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20th birthday wishes for sister
August 11, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

This great collection of funny birthday wishes for your dear sister will probably bring her more Funny 20 Birthday Messages for your Sister.

Birthday wishes are the best way to show someone how much you love and care for them. Turning a new age is always a big priority and it opens chapters and doors that were closed before. Turning twenty means one more year until you can become a drunk if you aren’t already one #just kidding. Turning 20 is a beautiful experience and as a sender, it is important to show this to the new 20 year old. Here are some birthday messages you can send to someone turning 20 wishing them a good time as they continue being older, with their cheekiness and the character that is hard not to love:

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • It’s time to kiss 19 goodbye and welcome 20, enjoy each and every minute of this day darling, you deserve to have a good time.
  • Happy 20th birthday dear, you are precious to me and I hope you always get the best out of everything.
  • Happy 20th birthday boy, now you have few more years before heavy responsibility starts to hang on your neck. Enjoy the time being. Wish you long life and all the best.
  • Youth is the real pleasure. Enjoy your life you are standing at the beautiful position. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Life really begins at this age, because you become an adult and you become a man. I hope you will do well at this age. Happy 20th birthday, have lots of fun.
  • My pride is my sweet intelligent daughter. May God give you success and pleasure at every step of life. Happy 20th Birthday, sweetheart.
  • Follow your dreams; they are like water which makes its own way. Wish you a very Happy 20th birthday.


  • I am so waiting on your 20th birthday party, I know it’s going to be awesome because you are awesome and I love you so much. Cheers.
  • You are the bright and energetic boy. May your brightness maintain forever. Have wonderful 20th birthday.
  • Happy 20th birthday to a phenomenal figure. It is an exciting day to not only you but also to friends, family, and well-wishers. We all join in your celebration.
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  • Fun begets enjoyment. Wish you a joyful birthday party. Happy 20th Birthday.
  • There is a truth everyone knows about you, you’re cool. But there is a truth only me know about you, you’re stubborn, heheheh. Happy 20th birthday bestie. Have fun.
  • The mentality of a 20-year-old should be to establish great things and become something the world has never seen before. I hope you will make this possible. Happy 20th birthday.

  • If it were up to me, I would have suggested for you never to grow up, so no matter the age you turn, know you will always be my little child. Happy 20th birthday my little one!
  • Reduce your tensions via respect your parents. They are the noble prize by God for us in the world. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, unconditional love, and purity. Enjoy your 20th birthday kiddo.
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  • The truth is that I cherish you so much, but the ugly truth is that I can’t really live without you. Happy 20th birthday my love, enjoy the very best that life can offer.
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  • Maturity comes with this age and also responsibility, you must learn all these now with a lot of perseverance. May God enrich you with everything to learn these. Happy 20th birthday.
  • How you have grown so fast, just the other day you were a toddler crawling and now you are this young adult that I am proud to be sharing their 20th birthday with. I love you, happy birthday!


  • You have turned into a finest young woman. May God save you from the evil eyes. Wish you a very Happy 20th birthday.
  • The real pleasure in life is to give pleasure to others.  Have a wonderful 20th birthday.
  • What can I truly say or do to make this day more special for you, you are turning twenty, no longer a teenager but a young responsible adult. I wish you all the best love.
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  • This is your own personal trip around 365 days. You ended the 19th trip yesterday and the 20th one starts today. May you have a lovely trip around the 365 days again. Happy 20th birthday.
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  • Happy 20th birthday to the most adorable boy who is the central figure among all girls.
  • You are young and full of life, so I am your number one fan, because I am old and getting tired. So I enjoy watching you do stuffs that youths do. Happy 20th birthday son.

Heartfelt Happy 20th Birthday Wishes

  • It’s a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful 20 year old, you are amazing in each and every way and I hope you enjoy your birthday, there is a lot of good that will come with it.
  • Now life begins, whatever you do now have a long way to determine what the next 50 years of your life will be, be of good deeds and you will enjoy life. Happy 20th birthday.
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  • I hope to always be there on your best days and your worst days, you are the only person who means the world to me. Happy twentieth birthday dear!!
  • It’s your birthday; I don’t ever want to see that frown you put when you are mad or sad, so I wish on this 20th birthday of yours that I may be your reason to always smile. Happy birthday!
  • If you want to see the world more closely, then you have to make yourself more talented, smart and energetic.  Wish you good luck and a very happy 20th birthday.


Funny 20th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • You are finally 20 years old, and you think it’s worth going gaga over, in the next eight years, you will discover the weight of taxes and bills on adults.
  • Even if you were older than twenty years today, I could still mess with you as I have always done, so your age means nothing to me.
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  • Hey mate, is it true that you are 20 years closer to the grave and you are under pressure by family and friends to celebrate it.
  • People just like free food and party, so do not believe all the fake love you receive on your 20th birthday. Everyone still hates your ugliness.
  • Birthdays reminders top my calendar reminder, but yours is different, I remember every hour because you are the silliest 20 years old that I know.

Short 20th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • Energize yourself, remove your lethargy and make the struggles for what you want from life. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Two decades of life finally over. Happy 20th birthday. Wish you a great birthday.
  • Youth is the most appropriate time to do things in a proper way. Wish you a happy life and have a wonderful 20th birthday.
  • Life is beautiful if you spend it wisely. Have a wonderful day full of love and happiness. Happy Birthday.
  • Life is beautiful; make the most of it but in a positive way. Have a great 20th birthday.
  • It’s a peak time to fulfill your dreams. Make efforts and get positive outcomes. Have a wonderful 20th birthday.
  • Don’t lose your courage at any step of life as you will count in losers. Happy 20th birthday.
  • You have completed 20 years of life and I am feeling so proud that I am the mother of an intelligent boy. Happy 20th birthday.

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Now is the time to kiss the teenage goodbye, welcome to the world of adults. Knowing your kind of person, I can assure you of great adulthood. Happy 20th Birthday son. Enjoy it.
  • Nothing is more exciting than to see your kids possess much of strength as they grow. Happy 20th Birthday son, I hope your strength will be of positive use in every way.
  • The normal frame of mind of a 20 year old boy is to gain autonomy to do and undo. I hope you won’t see this great age like that. Happy 20th Birthday son. Stay blessed.
  • What a boy you are, to every other person, you are calm and cool, but to me you are extremely pig-headed. Hehehehe. Happy 20th Birthday stubborn son.
  • Happy Birthday and happy cross over, now that you are done with the journey of a teenager, I hope you will leave behind all the teenage act and embrace adulthood. Happy 20th birthday son.

