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Birthday wishes for god
October 05, 2018 Anniversary Wishes No comments

Blessed are those who receive birthday blessings from their friends and loved ones. Wish for God's blessings to be with your loved one on his or her birthday.

Sending your sister beautiful prayers on her birthday is one great way of inspiring her and strengthening her faith in God while letting her know she’s on your mind.

So here are some strong prayers you can easily use in commemorating the anniversary of the day on which she came into this wonderful world.

  • Happy birthday, sister! May the Lord continue to open all kinds of amazingly beautiful opportunities for happiness in your life. This is my greatest prayer for you.
  • Sis, on your big day, may God bless you with a lifetime filled with good health, dreams come true and happiness. You truly deserve these precious gifts and many more from the Lord.
  • Dear sister, while you celebrate this important moment that marks your birthday, it is my prayer that you will forever walk in God’s favor, miracles, and tranquility. Stay blessed, my love.
  • Words can’t express how grateful I am to the good Lord for granting you another beautiful year on this beautiful planet. I pray that His love, blessings, grace, and kindness will dwell in you forever.
  • Sister, as you enter a new stage in your existence, I am hoping that the Lord Almighty will furnish you with amazing and exciting discoveries.
  • May you always walk in the path that leads you to emphatic victories, successes and great happiness. Happy anniversary, sister!
  • Today, I pray that God Almighty will uplift you in whatever you do and put immense gladness in your heart on this special occasion and throughout your days on earth.
  • May the divine presence of the Holy Ghost constantly be with you and shelter you from your enemies. Have a blessed birthday, sister!
  • Hearty honorable day, sister! I am praying for a superabundance of joy and heartwarming discoveries in your life.
  • As you journey into another exciting year, it is my heartfelt prayer that the divine understanding and wisdom of Jehovah Almighty will never depart from your world. Enjoy this blissful anniversary, sister!
  • Wishing you an incredibly joyful and sunny birthday celebration. May the Lord’s divine protection and favor surround you all the days of your fabulous life. I love you, but Jesus Christ loves you even more.
  • I pray that happiness, grace, and peace will forever be your portion. May whatever you lay your hands upon excel and bring you immeasurable happiness.
  • May all the days ahead of you blossom with immense gladness and prosperity as you jubilate in the excitement of a brand new age in your life. Happy anniversary, dear!
  • It is my sincerest prayer that you grow from one remarkable height to another remarkable one in wisdom, stature, happiness and health.
  • May you always find kindness in the sight of the Heavenly Father and may there forever be countless moments of thorough joy and laughter in your life.
  • Dear sister, I am praying for the abundance of God’s lovely blessings in every sphere of your life as you commemorate this special anniversary today.
  • Wishing you a beautiful, bright and blessed birthday today, my sweet sister. May this beautiful day of your life bring you uncountable reasons to smile.
  • Praise be to the Lord for this amazingly wonderful moment in your life. May this day bring you happiness and all the incredible opportunities in the world.
  • May the Heavenly Father fill your world with delightful memories, wonderful accomplishments, and endless opportunities. Happy birthday, dear!
  • Happy day of birth! Dearest sister, as you celebrate this special moment in your life, I pray that the richness, goodness, and mercy of God will be with you all the days of your existence.
  • On your birthday, beloved sister, may you receive all the Lord’s choicest blessings. May He fill every moment of your life with incredible joy, fortune and hope.
  • May the Heavenly Hosts watch over you and gift you all the desires of your heart in a truly splendid manner. Congrats on a new age!
  • May the divine blessings of God bring you good health, hope, and contentment as you kill the fatted calf today.
  • May the Holy Father fill all the days of your life with nothing short of true happiness. Amen!
  • Sweet sister, I pray that you will always walk in the goodness, mercy, and richness of the Holy Father as you celebrate this new age in your life.
  • May the Lord’s divine light shine in your life and brighten every corner of your world until the end of time.
  • Today being a great day in your life, I pray that the good Lord will strengthen your faith and shower you with hope to overcome all obstacles in this life.
  • I pray to God to grant you good health, divine protection, and everlasting happiness on this very magnificent day of yours. Wishing you a super exciting birthday. Love you so much.
  • May the Lord wrap you in His grace and shelter you from the hands of your adversaries.
  • Darling sister, I wish you an exciting birthday and a day that overflows with many amazing wonders of the Lord. And may these incredible blessings accompany you everywhere you go.
  • Dear sister, on this incredible day, which marks your birthday, my solemn prayer for you is that Jehovah God will forever walk with you and grant you wisdom, strength, and courage to overcome all the obstacles that come your way. May your heart always enjoy the sweet taste of bliss.
  • May the blessings of the Lord be kind and generous to you today and forevermore.
  • May every path you take in life reward you with prosperity and great happiness.
  • As the sun rises on your birthday, I pray that your faith and hope in God will also rise and bring forth prosperity, peace, and joy into your world.
  • I pray for the never-ending love and grace of God to overflow in you and flood everyone around you with peace and happiness. Amen!
  • May the Lord pour into your heart immense peace, love, excitement, and joy not only on the occasion of your birthday but for eternity. Have a blessed and colorful birthday, my darling sister.

