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Birthday wishes for cousin far away
December 16, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

We have the huge list of Best happy birthday cuz wishes, quotes and though today you are far away from me, your significance in my life.

1. “Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin. Today is your day, and we send you well wishes. You’re smart, funny and beautiful, too. I’m so thankful to have a cousin like you.”

2. “To my dearest cousin, may your future see all of your wishes and dreams come true. Happy birthday!”

3. “We’re cousins, so that means we’re family. But even if we weren’t, I’d be so thankful to know a person as sweet and kind as you. Happy birthday!”

4. “It doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen you in a week or a year, it feels as if no time passes in between each visit. Happy birthday, cousin. May your day be special.”

5. “A little birdie whispered in my ear that today is your birthday. I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you nothing but joy, love, and laughter in the coming year.”

6. “Happy birthday to my cousin; my friend. Family connects us, but it was by choice that we became such close friends. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.”

7. “Time to get up! It’s your birthday! Time to celebrate and enjoy this special day. You are my cousin and friend. Here are all the birthday wishes and love I could send.”

8. “Cousin, you are a beautiful flower in our family’s garden. Happy birthday.”

9. “Another birthday has come around again. They keep coming each year like falling raindrops. But each passing year gives me a chance to tell you, my lovely cousin, happy birthday and best of luck in the coming year.”

10. “Dear cousin, on this special day, I hope you take the time to reflect on how wonderful your life has been. I hope that I can be a part of your future, too. Happy birthday!”

11. “What’s more comforting than a cup of hot cappuccino on a cold day? Having a cousin like you. Happy birthday!”

12. “Whenever I had problems with friends, my boss, a cheating ex or a backstabbing co-worker, I always knew that I could trust your advice, cousin. It’s such a blessing to have a friend like you in my life. Happy birthday.”

13. “I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. Here we are again, celebrating another birthday. Spend the day enjoying and reflecting on life. Happy birthday, cousin!”

14. “We grew up together, and times have changed since we were kids. But you will always be a dear friend to me, cousin. Happy birthday!”

15. “Cousin, on your birthday, be sure to close your eyes, make a wish and hope that all of the good things in this world come to you.”

16. “Cousin, I hope the saddest day you have in the future is no worse than one of the happiest days you’ve had in the past. Happy birthday!”

17. “I’m so glad that you’re my cousin. You deserve to have all the love, happiness and success in the world. Have an amazing birthday and a joyous year.”

18. “It doesn’t matter how old you get; you will always be the youngest, smartest and dearest cousin to me. Happy birthday!”

19. “Having a cousin like you is a true blessing. You always inspire me to be a better person, and I’m so thankful for that. Have a great birthday, and may you continue to be an inspiration to so many people’s lives.”

20. “If I had the power to give immortality to someone I loved, I would choose you, cousin. Happy birthday!”

21. “On your birthday, I want you to know how much you are loved and admired by your family. We all hope you have an amazing day, cousin. Happy birthday!”

22. “Cousin, another birthday has arrived. You have grown since your last one to become wise. I hope you have a fun-filled day. Happy birthday!”

23. “Each new birthday presents you with an open page. Fill it with love, joy, wisdom and good deeds. Happy birthday!”

24. “What can I hope for a special cousin who has it all? Another year of fortune, blessings and strength. Happy birthday!”

25. “Happy birthday, cousin! Enjoy this day, celebrate your life, and be hopeful of a bright future.”

26. “Each new birthday marks the end of one year and the start of another. Celebrate this special gift and the opportunity to spend time with the people you love. Happy birthday, cousin!”

27. “Blessed is this day, for it was the day you were born. Happy birthday, cousin!”

28. “My dear cousin, I hope you have an amazing birthday. Know that I love you and miss you!”

29. “It’s a wonderful gift to have a cousin like you to share my joys and sorrows in life. Happy birthday!”

30. “Cousin, you are an important part of my life. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!”

31. “Today is another opportunity for us to celebrate your birthday, cousin. From all of us to you, happy birthday, and may your heart stay true.”

32. “Cousin, you’re a shining light in our lives. You inspire and motivate. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!”

33. “As we grow old, we forget the days of our youth. But I hope you never forget the fun times we shared. Happy birthday, cousin!”