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • I always wanted to have boys as children, but I realized girls love and take care of their father better than boys. Happy 20th Birthday my girl. Thank God I have you as mine.
  • I hope the wisdom you possess will never be polluted by your present world as you mix with them. Happy 20th Birthday dear daughter. Keep shining bright every day.
  • A lady of your age has every right to everything that adults have rights to; I hope you will make the best use of them as you have them. Happy 20th Birthday daughter.
  • My gladness today is in seeing that you have become so polished and gracious, nothing could be more pleasing to a parent. Happy 20th Birthday adorable daughter.
  • So amazing how your growth has been so rapid. Rapid in all spheres, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May God enrich you more and more. Happy 20th birthday lovely daughter. May you witness many more.

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • Time is running fast, life is flashing right by. Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way, now you can have all that you truly want. Happy 20th birthday, enjoy it.
  • Today I celebrate one of the most amazing 20 year olds in my life, you mean the world to me and I appreciate you a lot. Have fun on your birthday boyfriend, may all your wishes come true.
  • You have a big heart, the greatest mind and the most amazing smile; I hope 20 creates more awesome memories for you. Have fun on your special day dearest.
  • Thank you for being who you are, you aren’t changed by anything and I love your independent mind. Have fun as you celebrate your 20th birthday. I love you so much my awesome boyfriend.
  • Listen what the night colors brought for you; it’s a midnight birthday celebration of our beloved friend when the world is sleeping. Happy 20th birthday of your life.

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  • May you find as much happiness as there are stars in the sky, may your life brighter than the sun and you give life to others. Wish you a very happy 20th birthday, my sweet girl.
  • Every journey in life starts with a step and continuation is achieved by moving forward. As you clock 20 today, may you experience continual development in your life. Happy 20th birthday girlfriend. Enjoy your special day.
  • Always get the lesson from your past experiences and never feel guilt on your failures. Be positive, anyway. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Let others talk. Make efforts to execute your dreams no matter how inaccessible they are. Wish you a wonderful 20th birthday my beautiful girl. May your dreams come true.
  • Happy 20th birthday sweety, this year kick starts a new dimension in the journey of your life. May you enjoy it and live it in the best possible way that you can. Happy 20th birthday.

20th Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Happy 20th birthday brother, you deserve so much and I only hope I can give it to you during this beautiful time. You are a wonderful person and I hope all goes as planned.
  • Thank God you where I want you to be now, no more excuse for acting silly, no more excuse for being only a teenager. Braze up man, now you are responsible. Happy 20th birthday bro.
  • It’s time to celebrate your 20th birthday, so don’t be shy, take out the cake, put on the candles and make a wish with all your might, you aren’t too old for that still.
  • A big day celebration for the big bro. May your big day grant you the biggest achievements. Have a wonderful 20th birthday my brother.
  • Today is your glorious day; the blessings that your life need to flourish in the best possible way will locate you as you celebrate today. Happy 20th birthday, enjoy it to the fullest.

20th Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Words are really too shallow to express my joy to you today, you have been sustained and protected despite all odds, now you are 20 and strong. May God bless you. Happy 20th birthday sister.
  • I can see the muscles are coming out, you are now 20 and I still can’t believe how strong you look. May this birthday give you wealth, health and a lot of fond memories.
  • Sweet moments and awesome memories always relish your life. Wish you all the best in your life. Happy 20th birthday sis.
  • Welcome to a new phase of life, 20 is a special number in counting the number of our years, breakthrough happen at this age. I hope you will experience good things. Happy 20th birthday to you sister.
  • Some say life begins at 40 but I tell you it begins now, whatever choice you make now will tell whether you’ll enjoy your 40s or not. Make the right choices. Have a beautiful day sis.

Many More Birthday Wishes for 20 Year Olds

  • You should see a doctor or question your parents for looking as old as your aged granny despite being only twenty years old today.
  • Happy 20th birthday my love, you are the only reason I need to smile each and every morning, I wish you more candles for more years to come.
  • Today marks the 20th year since you came into our lives, it has been a fantastic journey for you and all that are lucky to know you.
  • Staying alive for two decades is commendable, I pray that you spend many more decades in the planet of the living, thanks for the opportunity of knowing you.
  • May your 20th birthday filled with wonderful surprises and you always see the big picture. Happy Birthday.
  • Worry no more because all your sorrows, shame and reproach is over as you mark your 20th birthday, may you progress from the challenged to a success.
  • As you observe your 20th birthday in gladness and happiness, may your wish receive an instant answer as you blow off your candle? Have fun.

  • You only get the opportunity of celebrating your birthday once in a lifetime so make the best use of the next 24 hours to make the day unique and memorable.
  • Wishing you a glorious 20th birthday celebration, only do things that make you happy because today will not last forever and you just got a shot at making it right.
  • We’ve been together for a long time, I remembered when we were 10 you were so stubborn, never believe you could be so cool. I’m happy for your transition my girl. Happy 20th birthday.
  • A boy becomes a true man when he starts taking fair decisions and think wisely. Wish you a very happy life. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Time is money, once it is gone, will never back again. Make the most of your time and stay blessed and happy. Have a fabulous 20th birthday.
  • You are the shining and rising star of our family. Your liveliness and cheerfulness are the vital part of our home’s activity. Wish you a very Happy 20th birthday.
  • Don’t waste your youth in the absurdities. Those People that devotes their life to help others are good in this world and you are one of them. Happy 20th birthday.
  • It’s a beautiful day to celebrate the birthday of such an amazing person. You make my world light up and I am glad I get to share more birthdays with you. Cheers beautiful 20 year old.
  • I will always love you and hold you in high regards, you mean the world to me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Enjoy your 20th birthday dear.
  • Happy 20th birthday dear, always remember you have me, no matter the age you turn you have me to always cheer you on. I love you.
  • The most important thing now is to grow up and to fill your mind with the right information needed for you to be somebody. Happy 20th birthday son. We hope you’ll make us proud.
  • Happy 20th birthday my love, you light up any room and I know you are going to light up today, you are amazing and I love you so much.

Gigi Hadid was a doting sister on Saturday, sharing an adorable sweet message to her brother Anwar Hadid for his 20th birthday.

