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Writing wedding anniversary wishes
September 08, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 1 comment

These sayings will help you write the perfect Happy Anniversary card. It's wedding season — meaning, for many, it's probably also anniversary season. Writing a Congratulations and best wishes on your future together!.

The wedding may long be over, but each passing year in marriage is still a milestone worthy of celebration. Among the many memorable moments for couples—where they met, their first date, their first kiss—their wedding day rises to the top. Love and marriage isn’t always easy, which is why sending anniversary wishes is so important; the day serves as a reminder to the couple of the reasons they fell in love, the promises they made to one another and the hopes and dreams that lie ahead.

What to Write in an Anniversary Card

While the Mr. and Mrs. won’t likely be throwing annual anniversary parties to commemorate their marriage, you can still celebrate their important date with anniversary wishes.

Technically, etiquette doesn’t require you to send anniversary wishes—with a few exceptions, that is. Obviously, spouses should remember the big day lest they want to spend the night in the proverbial dog house. And since many people wouldn’t be around without their parents’ wedding day, children should consider anniversary wishes for Mom and Dad. And for major milestone anniversaries like 10, 25 or 50 years, anniversary wishes are a kind gesture. But what to write in an anniversary card?

Anniversary wishes are the most simple way to go, and the good news is you don’t have to be  a poet or acclaimed writer. If you’re feeling tongue-tied or have a bad case of writer’s block when putting pen to paper for anniversary wishes, we’ve created the ultimate list of anniversary quotes for all marriage types:

Happy Anniversary Quotes

As simple as can be, you can’t go wrong with two simple words: “Happy Anniversary!” And when you pair this phrase with anniversary quotes like these below, they can mean that much more.

With time, your mom and dad may not celebrate their marriage anniversary as they used to. Write a happy anniversary wishes in your card or.

Romantic, sincere, and hilarious ways to say Happy Anniversary

writing wedding anniversary wishes

In India family relations and friendships are given a lot of respect and are maintained with a lot of dignity. Amongst so many relationships present in the family the dearest and loved relation is of a sister. A Sister in every house grows up with a lot of care, love, attention, and affection.

And when the sister gets married, her wedding anniversary is one of the most special occasions for all the family members. And all the members of the family to wish them on this special occasion write and sends them lots of greetings and wishes to them.

Some of the wishes that will inspire to wish your didi and on their special day are mentioned below:

Someone has truly said it is literally a blessing to have Di and iju and in our lives. And thus in order to make them feel it is obvious to make there one most of the important day special which is anniversaries and wish them a happy marriage anniversary in the best and special manner possible.

Anniversary wishes for sister and not only make them feel special but also helps them to relive all those moments and memories they have experienced on ther marriage day.

And thus it is very necessary to show your di and jiju how much you love and care for them and how much they mean to you for which it is not at all essential to buy expensive and luxurious gifts a simple and a sweet heartfelt message that will them to understand and feel your feelings for them.

On this day make a bit of effort to make your sister and brother in law feel love to help them to relive all of there memories and make them laugh all there heart out.

Celebrations double the joy and happiness of the occasions whatever it may be and these celebrations become memorable memories in the future that everybody loves to cherish for a period of time.

These celebrations not only helps your di and jiju to feel your love you have for them but also makes your bond stronger and your family united.

So if you are finding some of the Best quotes messages to express your feelings to your di and then these messages will help you to convey your pure feelings to them.

Hope you read on all the quotes available on this article, so go ahead & choose the best for yourself that will help you to express your feelings and love for your sister and brother in law happy marriage anniversary into meaningful words.

anniversary wishes for sister and jijuhappy anniversary didi and jijumarriage anniversary wishes to didi and jijumarriage anniversary wishes to sister and jiju

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What to write in a wedding anniversary card to a couple

writing wedding anniversary wishes

Here’s our collection of wedding anniversary wishes that will give you ideas for writing personal personal messages for your husband, wife or significant other.

See menu at bottom of page for other anniversary-related pages.

Top Ten Wedding Anniversary Wishes

For those in a hurry, the Poet and his expert panel have identified the top ten best wishes. Read on.

1.) I’ve fallen in love many times – always with you.

2.) There’s no other hand I’d rather hold. Happy Anniversary Love!

3.) Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true.

4.) I love you and promise to continue doing so forever. Happy anniversary!

5.) For all this time I have been putting this puzzles of my life, then I realized, the last piece is you.

