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Birthday wishes for school friend
May 29, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

The best collection of happy birthday greetings and wishes for old school friends. Sweet.

Birthdays are joyful occasions! They mark dates in which special people came into this world. The best people that one can be associated with are the ones who appreciate funny things in life. Being able to laugh about situations, even the fact that one is getting older, is a good thing! It is the sign of someone who knows how to handle different occurrences and has a great sense of humor! Of course, teasing should always be handled with care, because you wouldn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings, let alone on their birthday…

To celebrate the special people you associate with who know not to take life too seriously, one must send them messages that are funny. Located here are messages you can send to friends, women, and men that are humorous and commemorate their special days in the light-hearted ways that suit their personalities.


Hilarious Birthday Messages for Friends

  • When I looked at the date, I realized that it was your birthday, friend! When I thought about the year in which you were born, I almost fainted! You don’t look a day over a hundred!
  • Today, my friend, you have made me grateful for something…that I’m not the oldest person here!
  • Friend, on this day of the year, many, many years ago, you were born! I guess that’s something!
  • Friend, I hope that a million birthday wishes come true for you! It will match your age!
  • If I tried to count up to your age today, I would go hoarse! Happy Birthday, buddy!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! You were educated in the old ways! The pyramids wouldn’t have been built without you!
  • Happy Birthday to a friend, who is unforgettable! Mainly because you are the grayest one here!
  • Before there were maps, people used the stars to guide them. You would know!
  • Today friend, you should be glad! You can paint on canvas and not in a cave!
  • On this date friend, you might ache a little more. That is because you are old!
  • Remembering you today, friend, is easy! The sheer number of your years is astounding!
  • Friend, don’t mind me, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same: calling you young would be a mistake! A HUGE mistake!
  • Cheers to a friend who can tell me when bread was only five cents!
  • As your friend, I am here to remind you of significant things! Like always use Bengay!
  • Friend, some people are obsessed with age! Like me! I can’t believe how old you are!
  • Today, friend, count your blessings, not your years. You don’t have that kind of time!
  • Friend, you really exemplify a phrase, for me! Long in the tooth, comes to mind!
  • Now is the time to tell you what you truly are, friend! An old geezer!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! Age is not a big deal… to me! I’m still young!
  • Happy Birthday, friend! You are as old as you are dear to me!
  • Dear friend, I know you know who I am, but I hope you get tons of wishes from all those other stalkers on the web who call themselves your ‘friends’ too.
  • I was going to send your gift in the mail, but the mail service said I weighed too much, so here I am.
  • Hey bestie, I know you are sad about your age this year, but no worries- I’m here to blow out your candles for you so you can feel like a real kid again!
  • We have stuck by each other through thick and thin. We’ve been there for each other all these years and we’re still two bitches who are better together than apart. That says something, don’t you think? Stay fabulous, babe.
  • Wait, you are how old? Oh jeez, that’s almost dead in doggy years. I’m so glad we met when we’re kids. Happy birthday, bestie.


Absurd Birthday Messages for a Woman

  • May your hair dye and mascara never run! Happy Birthday, old lady!
  • Cheers to a woman who has been thirty, fifty times!
  • Happy Birthday, to an ancient woman! Someday, you will tell me what it was like to build Stonehenge!
  • You are no longer a young woman. That’s all I got!
  • Wishing you the very best! Goodness, woman! You are really old! I mean, really, really…
  • When you were born, the sun shone…for the very first time!
  • Happy Birthday to the woman who has it all! One hundred years of accumulation would result in that!
  • Cheers to a woman who rises above others! In age and amount of wrinkles!
  • Happy Birthday to a friend that has no secrets from me but always fills in her ‘birth date’ field alone.
  • Looking at you fills me with hope! A woman can live to be a hundred!
  • Now, you can tell me what it’s like to be the oldest woman there is!
  • Today, avoid all mirrors! You don’t want to see that old lady!
  • Cheers to a woman who has dyed her gray hair so many times, she doesn’t remember what its original color is!
  • Here is to all the years that you have been alive, and the cake budget we cut down, just because candles cost a lot! Happy Birthday, woman!
  • There is something that makes you stand out, woman! I know what it is: your age!
  • Today, girl, there are things to marvel at! Like the length of time that you have been here!
  • You are a woman whose very presence makes others happy! Thanks for reminding us that we’re not as old as you!
  • Happy Birthday, woman! Sometimes, I feel like you have been around, forever! (That’s because you have!)
  • Looking at you, woman, reminds me of a simpler time. Like, before there was electricity!
  • Cheers to a woman who stays young! (Only because she lies about her age) Best wishes!

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for a Man

  • Cheers to an old man who still thinks he is young! Call it “experience” and enjoy your birthday, anyway!
  • Here is to another year of a receding hairline and holding in that gut!
  • Since the dawn of time, you have been here! Today, is no different!
  • Your beard may be gray, your wrinkles may be deep, but hey, at least there is cake!
  • Here is hoping that toupee and girdle works out for you! Happy Birthday, old man!
  • A man like you deserves to have fond memories of his childhood, recalled to him. Unfortunately, there are no more dinosaurs!
  • Happy Birthday, to a man who has witnessed great things! Invention of the wheel, the first cave drawing…
  • Today, you have officially gotten past things! Like youth and hair that isn’t gray! Happy Birthday, man!
  • Today, reflect on the fact that you have been here from the beginning! I mean, the very beginning! Happy Birthday, man!
  • On this day, some people will tell you that you are still a young man. Those people are liars!
  • Man, you are like a tree in the woods! Old and still managing to stay grounded!
  • Today is a day to ask important questions! Like, why are you so old?
  • Cheers to a man who thinks he is still thinks he is young, but isn’t! You have really embraced delusion!
  • As your birthday approaches, you might dread becoming an old man. Don’t worry about that! You already are!
  • Today, you have really achieved something! How does it feel to be the oldest man alive?
  • If someone doesn’t acknowledge your age, then that person is not really looking at you! Happy Birthday, man!
  • Happy Birthday, to a man who is old and gray! So old and so gray!
  • Someday, you will tell me how you survived the dinosaurs! Happy Birthday, man!
  • Happy Birthday, man! Remember nothing is promised! Like the amount of aches that you will get!