34. “Dear cousin, I hope your special day is filled with smiles and sunshine. Happy birthday!”

35. “Cousin, I hope you have a fun-filled birthday with many more in the future. Happy birthday.”

36. “Dear cousin, you may be getting older, but remember: each year is a blessing and an opportunity to start a new chapter. Happy birthday!”

37. “Happy birthday, cousin! I hope you have a great day and know that I truly do love you from the bottom of my heart.”

38. “There is nothing greater than being blessed with such a wonderful cousin. Happy birthday!”

39. “Cousin, thank you for all of the wonderful childhood memories. I hope you make the most of this day and celebrate in your own way. Happy birthday!”

40. “We always share great times. I’m so thankful you’re a cousin of mine. Happy birthday!”

41. “Cousin, whenever I talk about someone who’s talented, cool, smart and witty, it can only mean that I’m talking about one person: you. Happy birthday!”

42. “A cousin like you is a piece of childhood that can never, ever be lost. Happy birthday!”

43. “Keep calm, grab a drink and wish my beautiful cousin a happy birthday!”

44. “I hope your birthday is just the start of a year filled with happy memories and blessings. Happy birthday!”

45. “Cousin, I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are. Happy birthday!”

46. “Happy birthday, cousin. May this day be filled with lots of presents, great company, and fantastic new memories.”

47. “I hope all your wishes come true and that you have plenty of fun. Happy birthday!”

48. “A cousin is someone who knows everything about you but still loves you anyway. Happy birthday!”

49. “To my cousin with love, I hope your birthday is as special as you are. Happy birthday!”

50. “Cousin, I hope your birthday brings you an extra special share of all the things that make you happy.”

51. “Sending hugs your way on this very special day! Happy birthday, cousin.”

52. “No matter the distance or time that passes, I always consider you a true friend, cousin. Happy birthday!”

53. “Today is your birthday, cousin. Enjoy it! I wish you nothing but the best. Happy birthday!”

54. “I couldn’t imagine my childhood without you, cousin. I smile each time I think of the memories we share and the time we spent without a care. Happy birthday!”

55. “Cousin, I admire you and look up to you. You inspire me every day to push myself harder and to be a better person. Happy birthday!”

56. “Cousin, may you be blessed today, tomorrow and always. Happy birthday!”

57. “Hey, cousin! Don’t get all freaked out about your birthday. Age is just a number that represents the number of years the world has been enjoying us. Happy birthday!”

58. “Cousin! Here’s to wishing you a great big happy birthday!”

59. “Sending you birthday wishes with love, cousin. Happy birthday!”

60. “Cousins are so awesome! Well, at least yours and mine are. Happy birthday!”

61. “Happy birthday to a cousin who’s sweet, generous, creative, smart, funny and cute.”

62. “Cousins are special and loved a whole lot. My cousin is wonderful because my cousin is you. Happy birthday!”

63. “Secrets, embarrassing moments, silences that speak a thousand words – we share so much more than DNA. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you have a fantastic day.”

64. “You’re the best cousin around, and that’s because you always lift me up whenever I’m feeling down. Happy birthday!”

65. “Fate made us cousins, but we chose to be best friends. Happy birthday!”

66. “Great cousins are like flowers that bloom in the winter: rare and treasured. Happy birthday!”

67. “Happy birthday, cousin. May your day be filled with family, great memories, and laughter.”

68. “On the winding road we call life, I’m glad that I have you to share the ride with. Happy birthday, cousin.”

69. “Thinking of all the great times we spent together puts a smile on my face. Happy birthday, cousin!”

70. “Cousin, it’s your birthday! Do whatever the heck you want! Happy birthday – let’s celebrate!”

71. “Cousins are connected at heart. Neither time nor distance can ever break them apart. Happy birthday!”

72. “Happy birthday, cousin! May you never get older and just increase in value. Don’t forget to wine as often as you can, too.”

73. “Cousin, no matter how far in life we travel, our childhoods will always bring us back together. Happy birthday!”

74. “Cousins are just like siblings – but without the rivalry. Happy birthday!”

75. “We may not have shared a womb, but we’re just as close as those who have. Happy birthday, cousin!”

76. “We grew up together with the hope that we would never grow apart. Happy birthday to a special cousin.”

