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Birthday boy wishes one year old
April 15, 2019 Anniversary Wishes No comments

I think it's safe to say that you are the cutest one year old I have ever seen! Happy 1st birthday! We all wish you hundreds more of these wonderful days! Happy.

A child’s first birthday is probably the first important milestone of their life. Though it is obvious that a child cannot read a birthday card at that age, the card is a meaningful way to wish the parents happy birthday for their child or a way to start forming memories for the life that has very recently begun. So if you are having difficulty coming up with such a wish, here are some ideas:

Happy first birthday to the cutest baby there has ever been. Thank God you took from dad/mum.

 You should not have any cake or candy today…You’re already the cutest child there is! Happy first birthday!

Happy birthday little one! Hope you stay as quiet and smiley as you are now!

Happy birthday! You will probably hate all the hugs and kisses today but how can we resist such an adorable kid?

Happy birthday to the most special person in my life. Hope we can make your day as special as you are to us!

Happy birthday baby boy/girl, hope you have a onederful day!!!

Happy birthday!! We are all jealous that you get to eat cake with your hands and we can’t!

Yes, little guy/girl all these people are here for your special day! We’ve brought balloons and cake so happy birthday!!!

It has only been a year and you have already grown up so much!! Happy birthday little one, enjoy your special day!

I will never forget the first moment I saw you one year ago. Happy birthday, you are my life…

Happy birthday baby girl/boy. May all the years to come, offer you as much happiness and pride as you have been offering us since the day you came into our lives.

Discovering the world around you will be so much fun for you!!! Enjoy kiddo and happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! Enjoy the first of many such special days that are to come!

Your adventure has only just begun! Happy birthday little one, have all the fun you can today!

Happy birthday little one! Let me cuddle you all I want now before you get to the age where you will think it’s not cool!

Never did I ever believe that I would feel so much unconditional love for another person… Happy birthday baby girl/boy, have all the fun you can on your first birthday!

Happy first birthday! I hope you are always as loved and adored as you are today!

We never thought your parents would be one of those who cooed and doted over their child but here they are with some huge silly grins on their faces and it is all thanks to you! Happy birthday little guy/girl!

 I will never forget the moment I found out you were on your way into the world. And here we are, already a year later! Happy birthday, may all your birthdays be as special as your first!

It’s your child’s first birthday and you know for sure that everything that happens this day is going to stay in your memory for the rest of your life. You would definitely want your first wishes to be unique and original and you think that everything that could be said has already been said. Don’t be afraid though, we can help you find wishes that noone has ever spoken before. Just take a pick from the list below , more than 20 birthday wishes for one year old.

To have a son has been our sole wish for a very long time. And now you’re here and you are already one year old. Happy first birthday, my son.

I hope you have an amazing 2nd birthday that you won’t forget anytime soon.I hope your birthday is well spent with your family and your little friends.

I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever ! I love you more than words can say my little baby <3 Have the best birthday ever !

Twelve more years until you become a strange and distant teenager. We are gonna enjoy hugging and kissing you as much as we can until then. Happy birthday.

Happy first birthday. I hope you will be as happy and loved as you are now, for the rest of your life.

I’ll remind you to remember where babies come from each year on your birthday, so you won’t have to ask you parents and have the awkward and embarrassing conversation later. Don’t forget where you came from.

You may be only one year old but it is obvious to me you are destined for glory. Happy first birthday.

I’ll remind you to remember where babies come from each year on your birthday, so you won’t have to ask you parents and have the awkward and embarrassing conversation later. Don’t forget where you came from.

This is the first collection of photos that I am going to embarrass you with, when you grow up. Happy first birthday.

You give us a gift every day. One year with you has meant 365 special gifts that you’ve given us. Each day with you in our lives is in irreplaceable and priceless present.

We have now officially completed a one year schedule without sleep at all. But you know what, you totally worth it. Happy first birthday.

You are twelve at last. Oh No! Is it just months, not years? Oh well, happy first birthday.

It is now fairly obvious, by the way you look at me, that you already know you are the most beautiful one year old in the whole world. Happy first birthday.

I hope you are always as happy and as carefree as you have been this first year of your life. Happy birthday.

This may have been the first year of your life but it has been the best year of our lives. Thank you so much for just existing. Happy first birthday.

Congratulations on completing the first important mission of your life. That is… becoming one year old. Happy first birthday.