Hilarious Birthday Messages for your Sister

  • Do you know the similarity between you and a cow? Well, just the face. Happy birthday, dear sister. May you moo till the end of times.
  • I thought of doing some charity today, and you are the nearest mentally-ill person I could find. So, happy birthday, sweet sister! Now keep smiling like you are doing right now.
  • You are very gifted person; in a race of two people, you would always be the first runner up. So, a very happy birthday to you, sis. May your talents keep shining like this always.
  • I have always said you were ‘special’, because the term ‘retards’ is politically incorrect. But anyway, I love the way you are. Happy birthday, little sister.
  • You remember how mother used to say to keep our mouths shut unless we had something good to say? Well, it appears I can only say one thing, since the rest would be horse shit: Happy birthday, sis.
  • You never seem to age you bitch, so let me remind you how old you really are: you’re old enough to drink, young enough to get pregnant, and just the right age to make something of yourself. So by all means, hurry up before it’s too late! Oh, and, as they say, many happy returns.


Funny Happy Birthday Messages for your Brother

  • This is one of the few days when you can come out of the jungle and act like humans. To celebrate that, I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • I am happy for you today, even though you are adopted and were found in a bin. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous birthday, bro.
  • A wise man said “we hurt only those who we love”. This is probably why I beat you all the times. Happy birthday, brother. May your bones heal soon.
  • It really doesn’t matter that you are ugly, stupid and useless. For me, you will always be family. Happy  birthday, brother.
  • Dear bro, I know we don’t always get along, I mean, except when we’re both wasted, but I really want to wish you a very happy birthday. So, I brought beer. You’re welcome.
  • Hey brother, you’re very welcome. You have such a great sister in me, no wonder you turned out so awesome! Have the best birthday ever. We both deserve it.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to my favorite brother of all time- I know you’re my only brother, but still. You’re the best I could ask for all year round.
  • Stellar, rock star, rad, amazing, super awesome, gorgeous- wait, who are we talking about? Oh sorry, that was me. But you’re pretty cool too, bro. Have a very special birthday!
  • Wishing happy birthday to a bro who reminds me of the lil’ sister I never got. You came really close.


Ludicrous Birthday Messages for your Husband

  • My dear husband, science says that women live longer than men. Since you have lesser birthdays than me, I hope to make each one of them special. Happy birthday, darling.
  • Despite the numerous times you forgot to wish me on my birthday, I have a kind heart and pure soul. So, being gracious enough, I wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you with a better memory and make you always find your car keys.
  • During our marriage, you promised that we will share everything with me. So I bought you an expensive makeup kit, which you can later share with me. Happy birthday, my love.
  • You have always been the best husband ever. Apart from the fact you are ungrateful, careless, lazy, pompous, dim-witted and too short. Apart from that, you are just perfect. Happy birthday, honey.
  • Hey old man, I knew when I met you that you’d be the best father, grandpa, and husband I could have asked for. So far, you’ve proven me wrong. Let’s just say you’re not the best, but you’re pretty close.
  • Babe, as you blow the candles out and make a wish today, I know your wish is for us both to be happy together. So, let’s go on that vacation I’ve always wanted.


Funny Birthday Quotes for your Wife

  • So, today is the day you get one more year older. Shouldn’t it be the right time to finally tell me your exact age? Anyway, happy birthday, my love. May you remain this beautiful forever.
  • You keep getting more beautiful with each year passing. For this, I have to give my gratitude to your beautician. Happy birthday, darling. May the cosmetics be with you.
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the women who taught me to say “sorry” without any apparent reason. Stay the way you are (or maybe, be a little less like a Ninja Turtle, if possible).
  • Today is your great day. I do not want to ruin it by telling you that your food is overcooked and lacks taste, or that you create more mess than I did when I was 5 years old. So, I would simply like to tell you that you are an amazing wife. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Honey, today on your birthday don’t lift a finger. Don’t worry about the messy house or the dishes. It will all be there tomorrow.
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to my WIFE- sexy date for life. I love you with all my heart (and butt).
  • Babe, did you hear? Someone I absolutely love was born today! It’s YOU! Happy birthday, sweetheart. I loved you from the start and always will.
  • If I could count all the stars to tell you all the many ways you make my life happier and better, I would. But since you didn’t marry a scientist or astrologer, I’m just going to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY so you’re not further disappointed.


Entertaining Birthday Messages for your Mom

  • Hey, mother. Even though I have always criticized your food, the shit that they serve at the mess made me realize that your hand was pure gold. May you live forever and continue to make that delicious food for me.
  • Every time you threw a sandal/slipper at me, it only helped to keep me in line and make me a better human being. For that alone, I will be forever grateful to you.Happy  birthday, ma. May you live a long, long life.
  • I used to thing that mothers are the jailors for who have yet not had the chance to visit the jail. Now that I am an adult and have to wash my own clothes, I realize that mothers are simply the gifts for those who are too incapable to take care of themselves. Wishing you a very happy birthday, mom.
  • Remember the time when I used to wish that you get swapped by my best friend’s mom? Well, not saying that his mom is any less, but I have grown rather fond of you, so stay where you are. Happy birthday, mother. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  • Dear mother, I know I was never perfect as a kid, and I’m still working on it, but thanks for not dropping me off at the shopping center and leaving me for grabs. I know it crossed your mind. But you’re just too good of a mom.
  • Dear mom, don’t be sad. You’re still so good looking that weird old guys mistake us for sisters. You still got it! Many happy returns.
  • To a mom who wiped my butt, fed me, clothed me and all the rest, you truly are the best. Of course, they tell me all that stuff was your job and came with the package.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for your Dad

  • Happy birthday, dad. I simply can’t believe that it has been only 30 years since you were 18! May you look this young forever.
  • Have you heard of the phrase “Wiser with age”? Because I really doubt that you have (just kidding, don’t slap me). Happy birthday, dear father. May you continue to be this awesome forever.
  • I wish you keep smiling and showing your teeth like this forever (or as long as you actually have teeth). Wishing you a very happy birthday, dad.
  • Just FYI, my gift to you would be the hell lot of candles I had to buy to match your age. Apart from that, wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday, daddy.
  • Happy happy birthday to the greatest dad, farter, I mean father, and best friend. I love you, dad.
  • Happy birthday, dad. I know I say this enough, but I really appreciate all the horse shit you put up with from me. It makes me feel so much better about my future kids.
  • Hi daddy, just wanted to say thank you for marrying my mother- she really is great. Have the bestest of birthdays!


