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Baby shower wish tree wording
March 26, 2019 Anniversary Wishes No comments

This article is full of ideas for short poems, messages, and wishes you can write in a pregnancy card. Congratulations; As you grow your family tree. And from two . Messages of Congratulations for a Baby Shower Card.

So you have been invited to a baby shower and asked to bring a book instead of a card. You’ve carefully made your book selection, perhaps aided by this list of books for baby showers, and now you have to figure what to write in a baby shower book. There are templates and guides for what to write in a baby shower card or other congratulatory missive for the parents-to-be, but what do you write in the book itself?

Some of the books we received at the baby shower where guests were asked to bring a book instead of a card.

There are two options for who the note is addressed to: the baby or the parents-to-be. At my baby shower, guests were asked to bring a book instead of a card, and they wrote their notes on the inside covers of the books. Some wrote congratulations to my husband and I, but for the most part, they were addressed to the baby, who we were calling Poppyseed.

A message from Poppyseed’s Great Aunt Lori – the inscription in her baby shower book.

And then what do you say to a baby you have never met, who has not even been born yet? Most of the baby shower book inscriptions my daughter received were about how loved she was, and the guests’ wishes for her future. Many mentioned reading and bedtime stories, and the other common inscription for a baby shower book was to link the message to the book itself. Inside ‘The Giving Tree’, my baby’s great-aunt wrote, ‘May your life be filled with the joy of giving and loving’. In ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’, one guest wrote, ‘May you always find your own song’.

Wishes for bedtime – baby shower book inscription.

For the most part, what to write in a baby shower book should be personal, something from you to the baby, and no stranger on the internet can tell you what that should be.

That said, you would probably do well with something about your hopes and dreams for them, how loved they are, and perhaps something about reading, books, imagination, and adventure. Below are some quotes for baby shower book inscriptions that you could use for inspiration or as part of your message.

Quotes for what to write in a baby shower book

These quotes are short enough to include as part of a baby shower book inscription, and speak to the power of reading, imagination, and adventure—fitting for welcoming a little bookworm into the world.

“A book is a magic carpet that flies you off somewhere. A book is a door. You open it. You step through. Do you come back?” —Jeanette Winterson

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” —Stephen King

“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” —Vera Nazarian

“We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too.” —Anonymous

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.” —Marcel Proust

“Between the pages of a book is a wonderful place to be.” —Anonymous

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” —Dr. Seuss

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” —Frederick Douglass

“I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else.” —Neil Gaiman

“A book is a device to ignite the imagination.” —Alan Bennett

“A book is a dream you hold in your hands.” —Neil Gaiman

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” —Roald Dahl

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” —Lewis Carroll

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.” —Lloyd Alexander

“Always there has been an adventure just around the corner—and the world is still full of corners.” —Roy Chapman Andrews

What tips or quotes do you have for what to write in a baby shower book?

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#How To

It is an occasion where friends and family members bestow their blessings and bring their good wishes. Here are some baby shower sayings to.

Baby shower messages, quotes

baby shower wish tree wording


Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of work, even if you’re more than happy to do it. A baby shower can really help mom feel special and loved, which is just what she needs when expecting a new baby! These darling free baby shower printables will help make the task a lot easier. And the games will add a whole lotta fun!

This is the first post in a week-long series of DIY baby shower posts! Keep checking back for lots more fun & freebies in the coming days!

Free Baby Shower Printables

I have personally vetted every single one of these printables. They are all totally free and totally adorable.

I clicked through every one of them to make sure none of the links were broken or redirected to something else.

I get so frustrated when I see a cute picture on Pinterest only to have it redirect to some sketchy website. There’s none of that nonsense happening here! (If for some reason a link doesn’t work, drop me a line and I’ll fix it!)



Nowadays most parties seem to get turned into a Facebook event with electronic invites. But an actual paper invitation is such a thoughtful addition to the party. Especially for grandparents who may not be on Facebook and would like a little keepsake from the occasion.

