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Anniversary wishes for company
September 04, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Such messages make you feel great and are a kind of motivation to achieve immense success. The tone of such message will usually depict.

Getting a job is a dream a lot of people have. Talk of being on a job for 10 years without being kicked off. Isn't that worth celebrating?

Take out time to wish someone happy work anniversary when you have the chance. And we are here to help you. We have provided you with 70 options here.

Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary

Wow! It is already 10 years your loved one has been working. He/She deserves to be celebrated for being patient and diligent. These Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary Messages are available for you to send and celebrate Him/Her. 

1. You've been a member of a team contributing immensely to their progress. Happy 10th work anniversary. Don't stop the great work.

2. Your strong will, ideas, strengths and dedication have produced a lot of positive results for your company directly and the world indirectly. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

3. The success of a company has you in its story. For ten years, you've given yourself to their worthy course. Happy 10th work anniversary.

4. For the changes you've caused, for the efforts you've given and for the service you've offered, money can't appease. It's always nice working with you. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

5. Happy 10th work anniversary. We are sure your company is proud of you. We know you are greater than anyone can ever know.

6. People like you in the team inspire other members of the team. People like you make the future of the company to be bright. Happy 10th work anniversary.

7. Happy 10th work anniversary. It may not be time to leave yet, but whether you leave or not, your contributions would never be forgotten.

8. Happy 10th work anniversary. As you further your career, may excellence be your mark. May you do the best ever seen.

9. Happy 10 years work anniversary. One thing learnt from you is your attitude towards teamwork. Keep it up.

Happy 10th Year at Work Anniversary

Celebrate your loved ones with these best Happy 10th Year at Work Anniversary messages.

10. Your attitude, actions, words and performance have affected lives in positive ways. You are an asset. Happy 10th work anniversary.

11. You have been an inspiration and motivation to many. You have proven the power of your presence. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

12. 10 years of service where every day you are a blessing is not easy. But you did it. Happy 10th work anniversary.

13. Should you not be thanked for adding value to a brand? Because you deserve it, I wish you a happy 10 years work anniversary.

14. Today marks 10 years of your drive and passion. Today reflects what responsibility you handle. Happy 10th work anniversary.

15. The beauty of your time in office is that you have proven yourself worthy of any office you aspire to. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

16. You have artistically shown us that skill is beautiful. Keep being a model. Happy 10th work anniversary.

17. Are you going to stay at your company for 20-50 more years? You're the best they've ever had. Happy 10th work anniversary.

18. Your creativity is topnotch. Your efforts are great. And you've helped a team with these resources. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

19. Happy 10th work anniversary. You've completed 10 years at work. I wish you complete more.

20. Happy 10 years work anniversary. Giving a company a part of you is something no one deserves, and you did it for a decade.

Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary Quotes

Check out these Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary Quotes for loved ones.

21. Which professional wouldn't want a friend like you? Happy 10th work anniversary. You've been a professional and a friend.

22. Happy 10th work anniversary. It's hard to believe that its 10 years since you started turning your dreams into reality.

23. It's beautiful having the knowledge that you have spent years working in such stressful environment without giving up. Happy 10th work anniversary.

24. Which company would not be blessed to have an employee like you? You are the best there is. Happy 10th work anniversary.

25. Gladness hit me when you got the job and every passing year leaves me happier than the previous. Happy 10th work anniversary.

26. May your future in office be brighter than the past ten years spent there. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

27. I worked with you once and I know how amazing you were. I believe your colleagues have been blessed working with you too. Happy 10th work anniversary.

28. Don't lose your dedication yet. You have been passionate about the job. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

29. Will you ever stop doing excellently? You've been excellent for 10 years now. Happy 10th work anniversary.

30. A lot has been accomplished at work because of you. Happy 10 years work anniversary. Contribute to more accomplishments.

Sweet 10 Year Work Anniversary Messages

Sweet 10 Year Work Anniversary Messages also available for you.

31. Your efforts can't be bought with money, but words of appreciation can be of some help here. Happy 10th work anniversary.