Silly Birthday Messages for your Boyfriend

  • Hey, honey: I know you birthday is almost over, but this is what you get for forgetting my birthday. I guess you have learnt your lesson now. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Remember how you told me that you want a Rolex watch as your birthday present? Well, I realized that it was stupid, so you are getting nothing. Wish you a very happy birthday, baby.
  • It is wonderful how you look younger with every year passing. Soon, I might go to jail for dating a teenager. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you stay young in your heart.
  • To my dearest, sexy boyfriend: I just want to say that I really do love you with all my ___insert body past of interest here___. Happy birthday, babe.
  • Hi handsome, I know surprise parties aren’t your thing, plus I can’t keep a secret. So let’s just enjoy the company of being together and celebrating another year of this happiness. I love you and happy birthday. You’re the best boyfriend ever.
  • Babe, I’ve never met anyone more committed and focused to snack munching and TV watching than you. Congrats on all your biggest accomplishments. Of course, your best one is me.


Funny Happy Birthday Messages for your Girlfriend

  • Remember the time I said birthdays are for kids? Well, Happy birthday, my love. Hope you continue to spread that glorious smile of yours to everyone around you, even if that seriously tires your jaw.
  • Happy birthday, baby. And I seriously believe that you should tell me your age, because every time I try to guess it, my calculations land you under 18 and me under arrest. Apart from that, enjoy your special day.
  • There is not nearly enough times when I have told you how beautiful , caring and amazing you are. Do not listen to the people who say I am compulsive liar, they are just jealous that I have you. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Hey girlfriend, I’m so excited that you chose to spend the day with me rather than your actual ‘girlfriends’. It’s makes me feel so special. I’m so glad I found you and that we are the same type of weird. The world will never break us apart.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to the healthiest, sexiest, loveliest bitch I know. I’m beyond grateful to have you in my life.
  • To my amazing girlfriend: don’t worry about age, another year older is just another year you look hotter to me. I love you lots, baby.


Q&A Birthday Jokes

Q: Do you by any chance know what constantly goes up, but never ever comes down?
A: Your ever-growing age!

Q: What does the average cat love to eat at her birthday party?
A: Mice cream.

Q: What do Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln both have in common?
A: They were both born on public holidays.

Q: What do people who have the most birthdays have in common?
A: Old age.

Q: Why did couples have problems with each other before the 2000s?
A: Because Facebook reminder didn’t exist at that time to remind them of their partners’ birthdays.

Q: What happened to all the guests at Kim Jong-un’s birthday party bash?
A: Kim nuked them all so he wouldn’t share his cake with anyone!

Q: What do chickens love to eat at their birthday parties?
A: Coop-cakes!

Q: Where can you find the best birthday present for your cat?
A: Inside a cat-alogue!

Q: What kills a person faster than cancer?
A: Too many birthdays!

Q: What type of cake was served at the birthday party of Penny from the Big Bang Theory?
A: Cheese cake.

Q: What type of cake do the people of North Korea serve at their birthday parties?
A: Cakes decorated with Kim Jong-un’s face.

Q: What gift do you always receive on your birthday?
A: A brand new age.


You Know You’re Old when… 

  • …the numerous candles on your birthday cake not only become more expensive than your cake itself, but also negatively impact the environment.
  • …kids feel safe to tell you their secrets because they know you will end up forgetting them.
  • …a teenager refers to you as a middle-aged man/woman.
  • …your mates start having children on purpose and not accidentally.
  • …people assume the first pet you ever owned was a dinosaur.
  • …your favorite songs are now elevator music.
  • …you see a smoking hot chick in bikini and the first thought that crosses your mind is, “I hope she’s wearing sun block”.
  • …all your favorite sportsmen and women have retired.
  • …it takes forever to scroll down to choose your year of birth on a website.
  • …the candles on your cake create a bonfire.
  • …your mates start running for president and other public offices.
  • …the once adorable Karate Kid is now an old man.
  • …you start feeling sleepy at the same time you used to go out at night to have fun.
  • …your fridge consists of more food than beer.
  • …teenagers start mistaking you for the legendary Keith Richards.
  • …that adorable kid you used to baby sit is no longer a kid.
  • …a Donna Summer song brings back a lot of memories.
  • …you can be slapped with the death penalty.
  • …prefer eating in than eating out.
  • …you fall down and die when someone tells you to act your age.
  • …you feel there’s nothing left in life to learn.
  • …in your childhood, Blackberry and Apple were nothing more than fruits.
  • …you start worrying about how you’ll pay your mortgage.
  • …acne problems are a thing of the past.
  • …birthdays remind you something to be forgotten.
  • …you lie about your age or are tempted to do so.
  • …your patronage of condoms begins to drastically decline.
  • …you start finding teenagers’ birthday parties annoying and repulsive.
  • …your loved ones keep telling you how young you look.
  • …hostage takers are not interested in taking you hostage.
  • …your friends pay firefighters to be on standby for your birthday bash because they are afraid your birthday candles might cause a disaster.
  • …you witnessed people getting burnt alive at the stake.
  • …you search everywhere for your reading glasses when it is on your head.
  • …if you have ever attended a Beatles concert.
  • …marketers start targeting you with anti-aging wrinkle creams.
  • …you can date someone half your age without breaking any man-made laws.
  • …your neighbors don’t even know it when you organize a party.
  • …your secrets are safe with your friends because they can’t remember them or have died.
  • …you finally know where your prostate is located.
  • …you once used telegraphs to send messages to your loved ones in faraway places.


Funny to Celebrate My Special Day | Short Jokes about your own Birthday

  • It is my birthday and I have no doubt in my mind that this is nature’s way of telling me to eat more cakes!
  • I guess this is the year I should start lying about my age. Happy birthday to me!
  • Wishing myself a super duper birthday! I hope my friends remember my birthday and not my age.
  • At this age, I don’t need to worry much about temptation because it is no longer interested in me.
  • Blowing out the candles on my birthday cake was indeed one heck of a good exercise for my lungs.
  • Today I understand why the word “birthday” ends with the letter Y!
  • They say the good die young. If that is true, then I must be a really bad a**. Happy birthday to me!
  • Today is my birthday and I’m another year closer to my death yet my family and friends are happy for me. What a terribly strange world we live in.
  • Few years ago, I fell down on the street and people laughed at me. However, today I fell and everyone was in a state of panic. I guess this means I’ve become an Old Timer. Happy birthday to me.
  • Today is my Big Day, and I’m proud to announce to the world that I don’t look a day over my actual age. Isn’t that awesome?!
  • On my birthday, I plead with all my friends who really love me to refrain from making any age-related jokes.
  • I am officially a year older today and I’m not bothered at all about that because I know my age is just the number of years that I have been a blessing to this world.
  • On my Big Day, I’m going to party in such a wild manner that many religions will waste no time condemning me straight to hell.
  • It is my birthday today, and I have every right to support wildlife by organizing a wild party.

