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Anniversary wishes for relatives
October 25, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Anniversary wishes, Messages, and quotes collection focus on Wishing and Messaging Family members, Friends, and Colleague the best on.

Dear Friend, you are going to get married coming Saturday. I congratulate you both for starting a new wonderful and exciting married life. Since you happen to be my childhood and best friend, I would like to give you a few tips and suggestions to lead a happy and successful married life. We all are human beings, and it is said: " to err is human".

So in case of any conflict or difference of opinion, it should not come as a hurdle in your life. These can be solved sitting together and without knowing anyone. Must give her respect, honor, and appreciation on every act and situation. When the understanding between a couple is strong, people and society admire them and take their example of a nice couple. So giving care and love will fetch you the same from her too, in fact in lots. Having said that I once again with both of you a joyful, happy and wonderful life. Stay blessed always.


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When I see both of you  , caring , loving and feeling for each other , I find you the best match on earth. When I get married , I wish to get a companion like you only  who is so compassionate , intelligent , beautiful , educated and a loving human being. You get along so well under any circumstance and you try to solve any hurdle that comes your way with your wits and understanding. Even if you have differences between you , which are always in one's life , you handle it so intelligently that I am proud and a fan of yours.

On this special day , I send you my heartiest well wishes to both of you on your wedding anniversary. Stay blessed and May God be on your gaurd always.


A great collection of wedding anniversary wishes for friends with beautiful images . Choose the one that really expresses your feelings.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

anniversary wishes for relatives

Anniversary celebration for everyone is a very special occasion to remember. Whether it is a one-year celebration, a decade-long or a silver or golden jubilee anniversary celebration. The feeling is same especially when it is celebrated to commemorate your long lasting love and years of togetherness. On your anniversary all your family, friends and other well-wishers have accompanied you to double the joy of your anniversary celebration. These are the caring well-wishers of your life who always send their greetings on your special occasions.

You must also be thankful to them because they are also indulging their precious time to be a part of the celebration. A picture-perfect anniversary thank you message must be dedicated to your guests. This message will be perfect to let them know how you have appreciated their wishes and presence on your wedding anniversary celebration. Instead of long and boring thanksgiving speech, a well-written anniversary message will be good enough to know them about your feelings towards them.

You can use our collection of beautiful thank you messages to send your guests for anniversary wishes and gifts they have showered upon you. Here, careful selection of messages is to be done so that it gives a good impression to your guests.

Thank You Messages For Anniversary Wishes

Have a look at some of the beautiful and touching thank you messages for anniversary wishes.

Dear friend, we are overwhelmed by your presence, warm wishes and the lovely gift you have sent to us. Thank you for doubling our joy of anniversary celebration.

Deepest appreciation and thank you for wishing and remembering our anniversary.

We are so gratified after reading your special wish and greetings on our anniversary. Thank you for being with us.

We thank you in a million ways for sending us warm anniversary wishes and also indulging in our celebration party.

The wishing note and the lovely gift from your side meant so much to us. Heartiest thanks for wishing us on our big day.

Thank you for making our golden jubilee anniversary celebration a memorable one.

This thank you note is for my friend who is very kind enough to wish each year on our anniversary day.

Our anniversary could have never been a memorable one without your wishes and presence on our special day. Thank you a million times.

It is great to have a friend and well-wisher like you has remembered my most special day.

A big smile has brightened up our face while reading your heartfelt anniversary wishes which you sent to us. Thank you for wishing our anniversary and praying for our good health.

The morning of our anniversary has become more beautiful and fragranced due to your anniversary greeting card and the bouquets of roses which you have sent us this morning.

Within a short period of time, you have thrown us a great anniversary party. Thanks a load for making our day.

The years of our marriage went so fast that, when we were celebrating our silver jubilee wedding anniversary celebration it seems that it was only yesterday when we got married. Thank you, my dear husband, for making me feel so special today.

A “thank you” from the core of my heart for sending all the warm wishes and gifts on our anniversary day.

Thank you my social networking friends for wishing me on my anniversary. Without your wishes, I would have almost forgotten my big day. Cheers for remembering my anniversary and also thanks for saving my day….. And also saving from my wife’s anger too.

Kindly accept our heartfelt thanks for being so thoughtful for sweetly remembering our wedding anniversary.

We couldn’t think of better words to describe our appreciation towards your precious wishes and making our anniversary celebration a memorable one. A simple “Thank you” from the core of our heart is all we can say.

It is great to have all at our place for a grant celebration and a hearty dinner. Thank you for being part of our celebration.