You made as extremely happy with you first smile and absolutely delighted us when you called us

I know you wanted a car for your birthday, but I thought it was important that you first learn how to walk, just in case you run out of gas and have to get to the gas station.

Mama and Dada, but I have to admit, my favorite moment of your first year was when I saw you dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis. Happy first birthday.

Thank you for a wonderful year. I am sure the rest are going to be  as good as this first one. Happy first birthday.

You are the best medicine for nightmares that ever existed. Thank you for a whole nightmare-free year. Happy first birthday.

You have gained 365 points and reached toddler level. I suggest you allocate all of your skill points to walking. Happy first birthday.

Well, you finally crawled your way to the first year of your life. Happy first birthday.

I am sure you realize now that you are the sole man in my life. Just don’t tell your dad. You know how he gets. Happy first birthday.

I know you wanted a car for your birthday, but I thought it was important that you first learn how to walk, just in case you run out of gas and have to get to the gas station.

I have to admit the most funny moment of this year was when you spoke your first word. It was not mama or dada, it was more. O yes, you may not be able to do much yet but you can sure eat, my baby. Happy first birthday.

Well, of course you can cry throughout the whole duration of your first party, if you want to. Lesley Gore gave you permission back in the sixties. Nevermind, happy first birthday.

I have to admit, the thing I enjoyed most in this first year of your life was buying you clothes and dressing you like a little a doll. I hope you are going to let me do that, this year too. Happy first birthday, my little beauty.
You may only be Turning One, but you have already Made a Huge Impact in our World. Have a Great Birthday Celebration. My Best 1st Birthday Wishes to U.

You are a Gift from God and this day only Reminds us even more how Grateful we all are to have you in our Family! Happy 1st Birthday & Wonderful Celebrations!

Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest little kid I know. While you are new to this whole birthday thing, I’ve had plenty and let me give you this piece of advice: People will laugh when you drop food on the floor right now…start doing that at birthday parties in your 70s and it’s not as cute any more…

One of the best things about you at this age is that you have a great sense of humor. You’ll laugh at anything silly that I do no matter how many times I do it.

The most memorable moment for every marriage is unarguably the moment its first child comes to life. A whole new world of sentiments and feelings comes alive and nothing is the same anymore with the couple’s everyday life, priorities and behavior. Such moments surely deserve to be celebrated and cherished every day, yet there are also certain occasions like birthdays that call for something special. So, can you wish to the parents of a newborn child that has its first birthday cake in front of its pretty face? A child that just turned one year old? Being a gift itself, one can only wish for a lengthy and happy life as the best thing for its parents. Below you can find some idea for your birthday cards.

I wish your pretty child has a prosperous life and makes it until the candles on the cake cost more than the cake itself. Happy first of many birthdays!

I hope that you live its day of the unique child raising experience as intense as its first year in life. Remember that time flies too quickly and you wouldn’t want to waste a single time worrying on trivial matters, instead of staying close to your child’s needs. I wish you well for always being there!

If kids love the box a toy comes in more than the toy then you might love the envelope more than this card, but either way Happy Birthday!

You can never realize how important a child is, until you actually hold it in your arms. A year ago it was your turn and I wish that growing up it will make you as happy and proud as you are now! Happy birthday to your little angel!

If you are actually reading this, you must be at least 6 years old. This is your first birthday card! I wish you still make your parents happy as much as the first time that your face got lit by the candle light of a single candle lying on your first birthday cake. All my love and many sweet kisses for you!

For the first celebration of your bigger by one member family I wish you will have the happiness to grow up yourselves together with your child. Happy birthday to all of you!

One year ago, I and many friends and relatives came to see you, holding all kinds of candies for your parents. Now, one year later, it is finally time for you to have your own candy. A big colorful cake with your name on it! It’s all yours!

You’re one year old today! While you don’t know what that means, for the rest of us it is a good excuse to eat junk food, make googlie eyes at you, and ‘ooo’ and ‘aww’ over every move you make. Wait, we already do that most days…

For your first birthday I wish you to remain careless for as long as possible. Maybe your whole world is now lying between the lap of your mother and your bed, but soon you will be exploring nothing less than the whole world! Happy birthday!

No matter how many times you see it happening, a child is miracle. Exactly one year ago, you had your own miracle in your very arms. But time flies and now it’s already candle blowing day for the first time! Happy birthday to your sweet angel!

