of you is a gift that’s so valuable.
  • There are so many ways to show your care.

Newborn Baby Congratulation Wishes to Parents

  • Talk with affirmative words. Your baby will be kicking with enthusiasm.
  • Tell your baby how joyous you are with the joy that he gives.
  • Your baby will be your source of energy. Feel recharged all the time.
  • Hands up in advance for an excellent grade on being mom and dad!
  • The baby is awesome just like you.
  • I’ll whisper to your little one the reasons why he’s so blessed.
  • If I have to paint your thrill on having a new baby, the master piece will be so colorful.
  • We share in the happiness of stunning life you just showed us.
  • Dear Baby, do you know what happiness looks like? Take a look at your mom and dad.

  • Congratulations for taking the bold step into parenthood. The road ahead will have its challenges, but may this beautiful baby always make you feel that it was worth it.
  • We all hail the birth of your new born baby, a new ruler has come into your family. Every command and order will have to be obeyed to the letter, or else there will be no peace for any of you. Congratulations on the coming of this new General.

New Baby Congratulation Wishes

  • Dear Baby, your arrival means less sleep for mommy and daddy. But that gives them more energy.
  • You are the little one but you’re the one who pampered your parents with much enthusiasm. Baby, you bring joy to their lives.
  • May God make your family a happy one.
  • We wish you all the blessings for this new gift of yours.
  • This baby is nothing but a proof of grace and love!
  • Give your sweetest smiles to this sweet one.
  • It’s so nice to be happy. Your sources of happiness got broader having this angel.

  • Live life with your beautiful son.
  • Together with your child, let your town be painted red!
  • Let your life be surprise-filled dear baby, mommy, and daddy.

Newborn Baby Card Messages, What To Write in a Newborn Baby Card

For the new born baby, here are tasteful thoughts to fulfill you. For the new parents, grasp these sweet nothings that mean a lot of things for you and the baby. Indulge and enjoy the delicious offers of these inspiration-centered new baby card messages and new born baby congratulation wishes!

  • Dear cutie,
    The whole world welcomes your beauty and the lives you’ll be touching.
    May you grow up holistically beautiful.
  • Baby, You are born to love and to be loved.
  • Never fail to share happiness with you family, dearest angel.
  • You will be our most treasured one for life.
  • Hi Baby! Meet us, your proud parents!
  • Your first words, first time to walk, first giggling event were truly waited scenarios.
  • Prepare yourself for big hands to caress you, toys to entertain you, bottles of milk to feed you, and the great persons to love you.
  • Sweet lullabies will be welcomed for you, dearest!

Newborn Baby Wishes Quotes and Messages

  • We pray for health, happiness, and contentment to be showered upon you and your little one.
  • Many surprises of life will come your way. Baby, we are here to share life with you.
  • Life is so good. Start exploring it early, darling.
  • Your cute smiles brighten our day. Continue to be the sun. You bring warmth to us.
  • You are like a rose that needs to be watered and pampered to bloom. We are hear to nourish you with so much love.
  • Oh, I can’t explain how blessed and appreciated you are, baby love.
  • Welcome the world with your little hands!
  • Overjoyed, I will shout for joy for you being with us now, dearie.

Best Newborn Baby Wishes and Greetings

  • Hey baby! Daddy’s lap is ready for our bonding moments.
  • You are the future’s generation. May you be clever at mind and heart, little one.
  • Touch our lives, dear baby boy.
  • Daddy’s excited to play trains, cars, and planes with you. Grow up together with him.
  • Little bundle of joy, cheers to your arrival!
  • Life is more meaningful when you arrived. Let’s celebrate this, baby!
  • You gave me tears and times of laughter. These entire reactions root from happiness because of you baby dearest.
  • Hold our hands and you will never get lost. We are drowned by enthusiasm to guide you as you grow. Hugs and Kisses, Mom and Dad

Congratulations Messages for New Born Baby

  • A big waving of hands from us for the tiny little baby entered into your family. Congratulations!
  • The nicest thing in one’s life is to welcome a new face into their family.
    That has happened in your today congrats for the new mom and dad!
  • The greatest moment in a parent’s life is when they bring a new life into this world.
    We welcome the baby into this Universe! Congrats!
  • Holding money in your hands is not going to fetch you happiness,
    holding your boy’s hand in your arms the most embarrassing moment in your life!
    Enjoy the moment to its fullest possible!
    Congratulations for becoming a father!
  • Seeing the cute smile on the kid’s face,
    feeling his/her feather likes toes and feet,
    is incomparable to any joy in this whole world.
  • The real proud lies when you lift your little kid
    onto your arms and kiss its cheeks,
    the proud of becoming a father to a child.
  • It’s baby girl! Cherish the moment for becoming mom and dad for such a beautiful girl!
    Feel proud to have her into your life!
  • You both have given a new life to this little prince!
    Congrats dad and mom! Celebrate this moment!