6.) There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.

7.) Home is wherever I’m with you, my sweet!

8.) To old memories and ones yet to make! Congrats and Bravo!

9.) This love story has no ending. Happy Anniversary!

10.) Fairy tales came true when I said, “I do.”



It’s a Celebration

Another year, another cause for wild celebration! Hip, hip, hurray!

Thanks for being the best partner I could ever dream of. Happy Anniversary!

You’ve made my dream come true for ___ years!

There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.

Walking down the aisle with you was great, but it’s even better to walk with you through life. You’re the best!

Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.

For Husband

I feel like I’m on top of the world when I’m with you.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

So many years and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Today, as with every day, you’re my everything! Happy Anniversary!

I only want to be with you twice — now and forever.

Years ago, it started with “I do,”

And now, more than ever, I love you.

Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Because I Still Love You Bunches!

You are everything and more. Thanks for being the best husband ever!

Marrying you was the best thing I ever did!

We’re in this love together – and it’s working better than ever!

To me, you are perfect! Happy Wedding Anniversary.

I feel invincible with you. Thanks for all you do for me and Happy Anniversary.

Our anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow.

I fall in love with yet again and again, day after day.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me!

Our love burns brighter day after day, year after year. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

You didn’t have to be so nice; but it sure made it easy. Happy Anniversary my Love.

Happy Anniversary to the gal who can still make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

If I had to do it all over again, I would — but I’d probably marry you earlier!

You’re my love, inspiration and best friend.

Each year gets better and better. Love you now more than ever – Happy Anniversary!

X years down & forever to go, Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

After all this time, you are still amazing to me.

The first time I set eyes on you, I envisioned a life together. It’s been grand.

With you I found that person that would do anything for me. I love you more than ever and Happy Anniversary.

From the first time we met, I knew we were meant to be.

Thanks for loving me just the way I am. Happy Anniversary.

I am truly blessed to be married to my soul mate – I love you.

X years ago, God created a beautiful marriage. Today is a celebration of His love and yours. Happy Anniversary.

A little something to let you know that I think about you all the time.

A wish on your first anniversary that all your days together may be touched with lasting love.

After all these years, you’re still amazing.

After all this time, you are still incredible. Happy Anniversary.

All mine, All the time. Happy Anniversary!

Being married to you means that my best friend is always there.

Celebrating us!

Check out our popular Happy Anniversary page.

Memorable Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Love you Lots! Happy Anniversary!

All My Love, …Love Always, … Lot’s Of Love

All My Love, Today And Always

Every Day I Give Thanks That You Chose To Spend Your Life With Me.

From The Bottom Of My Heart And The Depths Of My Soul, With Love.

Every year is sweeter than the last.

Forever Is My Love.

From My Heart To Yours, With Love.

From the first time we met, I knew there was something very wonderful and unique about you, something that reached out and drew me to you completely. You’re my husband, my partner, my friend and the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary to my very best friend.

God Gave Me The Best When He Gave Me You.

Happy 1st Anniversary. Looks like marriage really agrees with you two!

Happy 20th Anniversary. May the cherished memories of the twenty years you have shared make this anniversary a wonderful celebration. Congratulations.

Some background on Anniversaries from Wikipedia

Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes to my always from your forever.

Happy Anniversary to the man I want beside me every night for the rest of forever. I love you.

Happy anniversary, to my partner, my best friend

Happy Anniversary to my loving hubby. Thank you for the last 11 yrs. and many more years to come.

Check out Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes Wording

Still didn’t find any Anniversary Wish you like? Try to create your own. Below are some synonyms for words might use to craft your own message.

Words associated with “romance and love”: affection, appreciation, devoted, devotion, enchanted, fondness, infatuation, passion, tenderness, yearning, amour, ardor, cherish, crush, delight, enjoyment, flame, partial, relish, sentiment, romantic, have a soft spot for, mad for and lovely.

Words associated with “romantic interest”: crush, dove, bird, sweetheart, best friend, admirer, companion, sweet, sugar, lovely, my love, honey, darling, girlfriend, boyfriend, hubby, heartthrob, lover, paramour, beau, dear, beloved, flame, pet, lovebird, steady, swain, treasure, valentine, significant other, and one and only.


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To Share is Divine...

As it's a bit difficult sometimes for men to write a nice and sweet wish for this celebration, we composed a beautiful bunch of romantic wedding anniversary.