32. With all the love and support, you have carried out your duties. Happy 10th work anniversary. Keep it up.

33. Life is sweeter when people like you make things happen. Happy 10th work anniversary. I celebrate you.

34. Time flies, but your efforts in service would never be forgotten. You are the best of your kind. Happy 10th work anniversary.

35. Happy 10 years work anniversary. You have been of tremendous help to your team and leaving them would be tragic to them.

36. I have heard of how you carry out your duty. The diligence and skills put in. So I say happy 10 years work anniversary.

37. Celebrations are given to those who deserve it. You do, so on this day, I wish you a happy 10 years work anniversary.

38. You should go down in the history of service. Your service has been immeasurable and priceless. Happy 10th work anniversary.

39. Employees like you can make the employers sleep at their duty post because they'll know all is well. Happy 10th work anniversary.

40. Staff like you intimidate the employers. Keep it up. Today, I wish you a happy 10 years anniversary. May you do better.

Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary to You

You can also wish your loved one Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary to You.

41. Happy 10 years work anniversary. May your promotions keep coming. May you keep inspiring others.

42. Without you, your company would never have become what it is today. Happy 10th work anniversary.

43. Happy 10th work anniversary. May your zeal not die out and may you never lose the strength needed to be on the job.

44. Happy 10th work anniversary. Keep getting higher and higher. Keep spreading wider and wider.

45. Happy 10 years work anniversary. Never forget that the best is sometimes preserved for the last. So keep working and your efforts will be crowned.

46. Happy 10th work anniversary. May your days be long in the office. May you have no reason to be kicked out.

47. Diligence and loyalty have been your trademark and the way you worked is an example for all. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

48. Not every employee is an asset to a company, but you have been more than an asset for the past 10 years. Happy 10th work anniversary.

49. Everyone has seen how you miraculously made your company grow to what they are now. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

50. If things continue the way they are, then your company would never have a reason to keep you away. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

Cute 10 Year Work Anniversary Wishes

He/She also deserves these Cute 10 Year Work Anniversary Wishes.

51. You inspire everyone, even your seniors. Reports I've heard about you make me proud. Happy 10th work anniversary.

52. Every award you received and every recognition you for were all deserved by you. You can do better. Happy 10th work anniversary.

53. Happy 10th work anniversary. Can someone have a colleague better than you? You are the best there is.

54. Your inputs are helpful, every single day you've you've spent here a big blessing that can't be ignored. Happy 10th work anniversary.

55. Everyone can see the greater person in you that would be revealed as time keeps going. Happy 10th work anniversary.

56. You joined a team and 10 years later, you've transformed it into a force to reckon with. Happy 10th work anniversary.

57. I see the smiles you've put on faces and the hearts you've healed and the lives you've blessed. Keep it up. Happy 10th work anniversary.

58. Happy 10th work anniversary. With what you've done, years from now, others would remember you as a model.

59. Happy 10th work anniversary. If every staff were like you, every company would be a part of Fortune 500. (Winks).

60. Happy 10 years work anniversary. May your inputs be rewarded with successes that you never expected.

Awesome 10 Year Work Anniversary Greetings

Best collection of Awesome 10 Year Work Anniversary Greetings for your loved ones.

61. Happy 10 years work anniversary. You are a super-staff. You have made extraordinary become ordinary.

62. You may not know but a lot of people admire you, especially the way you take your career. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

63. Your days of service are not yet numbered but they have been years that would not be forgotten in a hurry. Happy 10th work anniversary.

64. Happy 10 years work anniversary. You are appreciated in every way by everyone you've touched through your job.

65. You are worth every celebration that comes to you today. Your ten years have been the best there can be. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

66. I woke up today to see that the best worker in the world is a decade in office. Happy 10th work anniversary.

67. Happy 10 years work anniversary. With people like you, companies grow and live forward. You are celebrated today.

8. What's life without support? You have been supportive and to acknowledge that, I say happy 10th work anniversary.

69. Time is golden. You have spent your gold wisely. It's time to be celebrated. Happy 10 years work anniversary.

70. Without regrets, I can recommend you to fill any position that you specialise in because your years of service have proven how great you are at what you do. Happy 10th work anniversary.

