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Best wishes to a friend leaving
March 10, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

How to wish someone who is leaving the company farewell I will miss my colleague and best friend, but the sweet memories we shared.

Funny Goodbye Messages for Friends: Tired of sad goodbye quotes? Well farewells don’t always need to be dull, especially if you’re giving your last hug to your best friends! Moving to another city, leaving for college, switching jobs – make sure the last moments you spend with your besties are an addition to the amazing pot of memories you have together. Yes, you can buy a dull and mundane greeting card from the shops but hey, don’t demean your friendship by doing that! Be creative and write a sweet personalized message on a handwritten note. Give your message a humorous twist so that it isn’t just any other lame farewell quote. Think of the funniest memories you’ve shared and all the quirks that only you know about each other. Weave them into a few hilarious lines and put it up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. While this may seem insignificant at the outset, cute gestures like these go a long way into creating bonds that last a lifetime.


Goodbyes are not the end. Do not, even for a second, believe that you’ll never pay for my meals again.


I don’t know of a deeper pain than watching a friend leave… especially a friend who pays for my meals.


I’ll say goodbye, only if you promise to bring me expensive gifts when you return.


I honestly don’t know whether to smile or cry. I hate you for leaving me here, all alone, without my bestie by my side. How am I ever going to handle all these crazy people around me, without you? Who will tolerate my midnight rants? Who will I hang out with when I feel low? Who, who who? I hate you, and I hope you fail at whatever you set out to do… so you can come back and life can be normal again! Goodbye, NOT!


Every time you feel alone, every time you feel lonely… just close your eyes and think about all the amazing gifts you’ll bring for me when you come back. Bye now!


Goodluck finding better friends than me! Goodbye.


Goodbye my friend, I hope our paths cross again… so I can punch you for leaving me in the first place!

And to think of it, I was the only person who never judged when you farted. What will you do without me?


Damn, who will be the stupid in my selfies now? Bye!


Goodbye. You’re dead to me now.


I’m not surprised you’re leaving. You’ve always been selfish! Goodbye but no thank you.


I never felt bad about being a loser in life, because I always had likeminded friends like you around. What will I do now? Goodbye my friend.


Oh, you’re going… who will I make fun of now? Bye!


You’ve been convicted of Leaving Your Friend. Punishment is as follows: 2 phone calls daily, 2 selfies daily, 1 handwritten letter weekly and 1 in-person visit once every 3 months.

Come back with some amazing gifts. Else, don’t bother coming back. Goodbye!


WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?? For your own sake, you better hope we meet again… else you have no idea how much I’ll put you in pain.


Finally! I’ll be able to get my life back on track now that a bad influence like you is leaving. Goodbye!


I’m not wishing that you fail, but just saying that if you do, you can always come back. Goodbye.


Goodbye! I’m not trying to be funny but I hope the airline loses your luggage and you have no place to go but mine! xoxo


After all the crazy things we’ve done together, our friendship comes down to this… a measly goodbye! Go now and never show me your face again you deserter!


This goodbye better not be forever, else you’ll be cursed by me forever!

Can’t believe you’re going! Who will I do stupid things with now?


Do you know the worst part of being away from friends? They’re the only people who won’t judge you when you fart.


Never ever come back, unless of course you’re buying me a new iPhone!


Wherever you are, never forget that you have a friend waiting for you to come back… with awesome presents! Goodbye.


I don’t want you to go! I’m trying to stay positive but deep down inside I truly hope that you miss you flight 😛


At last, I’ll be able to live life without a clingy friend like you! Goodbye 😛


Of all the things I’ll miss about you, borrowing money from you will be the most. Goodbye.

Do you have to go? Here’s my address, feel free to send presents! Goodbye.


If you don’t call me at least once a week, I’ll report you, I’ll find you, I’ll hunt you down… and give you the longest hug!


This is not a goodbye. Just a temporary absence until you return with gifts.


Goodbye my friend, I’ll miss you a lot. Who am I going to borrow money from now?


Why do you have to go? I loved having someone who paid for my lunch!


Goodbye my friend, it won’t be the same without you… it’ll be much better.


