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Birthday wishes for elderly aunt
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Here are 15 birthday wishes for elders so that you can give your If you need the perfect wish for a spouse, aunt, friend, or anyone else, check.

Birthday Wishes for Aunty

Were found 31 happy birthday messages:

Dear aunt, on this auspicious day I wish you a very joyous birthday, much love and good health. No one deserves the best from life more than you do, and I truly hope you find great happiness throughout all of the years to come.

Enjoy your day, and enjoy life to its fullest every day. You are one of a kind and I love you as you are!
Wishing a happy birthday to
the best aunt in the world: you!

Ever since I can remember
you have been in my life, and
I just hope you’ll always be here,
because I love you and I cherish
every second I spend with you.
There are two kinds of people in the world, the ones who get older and the ones who get better. You, of course, belong to the latter, my dearest aunty.

Every year that passes you become better, more beautiful, wiser and just generally more interesting.

Today you add another year to your personal account, and you’ve never seemed so young and fresh.

Happy birthday, aunty! With much love and admiration, I’m wishing you a lovely day!
My beloved aunt, I want to wish you an amazing day today. If it wasn’t for you and for all the great memories I have of us together, my life wouldn’t have been as amazing as it has been.

I always carry you in my heart and I reminisce about our dearest moments together quite frequently.

I wish you a lovely birthday!
Of all the special women in my life, you’re my favourite! You are strong, caring and sympathetic. You’re my role model. You face everything with a smile and never give up on your dreams. If I could be half the woman you are, I would be fulfilled.

Best wishes to my amazing aunty!
You have always been there for me. Whenever I needed someone, I could count on you to give me a hug and to listen to me. You always understood me and I felt safer knowing I could always rely on you no matter what.

You are one of the most important people in my life. Your good humour and your aura are so contagious, making everyone around you feel better. If happiness was a person, it would be you. Right now, just thinking about you makes me smile.

I hope you have a fantastic day and many more amazing years to come.
Don't worry about turning a year older today, dear aunty. You are the prettiest woman in the family and you don’t look a day older than you did as far back as I can remember!

May you have a fantastic day and many more to come!
Dear aunty,

I’ve never met someone as young at heart as you. You are the coolest and youngest adult I know and, if anything, you are the one who makes me feel old. Your joy never ends.

May you continue to grow younger while others grow old!
A second mother to me,
Undeniable is your love.
Nothing is greater than your friendship.
Thank you for always being there for me!
You are the best aunty in the whole world!

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!
You may not be my mom, but you have given me the same love and care all of these years. You made me feel extra special and the centre of your attention.

I love you, dear aunty! May you have a wonderful birthday!
Sweet aunty, you must tell me the secret of your eternal youth. What magical spell has been cast upon you? What offerings were made to please what god? What ointments from what rare plant have you been using? What magical potion did you drink? Is there a fountain of youth in your backyard where you go to bathe when no one is looking?

You haven’t aged a day since I met you - if anything you’re looking younger and younger. Always laughing, always joking around, always looking at the world as if you were seeing it for the first time.

Happy birthday to my forever young aunty!

Birthday Poems for Aunt: Birthdays are always a special time in anyone's life. When our So for your aunt's birthday this year, give her your best wishes and express how much you love her. Tell her No matter how old, age is only a number.

61 Awesome Happy Birthday Auntie Wishes, Messages and Quotes

birthday wishes for elderly aunt

Your Chinese partner just invited you to their mother’s birthday celebration.

It’s your first time meeting the parents (and the rest of the family).

You want to make a good first impression, so you decide that you need to learn how to say “happy birthday” in Mandarin.

Though that’s not really enough, is it?

You think, “Okay, I really should learn how to sing the birthday song in Chinese, but once the song is over, then what?”


There are lots of different ways you can wish a Chinese person a happy birthday.As a foreigner, knowing the birthday song alone may be impressive enough to the birthday celebrant, but it never hurts to go above and beyond with additional well wishes.