20th Birthday Wishes

20th birthday wishes for sister

It’s a person that you really care about but often gets on your nerves. She’s admittedly adorable, but you wonder if you were trying a bit too hard during some of your childhood pillow fights. You would never let anyone hurt her, and then sometimes you simply feel like pulling her hair off. But, hey, that’s just a manner of speaking: it’s your sister, and sisters are forever, and you love and protect her, right?

This great collection of funny birthday wishes for your dear sister will initially make you laugh with the idea of her reading them, and will then probably bring her more laughs on her special day! Pick your favorite one and share it with her. Presents might follow, memories will definitely come back on a day like this, but a big birthday laugh is perfect for now.

Funny Birthday Messages for your Sister

  • Happy Birthday to someone totally awesome, gorgeous, funny, and sort of reminds me of myself! You are a fabulous sister and you know you owe it all to me!
  • Thank you for all those pillow fights and late night chats! It’s so great to have someone else that is the product of our crazy upbringing! Happy Birthday to one very special girl who I am honored to call my sister and best friend! #mostofthetimes

Happy Birthday, Sister! Hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!

  • I hear you are kind of a big deal now. Well, you’re still my baby sister and I still have your back. I saw that birthday fairy headed your way, so I hit her on the head with a broom and knocked her butt out! Happy Birthday, Sister!
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! | 40 Cute Wishes for Her
  • Sister, at times you could be the thorn in my side, the worm in my apple, and the pimple on my chin…but through thick and thin you will always be my sister! Happy Birthday to someone silly, spontaneous, beautiful, and witty! I love you to the moon and back!
  • “Beautiful”, “intelligent”, “caring”, and “outgoing” are all words to describe you! But, hey, “funny” wasn’t the first word I put on that list, right? Happy Birthday, funny sis!
  • Another year older? Well, I could think of worse things to be… like dead! Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister who knows how to push all of my buttons but whom I love dearly!
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! You are my only sister and my favorite sister! But if you weren’t my only sister, I’d surely have more options! 😛
  • Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you belong in a zoo! There ya go, little sister. I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!

A birthday Toast for my beloved sister!

  • Congratulations, big sister! You’ve had me as a sibling for how many years now?! I’ve lost count…
  • To the sibling I am least embarrassed to be related to! Or am I? Happy Birthday to the coolest sister anyone could ever ask for!
  • I hope your birthday is as fun and fabulous as you are, my dearest sister! You know, what? Make it “more fun and fabulous”, just to make sure!
  • I have no nicer friend than you and no better friend than a sister! People say this might be because I have no friends! Happy Birthday, my sweet sister!
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest sister! I’m so blessed I thought I might give an award, but I hope you have an amazing day anyway!
  • Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! We wish you the very best birthday full of laughter, love, and plenty of old wisecracks!
  • I guess you’re probably expecting a joke about your old age or something along those lines, but… nah… I won’t say anything about that strand of gray hair I see above your right ear! Happy Birthday to my oldest sister!
  • Sisters are Forever : Birthday Wishes for your Sister
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! Congratulations on having survived another year with me as your sister! May this year be your best year yet! #bearwithme
  • Wishing you the very best on your special day. We’ll see about tomorrow! Hugs and kisses, dearest sister!
  • I can’t believe that someone so annoying and immature grew up to be someone I love dearly and consider one of my best friends! Happy Birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent sister!
  • Dearest sister, please stop being younger than me every year! It just isn’t fair! Best wishes to you on your special day. May your beauty and humor never fade!

Happy Birthday to a gorgeous, awesome and funny girl. Did I just wish to myself? Anyway… Happy Birthday, Sister!

  • Best wishes to you on your big day! I hope you overindulge in cake, laugh until you’re rolling on the floor, and blow out all the candles a bit drunk! Facebook is waiting!
  • Happy Birthday, my sister. You and I may not have always been the greatest of friends but we will always, and forever be, sisters. And that’s a starting point for a friendship, isn’t it?
  • Cheers! Happy Birthday to the most fabulously-looking, fashionable, attractive young woman in town! I’m saving the honest appraisal of your inner virtues for next year… May you have the best of birthdays, Sister!
  • To the coolest sister in the world, I hope your birthday is off-the-hook! You deserve to have the most awesome, hoppin’ birthday ever!

Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present. I didn’t get you one! Happy Birthday.

  • You will never turn this age again—EVER! So, enjoy and soak in every second of it. Think of all the incredible accomplishments and strides you’ve made this past year. You’ve come such a long way! Be proud and start this new year, new chapter, off with a bang! Cheers to you my sweet sister! I hope this birthday is as amazing as you are!
  • I know who you are. I know where you live. I want you to know that I don’t have money but what I do have are a particular set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I will find you… and wish you a very happy birthday, sister!
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  • God made us sisters, but a shared love of wine and Game of Thrones has made us the best of friends. Happy Birthday to you my awesome sister!
  • If you were chosen to represent our district in the Hunger Games I would definitely not take your place, but I would send you those little packages full of surprises! Happy Birthday to you, Sister!
  • I think God knew we were two-of-a-kind and that’s why he made us sisters! I love how we can finish each other’s sentences and have inside jokes. You’re amazing and I hope you have a very… Guess what was I going to say? Yeah, that thing, you see?
  • Happy Birthday to one old fart from another! We’re so blessed to be able to grow old and senile together. Who knows—we might even get to be roommates in the old age home?! How crazy would that be! You’re the best sister anyone could ever ask for!
  • You are one-in-a-million! I hope you have a great birthday with all the people you love, and me, someone who is also one-in-a-million. Happy Birthday to you, my favorite sister! Together we bend the statistics!

Funny 16th Birthday Messages for your Sister 

  • Happy 16th birthday. May God help you forget about your problems in life like you forgot the things you learned for your exams.
  • Sending a sweet happy birthday from a sweet brother/sister to a sweet sister who is celebrating her sweet sixteen on such a sweet day. May sweet things constantly surround your life, my sweet sister.
  • Happy birthday. I’m sorry once again for not accompanying this with a gift.
  • Wishing you a fabulous 16th birthday. Please don’t get pregnant, for I’m too young to become an uncle/aunt.
  • Happy 16th, dear sister. May your weekends be long and your weekdays short. May you never annoy Mom to the point where she thinks of eating you up. Happy birthday.
  • Happy sweet sixteen, dear sister. Today makes you approximately 192 months old. My prayer for you on this day is that you never experience teen pregnancy because I don’t think Mom and Dad would be too pleased to become grandparents. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 16th birthday. Today, I want to congratulate you for two things. The first is for turning 16 and the second is for not becoming a teenage mother. Enjoy your day.
  • Happy birthday, sweet sister. Enjoy every second of being 16, and please while you are at it, try not to become a teen pregnancy statistic. Have a great day!


