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Birthday wishes messages for niece
November 07, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

A niece is like one of our children, we must always be aware of her, see her, talk to her, and send her a beautiful message on her birthday.

Browse happy birthday nephew and happy birthday niece wishes, quotes and messages. if you want to wish you your niece or nephew on his/her birthday then we have latest collections to wish him/her. please scroll down to read more about. We are sure you will surely like and this article will help you to make your niece or nephew a wonderful birthday.


Happy Birthday Nephew & Niece

Birthday is the best time to spend quality time with your near and dear people. It’s also a time to express your feelings to your family and friends. If it’s your niece or nephew’s birthday coming in next few days or it’s him or her birthday today feel free to call or send birthday wishes and greetings to your niece or nephew and express how much you love your niece or nephew. To help you to our best following we are sharing great collection of birthday Wishes and Messages.

happy birthday nephew and niece

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

  1. Today is your birthday, I hope you have a day full of joys, great surprises and win many gifts. Today, on this special day when we celebrate your birth, I hope you are very happy in the company of your friends and your family. Happy Birthday my dear nephew!!
  2. May this party day, you can have so much fun! A tender kiss on your little angel face. Happy Birthday!
  3. May God protect you and make you ever more special and full of grace. It is a great pride to have you as my nephew.!
  4. It’s a very good birthday, I know you like this date that reminds me and my nephew, the day of your birth.
  5. I am happy to have you in my life, to receive your love and affection, and I hope that later you will be a great man with a good life, surrounded with much love and peace. Happy Birthday! A thousand kisses for you.
  6. A happy birthday nephew and many years of life. Enjoy your day!
  7. Happy birthday and congratulations for another year of life.
  8. Happy Birthday nephew, Remember that regardless of anything you will always be my love!
  9. I have many reasons to be happy, but one of the biggest is because I have a wonderful nephew who is you, my love. Best wishes. Always be happy.
  10. When we love someone, we want to see someone very well, happy, happy. I want to be sure that this is how your days have been including today’s birthday of my dear nephew.

Nephew Birthday Quotes

  1. Happy Birthday, my nephew, do everything you wish with great joy and celebrate your birthday with the people who love you the most. For my beloved nephew!!
  2. When you came into the world I loved you and waited anxiously for the moment to be able to get you on your lap, make you sleep, and other good things that I knew I would do. Best wishes my dear  nephew. have a happy birthday!
  3. Today I have a companion that I love too much and that is very special for me and for so many people. Happy Birthday my loving nephew!
  4. I really like you and I only have to thank the Father in Heaven for putting you in my life making me even happier, and for today I can give my best wishes for another anniversary. Be Happy, dear nephew!
  5. May God allow us to celebrate many and many years of life, with countless blessings poured out, and graces to be grateful for! Happy Birthday my dear Nephew!

Nephew Birthday Messages

  1. It is not easy to remember the dates of all birthdays with so many nephews, but even giving me so much work when I was little, of your day I did not forget! I hope you have an excellent day, with all the delights you love, accompanied by all your friends and relatives.
  2. First forgive your aunt for forgetting to send her a message in your day, is that age does not forgive and it is already getting difficult to remember everything alone.
  3. But leaving my time behind, know that you live in my heart and will always be a very special nephew to me.
  4. I hope your day has been excellent and that all the wishes of happiness are lived by you daily. May your life be full of achievements, that you will never lack health or strength to face any adversity.
  5. Happy birthday, my darling, may this new age be the best of all that have ever been lived!

Happy Birthday To My Nephew

  1. Today is a very important date, and also a day that made me think and realize how fast time passes because without realizing it, you are already completing eighteen years! Happy birthday, beautiful nephew from your auntie!
  2. I love you very much, my little big boy! Best wishes for your birthday and always be in happiness! Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday! Achievements are what you deserve for being so special! And for making the lives of those who know you a sequence of joys and happiness! Happy Birthday from your uncle.
  4. Thank you my dear, for being this person that you are, humble, affectionate, loving, funny, and all the best. May God enlighten you, guide and guide you, give you peace, love, happiness and all that you deserve. Congratulations, Nephew.
  5. May you always be cheerful and smiling, for this is how I like to see you. Happy Birthday Nephew!!


wish you a very happy birthday

Happy Birthday Niece

  1. Of course, you are my favorite niece. When you want to know how much I love you, look at the sky and see its size, and my love for you does not end just grows, grows and grows. Happy Birthday my cute niece.
  2. Today is your birthday, I hope you have a day full of joys, great surprises and win many gifts. Happy Birthay niece!
  3. Today, on this special day we celebrate your birth, I hope you are very happy in the company of your friends and your family. Happy Birthday my loving niece from your auntie.
  4. Sure there are several people who really like you, and I’m one of them. Happy Birthday Niece!!
  5. Today you will have your back, much love and affection from all the people who love you. Happy Birthday!!
  6. I ask God on this special day, that he bless and protect you all the days of your life, and give you great health too. Happy Birthday!!
  7. I wish your birthday to be a party, all colorful, all cheerful as you are. A big kiss for you, my beautiful and a very happy birthday.Best wishes for you birthday my beloved niece.
  8. That in this new year of life you can have many more joys and accomplish everything you want, From an early age we learned that one of the best satisfactions we can have is to see our dreams come true. Happy Birthday!
  9. That on this day of your party, you can have a lot of fun, an affectionate kiss on your little angel face. Wish you happy birthday sweet niece.
  10. Dearest niece, what a joy to see her celebrate her birthday by completing another year of life. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Niece

  1. Happy Birthday today, it’s all yours to rejoice and smile a lot! Best wishes for my beautiful niece.
  2. I hope that God enlightens you and makes you follow the best paths ever. A super kiss and a Happy Birthday!
  3. You gave so much to us and you do not even know it! It is that when we offer something without expecting to receive in return, the goodness is in sight. You’re made of this beautiful thing – kindness. Enjoy your day my sweet little niece.
  4. We love you very much, have you as old as you have.
  5. Is there any uncle or aunt who has a niece as special as mine? No, just me. Have a Happy Birthday, my dear niece!

Happy Birthday To My Niece

  1. May God bless this beautiful family, and bring great blessings to you, my beloved nephew!
  2. When you were born it made the whole family happy, but especially mine. Today I remember this day more vividly, because you complete one more year of life, and I another year enjoying the best nephew.
  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy this day with joy and gratitude. Feel free to ask as many wishes as you can, because I will ask a lot for them to come true. Happy Birthday To My Niece!
  4. I hope you will always be happy, my dear, and in all the stages of life you will never lack love, friendship, health and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  5. One more year! You grow up along with that cheeky, rebellious face. Happy birthday, dear niece! It’s too good to have a person as energetic as you are in the family.

Happy Birthday Messages To My Beautiful Niece

  1. You brought a lot of joy, beautiful baby, but more importantly, it’s making my beloved sister very happy.
  2. I love you very much, wonderful baby, and today, tomorrow, always and forever I will be here for what you need, and fight for your happiness!
  3. Beautiful baby, a year ago you came into our lives full of enchantment and joy and changed our whole world. Happy birthday, little treasure! Happy Birthday messaes for my beautiful niece.
  4. One of the most magical moments was when I saw my sister, her mother, radiant with happiness and fulfillment as she looked at her little angel face.