I would wish you, “May all your dreams come true,” but I am afraid that, if they do come true, I will have nothing to wish you next year.

You could never tell a full year has already passed since the day you got the full time daddy/mommy occupation. Here’s to the first of many celebrations of a wonderful relationship! Happy birthday!

I think it's safe to say that you are the cutest one year old I have ever seen! Happy 1st birthday! We all wish you hundreds more of these wonderful days! Happy.

106 Wonderful 1st Birthday Wishes And Messages For Babies

birthday boy wishes one year old

The first year of life is always magical, the baby learns how to live, discovers the world and he can distinguish parents and relatives. Make sure that this day will bring many memories to a child and his family, send warm wishes, which a baby will see when grows up. Share tons of love and care together with an adorable message.

Nice Happy 1st B-day Wishes For 1-year-old Baby

All birthday wishes for one-year-old should as cute as possible. But at the same time they should convey all of the emotions you experience every time you see this baby. Celebrate the first birthday of your child, nephew, niece or friend’s baby zingy. A nice wish is an important part of the celebration, choose any messages below and express your wishes in a beautiful form.

  • Baby, twelve months ago you’ve come into this world. Let it be always kind to you and you’ll see only bright and kind sides of life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 1st birthday! You’ll never be so tiny and defenseless as you are now, I’ll save this moment in my memory.
  • I can’t believe that you’ve turned one year old! Be docile, curious and do not make troubles for your parents.

  • You are a small miracle, which has made lives of a dozen people better and brighter! Stay our happiness forever! Happy birthday!
  • You can’t understand what other people are telling you, but for sure you can feel kind and good vibrations. Happy 1st birthday, baby!
  • You are only one year old, but all women’s views in this room are chained to you. Continue in the same spirit, handsome!

  • Happy 1-st birthday, my darling! I and your father are so blessed to have such a cute and smiling baby as you. We love you very much.
  • Today you won’t try a birthday cake, but I can assure you that it was prepared with maternal care and paternal warmth! Happy 1st birthday!
  • It seems to me that only yesterday you were newborn, but today you are already one year old! Time flows and all I can wish you is to live your life to the fullest! Happy birthday!

  • One day you will be a teenager with your own problems, you might be capricious or obedient, cheerful or thoughtful, but until that time, far away, I can just enjoy your smile and hug you when I want. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Today you cannot appreciate the true feast, but when you are older and you can view photos, you’ll understand how cool your party was! Happy Birthday, baby.
  • Twelve months ago I became a proud mother of the cutest baby ever! Please, don’t grow too fast and smile always. Happy 1st birthday

  • My love for you is endless, I am so happy to be able to watch how you become older. Happy 1st birthday, let it be funny and great.
  • Today is the day of your birthday. Let these first memories will be the brightest and the sweetest for you. Have a happy 1st birthday!
  • Our sweet baby, you are our gift from God, all of us love you, cherish you and can’t wait to see what a wonderful person you’ll become.

Cute Happy 1st Birthday Quotes For a Girl

Let’s face it, when you are thirty or forty years old, a year passes so fast so one can hardly notice it. But for a baby one year is kind of a big deal. Take a look at your daughter’s first year of life. She’s learned to grab objects, started to crawl and sit up by herself. She’s already taken her first steps or at least tried to. Though this year might have been a tough and sleepless one, it was the best, wasn’t it? The chances are you’ll want to capture the first birthday of a daughter and we’ll help you to do that. With quotes like these it’ll be an easy task.

  • You are so young, but at the same time, it is your first birthday, which marks the beginning of your wonderful trip in life. Let it be careless and blissful, happy 1st birthday!
  • You are so small in size and age, but you are such a big happiness. Happy 1st birthday, sunshine!
  • My little miracle, today you’ve turned one year old! I wish you to stay always childishly naive and sincere. Happy 1st birthday!

  • When you grow up and ask me about your first birthday, I will describe it with one word: “Awesome”! Happy 1st birthday, my little one.
  • You know the world and it is so touching how you look at people around. I wish you never know sorrow and smile always. Happy birthday, baby!
  • Happy 1st birthday to the cutest child! Let your life be surrounded by joy and happiness.

  • Your first birthday will be always memorable and I wish you many exciting birthdays ahead. Happy birthday!
  • Today you are one year old, your parents look at you with love and pride, I wish you to be always the reason of their smile. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You are so small and you can’t even imagine how much joy you’ve brought into this world when you were born. Be the happiest child on the planet, happy 1st birthday!