Best Wishes for 10 year Work Anniversary for Someone Special. The success of a company has you in its story. For ten years, you've given.

Work Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for Colleague

anniversary wishes for company

Doing anything for 25 years is tough. Building a company that has SAMCI’s reputation is really tough. Helping companies navigate through Ottawa and our various levels of Government is an important job. You should be very proud of your business and what you have done to make other people successful.

Most importantly, you have done all this stuff with style and grace – and really nice clothes!

I treasure your friendship and appreciate all that you have done to help my own business. I wish you all the best in the years ahead. Warmest of warm wishes.

Graham Carter
President and CEO CAP Advisors Inc.

25 years goes very quickly when you are busy and successful. Congratulations on your great achievement with SAMCI!

Your contribution as a member of the Marsh Canada advisory board is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Paul O’Donaghue
Chairman, Advisory Board
Marsh Canada

Susan, I recall first meeting you in the late eighties. You were lobbying for the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Shortly thereafter, I read John Sawatsky’s book The Insiders. There you were again, this time with his description of what caused you to embark on a tremendously successful lobbying career. He says it very well:

"Her stint at Queen’s Park convinced her that business carried such ill-conceived notions of government and came so poorly prepared that it usually lost out to smart, well-prepared public-interest groups like Pollution Probe."

The lack of understanding between business and government bothered her. She couldn’t understand how corporations operating in a country like Canada, with such a strong history of government intervention, could lag behind virtually every other country in awareness of public policy … She happened to be a blonde bombshell who at first blush seemed better suited for a beauty contest than a boardroom; her petite size, soft voice, and shy manner seemed unlikely to persuade a hard-headed chief executive officer that he needed her expensive advice.

"… She started her lobbing career working on what was until then the largest corporate refinancing in Canadian history, and in doing so showed that she was determined, shrewd, and brimming with down-to-earth common sense."

In 1990, when the opportunity arose, the decision to work with you was quite straightforward. We enjoyed and shared many successes including auto insurance, pensions, energy, labour and tax. These victories came from hard work, sound strategy, solid execution and your constant belief that the impossible was in fact very possible! It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years. Susan, you have aged much more gracefully than I. I wish you all the best, and I am very proud to have been a small part of those 25 years!

George Cooke

President & CEO

Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co.

It gives me great delight to congratulate you on your 25 years of success at SAMCI. What an accomplishment! Such an achievement truly speaks to your vision, integrity, leadership and commitment in a highly competitive and challenging field. Susan, through your friendship with McMaster University, we have also been a privileged recipient of these same outstanding qualities.

Success is often defined as the achievement of personal goals and the attainment of wealth, but the success of SAMCI demonstrates that it can also be measured by the degree to which an organization seeks to make a positive difference by applying the highest personal business ethics. Indeed, it is immensely satisfying to see a person succeed who is so cognizant of the greater good and defines success as giving back to her community.

You have given so generously of your time to many worthy endeavours in the realms of business, culture, health and academics. Indeed, your contribution to our Board of Governors speaks to your willingness to bring your intellect, professionalism and leadership to help our University achieve its mission.

Your dedication to helping others achieve their dreams, including our own students who benefit from the Ruth Murray Memorial Bursary, is a daily demonstration of your commitment to make the world a better place. It is an honour and a privilege to include you as a friend of McMaster University. I wish you many, many more years of success. With warm personal regards,

Peter George

President and Vice-Chancellor

McMaster University

Happy Anniversary SAMCI and Susan! Thank you SAMCI for being so good at what you do. With your expertise and support we managed to transform our AGH into one of Canada’s leading art galleries. Working with you was truly a pleasure, which we hope to be able to renew one day. With all best wishes,

Louise Dompierre

President and CEO

Art Gallery of Hamilton

On behalf of the constituents I represent and the Government of Ontario, I wish to extend my congratulations to Susan Murray, as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SAMCI, and your team as you mark this special milestone in your life. I wish you continued success.