Before we get into birthday wishes and the birthday song in Mandarin, let’s go over some of the key cultural differences between birthdays in China and elsewhere.

Chinese Birthdays 101: “Happy Birthday” in Mandarin and More

A Bit of Background on Chinese Birthdays

Here are a few points to be aware of when it comes to celebrating birthdays in China.

Traditional Chinese birthday parties are mostly reserved for infants and the elderly. It’s a sign of respect for the elderly, while infants’ birthdays are celebrations of the succeeding generation.

Additionally, children are born as one-year-olds because of the lunar calendar. They also have a one-month birthday.

Another important feature is the concept of a life cycle. Sixty is considered one cycle of life, which is cause for celebration. After that, every 10th birthday is celebrated.

Chinese Birthday Traditions

Not all Chinese people celebrate their birthdays according to older Chinese tradition, though it never hurts to learn more about customs surrounding such occasions. In fact, more and more families are celebrating more birthdays than the ones listed above with cake, lots of food and gifts. But for the sake of learning more about Chinese birthday culture, let’s talk about some traditions that are specifically Chinese:

  • Food: Common dishes served on birthdays include birthday “longevity” noodles, called 寿面(shòu miàn), as well as red dyed eggs called 红鸡蛋(hóng jī dàn), which symbolize happiness. The elderly are often presented with “peaches” for long life that aren’t really peaches, but rather peach-shaped steamed buns that are sweet, known as 寿桃包(shòu táo bāo).

  • Gifts: Any of the food listed above can be given as a gift, along with wine or a red envelope with money known as 红包(hóng bāo) for infants. Something worthy to note about gifts is that you should give them with two hands, no matter how small the gift.

Chinese Birthday Taboos

With birthday traditions come birthday taboos. Here’s a list of Chinese birthday no-nos:

  • It’s bad luck to celebrate belated birthdays, so you must celebrate the day before or on the day.
  • Thirty is an unlucky year for women, so they’ll celebrate a 29th birthday two years in a row and then hit 31.
  • Forty is the unlucky year for men, so they end up staying 39 for two years, then turn 41.

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Now that you have a bit of background on Chinese birthdays (and some extra Chinese culture knowledge), let’s move on to the birthday song and greetings in Mandarin.

Saying “Happy Birthday,” Plain and Simple

If you’ve been learning Mandarin for even a little while, you probably can recognize some easy characters and terms, including 生日(shēng rì), or “birthday.”

Plain and simple, the most common way to wish someone a happy birthday is “生日快乐(shēng rì kuài lè),” which is one of the many basic Chinese phrases you’ll learn (or already have learned) as a beginner.

To specifically say, “I wish you a happy birthday,” or, “Happy birthday to you,” you would say “祝你生日快乐(zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè).”

The Chinese “Happy Birthday” Song

While the English and Chinese versions of the birthday song use the same tune, the lyrics vary slightly in the Chinese birthday song.

For comparison, here are first the lyrics for the birthday song as we know it in English:

“Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday, dear ___

Happy Birthday to you”

Traditional Chinese birthdays being celebrated on rarer occasions compared to birthday celebrations in other parts of the world may be the reason why the Chinese song incorporates additional well wishes. But that’s just me speculating.

Here’s how to sing “Happy Birthday” in Mandarin, with pinyin and the English translation:

祝你生日快乐 (zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你生日快乐 (zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你幸福, 祝你健康(zhù nǐ xìng fú, zhù nǐ jiàn kāng)

(Wish you happiness, wish you good health)

祝你前途光明(zhù nǐ qián tú guāng míng)

(Wish your future is bright)

祝你生日快乐(zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你生日快乐(zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你幸福, 祝你健康(zhù nǐ xìng fú, zhù nǐ jiàn kāng)

(Wish you happiness, wish you good health)

有个温暖家庭 (yǒu gè wēn nuǎn jiā tíng)

(And have a warm/cozy family)

If you feel like singing along, here’s a YouTube video to help you practice.