Hilarious Birthday Quotes For Your Son

  • Dear son, although your birthday couldn’t rise to the prestigious status of national holiday, your mom and I will try to treat it as one. Maybe you should become president to make that happen.
  • Son, your taste, like your ken, has advanced in sophistication; so finding a gift for you was difficult. We hope you are not offended that we went with the basics — cakes!
  • I hope that the candles didn’t make you extremely hot for the new girls on the block. I don’t think they would mind, anyways! Happy birthday, my dear.
  • If you were a politician, your party color would be neither red nor blue but white because you are such a maverick! Happy birthday to you, my dearest son.
  • We should share, equally, all those lovely presents because today is also my day of being a mother/father. Happy birthday to you, son. I love you.

Absurd Birthday Messages For Your Daughter

  • Statisticians will consider your age insignificant, and just focus on counting your candles instead. But I know better than that! Happy birthday to my lovely daughter!
  • Your height is disproportional to your age, and makes me look like your younger sibling. But I love you, anyway. Keep soaring and growing, dear.
  • You are such a lovely, walking paradox; on the one hand, we are happy that you are growing, but on the other, we are reminded of how fast we are aging.
  • It seems like only yesterday when I ordered your first diaper change. Soon, the tables might turn, and you will order my last diaper change. Happy birthday, daughter!
  • Your mom/dad and I failed to name you appropriately. “Epitome of Beauty” is what should have been on your birth certificate.

Funny Birthday Greetings For Your Niece

  • Good to see that you are making progress towards the ultimate prize of great grand motherhood, many wrinkles, and, to be honest, lots of charm. Enjoy your day!
  • May Santa visit you this year, making your pockets heavier than your weight; not the other way round, like he did last year. Wishing you a joyous birthday with love.
  • Happy birthday, my dear niece. You may eat all the candies and biscuits you want but will have to pay a tax of 80% to me. I love and miss you so much, my dear.
  • At this nubile age, be careful of charming, hipster boys; they are predictable, ravenous puppies who will go to anyone who has the bone. Happy birthday, my love.
  • My dear niece, I pray that you will be manumitted from the ostensibly in vogue shackles of social media. Here’s to a free life!

Funny Birthday Messages For Your Nephew

  • I hope you are not going to keep shouting “mommy” like you did with a crying voice when you came out of the womb.  We love you so much, our precocious fellow. Have a blast!
  • I won a huge lottery on the day you were born, so please continue to bring me good luck each year with your charming smile. Happy birthday, my dear nephew.
  • Today, it will rain lots of ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches solely for your sweet tooth. Enjoy your day, darling.
  • Your parents are going to kill me today because you are about to be incredibly spoiled with amazing goodies! But it won’t hurt because I just can’t stop loving you.
  • I was usually the reluctant counselor when the young girlfriend had issues but now no more, because you can take care of things yourself. Happy birthday to my amazing, grown-up nephew!    

Absurd Birthday Greetings For Your Workmate

  • You make recalcitrant managers and superiors appear like wee boys, at least in our heads! Truly, office work is less cumbersome when you are around. Happy birthday, mate!
  • The buzzing sound of your short-tempered Benz, which stops every quarter of a mile, is always an indication that it’s closing time. Thanks for the service, mate.
  • Your hard talk and spontaneous outbursts are always welcome distractions from the throes of office labor. Just tone them down a bit next time. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday, mate.
  • If you ever find yourself at the point where you are forced to choose between a quarter-life crisis and a mid-life crisis, opt for the former because not all crises are created equal. Have a blissful birthday. Happy birthday, mate.
  • If I could dismiss everybody from work and hire only you, I would. Your childlike heart, and mega brains make you so indispensable. Happy birthday, and have a blast!    

Amusing Birthday Greetings For Your Grandma

  • Dear granny, I thought that your birthday won’t be special without me, but I realized that you have more beautiful, smart, and talented grand kids in your arsenal. May God continue to bless you.
  • Sweet grandma, I see that you are growing more youthful, athletic, and agile than most of us. We will love to have you on our baseball team this year. Wishing you a happy birthday!
  • Thank you for calling me out on my silly, puerile and dumb stuff. All the credit goes to you for grounding me in reality and making me a pragmatic person. Have a blast, grandma!
  • My dear granny, I want to be like you when I grow up, playing smart and invoking the “elderly clause” whenever I want to have things done my way. Wishing you a blissful birthday.     

Ludicrous Birthday Quotes For Your Grandpa

  • Dear grandpa, as you blow your candles, please wish to become a superhero so that I can play with you all day long and on vacations! Sending you lots of love and cheer.
  • Granddad, thank you for keeping mom and pa in check whenever they won’t let me have my way. You are the best partner in crime a kid could ask for. Sending you lots of love.
  • Grandpa, this year, the candles on your cake will be too many for you to blow alone. You can hire me for a nominal fee to do this routine work for you. Have a great birthday!