Through your values and leadership, SAMCI has developed a reputation for integrity and an ethical approach to serving the public interest in government relations. It gives me great pleasure to commend you on your quality efforts.

I would also like to recognize and thank you for sharing your expertise with Ontarians in your volunteer capacities. The Government of Ontario proudly supports all volunteer initiatives and takes measures to encourage and strengthen the volunteer sector. I applaud your volunteering spirit and efforts for helping to make our province a better place to live for all Ontarians. On behalf of the Government of Ontario, best wishes

Monte Kwinter

Former Minister of Community Safety

and Correctional Services, Ontario

Congratulations on 25 years of contribution to the business life of Canada. Your business integrity and creativity are exceeded only by your great sense of humanity and concern for the broader Canadian community. I join your many friends and associates in saying, “Bravo, the best is yet to come."

Hon. Brian Tobin

Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

1996 - 2000

Former federal Minister

1993 – 1996, 2000 – 2002

I commend you for the enterprise and hard work that have brought a quarter-century of accomplishment to SAMCI and have helped to build our province’s business sector. Take pride in your entrepreneurial excellence and the role it has played in building strong and prosperous communities in Ontario. May the years ahead bring further success.

Hon. Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

2003 –

When I think of Susan Murray I think of a politically astute leader who has a deep sense of both the economic and social agendas of this great country. Susan embodies the essence of enlightened, compassionate leadership and has quietly gone about making Canada a better place. I am honoured to have known her for so many, many years and to have learned a great deal from the best! Best wishes Susan.

Charles Coffey

Retired Executive Vice President

Royal Bank

What an awesome milestone! Congratulations on 25 years and to be so young. This couldn’t happen to a nicer person and a better organization. Well done and best wishes to another 25 years.

George Irwin

Chairman and CEO

iToys Inc.

I first encountered Susan Murray when we both apprenticed at Queen’s Park, but it wasn’t until 1990 that we formally worked together.

In December of that year Susan assumed the chairmanship of the National Ballet School’s board of directors, and one of her first acts was to confirm my appointment as the School’s co-director in charge of administration.

In those days, the National Ballet School was in desperate financial straits, with an operating deficit that had grown to seven digits---annually. I was soon submitting applications to various government departments to help cover the shortfall, and not surprisingly, the answers came back consistently “No”.

What was surprising, though, was Susan’s reaction. “Don’t worry, Bob,” Susan would say. “They really meant ‘Yes’. They just need a bit of time to correct the letter.” In the age of “No Means No,” this sounded shockingly heretical -- but what a lesson the subsequent months provided.

Step by step, Susan built the case for how the School was fulfilling the will and mandate of the Department, the Minister, even the Government as a whole. Ministers are busy people, she would say, and it is perfectly reasonable that from time to time they aren’t able to catch minor errors – like their staff’s presenting them with the wrong letter for signature. We need to be generous, she would say, and help governments do better.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, this strategy worked -- again, and again, and again. I, too, began to treat “No” as a breakthrough response, evidence that on any particular issue government was prepared to take action, weigh alternatives, and make decisions.

Little wonder, then, that Susan and the firm she founded have been able to attract the respect and confidence of so many people both within and outside government, and find a true balance between the art and science of professional suasion.

Robert Sirman


Canada Council for the Arts

Congratulations to you on SAMCI's 25th birthday. Well do I remember your contribution to the General Services Sectoral Advisory Group on Internal Trade (SAGIT) years ago. You displayed a keen strategic sense, broad understanding of public policy and knowledge of how to interact effectively with governments - all components of SAMIC's success. May you and the SAMCI team continue to contribute for many years.

Gail Cook-Bennett

Chair, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

If you’ve been in business 25 years, you must have started the company as some kind of high school project. Your energy and enthusiasm – and certainly your youthful look – have not diminished at all over the many years we have worked together.

Your knowledge of how Canadian government, at the federal, provincial and local levels, works and can be influenced, and the respect and affection so many key officials have for you personally, have certainly convinced us that you are the “go to” person to get things done north of the border for our clients.