Shower With Love editable invitation

Baby & Co invitations in Tiffany blue with matching decor

Neutral DIY Invite

Floral & Feathers Invitations

It’s A Boy Shower Invites

Oh Baby Invites with variations


Invitation Inserts

Please Bring a Book Instead of a Card

Write a Note for Mom & Baby

Wishes For Baby

Filling out a ‘wishes for baby’ card is a really sweet part of the festivities. After everyone is gone, mom can read all the wishes from her dear friends and get a bit teary. Then the wishes can be kept in a baby book or scrapbook.

Little Stars in Multiple Colours

Little Flowers in Multiple Colours

Simple Black & White Wishes for Baby

Gold Glitter Polka Dot Wishes


Diaper Raffle

This is a great way to help mom build her diaper stash. Everyone who brings a pack of diapers to the party gets an entry into a raffle for a chance to win a prize.

Fox & Hedgehog Chalkboard Tickets

Bunnies in Different Colours Tickets

Simple Tickets & Instructions

Gold Glitter Polka Dot Tickets (these match the wishes)



Baby Bingo

Each square gets filled in with an item that mom is likely to receive as a gift. The guests play bingo while mom opens gifts!

Boy and Girl Versions

Hot Air Balloon Baby Bingo

Safari Blue & Pink Blank Bingo Cards

Elephant Bingo Cards

Other Games

There are so many other types of games you can play to add some fun to the baby shower. I personally like the celebrity name game best, but I’m a little obsessed with celebrity gossip!

Baby Mad Libs & other games

Would You Rather – Baby Edition

Guess the Birth Date & other games

My Water Broke & Jelly Bean Guessing Game printables

Baby Shower Charades

Printable Game Pack including word scramble & the price is right

Babies Against Parenthood (cards against humanity)

Who Knows Mommy Best Printable game

Old Wive’s Tales Trivia game

Baby Shower Purse Game

Celebrity Name game

Baby Name Race game A-Z

Woodland Themed game pack

Bonus Printable: Baby Poop Memory Card Game. It’s gross and hilarious! 🙂

Thank You Tags

Attach some cute tags to goodie bags for the guests to grab on the way out.

Jungle Tags

Winnie The Pooh Tags

‘Sweet’ Tags

Check out this post where I share 13 FREE thank you tag designs that you can print off in sheets of 12.

Complete Sets

These are complete matching sets of printables. They may include invitations, games, decor and more!

Tea Party Baby Shower

Ready to Pop Gender Neutral Printables

Harry Potter Themed Shower Printables

You Are My Sunshine Printable Set

It’s a Girl Printable Set

It’s a Boy Printable Set

Nautical Printable Set

Moustache Printable Set


Guest Book

Here are some cute ideas for creating a nursery decor piece out of the guest book.

Owl & Balloons Printable

Customizable Happy Cloud Printable

Zebra & Balloons (+ many more options)

Fox & Balloons Printable

Owl in a Tree Printable

Elephant & Balloons Printable (matches the bingo cards)


Signage & Decor

Keep everything at the party organized with signage and helpful decor.

“A Little Princess Is On Her Way” 5×7 print. (You have to scroll down a bit to find it)

Table Signs printables

Words for the Wee Hours

Chalkboard Style Signage

Baby Shower Photo Booth Props

Gift Tracker printable

Watercolour Alphabet Banner

Elephant Bunting

Floral Alphabet Banner



Cupcake Toppers

Most of these toppers could also double as a thank you tag. For a cupcake topper simple tape the design to a toothpick. For a tag, punch a hole at the top and tie around a goodie bag.

Tweet Baby toppers or favour tags

Woodland toppers

Baby Duck toppers

Lumberjack cupcake toppers

Baby Elephant toppers

Pink & Gold Little Flag toppers


With this long list of free baby shower printables you should have no problem putting together an absolutely adorable party! Keep an eye out for the next instalment in this series where I give you a great big list of diy baby shower favors & prizes!

ps. If you’ve got toddler-aged kiddos, check out this fun free printable I designed for Toddler Bedtime Bingo!