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Share a birthday wish and spread the words of Happy Birthday Messages.

Sending your sister beautiful prayers on her birthday is a fine way of inspiring her and strengthening her faith in God and letting her know she's on your mind.

Top 60 Religious Birthday Wishes and Messages

birthday wishes for god

No one will cherish you like yourself and no one will love you like yourself! This is before anyone else, you have to wish yourself a lovely happy birthday on your special day.

Take to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and any social media platform you use and wish yourself a sweet birthday, show the world how much you love yourself.

When you wish yourself a happy birthday, you have covered 50 percent of the entire birthday wishes you’ll receive for the day. So what are you waiting for? We have written the best 100 birthday wishes and prayers for yourself in this wonderful piece.

This is a collection of 100 most amazing Happy Birthday Quotes to Me, Happy Birthday Prayers for Myself, Happy Birthday Images for Me and Fuuny memes for my birthday.

Pick any of the below message, meme and picture and compose the most romantic birthday wishes for yourself. ENJOY!

Happy Birthday Prayers for Myself

1. Glory is to God I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord increase me in success and inspiration so I can lead a better life than ever. Happy birthday to me.

2. By the special grace of the one who created me, this new age I am will bring joy and prosperity into my life, now and forever. Thank you Lord for sparing my life.

3. The joy that comes with this life will descend upon me this new age of mine, I am so lucky for the lord has increased me in wealth and health all through the year. Thank you God for everything!

4. I love myself and I want to wish myself the best happy birthday ever. May the success of this life never miss my way; I ask God to increase me in knowledge and bless me with fruitful children!

5. Lord thank you for all you have done in my life. I appreciate your caring and the joy you brought into my life. I ask you Lord to continue to bless me. If not you, no one else!

Short Birthday Message to Myself

6. Hurray, it is my birthday Lord let me celebrate more of it in this life. I love you, my dear Creator, please increase my health.

7. This new age I pray should come with the sea of blessings from the Heavens. I pray that my life age is filled with prosperity.

8. I am celebrating the best day of my life today; I pray that the Lord should improve my health, knowledge and my success pathways.

9. Thank God I am a year older today, I wish myself the best moment in life. I hope you will celebrate with me tonight?

10. I wish myself a very big happy birthday. I am using this opportunity to appreciate everyone around me and I pray for success in my new age!

Happy Birthday to Me Images – Birthday  Images For Myself

Short Birthday Prayers for Myself

11. Success shall find my pants down in this new age of mine. I pray that my day and night be full of joy, thank you Lord for sparing my life!

12. Many rains have fallen and the barren land had absorbed, but here I am alive today, Lord I appreciate your wonders in my life. Happy birthday to me!

13. Come and celebrate with me coz I’m plus one today. Every good thing of life shall follow me till the end of time.

14. Much love and success to me, I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord shall ease my ways and bequeath my situations with prosperity!

15. In this very special day I was born, I ask the Lord to shower me with an endless blessing and grant me all of my heart desires.

16. Happy birthday to my darling self, I am plus one, please pray that the Lord give me a breakthrough this year.

17. Today I will be selfish; I want to be focus only on myself so I can feel the best of the special day I was born. Happy birthday to me!

18. I’m such an awesome person yet you can’t recognize that because I’m plus one today, a special and cute day to me. Happy to me, I and myself!

19. Today marks the day a prince of passion was born into this world, I pray that the Lord should make me reign forever. Happy birthday to me.