Funny 20th Birthday Messages for your Sister

  • May your holidays be long and your work days be short. Enjoy every moment of being 20.
  • As you celebrate your 20th birthday, I just want to congratulate you on successful beating teen pregnancy!
  • May you never be called ugly in your life. And if you ever encounter the misfortune to be called ugly, may God give you the strength to come up with the legendary comeback “I’m not a mirror”. Happy birthday.
  • They say all you need in this life is love, and for that reason all I am sending you for your Big Day is my love, instead of some fancy present. I’m I not the best brother/sister in the whole wide world?! Happy 20th, dear sister.
  • What an interesting age you have gotten to. You are no longer a teenager, and yet you aren’t old enough to enjoy a good drink. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Hi Hip Hooray! My wonderful sister is finally in her twenties! Even if you haven’t achieved anything in life, you should be proud that you successfully avoided becoming a teenage mom. That’s some substantial achievement. Now, let the party begin!
  • Today is your special day. So you shall sit back, relax and have some beer. Oh wait, you still haven’t reached the age where you can enjoy a drink. Happy 20th.


Funny 30th Birthday Messages for your Sister 

  • On your 30th birthday celebration, I pray that God will give you a big bank account and a very slim body. Happy birthday.
  • Dear sister, I was trying to send you something wonderful on your birthday through the post, but I couldn’t fit into the mailbox. Happy 30th!
  • Dear sister, I want to congratulate you on another year of still being alive. Happy 30th.
  • Today is your birthday, dear sister. It’s rather unfortunate you are not Jesus Christ. Had you been Jesus, today would have been Christmas Day. But happy birthday all the same.
  • Don’t worry about turning 30 today. In the world of Scrabble, 30 is only just 12. Happy birthday.


Funny 40th Birthday Messages for your Sister

  • No, you are not 40! What you really are is a 20-year-old with 20 years of experience. Happy birthday.
  • I can’t believe you are 40! I strongly ask for a recount! There must be some mistake somewhere! Happy birthday all the same.
  • So you finally hit 40, dear sister. Hmm… I’d be forever grateful to you for turning 40 before me. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 40th. I was about calling the fire department in panic until I realized it was just your 40th birthday cake. Happy birthday.
  • Happy 40th birthday. Everything about your Big Day today is perfect. The only problem is that your cake isn’t large enough to accommodate all your candles.
  • Lucky you, sister. Since you are not a banana, you get better and better the older you become. Happy 40th birthday.
  • My dear sister, don’t mind all those losers who insist on calling you old. You’re not old, you’re just vintage. Happy 40th birthday, my beloved vintage sister.
  • As you mourn the death of your 30s, dear sister, my one advice for you today is to have the courage not get down because at your age if you get down, you just might find it difficult getting up. Happy birthday.
  • Dear sis, congratulations on turning 20 for the second time! Keep on rocking!

Keep Calm & celebrate your Big Bad 50th Birthday!

Funny 50th Birthday Messages for your Sister 

  • Did you know that today makes you half a century old? Happy birthday, my half-a-century-old sister.
  • Not everyone is blessed with the opportunity of looking this awesome at the age of 50. Cheers at 50, dear sister.
  • Happy 50th birthday, dear sister. If you were in a band, the band’s name would be “The Wrinklies”.
  • Yay! You finally made the Big 50! Did you know that today makes you over a billion and a half seconds old!? Happy 50th birthday.
  • Yay! Look who’s all grown up and getting ready to start using a walking stick. Congratulations on being 600 months old today. Happy 50th.
  • Holy s*** you are 50 already! Sis, I think we should keep this celebration on the down low.
  • I was about making an age-related joke, but stopped when I considered your age. So all I’m going to say is have a fabulous day.
  • Happy 50th birthday. While 50 years might sound pretty old, it doesn’t really sound bad when you think of the fact that you are only just 5 decades old. Enjoy your day to the max, you 5-decade-old lady.
  • I can’t believe that you are 50 and still looking so stunning. I bet your enemies never in their wildest imaginations thought you’d still be looking this good at 50. Kinda feel sorry for them!
  • Wishing a ridiculously brilliant birthday to the hottest 50-year-old I know. If the world were to organize a contest for the hottest 50-year-old in the universe, you’d surely go home with the crown. Happy birthday.
  • Dear sis, I might smile and wish you a happy birthday today, but deep down in me I’m green with envy wondering how you still keep looking awesome at this age.
  • 50 years is no small age. To many, you are old. But whenever you feel down about your age, take a moment and consider how the 100-year-old woman would be feeling right about now and take solace in that. Happy birthday.
  • Don’t worry about becoming older today. You can always drastically cut down your age. If many footballers around the world do that, what stops you from doing that too? Happy 50th birthday!
  • Oh no… no… not the BIG 50!  Keep Calm and Happy Birthday!
  • Sis, you’re a perfect example of what a perfect 50-year-old should look like. May you keep breaking the hearts of your enemies with your good looks. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing  a fabulous woman who just turned 50 years an absolutely fabulous birthday celebration. You are never too old to rock & roll, dear sister.


Happy Birthday Memes for your Sister

Happy Birthday. This year, do it your way.


Wishing you a birthday that doesn’t totally suck


Happy Bday, sis. You’re awesome.


Feeling blessed on my sister’s birthday.


Happy Birthday, Sister. I know your real age.


Happy Birthday, Sister. Follow me to awesomeness.