  • I know that you won’t remember this day, but this bliss around and gay atmosphere will be always in your parents’ hearts. Happy 1st
  • Happy 1st birthday to an amazing baby! I wish you to stay healthy and your parents I wish patience.
  • Your life now is a fairytale, let it never end! Happy 1st birthday baby girl

  • To hold you in arms and to see your stunning smile is the best thing, which has ever happened to me. You are one in a million, happy 1st birthday!
  • You sleep carefree and do not even know that your name is forever imprinted on our hearts. You are our wonderful and precious child, happy 1st birthday!
  • Your family is truly blessed because they have a little angel at home. Stay always kind and sweet. Happy birthday.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you will be, you’ll always remain our little princess. Happy 1st birthday, little girl.

Sweet Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For a Baby Boy

Is a birthday boy your son? Or is he your nephew? Or maybe he’s the lovely baby of your friends? Whatever the answer is, we’re sure that you are looking for the best kind of congratulation to wish Happy Birthday to a baby boy. Of course, he’s not the one who will be reading your wishes on this day, but imagine how touching it will be for him to find your birthday card years from now and read his first birthday wish from beloved people.

  • I can’t believe that you are one year old now! God bless you, my little child.
  • Dear baby, your life will be full of losses and findings, I wish you never lose the kindness of your heart and nobility of the soul. Happy first birthday!
  • Happy birthday to an adorable one-year-old child! You are a perfect family because you are the cutest baby, who has the kindest parents.
  • Happy birthday, my loving baby! Today all selfies are taken with the prettiest boy ever!
  • You are only one year old, but only your glance makes people around laugh and smile. Even one minute with you is happiness. Happy birthday!
  • Honey, I cannot say that life difficulties won’t touch you, but I promise you that when you’re in trouble, I’ll always be there. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Today is exactly 365 days, how you live on this planet. You have loving parents, a lot of beautiful toys and the most important thing is that the best is waiting for you ahead. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Today you are only a child, but you are the sweetest boy I’ve ever seen. I bet that 20 years later you will conquer many hearts. Happy birthday!
  • You are a long-awaited child, a true miracle for your parents. Gladden them constantly and become a wonderful person. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You will never be such a little boy any longer, enjoy carefree years and be obedient. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Your life will be full of ups and downs, I wish you to meet all the challenges bravely and always be positive. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You grow with each passing minute, I want you to always remain a baby, but I know that this is not possible, so I’m happy to be there and help you to know this world. Happy 1st birthday!
  • On this special day, I want to congratulate a special child. My little angel, we shared one heart for two and I want you to know that from today and now my heart lives outside of my body because my heart is you. Have a fantastic 1st birthday!
  • Today is your first holiday. I am so happy that I can share it with you and your family. You are our little star, which lights our lives. Happy 1st birthday, darling.
  • You are sweeter than the most delicious pie, your eyes are brighter than the sun and your smile is more beautiful than a rainbow! Happy birthday to the best child in the world!

The Cutest First Birthday Quotes And Wishes From Parents

Even though it sounds too predictable, we have to point out on this. A lot of ‘firsts’ happen during the first year of a newborn. For example, the first smile, first clap, first game, first word (yeah, it may be just babbling, but still). We are used to doing these things and therefore don’t find them extraordinary, but for a baby everything is brand new. That’s why first birthday is so crucial. It concludes a cycle of most things that happen for the first time and brings a baby from an infant stage to toddler. Since you have the only one opportunity to write a unique first birthday message for your child, you’ll need our helping hand.

  • You’ve spent the first year of your life in happiness and joy, keep it up! Happy first birthday!
  • You’ve committed a perfect crime: you stole our hearts and nobody wants it back. Happy first birthday, our treasure!
  • Let your life be as beautiful as your birthday cake – bright, sweet and unusual. Happy first birthday!
  • Let all wishes, you receive today, come true in the future! Have a marvelous birthday!
  • The synonym of your name is a “joy”, I wish you to be the sweetest joy ever and let your parents’ life will be full of joy. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You are only one year old, but you have shown your strong character already, I wish you to become a respectful person. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Your birthday is a wonderful way to celebrate the days of happiness and future days, full of excitement. Happy birthday, sweet baby.
  • Sweetheart, you are so lucky because you were born in a wonderful family of a selfless mother and a charming father. Enjoy your life, happy 1st
  • You don’t understand much today, but I hope that you feel how much we love you. Happy birthday, our kid.
  • Happy birthday, adorable child! You mean the world to us, only you made our family real and complete. We love you, happy first birthday!
  • Today you are the main guest, everyone takes pictures of you, I wish you always be in the spotlight! Happy birthday.
  • Today our hearts are filled with pure happiness and excitement, our little angel, you are the most important person for us. Stay healthy and happy. Have a stunning birthday.
  • If I was asked what was happiness to me, two years ago I would answer nothing, but now I know that happiness is you. Thank you for 365 days of incomparable happiness. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 1st birthday! Today we’ve created a wonderful tradition to celebrate this day with all our relatives and friends, I hope that this tradition will last for many years. We all love you.