20. Thank you Lord for all you have done for me, may the coolness of your passion cover me today and for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to me!

Thank You God for My Birthday Prayers

21. I beseech the Lord to cover me with His garment of light for me to see clearly in the matters of life, I ask the Lord to wrap me in His power so prosper, happy birthday to me!

22. In the moment when no one can help, Lord you stood by my side, when I was born and till now that I’m grown up. Bless my hustle Lord. Happy birthday to me!

23. I wish myself the best happy birthday in life; I request that my days be full of success and inspiration, joy and happiness, love and prosperity!

24. I am plus one today, I want to celebrate with me and enjoy every good success the Lord has bestowed upon this new age. Happy birthday to me!

25. Happy birthday to my one and only self, I am a treasured year old today; I beseech the Lord to ease my affairs now and forever!

Amazing Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

26. Hello, someone so special and brilliant is celebrating his birthday today, guess the person—I am the cute celebrant today. Happy birthday to me!

27. Happy birthday to someone amazing, talented, beautiful, smart, yes that’s just it, I am celebrating myself today—happy birthday to me!

28. I love this special day because in it a beautiful creature was born and it is me—happy birthday to me, I am a stunning plus one guy today!

29. Hurray I am plus one today, I scaled through the years, thank you Lord for all you have done in my life—happy birthday to me!

30. Happy birthday to the one in a million jewels, a cherished ruby, an awesome lily I’m sure I am. I ask God to grant me success in life, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me Memes – Happy Birthday to Me Quotes Funny

31. Hey wait there, I am happy that I’m plus one today, wishing for myself the best of days in my life. Thank God for everything. Happy birthday to me!

32. I love myself and this special day I was born. I claim all my success this new age I am. Happy birthday to the jewel of passion, happy birthday to me!

33. Thank you so much for the outstanding birthday wishes, my days overflow with joy and prosperous altitudes. I am plus one today, happy birthday to me!

34. Last year was a fantastic day for a birthday, and you all took a very impressive role in the biggest celebration of that day, I pray for a more prosperous one this time, happy birthday to me!

35. I am a blessed hero, today I am going to throw the biggest party, hope you will celebrate with me? I am happy to celebrate myself today!

36. I ask the blessing and the honor of the Lord to be showered upon my life in this special day. Hurray I am plus one today!

37. You are so awesome, fantastic and sweet, guess who the ‘you’ is? I’m the one of course, happy birthday to the queen of the house!

38. I am planning to have the best birthday in life; I want it to come with the sweetest party. I am a beautiful queen, I pray for the best in my new age, happy birthday!

39. Today I can’t stop thinking about myself alone, because I have found a new age which I believe will come with success and prosperity in life. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me Video

Thank You God for My Birthday Quotes

40. Thank God another year has passed and I’m plus one today, I ask the Lord to honor me this year with the best of achievements, happy birthday to me!

41. Can I tell you something? Don’t worry, an awesome, sweet, wonderful and brilliant sweet sixteen is celebrating her birthday today, am I’m sure!

42. Thank you Lord for all you did in my life, I beseech you to purify my heart and grant me success in all my doings. Happy birthday to me friends!

43. Wow, I am plus one today, I ask the Lord to grant me all my heart desires and shower me with the best in life. Happy birthday to me!

44. Lord I bless and honor you for sparing my life up till this moment; I am so overwhelmed with joy, happy birthday to me!

45. Loving myself this cool moment because I’m plus one, come and celebrate with me, please enjoy and feel on top of the world because I am a year older today! Happy birthday to me!

46. Thank God I am a year sweeter and prettier. Come and celebrate a jewel, a treasure well cherished by everyone. Happy birthday to me, I am plus one!

47. I pray that the Lord bless this my new age for me, may He honor me with an endless joy and a renewed prosperity. Happy birthday to me!

48. Happy birthday to a charming, brilliant and special person—this reminds me of myself. I ask for joy and happiness in my new age to accomplish my effort till the end. Happy birthday to me!

49. May the Lord bless my hustles for I am a new year old today; I wish myself the best birthday can you please wish me yours too? Happy birthday to me!

50. Thank my sweet mum for giving birth to me, today I am celebrating my sweetest and special day. I beseech the Lord to bless and honor me. Happy birthday to me!