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Choosing the right inspirational happy birthday niece wishes is all about selecting the birthday messages that accurately and beautifully.

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birthday wishes messages for niece

Niece Birthday Wishes

Pick niece birthday wishes as wonderful as your niece. On this page, you can choose from beautifully written, unique birthday messages for nieces. It’s as simple as selecting the birthday verse that truly expresses how much you love your niece.

If you’re ready to start your search, keep in mind one simple rule of thumb: choosing the right niece birthday greetings is all about selecting the birthday messages that accurately and beautifully express how you feel about your niece. Period.

Whenever you need an extra shoulder to cry on, you can count on me to give you mine. I love you. Happy birthday.

With a niece like you, life is so much fuller than I ever expected. You fill up every room you enter with so much joy. Happy birthday. 

Sweet niece, you light up every room you’re in. Happy birthday.

There’s only one way to explain why I love you, my beautiful niece, so much: you. Happy birthday.

As your aunt, it’s my official duty to spoil you rotten. Let the shopping begin. Happy birthday.

I never thought being an aunt would be so cool. Then, you arrived on the scene and I became the coolest aunt in the world, with the absolute coolest niece anywhere. Happy birthday.

When I’m with you, life is all smiles, laughs and hugs. Happy birthday.

Being an aunt with such an amazing niece like you makes everything more amazing. Happy birthday.

As my niece, you deserve to be spoiled. As your aunt, I deserve to spoil you. Now that’s synergy. Happy birthday.

The only ingredient for a happy aunt is an incredible niece like you. Happy birthday.

Before you were born, I thought I had everything I could ever need or want. When you entered this world, I realized that life is so much more meaningful with you in it. Happy birthday.

My brother has done many amazing things in life, but nothing as wonderful as you, my beautiful niece. Happy birthday.

Message Guy Tip #158:
How to pick niece birthday wishes

Aunt and niece
You do not need to be the world's coolest uncle or aunt alive to your niece, but selecting the right niece birthday wishes is the best path to her happiness on her special day. Why? First...

Read more ►

PIcking just the right birthday messages for your niece is a chance for you to show her why she matters so much to you (beyond the obvious) with well-chosen, beautifully written words. What's the perfect birthday greeting for your niece?

Sending generic (i.e. standard) birthday wishes is not the wrong road to take, but it's just barely right. Of course, this is the easiest way to demonstrate how much you love her. Still, you can do much, much, much better — plus your niece deserves much, much, much better on her special day.

To make it easier for you to choose the best niece birthday messages, I've provided you with lots of birthday verse styles to select from, so you can pick the one (or how many you want) that's suitable for her.

Right below is a list of the different types of nieces (by and large) — and the best niece birthday wishes you should pick for each type:

  1. Sporty niece: Go for an inspirational birthday greeting.
  2. Mature niece: Opt for a cute, clever or cool birthday message.
  3. Cool niece: Select a cool or clever birthday wish.
  4. Creative niece: Choose an inspirational, funny, cool or clever birthday wish.
  5. Immature (or young) niece: Pick a cute, sentimental or happy birthday verse.

The tips above are only helpful hints. Because you know your niece better than I do, trust your instincts when it comes to choosing niece birthday wishes — they won't let you down in this department.

Feel free to mix and match various types of birthday messages to end up with the best niece birthday wishes for her. Naturally, if you have uncovered terrific niece birthday messages that suit your niece, do not alter a thing (keep them "as is").

You have so many choices — over 50 of them to select from here.
◄ Read less

We are the best aunt-niece team this side of the shopping mall. Let’s shop until we drop. Happy birthday.

Aunthood is the best neighborhood to live in, with a niece like you, sweetie. Happy birthday.

With you as my niece, I will be forever young and full of joy. Happy birthday.

I relive my youth every time I get the chance to see life through the eyes of an incredible niece like you. Happy birthday.

Pure joy is what I felt when you were born. Pure joy is what I feel whenever I’m with you. Happy birthday, dearest niece.

Happy birthday to my favorite (and only) niece.

You are your mother’s daughter but you’re my BFF. Happy birthday from your favorite aunt.

I have many friends but you’re at the top of the list. With a niece like you, I have all the BFFs I need. Happy birthday.

With me as your aunt, you don’t always have to work hard. You just have to play hard. Let the party begin. Happy birthday.

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I wished for a wonderful niece. Your Mom and Dad wished for an amazing daughter. When you were born, both our wishes came true. Happy birthday.

I know your family, but you’re more a BFF to me. Happy birthday to my best friend (and my incredible niece).

My wonderful, beautiful niece, you are more like a daughter and BFF to me. Just thought you should know. Happy birthday.

Being my NIECE means you’re Nice, Incredible, Exciting, Courageous and Extraordinary. I love you. Have a wonderful birthday.

When you started to call me Uncle, my whole life took a turn for the better. Much, much, much better. I love you. Happy birthday to my incredible niece.

The moment you were born you stole my heart and soul...and everything in between. You’re my special gift. Happy birthday.

To my sweet niece, I only have this advice for you: be yourself. You are perfection personified. Happy birthday.

When I’m having a bad day, I just look at your beautiful face and everything’s better all of a sudden. Happy birthday.

The official definition of niece – the daughter of your brother, sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law — just doesn’t cut it. Mine is better: a wonderful, bright, beautiful young girl who is just like a daughter to me. Happy birthday.

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Message Guy Picks

Chase your bliss and live well. Whenever you need a little extra support, know that I have your back. Happy birthday.

You’re more than just my niece — you’re my best friend. Happy birthday.

You may be my sister’s daughter but it’s obvious where you got your amazing looks — your amazing-looking aunt. Happy birthday.

Top of Niece Birthday Wishes

As you take this incredible journey called life, know that you are what. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece.

Here's to all your dreams, fantasies and wishes come true today and forever. Happy birthday, our beautiful niece!

With a wonderful niece like you, our family would not be wonderful. Happy birthday to my one-of-a-kind niece.

You are the most precious jewel of all, my dear, dear niece. Happy birthday.

If your parents don't throw you an amazing birthday party tonight, call me, your favorite auntie. I'll make sure you have one — because I could never say "no" to you. Happy birthday from your cool aunt.

We're in your life for one reason — to spoil you rotten. Happy birthday from your favorite aunt and uncle.

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Just so you know: aunts and nieces are, by blood, automatically BFFs. Happy birthday, my sweet niece.

My life suddenly became brighter the day my wonderful sister gave birth to you, my darling niece. Happy birthday.

If we ever have a daughter, we want her to be exactly like you — happy, loving, wonderful and kind. Happy birthday from your beloved aunt and uncle.

Time does indeed fly. It seems like only yesterday you entered this world — now you're a beautiful young woman ready to explore a whole new world. Happy birthday, darling niece.

Your mom, my wonderful sister, gave me a wonderful niece to love. I can never repay her (not that I ever did in the past). Happy birthday.

With your birthday money, get whatever you want for your birthday. We won't tell your mother. That’s what the best aunts and uncles do best. Happy birthday, our little angel.

