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Birthday wishes on my birthday
May 07, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Are you looking for some wonderful Birthday Thank You Messages to send to your guests, attended your birthday party? Or looking to say thank you for the bi.

A Brother is like our best friend who always takes care of us, and we can share everything with him. An elder brother always inspires and motivates us. He is always there to teach you and make you learn from your mistakes. Whereas, younger brother always makes you laugh. He acts like a kid or a baby in your family. It’s time to show them your gratitude and make their birthday memorable by sending them birthday wishes and greetings as your thoughts. You can make him happy by sending him a birthday SMS. So, here are some birthday wishes for your younger and elder brother as well which can make the day better.


Birthday Wishes for Brother:

Here are some birthday wishes for a brother from a sister which can make any brother feel special on his birthday. There are few funny msgs and wishes too. So, you can use these funny birthday wishes for the younger brother to make him laugh and this can change his day. So, let’s see some happy birthday msgs:

  1. You are my Bro, you are my everything … Happy Birthday brother!

  2. May every day of ur life be blessed with rays of hope, luv, and sunshine.

  3. My pen was always urs and so were my pants, Happy Birthday to you brother.

  4. You r such a great role model for every brother in the world because you are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive. I wish u, the best brother in the universe, a very happy birthday !!

  5. U are my brother, my frnd and the best person in my life! Happy Birthday, I love u!                                 

  6. You are the best human, who has been created by our mom and dad. You’re the best, happy birthday!

  7. Life offers us so many blessings nd a brother is one of them. Happy birthday!

  8. Wishing my brother a very happy birthday, it is a special day not just for you but for both of us. Enjoy the day.

  9. Though even the sun will 1 day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. Happy Birthday, dear brother.

  10. Enjoy ur birthday big bro! May u have a wonderful day. You deserve it anyway.

  11. Happy Birthday to my big brother who defines magnanimity and generosity.

  12. May ur coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of luv and so on. I hope u will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday little brother.

  13. You might have covered long distances to become who u are, but you’re never out of ideas for new trips. Happy Birthday, bro!

  14. Happy Birthday, dear brother! Your footsteps r the only footsteps, I want to follow.

  15. A brother is somone who is sweet and supportive, kind and loving, cheerful and inspiring. A friend and my all-time laughter. Happy birthday bro!!

  16. Protecting the little sister from worries and strangers are his duties. He will act like he does not care but he always do nd always will. Happy birthday, brother.

  17. Go ahead & celebrate ur birthday. I am sure that the response will be overwhelming!

  18. On this special day, I pray that God blesses you with every good thing, with love, with luck, and with joy.

  19. May the Almighty God bless you on your big day today and on all the days of your precious life. Thank u for being such a wonderful brother to me for all my life.

  20. Thank you for that watch which you never asked back, and while I am at it – Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother:

You may be waiting for a special day to show your affection and love for your older brother and that special day can be his birthday. So, you can choose these funny messages to make him laugh. These birthday sayings or lines will help you to show him your thoughts and feelings. It will also increase your love for each other. So, send these lovely blessings on his

  1. Happy birthday my small brother. You are not only the most wonderful brother in the world, but also the best friend of mine.

  2. May God bless you with gift of joy, luck and wealth on this birthday of yours and may you be the happiest! Happy birthday brother!

  3. As u get ready to face yet another birthday, remember that this is our time to party! Can’t wait to get out tonight and celebrate!

  4. Happy birthday to you bro. You are the most optimistic person that I know, do not ever change.

  5. Frnds are rare and brothers are common, but a brother that is a friend is a treasure. Happy Birthday.                                                                                                                                                                      

  6. Happy Birthday to the loving brother that has caused mayhem since he was born.

  7. You are nt just my brother, but you are my inspiration, my idol and someone I trust blindly. Be blessed my brother. Happy birthday!

  8. I feel that u are getting further away from me but I trust you, wonderful bday to you brother.

  9. Happy birthday to the only brother in the universe who isn’t a mean son of a (the other kind of witch)!

  10. Have an incredible birthday. Remember that brothers only get older (not better) with age.

  11. Little Brother, I remember all the times we played and fought, then play and fought some more. I love you always for making my life so interesting.

  12. Thanks for being my brother. I luk so much better in all those family photos with u there. Happy Birthday.

  13. I pray to the almighty God to always give you the best in life beginning from this special day of ur life; I jst want to say happy birthday!

  14. Although I was given no choice in the matter, I have always wanted you as my brother. Happy Birthday.

  15. To the best man in the wrld, my brother. Wishing u a happy birthday.

  16. To my cute and lovely little brother, here comes the most special wishes from the most lucky sister. I know u are growing one year older on this special day, but u will always be the stupid little brother for me. Have a great and wonderful birthday

  17. I hope ur special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. You deserve them a lot. Enjoy!

  18. You are always there for me. You are a good friend. You are a good brother. Thank u for everything. Happy birthday brother!

  19. Thanks for being the soundtrack on my reality show. Happy Birthday.

  20. Have a magical birthday, brother!.

Birthday Wishes for Brother in Hindi:

Saying Happy Birthday to my Brother in Hindi will be a better option if you want to give a personal touch to your wish with heart-touching emotion. If you are living in India where people speak Hindi more than English, then you should definitely send your brother wishes in Hindi only, and to make your task easy, we have some best wishes here in Hindi. Let’s have a look:

  1. रिश्ता हम भाई बहन का,
    कभी मीठा कभी खट्टा,
    कभी रूठना कभी मनना,
    आज हैं जन्मदिन भाई तुम्हारा,
    तो लाना बड़ा सा केक,
    एक साथ मनायेगे खुशियों का दिन ये हमारा….

  2. हो पूरी दिल की हर ख्वाहिश तुम्हारी,
    और मिले खुशियों का जहान तुम्हे,
    अगर आज तुम मांगो आसमान का एक तारा,
    तो भगवान दे दे सारा आसमान तुझे!