Long Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

1. Glory to the Lord who spared my life up till this moment. I am very pleased to announce to the world that I am plus one today. May the good fortune, honor, glory and prosperity descend upon my today. Happy birthday to my humble self!

2. You can call me the last man standing because today I really worth it. Guess what? I am a little bit big—I am plus one today, happy birthday to a cute handsome dude like me. I pray for a prosperous year and a life full of joy and endless breakthroughs. Dear friends, come and celebrate with me; my new sweet diamond treasure age, happy birthday to me!

3. I am so happy today because a special day of my life has come and as such everyone is free to celebrate the special queen of the home. I love myself so much because I’m pretty cute, beautiful, sexy and hot. Please just come and cheer me up. Happy birthday to me.

4. I love myself with passion and compassion, anyway that’s my business. I just want to holler to the entire world that I am a year older today. I call on you all my beloved family and friends to please come and cheer me up. I ask God to bless my new age for me and honor me with lots of success and prosperity. Happy birthday to me!

5. I am so happy today and nothing is the cause but the fact that I am plus one. I wish to let you understand that I am now a new person because nature number has rolled upon me. I just want to cheer myself up for a new age God has granted to me. Happy birthday to me, prosperous life ahead!

Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday Poem

6. Just like yesterday a child has grown up into adult now ready to swim in the boat called adulthood. I pray that the Lord should help me in this new journey of life. Dear friends come and celebrate with me because I am a year older today, happy birthday to me!

7. I ask the Lord to bless my ways and my hustles this year and all times to come because I am plus one today, Happy birthday to the cute angel herself, the mother’s favorite and the father’s pet. Wow, I can’t just believe I am now a new person bouncing like a little cute baby girl. Happy birthday to me!

8. Do you want to know why I am happy? Just guess what, I am plus one today so I need to celebrate myself more than anyone else. I want you to thank God for me because if not Him I can’t live up till this moment. Oh Lord please put blessings in my hustles and my works. Happy birthday to me!

9. Glory to the One who has spared my life up till this moment. Now I am a bigger boy, handsome, easy going Mr. Enjoyment, lol! Please come and celebrate me my beloved ones. Happy birthday to me. You will always be appreciated.

10. Today is a special day in my life and I am so happy to announce it to the world because it brings lots of joy and happiness into my life. I beseech the Lord to ease all my affairs in life, and to bring luck into all my life activity. Happy birthday to you my sweetheart!

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Myself

11. I wish myself a very big birthday for I am plus one today. I pray that the Lord spare my life for many more years to come. I wish myself all the best in life. Wow, dude you are so cute today, my red cap is shining like sunshine…lol… I so much love myself. Happy birthday to me!

12. Glory to the Lord and I’m grateful for granting me yet another special day of celebration. Thank you for the gift of another stunning year. I’m thankful, God. Happy birthday to me!

13. Thank God I am plus one today, I want to appreciate you Lord for giving me another year to live and celebrate. I am grateful for the knowledge of life you’ve granted me. God, I thank you for all the good things you have done in my life. Happy birthday to me!

14. It is you alone I trusted most in heaven and earth. My maker, you alone is all I’ve in heaven and earth. Thank you for showing me much love and kindness these past years. I will be grateful to you until the end of time. Happy birthday to you!

15. Thank You, Lord, for all the awesome things that has happened in my life all through the years. I am so grateful for all the joy you brought into my life. Only you can do so my dear Lord, I appreciate you for all your selfless kindness over me. Thank you God. I am plus one today friends!

How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook

16. Beautiful Lord, how perfect you are? You’ve shown me much more than I thought I deserve. I am so grateful for granting me yet another year with good health. I will forever worship you my true companion who will never betray me. My Lord please grant me a prosperous life ahead. Happy birthday to me!

17. Wow, it is my birthday; I ask the Lord, to never stop me from experiencing the wonders He has inbuilt in my Life. I pray for many joyful returns of the day to me. I invite me, me and me to my beautiful birthday. Happy birthday to me!

18. As I am a year older today, I pray for a unique wisdom, an outstanding knowledge, beautiful and lovely days ahead and a wonderful lifetime now and forever. Amen. Happy birthday to me, my beautiful self I appreciate Lord for you. Happy birthday to me!