77. “I call you my cousin just so my so-called best friends don’t get jealous. Happy birthday!”

78. “Of all the cousins in this world, I’m glad I got you. Happy birthday!”

79. “Sending you birthday wishes that are filled with peace, love, and joy. Happy birthday!”

80. “Cousin, you’re kind of a big deal. Happy birthday, you awesome cousin you.”

81. “One of the great things about being an only child is that I appreciate having such a great cousin like you. Happy birthday!”

82. “Cousin, my heart will always feel just a little bit empty because you’ve taken a piece of it away with you. Happy birthday!”

83. “You’re the type of cousin that could put real siblings to shame. Happy birthday, and thank you for always being there.”

84. “Friends can stab you in the back, spouses can leave you, bosses can let you go, and co-workers can be competitive. But a cousin like you will always be by my side. Happy birthday!”

85. “When life fails to send you a great best friend, it makes up for it by sending amazing cousins just like you. Happy birthday!”

86. “Here comes another birthday, and I know that you’re glad. Don’t worry, dear cousin, getting older isn’t so bad. We’ll both age together, but still be young at heart. Happy birthday!”

87. “It’s your birthday, cousin! You deserve nothing but the best. Enjoy this day and know that we’re all proud of you, even though you’re still a pest. Happy birthday!”

88. “No matter where you go or what you do, my birthday wishes will always find you! Happy birthday, cousin.”

89. “There may be seven colors in the rainbow, but none of them is as awesome as you, cousin. Happy birthday!”

90. “As an only child, I thank you for never letting me feel like I’m alone in this world. You’ve been so much more than a cousin to me. You’ve been a friend and an ally. Happy birthday. I wish you all the best.”

91. “Cousin, you’re in my thoughts today. It’s a shame we can’t be together, but my birthday wishes are on their way. Happy birthday!”

92. “Cousin, I have learned so much from you over the years. You’ve always been there to help me, teach me and ease my fears. Happy birthday!”

93. “I hope that your day is filled with laughter and fun. As far as cousins go, you sure are number one. You deserve the best birthday surrounded by the people you love.”

94. “In you, I’ve found a great cousin and the closest and truest of friends. Happy birthday!”

95. “Cousin, it’s time to drink champagne and dance on top of the table. Why? Because it’s your birthday!”

96. “Birthdays are just the start of another 365-day trip around the sun. Happy birthday!”

97. “Cousin, wishing you plenty of joy and presents on your birthday!”

98. “Hey, cousin! Happy birthday! I hope that all of the kindness you’ve given to others is returned to you a thousandfold.”

99. “I’m so glad we live in the world where there are cousins. Happy birthday!”

100. “Cousin, keep calm and enjoy your birthday!”

101. “Wishing you lots of awesomeness, love and good cheer. Happy birthday!”

102. “In the blink of an eye, we went from kids to adults to middle-aged friends. Happy birthday, cousin. I’ll be there for you until the end.”

103. “It’s your birthday! That’s the first thing that crossed my mind this morning. I hope I’m the first person to wish you a happy one. Happy birthday, cousin!”

104. “Not everyone can be as blessed as me to have a cousin as awesome as you. Happy birthday!”

105. “I hope the sun shines brightly on your birthday, cousin. You’ve shined your beautiful light on so many people, so it’s only fair that the sun returns the favor. Happy birthday!”

106. “Happy birthday to someone I’ve known all my life. From toddlers to awkward teens and clumsy adults, we’ve been through it all together. Happy birthday, cousin!”

107. “There are some days that we look forward to each year. Your birthday is one of them, cousin. Let’s celebrate and enjoy this remarkable day! Happy birthday.”

108. “Cousin, on this special day, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope success and happiness fill your life in the coming year.”

109. “Cousin, you truly deserve a super birthday. My biggest wish for you is that your day is filled with wonderful moments and beautiful things. Happy birthday!”

110. “Cousins are one of the life’s blessings, and I’m thankful for you each day. I hope your birthday brings you good luck and that all of your wishes come true. Happy birthday!”

111. “Cousins are special; they bring you good cheer. You miss them the most when they’re not near. Happy birthday to you; a cousin and a friend that’s true.”

112. “Dearest cousin, you have always been special to me. I wish we didn’t have to spend your birthday apart. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday!”