Thank you for your kind wishes on our special day. We treasure all the benedictions that cross our path.

Your effort for remembering and wishing us on our anniversary made our celebration filled with more happiness. Thank you for wishing us on this day.

Thank you for giving us so much ecstasy for joining us on this celebration and showering us with wishes, blessings and beautiful gifts.

Your wishes and blessings meant a lot to us. Thank you.

Thank you for making our precious day even more extraordinary and outstanding.

Thanks for your lovely wishes for our anniversary. It added a magical touch to this celebration.

We are the most fortunate enough to be surrounded by such wonderful friends who have worked very hard to make this day memorable with my life partner.

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35 Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Bless Married Couples

anniversary wishes for relatives

Happy wedding anniversary wishes for friends:- Anniversary of marriage is a type of affair which brings great pleasure to our family and relatives. This day has a different significance. On this day, husband and wife are happy to remember the time and the promise at the time of their marriage. It is a day coming every year.

This day is also a very important day for family members and friends. To make this day even more special for them, you can send them beautiful messages on WhatsApp or Facebook. In this post of today, we will give you the marriage anniversary SMS, status, messages that you can share with and send to the happy couple.

500 Marriage Wedding Anniversary Wishes Images & Cards for Friends Facebook in English

A good friend in a social site is some of the most valued belongings in people existence. We normally have just a few simply accurate friends. So sending the high-quality and warmest wedding ceremony anniversary desires to our buddies is definitely important. It reminds them that we have them in our coronary heart, either we are near to very a long way away. Here are some wedding ceremony anniversary wishes, and messages for facebook friends.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends Facebook in English

1. Top notch wishes to your anniversary, my friend, hope you are fortuitously married till the arena ends!!! Happy wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

2. As pure as diamond may your relation is, till the time on the earth lasts, the ocean!!! Satisfied wedding anniversary!!!

3. May additionally the love between you, convey plenty of pleasure, and can that happiness no person can wreck!!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

4. It looks as if married existence agrees with you, and that if want the exceptional for each of you!!! Thank you for being my buddies!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!

5. No person in the global might apprehend you, inside the quality way you every different do!!!! Happy wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

6. wedding anniversary wishes for pals card

7. You men are the maximum stunning couple I’ve recognized, Whose love is visible and want no longer be shown!!! Glad wedding anniversary!!

8. From satisfactory buddies, you became to a spouse, and made a home out of a house!!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

9. No words can describe my wishes for you two, which comes from the heart that’s real!!! Satisfied wedding ceremony anniversary!!

10. May additionally your love tale by no means have a stop, wish you a satisfied anniversary my friend!!!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends Facebook in English

11. You fall in love with each different, each time, might also the milestones of your relation you climb!!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

12. wedding ceremony anniversary wishes for friends card

13. May additionally your love for every other grow and grow, and the way strong is your relation, to the arena you can show!!!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

14. May additionally your marriage bloom like a flower every 12 months, may additionally there be the simplest laughter and no tear!!!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

15. Your marriage is the maximum notable, nothing than this could be extra stunning!!!! Satisfied wedding anniversary!!!

16. May the melody of your anniversary be played by way of Xylophone, but still, it won’t be sweeter than, for every other is your tone!!!! Glad wedding anniversary!!!

17. I instructed you on your wedding day and now I repeat, you are a kind of couple whom nobody can beat!! Happy wedding ceremony anniversary!!

18. wedding ceremony anniversary desires for buddies card

19. Along with your love, may every other you soothe, and might your marriage be satisfied and clean!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

20. Anniversary day must be celebrated with a laugh and joy, and for all time many wish you should set up!!! Glad wedding anniversary!!!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends Facebook in English

21. Kiss of love and a hug of care, can also this relation you always share!!! Glad wedding ceremony anniversary!!!

22. Preserve your arms and take a vow that you’ll constantly be there for each other just like you have been till now!!! Satisfied wedding anniversary!!!

23. The anniversary is a time to celebrate the thrill of today, the memories of the previous day, and the hopes of the following day.

24. Congratulations on any other 12 months of affection, laughter, and happiness. Right here’s to wish you a lot more and a satisfied anniversary.

25. Happy Anniversary and might your marriage be blessed by means of love, happiness plus friendship for all the days of your lives.

26. I nevertheless take into account the times whilst you desired to invite her out. You shared tales with me and nowadays I desire to shout, satisfied Anniversary pricey friend.

27. Like a flower in the daylight, your love blossoms beautifully. Glad wishes for your wedding ceremony anniversary.

28. Love delivered you together, companionship will take you thru. Make you always be blessed, satisfied Anniversary to you. Have a super day.