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What To Write In A Baby Shower Book: 15 Bookish Quotes

baby shower wish tree wording

50+ Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

The Ultimate - Printable Baby Shower Game Pack - 21 Games

Page 2 of our Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Below are even more cute and creative baby shower verses to add to your homemade baby shower invitations.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
    How We Wonder Who You Are,
    A Little Girl or Little Boy,
    You're sure to bring A lot of Joy!
  • If a gift you wish to bring,
    Please remember this one thing, 
    As this is Baby Number Two 
    This simple thing we ask of you, 
    Most they have, but a few they need, 
    Smaller items like diapers, 
    And bottles to feed, 
    Clothes, sweet, handsome and blue, 
    They’ll sure bring a smile 
    As a baby boy will be here, in just a few! 
    But if you’re still stuck and in need of a clue, 
    Just look online at Babies R Us and Target, 
    And it will help you decide what to do!
    -Submitted By Carrie

  • A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy!

  • A smile, a wink, baby will be here in a blink!

Invitation Verse For A Boy

  • Little blue onesies, t-shirts and jeans,
    I'm sure you all know what these must mean.
    Our sweet baby boy is soon on his way,
    So let's get together before the big day.

  • Two tiny hands and two tiny feet,
    a new little bundle is oh so sweet.
    We're tickled pink and happy to say...
    our sweet baby girl is soon on her way.
  • She's waited a long time for her bundle of joy,
    (mom-to-be's name) is having a boy!

  •  _______ & _______ are Parents-to-Be,
    While baby is brewing and waiting to see...
    All of her friends and family
    So join our Baby Shower blessings
    With lots of food and fun,
    And please respond by saying...
    You most certainly will come.
    -By Carol

  • Diaper pins and bottles
    Rattles and Bows
    These are the things
    that our new baby brings
    -By Celeste

Baby Girl Invitation Verses

  • Bottles and diapers and bibs and more, 
    A baby girl is on the way,
    so let's celebrate before the big day!
    let's shower the baby with gifts galore! 
    Please come to a baby shower for
    Mother to be

  • Bottles and diapers and bibs and more, 
    A baby girl is on the way,
    so let's celebrate before the big day!
    let's shower the baby with gifts galore! 
    Please come to a baby shower for Mother to be


  • A baby girl is on the way,
    so let's celebrate before the big day!
    Bottles and diapers and bibs and more,
    let's shower the baby with gifts galore!
    Please come to a baby shower for Mother to be


  • Bottles and diapers and bibs and more,
    let's shower the baby with gifts galore!
    A baby girl is on the way, 
    so let's celebrate before the big day!
    Please come to a baby shower for
    Mother to be

Invitation Wording Ideas For When Mom (or Dad) Doesn’t Like Pink

I'm helping to throw a baby shower for my sister. She's having a girl but does not like the color pink at all. - Brandy

Any ideas for a cute poem or even just something I could write at the bottom of the invite to ask people not to buy pink clothes? I think it's kind of rude to say that but I don't want my sister to get a bunch of stuff she won't use for the baby. Thanks in advance!

1. With our first daughter on the way my husband was the one who didn't want pink so my friends who threw the shower put a quote from him on the invitation "Purple is better than pink" - Omar.  It worked pretty well.  

2. Ten tiny fingers, Ten tiny toes 
Ribbons, and curls, and lots of bows!
Blues, Purples, and Greens galore,
Leave the pink at the store!

  • There’s a precious baby on the way, 
    For a first time mother, a very special day 
    Help us welcome a new bundle of joy 
    A very special angel, a little baby boy!

  • Oh what fun! Oh what joy!
    (mommy's name) is having a baby boy!

  • Although a baby is tiny and cute
    They're not like a remote so you cannot press mute
    So please help me with this bundle of joy
    And buy him some clothes, diapers or toys!
    -By Bianca

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Babies are like a 1 year old's drawing. 
    Cute...... But out of line!

  • Help us celebrate the fun!
    (Mom-to-be's name) is having a son!