113. “We may have been born cousins, but it was understanding, love, kindness and compassion that made us best friends. Happy birthday, dear cousin!”

114. “Today, we celebrate not only your birth but a gift. The day you came into this world was the day I received a clingy, annoying, adorable but silly little cousin that I could never imagine my life without. Happy birthday!”

115. “I send you a birthday song with a soft but happy melody. These notes come right from your personality. You’re lovely, compassionate and a little bit zappy. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you’re always happy.”

116. “If I had to write down a list of people I could never live without, you would be on that list – right near the top. Happy birthday!”

117. “There’s no greater day than today. For today, the universe blessed our family with an amazing person like you. Happy birthday, cousin.”

118. “Wherever you go and whatever you do in life, the amount of material success you achieve will never be more valuable than the lives you touch with your joy. Happy birthday, cousin!”

119. “On your birthday, it’s important for you to know how special you are and how you’re always in our prayers. Happy birthday, dear cousin!”

120. “Happy birthday, cousin! May the wine flow freely, and the laughter sing loudly.”

121. “The sun rose today with a special charm because it’s your birthday, cousin.”

122. “Happy birthday, cousin. All the gifts, cards and well-wishes in the world could never make up for the love and kindness you’ve shown.”

123. “Cousins and friends like you are the reason the sun shines in the morning and the stars twinkle at night. Happy birthday!”

124. “Today is your birthday. Tomorrow is not. Let’s forget about the future, and party a lot. Happy birthday, cousin.”

125. “Today, I celebrate the birth of my cousin and friend. We’re as thick as thieves and always will be. Happy birthday!”

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Grateful to Have this Cousin | Happy Birthday, Cuz!

birthday wishes for cousin far away

Many service members must spend their birthdays away from family and friends. During these times, it helps to send some words to help the person feel better about being so far away on such a special day. Whether it's in a card, letter or email, including one of these birthday sayings will surely bring a smile to his face and warmth to his heart.

Birthday Sayings

Use these original birthday sayings in a text or birthday card to help your loved one feel special no matter where they are. Add in personal details like military branch or rank to make it feel unique.

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Hero Wishes

Military personnel are heroes and deserve to hear these words in thanks for their service to others.

  • The day you were born was the day you became a hero.
  • You've taken your life and used it to save others' lives.
  • Today is a celebration of one of the nation's best heroes.
  • Your life was created with a purpose - to save lives.
  • You stand strong and proud putting your life on the line. Now that is a happy birthday.
  • I may not be a superhero, but my superpower is making you feel special on your birthday.
  • Just as you save others, I'm saving my biggest hugs and kisses for your birthday.
  • You came into this world with courage and might 20 years ago, so on your birthday, we celebrate those traits that make you our hero.
  • You've rescued so many valuable lives. Today we rescue you with birthday wishes meant to transport you to the safety of our hearts.

Birthday Blessings

Families with strong ties to their faith can celebrate the blessings of life with these birthday messages.

  • What a way to celebrate a birthday - passing on the blessing of your life to others.
  • You were blessed with life and now you are blessing others with theirs.
  • God sent you as a blessing to bless others.
  • You are a messenger of God. May He bless you as you fulfill your duty with strength and pride.
  • Happy Birthday sweet angel, God shows favor to us all in keeping you safe.
  • Thanks to your devotion to the greater good we are here to celebrate this special day with you.
  • Like God, you watch over us all, and we thank you with wishes for a blessed birthday.
  • Rejoice on this day when you were born and God gave us the greatest gift of all, a soldier of love.
  • I pray today above all others brings you love, hope, and strength as you celebrate another year of life.

Missing You

Let your loved one know how much they are missed with these wishful messages.

  • Fight for freedom and come home proud, birthday boy (girl).
  • Every star in the sky is a wish to have you home soon.
  • Deployed birthdays are sad but belated birthday homecomings are magical.
  • I'll be celebrating your birthday with you in my thoughts and heart.
  • I am sending you wishes of love on your birthday, no matter the distance.
  • No enemy who could keep me from wishing you the happiest of birthdays.
  • Your homecoming took place the moment you were born, happy birthday from our hearts, your home.
  • When you look up at the moon from the ship on which you stand, you'll feel my birthday wishes beaming down into your heart.
  • You're never truly missed because you're always in my heart and on special days like this you're at the forefront of my mind.

