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Achievement wishes example
April 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

need to wish on various occasions and events like any achievement, promotion, Your marriage is an example for all of us that true love never fails to find its.

One of the best ways to heighten staff morale and increase project or work ownership is to recognize those times when an employee has successfully achieved a work milestone. People like to have their extra work efforts acknowledged, and writing notes that praise this dedication are a simple way to inspire continuing excellence – particularly if your organizational budget can’t support employee bonuses or promotions.

Email is the most common communication tool of choice for many in the business world. Email is great because you don't have to be available at the same time as the person on the opposite end to be able to communicate. Transmission is instantaneous, and it allows us to keep projects moving when our co-workers are unavailable or on the other side of the world in a different time zone.

But there's a problem: most of us are drowning in emails. On top of that, emails are all too easily misunderstood because, with the lack of face-to-face contact, it can be difficult to communicate emotions like praise or urgency or concern. Because of the volume of emails we send and receive, and because emails are often misinterpreted, it's important to write emails clearly and concisely.

Writing Clear Emails

By keeping your emails short, you'll likely spend less time on email and more time on other work. That said, writing clearly is a skill. Writing emails that are short and to-the-point will reduce the time you spend on email and make you more productive.

Like all skills, you'll have to work at developing it. To begin with, it may take you just as long – or even longer – to write short emails as it took you to write long emails. However, even if this is the case, you'll help your co-workers, clients, or employees be more productive because you'll be adding less clutter to their inboxes, making it easier for them to respond to you before moving on to their next tasks.

Clear emails always have a clear purpose.

If you can't answer these questions, then you shouldn't be sending an email. Writing emails without knowing what you need and what you hope to achieve wastes your time and the recipient's time and means you'll struggle to express yourself clearly and concisely.

Writing Emails That Recognize Achievements

Emails that are written to acknowledge work achievements should also focus on the recipient instead of you, the writer. Avoid overusing the first person “I”; instead, begin sentences with “You” or “Your” – “You continually inspire your team through your dedication, one-on-one mentoring, and “can do” attitude,” or “Your efforts have been invaluable in achieving our project milestone.”

Although you should keep your email short and to-the-point, do include a specific example or two of the qualities your recipient has displayed that enabled his or her work accomplishment. These can be things like their leadership, work ethic, teamwork, willingness to work overtime, dedication, assuming extra tasks, covering for other employees, mentoring or training others, attention to detail, enthusiasm, or time/project management skills.

Achievement Congratulations Email Message Example (Text Version)

Subject line: Well Done!

Dear Samantha,

Congratulations on completing your team's project ahead of schedule.

Your abilities to organize and motivate your team are a real asset to the company. Your innovation and persistence made all the difference in making this achievement possible.

Thank you for your continued efforts.


More Congratulation Letters
Here are a variety of congratulation note examples to use to say congratulations on a promotion, a new job, and other employment-related accomplishments.

Letter Samples
These letter samples, including cover letters, interview thank you letters, follow-up letters, job acceptance and rejection letters, resignation letters, appreciation letters, business letters, and more great employment letter samples, will help you get an interview, follow-up with your interviewers, and help you to handle all of the employment-related correspondence you need to write.

Whenever you sit down to write an email, take a few seconds to ask yourself: "Why am I sending this? What do I need from the recipient?" "Is this worth sending an email?"

These are more than 60 examples of congratulations messages to write in a card. Examples of occasions include retirement, wedding, baby, new job, and new.

A Job Well Done! | Congratulations Quotes

achievement wishes example

Whether you just received your degree or made that job promotion, receiving a congratulations message for achievement with the acknowledgement of your hard work is just one way to be celebrated. Here is a look at some great sample congratulations messages for achievement.

“Congrats! This is not a new surprise for us to see your success. Success is all your right from day one when you started achieving.”

“Congratulations for your fabulous victory. You deserve it every bit. Aim for the stars.”

“Congratulations on your success. You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work.”

“Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. You know the hard work and dedication has a destination which is success. Best of luck for your future and congratulation for your achievements. Keep going.”

“First they ignore you… Then they laugh and fight against you… Then you win. I knew you could do it. Congratulations for your brilliant victory.”

“I know you would attain this success very soon and easily than anyone can achieve it. Congratulations my dear!”

“If Oscars were given for a job well done, I’d nominate you. Congratulations for your fantastic achievement.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with someone who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring work environment. I’m glad that a position opened up for you that is a great next step in your career.”

“Let’s celebrate your success! Expecting for a big party on the way! Continue breaking your own records! Congrats!”

“No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out. There’s no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years. Now your efforts effort have paid off. Congrats.”

“Proud to be your side while you rock achieving success in all the things you do. It’s time to hear the success news! Congrats on your success!”