There's only one problem with a niece like you: you've made us become quite obnoxious, ready to brag about you to everyone we know — at the drop of a dime. Happy birthday.

To us, nobody is as smart, beautiful and talented as you are. Happy birthday to our wonderful niece.

Happy birthday. Whenever you need someone to trust — when everybody else has let you down – remember that you can always lean on me, your ever-hugging, ever-loving aunt.

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This may sound corny but a niece like you gives me hope, faith, trust and strength. You are my darling angel, my sweetheart, my daughter from another mother. Happy birthday.

As my niece, you have a duty to ask me for anything you want — without hesitation. As your aunt, I have the right to spoil you rotten — without remorse. This is what I call family synergy. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy birthday to my wonderful niece. You are the lifeblood, pulse, heartbeat and breath of life of every family occasion. 

I'm so lucky to have a niece like you. You're my best friend, best daughter, best adviser and best critic whenever I need you to be. Happy birthday.

Dearest niece, I hope your birthday celebration is so much fun that you can't help but have a truly happy birthday.

Darling niece, I hope your birthday party goes down in the history books as the best one ever. Happy birthday!

Find niece birthday wishes for babies below...

You are the most adorable niece in the universe. I love you so. so much. Happy birthday, sweetie pie.

Dearest niece, just the thought of your beautiful, sweet face makes my day brighter. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

A niece like you can make anybody's day, week, month, year, decade better. Happy birthday, darling.

As your aunt, I have the right to look forward to lovingly hold you in my arms for hours and hours. Happy birthday, dear child.

You may not yet know what I'm about to tell you: your birthday wish is my command. This goes for today and lots and lots of tomorrows. Happy birthday to my favorite (and only) niece.

The greatest thing my sister ever did for me was to give birth to you, my precious niece. Happy birthday, honey bunch.

What do Google and Craigslist have in common? Both cannot explain how much we love and adore you. Happy birthday to the world's cutest niece.

You are now the only member of our family that makes me look forward to family occasions. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece.

Happy birthday to my truly beautiful niece. May the candles on your birthday cake shine every brighter every year.

How to be the cool aunt with the coolest words!
More sentiments for your niece birthday wishes

As an aunt, you have a huge role to play in the life of your niece. Every year, your niece's birthday gives you the chance to show her how much you care. That's where the niece birthday wishes here play a role as well. 

Want to add more incredible sentiments to the niece birthday messages I have for you? Feel free to read the article, How to be a cool aunt, on for great ideas. This will definitely make you the coolest aunt in your niece's eyes.!


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These three niece birthday wishes have one tbing in common that elevates them to a whole new level: each of these niece birthday wishes show that the special role of an aunt is to be her niece's best friend as well. ◄ Read less

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20 Birthday Wishes For a Special Niece

birthday wishes messages for niece

The nieces are special girls for their aunts and uncles because they make the life brighter, bring a breath of fresh air and they are loved as strong as daughters. A niece is a best friend, a shopping cohort, a daughter, a partner in crime, who stays with you for the whole life!
There is a special bond between the niece and her uncle or aunt as it is built on mutual love, respect, and secrets! Aunts and uncles are cool, doting, they spoil the nieces and allow them to do the things which parents normally prohibit. Aunts and uncles are easy-going, talkative, and common life with them is like a rollercoaster, full of exciting moments.
When your niece is celebrating a birthday, it’s a perfect time to remind how special she is and how much you love her. Be creative, unpredictable and send her funny birthday wishes for my favorite niece, happy birthday to my niece poem, happy 16th birthday niece quotes, happy birthday messages to sweet niece. Also, impress her through sending amazing happy birthday niece images and cards. Treat her like your best friend, express your feelings and send the lines, which will convey everything you have deep in the heart.
These quotes below will help you to show how much she means to you and make her birthday even more special and memorable.

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Niece

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Can you recall the day you first held your little niece in your hands? Years go by and she’s growing up so quickly. Birthdays of the dearest people are always a bit sad since even though you want to freeze time and enjoy their company longer, it’s impossible. But what can survive the test of time is your love to each other and sweet memories.

  • Dearest niece, whenever you are upset or happy, lonely or surrounded by friends, know that my hugs are always open to you. I love you, happy birthday!
  • Even Google can’t find words, which will explain my love for you. Happy Birthday, dearest niece.
  • On this birthday, we will do things your parents didn’t allow you to do. I will pamper my favorite niece. With love, your auntie.
  • I am the luckiest uncle on Earth because you are my niece. Stay as positive, cheerful and optimistic as you are now. Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t want to get the title “Best aunt in the world,” all I want is to make my wonderful niece shine and smile. Happy birthday, darling!
  • On the day you were born, my life has got its sense. I love you to the moon and back, darling, and wish you a wonderful birthday!
  • Being a mom is a wonderful experience, but being an aunt is wild and crazy times! I am happy that we enjoy them together. Happy Birthday!
  • Let your life be filled only with positive moments and let you cry only from happiness. On your birthday I wish you all the best.
  • My dearest niece, you are your mom’s daughter, but you are my best friend. Have a stunning birthday!
  • I see what a wonderful woman you’ve become. Your parents worked hard to make you the woman you are now, I wish you to fulfill all your dreams and have fun on your birthday!
  • You fulfilled my dreams and the dreams of my sister because she has received a wonderful and I have received an awesome niece. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dear NIECE. You are N-nice, I – incredible, E – enigmatic, C – cute, E – energetic young woman.
  • Today is your birthday and all I can wish you is stay yourself and always be optimistic. I believe that you’ll get everything you want.
  • A niece like you is special to her aunts and uncles not because she’s a family, but because she’s extremely lovely. Happy birthday, darling! We wish you all the best in this world.
  • If everyone had a niece like you, their life would be like a breeze and if anyone was loved by you, they live their life at ease. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!
  • In our family tree, the only person I can see. She is adorable, cute and sweet and she fills my life with love and bliss. It’s you, darling! Have an amazing birthday!

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece

The best thing about being an uncle is a chance to become the best friend for your niece. You can leave the worst part of upbringing (we mean being strict) to the girl’s parents with no remorse and keep the best part of being a cool uncle who knows how to have fun for yourself. Sounds like a perfect plan, right? And do you know what cool uncles do when a niece’s birthday comes? They pick cute bday messages from the list below.

  • Happy birthday, my little baby girl. I love your laughter, your sincere smile and your faith in the good. Always dream big and I will be near to support you.
  • Have a stunning birthday, darling! Always achieve your dreams and never be afraid of the failures because your uncle always gets your back.
  • You have a special place in my heart and I can’t be grateful enough to God for having such a wonderful niece. Happy birthday!
  • One of the biggest accomplishments in my life is that I took part in the education of such a wonderful, friendly and cheerful girl. Happy Birthday!
  • You are so cool, beautiful, intelligent and outgoing because you are very similar to your aunt! I am proud of you, dear. Happy bday!
  • The most precious gem in the world is your open smile and curious eyes. You are so little, but you’ve taught me so many important things. Happy birthday, special.
  • If I could turn back time, I would have chosen you as my best friend and companion at the coolest parties! Have a crazy birthday!
  • You are young, free, beautiful, you have so many opportunities in this world. Use each of them and live life to the fullest. Happy birthday!
  • Even if miles keep us apart, love for you is always in my heart. Have a fantastic birthday, my dear girl.
  • You are an amazing human being. I am captivated by your loving, compassionate and understanding heart. I tell you this not because I am your aunt, but because it is the truth. Have a marvelous birthday.
  • Such a stunning young woman deserves the best in this world. All you should do is come and get it. Happy bday!