Lots of newborn baby boy card messages you can write in your card. Now that your precious son is born, you need to brush up on stories about super heroes.

48 Very Best Baby Boy Born Wishes Pictures

boy born wishes

A Beautiful Baby Boy

A Brand New Baby Boy To Fill Our Hearts And Lives With Joy

A New Baby Boy To Love & Hug

A New Baby Boy

Baby Boy Arrived Greetings

Baby Boy Card

Baby Boy Footprints

Baby Boy Has Arrived

Congratulations A Baby Boy Glitter

Congratulations A Beautiful Baby Boy Glitter

Congratulations A New Baby Boy What Wonderful News

Congratulations A New Baby Boy

Congratulations He's Precious Glitter

Congratulations On The Birth Of A Baby Boy

Congratulations On Your Baby Boy Wishes Picture

Congratulations On Your Baby Boy Wishes

Congratulations On Your New Baby Boy Greetings

Congratulations On Your New Baby Boy Picture

Congratulations On Your New Baby Boy

It's A Baby Boy Balloon Picture

It's A Boy Balloon Picture

It's A Boy Congratulations

It's A Boy Flowers Cookies

It's A Boy Get Ready To Rock N Roll Congratulations

It's A Boy Greeting Card Image

It's A Boy Greeting Card Picture

It's A Boy Greeting Card

It's A Boy Greetings

It's A Boy Tumbling Joy

It's A Boy Two Little Hands And Two Little Feet Now Your Family Is Complete Glitter

It's A Boy

It's Boy Congratulations

Macho Baby Guy Congratulations On Being Proud Parents

New Baby Boy Balloon Picture

New Baby Boy Greeting Card

It's A Boy

New Baby Boy

New Baby Cookies Picture

Tiny Little Baby So Precious And Small Welcome To The World We Love You All Congratulations On Your Newest Arrival

Welcome Baby Boy Greeting Ecard

Welcome Baby Boy Wishes Picture

Welcome Baby Boy

Welcome It's A Boy

Welcome New Baby Wishes Picture

Welcome New Baby

Welcome To The World Beautiful Baby Boy

Your New Baby Boy

You've Been Blessed With A Son To Fill Your Life With Fun

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Congratulations Baby Messages and Sayings

boy born wishes

We all know that when a child is born in the house, then there is happiness in the house all around us. Because of the arrival of a new member in the house, he is very happy in the house. Some people say that when a girl is born in the house, then her step is considered to be auspicious for the house. On the birth of a child in the house, we invite our friends and relatives to meet the new member. And could give him his blessing. Today, we have brought new born baby wishes for those people who have not been able to meet the child for some reason. He can bless them through our wishes.


Wishes For New Born Baby Boy :

When a boy is born in the house then the happiest father is because he has come running his dynasty. On this day, the grandmother goes to the house-house and she is happy with her grandson. If you are interested to read congratulations wishes for baby boy in English then we have shared best wishes for baby boy which you can easily read. So, below are some of the best new baby wishes and wishes for baby boy which you can share with your family member on any social platform you want.

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child. Cheers to a loving mommy, eager daddy and the prettiest baby boy in the whole world.

  2. Congratulation for the birth of your son. May your heart swell with joy every time he smiles at you or reaches for your finger with his beautiful tiny hand.

  3. You have got future filled with many surprises. Part of it is because of the bundle of joy that you are holding close to your heart.

  4. Sending loads of wishes to the little prince born among us and that has made us all overjoyed.

  5. If the sun shines for a thousand years, it could never outshine the warmth and ecstatic joy I feel as I congratulate you for the birth of your son.

  6. The arrival of your new baby is just the start of many good things. I would make a list for you, but part of the fun is discovering the little surprises that the baby boy has in store for you.

  7. I hereby congratulate the proud parents of the newborn prince and hope the best future for him.

  8. Congratulations on the newest member of your family! I hope this boy brings you more joy than you have ever imagined. Can’t wait to pinch its cute little baby cheeks when I see it! Congratulations.

  9. As you watch your newborn son resting in your lap, my joy, peace, happiness, and tranquility be your constant companion. Congratulation, may your family be blessed.

  10. I can only imagine the happiness you must be feeling right now! I am pretty sure, knowing you both, that you will be great parents, and that when that baby smiles, that moment will be the pinnacle of your day. Congratulations.

  11. Nine months have whizzed by, and today, you welcome a prince into your life and home. I share in your joy and wish you and your family joy and happiness as you celebrate this wonderful addition to your family.