“Success is yours always on the new ventures you take every now and then. We congratulate you on this wonderful moment of success.”

“The aim of the life lies in pushing your limitation always; you have successfully made this thing possible your achievement is the result of your efforts. Give your best in the future and I wish you achieve every success in your life. A big congratulation for you.”

“The new success of yours is yet another milestone in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with lot more successes.”

“Well done. You are destined to make it big, you just didn’t know it. This recognition is surely deserved and will give you an opportunity to spread your wings.”

“You always fulfill the expectations of the people around you. We expected your success and here you have made it! Congrats!”

“You always go for the impossible thing to make it possible and you take each target as your aim. You love taking challenges and you deserve this achievement. I congratulate you for your success.”

“You always make limitations your goal and every time it brings you success. You make weakness your strength and are able to transform loss into profits. You know the strategy, which is staying focused. I congratulate you for this achievement and keep going in future.”

“You are the true example of a leader and now with this achievement, you add another feather in your crown. I wish you all the best for your future and congratulate you for this achievement. May you achieve every success in your life.”

“You worked hard, you deserve it, you have got it. Please accept my congratulations on this wonderful recognition of your merits.”

“Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. I wish you many years of great achievements.”

“You’ve worked hard to achieve this promotion, but your efforts were completely worth it. Now one of your great desires became real. Wishing you best of luck in your new capacity.”

Here is one example of a great congratulations video and message for achievement for the graduates from this University.

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How to Congratulate Someone in Every Stage of Life

achievement wishes example

When someone you know achieves something remarkable, it is only fine that you send them a message congratulating them for their achievement. Sending them a congratulations message will not only put a smile on their face, but also let them know that you are happy for them and care about their success in life.

In this article, we have a fine collection of congratulatory messages that you can send to anyone you know during instances such as the following: when the person has performed well in an examination, got a promotion at the workplace, got a new job, got a new car, had a new baby girl or boy, got engaged, got married, etc. We know you’re happy when a friend does well; why not let them know?


Congratulations on your Promotion

  • I’m overjoyed to hear you have been promoted at work. I would like us to raise a toast to your achievement. Congratulations!
  • You keep proving again and again that hard work and determination really pay off! Congratulations for your promotion at work. I am very proud of your outstanding achievements.
  • Hurray! Your much deserved promotion has finally come! I know this is just your first step towards achieving remarkable things.
  • I congratulate you heartily for your job promotion and wish you continued success in your career.
  • Your hard work, self-discipline and determination have finally paid dividends. If you keep up the good work, I know you shall go places and achieve the extraordinary. Congratulations, and may God keep pouring His amazing blessings on you.
  • Great news! You’ve finally been promoted! This is just the beginning of remarkable accomplishments in your life. I wish you all the best as you take up your new role at work. Congratulations and well done!
  • You are truly a go-getter, and I’m proud of you! You have worked very hard for this promotion, and you really deserve it. Congrats.

Congratulations on your promotion. The sky is the limit.


You have worked very hard for this promotion, and you really deserve it. I wish you all the best as you take up your new role at work. Congrats!

Congratulations on your New Job

  • Wishing you the heartiest congratulations and good luck on your new job. May there be no limit to the rewards and happiness that you find in this new job. Well done and stay blessed.
  • Congratulations on getting that new job. I am very happy for you, and wish you all the best in the new milestone in your career. Cheers!
  • You have just proven to me that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and work hard. Congratulations to you on your new job. You deserve it!
  • The company didn’t make a mistake choosing you for the job. May every single day at your new job bring you happiness. Best of luck in your new job. Congratulations.
  • Your new job just goes to support the fact that determination coupled with hard work can take you places. I wish you all the best. Congratulations.
  • Getting this job wasn’t an easy task. You worked very hard for it, and now you have got it. Congratulations for your achievements. I wish you a bright future ahead.

Congratulations on your promotion.

Congratulations on your New Car

  • Congratulations on getting those brand new wheels. I hope this car brings you miles and miles of happiness.
  • That’s one heck of a beautiful car you have. Congratulations for finally getting the car of your dreams. I’m very happy for you!
  • Congratulations on buying a new car. I know this is just a stepping stone to achieving greater things in life.
  • With the purchase of this car, you have just proved that with determination and hard work you can get anything you want. This is definitely something worth celebrating. Congratulations!


  • Heard you’ve bought a new car. Have great fun cruising in it! I can’t wait to start babysitting your ride for you! Congrats!
  • Congratulations on your new car. When can I borrow the keys? Just kidding! Hope you have the time of your life with this awesome ride! Cheers!
  • Your new ride is super cool. I hope you enjoy every single minute you spend in it. Congratulations
  • Congratulations on finally getting the car you’ve always dreamed of owning. I know how much this ride means to you, which is why I’m very happy for you. May the good times roll!