  3. ऐसी क्या दुआ दूँ भाई, जो आपके लम्हों पर ख़ुशी के फूल खिला दे;
    बस ये दुआ है मेरी,सितारों सी रौशनी खुदा आपकी तकदीर बना दे..! जन्मदिन मुबारक हो भाई

  4. आसमान की बुलंदियों पर नाम हो आपका भाई,
    चाँद की धरती पर मुकाम हो आपका भाई,
    हम तो रहते है छोटी सी दुनिया में,
    पर खुदा करे सारे जहान पर राज हो आपको मेरे भाई…! Happy Birthday Bhaiyya!

  5. हर राह आसन हो,
    हर राह पे खुशिया हो,
    हर दिन ख़ूबसूरत हो,
    ऐसा ही पूरा जीवन हो,
    यही हर दिन मेरी दुआ हो,
    ऐसा ही तुम्हारा हर जन्मदिन हो….!!

  6. फूलों ने अमृत का जाम भेजा है,
    सूरज ने गगन से सलाम भेजा है,
    मुबारक हो आपको नया जन्मदिन,
    तहे-दिल से हमने ये पैगाम भेजा है…

  7. जन्मदिन तुम्हे मुबारक हो..
    हर दिन युही खुस रहो…
    खुशियाँ और तरक्की तुम्हारे साथ हो…
    हर साल जन्मदिन मानते रहो…

  8. बार बार यह दिन आए,
    बार बार यह दिल गाये,
    तू जिए हजारो साल,
    येही है मेरी आरज़ू..
    !!!!….जन्मदिन की खूब शुभकामनाये….!!!

  9. ज़िंदगी की कुछ खास दुआए लेलो हमसे
    जन्मदिन पर कुछ नजराने ले लो हमसे
    भर दे रंग जो तेरे जीवन के पलो में…..
    आज वो हसी मुबारक बाद ले लो हमसे

  10. पल-पल इंतज़ार करते हैं जन्मदिन के लिए;
    वो दिन भी आयेगा तो पल दो पल के लिए;
    गुजारिश हमारी है उस घड़ी से;
    वो पल जल्द से लाये दिन भर के लिए।
    **** हैप्पी बर्थ डे भाई ****

  11. Birthday है आपका,
    देते हैं हम यह दुआ,
    एक बार जो मिल जाएं हम,
    होंगे ना कभी जुदा,
    जान लूटा देंगे तुझपे,
    है यह अपना इरादा,
    साथ देंगे जीवनभर का,
    है यह हमारा वादा…
    **** हैप्पी बर्थ डे भाई ****

  12. ख्वाहिशों के समंदर के सब मोती तेरे नसीब हो;
    तेरे चाहने वाले हमसफ़र तेरे हरदम करीब हों;
    कुछ यूँ उतरे तेरे लिए रहमतों का मौसम;
    कि तेरी हर दुआ, हर ख्वाहिश कबूल हो।
    ********* जन्मदिन की बधाई ********

  13. दुआ है की कामयाबी के हर शिखर पर आप का नाम होगा,
    आपके हर कदम पे दुनिया का सलाम होगा,
    हिम्मत से मुश्किलों का सामना करना मेरे भाई,
    हमारी दुआ है की वक़्त भी एक दिन आपका गुलाम होगा!!
    **** हैप्पी बर्थ डे भाई ****

  14. हर बार तुम्हारे जन्मदिन पर पुरानी यादों के
    चिराग रोशन हो जाते हैं।
    यादों के जुगनू पलकों की कोर में टिमटिमाने लगते हैं।
    आओ तुम्हारे इस जन्म दिन पर फिर से रोशन करें
    यादों के उन चिरागों को।
    **** हैप्पी बर्थ डे भाई ****

  15. भाई से बेहतर कोई दोस्त नहीं है, और आपसे कोई बेहतर भाई नहीं है। भैया जन्मदिन, की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!

  16. गुल को प्यारा गुलशन मुबारक,

    शायर को शायरी मुबारक,

    चाँद को चाँदनी हो मुबारक,

    आशिक़ को उसको उनका प्यार मुबारक,

    हमारी तरफ से आप को भाई, आपको आपका जन्मदिन मुबारक।

  17. तमन्नाओ से भरी हो आपकी जिंदगी,

    ख्वाहिशों से भरा हर पल,

    दामन भी छोटा लगने लगे,

    इतनी खुशिया दे आपको ये नया आने वाला कल!!

    जन्मदिन मुबारक।

  18. गगन में हो इतने तारे की आसमान दिखाई ना दे,

    आपकी ज़िंदगी में हो इतनी खुशियाँ की गम दिखाई ना दे.

    जनमदिन की शुभकामनायें भाई

  19. जिंदगी का जो सबक तुमने मुझे सिखाया, वह किताबों 📚 में भी न था ।
    माँ और पापा के बाद तुम्ही थे जिसने हर सफर पर मेरा हाथ थामे रखा ।😢
    मेरी जिंदगी में तुम्हारे जैसा दूसरा कोई नहीं ।🙂 🙏
    आपके जन्मदिन पर दुआ है मेरी कि सलामत रहो तुम सारी जिंदगी…🙏
    🎂🍫🍬हेप्पी बर्थडे भैया…🎂🍫🍬

  20. सब से अलग हैं मेरा भैया,😚
    सब से प्यारा है मेरा भैया,😘
    कौन कहता हैं – खुशियाँ ही सब होती हैं जहाँ में,
    मेरे लिए तो खुशियों से भी अनमोल हैं मेरा भैया…😘😘
    जन्मदिन मुबारक हो भैया….🎂🍫🍬

Birthday Message for Brother:

If you love your brother very much, then you should celebrate his birthday with lots of balloons, cakes, candles, lights, etc. You should also invite his friends to the party. He will surely love this. You may also prepare a card to gift him during birthday celebrations, and on that card, you may write any sweet message for the brother to let him realize you love him very much. If you don’t know what to write as a happy birthday message for brother, then look at the list below:

  1. Superheroes are one in a million. Great brothers like you are one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday!