  12. Poets talk of the joy of holding a newborn baby in your arms. I am sure the joy they talk of is nothing compared to the joy you are feeling as you hold your new baby boy in your arms. May this joy be an ever-present force in your life.

  13. I am certain that you already know what parenthood will mean for you two. So, I wish to congratulate you and to ask you a very simple question. Are you up for an adventure?

  14. So excited to shower you and your baby in love today.

  15. It means so much to be here with you today, sharing in the fun and dreaming along with you.

  16. For you, I’ll even play goofy shower games. You’re that good a friend.

  17. You are going to make a wonderful mom.

  18. I had so much fun shopping for this little gift. Love your nursery theme.

  19. So happy for you two! That’s going to be one lucky baby.

  20. Ahhh! Freaking out over here. Congratulations, you guys.

  21. You two deserve every bit of happiness this baby is going to bring you.

  22. So many happy and wonder-filled times ahead for you…congratulations.

  23. Every story deserves a charming prince to save the day. So I am very happy to see yours got the prince it deserves. Congratulations.

  24. I’d like to wish for this fine young boy you now have as a part of your family, to grow up and become the man of his dreams. May luck be on his side. Congratulations.

  25. I really want to ask you. How does it feel to have the future man of the year crying in your arms? Because with parents like you, he is definitely becoming someone great! Congratulations.

Wishes For New Born Baby Girl :

It is very auspicious for her family to take birth to a girl because some people say that Laxmi mata has born in our house. Its steps are very auspicious for our family. Coming to the girl’s house is a happy day for the family. If you are interested to read baby birth wishes in English then we have shared best baby girl born wishes which you can easily read. So, below are some of the best baby born wishes and baby girl wishes which you can share with your family member on any social platform you want.

  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your princess, she is really a beauty to behold and the cutest baby girl I have ever seen.

  2. What wonderful news about your new little baby girl! I know she will bring many blessings to your life. Congratulations and blessings for you and your family.

  3. Congratulations on your new little girl. I know that you will be a wonderful mother. Good luck and let me know if you need anything.

  4. Your little baby girl is so adorable and cute as you, I am sure she’ll grow up with a good heart because she would be raised by kind-hearted people. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

  5. Thank you for the message and the picture of your new little girl. She is so beautiful! Congratulations, and if you need anything at all, please let me know.

  6. Now you have a brand new princess to yourself, I can not be happier for you, congratulations on the birth of your cute princess.

  7. Baby girls are their mother’s best friend and their father’s little princess, she is adored and cared for by all. Congratulations on the birth of a cute princess.

  8. I am sending my loads of love and hugs for you and the cute one that you brought to the world. Congratulations darling.

  9. We are thankful for heaven for this cute gift that you have, she is indeed a blessing and a special one, we pray her life would be as special and incredible as she is. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

  10. Some people fantasize about angels and dream of paradise but you’re one of the lucky ones to hold an angel in her arm and I am sure she will make your home a paradise. Congratulations on the birth of your new Baby girl.

  11. It is true that you cannot buy happiness but I’m glad because you have been blessed with a bundle of happiness from heaven. Congratulations on the birth of your princess.

  12. Your little princess with the tender feet is here, she’s got the cutest face just like yours. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

  13. Congratulations on the birth of your cute daughter, I’m sure she will fill your lives with sweetness.

  14. We raise our cups high to congratulate you on the birth of your cute princess, cheers to your new load of joy, much love from here. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

  15. Congratulations darling on the birth of your princess, she will grow up in love and the grace of God, my love and hugs for her.

  16. Meeting your baby girl must be such a precious and intimate moment! I wish you nothing but love, joy and wonderful memories with your new addition.

  17. A baby girl promises to forever lover her father, and respect her mother! I cannot wait to meet this little doll! All the best.

  18. The best moments in life comes slowly, and almost sneak up on you! Enjoy every minute with your new baby girl and may the angels always guard your way.

  19. There is something to be said about welcoming a baby girl into the world! Here is to laughter, happiness, and unconditional love.

  20. Enjoy every single moment spent with your new baby girl, and may she make your lives richer, your hearts full and your happiness everlasting.

  21. Welcome, little baby girl! This world is ready to show you all its love and adventures! May your journey through life be happy, memorable and forever hopeful.

  22. Baby girls are God’s way of letting us know the universe, indeed, makes sense. I wish you nothing but excitement, cheer and great love with your new addition.

  23. May life open the doors to happiness and patience for your new baby girl, and may she always find her way and live the best life possible.

  24. We have welcomed yet another baby girl! She will be as kind as her mother and as loving as her father! I cannot wait to see this little belle grow up.

  25. Congratulations on your baby girl! I believe your hearts are filled with love, and your minds are forever hopeful! I wish you all the best this world can offer.