Happy Birthday Quotes to a Special Niece

Everyone is special in their own way. We believe that you find your niece to be the best, most charming and most special girl in the whole world. And it’s truly great. Now, on her birthday, letting a niece know how much you treasure her presence in your life seems to be impossible. Don’t worry, may these birthday quotes say everything for you.

  • When I was younger, I made a wish to meet a special person in my life and one year later you were born. You have stolen my heart and I am immensely happy that it has happened. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Our relationship is built not on laugh and smiles always, it is built of a special bond, which exists only between us. Have a gorgeous birthday. I love you.
  • As an aunt, I have the paramount right to pamper you as I want, especially on your birthday. Be the happiest girl in this world! I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
  • I really care when it comes to your happiness because I want my niece to get the best in this world. Happy birthday.
  • Thanks to such a stunning niece, I will be forever young. I wish you many blissful years ahead!
  • For me, you are associated with bright colors, which bring life into this dull world. Keep shining, dear! Happy bday!
  • Have the maximum fun on your birthday party! Happy birthday to my lovely niece.
  • You are so young, but your age is just a number because you are so mature, intelligent and wise than anyone of your peers. Keep it up! Happy Birthday!
  • Definitely, we are the best aunt-niece pair in the world because mutual understanding and trust reign between us. Happy Birthday!
  • You are naughty, expressive, energetic, cute, and daring and I love these qualities most of all in you. Have a stunning birthday!
  • Your cuteness has charmed my heart and I am your captive forever. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • I want to wish a happy birthday to this little lady, who pleases us with laughter, unconditional love, and warmth every day. Wish you all the best, dear.
  • You have become the heart of our family, you are a fantastic daughter, niece, and granddaughter. We are proud of you. Happy Birthday!
  • Your laughter is my medicine when I am stressed and down, you are my faithful companion when I’m lost. Thank you for being there always for me. Have an awesome birthday!
  • For me, you are not my niece, I love you as strong as if you are my own daughter. You mean a world to me. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • My darling, on your birthday, I want to wish you to stay healthy, happy and see an optimistic side in each situation. Happy Birthday!
  • My little niece, my little princess, you always rule my heart. There’s no one like you, who can touch my heart. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  • I don’t like when children call me “uncle” because then I feel old. But you are an exception because you are pure gold. Happy birthday, my favorite niece!
  • Happy birthday to my favorite niece, whom I will never fail to tease. You are special for me and I am excited to share this joy on your birthday together with you.

Happy 16th Birthday Niece Quotes

Sixteen years ago your sibling gave you one of the most precious gifts possible – your niece. And everything changed in a blink of an eye: diapers, first tooth, first step, first day at school, first love and first disappointments. You remember it as if it was yesterday and what is more you always were there for her to share both good and bad moments. And now your little princess is 16 years old and you have no idea what to say to her on this special day. Luckily for you, we’ve collected great quotes which you can use as inspiration.

  • You are sixteen years old, time flies. I want to wish you to chase your dreams always until they are fulfilled. Happy Birthday!
  • Let the celebration of your sweet sixteen become the beginning of a wonderful trip, full of great memories, wonderful opportunities, and faithful friends. Happy Birthday!
  • You became a beautiful young lady. My responsibility as the uncle is to support you and to protect you from all bad things you may experience in life. Happy birthday.
  • Never be afraid of failures because they make you only stronger. Have a marvelous birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a caretaker of my heart! You are everything I can ever dream of. Be happy!
  • Sometimes I feel jealous of your parents because they have such a beautiful, intelligent, and talented girl like you. Happy birthday to a perfect girl!
  • You are my jewel and nothing and nobody in this world can be compared to you. Happy birthday, dear niece!
  • You are an important and valuable part of my life, so you deserve a special treat on your birthday. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • Happy 16th birthday to my exceptional niece! You have been gifted with a unique ability – you make other people happy.
  • There are millions of nieces in the world but I can’t find such a compassionate, sweet and cute niece like you. Happy 16th birthday!
  • This day marks the onset of a new and interesting period of life – youth. I’ll be your companion on this exciting trip and always help you. Happy birthday, my sweet niece!
  • Your inner beauty is reflected in your eyes and it makes you shine. Continue to do the same in the upcoming years. Happy Birthday!
  • Unwrap your birthday present and you’ll see that it is filled with love, happiness, hugs, kisses, and good wishes. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Let your life be filled with excitement and adventure and you’ll be surrounded by happiness and joy. Happy birthday!
  • You are sixteen years old, which means that the next few years you will experience so much. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. And I will be proud to share them with you. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Niece

Are you that kind of uncle or aunt who always tell jokes? You can’t live a day without bringing a smile to your niece’s face, can you? Well, there’s no need to make her birthday an exception. Besides, surveys show that funny bday wishes give you a higher chances of receiving a bigger piece of cake. We’re kidding, of course. Or… maybe we aren’t.

  • The day you were born, the world had to make another special place for a little fancy girl. Happy birthday!
  • I have many nieces, but you are my favorite one because only you make me laugh and smile. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my favorite girl! I wish you to have fun at your birthday party. P.S. If your mom doesn’t allow you to organize a party tonight, call me and I’ll make a few arrangements.
  • My major goal as an aunt is to pamper you and spoil you, so I am going to do it today! Have a great birthday, darling!
  • You are my best friend, related by blood. Nothing and no one will break our connection. Happy birthday, dear.
  • My biggest achievement in life is that I became the aunt of a beautiful baby girl. Now, you’ve turned into a gorgeous young woman. Let your life be always easy and happy. Have a great birthday!
  • The uncles are made for being best friends to their nieces. On your birthday, I will grant you every item in the birthday wish list that your parents refuse. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my universal niece! You are my best friend when I share with you my secrets and my best critic when I dress up for a party.
  • Thanks to you, I’ve taken a trial run of fatherhood and I liked it a lot! Happy birthday to my favorite niece.
  • I am proud of having such a stunning niece, who brought so much trouble when she was little, but these were the happiest moments in my life. Happy birthday, dearest!
  • Since childhood, you’ve got the ability to tackle different situations in your life with ease. Keep it up and don’t change! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my fearless, talented, charming and beautiful niece. I love you more than… infinitely!
  • Is it your birthday again? Stop getting older because soon you’ll catch up to me! Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • You are as beautiful, charming, intelligent, wise and cute as me – your favorite aunt! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my dearest niece! I remember about your birthday so that I don’t need notifications on Facebook.
  • Statistics show that amazing nieces have amazing aunts. Happy birthday to my incredible niece.
  • Fun and fab – these are two words, which describe you. Have fun on this special day! Happy Birthday!
  • Dear niece, you are a treasure with a heart that’s kind and true. So enjoy your birthday filled with joy while God watches over you.
  • No niece in this world is as adorable as you, no niece in this world is as extraordinary as you and no niece in this world deserves as much as you do. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to My Niece Poem

In case you aren’t a big fan of ordinary birthday wishes in prose, the chances are you’ll like what we’ve got here. Beautiful short poems are exactly what you need to make a birthday of your niece unforgettable.