  • Someone Near
    Someone so dear
    Someone very special
    is almost here...

  • First came love,
    then came marriage,
    soon there will be a baby
    in the baby carriage!
    -By Ashley

  • They're having a baby,
    A new bundle of joy;
    A special blessing from God,
    Be it a girl or boy.
    -By Carla

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

  • An invite for a mom not needing any more baby clothes
    Her closet is full of tiny pink clothes.
    She has too many ruffled socks and hair bows. 
    She requests bottles, diapers, and cream. 
    She needs blankets, bibs, and soap to get clean.
    -By Julie

  • Little boys come in all shapes and sizes,
    Shy, adventurous, and full of surprises.
    With misshapen halos and mischievous grins,
    small dirty faces, and sweet, sticky chins.
    They explore and conquer, romp and run,
    So full of spirit and so full of fun.
    _____ and ______'s Baby is on the way,
    Let's help them prepare for the big day!
    -By Christy
  • Vrroom, honk honk, beep beep, choo choo!
    Lets shower (mommy's name) with all things blue!

  • Ten tiny fingers, ten precious toes,
    A sweet hand to hold, and a cute button nose.
    Baby (last name) is on (his/her) way, 
    join us for (Mommy's name) special day!
    -By Melissa

Garden themed baby shower poem idea

  • Tulips, daisies, carnations white as pearls
    (name) is having a little girl
    a baby girl as precious as a flower
    please join us for a garden baby shower!
    -By Marcella

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas...

  • Pins, diapers, bottles galore, 
    (Mother's name) and (father's name)
    are having one more.
    (Big Sister/big brother) is excited to see
    just how cute her baby brother/sister will be.

  • Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes,
    With Happiness and Joy, the ________ Family Grows"
    -By Malissa

  • The time is near, baby ____ is almost here!
  • I'll soon be here to meet you!
    I've got lots of fun to share,
    And now here's a baby shower
    To help my mom prepare.
    She may not be the “funkiest” but her intentions are always good,
    Her smiles show me she cares for me,
    As which she always would,
    Her wishes for me are outstanding,
    And believable in every way,
    I trust her with my heart to never let me go away.
    Well I don’t want to wear you out,
    So I will finish this short and sweet,
    Please join me on (date) and surprise me with a treat!
    -By Alexus

  • Love, Joy, and Beautiful Dreams,
    All the Sweet Things a Baby Girl Brings
    -By Candace

Military Baby Shower Invitation Verse When Daddy is Deployed

  • Even though Daddy is far, far away,
    (Baby's first name) (Last name) is soon on his/her way.
    Come join the girls, let's celebrate,
    pull out your calendars and save the date!

Poem For An Army Baby

  • Forget the blue he will be in ACU
    -By Haily

Air Force Baby Shower

  • Look Who's Coming in for a Landing! 
    our little Private (last name) is ready to make his landing, so we are planning to prepare for his upcoming arrival.
    -By Alex

BBQ Baby Shower Poems

  • HOLY SMOKES! ______ & _______ are having a baby & you are invited to a BBQ Baby Shower in their honor.
    We'll be chilling & grilling before their big day because the little one in pink is on her way!

  • Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dumb (both parents-to-be first name) had some fun! Buttons and Bows, Pink or Blue, We are having a BBQ!
    -By Kathy
  • Oh what a beautiful Mommy-to-be
    (name) waiting for her baby so patiently
    Girl or boy - we just don't know
    But join us for the shower to see (Name's) glow!
    -By Kristen

  • Second child shower when everything is needed
    A new baby to love, what joy, what fun! 
    Who knew they'd have another one?
    Eight years have passed, and sad to say
    Big sister's old things have been given away.
    So let's have a shower to show our love,
    As we welcome this special gift from above!

    Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Tiny Hands, Button Nose
    Chubby Cheeks, Little Toes,
    A Soft & Sweet Bundle Of Joy
    Hurray, Hurray, 
    (mom-to-be's name) is expecting A Baby Boy!

