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Wishes for new wedding couple
December 13, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

A loved one is getting married, and you just might be as excited as they are! What better way to let them know than with a sweet card, email or phone call to.

"Congratulations on your wedding" are common words used to compose a wedding letter, a wedding message for a gift card or to sign a reception poster. You want to use words that convey a meaningful and positive message of congratulations. Combine your creativity with some pre-written suggestions to deliver a wedding message that conveys your affection for the couple.

Samples of Wedding Congratulations Notes

Receiving a wedding invitation card is often a time for joyous preparations. After all, you want to celebrate the day with the happy couple. Whether you attend the wedding or have a prior commitment, you should share you enthusiasm for the special day with words of congratulations for ther wedding. However, not everyone is a natural wordsmith.

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General Messages

You can also use verses, quotations, and poems in your card or letter. You can use quotes alone or with a brief message of your own. The type of words will also depend on your personality as well as your relationship with the couple

  • May your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • Wishing both of you a world of happiness and joy on your wedding day.
  • May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. May your joy last forever. Congratulations!
  • Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple!
  • Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.
  • Wishing you both the happily ever after you deserve. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong. Wishing you joy and happiness on your wedding day. Congratulations!
  • Just a note to say how happy we are for you. Wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations to a wonderful couple!
  • Words are just not quite enough today
    When your love will light the way
    To a wedding filled with joy never ending
    The warmest wishes are what we are sending.
  • Like a lighthouse on a dark night, may your love for one another always shine brightly. Congratulations on your wedding day.
  • May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems made in heaven!
  • Your two stars create an amazing constellation. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • May you always have one another to lean on and turn to throughout all of life's storms.

Humourous Congratulations on Your Marriage Messages

While a humorous message might be acceptable for a close friend or family member, just be sure you know which people will understand your humor. There are ways to be sentimental and still funny.

  • I can't believe you found either other. May you stay mutually weird forever!
  • Are you ready for a future with each other? I hope you all enjoy life's twists and turns, because with each other you are sure to have them.
  • Whether he is the Darcy to your Elizabeth or the Batman to your Catwoman, I am so happy you all found each other. Now - go save the world or something.
  • Don't mess this up. If it doesn't work out, don't worry about returning my gift.
  • I hope your kids are as weird as you two!
  • Well, this just got real! Congratulations on your wedding and I am so happy for you two.
  • In a world of normal people, I am so glad you both found one another and are able to share a cool and different life with one another. Keep life weird.
  • Like peanut butter and jelly, you two are an unexpected combination that will one day be an All-American Classic.
  • Remember, they say you can tell a lot about a person when you travel together. Good luck on your honeymoon!
  • Even though you're supposed to save some wedding cake for your first anniversary, don't feel too bad if you eat it this weekend. When there is cake in the house, it's fair game. Congratulations on finding each other!
  • Congratulations! Now you have two bank accounts and twice as much debt. Welcome to marriage!
  • I can't wait to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary and see you dance with your canes and walkers. See ya then!
  • When you find someone who is compatible with your weirdness, put a ring on it and run!

Future Hopes for the Couple and Their Happiness

As mentioned in composing a heartfelt message, it is a good tactic to discuss future hopes for the couple and their happiness. Use these messages to get started.

  • Cheers to your future and congratulations on your wedding. I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you both.
  • Congratulations on starting your life together. I hope this gift is helpful in setting you up for your future. You deserve all the love in the world.
  • You two are so perfect together. It is exciting to see you both happy and just plain old in love. Thanks for giving the rest of us hope for the future!
  • Even though I didn't give a toast at the wedding, here is a toast to you two! I love you both very much and I am happy to have you both as my friend. From the awkward teenage years to now, I've known (Bride or Groom's name). Today is a day we've talked about again and again. I love the fact that you are both in love. Happy Wedding Day and cheers to you both!
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
  • Every love story is different and your story is unique. I am so happy you two met each other, you honestly fit together perfectly. Congratulations and I hope you have an amazing honeymoon.
  • Love? Check. Vows? Check. Cake? Check. Champagne? Check. Leave the wedding and go start your life together? Get going!
  • Today is a great day to start the rest of your life and run off into the sunset together.
  • May your love for one another get deeper and deeper each and every day. May you wake up next to each other, ready to start each day. May you live a life full of happiness, joy, and goodness.
  • Congratulations on your wedding day! I wish you a lifetime of days just as happy and memorable as this one.
  • Have a spectacular life together! I wish you a lifetime of love and I am so pleased you found it with one another.
  • Congratulations! May your life be filled with never ending love for one another.