  • I may not be able to spend too much time with you
    I don’t get to fuss over you like your parents do
    But that doesn’t diminish the relationship that we share
    Just look into my eyes and you will know that I really care
    Always pretty, always bubbly, always chirpy
    My darling niece, you are the life of every family party
    Without you, the family would be so incomplete
    In my heart, you will always have a special seat
    Happy birthday
  • Such an amazing time I have with you
    You are my darling and my niece
    Of all the ways, that I wish to say
    Of all the things that I cease
    Adorable time and such an adorable niece
    On your special day, I want to say
    That stay blessed in life my dear
    You bring a new meaning to life
    You are my life’s only cheer
    God bless you
    Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
  • No niece in this world
    is comparable:
    No niece in this world
    is as adorable,
    No niece in this world
    Is as extraordinary,
    No niece in this world
    is as beautiful,
    No niece in this world
    deserves as much
    as you.
    Happy birthday.
  • An aunt like me
    A niece like you
    We make the perfect pair
    We really do
    Both of us like to shop
    We both like to have fun
    You are my bestie
    You are my niece number one
    Happy birthday
  • If everyone had a niece like you,
    Their lives would be a breeze.
    If everyone had a niece like you,
    Aunts would live their lives at ease.
    Happy birthday.
  • What makes me an aunt
    Is not just our blood relation
    Or the fact that for you
    I have special emotions
    What binds us both
    Into a bond so tough
    Is that of each other
    We just can’t get enough
    Happy birthday
  • My niece, my little princess,
    You totally rule my heart.
    In the story of my life,
    You are the best part.
    Your sweet smile
    And magical ways
    Bring happiness in my life
    And joy that lingers and forever stays.
    Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages to Sweet Niece

Are you an aunt who really doesn’t know what to write in a birthday card to your niece? Well, even if it seems that all is already said, we know for sure that there’s always something more. And we’ll prove you this. Just read the examples of birthday messages below and, who knows, maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

  • Happy Birthday to my precious niece. You are the pulse of our family and the breath of each family gathering.
  • Accept the loads on beautiful wishes, kisses, and hugs on your birthday! Even if I am far away, my heart is with you on this day.
  • Happy birthday to a fantastic woman, who is perfect in all ways. Enjoy this day!
  • Happy birthday, my sweet niece. The only advice I can give you on your birthday is to enjoy the present moment, value little things and never think about the past.
  • Happy birthday, my little niece! Every year you make me a proud aunt. Let all your dreams come true.
  • Happy birthday to my rainbow on cloudy days and to my beautiful flower in a small garden. I wish you happiness and love.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite girl! You are funnier than any comedy and smarter than any book. Have an amazing birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dear niece, my second daughter, my best friend! I wish you to be surrounded by family and friends not only on this day but always!
  • You are one in a million and I couldn’t ask for a better niece! Happy birthday!
  • The day you were born, you made me happy, but the day you hugged me with your little hands, made my heart melt. I am the happiest uncle on Earth because you are my niece. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dearest! You turn 21 only once, so make this birthday one to remember!
  • May God bless you and you’ll have wisdom, strength, and courage to meet all obstacles, overcome them and enjoy each happy moment in life. Happy Birthday!
  • You are my niece, it means that you will always pursue your dreams and fulfill all aspirations. Have a great birthday!
  • You bring me so much fun, you’re a perfect companion to hang out and to share secrets. I am blessed to have such s stunning niece like you. Happy Birthday!
  • Have a gorgeous birthday, my dearest niece! Always strive to be the best you can be and never turn back on your failures to see.
  • Loving aunts and loving nieces in the puzzle of life are matching pieces. You complete me and make my life happy. Have an amazing birthday, darling!

Happy Birthday Niece Images

A birthday wish without images will be a little bit dull, don’t you think so? This becomes even more relevant when it comes to congratulating someone on the Internet. You can come up with the best, funniest and most clever wish, but it won’t be enough if there’s no colorful image attached to it. So, keep scrolling, we are sure you’ll find something worthy below:

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Finding a birthday wish for your niece is now made easy! More than sixty cute niece birthday wishes to pick from and wish her happy birthday!.

37 Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece turning a year Older (and Wiser)

birthday wishes messages for niece

If you want to be the best uncle or aunt, then you should do better than buying all those sugar-coated sweets and burger. Keep taps on your nephews/niece birthday and seize such opportunities to make him/her feel so special by wishing him/her the best birthday ever; you can never underestimate the power of words especially when it is used at the right time. In this post, you will find a huge list of sweet birthday messages for your niece or nephew.

Happy Birthday To My Niece

1. You are not just my niece… you are the caretaker of my heart’s largest piece. Happy birthday.

2. You are my sister’s daughter but we can all see where you got your looks from – your beautiful aunt. Happy birthday.

3. As you surf through your teens, I wish that you ride the waves of SUCCESS on a surfboard called HAPPINESS. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece.

4. You make the world around you shine bright because of the beautiful light that you have inside. Today, we will celebrate you and that light…and the effect that it has on everyone you meet! You’re amazing! Happy Birthday, Niece!

5. A special little fairy once told me a tale about a little niece I have that I love and know well. That special little fairy told me such good things. It’s true! She told me about my special niece, and that special niece is you! Happy Birthday!

6. For you, Niece…the sky’s the limit! Happy Birthday!

7. When you see people smiling at you, don’t think they’re weird or anything. Your inner beauty shines through so much that it just makes people notice and smile! Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Niece

8. You have the gift of making others happy. Today, we wish that same happiness for you! Happy Birthday, Niece

9. No doubt, other people have nieces. But, I am confident that none of them are any where as great as mine! Happy Birthday, Niece!

10. I have been so blessed to have you for my niece. You are an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman, and I have grown more and more proud of you everyday! Happy Birthday

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11. Birthday wishes are sometimes like leaves that the wind just carries along. May you catch them all and hold on to them on your birthday and all the year-long! Happy Birthday, Niece

12. My birthday wish for you is a day full of everything that’s happy and just for you! Happy Birthday, Niece

13. You have grown into such a magnificent woman. I can’t even tell you how proud I am! Happy Birthday, Niece

14. I am sending birthday wishes for a life of joy and love. Happy Birthday, Niece!

15. May your birthday be as super cute as you! Happy Birthday, Niece!

16. Ice cream wishes and frosting cake dreams for a birthday that’s happy and full of great things! Happy Birthday!

17. We all talk about you, Niece. We can’t help it! You are just so sweet, so kind, so special, and in all honesty, just so you! We love you! Happy Birthday

18. You’re the most awesome niece in the whole galaxy. That way, we have every planet covered! Happy Birthday!

19. The love that you show to others really comes through in how you give of yourself, the smiles that light up your face, and the kindness that lights up others hearts. Happy Birthday, Niece!

20. I hope that you have a happy birthday, Niece! May it be topped with everything marvelous!

21. The most precious gem in the world is not a sapphire, emerald, ruby or a diamond. It is you, my niece. Happy birthday.