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20th Birthday Wishes for 20-Year-Olds

20th birthday wishes for sister

20th Birthday Wishes

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If your son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, friend, brother, sister, cousin, boyfriend or girlfriend will soon be reaching the age of 20, keep in mind the following 20 facts* about birthday boys or girls turning the big 2-0 when you choose from the new 20th birthday wishes on this page:

  1. They are no longer teenagers, an undeniable fact for kids typically (and blissfully) in denial about the passage of time.
  2. They go through a mini "mid-life crisis" when they turn 20 (maybe even before). Some of them take this time to plan out what they would like to do with the rest of their life.
  3. They may be 20 years old but still have another 12 months before they can drink (legally).
  4. They can no longer throw caution to the wind and blame their troubles on their "crazy teens" (that time is gone for good).
  5. People take them seriously now, so they need to be more responsible.
  6. They need to start thinking about saving money for the future (and they know it, despite their repeated denials).
  7. Their 20s are the perfect time to start paying closer attention to their personal health (they aren't, as the saying goes, getting any younger).
  8. Their 20s are also a good time to focus on their mental health (especially if they do not live with their parents anymore).
  9. They may not be technically a teen any longer, and may not have the energy of a teen anymore, but their (younger) friends may still see them as the same vibrant, full-of-energy young person they were the day before their 20th birthday.
  10. They still have a decade before they turn 30 years old and actually go through their real mid-life crisis.
  11. They've seen the sitcom, Friends, which rightly or wrongly (depending on your experience) depicts “20-something” as the best years of one's life.
  12. They no longer get free stuff (in other words, birthday gifts) from every friend or relative.
  13. They are much less likely to have a major hangover the morning after turning 20 than the morning after reaching 21.
  14. Their parents can blissfully pretend for the next 12 months (the time before their kids turn the legal drinking age of 21) that they’ve never taken a sip of anything but water, milk or orange juice (without vodka, of course).
  15. No matter how old they get, they still believe wholeheartedly that their birthdays are special (particularly at 20).
  16. Everybody should still treat them like a queen or king for the day on their birthday (even at 20...or, for that matter, at any age).
  17. They can be certain that the social media world, in the form of many unoriginal happy birthday wishes, will still revolve around them on their birthday (even at 20...and 30, 40, 50, 60, you get the picture).
  18. Calories still don’t count on your birthday (especially when they turn 20, when they still have the metabolism of a teen).
  19. Their birthday cake should be at least a few inches bigger than the one they got the previous year to accommodate the 20th birthday candle (and celebrate this momentous occasion).

All 20 of these facts may not apply to the birthday girl or boy but more than a few will be a roadmap to the best 20th birthday wishes, offering you the opportunity to make someone special in your life feel amazing on their special day. Now that's what I call a beautiful gift.

*This list is based on these articles: 20 Great Things About Turning 20 and 5 Things You Can (and Should) Do for Your 20-Year-Old Self. 

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20th birthday wishes for any 20 year old

First, let's start with the more serious, more sincere 20th birthday wishes for the birthday girl or boy in your life turning 20 today! Below, you can find funny 20th birthday wishes (right here, in fact).

May your twenty-somethings and the rest of your days be blessed with all the things you love in life, bestowing you with amazing happiness, health and peace of mind. Happy 20th birthday.

Happy 20th birthday! May your 20th live up to all your expectations...and then some.

It's hard to believe you're already in your 20s. I hope the next 10 years turn out to be the best decade in your lifetime. Happy 20th birthday!

May you only know greater joy and greater peace of mind as you navigate the twenty-somethings. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! I wish you only the best that life and love have to offer on this milestone of a day, your 20th birthday.

Happy birthday! May you enjoy at the very least 20 incredible blessings on your 20th birthday, starting with happiness, health and prosperity.

Happy 20th birthday! You've already done so much with your life. I truly cannot wait to see all the great things you'll accomplish the rest of your life.

Happy 20th birthday! Turning 20 is like swimming in the ocean. Sometimes, you have to just dive right in to see the infinite possibilities that lie beneath the surface.

Happy 20th birthday to my favorite person in the world (who is turning 20 today). You are an amazing individual, no matter how you are (just saying).

It's a pleasure and honor to wish you the happiest of birthdays, your 20th birthday!

I do not want you to have a happy birthday. I would love for you to have the best 20th birthday ever, greater than any other 20th birthday in history!

Have an amazing, incredible, marvelous, outstanding, thrilling and mind-blowing 20th birthday!

Happy birthday! Welcome to one of the best decades of your life - the twenty-somethings!

Happy 20th birthday! Today, nobody could blame you for forgetting to figure out what to do or be for the rest of your life, but you're definitely on the right path! Power to you!

Happy 20th birthday! I've heard it said that life begins at 40. You may only be halfway there, but nothing is stopping you from enjoying your life to the fullest, starting today!

Happy 20th birthday! Hope the next decade — your 20s — will be as incredible as your last two decades!

Happy 20th birthday! As far as I'm concerned, you don't look a day older than 19, even though you are. As Billy Crystal once said, "you look mahhhvelous!

Happy 20th birthday! Congrats! You survived the teens. Now it's time to thrive in your 20s.

Happy 20th birthday! Time's up! You have to become a grownup now! It's not all bad — you also get to enjoy all the privileges that come with the twenty-somethings (too many to mention here). Now that's something to celebrate.

Happy 20th birthday! Now you can't blame all your troubles on your "teens" anymore. You aren't a teenager any longer. Besides, you can't do the really stupid things we all do — you have another year before you can drink and make a fool out of yourself.

Happy 20th birthday! Kiss your teens goodbye and say hello to your 20s...and all the good times in store for you. I actually envy you (in the best of ways, of course).

May you enjoy each and every moment of this special day, your 20th birthday. You deserve it. Now tell yourself that and celebrate!

Happy 20th birthday! You deserve the good life. Now go out and earn it, like I know you can do in your uniquely beautiful way.

Happy 20th birthday! May you always enjoy the best of everything life has to offer, starting today.

Happy 20th birthday! You're now old enough to know better, and that's a good thing. It means that you will never miss the great things in life. Enjoy every second!

Happy 20th birthday! Before the responsibilities of being a grownup start to mount, take a breather and enjoy everything the 20s and youth have to offer you. You'll thank me later in life.

Happy 20th birthday! Enjoy the present. The future can wait, today of all days.

Wishing you a long life full of love, happiness and, most of all, peace of mind.

Remember, youth is not something to take for granted. Live it up, but be responsible. Also, be accountable, so people will count on you the rest of your life, trusting you with theirs. There's nothing quite like it.

Life truly begins at 20, because you become a grownup who can celebrate every living moment and make the earth a better, gentler place. I know you can do it like no other.

Yes, your 20s are the start of your grownup years but don't forget to follow your bliss along the way. You don't want to forget your dreams — they are what drive us to greatness. You are destined to be great. Dream away, starting today!

I'm so proud of you...and you're only turning 20. Just think what you can do with the rest of your life. You are and will be incredible!

Top of 20th Birthday Wishes

Funny 20th birthday wishes

Sending funny 20th birthday wishes is not one of the best ways to celebrate someone's 20th — it's actually the best way. A heartwarming, light-hearted approach to turning 20 is exactly what any 19 year old turning 20 needs to see or read on their special day. Here are a few hilarious 20th birthday wishes to get you started...