You and your team are consummate professionals and we have always had the utmost confidence in your abilities and keen sense of how to operate in the most highly ethical manner.

As far as we’re concerned, SAMCI comes as close to the ideal when judging public affairs firms as possible. All of us here at MultiState Associates congratulate you on this important milestone and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship over many more years ahead.

Steven Markowitz

Chairman and Principal

MultiState Associates Inc.

New York

I certainly remember when I first encountered you. It was in the context of a visit of the President of the United States to Ottawa.

For some reason, it had been suggested that the President ought to visit the office of one of your clients in Ottawa. Visits of Presidents are consuming experiences, and all we needed was another event complete with motorcade, RCMP, Secret Service, etc. But we worked it out only to see it cancelled – perfect!

However, I did discover that you were a political junkie. This was wonderful because I was then the Counselor for Political Affairs at the US Embassy in Ottawa – the head US political junkie. Out of this grew a friendship which has continued to this day.

So congratulations on keeping SAMCI afloat, effective and prosperous for 25 years. Clearly a Washington office is coming soon. With my best wishes,

Dwight Mason

Senior Associate

Center for Strategic Studies


Susan, my heartfelt congratulations to you upon the 25th anniversary of SAMCI. Your leadership, vision, passion and professionalism have been obvious to me in the past few years that I have known you and worked with you. You and SAMCI thrive in a highly competitive environment, and I believe that to be testimonial in itself to you. All my best to you, Susan, as you celebrate this fantastic milestone, and I wish you all the best going forward.

Jim Irving, Director

Government Relations and Strategic Affairs

Johnson & Johnson Medical Products

I've had the pleasure of knowing Susan for over 20 years and in my humble opinion there are many reasons why Susan and SAMCI succeed year after year.

Susan provides all who will listen with an honest and well researched perspective on issues of interest, particularly in the public sector. Her sincerity and commitment to excellence in all she does give all who have the pleasure of knowing her the confidence to confide in her and seek and her counsel.

Beyond the business she is just a fabulous person who enjoys everyday of her life and shares this joy with the many friends and colleagues who are blessed to know her. Every time I know that I'm going to meet with Susan I can expect a smile and encouragement. Who can ask for more than that?

Jim Chapman

Vice President

Corporate Business Group

Dell Canada

What a pleasure it is to be sending you a note of congratulations not only for the creation of SAMCI, but also for keeping it relevant and successful for 25 years.

You defeated all the odds, as we all know that business ventures simply do not have long life spans. That you were able to beat those odds is a testament to your talent, tenacity and determination. It also speaks to the considerable value you brought to your clients - me included.

Thanks for that. Reflecting on your accomplishments also reminds me that more than 30 years have passed since we first met at Western and we were asking ourselves what we were going to do when we grew up – it hardly seems possible … Wishing you another 25 years of success.

Joanne De Laurentiis

President & CEO

Investment Funds Institute of Canada

It seems like yesterday. Congratulations on your success over 25 years, Susan. Integrity goes a long way.

Lee Richardson

Member of Parliament

Calgary Centre

Congratulations on achieving a significant business milestone – SAMCI’s 25th anniversary. As you know, SAMCI helped pave the way for Segways in Ontario, and for that everyone at Segway Inc. is extremely grateful.

Everyone at Segway Inc. wishes you the very best and that the years to come will bring as much if not more success to you and SAMCI!

Matt Dailida

Director, Government Affairs

Segway Inc.

Congratulations on SAMCI's 25th anniversary! Thanks to your wise counsel and leadership, the MS Society has been able to put issues that are vital to people with MS in front of key decision makers. With SAMCI's help, we are making a difference.

Yves Savoie

President & Chief Executive

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Deanna Groetzinger

Vice President

Government Relations and Policy

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Congratulations on SAMCI's 25th. On behalf of Mitch and the rest of the Visa Canada team, thank you for the valuable assistance and advice you provided to Visa.

Derek Fry


Visa Canada Association

Congratulations on 25 years since founding SAMCI. I know from my experience of starting Burgundy 16 years ago how really satisfying starting your own business can be. You have a lot to be proud of and I bet your best days are yet ahead of you.