The best part about having friends is that you always have someone to seek advice. Now that you’re going away, it’ll be chargeable by the minute. Looking forward!

I have nothing to say to you. Goodbye, leave and never ever call me a friend again! Oh and also, don’t forget to bring me a present when you come back.


Did you know that being away from your friends can make you feel depressed, anxious and lonely? Don’t mean to scare you, just saying!


Did you know that the best way to keep in touch with friends is to send them presents? Just saying… goodbye!


I can’t believe you’re leaving! I hope you fail at everything you do. See ya soon!


Thank God you’re going. Now I don’t need to have the psychiatric on speed dial.

How to wish someone who is leaving the company farewell I will miss my colleague and best friend, but the sweet memories we shared.

Leaving for College Congratulation and Empowering Messages and Quotes for Friends

best wishes to a friend leaving

A best friend or we can say a bestie is one who will always pray for your success. Usually, everyone has lots of friends, but there will always be one of them who will be your only caretaker. These good morning images with wishes for the friends are for those chuddy buddy friends who always think positive about us. It doesn’t matter whether they are male friends or female friends. Anything which matters is only their love and support for us. These good morning friends pic or photos will make them feel happy. So, here are some images for your best friend. Send him/her now and say Good morning my friend!


Good Morning Images for Friends:

Good morning images for cute friends are beneficial for you if you want to make your friend feel special and want to show him or her that how much you care about him. You can send these images to your friends wherever you want like on Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, etc. If you find your friend unhappy and disturbed, then you can send these images to make him laugh, and these images will also provide him with the strength to fight all his problems. Show him that you are always with him. So, here are some funny and cool gud mrng HD images as well for Facebook.

Good Morning Messages for Friends With Pictures:

Gm images with flowers are mainly for the family and friends, but we are here with good morning wallpapers for our best and dear friends. These images will help you a lot in building your friendship bond stronger and efficient. If you care for your friend and you are not telling him, then you can send these images to him to show him you love. These images will make him realize that how much you love him and care about him. Posting good morning images will make your friend’s day better and fresh. This is all because every one of us starts our day in the morning and if they are receiving these inspiring and love images from us, they will enjoy their day. So, here are some excellent morning images for our friends.

Good Morning Pictures for Friends:

Our friends are one of our true caretakers and well-wishers. Usually, we have many well-wishers, but they are unique because they know our secrets and are aware of our every activity. There may be some works and issues which we can’t share with others, but our friends are the only one who supports us in every type of situation. They are always with us in every trouble and happy moment till the end. So, now it is our responsibility to show him that we also love him and care for him. You can strengthen your friendship by doing this. So, here are some excellent morning images for our forever best friends.

A best friend always knows that what we are doing and why. He stops us if we are going in the wrong direction and he supports us if we are going in the right direction. So, it’s our responsibility to motivate him and support him back. You can send these good morning images with quotes to inspire him because these images carry a meaningful message with them. These images will make your bond of friendship and understanding stronger, long-lasting, and efficient. So, these were some images which can help you a lot. Go and pick any of these to spread the love.

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40+ Cute Good Morning Images For Friends with Messages

best wishes to a friend leaving

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Author’s Note: It’s almost August 21st so I’m posting this now. I wrote the first draft last Aug 10th but finalized it on the 19th. I’m posting it on the eve of the 21st to coincide with my friend’s special day. This is for her… Congrats and best wishes. 🙂

Was it April or May when a friend told me that she might leave the country for good soon? It was mixed emotions when I found out – it’s all for the right reasons but someone moving away is always sad. When she told me a couple of months ago, it didn’t feel real. Now that the day is getting closer, it’s slowly hitting me.

Someone leaving is not new territory for me. I left my friends too when we moved to Canada five years ago but I guess it was different then since I was the “leaver” and not the “leavee”. Back in the Philippines, I had a couple of friends who left our home country too so being a “leavee” is also not a foreign concept, but somehow this time it feels different.‎ I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a combination of these two – (1) I don’t have many friends who reside here in Canada, I can count them all using my fingers! (2) I’ve known her for less than 1.5 years and that’s too short, I want more time to spend with her.