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60 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Boys

birthday boy wishes one year old

Happy Birthday Baby Wishes, Yeah! Small Babies are very cute and everyone love to spend time with them. They are symbol of love, cuteness, joy and laughter.

Of course small babies wont understand Wishing them happy birthday. But parents try their best to celebrate that first birthday of their kids.

50 Wishes For Happy Birthday Baby Wishes  !

Happy Birthday to the 1 year old baby with the cutest and most contagious smile. You are the most precious gift that God ever sent to us. I wish the best for you in life. But as for now, have a lovely day.

1)  I didn’t think you could get any cuter but now I see you enjoying your cake. Happy first birthday to my baby.

2) To my lovely baby  your giggles are definitely contagious. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life, happy birthday!

3) Get ready to eat something sweet today. It’s your birthday, so ice cream and cake are coming your way!. Happy birthday my cute baby.

4) Happy birthday to you, cute baby boy, may your special day be full of smiles, gifts and sweet moments!

Happy birthday my sweet Baby

5) In the melody of your parents’ lives, you are the sweetest note. Happy birthday my sweet Baby.

6) Well, you are year old, it is your special day. Enjoy it like the special Baby that you are.

7) Sending birthday wishes to an incredibly amazing little baby including an overflowing amount of love, hugs and joy!

8) We all wish you the best in life and we hope this is the first to a hundred more birthday parties!

9)  I will not say that life will never throw storms at you, but I promise to be there whenever you feel blue. Happy 1st birthday baby.

10) I think that you are the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life. Lots of love and wishes For you.

You are my support & Hope. Happy first birthday my Prince

11) I know you may be too young to remember this day but I want you to know how much you are loved. Happy Birthday baby.

12) Happy Birthday baby , you certainly are the cutest baby in the entire universe. Happy birthday Baby.

13) I want to be the 1st person to wish “happy 1st birthday” to the 1st baby in the family. Happy Birthday to my Baby.

Happy birthday to the cutest baby

14)  May your birthday be joyful, bright and fun. Happy birthday to the cutest baby.

15) My wishes are with you. Dont become Einstein or Michael Jackson be the first YOU. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my Baby

16) A baby like you is rare. You are so cute and nice that you deserve a superb gift from everybody. Happy Birthday.

17) Happy birthday for  my cute baby. May all your days be full with ever increasing happiness!

18) Happy birthday to our sweet little baby, we love you so much and will love you till we are.

19)  I wish I could hit the pause button in my life’s journey, so I could enjoy these beautiful moments with cutest baby.

20) I never want to see you growing big because you are soo cute that i am happy to live with you whole life. Happy birthday.

21) Although you are small you are as smart as a big person so remain smart as always. Happy birthday baby.

22) You have only one year with us. That means that you have many more years to spend with us. happy Birthday.

23) I thought about getting you a beer for your birthday but then I remembered you are too small for that. Happy Birthday cutie.

Happy frist birthday to my baby

24)  We wish that you see more 100 birthdays from now. Happy frist birthday to my baby.

25) The cutest selfies ever… are the ones taken with you. Happy birthday baby.

Happy Birthday Baby Wishes to my Sweet Angel

26) I Love to take selfies wiht you because they are the cutest ones taken with you. Happy 1st birthday.

27) Turning one year old is awesome but I didn’t remember anything and same will happen with you. Happy Birthday small cute baby.

28) You naturally attract the people around you by your rays of cuteness. Happy birthday baby.

29) You give so much joy and happiness to those who are around you. I wish you a very happy Birthday baby.

30)  Be wild, my little one! Go and destroy that birthday cake! Have as much fun as can! Have a great birthday.