19. I am not just a year older but stronger and brighter. Thank you Lord for making it possible for reaching this level in life. My dear family and friends, I hope you are ready to party with me? Happy birthday to me!

20. Today I begin a new leaf of greatness today, I’ll do exploits, I shall never be stranded, and everything I lay my hands upon shall not perish but be in abundant. Glory to the Lord in heaven and thanks to Him on earth. Happy birthday to me!

21. In my entire life, I shall know no sorrow that will render me hopeless. And I beseech the Lord to shower me with an endless favor that will live with me now and forever. Thank you God for everything you have done in my life for you ask nothing from me. I am so lucky to have found you as a Master. Happy birthday to me!

22. Lord thank you for giving me the privilege to be alive today. You are so kind my Lord for you gave to me everything I ask from you. Thank you lord I am plus one today. I appreciate myself and all my family members’ happy birthday to my darling self! Hurray to my dear self!

23. A new year has come and reached me in my life, and all I need to do now is to ask God for all the good things life can be. All my wishes are that you show me your mercy and bring me closer to you, Lord. Happy birthday to me!

24. As this year begins, I ask for your love and blessing every day of my life. I pray that you should make them last with me forever. Thank you Lord for sparing my life up till this moment. Much rain has fallen and drawn in the earth. Happy birthday to me!

25. As I grow older today and pray that God should shower me with all the blessing I have been searching for throughout the year. I ask you to open the door of success for me and raise me above the height I have never expected. Happy birthday to me I love you all!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Myself

26. This year has begun with the uncommon success rain that will fall upon me now and forever, I claim it. My Lord, let the opened door of fortune and prosperity be my portion. I ask you Lord to purify my soul and draw me closer to you until I’m vanished in your Light. Thank you Lord I’m a year older today!

27. I am so happy because the Lord has chosen me as a member of selected new age stars. I shall reign now and forever, my glory will continue glowing even more than Glo voucher. I pray that the Lord should bless my new age and endow my life with endless joy. Happy birthday to me!

28. The merciful God has spared my life till this moment and I want to specially thank you Lord my dear Lord. You are the most adorable Master, the Lord of lords and the highest God. I beseech you to bless me with all the good things of life in this my new age. Happy birthday to you!

29. It has not been easy through the year but thank God today I am a year older today. I pray that the Maker of everything should raise my status this year and shower me with endless favors and prosperous years ahead. I just want to wish myself a big happy birthday!

30. I beseech you Lord to grant me all my heart desires and take away from me all my life miseries. Honor and get me closer to you now and forever. Lord I ask you to put smile on my face and to show me your endless passion and kindness. I am plus one today, I appreciate the Mercy of the Lord!

31. Every day and night I long for this special day to come and thank God it is here. I ask the Lord to spray my entire life with colorful happenings. I beseech you of your success in my work and everything I may set my eyes upon now and forever. I ask you to admit me into your Home when there is no home again.

32. All through the last year you have always been with me—until now you never leave me alone my dear Lord. When I was weak, you protected me, in the times of needs you provided for me and when everything in life turned against me, you never moved an inch. I’m plus one today, you stay with me!

33. Lord I am grateful to you and will like to appreciate you for all you have done in my new age! Thank you for the protections, the joy and success you brought into my life. Lord I ask you to continue to love and bring me closer to you now and till the end of time!

34. Glory be to the Lord who has created everything perfectly, honor be to the Lord who created mankind. I am plus one today, so will like to thank God for teaching me all that I knew in life. I appreciate you lord for teaching me eloquence and guiding me into your Light. Happy birthday to you!

35. Hello everybody, I just want to tell you something, though you can’t just easily know what it is but I am going to tell you now. Before I tell you, I will like to pray to the Lord to bless me and ease my affairs in life. Happy birthday to me!

36. Lord I beseech you to ease my life affairs and provide me with all my life desires. You are my beloved God please help and honor me in this my new age. Take me to an uncommon height and make me the treasure of your heart. Happy birthday to me!

37. Thank you lord for sparing my life till this moment, I am a year older today. I ask you friends and family to come and enjoy with me. You all mean the world to me. I also pray that the Lord show bless me, happy birthday to myself!

38. I love you Lord and pray that you should love me back. I ask you Lord to strengthen me in this my new age and to empower my source of income. Lord blesses my family and honors me now and forever!