Despite our differences – culture, religion, race, age, language, etc., there’s this connection that I rarely find with someone. I first met her when we interviewed her for a job. Right there and then, I knew we have a chemistry and I’m pretty sure we’ll work well together. It was a unanimous decision and we hired her. True enough, we screwed up at work! Just kidding, of course we did an awesome job! The dynamic duo, as what our boss referred to us. I resigned eight months ago but we still go out for a chat, coffee or lunch at least once a week. I’ve known her for only a short time but it feels like I’ve known her forever. How often do you meet someone like that? I know for sure that this Asset-Liability Management model is more than just the company’s tool – it made us closer and “converge” with each other. Or perhaps, Goku, Vegeta and Cell made us closer too but whatever it was, I’m really glad to find someone whom I can share anything with – someone who has the same wavelength and quirks that I have. Now, in a couple of weeks, we’ll add some more items to our list of differences: time and distance.

I’ve lost a lot of friends through the years. That’s part of growing up (and school graduations) – time and distance became our enemies. Our personalities have changed too and gradually, we became distant. I no longer personally connect with all friends I’ve lost. For most of them, I only see updates on their Facebook posts and they have become merely Facebook friends. It’s true that time and distance are friendship’s enemies but it’s a choice too. It’s my choice, and maybe theirs as well, to not communicate with each other. For some whom I like to keep, it’s also my choice to buzz once in a while and make sure to go beyond commenting on social media posts and status updates.

I’m so excited and happy for her next chapter. I always believe in her skills and capabilities and I’m sure that she will do well in her next roles, both as a wife and as a risk professional. I’m just a little bummed about it because I have to adjust to the new normal again. I’m losing a coffeemate, a chatmate, a poutinemate and a trainmate. At least there’s one thing I know for certain – I’m not losing a friend.

As she welcomes this new chapter in her life, I wish her all the best. It’s going to be an adventure, she’s going to adjust to the new normal too and it’s definitely a huge adjustment but just enjoy the ride, regardless if it’s smooth or bumpy – just enjoy it! 🙂

Today is the first day at work that she is not around and I’m missing her already. It feels weird that I no longer send an email to her with a subject heading “coffee?”. I will miss her more when she moves to the States.

Remember this line from How I Met Your Mother – “You will be shocked when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”

No matter what the differences are, whoever we want to keep in our lives is a choice; hoping she’ll do the same.

– written during August 2015

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There's plenty of birthday wishes for your best friend to chose from. So whether you are But leave it in the capable hands of your best friends. We'll treat you.

Happy Birthday Best Friend Wishes

best wishes to a friend leaving

Excited for going on a journey?

Going on a journey can be overwhelming! No matter whether you travel by boat, car, train, or plane, all matters at the end, are you safe while travelling or not. It’s awesome if you’ve someone to whom you wish a happy or safe journey then, it would be a perfect way to kick-start the safe trip.

Everyone wants a happy and safe journey during travelling around the world. Moreover, we often get worried about our near and dear ones, especially when they start going to aboard, historical or beautiful places, the countryside, or touring long distance from their home.

It’s always a great feeling to have knowledge of an impending journey for your loved one’s well-being. It’s good to wish them and pray for their safely coming back to home whether it’s a holiday tour, business trip or a fantastic vacation.

Now if your daughter, friend, son or colleague is going on a journey than here are some of the best happy journey quotes and wishes to greet someone who is packing luggage and baggage for a happy and safe trip.

It could be quite impressive if you add any travel quotes to make your safe journey message and wishes more appealing to your desired person. Also, tell your loved ones that how much important they are for you in life and how happy you are for them going on a trip.

Here are best and safe journey wishes to send to people who are going on to a Trip.


Best Happy Journey Quotes & Wishes

Wish your loved one a happy and safe trip with these amazing journey quotes. Express your feelings and tell them that how much important they’re in your life. Tell them how happy you are and greet them with some love.

1. Happy Journey Wishes for a Friend


Wish your best friend a very happy and safe journey with these Happy Journey Quotes and Wishes.