22. If I had to turn back time and relive my youth – it would be a personification of YOU. Happy birthday.

23. Just the thought of how adorable a niece that you are, keeps me warm even though, from each other we are far. Happy birthday.

24. The pride that we have in our hearts for you bubbles over because of your kindness and the love that you show to everyone. You are very special and we love you dearly. Happy Birthday, Niece!

25. If I had to define a niece, it would be someone who shows they care. It would be someone that’s always doing their best to help and to be there. It’s someone who smiles a lot and is very respectful. It would have to be you, Niece, because you are so incredible! Happy Birthday!

26. If I gave you a candle for all of your great qualities and for all that you do, we would need a busload of cakes just to hold all of those candles! Happy Birthday, Niece!

27. You have a new year before you that begins on your birthday. It’s a new year of opportunities and wonderful things that will come your way. Birthday wishes to you, Niece!

28. What do you think makes you YOU? I think it’s your sweet nature and the way that you care so much about others. I think it’s your smile and your infectious laugh. Actually, you being you is one of the best things you could have ever been!! Happy Birthday, Niece!

29. Your special day deserves some extra special fun! Enjoy!

30. My hope is that your birthday is the most enchanting day ever! Happy Birthday, Niece

31. I hope that your birthday is filled with the same great feeling that I get when I think of you, Niece! May it be a day of wonder and joy! Happy Birthday!

32. While this may sound cheesy and cliché… a niece like you makes my life complete is what my heart wants to say. Happy birthday.

33. Do you know what Google and Wikipedia have in common? None of them can explain why or how much I love my niece. Happy birthday.

34. I am officially allowed to allow you to do the things your parents have not allowed you to. Happy birthday.

35. The only prerequisite for manufacturing a product called Awesome Aunt is a component called Wonderful Niece. Happy birthday.

36. I had everything in life until the day you were born… when I realized that I had nothing until the day I had a niece like you. Happy birthday.

37. I never thought that my sister would do great things in life… until she gave birth to an angel who I lovingly call my NIECE. Happy birthday.

38. I don’t care about being the best uncle in the world. All I care about is making sure that my love for my niece is the best of the best. Happy birthday.

39. My wishes for you are for a lifetime of shiny days, a sky that beams in so many ways. My wishes for you include a lot of hugs and smiles. You’re a special niece and an even more unique child! Happy Birthday, Niece

40. My birthday wishes for you are simple and true. I wish you excitement, adventure, and great times. I wish you a day just for you! Happy Birthday!

41. May God’s grace surround you, direct you, and help you to live your life according to His will on your birthday and everyday! Happy Birthday, Niece

42. A sun shiny, super happy birthday…to you!!!

43. May your birthday be a present to you that is overflowing with wonderful things! Happy Birthday, Niece

44. I just want you to get all of the stuff that you want for your birthday. Niece, I’m going to wish it and you do the same! Happy Birthday!

45. Everybody won’t be as wonderful as you and I are, Niece….not even the ones…in our family. Just smile if you agree! Happy Birthday!

46. You’re the type of niece that is over the top, above the rest, head of the class, and A #1! Happy Birthday!

47. God has so many things planned for your life. Each day brings its own promises of hope and happiness. Happy Birthday, Niece!

48. You deserve diamonds. You deserve pearls. You deserve someone to cheer you and say, Happy Birthday, Girl!

49. This card is packed with love, kisses, and loads of hugs. It’s be prepared just for you, and it’s been packaged nice and snug. Open it and experience all that it has to say. Be prepared for birthday wishes to fill your special day!

50. Every family has their own nieces, but we have the best one ever. They wish theirs was funny and sweet and kind, but theirs cannot be just like our…no, no, NEVER! Happy Birthday, Niece.

51. May you continue to bring beauty and grace to each and every day. May you continue to bring a happy and jovial spirit, too. May you continue to share birthday after birthday with your friends and family because we will never forget to celebrate YOU! Happy Birthday!

52. You are my niece, which gives you the official right to ask me for treats without feeling guilty. I am your aunt, which gives me the official right to spoil you without taking responsibility. How perfect. Happy birthday.

53. An aunt-niece duo like us can give any mother-daughter pair a run for their money. Happy birthday.

54. Motherhood may be a joyous and beautiful journey, but being an aunt is way better – wild and crazy. Happy birthday.

55. I know I will never get old because I’ll relive my youth through the eyes of a wonderful niece like you. Happy birthday.

56. Ecstasy, elation, bliss and rapture are just some of the words that describe how I felt when you were born. Happy birthday to my favorite niece.

57. AUNT became the coolest word in my life after you were born. Happy birthday.

58. Our relationship is not about smiles, laughs and high fives. Having an awesome niece like you makes me wanna fly. Happy birthday.

59. Becoming a father to such a talented, intelligent and pretty girl like you – this is my brother’s biggest accomplishment in life. Happy birthday to my niece.

60. My dearest niece… If you were a jewel, you’d be the most radiant and precious in the whole universe. Happy birthday.

61. Cool, awesome, fun and beautiful – you are my only relative who has all these qualities. Happy birthday to my pretty niece.

62. You’re a sweetie, so lovely, and quite a young lady. You’re a smart one, so happy, and you’ve been that way since you were a baby. I know because I changed your diapers! happy Birthday, Niece!

63. I hope that your birthday is a happy-go-lucky, full of merry, get up and cheer good day! Happy Birthday, Niece

64. It’s mandatory to have an amazing niece to become the sweetest aunt in the world. Hope you are enjoying this day a lot.

65. I thought that I had a lot, but when you were born, for the first time I felt that I really had nothing to claim as mine. You are the most valuable thing in my life.

66. Nothing would have been enough if you weren’t born in the world. Happy birthday.

67. Great things are hard to find. But I’m so lucky that I found the greatest thing of my life without any hard work. Thanks God for gifting me a niece like you. Happy birthday.

68. Though it might sound crazy, but it’s true that without having a niece like you, my life would have remained incomplete. Wishing you a happy birthday from my heart.

69. No one can measure my love for you and it’s not even possible for Google or Wikipedia. Happy birthday.

70. I love you my dear. This is not because you are a niece, this is because you are such a wonderful human who truly deserves the most amount of love from anyone. Have a wonderful celebration.

71. I tried the google to find the perfect wish for you on your special day. But trust me, nothing grabbed my attention. So, I decided to send this greeting to you – “Be happy always”.

72. You are my everything. It feels like that I’m the luckiest person in the world because I have got a wonderful niece like you. Have an amazing party.

73. You are the best niece not only in my life but also in my imagination too. Happy birthday.

74. You are just not my niece, even more than that. You are a daughter to me, without whom I cannot think a single moment. Happy birthday.

75. The day you born, I placed you in the deepest core of my heart. You are the one whom I love and care most. Take all the lovely greetings on this special day.

76. The term “Awesome Aunt” remains incomplete if there is no “Wonderful Niece” like you. How perfect we are. Happy birthday.

77. You are an angel who made my life more colorful and amazing. It couldn’t be better than this. Have a gorgeous birthday party.

78. I didn’t believe that my little sister would be able to do anything great in her life until she gave birth to you, my lovely niece. Happy birthday.