  2. You are more than just a brother, you’re also my best friend and someone I know I can count on to be there for me in good times and bad. Thanks for always having my back. Happy Birthday!

  3. I am going to request my bank for a bigger locker so I can stow away my biggest asset – which is U. Happy birthday bro.

  4. Happy birthday, dear brother! May this year bring the most wonderful things into ur life, you truly deserve it!

  5. I should call you Broogle because you help me to solve all the problems to which I can’t find answers in Google. Happy birthday bro.                                                                                                                               

  6. Another birthday. Another year under your belt. Let me know when you can see the buckle. Happy birthday.

  7. Happy birthday to my brother and best frnd, the only guy I can depend on to get me in and out of trouble.

  8. Sending u warm birthday wishes along with your favourite red velvet cake! This year u can gobble the entire cake but next time, be ready to share it with me! Happy birthday brother.

  9. Whenever I call u my brother I feel so proud of myself because I have the best man of the world as my dearest brother. U are the reason for whatever I have done till today. I am achieved a lot in my life and that is all because of your mental support. Have a luvly birthday brother. Take care.

  10. I would never change the fact that my adviser, my partner in crime and my most loyal friend is actually my brother. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday to the most swt and best brother in the universe. Thanks for being with me and sharing my feelings. We have built so many memories since childhood days. Happy birthday bro!!!

  12. Your simple words could bring a big smile to my face. I’m really thankful to GOD fr giving me such a luving brother.

  13. You are the mst amazing and inspiring person that I have ever met. Thank you for your guidance and support in my life. Hve a joyful and unforgettable day!

  14. Dear brother, it is not only clothes and properties that people share together, they also share love, peace and harmony. I am indeed pleased to share this wonderful message with you—happy birthday my love!

  15. You are a great guy; there is no need to doubt or be dismayed. You have so many unique qualities that make you the special person you are. Don’t worry about others who are jealous of your shining star.

  16. They say you can choose your friends but not your family. I just want you to know that if we weren’t already brothers I would choose to be friends with you in a heartbeat! I’m so lucky to have a brother like you! Happy Birthday!

  17. Thank you for my great childhood memories. Here’s to many more memories to come. Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest brother!

  18. I’m happy to see the young man you have become today. I still remember all the favours u conveniently forgot to repay. But just because you never paid, does not mean our bond will ever fade.

  19. Happy birthday to my special brother! Your presence in my life makes it much more joyful and colourful! Wishing you all the most precious things that life cn bring!

  20. I wish you a very happy birthday with all the love from the deepest corners of my heart. You are the bst brother one could ever dream of. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Brother:

If you haven’t selected any bday wish, then look at this list of happy birthday brother quotes. These bday quotes for brother are different from the above. Some of these are funny, and some are formal. You will find that funny birthday quotes for brother will make him laugh. So, what you are waiting for? Go through these happy birthday bro quotes:

  1. Get used to the volume of birthday wishes, every year they are bound to lessen more and more! Happy Birthday to my overly popular brother!

  2. The warmest wishes on your special day, bro! The moments that we shared are so precious to me. I hope v will have lots of them in the future as well!

  3. Who needs friends when I hve a cool brother like u? We totally rock bro! Huge party due! Happy birthday!

  4. Dear brother, u have always been a true friend to me. I hope this will never change. Wishing u all the best on your special day!

  5. Brothers are what best friends can never be. Happy birthday to one such bro.                                             

  6. You have been everything I could ever ask for, and nothing I wouldn’t want in a brother. Happy birthday.

  7. Thank you for being an excellent friend and the most caring brother to me. Happy bday!

  8. Thank you brother fr all the memories of our childhood days. Without you the world would have been colourless to me.

  9. It‘s a great blessing to hve such a loving and understanding brother like you. I love you and wish you a brilliant birthday!!

  10. Thank u for being there for me all this while, I appreciate you for everything you have done in my life; happy birthday to yu!

Birthday Status for Brother:

You can also put these happy birthday wishes for your brother on Facebook or WhatsApp as status. This is trending now. Nowadays, every one of us is putting the status on social media to wish our friends, relatives, family members, etc. on their bday, promotion, events, etc. So, you should also try this at once. Just add a happy birthday brother status on Facebook or WhatsApp with an excellent caption. Add a photo of your brother with you along with the caption. Here are some caption ideas:

  1. Happy birthday to our parent’s second favuorite child. I wish you the best on ur special day.

  2. I could never choose and I never would to have anyone as my brother except you. Happy birthday brother!.

  3. Having A Younger Brother Like You Is Like Opening A Present Every Day Wish You A Birthday Filled With Joy, Dreams And Love

  4. I have always looked up to u. You are the best brother in the whole world and my ideal. Happy Birthday, May u have a lot more.

  5. You are another year older, a handsome young man for all to see. Please understand and never forget; none of ur girlfriends will ever be as pretty as me.                                                                                

  6. Birthdays are full of wishes, surprises, and smiles. I hope u had your fill because that’s all you’ll get frm me for a while.

  7. Having A Younger Brother Like u Is Like Opening A Present Every Day Wish You A Birthday Filled With Joy, Dreams And Luv

  8. Happy birthday 2 my special brother! Ur presence in my life makes it much more joyful and colourful! Wishing you all the most precious things that life can bring!

  9. Dear Brother, No matter how much I hate you, I will always love you. Happy birthday!

  10. You have the most beautiful of hearts and the wisest of minds and it is my honor to have u as my brother. Happy birthday!