  • Safe Journey my friend, I will really miss your voice and good advice from today. Bye.
  • I wish you a splendid journey from here to abroad. I know that life may be uneasy, but I hope and pray that you will find your heart desires.
  • Journey mercies for the one and only friend, whose impact has shaped my life for good.
  • I send you a warm journey wishes as you embark on this voyage, my bestie.
  • My best friend, may you find your heart desires in your aspiration this year, as you go for greatness.
  • Friend, to see you go away makes me cringe in despair. For you have been a pillar to me. Anyways, I wish you a happy travel dear.
  • My heart skipped a beat when I learnt that you will have to leave because your rent fee had expired. I will have used my power to help, but I am not in the position to do that. Well, I wish you all the best.
  • Happy journey my close friend, may you be strengthened the more as you forge ahead.
  • May you learn positive lessons that are meant to push you ahead for greatness in life as you travel.
  • I wish you a memorable journey throughout this holiday of yours. Amen.

2. Happy Journey Wishes for Husband

Below are some of the best happy journey wishes and messages for your beloved husband, tell him that how important he is in your life.

  • My king, I wish you a splendid journey from now till when you will get back.
  • May you be filled with joy and happiness throughout your travelling period.
  • My husband, as you are about to leave. May your endeavours come into reality as you strive for more, amen.
  • I wish you a blissful journey and wish you all the best that life holds on its way.
  • May all those nights you will spend without my company not be boring to you my love. Bye, happy journey dear.
  • I wish a fun-filled journey to the best husband ever in history. I miss you.
  • I miss your touch and comely face. Happy journey dear.
  • To my most amazing friend and lover, I can’t imagine being alone without your usual mannish tone that makes me feel at home. Well, life has its own way of parting lovers with inexcusable reasons. I wish you a memorable journey, my love.
  • If there is anything I wish you then favour and grace in your journey, then I don’t mean my words.
  • Let your way be paved as you start this journey, my heart mender.

3. Happy Journey Wishes for Wife

Wish your wife a delightful journey with these wishes and messages and tell her to be safe and have blasting vacations.

  • My “heartress”, your absence really made me cry like a baby. Well, I wish you all the best things of life as you embark on your way home.
  • “Happy journey wishes’ is all that I pray you to get, my dear.
  • I wish you a splendid journey from now on, till when you will be back home my pretty wife.
  • I wish you all the luck that this journey holds for you my gentle wife, safe ride.
  • I wish you a safe trip back home from the very place you are to my lonely arms.
  • Let your journey endeavours be crowned with blessings and endless rewards my dearie.
  • Things may be going amiss at the moment, but I hope that it will soon be over. Happy journey.
  • Safe journey my most loving wife, safe ride, okay?
  • Let your path be cleared that you will live to have joy-inducing testimonies to give. Happy journey dear.
  • I thought you have a “Gionee” phone? And you want to go on a “journey” again? (pun intended).

4. Happy Journey Wishes for Dad (Father)

Below mentioned are some of the best happy journey wishes and saying for your Dad. Wish him a very happy and safe vacation this winter.

  • “Take that step, and you will find help”, you always tell me, dad, may you go and conquer more obstacles as you have always charged me too.
  • I have a strong faith that you will come back safely and untouched despite the unsafe routes you will follow, as you journey back home.
  • Let your journey bring about hope to those who have lost it to fear in their lives.
  • Dad, I can’t wait to see you come home again! I am missing you, my lovely father. Happy journey.
  • I am really missing my caring sire since he left home for work to look for a means to fend for us. Happy journey, dad.
  • I am wishing you a splendid journey back home dad. May your aims and aspirations come into reality.
  • Life is not meant to be enjoyed within the walls of castles, but to travel and break through all those self-imposed limits. Happy journey dad.
  • Let your way be paved with grace and unmerited favour as you zoom your way through high traffic roads.
  • Let this journey you are about to embark upon, bring you more experience, wisdom, and understanding despite the usual stress.
  • It shall be well, dad. Let your strive not turn out to be futile. I pray your journey ends well.

5. Happy Journey Wishes for My Mom (Mother)

Here are some of the safe, happy journey wishes for your mom/mum. Tell your mom how important she is for you in your life.