79. Never feel alone or down, because I’m always around if you are the perfect companion of you when you are alone or to hug you when you are down. Happy birthday.

80. The relationship between you and me is not about the smiles and laughs. You are such a wonderful niece that my heart wants to fly. Happy birthday.

81. My life gave me a perfect gift that I was always dreaming of, a niece like you. Take this wonderful cake and enjoy the day.

82. As you are my sweet niece, so I’m officially permitted to ask for a wonderful birthday treat from you. Have a gorgeous birthday party.

83. As your aunt, I’ve the duty to wish you as the very first person on your most special day. Wishing you a happy birthday.

84. My memories with you are the most precious thing ever in my life. No matter how far you are, my best wishes will always remain with you. Happy birthday.

85. If I need some words to express my real feeling when you were born then I might use bliss, elation, ecstasy or rapture. I know those are not enough. Wishing happy birthday to lovely niece.

86. You may be the best daughter of your mom, but trust me, you are the best friend of mine. Always keep smiling like this. Happy birthday.

87. You need to know one thing my dear, that I didn’t make my true best friend in my high school. I made it the day you were born on this beautiful earth. Happy birthday to my best friend.

88. Your parents have allowed me officially to allow you to do the things that they haven’t allowed you yet. Wishing you a happy birthday.

89. The word “Aunt” became very, very special in my life after you were born. Have a wonderful birthday.

90. I really don’t care about anything when it comes about your happiness. It really don’t matter being the perfect aunt in the world, I only want to be the best aunt of my niece. Happy birthday.

91. You and me, the niece-aunt duo are the perfect pair of daughter-mother. Wishing you a happy birthday.

92. Being an aunt is always joyous and it is nothing less than the joy of motherhood. It sounds crazy and wild. Happy birthday.

93. I believe that I’ll never get old because I’ve a cute niece like you who is forever young. Happy birthday.

94. I remember that special day when I first laid eyes on you. You were everything I imagined an angel to be. Happy Birthday, sweet angel!

95. Happy Birthday to the loveliest little girl on planet Earth. If I could grant wishes, I would give you all that your heart desires. You own me.

96. Happy Birthday to my dear niece: Me and you, we make an awesome twosome. You make me proud.

97. How many ways can I praise your awesomeness without sounding like a tired old aunt/uncle? I don’t know, but Happy Birthday, awesome niece!

98.Today is a special day. Today is the day I earned bragging rights to the title of aunt/uncle. It’s all because of you. Happy Birthday!

99. If eyes were made for seeing, then nieces are their own excuse for being. You have brought so much joy and laughter to this family. Happy Birthday!

100. Good thing I’m not your mom/dad because I like playing the cool aunt/uncle. I’m here for you no matter how late the hour. Happy Birthday!

101. Happy Birthday to the bundle of joy who never fails to amaze everyone with her wit, courage and generosity. You are truly one of a kind, and I am honored to be your aunt/uncle.

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Happy Birthday Nephew

111. For everything in life that your parents say you cannot, all you have to do is to call me, your aunt, and I will make things possible for you. Happy birthday!

112. Whenever I will have a son of my own, I want him to be just like you – smart, funny and cute. Happy Birthday!

113. Happy birthday to the most handsome and smartest man in the world – my nephew!

114. If everyone in this world will have the kind of nephew like you, then no one will certainly bother to have a child of their own! Thanks for being my happiness… Happy Birthday!

115. Dear nephew, I will not experience old age in its true essence since having you around makes me feel young forever, I love you!

116. Nephew, just seeing you today makes me so happy. Thank you for the joy that you bring to me, happy birthday!

117. Hey birthday boy, I hope your birthday will be filled with happiness and joy! Happy Birthday!

118. Perhaps, one of the biggest problems of having you as a nephew is that everyone else in the family has turned out to be too boring to spend quality time with. Happy Birthday!

119. Hey little boy, for as long as you help me with the household chores… I’ll help you in getting out of being grounded by your parents. Happy Birthday!

120. Do you know why your mom and dad hate me? It’s because they have put a lot of their time and efforts to discipline you, yet, I ended up spoiling you. But I just can’t help it… you are so adorable to resist! Happy Birthday!

121. With warm wishes and hug, I pray that your birthday will be as great as you, my dear nephew! Happy Birthday!

122. Fussing over you as my own nephew is just the coolest thing I always want to do. I love you! Happy Birthday!

123. Nephews may come in all shapes and sizes, but for me, the best nephew in the world is YOU. Happy Birthday!

124. My dear nephew, I want to let you know that I treat you like my own child… the only difference I have with your mom is that I have not gone through the torturous months of pregnancy and the agonizing labor pains. I love you as much as your mom did! Happy Birthday.

125. I wish you as you grow older to look-alike your awesome uncle. I promise you that I will always be there to teach you. Happy birthday man!

126. The best gift for the best nephew in the world is ……your uncle of course!!!!!! Just kidding!!! Your teddy-bear waits for you under your bed!

127. On your birthday, nephew, I always think about the day you were born and how you’ve improved all our lives. No wonder we have an annual party!

128. Happy birthday to my partner in crime, my student, my teacher, my friend… my nephew.

129. You are such a sweet, humble nephew, with simple needs, who never wants to call attention to himself. That’s why I returned the sports car you almost got. So, Happy Birthday!

130. Nephew, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for making every day enjoyable for me, happy birthday!

131. All of my best friends are jealous since I now have a new best friend who is way younger than them and more fun to be with and that is you! Happy Birthday!

132. Before you came to my life, I’m just an ordinary man. After you were born, my status got elevated to become an amazing uncle! Happy birthday to you, young man!

133. Each time I see Justin Bieber, I often think of you my nephew. It’s because I look at you as a talented, brilliant and great looking nephew! Happy birthday to my nephew and all the best in life!

134. To my adorable nephew, may your special day be filled with so much joy and happiness! I love you.

135. Hey cute little one, have I told you lately how cool you are? I certainly like the way you smile, giggle and play. You are smart and creative and I want you to stay that way until you grow up to be a nice little man. Happy Birthday from your loving aunt.

136. With each passing year, you become even dearer to me. Have an exciting birthday celebration, nephew!

137. Dearest nephew, no matter how old you become, I will still remember you as that little boy in your mom’s kitchen throwing food while sitting on a high chair. Wow, I just can’t believe how much you have grown. I am forever proud of you and thank you for giving me so much joy and happiness. I love you!

138. Nephew, I wish that you are the happiest today because it is your special day. I love you and Happy Birthday!

139. Dear nephew, may you spend your birthday doing the things you love to do! Happy Birthday!

140. All your life, I just want you to remember one thing – that being your aunt, I have all the powers in the world to spoil you than your parents. I love you! Happy Birthday!

141. My birthday gift for you on this special day of yours is to award you the title “the best nephew in the world”. This is indeed what you are to me. I love you and happy birthday!

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142. Hey nephew, I feel so blessed to watch you grow! May this day bring you so much joy! I love you and Happy Birthday!