Birthday is one of the special days for everyone. It does not matter whether he is your elder or younger brother, sending birthday wishes to your dear brother is a great way to express your love and gratitude towards him. Make him feel loved and special. Thank him for everything he has done for you till now by sending awesome happy birthday brother messages. Those birthday wishes are said to be the best that can express your true love and affection. So, on your brother’s birthday, make him feel special by sending some heart touching messages to show him how much his sister/brother loves him.

It is a trend nowadays to wish people through birthday quotes and images. So, even when your loved ones forget to wish you on your birthday.

100 Happy Birthday To Me Quotes, Prayers, Images & Memes

birthday wishes on my birthday

Congratulations today because it’s your birthday and you are one of the lucky one to witness today and you must be really happy and grateful to heaven for that. Birthday comes once in a year and now it’s your own very special day out of 365, it’s really something to celebrate and be happy for.

This article is in two collections, the short birthday wishes and the long birthday wishes.

The short birthday wishes for you:

#1: Happy birthday to a beautiful and strong soul, yeah you guess right. It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!!

#2: Cheers to surviving another year and grateful for being here to celebrate myself. Happy birthday to me!

#3: I am not just a year older but also a year better and happier like never before. Happy birthday to me!

#4: I’ll enjoy the best of today and laugh like never before because it’s my day. Happy birthday to me!

#5: Heaven has been really good to me by adding another year to my age. Happy birthday to me!

#6: My wishes for myself today are more grace, more prosperity, more happiness and more years ahead. Happy birthday to me!

#7: May this day bring unexpected blessing and endless joy to me now and forever more. Happy birthday to me.

#8: It’s another 365 days of existence thanks to the lord of all creature for the grace to be alive. Happy birthday to myself.

#9: What a time to be alive, I’m the most happiest man on earth today. Happy birthday to me.

#10: What else can I be thankful for than being among those that is still enjoying the oxygen of life. happy birthday to me.

#11: I really wish I could scream my voice across the universe to show how happy I am today, happy birthday to me!

#12: I should be given an award for mr/miss awesome because I’m indeed a rare gem. Happy birthday to me!

#13: I know I am a source of blessing to others and I’m happy to celebrate another year. Happy birthday to me.

#14: The cake is here and I’m ready to blow out the candles and also to make some sweet wishes for myself. Wishing myself a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday to me!

#15: Most people spend their entire life trying to be a great person but I am few of the lucky ones who had always been great from birth. Happy birthday to me.

#16: On this day, the sweetest being on earth was born. Happy birthday to me.

#17: I am officially +1 which indicate a plus to my success. Happy birthday to me!

#18: It’s another new phase of my life, filled with love and all the joy that I have always imagined. Happy birthday to me.

#19: Happy birthday to myself, and promise to keep on loving the life that you are in because it is truly yours.

#20: To the person that I am this very day, it is tremendous growth through the good and tough times. Happy birthday.

#21: To this blessed and beautiful soul, happy birthday and may the Lord litter your paths with blessings.

#22: I am not just a year older but also a year wiser. Happy birthday to me!

#23: May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity to me. Happy birthday to lucky me.

#24: Happy Birthday to someone awesome, humble, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that’s right, it’s my birthday.

#35: Hooray! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord’s blessings. Happy birthday to me.

#34: Hope this special day and others to come will blossom into lots of dreams come true! Happy birthday to a happy me.

#35: Mon and dad, thanks for a wonderful gift to the world. Happy birthday dear sweet me.

#36: It’s that special day again when I always paint a smile on my face and dare any troubles of life to come because I feel superb and abundantly blessed. A very happy birthday to me.

#37: When I woke up, I realized it must be a special day for some reason. Oh yes, it is the day that I was born! I am so grateful for the gift of life! Happy birthday to me!

#38: Happy birthday to me! Today, I give myself permission to be good to myself. I will make sure to do something I enjoy on my special day! I am worth it!

#39: I survived another year. I am a year older and hopefully a year wiser. I rejoice and celebrate the blessings that God has given me.

#40: What a wonderful and exciting day this is. All of the best people were born on this day! That is why it is no surprise that today is my birthday, as well.

#41: Happy birthday to me! This year, I am a little stronger and a little wiser. God has granted me another year, and I promise myself that I will make the best of it!

#42: Today is the day I have looked forward to all year. This is the day that is all about me! I will have fun and do what I enjoy. Happy birthday to me!

#43: This has been a good year. I have accomplished many of the goals that I set for myself. Well done, me! I am going to treat myself to a special celebration. Happy birthday to me!

Long birthday wishes and messages for you:

#1: Today is the start of a new year for me and a new chapter of my life. What a great time to be alive! I am grateful for the blessings of the past, and I look forward to more blessings in the coming year. Happy birthday to me!

#2: It is my birthday today! I am going to go out for my favorite meal and have a triple chocolate cake with ice cream. There are no calories on my birthday! Woohoo!

#3: Happy birthday to someone who is smart, beautiful, talented, and all around wonderful. Who could that person be? I wonder. That’s right, you guessed it! It’s me! I am going to enjoy my special day today.

#4: It is another birthday. In thinking of this past year, there have been many ups and downs. Yet, I made it through. I look forward to a fresh beginning and starting a new year. Happy birthday to me.

#5: Many people depend on me and make demands upon me. Today, however, is all about me! I am going to give myself special treats and do what I want to do. I deserve it! Happy birthday to me!

#6: This year was a difficult one, with many struggles and hardships. I got through it, though! Yay, me! Today is the start of a brand-new year. I am looking forward to a fresh start. Happy birthday to me!

#7: The birds woke me up with a sweet song, the sun shine radiantly through my windows and the cool breeze gently tap me to wake up to a brand new day filled with joy and laughter, a day specially made for me. Happy birthday to me.