Tony Arrell

Chairman and CEO

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

Congratulations on SAMCI's 25th anniversary. The growth and success of SAMCI is largely due to your strong and capable leadership skills. Your values and business acumen have helped SAMCI achieve this landmark.

Congratulations and wishing you many more successful years ahead!

Jean-Luc Meunier

Vice President, Operations

Central Canada

Mac’s Convenience Stores

Susan, you’re the best.

Hon. David Peterson

Premier of Ontario

1985 – 1990

Congratulations Susan on 25 years of providing leadership through SAMCI. You have always provided exceptional service to your clients.

Graham Scott

Senior Partner

McMillan Binch Mendelsohn, LLP

I was a client of SAMCI for a number of years and was always impressed with the team Susan had assembled. Their professionalism and success is, by extension, a reflection of her good judgement and management skill.

Michael J.Quaranta
Former Directer of Government Affairs, Experian
Chief of Staff
Congressman Michael N. Castle

I just want to say congratulations on this great achievement of 25 years in business. You don't seem old enough to have achieved this milestone.

Christopher Bunting
STS Capital Partners - London
Former president, Weber Shandwick

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Anniversary Speech for the Company

anniversary wishes for company

On this joyous occasion, let’s remember the effort and hard work we put in to reach where we are right now. Our journey was not without obstacles, but, through our will and determination, we overcame them all. Each member of this establishment played a vital role during this trip and, here we are today, celebrating our anniversary. It could not have been possible without you. Teamwork makes the dream work. Let us begin our next year with stronger faith, stronger determination, and a renewed mindset, all the while keeping in mind what’s most important. Here’s to many more years to come.

Another fruitful year, another cheerful anniversary. The struggle of this year was not easy and our victory could not have been achieved without all of us working together. Let’s keep striving to give our best each moment of the time we spend here and reap the rewards of our success. With our combined efforts, nothing is impossible. The force of our unity will keep making us move forward towards a bright future for years to come. To, this moment and many such moments in the future. Whatever the challenge, we will face it with dignity, and intelligence. Happy Anniversary!

Sitting here, right at this moment, and reflecting on our progress of the previous year’s shows me how far we have come. Today is a day of pride and celebration. We have made it to another anniversary, through another year of hardship and success. Let us continue to stand together for as long as we are able and move forward to a new, even more, rewarding era. With the kind of cooperation, we have amongst us, there’s no force or competition that can trump us. Let’s continue to soar higher, thwart our enemies and again sit together like this, next year, with smiles of pride on our faces, as we plan further and greater success.

A hearty thanks to all of you for an amazing year of work. We could not have done this without you. We value your hard work and efforts more than you can imagine. You are the cogs and your will and effort is the oil of this machine that is our company and none of this would have been possible in your absence. Your patience, cooperation, meaningful advice, and endless determination is something to be proud of. Hopefully, we will be sitting again like this next year, but with even more success to boast about.

A day like today is only ever truly special when we sit back and reminisces our journey. And today is truly special – because of you. Without our combined efforts, none of our success would have been possible. Our faith, determination, and unity are what brought us to this point and they are what will see us through to the end that is far in the future. I pray and hope that things continue to run in this smooth fashion for decades to come and we continue to climb greater heights. Happy Anniversary!


Megrisoft Today Announces The 25th Anniversary Of The Company Megri Soft Limited, is a web company with solid reputation in IT services industry and is . I wish Megrisoft all the success for many more years to come.

Celebrating 1 Year in Business

anniversary wishes for company

Are you looking for work anniversary quotes and wishes? You are on the right page. Its time to celebrate the number of years one spend in a job. Make them feel proud and special for their contribution towards work. Have a look at these work anniversary wishes...

Its time to celebrate the work of an employee. Are you looking for such work anniversary wishes? If yes, then you are on the perfect page. These work anniversary wishes can be from a boss to an employee or from an employee to an another employee. Appreciate the hard work of the employee towards the work. Congratulate them for their contribution towards work. Make the anniversary day memorable and special.