Hilarious Birthday Messages for all

  • Many happy returns! I believe you are officially able to be appraised on Antique Roadshow!
  • Happy Birthday to you. I hope you enjoy your day as much as I’ll enjoy eating free cake and ice cream.
  • Your birthday only comes once a year but the wrinkles it brings will last a lifetime.
  • If you were a dog…you’d be 7 times older than you are now! Think about it. Happy Birthday, Old Yeller!
  • That’s your birthday cake?! I thought we were having a bonfire in the middle of your dining room. Happy Birthday… should I call and cancel the fire department then?
  • Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Facebook told me it was your birthday and that I should write on your wall.
  • Happy Birthday from one of the most spectacular, sensational, wisest people you know. You are one-in-a-million.
  • My best wishes! I hope your husband treats you to a night out on the town–so you can enjoy having the house to yourself!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who knows everything there is about me and STILL enjoys being my friend. I hope we have many more years of wild and crazy adventures together.
  • Did you know Chuck Norris was born on your birthday? Just kidding. That would be pretty kick butt though wouldn’t it? Your birthday is still on a pretty good day.
  • Wishing you the best! I would say you don’t look another year older but if I tell one lie now it might make anything else I say later on unbelievable. You look pretty good for your age!
  • If you were a grape I would stomp on you and make you into a delicious vintage wine. Happy Birthday, Friend!
  • The best part of birthday is the birthday cake. Wishing you the best. Where’s the cake?
  • Happy Birthday to a friend who I wouldn’t trade for all the Nutella in the world.
  • I couldn’t fit Channing Tatum in the box but I hope this gift will do. Happy Birthday to the future Mrs. Channing Tatum.
  • So I was watching Jurassic Park and I remembered it was your birthday. Happy Birthday, you old dinosaur!
  • I was watching Grumpier Old Men and I remembered it was your birthday. I hope we get put in the same room at our future nursing home. We would make some kick butt BINGO partners! We would clean up!
  • I have a particular set of skills. Skills that I have learned over a lengthy friendship with you. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you give me a piece of cake, I will leave. If you don’t, I will find your cake and I will blow out your candles.
  • Happy Birthday, my friend! I’m looking forward to getting together with you tonight to go over all of your Facebook birthday wishes from people that don’t give a rats behind about you the rest of the year.
  • On Wednesdays we wear pink. Happy Birthday, my totally fetch friend!
  • I’ll tell you a secret. I do believe it’s somebody’s birthday and just in case that person is you, Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who remembers how to do the ‘Macarena’.
  • Stop crying. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion where we fill up on divine birthday cake and drink good cheer. Celebrate in merriment the day of your birth into this lustrous world. Forget the wrinkles, sore joints, forgetfulness, and gray hair. Happiest of Happy Birthday to you, dear friend!
  • If someone asks if you’re a God, you say ‘YES!’ . If you don’t Mr. Stay Puft will wreck havoc on our town. That was life lesson #1, right? Happy Birthday to a friend who is fluent in movie quotes just like me.
  • Happy Birthday to someone good looking, super smart, charismatic, and charming. Wait…I meant FROM someone.
  • Best wishes. You’re not THAT old. You’re just getting up there. In the words of Elsa, “Let it go! Let it go!”
  • Your 21st Birthday party was SO successful you decided to celebrate it for more than 20 years in a row!
  • I was thinking about it and I think if someone was to make a movie about your life, Linda Blair would be perfect to play you.
  • You know that old sang the older you are the wiser you are? I used to think it was true but then I met you! Just kidding, friend. Happy Birthday to you.
  • I was at the antique store downtown and I ran across one of the toys from your childhood that you always talk about. Happy Birthday and Congratulations to someone who is old enough to have their childhood toys listed in the latest edition of the Kovel’s Antique Guide! Well done!
  • When you get to be your age you really should just throw caution to the wind and go “Why the hell not?!”. You are only young once! Go skydiving! Go skinny dipping in Tahiti! Go for a leisurely stroll up Mt. Everest.
  • Of all the people celebrating their birthday today, you are the least likely to be called “young” by a door-to-door salesman. Enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is getting more valuable and better with age! Oh wait–that’s wine. Happy Birthday to someone who is just getting old!
  • Just to let you know that getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to grow up. You can always be a ‘Toys R’ Us’ kid who wears scrunchy socks, jelly shoes, and drives a Big Wheel.
  • Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You act like a monkey and you smell like a mountain goat. I think that means you belong in a zoo!
  • Happy Birthday to someone I am proud to say will ALWAYS be older than me. I love having you as my friend, even if it is only to make myself feel better about my age.
  • I know you’re not thirty, flirty, and thriving but hey you’re still driving! You’re not in too bad of shape.


Once you have come up with the perfect birthday greeting for your friend, it is time to figure out how to send it. Written birthday cards are becoming a thing of the past but they seem to be more appreciated because of the care and time it takes to write out the card. Email and text message birthday greetings are perfectly acceptable, however, less personal. They are fast and easy to type and send. If you remember a birthday and are in the middle of a busy day it might be good to quickly send out a quick email or text so that you have your bases covered if you forget to call or send a handwritten greeting later on.

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150 Original Birthday Messages for Friends and Loved Ones

50 Hilarious Happy Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday Wishes and Cards to Share on a Special Day

Share a birthday wish and spread the words of Happy Birthday Messages.

Wishing them on their birthday is another way of showing that we care and respect Happy birthday dear, having you as my classmate is one of the best school.

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

birthday wishes for school friend

For your friend, send them the birthday message with the image that captures all your thoughts!

Friends make the world go round. In high school, friends embrace your weirdness and join in. In college, they are the people who answer a door knock at 12 am and keep you well supplied with coffee during finals. At work, they snicker with you over lunch and break up the tedious day. Friends are the neighbors who grace your table on Christmas, the running partner you see every Saturday. The person you only talk to on social media but you know everything about.

For your friend’s birthday this year, no matter how you met, how often you call, or how new the relationship, send them a message. Friends are the people who have encouraged you to do the scary things in your life, who made the bad days better and will never, ever let you live down embarrassing mistakes.

Life might be full of surprises that can overwhelm you, but with friends at your side, you can conquer the world. Let your friend know on their birthday you couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime with these fabulous birthday messages.

1. Happy Birthday. May life never cease to surprise you! May all your dreams come true. And, may you always know you have a friend in me.

Send this May All Your Dreams Come True! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

2. Happy Birthday My Friend! Today is a day to celebrate you, so make it special and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like the stars you are!

Send this A Day to Celebrate You – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

3. Happy Birthday. A friend as special as you deserves to be celebrated today and every day. I hope the year brings many wonderful new adventures your way!

Send this To my Special Friend – Happy Birthday Wishes Card

4. Happy Birthday. Live beautifully. Love generously. Laugh freely. Thanks for being a fantastic friend. I hope this year brings you the best that life has to offer.

Send this Live Beautifully – Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

5. To My Friend, Happy Birthday. If friends were flowers, I’d pick you! I hope your day is filled with joy, love & many special wishes.