  • Mother, I will really miss your motherly advice and support. I wish you a splendid journey to and fro.
  • May the eve who gave birth to me come home safely, Lol. You know we crack jokes, right?
  • Are you already giving up? Please, mom, don’t. There is still hope. Happy journey.
  • Unless you say it’s never going to work, it will – by his grace. Safe journey mum.
  • Mothers are the most peculiar sort of creatures, I wish you a safe trip back home.
  • I pray that you will come home with smiles and giggles. Happy birthday to my amazing mother.
  • I heard that robbers robbed you, but mum. Like you’ve always encouraged us, never give up on praying. I believe that things will turn out for good. Happy journey wishes to you.
  • I wish you a memorable journey throughout your study leave as you go to study more.
  • I have already seen you come home in peace with giggles on your face. Don’t panic, mum. The journey will be a fulfilling one.
  • Don’t be worried about us, mum. We are all grownups and will be okay. Safe journey.

6. Happy Journey Wishes for Boyfriend

Sweet Romantic happy journey wishes and messages for your boyfriend.

  • Boy! You know you are a man, right? Don’t worry about the stress it will be alright. Safe journey.
  • I wish you a splendid journey from school back home as we come back to meet again, after a while.
  • My boyfriend, I wish you have all that it takes to adjust the world map so that I will make the destination much closer to me, but I can’t. Happy journey wishes to you.
  • I can’t write, if not. I will have scribbled a big book on this topic; ” safe journey wishes for my boyfriend”.
  • May you have a safe trip and be happy with life.
  • Let our love not falter as you go to the city in search of greener pastures. Safe journey.
  • May you get to see exciting places today as you travel to tell me fascinating stories when you are back. Happy birthday.
  • You have to tell me what you have seen and done. Lol. A happy journey for my most amazing boyfriend.
  • May you have a beautiful and nice trip dear, happy journey my lovely boyfriend.
  • Happy travelling/journey experience to my cute and loving boyfriend.

7. Happy Journey Wishes for Girlfriend

Below are some of the safe, happy journey quotes and wishes for your girlfriend. Tell your BAE how much you care about her, how much you love her.

  • My Cinderella, I wish you the best goodies a person can ever find on a journey.
  • I wish you a safe trip back from the holiday. I am missing your comely voice.
  • To my heart’s queen, may you be filled with joy even as you embark upon your journey and plan to come home when you are through?
  • A blissful journey is all I wish you my sweet and lovely girlfriend.
  • Warm, safe journey wishes to the balm that soothes my aching heart. I will miss you.
  • I pray that your destination will see you come with smiles throughout your stay, over there. Safe journey.
  • I know that everything you do may seem like it’s working against you at the moment. But, just believe that things will fall into place, and you will have a safe journey.
  • May this journey be a safe one and open new doors for you in life.
  • I wish you memorable journey my girlfriend, but for now, happy journey wishes.
  • What more can I say, if not “happy journey” to my lonely friend? Bye.

8. Happy Journey Wishes for Sister

Happy Journey wishes for a Sister. Share these delightful quotes and tell her to be safe and enjoy her vacations.

  • I wish you a safe journey sister, even as you go back to your place of stay again.
  • May God see you through, in all that you aim for, safe journey.
  • My closest friend and cheerleader, may you be happy all through the journey. Bye.
  • You shall be blessed with new doors and opportunities that will come your way as you travel back home.
  • I wish you nothing but, a safe journey and a pleasant trip. Bye for now.
  • I will really miss your sisterly concern and support. But anyways, I wish you all the best.
  • My other support and motivator will soon leave home. Well, I wish her a happy journey.
  • Travelling is more of seeing and experiencing, may you be guided on this safe journey. Bye.
  • Let your strive and aspirations come into reality after this journey that is about starting.
  • May this trip bring about the knowledge and understanding you want to have. Bye.

9. Happy Journey  Wishes for Brother

Wish your brother a happy journey with these below mentioned quotes and wishes. Tell your brother to be happy and have a joyful vacation.