Congratulations. You did it!

Congratulations on your Success

  • There was never a doubt in my heart that you wouldn’t be successful. Wishing you a heartfelt congratulation for putting up such an extraordinary performance. You have shown that you are truly one in a million. Well done!
  • I always believed that you were destined for success! Congratulations on your magnificent achievements. You have made me so proud. Great job, and keep up the excellent work.
  • Your hard work and determination have made your dreams materialize. Congratulations on such a commendable achievement. May this success you have achieved today just be the beginning of more magnificent achievements in your life. Congratulations.
  • You finally did it! Way to go! I congratulate you on your newly found success! Your success is really well deserved. Cheers!


  • After all those years of hard work, you have achieved this success. May you future be filled with many more remarkable accomplishments like this one. Congratulations.
  • You worked really hard for this, and now that you have finally got it, please accept my heartiest congratulations. You keep proving again and again that you were born to stand out. Congratulations once again for such an extraordinary accomplishment.


Congratulations on your Newborn Baby

  • Congratulations on your new baby girl/boy. May this adorable baby fill your house with incredible joy and happiness.
  • Welcoming New Arrivals : Newborn Baby Wishes
  • I send my heartiest congratulations to you on the safe arrival of your newborn baby. May this little miracle of yours fill you with extraordinary happiness, and May the almighty God shower all His blessings and love on your baby now and forever.
  • Congratulations on the cute, little angel who has joined your beautiful family. May God bless and watch over your baby and your entire family. I pray that the life of this baby be filled with nothing but happiness and success stories.

Congratulations. May God bless and watch over the baby and your entire family.

Congratulations on your Wedding

  • Wishing you all the best for your future as husband and wife.  I know you’ll make a beautiful life together. Congrats.
  • On this happy and very special occasion, I wish health, prosperity and happiness in your new life together. May you have a very happy future together. Congratulations to both of you on your fabulous wedding. This is surely the birth of something beautiful.
  • Words of Love for a Couple’s Special Day | Wedding Wishes
  • Congratulations and best wishes to you on your wedding. May the good Lord bless, watch over and guide you throughout this beautiful journey you have both decided to take together.


Congratulations on your Engagement

  • I want to congratulate you on your engagement. You’re a perfect match, and I believe you guys are going be together until the end of time.
  • Congratulations on your engagement. May your love for each other grow stronger and stronger with every blessed day that goes by. Happy engagement.
  • On your engagement, I pray that you never stop cherishing, adoring and loving each other. You’re such a wonderful pair, and you deserve to be happy together forever. Wishing you all the best on your engagement. Congrats!
  • Wishing you oceans of happiness and joy on this journey you have both decided to embark on. Congratulations. I wish you all the best. May God bless your union with everlasting happiness.
  • Congratulations on your engagement and for finding true love in each other. May the bliss you feel today being in each other’s arms last forever.


Congratulations for Exam Passing

  • Congratulations on passing your exams with flying colors. My best wishes for your future. I know you’re going to go places and make all of us proud.
  • You deserve huge congrats for acing the exam. You have indeed worked hard, and I’m glad to see that your efforts have finally paid off. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations.
  • All the sacrifices and sleepless nights have finally yielded the results you were looking for. Congratulations for passing your exams. You’ve made me very proud.
  • Good Luck Messages for Exams, Interviews and the Future
  • Congratulations on passing your exams. You have really made yourself and everyone proud. I always knew that a hardworking student like you was destined for success. Well done!
  • I want to congratulate you for achieving such excellent exam results. Keep working hard and believing in yourself, and success shall follow you everywhere you go.
  • You nailed the exams like nobody’s business! Congratulations for your excellent performance. Keep up the good work and you shall keep achieving remarkable things in life.

Congratulations! Keep working hard and believing in yourself and success shall follow you everywhere you go.

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I congratulate you and wish you the very best for your bright future. Your achievement is an example to all. Once again, congratulations. Keep in touch!.

Congratulation Letter

achievement wishes example

A little bit of encouragement and an ability to identify and recognize a good task done can act as a driving force for a successful career ahead. For instance, if you have an employee who has excelled in a particular task, a congratulation letter for his achievement can enhance his zeal to work even better.

Congratulation Letter Sample

Dear First Name,

Congratulations on your new venture, opening your restaurant It sounds like an exciting opportunity, and I'm looking forward to you watching your progress as the business develops.

People who enjoyed your cooking will sure become your regular clients as word gets out about your grand opening of a new restaurant. your menu is sure to please hungry diners.