#8: Today marks another awesome year for me and I can only be grateful and happy for this grace heaven has grant me, a new age has been added to my life and I’ve been blessed with blessings beyond my expectations. Happy birthday to me!

#9: Only God is worthy of all my praises and adoration today, he gave me peace in times of troubles, soothes my pain, put a smile on my face during my sad days and also gave me sunshine in my cloudy days. Happy birthday to me!

#10: Dear Self, you have really done so good and so well and you really deserve all the good things that comes your way. You have survive one more year of struggles, laughter and love. Congratulations on passing out in flying colors. Happy birthday to me!

#11: My heart is filled with happiness and my soul is filled with joy because I’m lucky enough to witness today and to see my loved ones around me. Happy birthday to me!

#12: I believe so much in myself, I have what it takes to be a greater person than I was before, I’m a trademark on my own and I have got all it takes to build an empire for myself and I am grateful to heaven for this opportunity. Happy birthday to me!

#13: Dear Self, this birthday serves as a reminder that you have enjoyed the full grace of the lord and that you indeed deserve to be celebrated. You’ve worked through fire and came out without a scratch and you’re indeed a survivor. Happy birthday dear self.

#14: I look around at all of the wonderful friends and family that I have and all of the lovely birthday messages I have received. I have been so blessed. I look forward to another year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

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Birthday Wishes for Teacher

birthday wishes on my birthday

Here are 31 happy birthday wishes for coworkers that are short and sweet and will get your message delivered quickly.


I wish a life full of adventures and heartwarming moments for the best colleague of all times. Happy Birthday.


You make this place tolerable — and that’s not easy! Happy Birthday! (Let’s grab lunch/drinks soon!)


Your birthday is a promise that life has more to offer you, more plans to make, more goals to reach and more dreams to see come true. It’s a pleasure to wish you a happy birthday.


Happy birthday to you. We still don’t know how old you are. Only you, God, and Human resources know your real age.


I feel blessed for having such an incredible work partner. Thank you for your guidance, I learn so much from you. Happy birthday, wishing you a wonderful celebration.


Faith, union and patience are the secrets of progress. I wish you to remain firm on these golden principles throughout your life. Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Co-worker. Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world!


Birthday congratulations to our absolutely terrific colleague. Wishing you and your family the most abundant blessings. Be always happy.


The warmest birthday greetings to my dear coworker. My work days are more lively and fun with you. Thank you for your cheerfulness. Wishing you only the best in everything that you do.


In honor of your birthday, our team decided it should be party time. We’ll go out to party while you stay here and handle our deadlines.


Today is a perfect occasion to say that I truly like sharing my work days with you, my colleague. Your presence somehow makes all the environment more cheerful and comfortable. The greatest wishes on your birthday.


We are glad that you’re a part of our team. Wishing you the best of blessings and good luck on your birthday.


Wishing you a great birthday and a memorable year. From all of us.


You’re such a fabulous co-worker that they could pay me peanuts and I would still want to work with you.


Today is the day when you should really start living your life to the fullest. Be happy.


I would take the privilege to tell you that you are a perfect co-worker and a friend. Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.


Happy Birthday to the world’s best coworker. Feel free to send a similar message to me on October 11th when it’s my birthday!Just a quick note to wish you a Happy Birthday. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous year ahead!


Happy Birthday. You’re not just our co-worker, you’re also a great friend. Here’s hoping this year’s celebration is the sweetest one ever!


Happy Birthday To My Amazing Co-worker. The meetings, the deadlines and the conference calls can wait. Today is all about celebrating someone very special, who makes coming to work so much fun.


Dear colleague, your hard work, determination and enthusiasm is a great source of inspiration to everyone of us. Wishing you a wonderful day and prosperous life.


Happy Birthday. Balloons, cake, lots of fun and laughter. That’s the only way to celebrate a co-worker as awesome as you! Enjoy your special day.


Happy Birthday. I am so fortunate to have a co-worker and friend as wonderful as you. I hope all your wishes come true today and in the year ahead!


I have a perfect gift for your birthday – I’ll do one of your not-so-loving work for you. It’s perfect idea, right? Just don’t use my goodness too much.


This job has tons of benefits and being on a team with you is one of the best ones. Have a great Birthday and a great year ahead.


Wishing you strength and persistence in reaching all your greatest goals, my colleague. Be happy and have a great celebration.


Happy Birthday. Here’s to a cool co-worker who means business when it comes to celebrating. Time to kick up your heels and have some fun!


Wishing you a relaxing birthday and happiness in the year to come.


Happy birthday to my incredibly awesome colleague. Wishing you a fabulous celebration tonight and sizable promotion this year.


Happy birthday to my great colleague who makes work more rewarding and to be honest more fun.


Wishing you the best on your birthday and everything good in the year ahead.


Wishing you all the happiness you deserve. Have a wonderful birthday!


I hope you enjoyed this list of funny happy birthday wishes for a coworker to share some celebratory words on their special day.

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Don't worry, an awesome, sweet, wonderful and brilliant sweet sixteen is celebrating her birthday today.

Top (100) Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Lover / Love

birthday wishes on my birthday

No one will cherish you like yourself and no one will love you like yourself! This is before anyone else, you have to wish yourself a lovely happy birthday on your special day.

Take to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and any social media platform you use and wish yourself a sweet birthday, show the world how much you love yourself.

When you wish yourself a happy birthday, you have covered 50 percent of the entire birthday wishes you’ll receive for the day. So what are you waiting for? We have written the best 100 birthday wishes and prayers for yourself in this wonderful piece.

This is a collection of 100 most amazing Happy Birthday Quotes to Me, Happy Birthday Prayers for Myself, Happy Birthday Images for Me and Fuuny memes for my birthday.

Pick any of the below message, meme and picture and compose the most romantic birthday wishes for yourself. ENJOY!