 Below we have collected some of the work anniversary wishes and quotes to wish an employee and make him realize that he/she is a strong player and holds a special place in the company.

Motivate the employee to achieve success.

Work Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

  • You have worked here for 25 years. All the co workers are also amazed by your dedication to do work. Thanks for delivering an excellent output. Happy work anniversary to you!
  • The whole team is grateful for your services. Never let yourself down in your life and continue with your hard work. So thank you and happy anniversary!
  • The whole company says that there is no another person who can compare oneself  to you. You were the only one who handled this job so efficiently. Happy work anniversary to you…
  • You are an inspiration for others. We all respect you, care for you and love you. Wishing you a very happy anniversary sir!
  • Happy anniversary senior! We wish to see many more employees like you in the coming future…
  • Its your anniversary sir and a day to look back in futureto the amazing things you have done to our company. Wishing you again a very happy work anniversary..
  • Your simplicity is the reason why you are so loved by your team mates. We all adore you so much. Happy anniversary to you!
  • Look at you how you were before 10 years and look at you now. You have changed a lot. But the only thing that has not changed a bit is your dedication and hard work. Happy anniversary to you!
  • I knew that are going to be very much successful in your life when I met you for the very first time. Happy anniversary and thank you for everything.
  • I congratulate you on being getting promoted on your anniversary day. We wish for lots of blessings and happiness to you..
  • Chill out today as its your work anniversary!  You are such a workaholic! I wish you the best on your anniversary day..
  • We all know you love your work and job a lot. This can be seen through your dedication and passion towards work. I wish you a very happy anniversary!
  • You are the most brightest person in our company who is always ready to help others. Happy anniversary!
  • You need not change because you are the best  the way you are! Its been 5 years since you are working in this company. Happy anniversary and yes, you are the best!
  • You always motivate us to work hard. Sometimes i wonder how could a person be so dedicated and serious towards his work. Happy work anniversary sir..
  • Keep on working the way you do and who knows you become the boss of the company. Happy anniversary and have fun!
  • You are a live example of perfection. May you achieve your goals and become much more successful in life. Happy 2nd anniversary to you.
  • You have come a long way in just a short span of time. And I am sure that you will achieve your goals shortly. Happy anniversary to you..
  • Success follows those who never quits in life and works hard. You are one of them. Wishing you your 7th work anniversary…
  • A person is always described by his work. Efficiency, results and capacity are the major perspectives to define it.  And your work defines you correctly!  Happy anniversary to you..
  • Every company is demanding experienced staff these days. But you have proved that even a non experienced person can also show his excellence in work. Happy 2nd anniversary to you!
  • I must say one thing, you are a strong player! You played a major role in the success of the team. Thank for  your awesome 6 years in this company and congratulations too…
  • I appreciate the passion with which you work in the company. Happy work anniversary...
  • Workers like you succeed in their life definitely. The whole company is nothing without you. Happy anniversay!
  • Each day you work heartedly, you just polish and refine yourself.  Happy anniversary to you. Good luck for your future!
  • Its my pleasure to work with you. The best thing about you is you make even complimentary things too easy. You make work environment friendly. Congratulations to you on your 10th anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary! We are so proud to have a junior like you in our team. Congratulations to you on completion of 2 years in this company.
  • I really appreciate your presence in this company. So glad to be your team mate. Happy 3rd anniversary!
  • Employees like you are essential for every company. May you have continuous success in your life. Happy anniversary to you!
  • I must say you are a first class performer and an all rounder. Your creativity amd hard work is an inspiration for others too. Wish you a very happy anniversary..

Let the employee know that he is more than an colleague to you.. send them these work anniversary wishes  and make them feel happy and special. Just appreciate the efforts made by them..

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Thank You Messages for Anniversary Wishes

Top Birthday Wishes for Boss

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Shiny loves writing about messages and greetings for special occasions such as birthday wishes, thank you messages, love quotes etc

Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary; 20 years of working for the same company! Truly amazing! Congratulations on what is a.

anniversary wishes for company
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