I hope you have liked my baby boy born wishes for boy and girl. I have a request from you that these best wishes for new born baby boy and baby girl birth wishes share more and more friends and relatives with them. So that they can enjoy reading best wishes for baby. These were some of the wishes for newborn girl and best wishes for new baby boyin English which you can share as much as you want with your relatives. Then what are you waiting for? Grab these best good wishes for new born baby and new baby birth wishes to share them as much as you can.


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Congratulations wishes and prayers for a new born baby boy: "How exciting about the new addition to your family? Congratulations! He is the spitting image of.

New Born Baby Messages to Boss

boy born wishes

Congratulate new parents on their new arrival!

New Born Baby Wishes

  1. You are so blessed to bring a new baby into the world and I cannot wait to see the sweet blessing.
  2. Warm wishes to the new born baby and the lucky parents too.
  3. I just got news of an angel going to make its presence felt in your life! Get ready for laughter, big noise and lots of hugs!
  4. Just to say “Hi” to the new member of the family! He (she) couldn’t have happened to a nicer parents!
  5. Congratulations to proud new parents! May these tiny feet will tiptoe with love into your hearts and stay there forever!
  6. A new joy to hold in your arms! Waiting to cuddle with him (her)!
  7. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! May your world be filled with love.
  8. New small arrival – big joy! I’m sure your second baby boy (girl) is georgeous.
  9. Your new born baby boy (girl) is a perfect little bundle, from his (her) head down to her feet. I’m sure that you’ll be the best parents in the world!
  10. Parenthood is one of the best journeys in life. Enjoy the ride.
  11. We are always here for babysitting and making extra bottles.
  12. We are so happy for you and the arrival of your new child.
  13. We are very happy for you.
  14. Welcome to the world (babys name). May you always be kept safe and snug.
  15. Welcome to the world little one, it is a place full of delights and wonders.
  16. Welcome to the world.
  17. Wishing you a future filled with love, happiness, and laughter with your new baby.
  18. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laughter and joy.
  19. Wishing you all the best in this exciting new stage of your lives with your new baby.
  20. Wishing you and your newborn many years of good health, love, and happiness.
  21. Wishing you joy and happiness, and plently of wonderful moments together.
  22. Wishing you much happiness as you welcome your new little bundle of joy into your family!
  23. Wishing you the best of luck on changing nappies and feeding times.
  24. Wishing you the very best of luck with your new baby and your new life as a family.
  25. Wishing your new son/daughter (babys name) a long happy life with laughter and fun and love.
  26. No tape can ever measure, the extent to which a child can become a parent’s treasure. Congratulations.
  27. When we nurse our babies, it teaches us how to live and it makes us realize what it really means to give. Congratulations for becoming a mother.
  28. The birth of your newborn will usher you into a new phase of your life. Now you are no longer just man and wife. Maturity and wisdom will envelop your behavior and personalities forever. Now you have become a loving mother and a responsible father. Congratulations.
  29. A father so handsome, a mom so pretty – no wonder your newborn is such a sweetie. Congratulations.
  30. Congratulations! Now is the time to enjoy your baby’s little feet and baby smell. It will not be there forever, and you should take as many pictures as possible. You will want to miss a single precious moment!
  31. This is a beautiful time in your life that you will never forget. The birth of your child is something that changes you indefinitely.
  32. This might be your first child, but it certainly will not be your last. I can see from pictures that this is what you were made to do.
  33. I hope you will have a happy and healthy journey ahead of your family. Congratulations!
  34. Having a new baby changes a wife and husband into a mommy and daddy. As you venture into parenthood together you will become more wise and mature while finding a new profound love for the amazing baby you have produced. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.
  35. May your new bundle of joy bring happiness in your life and fill a void in your heart. Take pride in loving and raising your little miracle. I know you will be the best dad you can possibly be.
  36. May your baby’s future be brighter than the sun’s radiant beam, may your little child fulfill all your dreams. Congratulations for your newborn.
  37.  Congratulations to the new parents for entering into the world of constant squeals, nappy changes and late night meals.
  38. The experience of being a parent is priceless, even if your nights become sleepless and your living room becomes a mess. Congratulations for having a baby.
  39. A part of your heart that was in your tummy is now a permanent part of your life. Congratulations for having such a pretty baby girl.
  40. At birth, if your baby girl is such a doll, imagine how charming she will be when she learns to crawl? Congratulations.
  41. May the best things in life happen to your sweet little bunny, may he get lots of attention and care from you and your honey. Congratulations to you both.
  42. Your family is Mother Nature’s perfect brew, tell your new baby on my behalf that there cannot be a family cuter than you. Congratulations.


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boy born wishes
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