143. Nephew, I hope your birthday is SO fun that it puts a big cake-covered smile on your face.

144. Dear Nephew, I hope your birthday is one big, sweet extravaganza…with icing on top. Happy Birthday!

145. How is it possible for me to have a nephew as kind, handsome, generous and smart as you are? Oh, yeah. Genetics. Happy birthday!

146. Happy Birthday Nephew. Celebrate your birthday and do it up BIG! (make me proud).

147. Nephew, I never thought I could love someone like a best friend and like a son at the same time…until you came along. Happy Birthday.

148. Roses are red, violets, a blue hue, wishing a happy birthday to my awesome nephew. Okay, I’m no poet, but I DO love you. Have a great

149. To my nephew whose coolness is just so amazing, I wish you a fun-filled birthday, I love you!

150. Dear little boy, our relationship is not only limited to being an aunt and a nephew for we have this permanent bond of friendship that is just hard to let go. Happy Birthday!

151. To my beloved nephew, you are the son I have never had. But let me tell you that words are not enough to express how happy I am being your aunt. May you have a fun-filled birthday!

152. As your uncle, I am forever proud of having a nephew like you whom I can play and hang out with! Thanks for a great time, buddy! Happy Birthday!

153. May you feel especially blessed today and may you have a birthday that is full of love and happiness that you truly deserve!

154. Happy birthday nephew! Remember that life is short so never be scared to take chances! I love you!

155. I always knew you will grow up to be a good man. Thank you for giving me a chance to become your best aunt. Happy Birthday!

156. Dear nephew, I have not known the real meaning of fun, excitement and adventure until you came into my life. Happy Birthday!

157. From the start to end on your special day, I hope and pray that you will fun in every way! Happy Birthday, my dear nephew!

158. Dear nephew, playing the role of a mediator during your fights with your parents is way easy for me for all I ever do is to take your side 🙂 I love you! Happy Birthday!

159. God created nephews to bring joy to the lives of aunts and uncles. Good job. Happy Birthday with love.
Little toy trains, running in rain, bouncing a ball, growing up tall. Through each and every phase, I’m grateful for the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday, Nephew.

160. Sometimes nephews are the glue that keeps the family together, bonded by love. Happy birthday with love and gratitude.

161. Really glad you made it to this birthday, nephew. There were a few years of scrapes and sprains when I almost had to bubble wrap you. Be careful and have a fun-filled birthday!

162. Happy birthday nephew. Let’s party! I won’t tell your parents what we if do if YOU, er… don’t tell your parents what we do. Make it a good one!

163. Good looking, smart and talented – these are the traits that you have taken from me, your uncle. Happy Birthday!

164. I thought I am a strong woman with no weakness… until you came in my life and I discovered that your cuteness is my massive weakness. Happy birthday cute little one!

165. God have made nephews like you in limited stock. I am so lucky to have received the special offer. Happy Birthday!

166. Happy Birthday to the man I will forever call my little boy! I love you, from your loving aunt.

167. Let’s have the greatest party for your birthday. I promise you I’ve locked our parents outside!!! If they get noisy I ‘ll call the police! Nothing to worry about! Just enjoy! Happy birthday from your uncle!

168. The best nephew deserves the best uncle for his party!!!!Happy birthday.

169. I promise you that this day will be awesome, funny and unforgettable, just like your uncle! Happy birthday.

170. I wish you all the best…Luck, friends, money ,good health, beautiful women and a wonderful life. Happy birthday my nephew.

171. Birthdays come and go, but I’ll remain the uncle that forever loves you! Happy Birthday!

172. My Facebook account looks less like my own and more as if it is yours… all because it is filled with your pictures. Happy Birthday!

173. Dear nephew, I use to hate that idea of being called an uncle before you came to this world. But when you came to our lives, I am forever proud to be called your uncle and I am certainly blessed to have you as my nephew. May you have a very happy birthday!

174. Happy birthday nephew, I wish you all the best things that life can bring!

175. Nephew, your parents have done a lot of amazing things for so many people. However, the best thing that they did to me was to give an awesome nephew like you, happy birthday!

176. Dearest nephew, I wish that your birthday will be filled with wondrous moments and may all your dreams come true!

177. I was looking for cute messages to give to the cutest nephew in the world. But after hours of searching, I realized that there are just no words that can express how glad I am to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!

178. Dear nephew, I am happy to see you grow to become a smart and confident young man. I wish you a very happy birthday!

179. Nephew, every day with you is truly an adventure. You are so active that I never know what you’re about to do next. All I ever know is that in everything that you do, I will forever be here for you. I love you and may you have a fun and exciting birthday!

180. Happy birthday, Nephew. In a family like ours that’s full of crazies, you’re my favorite! Nephew, dude, I’m super mondo stoked about your birthday! I’m not sure what that means, but I knew you would.

181. When your parents told me they were expecting you, I thought “Oh great, a little snot-nose loud-mouth brat.” But you’re nose doesn’t really run. Happy Birthday Nephew!

182. I don’t understand how that little boy who pulled a little red wagon around turned into the fine young man who now drives a car around… but I’m glad I got to watch. Happy birthday, Nephew.

183. Witty, handsome, charming…okay, enough about me, today is YOUR day. Happy birthday Nephew!

184. My beloved nephew, regardless of what your parents may have told you, just think of me whenever you feel like you want to do something you are not supposed to. I love you, happy birthday!

185. I have tried many times, but failed… I guess, I just cannot stop myself from spoiling a very cute and adorable nephew like you. Happy birthday my little one!

186. My dear nephew, the next time your parents will scold you… You can simply say, back off, or I’ll call my aunt! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

187. Sending warm birthday wishes to a man who is so special to me. I love you my dear nephew. Happy birthday!

188. Dear nephew, I may not be your mother, but I will forever be your best friend. I am someone whom you can always count on, through good times and in bad times… Happy Birthday!

189. Hey little boy, I may just like your mom… but I promise I will never use your secrets against you. Happy Birthday!

190. Dear nephew, as you grow older, you will soon learn to let go your immature ways and mischievous days. But please… never let go of your heartwarming cuteness… for this is the reason for my happiness. Happy Birthday!

191. Here’s wishing you precious moments and wonderful memories for a whole year ahead that is filled with all the things that are important to you. Happy Birthday!

192. One of the best things that have happened in my life is when I became your aunt. You certainly are like a son to me and I hope you see me as your second mom. Happy Birthday!

193. To my beloved nephew, you may be the best student your teacher has, and perhaps the best son that your parents have, but you have been a terrific nephew to your aunt. I love you little man! Happy Birthday!

194. If everyone in the world had an awesome nephew like you, no one would ever bother having kids of their own. Happy birthday.

195. No matter what your parents tell you, think of your uncle whenever you feel like doing something you’re not supposed to. Happy birthday.

196. Next time your parents scold you, just say ‘Back off or I’ll call my aunt’. Happy birthday.

197. Do you know why UNCLE rhymes with SPECIAL? Because being an uncle is really special with a nephew like you around. Happy birthday.

198. You are like my own child without nine torturous months of pregnancy and excruciating labor pains. Happy birthday.

199. Playing the moderator’s role during your fights with your parents is very easy – all I have to do is take your side. Happy birthday.

200. I have tried but failed, I don’t know what to do. I just can’t stop pampering an adorable nephew like you. Happy birthday.

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