Religious Baby Shower Invitation Verse

  • Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
    children a reward from him.
    Psalm 127:3
  • Hey diddle, diddle
    The Cat and the Fiddle 
    The baby is due
    and will be here soon!
    Let’s shower his mom
    As she promises him the moon
    And we’ll supply
    The dish and the spoon

  • (Father) and (Mother) have a new baby on the way!
    We would like to bless them for this special day!
    They shouldn't need much, here's what we have to say:
    Please bring a dish to freeze so meals will be a breeze!
    -By Amy
  • 15 Years till trouble hits
    But first we deal with baby spits
    And tiny fits
    Family and friends
    As her belly extends
    And her weekends
    Be our Guest
    Baby Shower in Honor of _________

  • If it's a gift you wish to bring,
    please remember this one thing,
    I am baby number two,
    so this is all I need from you 
    - Onesies, pampers, cute clothes of course so feel free to use my registry as a source.
  • Twists and giggles,
    A bottom that wiggles
    With a face that's from above.
    Two small precious hands,
    Two darling little Feet,
    What more is there to love?
    -By Lori

Wording For A Virtual Baby Shower

We had a virtual video baby shower and had to come up with a cute saying:

  • The date for ____ and _____'s baby is coming near.
    Unfortunately for us, they are no longer here.
    So, to celebrate the baby that is on the way.
    We'll just go ahead and SKYPE on this day!
    -By Bridget

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Once there was one
    Then love made it two
    This love has grown
    and will make it's debut!
    -By Tiffany

  • Bottles and Booties,
    Smiles and Cries,
    A Boy or a Girl?
    It will be a Surprise!
    -By Sarah
  • One son has been so much fun,
    God is blessing (mom & dad) with another one!
    -By Nicole

  • "Cute As A Button
    And Ever So Dear
    Sweet Baby Alyssa
    Soon Will Be Here!"

*I made the shower invitations with 3 sheets of paper, the top being vellum, second layer was a cute decorative paper and the third was thick white card stock. I punched two holes at the top of all three sheets and secured with raffia and a button.
-By Rachelle

Bee Themed Baby Shower

  • Buzzing around like a busy little bee,
    A daddy’s little girl surely she’ll be!
    Carla A. Roger is expected to arrive
    August 1st around the beehive.
    Maria & Don will be in a whirl
    Getting things ready for their new baby girl.
    All busy bees gather 'round the flower
    You’re invited to her baby shower!

  • I wished a wish,
    My wish came true.
    I dreamed a dream,
    That dream was you.
    -By Unyse
  • This Invitation I Wish To Send,
    I'm Having A Shower For My Very Best Friend
Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Gift Registry
  • A baby girl is coming,in just a short while!
    Help us shower the mother-to-be
    with blessings and a smile.
    If a gift you wish to bring,
    but are in need of a clue,
    just check her registries below
    and they will guide you.

  • Ten little fingers, ten little toes
    toothless smile, button nose
    shining eyes, curling hair
    round belly, bottom bare
    Eats, sleeps, burps a lot
    clothes, diapers, wipees bought
    Baby is the newest member 
    Of our family this (place month due here)
    -By Rebecca
  • Planes and trucks and all kinds of toys 
    Our mommy-to-be is expecting a boy!

  • With Miranda and Tony's little one on the way
    Let's get them prepared for the big day!

  • A little Lady is on her way, Let's give her mommy a special day.
    - Really cute with Lady bugs on the invite and a red & black polka-dot theme shower.

  • A star is born! 
    Don’t miss the world premiere of (Baby's name)!
    from award winning producers: (Mom and Dad) 
    Join a star studded cast of family and friends for an unforgettable afternoon of baby shower glitz and glamor!

  • Whether boy or girl
    we will twirl

  • Hey Diddle Diddle with a laugh and a giggle 
    our baby arrived not a moment too soon. 
    We laughed and cried tears of joy 
    and promised him the moon! 
    -By Ashley

  • Rubber Ducky, You're the one! To help make (mom's name)'s Baby Shower, So much fun!!