Chinese songs are great for improving pitch and fluency, but remember, it’s best to simply read out the words first to make sure you’re getting the right pronunciation and intonation. Sometimes, tones aren’t that clear in melodies, thus it’s important that you master the pronunciation before you sing, and this goes for any Chinese tune you might come across.

As you may have noticed, the Chinese birthday song is a little longer than the English version. There’s actually a shorter version of the song, which more people are familiar with, and it goes like this:

祝你生日快乐(zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你生日快乐(zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你生日快乐(zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè)

(Happy Birthday to you)

祝你永远快乐(zhù nǐ yǒng yuǎn kuài lè)

(Wish you happiness forever)

Other Ways You Can Say “Happy Birthday” in Chinese

The “Happy Birthday” song and the general phrases we looked at above aren’t the only ways to wish someone well on their birthday. Below are a few phrases and idiomatic expressions you can use as additional greetings and wishes.

General Well Wishing

“心想事成。”(xīn xiǎng shì chéng) — “May all your wishes come true.”

“天天快乐。”(tiān tiān kuài lè) — “I hope you’re happy every day.”

“祝您年年有今日,岁岁有今朝。”(zhù nín nián nián yǒu jīn rì, suì suì yǒu jīn zhāo) – “May you have a day like this every year.” (Note: There are several different translations for this saying, but they all generally wish happiness on the birthday and future birthdays.)

“笑口常开!”(xiào kǒu cháng kāi) — “Be happy and wear a smile often!”

Wishes for Children

“希望你健康快乐地长大!。(xī wàng nǐ jiàn kāng kuài lè de zhǎng dà) — “I hope you grow up to be happy and healthy!”

Wishes for the Elderly

“祝您福如东海,寿比南上。”(zhù nín fú rú dōng hǎi, shòu bǐ nán shàng) — “May your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea, and may you live a long and happy life.”

“祝您身体健康,越活越年轻。”(zhù nín shēn tǐ jiàn kāng, yuè huó yuè nián qīng) — “May you be healthy, and get younger and younger.”

Questions to Ask the Birthday Celebrant

Want to get the conversation rolling with the birthday celebrant? In addition to these basic conversational phrases, here are a few questions you might want to have on hand:

“你现在几岁了?”(nǐ jǐ suì le) — “How old are you now?”

“你属什么的?” (nǐ shǔ shén me de) — “What year of the zodiac are you?” (This is a traditional way of asking for someone’s age.)

“你的生日愿望是什么?”(nǐ de shēng rì yuàn wàng shì shén me) — “What is your birthday wish/What are your birthday wishes?” (literal) or “What did you wish for?”

“你会有生日派对吗?”(nǐ huì yǒu shēng rì pài duì ma) — “Will you have a birthday party?”

Useful Phrases for the Birthday Celebrant

And if you’re the one who’s turning a year older, here are several phrases you might want to know as the birthday celebrant:

“我__岁了(wǒ wǔ suì le) — “I am __ years old.”

“谢谢你的礼物。”(xiè xiè nǐ de lǐ wù) — “Thank you for the present/s.”

“谢谢你来参加我的派对。”(xiè xiè nǐ lái cān jiā wǒ de pài duì) — “Thank you for coming to my party.”

“你要蛋糕吗?”(nǐ yào dàn gāo ma) — “Do you want cake?”

Obviously, there are a million other questions to ask the birthday person and phrases to say as the birthday celebrant, but these are hopefully enough to get you started.

Though you might not be an expert on Chinese birthdays at this stage, you at least now have enough knowledge to attend a traditional Chinese birthday party without making a fool of yourself!