Happy Birthday Prayers for Myself

1. Glory is to God I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord increase me in success and inspiration so I can lead a better life than ever. Happy birthday to me.

2. By the special grace of the one who created me, this new age I am will bring joy and prosperity into my life, now and forever. Thank you Lord for sparing my life.

3. The joy that comes with this life will descend upon me this new age of mine, I am so lucky for the lord has increased me in wealth and health all through the year. Thank you God for everything!

4. I love myself and I want to wish myself the best happy birthday ever. May the success of this life never miss my way; I ask God to increase me in knowledge and bless me with fruitful children!

5. Lord thank you for all you have done in my life. I appreciate your caring and the joy you brought into my life. I ask you Lord to continue to bless me. If not you, no one else!

Short Birthday Message to Myself

6. Hurray, it is my birthday Lord let me celebrate more of it in this life. I love you, my dear Creator, please increase my health.

7. This new age I pray should come with the sea of blessings from the Heavens. I pray that my life age is filled with prosperity.

8. I am celebrating the best day of my life today; I pray that the Lord should improve my health, knowledge and my success pathways.

9. Thank God I am a year older today, I wish myself the best moment in life. I hope you will celebrate with me tonight?

10. I wish myself a very big happy birthday. I am using this opportunity to appreciate everyone around me and I pray for success in my new age!

Happy Birthday to Me Images – Birthday  Images For Myself

Short Birthday Prayers for Myself

11. Success shall find my pants down in this new age of mine. I pray that my day and night be full of joy, thank you Lord for sparing my life!

12. Many rains have fallen and the barren land had absorbed, but here I am alive today, Lord I appreciate your wonders in my life. Happy birthday to me!

13. Come and celebrate with me coz I’m plus one today. Every good thing of life shall follow me till the end of time.

14. Much love and success to me, I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord shall ease my ways and bequeath my situations with prosperity!

15. In this very special day I was born, I ask the Lord to shower me with an endless blessing and grant me all of my heart desires.

16. Happy birthday to my darling self, I am plus one, please pray that the Lord give me a breakthrough this year.

17. Today I will be selfish; I want to be focus only on myself so I can feel the best of the special day I was born. Happy birthday to me!

18. I’m such an awesome person yet you can’t recognize that because I’m plus one today, a special and cute day to me. Happy to me, I and myself!

19. Today marks the day a prince of passion was born into this world, I pray that the Lord should make me reign forever. Happy birthday to me.

20. Thank you Lord for all you have done for me, may the coolness of your passion cover me today and for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to me!

Thank You God for My Birthday Prayers

21. I beseech the Lord to cover me with His garment of light for me to see clearly in the matters of life, I ask the Lord to wrap me in His power so prosper, happy birthday to me!

22. In the moment when no one can help, Lord you stood by my side, when I was born and till now that I’m grown up. Bless my hustle Lord. Happy birthday to me!

23. I wish myself the best happy birthday in life; I request that my days be full of success and inspiration, joy and happiness, love and prosperity!

24. I am plus one today, I want to celebrate with me and enjoy every good success the Lord has bestowed upon this new age. Happy birthday to me!

25. Happy birthday to my one and only self, I am a treasured year old today; I beseech the Lord to ease my affairs now and forever!

Amazing Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

26. Hello, someone so special and brilliant is celebrating his birthday today, guess the person—I am the cute celebrant today. Happy birthday to me!

27. Happy birthday to someone amazing, talented, beautiful, smart, yes that’s just it, I am celebrating myself today—happy birthday to me!

28. I love this special day because in it a beautiful creature was born and it is me—happy birthday to me, I am a stunning plus one guy today!

29. Hurray I am plus one today, I scaled through the years, thank you Lord for all you have done in my life—happy birthday to me!

30. Happy birthday to the one in a million jewels, a cherished ruby, an awesome lily I’m sure I am. I ask God to grant me success in life, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me Memes – Happy Birthday to Me Quotes Funny

31. Hey wait there, I am happy that I’m plus one today, wishing for myself the best of days in my life. Thank God for everything. Happy birthday to me!

32. I love myself and this special day I was born. I claim all my success this new age I am. Happy birthday to the jewel of passion, happy birthday to me!

33. Thank you so much for the outstanding birthday wishes, my days overflow with joy and prosperous altitudes. I am plus one today, happy birthday to me!

34. Last year was a fantastic day for a birthday, and you all took a very impressive role in the biggest celebration of that day, I pray for a more prosperous one this time, happy birthday to me!

35. I am a blessed hero, today I am going to throw the biggest party, hope you will celebrate with me? I am happy to celebrate myself today!

36. I ask the blessing and the honor of the Lord to be showered upon my life in this special day. Hurray I am plus one today!

37. You are so awesome, fantastic and sweet, guess who the ‘you’ is? I’m the one of course, happy birthday to the queen of the house!

38. I am planning to have the best birthday in life; I want it to come with the sweetest party. I am a beautiful queen, I pray for the best in my new age, happy birthday!

39. Today I can’t stop thinking about myself alone, because I have found a new age which I believe will come with success and prosperity in life. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me Video

Thank You God for My Birthday Quotes

40. Thank God another year has passed and I’m plus one today, I ask the Lord to honor me this year with the best of achievements, happy birthday to me!

41. Can I tell you something? Don’t worry, an awesome, sweet, wonderful and brilliant sweet sixteen is celebrating her birthday today, am I’m sure!

42. Thank you Lord for all you did in my life, I beseech you to purify my heart and grant me success in all my doings. Happy birthday to me friends!

43. Wow, I am plus one today, I ask the Lord to grant me all my heart desires and shower me with the best in life. Happy birthday to me!

44. Lord I bless and honor you for sparing my life up till this moment; I am so overwhelmed with joy, happy birthday to me!