85 Anniversary Quotes: What to Write in an Anniversary Card

writing wedding anniversary wishes

Reminding someone of the day they said “I, do” is always an important part of celebrating an anniversary and reaffirming lasting love. In addition to marking the calendar and planning festive activities, it’s important to remember that it’s sometimes the smallest gestures that go the longest way. When you’re sending an anniversary card, the words you choose to inscribe can add remarkable joy unlike any other. Whether you are celebrating your own anniversary, looking back on the fifty years your parents have cherished together, or wishing friends a happy anniversary, we have you covered. Check out our quotes and advice below for what to write in an anniversary card.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when you put pen to paper. Our guide includes more than just anniversary messages to help make your anniversary gift even more special. We have the writing advice to back them up. No matter what the occasion or whom the recipient, create an anniversary card that is guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings with these sample anniversary messages, tips, and tricks.

Jump to:

Step By Step: What To Say In An Anniversary Card

What you write in an anniversary card will depend upon who you are addressing the card to. Whether you are looking to offer a toast, share a special memory, or just say a simple ‘Congrats,’ you’ll want your anniversary wish to be heartfelt and reflect your relationship with the recipient(s). Follow these tips to help guide you through what to say in an anniversary card.

  1. Address the recipient(s). You’ll want to start your wishes off on the right foot! Due to the fact that writing anniversary card messages is more often than not a very personal process, you’ll want to stay away from the simple ‘Dear, so-and-so’ greeting. For a couple you’re close with use their first names “Jane and John.” If you’re writing the card to your parents “Mom and Dad” is best. When it comes to your own anniversary card, using pet names to address your significant other can add the personal touch you’re looking for.
  2. Draft a personal message. Use a few lines of the card to share an inside joke or add a moment you share with the lovebirds that you cherish close to your heart. A special moment like this will ensure your card is tailored to reflect your bond with the honoree(s).
  3. Write an anniversary wish. Take the next few lines to wish the couple well for the future and celebrate what it holds.
  4. Add an anniversary quote. Resonating with a piece of advice or sentiment from someone you look up to is always inspirational to read. Let the professional authors, poets and iconic names elevate your anniversary card to remarkable.
  5. Don’t forget to mention any wedding anniversary milestones. Each and every passing anniversary marks a unique celebration of love, but there are those milestone years that are extra special. Think first year anniversary, fifth, 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 55th, and 60th. Be sure to incorporate this special new number somewhere in your greeting.
  6. Don’t forget to say “Happy anniversary!”
  7. Finish your greeting off with a warm closing. You’ll want to finish your card just as the way you started it, on the right note. Before signing your name use a warm closing to wrap up any anniversary message. For example, you can choose between one of the following or use your own (Warmest Congratulations, With Love to You Both, All life’s Best to You, Happy [20th]!)

Happy Anniversary Wishes and Anniversary Card Sayings

When it comes to your happy anniversary messages it’s not just about the amount of words you use, but more about the thought put behind them. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your anniversary card greeting short and sweet, but you should try to include something specific about the couple if possible. Use these sample anniversary messages to help you create your own perfectly tailored greeting.

  • You have loved one another through all these years. May your love continue to bring you joy as you celebrate your anniversary of love and togetherness.
  • Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple! May the freshness of your love always remain.
  • No one and nothing in this world is perfect…but the two of you are as close as it gets! Happy anniversary.
  • An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy anniversary!
  • The happiness you share is a precious gift. Happy anniversary to my favorite smiley faces.
  • Happy Anniversary to you two! Hoping for many more years of happiness.
  • The happiest of anniversary wishes to the both of you. I hope you have a wonderful day and year.

Anniversary Wishes To Husband

The pressure to say the right words seems to increase when you are trying to draft an anniversary quote for the him in your life.  But, there’s no need to stress! Let your husband know just how much you adore and cherish your relationship with these perfect words. Whether he is the type of guy who would appreciate a sentimental reflection or the type to love a funny anniversary wish, these messages should get you started showing your husband just how much he means to you.

  • Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover and my best friend. Happy anniversary!
  • All these years, you have been amazing. As a dad to our kids and as my lover, I have been happy in your arms and I could see that we’ll be happier for the rest of our days. Thank you for everything. Happy anniversary, my darling.
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It also means writing out beautiful wedding anniversary wishes for your wife in a card. You see her every day, but it can still seem like a lot of pressure to come.

writing wedding anniversary wishes
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