29. Marriage Ιs that relation among man and ladies in which their independence is same, the dependence mutual and the obligation to each other are reciprocal. High-quality desires on your wedding anniversary.

30. My heart fills with pleasure on this day, our anniversary, understanding that I have fun it with my soul mate.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends Facebook in English

31. Oh, dear friend, it’s your anniversary today, congratulations on making it via. It’s certainly a delight to be a chum, of a few as exquisite as you. Glad Anniversary.

32. Our anniversary is a moment to appearance back at the most excellent times and a moment to appear ahead to live our imaginings mutually.

33. Sending heartfelt wishes your manner and on such an essential and cute day. Satisfied wedding ceremony anniversary.

34. Sending you mind of love for your wedding ceremony anniversary. Enjoy many greater years of happiness.

35. That special day is right here again, of the day we took our vows. You are simply as unique to me these days.

36. The day we stated “I do” is the day my coronary heart knew the pleasure of affection. Satisfied anniversary to you.

37. The words satisfied anniversary cannot express my joy at spending any other 12 months of my life with you.

38. To the lovely couple in all of the land, may additionally your anniversary be glad and grand. Satisfied anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends in English

39. We have modified over the years, but the sparkle in your eyes is as vivid as ever, and my love for you is even stronger.

40. You two are made for each other, nothing else subjects, no person bothers, so here’s a wish, right from the coronary heart and true, can also this anniversary, be the excellent one for you.

Anniversary of marriage is a type of affair which brings great pleasure to our family and relatives. This day has a different significance. On this day, husband and wife are happy to remember the time and the promise at the time of their marriage. It is a day coming every year.

This day is also a very important day for family members and friends. To make this day even more special for them, you can send them beautiful messages on WhatsApp or Facebook. In this post of today we will give you the marriage anniversary SMS, status, messages that you can share with and send to the happy couple.

My wish for you two on this beautiful occasion is that, in many years, you can still say: “It is still as beautiful as the first day”.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends in English

Happiness is not a station or a platform to which one arrives but it’s a method of talking one’s journey and traveling. A first-class ticket for you. Best wishes.

I wish you a married life full of happiness. Certainly, along the way, there will be difficulties, but everything will be regrown if you love yourself like you.

May passion, love, esteem always bind you to each other as on this day.

The smile and happiness of this day know no sunset.

I wish you always to hold hands like today to overcome obstacles and share the joys.

Congratulations and best wishes for this day to be the beginning of a life full of luck and satisfaction.

Let your usual companions in the path of life together be Happiness, Respect, Love, and Fidelity.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends in English

One day you met the other half you were expecting so much, and now you are one person on this day.

Love is friendship. Love is complicity. Love is listening to the other’s voice when he laughs, when he cries and when he speaks. Love is to open the heart to the loved one and make sure that he can see everything that he contains. Only in this way can one become a single person.

Everything whether small or big becomes an adventure if shared with the right person.

I wish you to live a marriage full of love and passion, as much as of peace and serenity. You are really a special couple.

May real life be even more beautiful than the dream that today has brought you to the altar, with the hope that the commitment you take today is one to the happiness of a lifetime.

May the Lord bless you and give you days of happiness and a peaceful future for the new family.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends in English

I wish you an even more beautiful reality of your dream!

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Here are some best happy anniversary messages and wishes that will interest you, including anniversary quotes, sayings, anniversary wishes & poems.

35+ Wedding Anniversary Wishes

anniversary wishes for relatives

Happy anniversary wishes for friends

This is a big day for you both and it’s a pleasure to solute you both on this great occasion. Wishing you a peaceful, beautiful life, with lots of magical moments!


My dearest friends,
You had your ups and downs, when you wanted to quit
You had your happy moments, and the moments of joy
You two have been able to help each other through everything
And that is something every person dreams of!
Happy anniversary!


You though it will get worse when you both were down, but with each other’s help you both got up, didn’t leave each other, and today you are celebrating your …th anniversary, I’m proud of you!


I remember when you thought it is impossible to be in love, you both were so broken, but now, look at you … years together, I’m so proud of you, you deserve to be happy!


You truly deserve to be happy, and to make it this long, I’m so proud of you, and I hope you go a long way together, it’s been … years now. Make the next ones even more special than the ones which have passed, happy anniversary!

Best happy wedding anniversary wishes and messages for appreciating your loved ones with heartfelt, cute, romantic, funny and inspiring words.

anniversary wishes for relatives
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