Send this Flower Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

6. Happy Birthday, My Friend!

Send this Party On! Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

7. Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend. You are a true soul sister and kindred spirit. May your birthday be full of light and love-just like you.

Send this You are a True Soul Sister – Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

8. Happy Birthday. A friend is someone who: Loves your crazy. Indulges your wild. And, embraces your folly. Here’s to more adventures.

Send this To More Adventures! Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

9. Happy Birthday. I cherish your friends

Send this I Cherish Your Friendship – Happy Birthday Wishes Card

10. Happy Birthday. You’re such a wonderful friend. I hope your day is one big celebration from beginning to end!

Send this To my Wonderful Friend – Happy Birthday Card

11. To My Friend, Happy Birthday. The cake is frosted. The candles are lit. All that’s left is a special wish for a wonderful person who means the world to me!

Send this You Mean The World To Me – Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

12. Happy Birthday To My Friend. Your friendship is the very best gift of all. I hope you get exactly what you’ve been wishing for this year.

Send this Friendship is the Best Gift – Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

13. To a great friend, I’m so glad you were born! You make the world a more beautiful place. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Send this Fresh & Fun Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

14. Happy Birthday to an awesome, terrific, straight up fabulous friend! Wishing you a bright and beautiful birthday!

Send this Cheerful Balloon Happy Birthday Card for Friends

15. Anything Can Happen Once The Birthday Turtle Arrives. Hope Your Day Is Full Of Surprises.. Happy Birthday Friend

Send this Fun Turtle Funny Birthday Card for Friends

16. Happy Birthday. To an Amazing Friend, I wish you a day full of surprises and a year full of fun! Have a great birthday!

Send this Colorful Stars Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Friends

17. Happy Birthday. With each year that passes by, I am even more grateful to have you as my friend. Have an awesome birthday!

Send this Grateful for You! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

18. Happy Birthday. To my fun friend, On this very special day, hope you are among family, friends, and of course, birthday cake!

Send this To my Fun Friend – Happy Birthday Card

19. Happy Birthday. As you celebrate yet another birthday, think about all you have accomplished this past year, and all the goals you have achieved. Have a wonderful birthday, my friend!

Send this Accomplishments Happy Birthday Card for Friends

20. Happy Birthday. On this joyous day, I’m sending a birthday wish your way! So happy to have a friend like you in my life.

Send this Happy to Have You! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

21. Happy Birthday Friend! The sky is the limit for what you can achieve this year! Have a fun birthday!

Send this Sky is the Limit! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

22. Happy Birthday. To my good friend, Have the best birthday ever, and save a piece of cake for me!

Send this Party Candle Happy Birthday Card for Friends

23. Happy Birthday. Hey friend, I’ve gathered the gang, so let’s this party started because it’s time to celebrate your birthday!

Send this Time to Celebrate! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

24. Happy Birthday! You’re a shining example of what a friend should be. I hope all your wishes come true.

Send this Friendship is Golden – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

25. Happy Birthday To A Superstar Friend. I hope your celebration is glittery, bright & filled with lots of wonderful surprises!

Send this To a Superstar Friend – Happy Birthday Card

26. Happy Birthday. A friend as cool as you deserves a celebration that’s totally bananas! (And I’m not monkeying around.)

Send this Cheerful Funny Birthday Card for Friends

27. In honor of your birthday, I invited every party animal I know… And they all agree, you’re the biggest one there is! Happy Birthday to My Wildest Friend

Send this To the Biggest Party Animal – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

28. The whole crew’s here to celebrate you turning another year more awesome! Happy Birthday to a Friend Who’s Ageless

Send this To an Ageless Friend – Happy Birthday Card

29. Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend. Remember, you’re only as old as you feel…and I have a feeling you’ll be partying all through the night! (For you that’s about 8pm, right?)

Send this Young at Heart – Funny Birthday Card for Friends

30. Happy Birthday. There’s no other friend quite like you. I hope this year’s celebration is the sweetest one yet!

Send this Colorful Happy Birthday Card for Friends

31. Happy Birthday. Shimming, warm, and bright. There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday. Here’s to you, my friend!

Send this Here’s to You – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

32. Happy Birthday. Put your hands in the air and wave them around! It’s your birthday and you, my friend, deserves to party your heart out.

Send this Release the Balloons! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

33. Happy Birthday. It’s not Wine-Down-Wednesday, but a birthday is an even better reason to pour a glass. Cheers to you, my friend!

Send this Get the Party Started – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

34. Happy Birthday To My Friend. Cheers to another year! Indulge in all life has to offer today and enjoy the party!

Send this Cheers to Another Year – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

35. Happy Birthday To My Brilliant Friend. You’re a breath of fresh air, the pick-me-up of my life. Our friendship means so much to me, and so I’m wishing you an amazing year ahead.

Send this To my Brilliant Friend – Rose Happy Birthday Card

36. Happy Birthday Friend. Thank you for dealing with my thorns and helping me grow. Life would have been stunted without you as my best friend.

Send this Pretty Rose Happy Birthday Card for Friends

37. Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Friend. From silly songs to daring deeds, you’ve been an important part of my life. Thank you and have an awesome birthday!

Send this Have an Awesome Day – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

38. Happy Birthday To My Fabulous Friend. You have transformed my life into a garden of color. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.

Send this A Garden of Color – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

39. Happy Birthday. I couldn’t let you have a birthday party without fireworks! Enjoy your day, my friend! No one is more worthy.

Send this No One is More Worthy – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

40. Happy Birthday, Friend! Your arrival in my life was loud and bright, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You make life more beautiful.

Send this You Make Life More Beautiful – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

41. Happy Birthday. No one lights up my life like you! Happy birthday to the best friend in the world.

Send this You Lights up my Life – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

42. Happy Birthday To My Fantastic Friend. To the many more years of friendship before us! May we never stop make each other laugh.

Send this Keep Smiling – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

43. Happy Birthday. My life wouldn’t be the same without you, my friend. Our times together glow with laughter and light. I wish you the same feeling x1000 on your special day!

Send this Send Laughter! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

44. Happy Birthday, Friend! I wish you cake. I wish you cookies. I wish you presents. I wish you the best birthday a woman could ask for!

Send this Pink & Heart Happy Birthday Card for Friends

45. Happy Birthday Friend! Every time I see you, drab days turn into champagne days. Here’s to you on your birthday! May the fun flow all day.