When I turned 20 years old, I went through a mini mid-life crisis.
At the time, I wish I had known what I know now: You got it made. Get over it!
Have an amazing 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! Turning 20 isn't all bad. There's definitely one thing going for it: since you can't drink (legally) for another year, you may actually remember your 20th birthday celebration.

Happy 20th birthday! Remember, you can't drink until you turn 21, so you'll have to stand tall (or, at least, stand up) for this year's birthday celebration.

Happy 20th birthday! You're not getting older. Actually, you're not getting wiser either. At least, you're done with zits.

Happy 20th birthday! I wouldn't say you're getting old. Of course, if you live to be 80 year old, you've already used up a quarter of your lifetime.

Happy 20th birthday! Congratulations, you've officially reached the age when your friends and family start to refer to your home as “your parents’ house.” 

Happy 20th birthday! I wouldn't call you old, but you are nearly at the point where another birthday is not necessarily a good thing anymore.

This birthday is not all bad. Sure, you can't drink legally yet, but you can still get your parents to do your laundry and cook you supper. Happy 20th birthday!

Turning 20 is like waking up with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Hey, it's just like being a teenager. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! Congratulations, you survived the teen years. Too bad! That means you didn't have any real fun. Time to make up for lost time!

Happy 20th birthday. You're now at the age when your friends and family will tell you "your 20s will be the best years of your life," when you know, for a fact, you'll be eating uncooked ramen noodles over the kitchen sink for the third day in a row.

Now that you're 20 years old, I can only assume that you will still be as cool as ever. But you know what they say when you assume. Happy 20th birthday!

You now have two very good reasons to be older and wiser. You're not a teenager any longer and you're not old enough to drink (legally) yet. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday. Don't you think that you make 20 look so cool? Neither do I.

Did you hear that whooshing sound? That's the sound of your childhood (I mean, teens) going down the drain. Happy 20th birthday.

This is the perfect time to be 20. Everybody younger than you still thinks you’re cool and everyone older than you is envious of your life. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday!
Now, everybody will be obliged to tell you to "act your age, not your shoe size."
In other words, try to win an Oscar for the best performance by a 20 year old in a grownup role.

Happy 20th birthday. Lucky you, you're now at an age when you can use “I’m trying to find myself” as an excuse for just about anything.

Did you hear that popping sound? That's the sound of your last zit ricocheting off your mirror. Happy 20th birthday.

I can think of one very good reason for turning 20. It's one year away from drinking legally. Happy 20th birthday.

Happy 20th birthday. You're now at an age when you can still take a long leave of absence from work to “travel” and your loved ones will actually applaud you for it.

Happy 20th birthday. You're now at an age when you have to be independent and ask yourself, "Can anyone see my black sequin bra through my white shirt?" and other "earth-shattering" decisions.

Turning 20 has its good and bad points. It's good because you're one year away from drinking legally. It's bad because, well, you're one year away from drinking legally. Happy 20th birthday.

Happy 20th birthday! You've reached the perfect decade for experimenting with anything, everything and anybody, so you can figure out in your 30s why you wanted to do so many stupid things in your 20s.

Happy 20th birthday! You're about to spend nearly 100% of the next decade screaming "WHAAAAAT?" in loud bars, in search of Mr. or Ms. Right or Wrong.

It’s about time that one of us turned 20! I'm so glad that you were the first to reach this milestone! Happy 20th birthday!

Don’t let turning 20 years old discourage you from acting like a grownup. You've always been a very good actor. Happy 20th birthday!

Don’t let turning 20 years old discourage you from acting like an idiot. You've always been very good at it. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday. Now that you're 20, you need to follow 10 very important rules every 20 year old should adopt: turn 21, turn 22, turn 23, turn 24, turn 25, turn 26, turn 28, turn 29 and turn 30. After that, according to people in their 20s, it really doesn't matter what you do with your life.

Did you hear that popping sound? That's the sound of your pants splitting. Yep, gone are the glory days of eating anything and everything, without ending up with a tire around your waist. Happy 20th birthday.

Did you know that turning 20 makes men act their age? Yeah, 10 years old. Happy 20th birthday.

At 20, 2% of women start to lie about their age (98% have always lied about theirs). Happy 20th birthday.

20th birthday wishes for your son or daughter

This decade is your window. Be your best, my darling child. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday, my precious [son or daughter] . Today, you enter an all-new decade — your 20s. Make it epic!

Happy 20th birthday to you, my darling [son or daughter]. You only deserve the best of days.

Happy 20th birthday to you, my beautiful [son or daughter]. This day is all about you!

Happy 20th birthday. For 20 wonderful years, you’ve made our lives an amazing adventure. May yours always be so blessed.

Happy 20th birthday. May your sweet heart and soul always know true happiness.

Happy 20th birthday. Celebrate life like you don't have a care in the world. Love like you do.

Happy 20th birthday. Here’s to more mistakes, more lessons and, most of all, more adventures.

Happy 20th birthday, [son or daughter]! I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Happy 20th birthday, my wonderful [son or daughter]. You make me so proud. But I know the best is yet to come.

There's so much I want to say to you, so you will start your 20s on the right foot. But you always land on your feet, no matter what comes your way, so I don't have to tell you a thing, except "Happy Birthday," my precious child.

You and I have had our differences from time to time, but I've always been proud of you. Happy 20th birthday, 

You are my sun, my moon, my everything. I think the world of you. Happy 20th birthday, sweet child of mine.

20th birthday wishes for your girlfriend or boyfriend

Happy 20th birthday! You are my everything, all the time!

Happy birthday to the sweetest 20 year old I know and love. Yes, that's you.

Happy birthday to the loveliest 20 year old my eyes have ever seen. Yep, you!

Happy 20th birthday, darling! This is me kissing and hugging you. I love you.

Happy 20th birthday to the world's most beautiful [woman or man]. I love you.

Happy 20th birthday to the world's [handsomest man or prettiest woman]. I'm the luckiest person in the world.

Happy 20th birthday to the most important [man or woman] in my life! Darling, I love you.

Wishing you, my dearest, my love, the happiest 20th birthday ever!

Happy 20th birthday to the sweetest honey of all! You are my dream come true, my best friend, my lover. I always want to be with you.

Happy 20th birthday, my darling, my love. You are the only true love of my life. 