Soldier Sayings

Use a military theme to tie your birthday wishes and a loved one's career into a meaningful message.

  • The world wouldn't have been the same without you serving it the way you are doing.
  • You're not getting older, you're only getting stronger.
  • The military shows you how valuable your life is... Happy Birthday!
  • Live free on your birthday!
  • Hold your gun high and cheer for your birthday - I know I am.
  • War makes you appreciate life... yours as well as the lives of those around you.
  • Take a step back and think how much better life is with you in it.
  • That camouflage can't hide my beautiful (son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc.) from these loving birthday wishes.
  • When it comes to your birthday, there are no sides to take. We're all wishing you a day filled with love.

More Sources for Birthday Sayings

If you need additional sayings to choose from, try this list of military family quotes, or browse the following sites:

  • Greeting Card Universe sells dozens of military-themed birthday cards with general messages or messages for people in specific branches.
  • Get inspired by the four military birthday cards animated with sound at Birthday Alarm.
  • has short toasts for military parties, and many could be used for a birthday because they show how dedicated, special and strong service members are.

Choosing the Perfect Saying

Take a minute to imagine what it feels like to be surrounded by people on your birthday, but long for the comfort of your loved one's embrace. Imagining what your service member is feeling on his special day will help you choose or write the saying that will touch his heart. Always remember, it's the thought that counts; any saying you send especially to him on his birthday will mean the world to him.

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A Collection of Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes for a Cousin

birthday wishes for cousin far away

We share the same house same school, same college and even the same food but not the same room and the same parents. She is the one who wishes me before everyone does and I don’t need a best friend because I have her she supports me every time understands me and tells me everything which has annoyed me she is not my cousin but my best friend and my everything.
But that’s is not same as the brother cousin he will support you in every aspect but he also scolds you time to time and make you realize your mistakes and makes you responsible so that you can face the world alone by yourself so that nobody can move your efforts backward so that you will always win in your life he always want to see you happy and proud of yourself. He always is your best friend and the only protector you need in your life. He is the only one you will have fun with anyone and the first one to know what you want at the specific time.

Get the best happy birthday cousin Wishes and messages form this article, here are you will get the best collection of Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister, Birthday Wishes for cousin Brother, Happy Birthday Cousin Funny Wishes.

Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes

Cousins are meant to be the best part of the family. I am honored to have such an amazing cousin as you. Happy birthday

Cousin, let your birthday celebration be filled with laughter, smiles, warmth and many other birthdays to come!

You taught me how to become wiser, kinder and more merciful. I can’t be grateful enough for having you as my cousin. Happy birthday!

Dear cousin, blessed the day when you’ve come to this Earth. You made this world a better place to live in. Have a stunning birthday, love you!

You are the most outgoing person in our family, I love hanging out with you. Have an awesome birthday!

Accept my heartfelt wishes on this special birthday. I wish you get everything you want in life.

Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin, who deserves luck, success, the immense number of moments, fulfilled with love and hope.

Having such a beautiful sister like you is a great responsibility because I have to tell all my guy friends to stay away from you because they easily fall in love with you. Happy birthday to my pretty sister!

A little bird has whispered into my ear that today is the birthday of a little baby girl. Be happy and healthy. Happy Birthday!

I remember all stupid, funny, exciting moments we shared together and I am sure that we will create more wonderful memories together. Happy birthday!

Knowing that a have a cousin, who is always with me during my ups and downs, makes me a happy person. Happy birthday.

The person who is best in the world, supports me and all of all stand beside me in every bad or good situation. I love you!

Have a marvelous birthday! Cousins are awesome! Well, at least my cousins are awesome, but I can’t speak about yours.

You are the first friend I’ve had since my childhood because no one else understands my crazy family better than you do. Happy Birthday!

I can’t explain how dear you are to me. Our bond is deep and special and it doesn’t matter how many miles we are apart, you are still the closest person to me. Happy Birthday.

You are my best friend because only you laugh at my silly jokes. Happy Birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

No matter if your cousin-brother is older or younger than you, he deserves to be treated like a king on his birthday. We’ve collected nice happy birthday quotes which will help you to congratulate a birthday boy in a best way.