Advice for the Happy Couple

Especially if you are married, a great way to provide a couple with some advice is in the card or video message.

  • No matter what life throws your way, I hope you are always as happy as you are on this day. Happy Wedding Day!
  • Never forget the love you feel for one another on this day. Congratulations on your big day.
  • Don't forget, in marriage one person is always right and if you are the husband - it's not you. This advice will make your life a lot easier! Congrats on the wedding!
  • If I could offer you once piece of advice, it would be to choose your battles wisely. Congratulations on your wedding day.
  • Even in your darkest times, never forget your love for one another on this day. Love you both!
  • On your wedding day, I'd like to offer you some advice from this married lady. Devote some time to understanding one another and life will be beautiful!
  • If I could define marriage it would be: You give, and you give, and you give. And one day, you realize it was all worth it. I am so happy you two found each other.
  • Congratulations on your wedding! May you always remember to be friends first. Love you both!
  • A piece of advice I got on my wedding day and I want to pass on to you is: Never go to bed angry. It has saved me so much strife :) Love you!
  • Congratulations! In the good times and the bad, remember to lean on each other whenever you need a true friend. That's what marriage really is all about.
  • Its the little things that turn into big things in a marriage. Put in a bit of work every day and soon enough you'll have built a lifetime of love. Congratulations on starting your story as a married couple!
  • Not that you need it, but I want to give you both a piece of advice. Choose. Love. Every. Single. Day. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

Examples Based on Your Relationship

Offer specific congratulations to your loved ones. Whether your mom is getting remarried or you are wishing good luck to your brother, you'll want to consider your relationship when you compose your words.

  • For your brother: Congratulations on your wedding, bro. So glad you convinced someone to marry you!
  • For your best friend: In all the times we have spent together, I am so happy to be here on your wedding day. You deserve the best and biggest love with your new (Husband/Wife). I can't wait to see the honeymoon pictures!
  • To a parent: (Mom/Dad), I can't remember a time I have seen you this happy - except for when I permanently moved out of the house! I hope you have the best wedding day. Congratulations on this amazing chapter in your life.
  • For your sister: Thanks for being the best sister ever. Even though we've had our ups and downs, and you are usually the one saving me, I am so happy to be here on your wedding day. Love you to the moon and back...and back...and back.
  • Coworker: Congratulations on your wedding! Now, when you are on your honeymoon, don't even think about work! Have the best vacation ever and you better come back with a tan!
  • Cousin: Even though we aren't siblings, I still consider you one! Thanks for being a great support system throughout my life and I only hope to be there for you on your big day. I just love seeing you in love! Love you!
  • Church or religious friends: Congratulations on your wedding! You deserve many blessings and a joyous life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for your new family.
  • Family friends: Since we've all been going to the same family functions for years, I am so glad you get to throw your new spouse into the mix! Now we all have someone exciting and new to talk to. Congratulations on your wedding! Love you!

Compose a Message to the Bride and Groom

Whether your are attending a wedding in person or not able to go, you should bring a card or send one to the couple. If you sent a gift, you can still bring a card to the wedding and put it on the gifts table at the event. If you aren't planning on attending, you should still send a heartfelt gift message for a wedding in a letter to the couple expressing your words of congratulations to them.

As you compose your message, keep the following tips in mind when planning what to say when someone gets married:

  • A poem or quotation on love and marriage can be a good way to begin or end a letter.
  • Lighthearted humor may be appropriate, depending on your relationship.
  • Speak about your personal thoughts or advice on love and how it applies to the couple.
  • Write down future hopes for the couple and their happiness.
  • Make a sincere apology for not attending the wedding.
  • Propose getting together to view photographs and talk about the wedding after the honeymoon.

Keep the mailing date in mind when you are sending the letter. If you send it before the wedding, you can mention how you are happy to help with any preparations before the blessed event. If you are mailing the letter after the wedding, you could write a short note about how everyone raved about the bride's dress, wedding cake or other aspect of the wedding.

When to Send a Congratulatory Letter

If you know you cannot attend the wedding, you should send your letter as soon as you possibly can. In cases of an emergency situation, you will want to send your message of congratulations as close to the actual wedding date as possible. Of course, if you are attending the wedding, just bring the letter along with you and place it in the card basket if it will not be attached to a gift.