39. I am plus one today, I pray that the Lord in His infinite Mercy bless me, raise my status and grant me all the good things in life. I just want to say happy birthday to myself! I invite every one of you to my big party!

40. My biggest thanks go to the author of the universe the highest God the one who created me in this special day. I ask Him to bless all my hustles and ease my daily activities. Happy birthday to me!

41. Glory is to the Lord the everlasting God who spared my life up till this special day I am. I appreciate all your efforts in my life. I pray that my life be full of joy and prosperity. I am plus one my dear family and friends—happy birthday to myself!

42. Happy birthday to me, me and me. I appreciate you Lord for all the good things you have done in my life. I wish to announce to the world with all the sweetness of my heart that I am plus one today. Happy birthday to you!

43. I am happy this morning and the reason is because guess what? I mean, do you know why? As the very reason why I am so joyful is because I am plus one today. I thank you lord for sparing my life. Happy birthday to me.

44. I just want to say thank you lord for all you have done in my life because ever since you created me, you have never disappointed me. Today I am plus one and it is by your glory. Happy birthday to me!

45. No one knows why I am so happy this morning until I tell you. Anyway I am plus one and I want you all to appreciate the lord for me for sparing my life up till this moment. I am now a bigger person, beautiful smile, longer hair!

46. Dear friends I am happy to announce to you that I’m a year older today; I pray that the endless mercy that comes with every age should descend upon me, now and forever. Happy birthday to me!

47. I just want to shout out to myself and wish me the best of luck in life. I just clock a year today so celebrate with me and beseech the lord to spare my life for better glory ahead. I ask you lord to purify my heart now and forever. Cheerful birthday to me!

48. I am a princess and so deserved to be appreciated in this special day I am. I love myself because now I am plus one. I wish myself the best in life. Happy birthday to me! I appreciate you all friends and family!

49. I am happy to see the light of today especially this special day I was born. I am wishing myself the best in life and will like to announce to friends and family to come and party with me at home. I love you all, happy birthday to me!

50. Happy birthday to myself, hope you are all cute and cool? I just want to let you know that you are all special to me. I thank the lord who gave me the privilege to be alive today. I wish for the best in life for myself. Happy birthday to me, me and me!


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Happy Birthday Wishes for Pastors, Priests, or Ministers

birthday wishes for god

When you are facing a blank page you might find yourself stuck on just what to write in a birthday card. But you are not alone. For many people, it can be difficult to find the right words to simultaneously express the love of God and what you hope for a friend or family member on their birthday. But religious birthday wishes can be inspired by so many aspects of our lives, from the simple gifts that the Lord gives us to specific Bible verses that find a way to convey your feelings of faith.

To achieve a larger impact you might create a unique religious happy birthday message. Consider a custom birthday card that will express your specific feelings. There are also many happy birthday quotes available online to use for inspiration, both religious or otherwise. So often we are inspired by the love we feel for our friends and want to find ways to wish them religious happy birthday messages, but don’t know where to begin. Below are examples of religious happy birthday wishes that you can personally adapt to inform someone celebrating a birthday that you love them and wish them another year of God’s mercy and love.

Cute Religious Birthday Wishes

  • We were all blessed on the day you were born
  • The miracle is YOU! Happy birthday to someone driven by faith and love of Christ on this day and everyday
  • Your soul is precious to me and I wish you every blessing on your birthday
  • I thank Jesus for bringing you into this glorious world!
  • What a wonderful world to have such precious souls as yours in it!
  • Take some time on your birthday to count your blessings (and forget about counting calories)
  • In that moment you take a breath before blowing out your candles, consider that you are the greatest wish the Lord has made
  • Every day is a gift from God, but on your birthday it comes with a card too. All my love on your birthday
  • Though you may blow out your candles, the light of the Lord will always shine on you and his warmth shall be a comfort
  • On this special day we celebrate how blessed the world became when God gave us you.
  • In all the hugs you get today, may you also feel the embrace of the love of the Lord
  • Just like this birthday card that I lovingly placed inside an envelope, so may you be enveloped by the love of Jesus on your birthday
  • God's love comes in all kinds of packages, big, small, and you sized.
  • I witness God's love everyday in the fact that He allowed me to meet you. Blessings on your birthday.