For me, you’re not only my cousin, you’re my true brother. Thank you for always supporting me and for being by my side in every situation. May you get a lot of warm wishes, love, and surprises. Enjoy the day, brother. Love you.

Today is your day, dear cousin. Happy birthday! I admire you and you’re my favorite cousin. With all my heart, I wish you a lot of happiness and success in life. Love you, my brother!

Happy birthday my cousin cum brother! Thanks a lot for giving me all the best moments and for being my crime partner in childhood. Always count on me. Wish you a great celebration of this special day!

To my favorite cousin, having you in my life is certainly a source of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday and May all your wishes come true.

You are really a gift to us! We are glad consistently to have you as our cousin. Happy Bday and never forget that we cherish you for eternity.

Dear cousin, blessed is the day that you were born. Today is definitely the best time to rejoice and celebrate for another year is added into your life.

Happy Bday. A cousin is someone who knows all about you but like you anyway.

My life has been completed because of the presence of people like you who is always there for me, in sorrows and in joy. You are so special to me, my dear cousin, and I wish you a lovely birthday!

Dear cousin, I consider you as a shining light in my life. Thank you for motivating and inspiring me to become a better person. May you have a wonderful birthday!

Dear cousin, I want you to know that you are an integral part of my life. I consider you more as one of my siblings instead of just a cousin. May you have a fantastic birthday celebration!

It is certainly a blessing to have a smart, cool and superb cousin like you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming into your life and may you have a birthday filled with joy, luck, and happiness!

No matter how much you have grown up, for me, you are still that carefree young cousin that I knew. Happy Bday to my dearest and smartest cousin and I pray that all of your wishes will come true.

Growing up with a cousin like you is just awesome. Keep in mind that all of the great memories that we shared are among the best moments of my life. Happy birthday and make the most of your day.

There is nothing more great than having been blessed with a wonderful cousin like you. Well, I guess, you know that too.

I am scared to think of the things that I could miss if I had not grown up with an amazing cousin like you. It always brings a smile to my heart every time I think of all the wonderful and crazy memories we have. Here’s wishing more of those amazing adventures, happy bday!

My dear cousin, I admire you for everything. The way you dress, you laugh and you carry yourself! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and everyone in the family. You are certainly an important part of our life and we love you lots. Happy Bday!

Cousin, Hope your birthday is every bit as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday!

Have a wonderful day. You serve the very best, cousin. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday dear cousin, wishing you joy and happiness on your special day. Many happy returns!

Happy birthday dear cousin, wishing you joy and happiness on your special day. Many happy returns!

Sending birthday hugs to a cousin so dear, hoping all of your dreams come true. There aren’t many people far or near. Who are loved as much as you. Many happy returns.

On this day, cousin, I know that you have questions. Like, where is the Icyhot? Is my social security going to kick in? Here’s hoping those questions are answered!

Cracking a Birthday Joke | Huge List of Funny Birthday Messages and Wishes.

Have an amazing birthday, cousin! Given all of the secrets we have kept from our childhood, we should have won a few Emmy Awards by now.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I’m having trouble fitting all of the candles on your cake; it’s true. Happy birthday, cuz!

My dear cousin, happy birthday! For me, you’re much more than a cousin, you’re my play partner and my best friend. May you always be surrounded by your loved ones! Have a remarkable day and make a lot of good memories.

Family is connected not just by blood but by heart. Even distance and time cannot break apart our bond. I love you cousin and always will no matter what we go through. Have a wonderful birthday.

Congratulations cousin for successfully completing another year of your life! You’re perfect in every way. Wherever you go, you always bring joy to the lives of the people. Continue like this loving person. May no sorrows ever touch you as you deserve all the happiness and love!

Happy birthday, dear cousin! Though today I’m not with you, I wish, you receive a lot of good wishes, blessings, and love. Celebrate your birthday as per your wish. Love you and miss you!

18 years! Oh my God! Congratulations my cousin! It’s the beginning of a new cycle of your life and I want to tell you that, I’ll always be here when you need me. May you get your desired success! Wish you a very happy birthday!

My beloved cousin, it is another birthday for you. You certainly have grown to become even brighter and wiser since the last one and I am grateful for that. May you have a fun-filled birthday and I wish that all your dreams will come true.