Depending on how you know the engaged couple there are a few DOs “Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives.

500 Congratulations Message to Newly Married Couple – Wishes for New Wed Couple

wishes for new wedding couple

With wedding season upon us, it’s time to start sending out “congratulations messages”. Getting it just right can be tricky.. And so many other messages of congratulations can easily drown yours out.

Whether you’ve known the couple their whole lives or just started working with one of them a year ago, congratulations seem to straddle the line between familiar banter and trying too hard. Here are different ways to send wedding wishes to couples you barely know or ones you know better than they know themselves.

Wedding wishes for couples you do not know very well


01“Wishing you all the best and every blessing on this special occasion. Congratulations and happy wedding day!”


02“May you both grow and forever cultivate a fulfilling love with one another. Congratulations and happy marriage!”


03“So happy and excited for the shared life you’ve got ahead. Congratulations and best wedding wishes!”



04“We all can’t wait to see what married life has in store for the two of you. Congrats and best wedding wishes on your happy day!”


05“Congratulations you two. Through the good and the bad times, remember how happy you are today as a reminder of your commitment to each other. Best wedding wishes going forward and here’s to an everlastingly happy marriage.”


06“Congratulations and best of wedding wishes. May your love for each other shine bright and grow stronger every day.”


07“We’re so happy for the two of you. Congrats! Wishing you a happy and love-filled future together!”


08“The whole family is honoured to have been a part of today’s celebrations. May your relationship grow into more than anything the two of you could ever imagine. Congratulations and happy marriage!”


09“On the happiest of wedding days, I’d love to leave you with a quote on love: “Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”


10“I don’t know if there’s such a thing as fate , but you two are the closest thing to making me believe it. Congratulations! I’ve never seen such a loving and nurturing couple before. Our sincerest wedding wishes!”
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11“Even though we’ve only known each other for a few short years, in that time I’ve grown to see how strong the bond between you two is. You two really were made for each other. Congrats and happy marriage going forward!”


12“Never stop loving and caring for each other. You give us all hope! Congrats.”


13“Through the mayhem of this world, remember what anchors you. Congratulations and happy marriage!”



14“You two are joining hands in matrimony today, and you have a wide support system as well. Through thick and thin, you’ve got so much love and encouragement backing you two. Congratulations on this most splendid wedding day.”


15“You two have already committed to this road trip together. May you both travel safely and smoothly together, reaching whatever destination you’re meant to reach. Congratulations on the first of many wedding days to remember.”


16“We’ve officially got the best tennis player on our side now! Happy marriage ya goofs!”


17“May you never stop falling in love with each other! Congrats on your beautiful wedding day!”


18“I know we haven’t gotten to know each other too well, but now’s a better excuse than any to fix that. Congratulations! Happy marriage to you two and welcome to the family [specific name].”


19“Thanks for letting the rest of the world in on the secret of the love you share! Congratulations and happy marriage.”


20“I swear we’re witnessing history today. Here’s to a happy marriage and a lifelong love like yours for all.”


21“May the honeymoon phase of your marriage never end, maybe simmer, but never completely die out. Congratulations you two.”


22“Congratulations! This day only comes around once in a lifetime so live it up! Happy wedding day!”


23“I hope your love for each other is as grand and sweet as your wedding cake. Congratulations and best wedding wishes to you both!”


Wedding wishes for couples you know very well

P.S. These special wishes are with some mean jokes and are supposed to be for couples whom you know very well (both the bride and the groom). Be sure that they would absolutely understand what you meant were jokes before writing these wedding wishes.


24“We used to joke about you two all the time but now that it’s finally happening. It feels so weird to call you Mr and Mrs now. Congrats guys!”


25“Congratulations, you two! You’ve already been together for so long it’s practically already been a happy marriage. This is just a party to show off your love and get your parents up to speed, right? It was a lovely reception guys. Best wedding wishes and a long and prosperous love ahead.”



26“Congratulations on the new chapter in your lives. You’re all-in now!”


27“It’s about damn time. I heard panic and ultimatums were in the air so much I don’t even know if a congratulation or a condolence is in order. Here’s to a happy marriage. We love you both so much and wish you the best of wedding wishes.”