If there is anything at all I can do to promote your new business, please let me know. I'd be glad to assist however I can if I can be of help.

Best Regards,

Hi David,

I can't believe that you can set up a big event for 100 people so well ,Just arranging a date, securing tickets for everyone, and renting buses for the game is mind-boggling.

I'll make it a point to attend every year as long as it is such great fun. .Again, Larry, thank you for another great company outing. I hope you keep doing well in the future.



Congratulations on your engagement!. I’m so happy that you found someone who makes you and your heart happy. It is indeed a happy and proud moment and I am glad to know that you are finally going to settle in life. As you prepare for your big day, that is DD/MM/YYYY, accept best wishes, Do not forget to enjoy every bit of the wedding the love that you get from all, the fun and every event of your wedding. This is going to be such a happy day. Do not forget to enjoy every bit of the wedding and most importantly, remember that this day is just about you and your soon to be husband so enjoy to the fulles.I am sorry for not being able to make it to your engagement. But, don’t you worry, I will be flying to your place on wedding day.

Congratulations to the bride and groom to be,

Lots of Love,

Subject: For graduation


I and your uncle are delighted to hear that you have passed your graduation with flying colors. Accept my heartiest congratulations on your success. It must be a proud moment for you and your parents that you have completed your degree without any backlogs. I am overjoyed that you are reaping the fruits of your labor. Keep working hard, make bigger goals and try to achieve them. I also feel the parental pride in your success.

We know you have achieved it because of your hard work and perseverance. I genuinely feel this is quite an achievement as well as a call for special celebrations. Youngsters like you constantly remind me that anything can be achieved by patience and hard work. My best wishes are with you; keep yourself focused and determined.


Subject: For graduation


I am delighted to hear that you have passed your graduation with flying colors. Accept my heartiest congratulations on your success. I am overjoyed that you are reaping the fruits of your labor. Keep working hard, make bigger goals and try to achieve them.

We know you have achieved it because of your hard work and perseverance. I genuinely feel this is quite an achievement as well as a call for special celebrations. Youngsters like you constantly remind me that anything can be achieved by patience and hard work. My best wishes are with you; keep yourself focused and determined.


Subject: Congratulations on the birth of the new baby


Heartiest congratulations to you Sir and Madam on the arrival of a new born into your life. I am happy to hear that the baby is healthy and everything went well. I will pray for the wellness of your family and hope you get a wonderful time with your family and babyhood is filled with lots of fun, love, and cuddles.

I once again wish you and your family love, health, and happiness and also good luck for the newest member of your family.

Yours truly,

Subject: Congratulations on Success


Heartiest congratulations to you on your success. I am really happy that you are able to achieve your targeted goal and have come out successful with flying colors. You hard work has paid off and I must say I am so proud of you.

It is all because of the determination and efforts you have put into your work. You are capable to achieving every goal that comes into your path. Keep doing hard work along with smart work and show everyone what your are capable of. My good wishes are always with you. I hope you keep doing well in the future.


Subject: Congratulations on Promotion


Heartiest congratulations my friend for getting a promotion

I am so happy for your success. I have always praised your determination and hard-work and I am glad that your work is getting recognized in your office sphere too. This promotion is surely going make a positive difference in the path of your career.

We know you have worked hard to achieve this position and I am sure you are going to excel further and achieve outstanding success in your job. You will expand the business of your company and take it to new heights.

My best wishes are with you for your continued success.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Subject: Congratulations on Engagement


Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your engagement. My warm wishes are with you for a lifetime of joy and togetherness. I wish your love reaches new heights and your pair be the cutest Congratulations to you both, wish you all the luck and happiness.

I am glad finally you have found a soul mate who has touched your heart in such a special way that you both have decided to live the rest of your life together. You both make a wonderful couple. My best wishes are with you, hope you start wonderful journey soon.

I wish your love blossoms like a flower and your relationship blooms with the fragrance of your love. Waiting eagerlyfor your marriage and all the good to happen

Love and regards,

A congratulation letter is not necessarily given only when an individual achieves something in his career; it can be sent
  • When a person ties the knot
  • Has won a scholarship in any reputed university or has qualified for an entrance examination

There are occasions on which you can send such a letter are many....

Essential Aspects Of Congratulation Letter

There are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind while writing a congratulation letter.
  • If it is an official letter you are writing, maintain the proper alignment and formatting.
  • If you are writing a semi formal or a friendly letter, you can always include a well known quote in the beginning or at the end.
  • Examples Of Congratulations Wording

    As mentioned above, the language and the words you use depend to a large extent on the depth of the relation you share.

    For New Job


    A beautiful collection of congratulation message examples for achievement When one gets achievement in business, then wish him/her congratulation.

    achievement wishes example
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