  • May you go to and from safely dear. Happy journey to my cute bro.
  • May your endeavours be crowned with blessings and endless rewards my brother. Bye.
  • Let all that you deserve come forth as you go on your journey, my brother. Safe trip.
  • Brother, I just want to wish you a pleasant journey throughout your stay over this holiday. Bye.
  • I know that I can’t come with you on the trip. But my prayer will always help to put a smile on your face, I believe.
  • May only joy-inducing events happen as you fly off to another country my lovely brother.
  • May all that the enemy tries to use and impede your journey be removed, amen. And happy journey.
  • Let God’s power be your guide all through this journey. Happy journey.
  • Happy journey to my dearest brother, who has always been my support and motivator. Bye.
  • Let your goals be crushed this year, as you travel to your place of work. Safe journey.

10. Happy Journey Wishes for Son

Below are Happy Journey wishes for a Son on a journey.

  • My son, as you travel, the Lord will be with you throughout your stay. Safe journey.
  • Let all that obliged you to travel be fulfilled by His grace. Safe journey.
  • Warm and happy journey wishes son, may you be blessed in everything you do. Bye.
  • I am so happy that you are so daring and strong. May you come home as you leave us. Safe journey.
  • Son, may your journey be a fruitful one, that you will look back and say; “it was a time well spent”. Happy journey.
  • May you be happy and filled with a sense of fulfilment as you journey towards your dream. Bye.
  • Sending you warm journey wishes my son. I hope you will get there safely.
  • I learned earlier in life that a man becomes one, through daring to get things done, may you become stronger and achieve your journey goals, amen.
  • Let the way be paved with grace and unmerited favour as you travel again to your home. Bye.
  • Happy journey wishes to my cute and amazing male child. You rock.

11. Happy Journey Wishes for Daughter

Below are Happy Journey wishes for daughter travelling.

  • I wish you a happy journey my cute daughter, bye for now.
  • May you be blessed and rewarded with all that you deserve. Happy journey dear.
  • As you travel to where you need to be, may your obstacles be scalable. Bye for now.
  • I wish you all that’s you crave to get on this journey, my sweet daughter.
  • My daughter is about to travel again, yippee! May she get what she aims for.
  • May all that may stop you from getting what you deserve to be removed from your way. Happy journey wishes to you, my daughter.
  • Let this journey be a safe and fun-filled one dear. Safe trip.
  • May your upcoming journey be of peace, calmness, and joy. Happy journey dear.
  • May the daughter reading this have a happy journey today. Amen.
  • Let all that she aspires to be granted to her, as long as it’s positive. Go, girl!

12. Happy Journey Wishes for Boss

Wish your boss a Happy Journey with these wishes and sayings.

  • May your journey aims be accomplished as you embark on another trip again, bye for now.
  • Bosses are people of strong will, may you be filled with joy and happiness as you go to your meeting.
  • Let the purpose of your journey be achieved and may you learn new things that will help you grow better.
  • Ever since I got employed by you, my leadership skills have changed. Happy journey.
  • Happy journey wishes to my boss, who happens to be a daring personality.
  • May the goals of this journey be crushed, boss. Safe journey.
  • I wish you a splendid journey to and from your place of stay. Bye.
  • Let all the stress of your trip be eased off as you journey back to resume for work.
  • May no danger cross your way as you journey towards your dream plan.
  • I wish the most amazing of all bosses a special journey bliss and happiness.

Final Thoughts

So here you go! These are some of the best travel quotes and wishes you can send to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife as well as other people to whom you love. Words can encourage others and be the greatest gift for your loved ones. Don’t feel shy to share these quotes and let them know that how much you love and care for them.

You can take ideas from our quotes and write a beautiful happy journey quotes and messages and tell them to have a blasting vacation. Don’t forget to share your favourite quotes and wishes. Share these quotes with your loved ones and tell them how much you are going to miss them and also eagerly praying for them that they have a safe journey.

Share these travel quotes with on any social media platform.

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You obviously want your friend or co-worker to totally rock their new job, and here With skills like yours, you don't need luck — but good luck in your new job.

best wishes to a friend leaving
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