Send this Golden Sparkle Happy Birthday Card for Friends

46. Happy Birthday Friend! Today is your shinning day! Nothing is beyond your reach, so aim high.

Send this Aim High! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

47. Happy Birthday, Friend! From our awkward years to our golden years, I could not have asked for a better partner-in-crime.

Send this To my Best Treasure – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

48. Happy Birthday. To My Cool Friend! Have a super day, a terrific year, and a fun celebration. Hope it’s a good one!

Send this A Super Day – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

49. Happy Birthday. Wishing my great friend a birthday filled with family, good friends, presents, and the best birthday cake ever.

Send this Best Cake Ever! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

50. Happy Birthday. I’m thankful that our paths crossed so many years ago because someone like you is certainly worth being a forever friend. Wishing you a fantastic birthday celebration.

Send this A Fantastic Celebration! Happy Birthday Card for Friends

51. Happy Birthday. To My Best Friend! So glad I have a great friend like you, someone who likes to go shopping as much as I do! Wishing you an exceptional birthday.

Send this To My Best Friend – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

52. Happy Birthday. Thinking of you, my special friend, on your birthday, and letting you know how much our friendship means to me today. You are truly wonderful and I’m so thankful that you are in my life!

Send this Thankful for You – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

53. Happy Birthday To You. Sending special birthday wishes to you so that you may have a terrific day! Thank you for being such a great friend over all these years, I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Send this Special Wishes – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

54. Happy Birthday. Thinking of you on your birthday, my dear friend, and wishing you the most fabulous day. You deserve it!

Send this A Fabulous Day – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

55. Happy Birthday! Hey friend, sending a message loud and clear that I wish you a happy birthday and an awesome year! Enjoy your day!

Send this Colorful Pop Art – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

56. Happy Birthday. To My Wonderful Friend! You have been a good friend from the very start. You are there for me when I need a helping hand, you brighten my day when I need a good laugh, and you make me realize just how special it is to have such a wonderful friend like you in my life.

Send this Rainbow & Butterflies – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

57. Happy Birthday. To My Terrific Friend! It’s time to let the celebration begin because today is your big day! Enjoy the festivities, and the cake too!

Send this Enjoy the Cake – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

58. Happy Birthday. To My Awesome Friend! Another birthday, another year we have been friends. Thanks for all the good times! I hope your birthday wishes come true!

Send this Good Times – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

59. To My Lovely Friend! Sending a message of cheer your way and hoping you receive lots of fun presents on your special day! Happy Birthday!

Send this Fun Presents – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

60. Happy Birthday. Hey friend, it’s your big day to go out and celebrate! Have tons of fun, enjoy a few good birthday drinks, and remember that this day is all about you!

Send this Celebration Drinks – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

61. Happy Birthday. To My Fun Friend! I couldn’t have asked for a better friend than you. Thanks for all the super fun times and for always being there for me no matter what! Enjoy your special day!

Send this Super Fun times – Happy Birthday Card for Friends

From encouraging your wild side to surprising you with candy, you would have been lost without your friend. Their friendship is all you could ever want. Let them know for your friend’s birthday that you wish them many adventures in the upcoming year. Someone as special as them deserves nothing else! They’re a diamond in the rough, for dealing with you.

Celebrate the day with any of these birthday messages for friends and get ready for a fantastic party. All that’s left is to grab the cake and candles.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for a Classmate, School Friend, or Roommate

birthday wishes for school friend

It’s been said that one of the closest types of friendship is the childhood friend.
If you are lucky enough to have a best friend who is also your childhood friend, and she is celebrating her special day, you should take time to greet her or him.
Here are some of the birthday wishes for childhood friend that you can use to greet your friend and show appreciation of your friendship.

Friends come and go, but I’m happy that you are one of those who stayed. May this year be the best ever for you, have a happy birthday!

Thank you for all the memories we have shared. May this special day of yours be better than the best that you have ever celebrated!

On your natal day, I tried to look for the right words to say. But I can only think of one word, amazing. Happy birthday to you, my amazing friend!


To my amazing friend and an even more amazing individual, may you have a wonderful celebration on your natal day! Please know that I will always be here for you.

Here’s wishing you an unending joy and a truly amazing years of bliss!

My dearest pal, today is your special day and this will all be about you, let us do things that will make you feel happy. May you have a great natal day!

Congrats on your birthday, my dearest childhood friend. May this day bring you laughter, joy and lots of love!

100 Birthday Wishes

On this day of yours, I pray that everything that you want in life be given to you.

Happiest birthday to you my dearest pal. I only have the warmest greetings to you. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the amazing things you brought to my life. I love you!

105 Cute Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Friend

Having a childhood friend like you is truly one of the best things that happened in my life. Thank you for everything, enjoy your special day!

The sun is shining while the birds are singing. They know it is your birthday, so they want you to be happy. Happy bday, my buddy!

Birthdays come once in a year, but childhood friends like you come only once in a lifetime. I am forever grateful you came to my life. Enjoy your special day!

Short Birthday SMS for Friend With Funny Wishes and Quotes

Here’s wishing you a day that’s filled with love, happiness and lots of good times. May you have a great day, happy birthday!

Birthdays are said to be a disaster for diets. With lots of ice cream cake and so many goodies. But since it is your special day, you are exempted to diet, so please enjoy your day. You deserve to be happy.

Age is just a number. It is not as significant as the number of friends that you have or the figure in your bank account. So don’t ever worry about getting old. May you have a wonderful day!

Perfect Birthday Gift Videos

  • Birthday Greetings from President Trump

    Get personalized birthday video greeting from the President. Great for sharing on Facebook.

  • Get Custom Birthday Trump Video
Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

My wishes for your special day include an entire lifetime of laughter and a passing acquaintance with tons of big dreams. May you fantasies turn out to be a reality because you truly are worthy!

Happiest bday to my childhood friend who is also my birthday. My wish is for all your dreams to come true.

Consider this a digital kiss and a virtual hug dedicated to you on your special day. I miss you my dearest childhood friend, see you soon!

On your birthday, I want you to know that you are one of those people whom I will treasure for the rest of my life. I hope you will not change, I love you my dear childhood friend!

I’m lucky to have you as my childhood friend. You have given so much happiness in my life and I want you to be really happy on this day of yours.