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Birthday Wishes for Elderly

birthday wishes for elderly aunt

Aunts hold a special place in our lives. They can be anything from just family to also being the dearest of friends to us. It is on their birthday that we have an opportunity to share our feelings of love and respect with them to brighten their days.

Today, take the time to review the unique and useful list of birthday wishes for aunts and pick the one or ones that best fit your situation. We are confident you will find the perfect one for a card or even a simple text.

Happy Birthday to my beloved aunt!

  • Today is a great day because we get to celebrate you and what you mean to all of us. You are more than just our aunt. You are a near and dear friend. Here’s to you on your fabulous birthday!
  • Once a year, I am reminded just how lucky I am to have you in my life. It is today that I think of all of the blessings I have received through you over the years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope for a great future, as well. Happy birthday, Aunt!
  • Because of you, I feel loved and appreciated. Because of you, I am confident and strong. And, most importantly, because of you, I know how to make the best chocolate cake around. Happy birthday and best wishes for a great year, dear Aunt!
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  • Although you may not be my mom, you have shown me the love and care of a mom for many years now. Thank you for holding me tight during this difficult time and being my friend. You are the best aunt in the world. Happy birthday!
  • Nobody is as cool of an aunt as you. You rock! Happy birthday!
  • Aunt, thank you for making me feel special and loved. You are amazing. Enjoy your birthday cake tonight!
  • Wishing you a year full of love, friendship, and endless blessings. You deserve them all. Happy birthday, dearest Aunt!
  • A life of memories with you is the best treasure I can have. Thank you for always being around and teaching me so many truths of this life. You are cherished. Happy birthday, Aunt!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful aunt, inside and out, that anyone could hope for. You inspire me daily and give me motivation to be the best me I can be. Thank you!

Happy Birthday to my beloved aunt!

  • Sweetest wishes and best blessings for you this year. You deserve everything great that comes your way, Aunt! Happy birthday!
  • By blood, you may be my aunt, but by spirit you have become my best friend. Here’s to you and your fabulous day! Happy birthday, sweet lady!
  • You’ve got this “best aunt” gig in the bag! Hope this day brings what your heart desires! Happy birthday, Auntie!
  • You are truly the super hero of our family. No matter if times are tough or things are going well, you are always around to help and motivate. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for our family. It does not go unnoticed. Happy birthday and best wishes, loved Aunt!
  • These past years with you have been amazing. And, while I may be moving off to college, I sure hope you come and visit me often. You have become not just my aunt, but also as close as a sister. I love you! Happy birthday!
  • We may not get to see each other every day, but when we do we sure have fun! Here’s to many more adventures and good times in the future! Happy birthday, Aunt!
  • Happy birthday to my favorite aunt! You are awesome in every way!
  • Happy birthday to the most fantastic of aunts out there! Keep your spirits high and a smile on your face! I love you!
  • Look out! The best aunt around just got one year older and a whole lot better! Happy birthday, sweet Aunt!

Happy Birthday, Aunt!

  • Wow! You make birthdays look good! Here’s to the most fabulous aunt on the planet. May your days be full of sunshine and your nights be filled with rest. Happy birthday!
  • Here’s to my soul-sister of an aunt! Peace, love, and good looking men! My dearest Aunty, happy birthday!
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  • Happy birthday, dear Aunty! I would climb the highest of mountains and swim the deepest of seas to make sure your birthday is the best ever!
  • Come one, come all! It’s time to celebrate Auntie’s birthday! Here’s to you and all you bring to our family. Happy birthday!
  • Very few people can say they have been blessed with an aunt as amazing as you. You exude love, hope, and faith in everything you do. Praise God for you and your bright future. Happy birthday to our favorite lady around!

Happy Birthday to the best Aunt in the whole wide world!