Happy 20th birthday, my truest love, my truest passion and my truest friend. 

In my world, you're the most incredible [girlfriend or boyfriend] in the universe.

May your 20th birthday be as truly, madly and deeply lovable as you are, my sweetheart!

20th birthday wishes for friends

Happy 20th birthday! Your twentysomethings will be the best of times. Make them epic!

My dearest friend, you're a success story in the making. Thanks for making me a major plot point in the movie of your life. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday, my devoted friend. May you only know true joy, peace and achievement in your 20s and beyond.

Happy 20th birthday, buddy pal! Congrats on surviving your teens. May you follow your bliss everywhere and anywhere you go.

Happy 20th birthday, my best pal. Never play it cool. You don't have to. You rule.

Happy birthday! Wishing you all the best things this world can give you in your 20s and your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, even your 100s.

Happy 20th birthday! Hoping this extraordinarily special day of yours makes you feel just as special (because you are to me).

Happy 20th birthday. You're not one of my best friends. You are my very best. May your 20s be the best ever for you.

Happy 20th birthday to my BFF. You're the best in so,so many ways. May the next decade be the best of times for you.

For your 20th birthday, the only words I would like to send your way are these: you are my best pal. Let's stay the best of friends forever!

Happy, happy 20th birthday to my incredible friend and an even more incredible 20 year old!

Happy 20th birthday, my truest BFF. May every moment of your 20s be as amazing as our friendship!

Wishing you, my best friend, an unforgettable birthday and most of all, an even more unforgettable decade full of happy birthdays.

Top of 20th Birthday Wishes


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Genuinely Heartfelt Happy 20th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

20th birthday wishes for sister

Wow, it’s sister’s birthday and you’re looking for words to tell how much you value and respect her, to show her how awesome she is and how grateful you’ll forever be for having a sister like her. A sister is someone like a mother, she cares for you the same way a mother does and her unending love surpasses all.

The best thing about a sister’s birthday is you’re given the opportunity to show how much you value your relationship with her, how wonderful she has been to you, how you’ve look up to her when mother isn’t around and how she has wipe your tears away. To show this things to your sister on her birthday, we have compiled sweet birthday messages for a sweet sister on her birthday.

Short Birthday Wishes for Your Sister

#1: Sister, you mean everything to me and even more. I feel that I’m one of the luckiest people in the world for having yours! Happy Birthday.

#2: Here’s the most heartfelt wishes for an incredible sister who never fails to annoy and yet surprise me every time. Happy Birthday!

#3: Today is your birthday sister but I feel it is I who is getting a special gift, and that is your love and affection. Happy birthday, dear sister.

#4: Sisters are bound to quarrel and fight but, let there be a truce for this special day as it is your birthday. Love you sis and happy birthday.

#5: Sis; you are loving, strong, gorgeous, caring, and. You are the image of perfection and I envy you. I love you for the person you are. Happy birthday.

#6: I remember when you were brought home as a baby and mum told me that I would love having a little sister. Well, they were right because I adore you. Happy Birthday!

#7: Happy Birthday big sister. You are older than me on this special day and you always will be! I hope you have a wonderful year to come.

#8: Who is a sister? A true sister is the very embodiment of love and care. As you brother I know this is true. Happy birthday sis!

#9: You can always pick your friends but not your family and is feel so lucky and blessed to have a wonderful friend for a sister. Happy birthday.

#10: Happy Birthday sis and on this special day I pray to God to always give you every happiness your heart desires for you deserve it and more.

#11: Dear sister; on your special day I‘d like to wish you a fabulous life full of exciting discoveries and joyful surprises! Happy birthday.

#12: To my little sister, you are the rainbow of my life and I wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy yourself.

#13: Thanks for taking all the good looks in the family- oh and happy birthday sis and have a blast.

#14: Truth be told, it‘s so great to have such an incredible persona as a sister Congratulations on your birthday! Stay cool!

#15: Wishing the coolest sister ever a happy birthday! You always know how to cheer everyone up and make life brighter, love you!

#16: Sis, you are like eating a box of delicious chocolate: sweet, generous and undeniably amazing. Happy birthday my beloved sister.

#17: Dear sis; our parents made us siblings but we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday and I love you sis.

#18: No matter what mischief I get into, you are always there for me in every situation. I love you sis happy birthday, dearest sister!

#19: You are the best friend anyone ever had and I am lucky to have you as a sister. It’s a special day. Happy Birthday, sister!

#20: You are not only my sister, but you are also my friend. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a happy and prosperous year ahead.

#21: I remember when you were born, and our parents told me that I would love having a little sister. I think that they were right. Happy Birthday!

#23: Happy Birthday to my big sister. You are older than me today, and you always will be! I hope you have a wonderful year to come.

#24: To the person I have played with and fought with, who has been my chief rival and my best friend. I wish you happiness today and always.

#25: To my little sister, I am so proud of the woman that you have become. I hope you have a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

#26: To my big sister, thank you so much for all of your support and your good advice over the years. I love you. Happy birthday!

#27: To my bratty little sister, it seems like you have turned out to be not so bad after all. I really do love you. Happy Birthday!

#28: To my bossy older sister who usually turned out to be right. Thank you so much for helping me and being there for me. Happy Birthday!

#29: You can choose your friends, but you can not choose your sister. Still, if you were not my sister, I would want you to be my friend. Happy Birthday!

#30: You may be a year older today, but you are still not the boss of me. Just kidding! Happy Birthday to you, big sister!

#31: Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet sister. Prayers and blessings for this day and for many years to come. I love you so much.

#32: I am so happy that I have you as my sister. I hope that you have a good birthday and that the year ahead is filled with blessings.

#33: Happy Birthday from someone who knows how old you really are. I will keep your secret, though. Have a good day and a joyful year to come.

#34: Another year has gone by, my dear sister. Even though you are far away, you are always close to my heart. Happy Birthday and blessings for the year ahead.

#35: To my little sister, you keep getting older and taking me with you. I can’t believe that you are already ___. Oh well. Happy Birthday! I love you.

Sweet messages and wishes for a sister

#1: Happy, Happy Birthday sister. I believe this new year of your life will bring forth wonderful things in your life because you are the nicest friend anyone can ever have. I pride in being your bro and will always love you. Happy birthday.

#2: This is to wish a happy birthday to someone who has brought joy and love into not only my life but also a lot of insight and knowledge: Thanks my sister may this special day bring you all your heart’s wishes. Happy birthday.