The happiest cousin, many congratulations on your birthday! I must say that you are the most unique person in our family who’s always positive. Be like this forever. May God keep pouring out blessings upon you and fill you with love, success, and gratitude!

We have been playing together since we were only toddlers! I love having a cousin as amazing as you are. Please do have a happy celebration and a great day ahead!

You are special, unique and irreplaceable! Happy birthday to you my cousin!

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister on this special day and every day after I wish for you all the love and happiness life can bring.

Today is the birthday of one of the most important persons in my life. Happy birthday, my cousin cum sister! I know that God has a wonderful plan for the life of a wonderful person like you. I wish you to have a healthy and prosperous life.

Wish you best happy birthday wishes to my lovely cousin sister I hope you get everything you have been wishing for today and always.

Happy Birthday cousins maybe many best friends are always a few what are their delight to find both of them.

To my dear cousin sister sending along the brightest wishes today as you celebrate another year of being beautiful wonderful you

You are my incredible friend I hope the year ahead is full of reasons to celebrate hello Happy Birthday beautiful lady god bless you with gladness and peace.

Happy Birthday cousins may be chosen for us but I pick you as my friend I hope you have the happiest birthday ever.

To my dear cousin sister sending along with the brightest wishes today as you celebrate another year of being beautiful wonderful you.

Don’t tell the others but you are definitely my foolish cousin sister may you have the coolest birthday.

Happy Birthday to my fabulous and wonderful cousin sister.

How do you wish your cousin’s sister happy birthday?

Having a cousin sister like you who can share my joy and Sorrow is certainly a blessing to my life I wish you a very Happy Birthday and may you have more Birthday to come.

Happy Birthday to special cousin sister Ne your day be bright your gift be plenty and may all your wishes come true in the year ahead.

Hey cousin sister just want you to know that I love you to the moon and back forever and ever it’s your day hope you are enjoying with full of joy.

Dear cousin sister wishing you a spectacular birthday and wishing you prosperity and success in the year to come to enjoy your special day.

It’s your favorite flavor cake my sweet cousin you are all kinds of wonderful I am wishing you the most delightful birthday ever.

To the best cousin sister ever wish you happy birthday darling.

I hope you have a very wonderful time on this special day you are so cute from inside.

I want to tell you on this special day how loved and blessed I feel to have you as my cousin. You are part of my family and life, but you feel like more than that.

Fabulous Birthday Messages for Cousin

Always keep in mind that I treasure you forever. Have a very happy birthday! My life has been completed because of the presence of people like you who is always there for me, in sorrows and in joy. You are so special to me, my dear cousin, and I wish you a lovely birthday!

Cousin birthday wishes, like birthday messages for your brother, sister or close friends, are a wonderful way to show your cousins just how much they mean to you, something of which, due to our busy lives, is not always possible to do the rest of the year.

Happy birthday! If I had the power to choose every member of my family, you would definitely be at the top of my shortlist. That’s because you’ve always been top-notch in my books!

As a cousin, you are great! As my friend, you’re the greatest. Happy birthday!

With an awesome cousin like you, growing up was the best kind of adventure. Whenever I think about you and our exploits, a flood of amazing memories come back to me. I remember every stupid, fun, exciting, precious moment. With this birthday, let’s start creating new and wonderful memories. Happy birthday!

With a cousin like you, there’s really no need for a best friend. Cuz, you’re my best friend. Happy birthday!

You are a very important part of my life. I’m so delighted to be part of your birthday celebration! I consider you my sister, not just a cousin. I really love you. Happy birthday!

Cousin, my life became a richer, kinder, gentler and, most importantly, happier place the day you were born. Blessed is your birthday. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Here are some birthday words of wisdom for you, my wonderful cousin: look at your birthday as the beginning of a new and brighter future, not as the end of another year in your life. Therein lies the difference between happiness and happenstance.

Happy Birthday Cuz

What could be better than growing up with an amazing cousin like you? Not much! Your reward? The greatest birthday celebration ever — this year and every other year of your long, long, long, long life. Happy birthday!

Birthday come and birthdays go you are my Cuz! the world things so you are my Buddy and you are my bro you are the best of all I know

May your smile shine as bright as ever on your birthday and I wish for there to be millions of reasons for you to smile Happy Birthday Cuz!