  • Look out, world! Auntie is turning 40! Things will never be the same again! Happy birthday to one rockin’ lady!
  • More times than I can count, you have been there to save the day. You are an awe-inspiring, comforting, amazing aunt and the perfect confidant at all times. Happy birthday and best wishes for this year, dear Aunt!
  • Life may come with twists and turns, bumps and pits, but through it all you have been by my side. Thank you for being here always. I love you, sweet Aunt! Happy birthday!
  • From the stories Mom tells, I know you have always been amazing. I feel so blessed to know you and have you in my life. Here’s to you on your birthday, Aunt!
  • Jump for joy! It’s time to celebrate the birthday of my aunt who is top-notch in every way! Happy birthday, dearest Aunty!
  • Never forget, dear Aunt, how much you are loved and respected by every member of our family. You mean so much to us all. Happy birthday!

Once you have selected a message, also take the time to call your aunt and share the joy of her day with her. Knowing that she has you in her corner will make her feel as special as she has made you feel. Reciprocation is part of love, after all. Here’s to you and your fabulous aunt! May your days be blessed and love be kept.

Happy Birthday.

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Take the time to review this unique list of birthday wishes for aunts and pick the one or ones that best fit your situation.

100+ Christian and Religious Birthday Wishes

birthday wishes for elderly aunt

This Aunt birthday wishes post contains happy birthday wishes for aunt. Aunts, being a special person to us, deserve heartwarming birthday messages and greetings on their birthday. These birthday messages to your aunt can make her feel loved and appreciated and send a touch of affection for them on their special day. Now, some samples of birthday wishes to aunt are here that can be used in different purpose. It can be sent as birthday SMS wishes for your aunt. It can also be birthday card messages for your aunt. It’s up to you. Use our collection of happy birthday messages for aunt at your convenience.

Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Wish your aunt a Happy Birthday with these heartwarming birthday messages for aunt. From witty to light-hearted greetings, may you find the best words to say your greetings to your dearest aunt.

  1. May this special day bring you heaps of joy and happiness to last the rest of time. You have always been my source of inspiration. Happy birthday!
  2. I hope you have an unforgettable birthday. May the future bring back all the missed opportunities and allow you experience love in abundance. Happiest birthday Auntie!
  3. May the Lord Almighty grant you long life and many reasons to celebrate your birthday. You are special and one of the most admirable people I know. Have a great birthday!
  4. Sweet Auntie, receive warm wishes from the entire family with love and affection. Wishing you a colourful life ahead. Happy birthday!
  5. Wow Antie! It is impossible to believe your age because you honestly look 20 years younger. Share the secret sometime, cheers! Happiest birthday!
  6. Thank you for making us so proud of having you as an aunt. We all look up to you because your life has been an inspiration. Wishing you good health, happiness, love, peace and prosperity in all the days ahead. Enjoy your birthday celebrations!
  7. The clock is ticking, but you have proven that indeed age is just but a number. You look fantastic! And you are the coolest aunt ever! Happy birthday Auntie!
  8. Happy birthday to an aunt that is a great friend.
  9. Aunty, you become more amazing as time goes by.
    Here goes another year in the books where
    you were always there for me like a parent without all the arguing.
    Happy Birthday
  10. Happy birthday from your favorite niece/nephew.
    I am your favorite, right?

Birthday Wishes for Aunt

I feel so lucky to have a wonderful, caring aunt like you in my life.
I hope that all your birthday wishes come true.
Happy Birthday, aunt!

Friends come and go, but family is forever.
Thanks for always sticking by me and reminding my parents that they got into trouble to as a kid!
Happy Birthday.

Wishing you all the best returns in life my dear aunt. Have a great birthday!

Thank you for all you have taught me. If not for all the life lessons, my life would not be this fun. I will always love you dear aunty. Happiest birthday!

I will always cherish the wonderful memories we have had together since my childhood. You are truly a fantastic aunt! Have a wonderful birthday!

I love that I have the chance to say thank you for being such an awesome aunt. Wishing you a great time during your birthday. Enjoy!