Happy birthday to my Little Prince

31) You may be just couple of  months old, but you have given us the happiness of a lifetime. Happy birthday baby.

32) Best birthday wishes and a wonderful baby . You are an incredible treasure to us.

33) You are the most special gift that your parents could ever receive! Happy birthday baby.

So good luck and happy birthday

34) I can tell that you are only the one  by the way you open your presents.  Happy first birthday.

35) You are one year old and now you have to see 100 more. Be strong and happy birthday.

36) The life you live now is the dream of all of us. Enjoy and Happy first birthday baby.

37) You are heartbeat in my heart and I am sure you will always be. Happy birthday baby.

38) Wish you a Happy Birthday full of sugar and spice and all things nice. Have a great life.

39) Happy first birthday cutie! I cannot believe you are one already! You are growing way too fast! Happy Birthday!

40) Your first birthday is certainly important start of your life’s wonderful journey. So good luck and happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my baby Angel

41) Have smiles and giggles on your way. Happy First birthday !

Happy Birthday Baby Wishes my sweet baby

42) Lots of love and wishes for your birthday. Happy birthday my sweet baby.

43)  Your first Birthday is a Celebration but you won’t Remember. But  we will be there to tell you how fun it was for us. Happy Birthday.

44) You look even more sweet than your  birthday cake but you would be small to remember this. Happy birthday baby.

45) Happy birthday, little buddy. You certainly deserve to be happy as always you are.

Happy birthday my baby

46) You are turning one year old and we are so much excited that you will know when you will be at our stage. Happy birthday my baby.

47) You are Growing Up to be a Big boy and You are the Best Son anyone could have. Enjoy your First Birthday.

48) Your first birthday has made us all excited so I hope you are going to enjoy this. Happy first birthday.

49)  I love you baby and I wish you that the showers of blessings always be with you. Happy birthday Baby!

50) It’s a year with you but we wish that we can spend our whole life with you. Happy Birthday my sweet little  Baby!

Happy Birthday Baby Wishes my Cute Baby

1st Happy Birthday Baby Wishes

God’s blessings for a special birthday just for you today. You’re 1-year-old and that’s amazing in its own little way! Happy Birthday!

Baby Girl, you’re the most precious little thing that I ever did hold. Happy Birthday, 1-year-old!

Down on the farm the animals are rehearsing their quacks and neigh. It’s time for them to sing a special “Happy Birthday To You” today! Happy 1st Birthday!

It is difficult to make a Birthday wish for a one year old who can’t read or write. But this wish is special because it is full of love, warmth and a lot of hugs for a little bundle of joy. Wishing you a very Happy 1st Birthday.

Happy 1st birthday to my Angel

Congratulations on completing your first year on earth. You must be already learning to walk, soon you’ll be running. I can’t wait for that day. Happy 1st birthday my dearest one!

The stars are twinkling just for you because they know that you are a star, too. Happy First Birthday!

Yours is the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. Happy Birthday to the cutest and cuddliest 1 year old in town!

Doggies will bark with sweet little “yips”…Fishies will swim with their shaky hips…Horses will smile as they give out a “neigh”…They’ll all sing “Happy 1st Birthday” to you today!

Hope the fun from your birthday lasts and lasts and lasts! Happy First Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday To You, Today

It’s been 365 days since you were born. WOW! AMAZING! Very, very cool! Happy First Birthday!

Great! Now you’ve got only 17 more years to become an annoying adult! Happy 1st Birthday.

Happy birthday to My Cutie

How would you like a tiny puppy kiss today? You’re one and that’s how he would say, “Happy 1st Birthday To You, Today!”

On your 1st birthday, I wish you a giant-size cake, extra-special fun and a mountain of toys! Happy Birthday, little one.

I hope your birthday is a happy day and that you get lots of gifts that you can play! Happy 1st Birthday! Have a blast!!

This is a year of many first things, from eating to walking, and lots in between.

However, the most exciting first that you will have today is when all those gifts and birthday songs are sent your way. Happy 1st Birthday.

They add a smile in our life and make us happy to spend time with them whether they are boy or girl. Our all stress and tension goes away when we see them. Even they look cute when they cry. They are next to god. Who would not like to spend time with them. So lets celebrate the birthday of babies with some amazing wishes.


Birthday is one of the best days of the year for kids because they expect so many things from 4:) Wish a fabulous birthday to the cutest baby.