  • A brand new baby boy(girl) is on his(her) way
    Lets help ___ and ___ celebrate with a special day
    The nursery is ready, some clothes have been bought
    But so many things are needed that they haven’t got
    Lots of diapers are needed and oh so much more
    That’s what baby showers are given for.
    We’ve thought and we’ve planned for this special event
    We would like you to come so this invitation was sent
    -By Sherry

  • Sweet as a flower
    Pretty as a pearl
    Please help us welcome
    This baby girl 
    -By Ashley

  • Cute as a button and ever so dear
    Sweet Baby (name) soon will be here!
    Diapers and bibs, bottles and more
    That’s what we’re planning the Baby Shower for!
    So join us for good food, games and fun,
    As we prepare (mom) for her new little one!
    -By Angela

Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording (submitted by  readers)

Help - I need wording for long distance invitation Poems For Long Distance Showers

My daughter is coming home from California to Indiana and her and her hubby are driving. We want people to have all the gifts shipped due to the space situation in their car! So here's the poem I came up with plus I added the poem for giving books instead of cards (which by the way is a fabulous idea!). This poem will be an insert with the actual invitation.

Answers from Readers:
Sam & Jason have registered at Target & Babies R Us
So let’s make it easy and save them any worry or fuss
Our Mom-to-be has a long, three day trip
So instead of wrapping and giving, please just have it shipped!

Just one last request and we hope it’s not hard
Please bring a baby book in place of a card
By signing your book we will remember and share
The special gift of reading, even when you’re not there

Hope this helps - modify it to fit your situation.

By erikaql88

Another Reader Question:
My sister's husband is in the Marines and they live in CA, we live in PA. They were only planning to have 2 kids and then gave all of their baby stuff away. Now my sister is pregnant with her 3rd baby (surprise!!) and no money to by baby items. How do I write an invitation asking people to send her stuff without having a baby shower.

Readers Answers:
Long distance shower/traveling mama invite wording.
I pulled some lines from your existing poems and added a couple in myself to create this addition. My sis in law lives in Hawaii and we are having her baby shower over here on the mainland:

Courtney lives on an island of sand,
What she takes on the plane must fit in one hand.
Let's make her trip home a smooth easy flight,
Since her belly is big and the luggage is tight.
If your gift will not fit in her purse on her hip,
please note her address and have your gift shipped. 


by: ALEX (LA,CA)

WE ARE PLEASE TO ANNOUNCE THAT (SISTER NAME AND BROTHER IN LAW NAME) are expecting their 3rd little blessing! We are having a long distance baby shower for them so please send gift cards to (their address or your address and send it to them in 1 bulk package)

Put a date on when to have it to you if you are going to mail them yourself! and to make it easier for the parents to shop have people all go to maybe target or Walmart! but if they wish to send them something like an item tell them they can order items online or ship them to the expecting parents!

Help! Need Unique baby shower wording for boy #4

Reader Question:

I am trying to come up with a poem for my best friend who already has 3 boys, had her tubes cut, and then is pregnant again with ANOTHER boy.

She got rid of all her things - Trying to think of something cute - another branch of the family tree or a basketball team or something like a another little boy snuck in etc.

Anyone with any great ideas please let me know. I need to order invites in the next 2 days so please respond quickly if you have any ideas.


Boy # 4 Wording
by: Jennifer

Do we shower her with sympathy or gifts galore?
Jennifer Schwartz
is having BOY number FOUR!
Were getting together for food and a good time.
Please come join the party to help ease her mind.

Baby Shower Lunch
Given by:

N.G.J.C.C.A.C. (No games, just chit-chat and chocolate)

Unique baby shower invitation wording
by: Fran

I am doing a shower for my sister-in-law and brother, who are having their 3rd little boy. She was not expecting a shower, so I am calling it a "sprinkle", because they had already gotten lots of stuff, but you can call it a shower. I combined several verses that I saw and added some of my own wording. They have 5 year old twin boys, which is where pair came in, but I am sure you could sub any word that rhymes. Hope this helps or at least gives you an idea.