45. Loving myself this cool moment because I’m plus one, come and celebrate with me, please enjoy and feel on top of the world because I am a year older today! Happy birthday to me!

46. Thank God I am a year sweeter and prettier. Come and celebrate a jewel, a treasure well cherished by everyone. Happy birthday to me, I am plus one!

47. I pray that the Lord bless this my new age for me, may He honor me with an endless joy and a renewed prosperity. Happy birthday to me!

48. Happy birthday to a charming, brilliant and special person—this reminds me of myself. I ask for joy and happiness in my new age to accomplish my effort till the end. Happy birthday to me!

49. May the Lord bless my hustles for I am a new year old today; I wish myself the best birthday can you please wish me yours too? Happy birthday to me!

50. Thank my sweet mum for giving birth to me, today I am celebrating my sweetest and special day. I beseech the Lord to bless and honor me. Happy birthday to me!

Long Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

1. Glory to the Lord who spared my life up till this moment. I am very pleased to announce to the world that I am plus one today. May the good fortune, honor, glory and prosperity descend upon my today. Happy birthday to my humble self!

2. You can call me the last man standing because today I really worth it. Guess what? I am a little bit big—I am plus one today, happy birthday to a cute handsome dude like me. I pray for a prosperous year and a life full of joy and endless breakthroughs. Dear friends, come and celebrate with me; my new sweet diamond treasure age, happy birthday to me!

3. I am so happy today because a special day of my life has come and as such everyone is free to celebrate the special queen of the home. I love myself so much because I’m pretty cute, beautiful, sexy and hot. Please just come and cheer me up. Happy birthday to me.

4. I love myself with passion and compassion, anyway that’s my business. I just want to holler to the entire world that I am a year older today. I call on you all my beloved family and friends to please come and cheer me up. I ask God to bless my new age for me and honor me with lots of success and prosperity. Happy birthday to me!

5. I am so happy today and nothing is the cause but the fact that I am plus one. I wish to let you understand that I am now a new person because nature number has rolled upon me. I just want to cheer myself up for a new age God has granted to me. Happy birthday to me, prosperous life ahead!

Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday Poem

6. Just like yesterday a child has grown up into adult now ready to swim in the boat called adulthood. I pray that the Lord should help me in this new journey of life. Dear friends come and celebrate with me because I am a year older today, happy birthday to me!

7. I ask the Lord to bless my ways and my hustles this year and all times to come because I am plus one today, Happy birthday to the cute angel herself, the mother’s favorite and the father’s pet. Wow, I can’t just believe I am now a new person bouncing like a little cute baby girl. Happy birthday to me!

8. Do you want to know why I am happy? Just guess what, I am plus one today so I need to celebrate myself more than anyone else. I want you to thank God for me because if not Him I can’t live up till this moment. Oh Lord please put blessings in my hustles and my works. Happy birthday to me!

9. Glory to the One who has spared my life up till this moment. Now I am a bigger boy, handsome, easy going Mr. Enjoyment, lol! Please come and celebrate me my beloved ones. Happy birthday to me. You will always be appreciated.

10. Today is a special day in my life and I am so happy to announce it to the world because it brings lots of joy and happiness into my life. I beseech the Lord to ease all my affairs in life, and to bring luck into all my life activity. Happy birthday to you my sweetheart!

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Myself

11. I wish myself a very big birthday for I am plus one today. I pray that the Lord spare my life for many more years to come. I wish myself all the best in life. Wow, dude you are so cute today, my red cap is shining like sunshine…lol… I so much love myself. Happy birthday to me!

12. Glory to the Lord and I’m grateful for granting me yet another special day of celebration. Thank you for the gift of another stunning year. I’m thankful, God. Happy birthday to me!

13. Thank God I am plus one today, I want to appreciate you Lord for giving me another year to live and celebrate. I am grateful for the knowledge of life you’ve granted me. God, I thank you for all the good things you have done in my life. Happy birthday to me!

14. It is you alone I trusted most in heaven and earth. My maker, you alone is all I’ve in heaven and earth. Thank you for showing me much love and kindness these past years. I will be grateful to you until the end of time. Happy birthday to you!

15. Thank You, Lord, for all the awesome things that has happened in my life all through the years. I am so grateful for all the joy you brought into my life. Only you can do so my dear Lord, I appreciate you for all your selfless kindness over me. Thank you God. I am plus one today friends!

How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook

16. Beautiful Lord, how perfect you are? You’ve shown me much more than I thought I deserve. I am so grateful for granting me yet another year with good health. I will forever worship you my true companion who will never betray me. My Lord please grant me a prosperous life ahead. Happy birthday to me!

17. Wow, it is my birthday; I ask the Lord, to never stop me from experiencing the wonders He has inbuilt in my Life. I pray for many joyful returns of the day to me. I invite me, me and me to my beautiful birthday. Happy birthday to me!

18. As I am a year older today, I pray for a unique wisdom, an outstanding knowledge, beautiful and lovely days ahead and a wonderful lifetime now and forever. Amen. Happy birthday to me, my beautiful self I appreciate Lord for you. Happy birthday to me!

19. I am not just a year older but stronger and brighter. Thank you Lord for making it possible for reaching this level in life. My dear family and friends, I hope you are ready to party with me? Happy birthday to me!

20. Today I begin a new leaf of greatness today, I’ll do exploits, I shall never be stranded, and everything I lay my hands upon shall not perish but be in abundant. Glory to the Lord in heaven and thanks to Him on earth. Happy birthday to me!

21. In my entire life, I shall know no sorrow that will render me hopeless. And I beseech the Lord to shower me with an endless favor that will live with me now and forever. Thank you God for everything you have done in my life for you ask nothing from me. I am so lucky to have found you as a Master. Happy birthday to me!