#3: Friends may come and go throughout my life, but you will always be there for me. I am so grateful that I have a sister as wonderful as you in my life. There is no one I would rather have as a sister than you. Happy birthday sis.

#4: Dear sis; growing up I always looked up to you and adored you and as we grow older, I still do and love you more. Thanks for always showing me to live life in style. Happy birthday to my cool role model!

#5: I am so grateful to have a persona like you for a sister and this is the best gift in my life. Celebrate your birthday in a big way and have fun for you deserve it. You have always deserved the best.

#6: You touch my heart and my life like no one else and you have always been my support system. I’m so proud to be able to celebrate your birthday with you. May you have the best one yet.

#7: To the person I have played with and wrangled with as do all sisters. To one who has been my chief rival and my best friend and cheerleader? I wish you happiness today and may the New Year bring you joy and peace and more love.

#8: Happy birthday sis; Here’s to bigger and brighter years ahead for my best friend and mentor. May your every wishes come true this year and every year after this. May you only experience happiness and love. Happy birthday sister!

#9: Frankly sis; you are everything I strive to be: strong, beautiful, and courageous all in the same package. You remind me in so many ways of our mother and this is the greatest compliment that I can give you my friend.

#10: It’s a rare and indeed precious gift to have a sister as phenomenal as you and for this reason, I will always be grateful. You are kind and your personality oozes warmth that envelopes everyone. I am so lucky to be your sister. Happy birthday sis.

#11: My dear sister; you mean the world to me and I say this from the bottom of my heart. I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world to have you in my life. Enjoy a happy birthday and may this day portend joy and peace in your life.

#12: The most heartfelt birthday greetings to my friend, mentor, and the person whose presence in my everyday life makes it so worth living and special in every way. I love you sis and may you have the best birthday ever.

#13: Dear sister, you’re a great blessing to me and to our family, your unending love and affections is one of those things I cherished about you, on your birthday today I wish you all that you wish yourself. Happy birthday dearest sister.

#14: Dear sister, we might fight for silly things and argue over silly things but I just want to let you know you’re the best sister anyone could ever have. Have a blast on your day. Happy birthday sister.

#15: On your birthday today, I wish you a day of laughter, joy, fulfilled happiness and all goodies you can ever wish for. Happy birthday sister and many happy returns.

#16: If everyone could have a sister like mine, then the world would be a better place to live in, dear sister because of you my life becomes better and I’m forever grateful. Happy birthday dearest sister.

#17: People may come and go but sisters remain forever and I’m glad to have a sister like you and I wouldn’t ask for no one else but you even in another lifetime. Happy birthday my lovely sister.

#18: Dear sister, growing up with you has been fun and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, the laughter and the memories. Happy birthday sweet sister. I love you.

#19: Sweet sister, during trails you were always there for me, you comforted me when I was sad and gave me reason to smile everyday and today I just want you to have the best of your day, explore and have enough fun. Happy birthday sister.

#20: I call you my role model because I’ve always look up to you, your success and achievements is what I’ll forever respect, I’ve watched your steps closely and I’m trying to emulate you. To one of the greatest woman I know, enjoy your day sis. Happy birthday.

#21: Dear sister you’re simply amazing not only because you cared for me but because you love me like no one else could and I’m lucky to have been loved by a precious person like you. Happy birthday sweet sister.

#22: Dear doll, I’ll always be there when you need me, I’ll always be there when you lost your keys, and I’ll always be at your rescue in every phase of life. Happy birthday sister.

#23: Dear sister, thank you for supporting me and encouraging me, I just want to let you know I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for me and your unfailing love. Happy birthday sister.

#24: Dear sister, I don’t know who to say to make you’ve the most amazing birthday that you deserve but I hope my little text could show you how much you mean to me and how I want you to have an amazing birthday like you are. Happy birthday sis.

#25: Dear sister, this message is to wish you a amazing, bigger and better years ahead, may all of your heart desires comes true and may you continue to enjoy all the good things that comes with life. Happy birthday sister.

#26: Hey pretty, my gifts to you on your birthday today include lots of love, fun, happiness and the joy you can ever wished for, and I hope it meets you in good health dear. Happy birthday pretty sis, have a blast.

#27: You are my sister and my best friend, you are always there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, listening to me and all those other things that sisters do. Happy Birthday Dear sister.

#28: Dear sister, you deserve to be celebrated everyday and your birthday deserves to be a national holiday, because you are a special and you’re a treasure. Have a wonderful birthday sister. Happy birthday dear.

#29: Dear sweet sister, on this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and I pray May you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! Happy birthday my lovely sister.

Long Happy Birthday Messages For Sister

#1: Hi sister, you’re privileged to experience another year on earth and you can only be grateful to heaven for that, I’m sending birthday wishes your way for a beautiful year ahead, may your lucky stars continue to shine and make all of your dreams come true. Enjoy your day sis.

#2: Sister, you shine brighter than the sun and more radiant than a diamond, I could easily pick you in a crowd because you’re simply stunning and outstanding. To the only beauty queen I know, I’m wishing you length of years and an amazing birthday. Happy birthday lovely sister.

#3: Hey pretty sis, your birthday comes once in a year, so I want you to make the best of today, play, laugh, love and have all the fun you can today, remember to make this a memorable and amazing day. Happy birthday.

#4: Dear sister, you’re a direct image of myself and you remind me so much of our mother because you’re amazing as she is, loving as she is and caring as she is, on your birthday I pray for length of years for you and more grace. Happy birthday sister.

#5: Dear sis, I’m so glad to have a talented, sweet, crazy, loving, funny, caring ,fantastic and amazing person like you as my sister, you made my childhood a very interesting one and I can only be grateful for that. Have a day as all that I’ve listed. Happy birthday dearest sis.

#6: Dear sister, you’re my strength when I was weak and you light up my life with your warmest smile, no matter how many birthday cake candles you’ve got lit, they’ll never light up my life like you do. Have a wonderful birthday sis. Happy birthday.

#7: Dear sister, today you’re given another opportunity to blow out candles, I’m sure you are grateful because it means another year of joy and greater opportunities for you , make everyday of your life count and enjoy every moment. Happy birthday sweet sister. Love you endlessly.

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Happy Birthday Quotes For Sisters – Happy Birthday Big Sister Quotes. 1. Happy Birthday. 20. You are my best sister that I've ever had in my life and even in.

20th birthday wishes for sister
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