28“Glad to see you both could share your life together. Congratulations and happy wedding day you two! You’re both so beautiful and wonderful!”


29“Remember spanking is only permissible if it’s consensual. Best wedding wishes for your happy marriage!”


30“We’re just here for the free food and booze. And to give our congratulations of course. Wishing our favourite couple an amazing wedding and happy marriage ahead!”



31“You two must really love each other to go through all this. We just exchanged ring pops and had a Simpsons marathon on our wedding day. Congrats you two!”
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32“You two are married now but ya ain’t conjoined at the hip, okay? Happy marriage you two lovebirds. Congratulations!!!”


33“You know that thing about your wedding day going by so quickly you should try taking mental pictures of the most significant moments? I’m doing the same tallying up all your hot relatives! But seriously, I can’t contain the overwhelming joy I feel for the two of you today. Congratulations and happy marriage for now and forever.”


34“Enjoy the high while it lasts. It won’t be forever. Just kidding! Congratulations! HAPPY WEDDING DAY TOO! We’re so excited for what the future has in store.”


35“Y’all ready to consummate or what? Congrats you two.”


36“You seriously couldn’t afford a buffet? Just kidding, guys. Congratulations! Everything was as beautiful and perfect as you two. HAPPY MARRIAGE YA OLD FARTS!”


37“We’re all just glad it finally happened. We were honestly starting to worry for the both of you. Congratulations and best wedding wishes to you two!”


48“I don’t know any two people that make us laugh harder. We hope you do the same for each other every single day of your lives together. Congratulations and happy marriage you two.”


39“Alright, it’s husband and wife/husband and husband/wife and wife now. When’s it gonna be father and mother/father and father/mother and mother? Congratulations on your very special wedding day!”



40“Congrats you two! I helped raise [insert name of one of them]. I expect you to take care of them just as well.”


41“You two have already been living with each other for a while, so I hope this doesn’t really change anything. Congratulations and best wedding wishes to you both.”


42“We’re all expecting this to be greater than any celebrity power couple! Congrats!”


43“Are you two happy? You’ve started a trend among our friends, now everyone’s going to feel like they have to play catch up. Seriously, congratulations you two. I can’t imagine a more deserving couple to make this commitment to each other.”
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44“This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. The beginning of the end. Err, an end I hope is nowhere in sight. 😊 Congratulations on your big day!”


45“God, there’s no end to what you two will do for each other. It makes me sick. Congratulations guys!”


46“You two make it so hard for me to be pessimistic about love and marriage. Hope you’re happy with yourselves. Best wedding wishes to the best newlyweds.”


47“I honestly hope you start having kids as fast as you two were ready to get married. Love you both and happy marriage!”


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Romantic Wedding Wishes for Newly Married Couple

wishes for new wedding couple

You’re attending a wedding of two close friends, but you have no idea what to say to them. Uh oh! Luckily, we’re here with a few messages you might want to write on the card you’ll be giving them.

Weddings are such an emotional event that it can be easy to get choked up and not know what to say to the newlyweds. It’s even harder when you’re so overcome with emotion that you become a blubbering mess before you even approach the couple! For those of you who have no idea what to say other than “congratulations” and “best wishes,” it’s best to put your thoughts into a card instead. A card conveys a concise and thoughtful message that the newly married couple is sure to remember.

Can’t quite find the words to say to a newly married couple? Below are some ideas for messages to write on a personalized card you can send to the couple. 

A wedding wish for two special people: love is best when shared by two. You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!

A young family is like a baby: it needs love, attention and care to become strong and beautiful. And just like a baby, it will grow healthy through the years when you nurture it every day. Congratulations on your wedding!

Always remember to feel each other’s heart and soul. Always be in tune with each other, whether you’re having a great day or one of those days when you just can’t stand each other. And yes, there will be days like that. But with that said, we wish you a happy married life. We love you, and congratulations!

Best wishes on this wonderful journey as you build your new lives together. Though the road may not be the easiest, I’m sure you two will get through it just fine with love in your hearts.

Congratulations on your very special day. May your marriage be filled with love, joy, and peace as you embark on your new life as husband and wife.

Eat, drink, and be merry for today marks the first day of your lives together as husband and wife. You two make such a beautiful couple!

For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, may you find joy and love in each other all days of the year.

I believe that world exists only due to love and loving people. And you’re the most beautiful example of it. Congratulations on the wedding!