Happy 1st Birthday Quotes and Wishes

birthday boy wishes one year old

Children’s are the most excited one’s for there birthday. so , here are some bestbirthday wishes for children. Use these Wishes, Messages an poems to send to any kids you love the most. Children start there preparation of birthday almost a month ago. You can see the happiness in the face of children for their birthday.

You can grab lot of gifts on child birthday. But, what will you write on birthday gift of children? Here you will get all the bday wishes for children along with long and short bday messages and poem. You can also remember these small poems on his/her birthday.

  • Today is your day. SO, eat as much as you can and enjoy as much as you ca. As this day is gonna come after one year.

  • I know you like the chocolate most,

    So, I brought a mountain of chocolate,

    I hope you like it, just put in on fridge quickly,

    so, it didn’t get melt,

    Happy Birthday!

  • we are so happy on your Happy Birthday,

    Today is your day, Always keep a smile on your face

    and make all of you smile.

    Have a wonderful birthday party.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,

    God Bless you!!

  • An outstanding child deserves an outstanding birthday party. Your Birthday party should be equally awesome as you are. So, I hope your birthday is full of fun and surprises. Happy Birthday kiddo!!

  • Time flies so fast that one more year added to your age.

    I hope with every year you become a more mature gentleman.

    Your family always support you in your every decision.

    Have an amazing happy Birthday!

  • we are wishing you a great and amazing birthday full of fun and enjoyment. I hope you Grow up to a great maturity with every birthday.

  • I hope you achieve all your dreams and desires on this birthday. Although you are getting older, But you are becoming more mature and confident in life. Have a very happy Birthday.

  • Sending you oceans of hugs, kisses and good wishes on your birthday. Happy Birthday children.

  • Happy Birthday little children. Enjoy your day by eating lots and lots of chocolate, lots of sweet, ice cream. Enjoy with your friends by playing games. Today is your birthday enjoy the fullest. Once again Happy Birthday!

  • Hello, Birthday kid! You are great and awesome. You deserve lot of love and blessing from all of us tofulfill all your dreams

  • Birthday cake to eat and present to gift

    balloons to decorate,

    It’s such a wonderful time for all

    of us as today is your birthday,

    May Lord shower you lot of love and blessing.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  • Hey Kid, Have an amazing birthday. I hope all your dreams come true and you become an amazing birthday.

  • Happy birthday my dear child, I hope your whole year get filled with love, laughter, and fun. I wish you lot of candy, sweet, games on this birthday. We all love you a lot. Happy Birthday, dear!!

  • You are an excellent child who gets the best grades and you are a star performer in everything. You always spread love and care for everyone. May life bring you lot of happiness and prosperity. Just always remember us. Wishes you a Happy birthday little star!

  • Your mischief and naughty things always make me mad on you.

    But whenever I watch you sleeping makes me love you more.

    I understand you a still a child. Happy Birthday kid!

  • Your birthday is a new beginning for your life. You lot of love and blessings for your future. Have a wonderful year ahead. Happy Birthday, cutie.

  • Happy Birthday, boy, You are becoming a man with every bday from a kid.

  • From the day you take birth on this earth we knew that you are the best Son. Daughter for us. You are always the most special for all of us. Our birthday blessings and wishes are always with you.

  • Happy Birthday my little Champ. May your life get filled with Happiness, prosperity, and success.

  • Wish you a very happy birthday my child. You are the coolest kids, I have ever seen in my life. You are a jewel in our life. Which we will always keep near to my heart.

  • Have you seen the sky, All the little birds are going to heaven to bring surprise gifts for you. So, wake up fast and get ready to grab all the gifts on your special Day. Happy Birthday kid, May God bless you!!

  • Happy Bday to you, Have a great day ahead! With every year which passes You are growing to a gentleman. Whatever you do in this life Always support

  • My little Angel,

    You are our God,

    Today is your birthday

    Have fun and smile on your face

    as the party is yet to begun

    Happy birthday!!

  • With every passing year, you are becoming a young and dynamic Man/Lady/ We are very happy to watch you grow into a perfect man/lady. we know that we will see many great things in you in the upcoming year. Happy Birthday to you (Inspiring birthday message for children.)

  • On this special occasion I want to let you know that you are the most wonderful Daughter/ son. You will always stay special for both of us.

  • I am not sure what should I write for the sweetest and cutest daughter/son on this planet. I Can only say this you are my world and you are everything to me. I can say you are a piece of the puzzle which complete the whole family. Without you our whole family is incomplete. Happy birthday sweetie!