I am sure if I went around the world, I would not be able to find anyone with an awesome aunt like you. I will always cherish you dear aunt. Happiest birthday!

May all the good tidings of success and prosperity reach and settle on you this special day. Wonderful birthday sweet aunt!

Happy birthday to an awesome auntie! You have made life worth living and every morning worth waking up to. Have a fantastic birthday!

May all the joyous astonishments be your portion all the days of your life. Thank you for motivating me to better my best in life. Happy birthday!


Best Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Dear Aunt Happy Birthday!, today is truly a special day and we want to wish you happy birthday. We love you and are thinking of you today.

May you live long and be in good health and may you always have that wonderful smile on your face. Happy birthday to my dearest Auntie!

To a great woman indeed, aunt you are such a blessing to me and I am happy that you are part of our family. Happy Birthday!

Today as you celebrate your birthday I wish you all the good things in life and say that you are such a wonder to me. Happy birthday Aunt.

Aunt, I am so grateful that on a day like this some years ago God decided that our family needed you and so He sent you among us. You’re such a blessing. Happy Birthday to you!

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Aunt


Heartfelt Birthday Greetings for Aunt, birthday Messages for your Aunt

Through the years we have seen your love and care and we really appreciate and love you. Happy birthday Aunt and may you have a wonderful day today.

We want the whole world to know that today we are celebrating a remarkable woman. You have so much love to give us all and we bask in the glow of your tender loving care. Happy Birthday, Aunt!

Aunt you are such a fine woman and we love you so much. Happy birthday and may you live to celebrate so many more.

Many years have passed and once again it is time to celebrate your birthday aunt. You have come a long way and we wish you love, peace, harmony and joy in the years to come. Happy birthday.

Aunt we admire you so much because no matter how many years pass by you are still the same and never seem to change. Happy Birthday to you!

With a sincere heart I want to wish you a lovely day today as you celebrate your birthday dear aunt. My prayer is that you will live to celebrate many more birthdays with joy and happiness. Happy birthday aunt.

Some years ago God lent you to us aunt and we are glad that He is still allowing us to enjoy life with you. May you have a long and fulfilled life aunt and may you enjoy all the good things that life has to offer. Happy birthday aunt.

Birthday Messages for Aunt

I hope that this year is filled with happiness and love for you aunt.
Happy Birthday, aunty!

Aunt, I hope that your birthday is as great as you are.

Not very many people are lucky enough to have such a great aunt as you.
Have a great birthday.

Aunt, you are so great! You have the best parts of a sister and a mom.
Have a wonderful birthday.

I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you on your birthday.
I love you. Happy Birthday Aunt

May your days be filled with laughter, may sunshine ever warm and light up your life. May the rain wash away all your sorrows and may you truly have a wonderful birthday today. Happy birthday aunt.

Birthday Wishes Messages for Your Aunt

Aunt, you have always been there for me through thick and thin.
I will always be here trying to return the favor.
I will start with wishing you a happy birthday.

You are the only person that can embarrass my parents and not get in trouble for it.
Keep it up!
Happy birthday.

Dear Aunt, it is a blessing to know that you are a very vital and important part of my life. Once again it is time to celebrate your birthday. I wish you a long life filled with peace and joy and may all that begin today. Happy birthday lovely aunt.

May your days be filled with laughter, may sunshine ever warm and light up your life. May the rain wash away all your sorrows and may you truly have a wonderful birthday today. Happy birthday aunt.

Your love, care, smile and gentleness grow stronger with each passing year and this year as always we want to wish you all the best on your birthday. Happy birthday aunt.

Have your own Aunt birthday messages and wishes? Share them here! Let your aunt and the world know how much you love and care for her. With your own personal birthday greetings to your aunt, she would surely be delighted.

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Elderly wrinkles and silver hair show the greatness of their life and experience. Let's wish Birthday Wishes Messages for Elderly . Happy Birthday dear aunt.

birthday wishes for elderly aunt
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