Inspirational Religious Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Birthday! "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift" —2 Corinthians 9:15
  • There are no birthday gifts as glorious as the one God gave to us all on this day when you were born.
  • Happy Birthday in faith and blessings be upon you!
  • May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed
  • Psalm 91:16 says that "it is with long life that you satisfy the Lord and show him your salvation." Happy Birthday and be blessed! —Psalm 91:16
  • On your birthday, remember that you were wonderfully made by God and rejoice in his love.
  • You are so blessed to be you and to share the amazing love of Jesus on your birthday!
  • May God bless this day with more love than your heart can hold.
  • "On your birthday let your heart leap for joy, and praise God with song!" —Psalm 28:7
  • God is good! He has given you another year to praise him. All his love and grace upon you.
  • All God's blessings on your birthday today. Make it a great one.
  • So excited to see how the path of God will shape your life in the year to come - Happy Birthday!
  • On your birthday take time to celebrate the gift of life that God has given you
  • May the grace of Jesus be with you on this day and forever!
  • On your birthday I want you to know that your faith and goodness are an inspiration to me everyday.
  • The most wonderful gift today is you. Blessings be on you and let faith guide your heart all year.
  • May today be a celebration of your life in Christ and faithful service to God
  • Hope your birthday is one of blessing, joy, peace, and love that satisfies the soul.
  • Trust in God's promise for another year of prosperity and joy and it will surely come to you
  • "For by me your days will be multiplied, And years of life will be added to you." —Proverbs 9:11
  • "Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart." —Psalm 37:4
  • "God teaches us to number our days, that we may present to Him a heart of wisdom." —Psalm 90:12
  • May you be eternally blessed and have your faith only strengthen in the years to come
  • Praise him, sing out and rejoice in the Lord on your birthday
  • Another year older is also another year of learning to pray, to love, and to feel God's grace. Here's to many more!
  • Blessings to you and may you feel the presence of the Lord as we all celebrate you on this day!

Sentimental Religious Birthday Wishes

  • You are truly a gift from God to us. May you enjoy every moment of this special day! Happy birthday.
  • The lord bless you, keep you, and bring you peace on your birthday
  • "This is the day the lord hath made — rejoice in it and be glad!" —Psalm 118:24
  • Behold how good and how pleasant it is to live another year in righteousness.
  • A prayer for you on your birthday: May God bless you and grant you long life, prosperity and happiness for all your days!
  • As God made the heavens, he chose this blessed day for your birth. In his image were you born and in blessings do you live.
  • A sweet friendship refreshes the soul - happy birthday to a wonderful and faithful friend!
  • May the light of the Lord shine upon you and grant you happiness on this birthday and for many years to come.
  • "We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ to do good works." —Ephesians 2:10
  • The Lord make his face to shine upon you on this day!
  • Praise the name of the Lord, for at his command you were created
  • May the love of God fill your life and warm your heart on your birthday
  • Bear witness to the love of the Lord and rejoice in the abundance he brings!
  • Thanks to the Creator of the universe for creating you on this day!  
  • Bask in the love and light of Christ on your birthday
  • On this day of reflection consider all the beauty in the world that God has granted you and be glad to live in the light of his love.
  • Today we celebrate the joy you give us and the blessing that you are
  • The love of the Lord be with you on your birthday and every day
  • I pray that God give you all your desires on your birthday as you follow him in faith
  • As you read this message I am praying for God to lift you up and to grant you all the miracles and wishes you deserve
  • Thanks be to God who gives us your shining light. You are an inspiration to us all and I am so glad to be able to wish you a blessed birthday

Birthdays are a special time in someone’s life. It’s a time when you can celebrate how much the person means to you and how grateful you are they were placed in your life. Try adding an extra special touch by giving a personalized gift along with your birthday card.

Here's a helpful list of Christian birthday messages, wishes, greetings As you attain the age of [insert age], may God continue to increase your.

45 Best Religious Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday Blessings

birthday wishes for god

Being able to wish a fellow brother or sister in Christ a happy birthday should not be a herculean task. But, navigating words beyond the mere, “happy birthday” to pass across the love of God that actually binds you together may be a bit of work.

Hopefully, these quotes can be a good map to help you safely land Christian birthday wishes without coming off as a weirdo.

Christian Happy Birthday Wishes

#1: I wish you more of God’s blessings as you celebrate another year. May you live long to enjoy more years.