For my lovely cousin if every wish for a flower I’d pick them all of them that’s how blessed I am to have you in my life.

Happy Birthday to the best cousin anybody could ever wish for what a wonderful day to celebrate you may all your days will be as special as this one.

Your birthday reminds me of all the fantastic memories that we have shared in our life let’s go down the memory Lane and celebrate dude awesome moments on this special day I wish you happy birthday.

There are only three things I can wish for our cousin as special as you more happiness health and prosperity than you ever wished for today and always.

The best of brother and best of friend make the love in our Brotherhood go on and never and wish you best birthday wishes for lovely cuz!

You are the kind of person whose impact on this world will leave lasting impressions. I can tell, because you’ve already impacted my life for the better in so many ways. May all the good you’ve done return to you two-fold this year cousin.

Wishing you dearest cousin, the happiest of birthdays. Hoping all your wishes come true.

We might only be cousins, but I think of you as one of my best friends. You are definitely the coolest cousin, and I hope we share lots more unforgettable moments.

There are some bonds that stand the test of time. Ours is one such bond. It’s deep and everlasting. You’ve had a profound effect on my life for the better. Thanks for being a constant source of love.

A big birthday hug is coming this way, for a cousin who is special in every way! Happy birthday!

There are some people who always knows the words to bring a smile to your face you are that person to me have a wonderful birthday and keep shining your beautiful life for all the world to see.

You have always been there for me on your birthday I just want to say thank you and I love you and anything you need it yours it’s your special day.

Dear cousin I hope your special day is blessed with sunshine and smiles laughter and love.

Hey’ beautiful cousin I don’t really need to wish you a happy birthday since I am certain that your birthday will be a happy occasion that’s because I am going to be there what could be better.

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He or she could be close or far in age to you. You could have grown up near or far away from him/her. What makes a cousin truly different from.

100 Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes and Messages

birthday wishes for cousin far away

Cousin Sister is always joining you in all your naughty things you do. You always remember the cherished time that you have spent with her no matter how much you argue and fight with her every day. Cousin Sister is the one with whom you share your all secret.

Here is the amazing collection of birthday wishes, quotes, meme, and messages for your cousin sister. Pick a message that suite with your cousin sister’s personality.

I am so lucky to have a cousin sister like you. Wish you a very happy birthday sis!

I hope, you remember all those funniest things that we had done in our childhood. If not, just remember those days to bring a smile on your face. Happy birthday my cutest sister and have a nice day ahead…

As your birthday is today hence would like to remember about that boy for which we both were used to field. Hope it will make you smile on your face. Happy birthday my loving sister…

It’s your birthday Sister but it is special for me too because of years ago today that I got a beautiful sister. Happy birthday and have a great day ahead…

Your positive thoughts and cheerful words always encourage me. Thanks for being a wonderful sister. Have a nice birthday…

I hope your all wishes come true, have a wonderful birthday sister.

Happy birthday, sis, thanks for doing everything to me. You are the inspiration for me…

The best of cousin sisters are infinite love which never ends. Happy birthday, sister…

I remember our silly fight for the boy, and later on, we knew she already has a girlfriend. This incident brings you smile on your face. Have an amazing birthday and God bless you…

I’ve never been alone because I know, you are always with me. Happy birthday, sister…

We born from different mothers, but we’ll always be like a real sister. Happy returns of the day, happy birthday…

We are miles far away this year on your special day but my heartiest birthday wishes are always with you…I promise we will enjoy fullest next year…happy birthday to you dearest sis…

Dear, I wish this year you will get prince of your dreams…dodon’t forget to add me to your happiness and enjoyment. Happy birthday, dear….

My dear cousin sister, I hope you have a great birthday celebration…

Dear cousin sister, wishing you lots of fun, and unforgettable moments on your special day…

Happy birthday to my loving sister, you are amazing, a source of joy and inspiration for me. May you have the most wonderful day!

No matter how much you have grown up, for me, you are still a little baby. Happy Birthday to my dearest cousin and I pray that all of your dreams will come true…


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On this page you will find a great collection of happy birthday wishes from far away. Sending sweet and heartfelt birthday messages is an important tradition for .

birthday wishes for cousin far away
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