Onesies, Diapers, Blankets Galore,
(mother's name) and (Father's name) are having one more.
Big brothers he'll have, a sweet little pair,
this is only a "sprinkle" to show that we care.
Please drop in to celebrate, before baby is due.
Their 3rd little boy, it is definitely BLUE.

Fourth Child Baby Shower Invitation Wording
by: ALEX (LA,CA)

We had another boy join our team
He has snuck in and wanted the next big dream
We are pleased and excited too
And would love for you to come and help us celebrate as we do!

Little (baby's name) has a need for a few things so please don't forget diapers, clothes, bottles and toys.

God thought 3 was an odd number and he wanted it to be even so he slipped #4 in on us!

- After these sayings you can just add the date, time, location and RSVP. You can also change the information to fit your needs. This is just something that you can use to get you started. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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If you love free printables, you are going to love what you'll find below!

Creating printables is my favorite thing to do - I have been busy making tons of free baby shower thank you tags, favor tags and signs. Enjoy!

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Envelope Address Station: Make life easier for the mom-to-be by setting up a "Thank You Card Address Table."

Guests can easily fill out their address to help the new mom send out her thank you cards!

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Not sure what to write in a baby shower card? Find sample messages, tips, and inspiration to write the perfect card for the mother-to-be.

Send Sweet Baby Shower Wishes: What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

baby shower wish tree wording

Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas, but not sure what wording to use to spread the exciting news? There are many creative ways to express your joy and happiness. Below, we have provided some examples of wording to use for your Baby’s First Christmas Holiday Card.

Once you have found the perfect wording for your holiday cards, shop our collection of Holiday cards in a variety of fun, festive styles. All the text on our Holiday Cards can be fully personalized.

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Baby’s First Christmas Card Wording 1

Season’s Greetings! It is with much joy and pride
that we introduce to you Sadie Reed

The Reed Family

Matt, Jenny & big sister Brittany

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 2

This Holiday season, it is our joy to share with you
the most precious of present around our Christmas tree!

Brad, Patricia & Rikki Parks

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 3

Christmas is here and so am I,
the perfect gift in mommy and daddy’s eye

Steve, Carol & Ashley Richards

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 4

Sometimes the most perfect gift comes without bows.

Andrea, Mike & Elizabeth Yarnell

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 5

The seasons just got a little brighter, as we
welcome our bundle of joy this Christmas!

Elaine, Steve & Olivia Nicholson

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 6

It’s Ryder’s First Christmas!

Peace, love, joy, and kisses from
The Patterson family

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 7

Celebrate the season with good tidings and cheer.
As we toast to our new born baby and exciting new year!

Jordan, Angelia, & Casey McGuire

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 8

Celebrating Aiden’s First Christmas!

Josh & Lucy Ward

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 9

A Christmas gift
As we welcome Lilly
Wishing you blessings in
abundance this holiday season.

Nikki, David, & Malory Kraft

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 10

Our gift arrived early this year, Hayden Cavanaugh!
May you appreciate the little things this holiday season.

Lindsey & Brad Cavanaugh

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 11

Our New Baby brings Christmas joy,
New Year warmth & happiness to our hearts!

Paige, Tyler & Derek Easton

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 12

Santa brought us double the presents this year.

Cathy, Luke, Cassidy & Shelby Stanton

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 13

Good things come in small packages!
Happy Holidays!

Jennifer, Austin & Emma Bayer

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 14

To all our Family & Friends,
we share our newest gift and
wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Janet, Elliot & Greyson Maynard

Baby’s First Christmas Wording 15

What a precious bundle of joy you are,
cute from head to toe.
You’re a special gift this Christmas,
sent from heaven above.
A perfect angel for all of us to love.

Arianna’s Merry 1st Christmas!

Ethan & Emily Perez


Celebrating your baby's first Christmas, but not sure what wording to use to spread the exciting news? the most precious of present around our Christmas tree!.

baby shower wish tree wording
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