#2: You have all that pertains to life and godliness. May this New Year usher you into more of God’s arrangements for you. Happy Birthday!

#3: God has brought you this far and trust me, He does not deal in incomplete projects. This birthday, He continues to perfect all that concerns you.

#4: God makes all things beautiful in His own time. As you add to your age, may his newness overshadow you and all that is yours.

#5: May God grant you all your desires this birthday even beyond your wildest imaginations. He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ask or think.

#6: You have been kept thus far by God’s mercy. I wish you more experiences of his mercy as you journey through life.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Brother

#1: Today, as you celebrate a new year, I wish you long life and happiness so I can continue to enjoy the blessedness of having you as my brother.

#2: I may not have as many brothers as Joseph did but I am glad I have you. I pray you always have people who will stand up for you even in this new age.

#3: One cannot be more proud of a brother than I am of you. A new year begins for you today. I ask the Father to grant you great success and that many will come to your light.

#4: With brothers in the Bible, there always seemed to be some disadvantaged gap (Joseph, David, Cain and Abel). But not so for you. This new year, your success opens doors of success for others around you.

#5: Thank you for being a loving brother and more than that, for being a friend. I wish you stronger friendships like that of David and Jonathan. Happy Birthday!

#6: Having you as my brother has been eventful and fun. May this new age come with more fun than previous years.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Son

#1: I am grateful for the gift of a son like you. Today as you add another year, I pray you grow stronger and wiser and more mature.

#2: You are a special child, blessed and sent by God to earth. I celebrate your uniqueness and pray you continue to be outstanding.

#3: Happy Birthday son. Indeed, the world awaits your manifestation even as you continue to grow. May your life continue to be a pleasant surprise.

#4: Son, it is another year, another opportunity to be more and a bigger platform for excellence. May you take hold of this and do exploits.

#5: The desire of every parent is that their child grows to become better than they are. Your birthdays are landmarks to appraise this and I pray that each one shows that you are indeed better by His grace.

#6: Dear son, as we celebrate your new age, may you abound in life, health, joy, peace and all that is good. You belong to God and He will not withhold anything good from you.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Daughter

#1: My daughter, you are not just any child or any girl. You are unique. I asked for you from God and He gave me you. Today, I hope you get to always remember this.

#2: This new age, you will truly become like a pillar in the king’s palace. Your inner and outer beauty will spring forth and God’s glory will radiate all over you.

#3: Happy birthday, daughter. Thank you for showing yourself to be a virtuous lady. It couldn’t have been easy especially in the world we live in. This is why I pray you receive more strength and grace to hold on to these virtues.

#4: Wishing you a happy birthday does not even begin to cover all that I desire for you. At all. You deserve so much more. I can only ask our Father to bless you beyond what I can articulate and beyond what you can imagine.

#5: Today, you start another phase of life. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be with you. May he shine his light on your path and lead you to the fulfilment of your life’s purpose.

#6: I love you, daughter. I love you so much, no material thing can ever quantify or adequately represent. However, this birthday, I once gain entrust you to God’s love which is higher, greater, wider and deeper than we can ever know.

Funny Christian Birthday Wishes

#1: Who knows if you were meant to come out with your hand first so we could tie a red string around your wrist. Or maybe if you were a twin, you would have grabbed the heel of your twin like Jacob did. Anyway, we are glad you were born today even with your peculiarities. Happy Birthday!

#2: I am not sure if there are still original Methuselahs. And even if there are, I am not sure if you want to be one. But, yes, I am sure you want to celebrate more birthdays and that is what I wish you today.

#3: As you celebrate your birthday today, I hope you plan to serve us water and change it to wine. Then feed us all with five loaves of bread and two fish. Have a great day!

#4: Seeing as we really do not know the exact date of Christ’s birth, I want to assure you that you have not entirely lost the chance to be His birthday mate. Feel good! Happy Birthday!

#5: On the exact day you were being born, the person that did most of the work was mum. And when you came out, first thing you did was to cry and eat. This time, we are declaring a fast so we can wait upon the Lord on your birthday. Only thing is, we others get to eat. The fast is all on you. At least, the Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want.

#6: We hired Jacob to make his special porridge, got David to lead the band and ensured Gideon could bring us some wine. Your birthday party is set, we hope you enjoy it and your day in all.

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birthday wishes for god
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