  • I have prepared a special cake

    on this special occasion

    SO, I have invited all your friends

    to save your happiness on this day!

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Birthday Wishes For an Aunt
  • I cherish all the small- small moments of life to have fun on this day of bday. Happy Bday!

  • Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Here’s another 1 year old on this planet. Beware and careful from this creature. Happy birthday you wonderful Creature.

  • Always remember that we always proud to have you as our child. You can do what every you want to do in life. We will always support you. Happy Birthday !!

  • After spending so many years with you, I got to know why children are always compared with God or Angels. You are a gift of God who enlightens our life with your sweet smile. Happy Birthday our little Angel!

  • Today is the day of celebration when we decorate our whole home with balloons, clowns, and funny games. We wish a very Happy Birthday and enjoy your birthday celebration of childhood.

  • We are very happy to see you grow. You always make us proud always. Happy Birthday kids!

  • Life is full of surprises and excitement.

    Today is your birthday and the big surprise is

    yet to come. Keep the patience in you grab the biggest gift of your life.

    Happy Birthday dear!

  • Congratulation for your Birthday kiddo! Wishing you a super exciting birthday, Filled with fun, laugh and surprises and ends up with some unforgettable memories of life.

  • we are wishing you a very happy bday filled with love and excitement. We are very happy from when we bring you to this world, from when we both hold you for the first time. Happy birthday Son/ Daughter.

  • I hope every birthday bring fortune in your life, with wonderful wealth and health. I wish you met with everything good in your life. The Lucky stars always stay with you. The Sunshine always stay into your life. All your dreams come true and you achieve massive success in life.

  • You are getting 1 year older and that cool because you are getting closer to go school.

  • Bible Verse For Son’s Birthday
  • Today is the only day when you are not gonna scold for eating too much ice creams, and too much game and too much sweet, Selling food all over and sleeping late. Today is the best time of year to enjoy. Wishing you a Happy Birthday little Kid!

  • May your bday party comes out to be the best, funniest, craziest and loudest birthday party ever. Happy Birthday!!

  • Hey, Birthday boy/girl. Today you are the superstar of your birthday party. I hope you have a lot of fun on this special day.

  • May your day get filled with a lot of fun, games, food and delicious cake.

    always remember that we all love you a lot. You are very special to us.

    Happy Birthday dear!!

  • You have enlightened our lives with your sweet smile. Happy Birthday to you and hope you have fun today.

  • Always become who you are, never attempt to become someone in life. Happy Birthday to you.

  • Superhero is only found in Movies. But a friend who is very kind and helpful is not less than the Superhero. Happy Birthday Champ!

  • We have arranged all your favorite birthday wishes, cards, poems, games, food, cakes for you and all your friend. So have a lot of fun on your birthday. Happy Birthday wishes for children.

  • Birthday Wishes For Kids
  • Oh I have planned good things for you on this birthday

    to bring a large smile on your face.

    I just want you to be happy and spread your loving smile everywhere.

    Happy Birthday to you!

    May God bless you!

  • Hey our precious son,

    we are sending you tons of birthday wishes,

    That you will come to know god’s purpose and his work.

    You have seen the power,

    so, always fold your hand to pray to God every day.

  • Bday Wishes for children
  • Seconds makes min, Min makes hours, hours makes days and day make a month, and month makes years which bring the smile on your face. Here comes another birthday with another year.

  • May God shower tons of love, blessing, and happiness in your life. Happy Birthday, children.

  • Happiness is an important part of like which you always keep with you Because happiness brings the smile on your face. Life without laughter is nothing. I know you are still a child but I wish you get all the happiness in your life. Happy Birthday!

  • Come on for the best party of the town! let’s celebrate the birthday as you turn one year older and wiser. Happy Birthday, child!

  • You Notorious pranks always bring a headache on me, but when I see your sweet smile, life feels worth living. You are the sweetest and cutest child in the whole world. Happy birthday lovely children. Hope your whole day goes super special.

  • So, Finally the biggest collection of birthday wishes for children ends here. You can share like, and comment below, Enjoy this Amazing post on Birthday Messages, quotes and poems on this website.

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    Find birthday wishes for the 1st year of a baby girl or boy. One year ago God blessed us with a beautiful daughter - Happy firtst birthday.

    birthday boy wishes one year old
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