Top 85 Happy Birthday to Pregnant Mom

It’s hard to imagine that so many years have already passed and I am so glad we have been friends this long. Happy birthday!

With a friend like you in my side, it seems like I can take on whatever challenges I will have to face. Enjoy your birthday!

The passing of time has not changed you. You are still the most beautiful and kindest person I know. May you have a blast on your natal day!


Having a pal like you is like going on a holiday everyday. I cannot wait to celebrate your special day and to tell you how lucky I am to have a best friend in you.

The 105 Romantic Happy Birthday Girlfriend Quotes and Messages

My dearest childhood friend, please know that you happiness is also my happiness. On your special day, I only wish nothing but the best.

Let’s make your day something that we will forever remember. So get ready, prepare yourself for the big party. Happy birthday to you my dearest pal!

Childhood passes very quickly. I am so glad that we become friends and that we still are. Happiest bday to you. May your day as wonderful as you!

The world is never the same on that day you were born. Being your childhood friend, I am so glad that day has happened. Live long my buddy, happy birthday!

Happy bday, I only wish all the happiness in this world and this wish is from the bottom of my heart, my wonderful childhood friend.

I love you my dearest childhood friend. Here’s wishing you a life filled with so much joy, love and happiness.

Today is just the beginning of a great adventure. Happiest birthday to you my wonderful pal. Enjoy your day!

It’s your special day today. So party like you are turning 20 even if that was already several ages ago. So have a blast, I love you!


Good friends do not just get old. They will only get better as you age, in the same way that a fine wine would. Here’s wishing you a fun filled celebration!

It’s beautiful to think how long we’ve known each other. Thank you for coming to my life, happy birthday!

On your special day, I want you to know that I will always be here for you. We will remain the best of friends for as long as we live.

Happy birthday! May all of your dreams and wishes come true this year and may you be showered with so many blessings wherever you may go.

I only have three important dates in my calendar – New Year, Christmas and your birthday!

I want to grab the opportunity to let you know how much I have truly treasured our amazing friendship. Happy birthday!

My dearest pal, I hope that our friendship will continue to burn brighter even for a thousand years. I love you, happy birthday!

I want you to know that you are such a wonderful person and I will never ever forget the amazing memories we have shared. May you have a wonderful day!

Twice in a year, we get to celebrate the special gift of one another. On your bday, I promise to make this a truly memorable one.


Childhood friendship is truly the most beautiful memory that can never be replaced, happy birthday!

You have stood by me at all times. You made my childhood experience a truly meaningful one. Thank you for being the best friend I ever had. Happy birthday!

Have a lovely day my dearest buddy! Enjoy your day because you truly are worthy.

Those childhood moments I have shared with you are truly priceless. As you start another year in your life, please know that I will be here for you, no matter what.

Some friends are precious and I am so lucky to have found that in you. I only wish nothing but the best! Enjoy your day!

Today, I am surrounded with awesome childhood memories of fun times and beautiful memories spent with you. Let’s celebrate your special day by committing to one another that we’ll always support each other no matter what.

The wonderful memories I have shared with you are truly priceless. As you start another year in your life. My only wish is for our friendship to grow even stronger.

Friendship will stay forever and even if we’ll be miles apart, you will always have a special place in my heart. Happy birthday!

Our friendship is one of the blessings I ever have in my life. Now that it’s your birthday, my wish is for you to be happy. May you always keep in touch with me, no matter where life takes you!

Here’s wishing you a very happy and warm birthday. You have truly made my childhood even more special. I love you!

You’re the one who made my childhood memories truly special and I can still recall each and every moment we have spent. I wish you a very happy birthday!

Hey, I did not eat your birthday cake. It’s just that cakes come in wacky shapes these days. Happy birthday!


On your special day, may you be filled with lots of warm and sunshine of love, as well as the bright colors of summer! I love you my friend.

Happy birthday my dearest friend. May you have a wonderful life ahead!

May God shower you His most amazing blessings towards you now that it’s your special day! May you have a Happy birthday!

A friend like you is like a small piece of childhood that cannot even be lost. Here’s wishing you an awesome birthday celebration!

On your special day, may the best and the most amazing surprises come your way.

You truly are one of the most amazing blessings I have ever received in my whole life. Our friendship is one of a kind and I promise to always treasure all the awesome memories we’ve had. Happy birthday!

Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my life. Even though we sometimes fight, I know deep in my heart, we will never fall apart. Happy birthday!

Best friends are a blessing to our life. On their special birthday, we always should wish them in the best way. So, here is the best birthday wish for your best.

Birthday Wishes to Friend

birthday wishes for school friend

Your childhood friend's birthday rolls around, and you're left racking your brain for a message to write inside their card. I've provided a few notes and sayings you can share in a greeting card or post on social media. Show how happy you are to have them in your life and share the memories you've made with them over the years.

1. We've been friends for over twenty years. You deserve nothing but the best on your big day, and I'm so thankful for everything we've been able to experience together. I wish you the best birthday ever!

2. Happy birthday! I wanted to let you know how much I care about you and hope your day is as awesome as you are!

3. You're my best friend and a huge blessing in my life. Wishing you all the best because you deserve it!

4. I can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate your birthday with you, best friend!

5. Another year older, another year wiser. I hope everything today excites you for the year to come.

6. I wish I could make it to your birthday party to celebrate with you! Have a wonderful day, and I look forward to catching up with you soon!

7. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I think of you often, and wish you a lovely birthday!

8. I hope beautiful things happen to you today and forever. Happy birthday!

9. Thanks for always taking the time to put a smile on my face. Let's celebrate your special day and make memories to treasure forever!

10. You're the most fantastic person I've ever met. I hope your birthday is filled with happy moments and joy!

11. I wish I could celebrate with you today, but I still wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday. Have a good one!

12. We're so excited to celebrate your birthday with you this year. We wish you luck, health, and happiness!

13. You've always been kind to me. I wish you nothing but the best and want to let you know that you're a fantastic person!

14. I'll miss celebrating your big day with you. Happy birthday! I miss you!

15. I miss your smile and everything about you. Here's to wishing you a very happy birthday, best friend!

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Thanks my school friend for the Birthday Wishes. KD LIVE. July 20 ·. Thanks my school friend for the Birthday Wishes. Image may contain: 2.

birthday wishes for school friend
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