22. Lord thank you for giving me the privilege to be alive today. You are so kind my Lord for you gave to me everything I ask from you. Thank you lord I am plus one today. I appreciate myself and all my family members’ happy birthday to my darling self! Hurray to my dear self!

23. A new year has come and reached me in my life, and all I need to do now is to ask God for all the good things life can be. All my wishes are that you show me your mercy and bring me closer to you, Lord. Happy birthday to me!

24. As this year begins, I ask for your love and blessing every day of my life. I pray that you should make them last with me forever. Thank you Lord for sparing my life up till this moment. Much rain has fallen and drawn in the earth. Happy birthday to me!

25. As I grow older today and pray that God should shower me with all the blessing I have been searching for throughout the year. I ask you to open the door of success for me and raise me above the height I have never expected. Happy birthday to me I love you all!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Myself

26. This year has begun with the uncommon success rain that will fall upon me now and forever, I claim it. My Lord, let the opened door of fortune and prosperity be my portion. I ask you Lord to purify my soul and draw me closer to you until I’m vanished in your Light. Thank you Lord I’m a year older today!

27. I am so happy because the Lord has chosen me as a member of selected new age stars. I shall reign now and forever, my glory will continue glowing even more than Glo voucher. I pray that the Lord should bless my new age and endow my life with endless joy. Happy birthday to me!

28. The merciful God has spared my life till this moment and I want to specially thank you Lord my dear Lord. You are the most adorable Master, the Lord of lords and the highest God. I beseech you to bless me with all the good things of life in this my new age. Happy birthday to you!

29. It has not been easy through the year but thank God today I am a year older today. I pray that the Maker of everything should raise my status this year and shower me with endless favors and prosperous years ahead. I just want to wish myself a big happy birthday!

30. I beseech you Lord to grant me all my heart desires and take away from me all my life miseries. Honor and get me closer to you now and forever. Lord I ask you to put smile on my face and to show me your endless passion and kindness. I am plus one today, I appreciate the Mercy of the Lord!

31. Every day and night I long for this special day to come and thank God it is here. I ask the Lord to spray my entire life with colorful happenings. I beseech you of your success in my work and everything I may set my eyes upon now and forever. I ask you to admit me into your Home when there is no home again.

32. All through the last year you have always been with me—until now you never leave me alone my dear Lord. When I was weak, you protected me, in the times of needs you provided for me and when everything in life turned against me, you never moved an inch. I’m plus one today, you stay with me!

33. Lord I am grateful to you and will like to appreciate you for all you have done in my new age! Thank you for the protections, the joy and success you brought into my life. Lord I ask you to continue to love and bring me closer to you now and till the end of time!

34. Glory be to the Lord who has created everything perfectly, honor be to the Lord who created mankind. I am plus one today, so will like to thank God for teaching me all that I knew in life. I appreciate you lord for teaching me eloquence and guiding me into your Light. Happy birthday to you!

35. Hello everybody, I just want to tell you something, though you can’t just easily know what it is but I am going to tell you now. Before I tell you, I will like to pray to the Lord to bless me and ease my affairs in life. Happy birthday to me!

36. Lord I beseech you to ease my life affairs and provide me with all my life desires. You are my beloved God please help and honor me in this my new age. Take me to an uncommon height and make me the treasure of your heart. Happy birthday to me!

37. Thank you lord for sparing my life till this moment, I am a year older today. I ask you friends and family to come and enjoy with me. You all mean the world to me. I also pray that the Lord show bless me, happy birthday to myself!

38. I love you Lord and pray that you should love me back. I ask you Lord to strengthen me in this my new age and to empower my source of income. Lord blesses my family and honors me now and forever!

39. I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord in His infinite Mercy bless me, raise my status and grant me all the good things in life. I just want to say happy birthday to myself! I invite every one of you to my big party!

40. My biggest thanks go to the author of the universe the highest God the one who created me in this special day. I ask Him to bless all my hustles and ease my daily activities. Happy birthday to me!

41. Glory is to the Lord the everlasting God who spared my life up till this special day I am. I appreciate all your efforts in my life. I pray that my life be full of joy and prosperity. I am plus one my dear family and friends—happy birthday to myself!

42. Happy birthday to me, me and me. I appreciate you Lord for all the good things you have done in my life. I wish to announce to the world with all the sweetness of my heart that I am plus one today. Happy birthday to you!

43. I am happy this morning and the reason is because guess what? I mean, do you know why? As the very reason why I am so joyful is because I am plus one today. I thank you lord for sparing my life. Happy birthday to me.

44. I just want to say thank you lord for all you have done in my life because ever since you created me, you have never disappointed me. Today I am plus one and it is by your glory. Happy birthday to me!

45. No one knows why I am so happy this morning until I tell you. Anyway I am plus one and I want you all to appreciate the lord for me for sparing my life up till this moment. I am now a bigger person, beautiful smile, longer hair!

46. Dear friends I am happy to announce to you that I’m a year older today; I pray that the endless mercy that comes with every age should descend upon me, now and forever. Happy birthday to me!

47. I just want to shout out to myself and wish me the best of luck in life. I just clock a year today so celebrate with me and beseech the lord to spare my life for better glory ahead. I ask you lord to purify my heart now and forever. Cheerful birthday to me!

48. I am a princess and so deserved to be appreciated in this special day I am. I love myself because now I am plus one. I wish myself the best in life. Happy birthday to me! I appreciate you all friends and family!

49. I am happy to see the light of today especially this special day I was born. I am wishing myself the best in life and will like to announce to friends and family to come and party with me at home. I love you all, happy birthday to me!

50. Happy birthday to myself, hope you are all cute and cool? I just want to let you know that you are all special to me. I thank the lord who gave me the privilege to be alive today. I wish for the best in life for myself. Happy birthday to me, me and me!


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birthday wishes on my birthday
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