In finding each other, you have found forever. May you be as happy and in love for the rest of your lives as you are on this day. Congratulations!

It was such great news to hear of your wedding. No other couple deserves this more than two wonderful people such as you. We wish the very best for you as you start your journey through life together. Congratulations!

I’ve always believed in soul mates, and I believed it even more when I saw just how right you two are for each other. So congratulations to the both of you for finding each other!

Marriage is the combination of two hearts and two souls, which join each other on this special day of your wedding. Wishing you two a very happy and blessed married life!

May this day be the start of the best days of your life. Our most heartfelt congratulations to the newly wedded couple!

May your love for each other keep growing stronger with every passing day. And through times of sadness and sorrow, may you find strength in each other. Congratulations on your wedding day!

May your marriage be filled with delight and happy moments. Cherish each other, and best wishes!

May your new family be like an island of peace and serenity in this mad world. May you find solace in each other every day for the rest of your lives. We wish you all the best!

May your wedding be filled with special memories you can treasure forever. Congratulations to the new husband and wife!

Nothing can be better than starting your own family. Appreciate and honor it your whole life. Congratulations on the wedding!

Nothing fills my heart with more joy than seeing two lovely people in a ceremony that celebrates their love. May your marriage be a happy one that we can all hope to emulate.

Now and forever, may your wonderful family never encounter grief and sorrow. Have a spectacular life together!

Our prayer for you: that you never go to bed angry and to enjoy each other’s company every day for the rest of your lives. Marriage is filled with hard work made all the more easier by the love you bear each other. Best wishes, you two!

Patience, honesty, care and trust are the recipe of family happiness. Congratulations on your wedding and good luck!

Sending you the warmest wishes as you build your new lives together. May the light of your love always glow upon your marriage!

Thank you for letting us share this joyful day with you. We wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful new union. Congratulations!

This wedding was absolutely perfect, just like the couples who just got married. Best wishes on your wedding, with love and prayers for today and the future!

To the dazzling bride and handsome groom: May this day be filled with memories you can cherish forever. Congratulations on finally tying the knot!

Today is the start of your new journey in life. May it be fantastic, crazy, wonderful, and most of all filled with love. And while it may not always be an easy road, we all know that your genuine love for each other will see you through.

Warm congratulations to a very special pair of people. May you always find the love, laughter, and happiness that you two definitely deserve.

Wishing you to keep falling in love with each other every day, over and over again, for the rest of your lives. Best wishes!

With the overflowing love between you, you can make any cynic believe in true love. Congratulations on finding each other and tying the knot on this wondrous day!

Wonderful newlyweds, you’re the fines couple I’ve ever seen and I’m sure you deserve a happy marriage life. Congratulations on the wedding!

You are two beautiful people, now teamed as a man and a wife. Congratulations on tying the knot! Take a moment to enjoy all the special memories that you both will remember for the rest of your lives.

You two are the very epitome of love. Just like the love you share, you are beautiful in every way. I wish you dazzling newlyweds the best.

You two make all of us hopeless romantics believe in true love. Congratulations on finding your soul mate!

You’ve made me believe in true love. And I hope my belief will be unwavering forever, because it seems like you’ll stay together till the end. Congratulations!

There’s nothing quite like weddings to make all of us believe in the magic of love. For those of you looking for the perfect message to write on a best wishes card, we hope you have found the perfect message in our list above!

Unique romantic wishes for newlywed couples on their wedding. Best Short wedding quotes and messages to bless the couple with happiness, romance and .

109 Marriage Wishes – Wedding Day Wishes

wishes for new wedding couple

Someone, you know just got married and you want to wish them a happy married life?

The period after the wedding is important to newly wedded couples as it is termed "Honeymoon period" and I tell you couples don't joke with this period but regardless of the fact that the couple is left alone you know in the heart of friends, family and well-wishers there is no absence.

What better way to show them love and care than express it in words. Share one of the wishes below to put a smile on the face at the thoughts of what you had in mind for them.

Wedding Blessings for New Couples

This is the best collection of Sweet Wedding Wishes and Blessings for Newly Weds. Explore!

1. Strong may the Love shared between you be as you start on the journey of husband and wife.

2. May the romance never die, may the love never fade and it yield new and lasting fruits. Have a wonderful marriage life.

3. May every day you share open your heart, deepen and strengthen your love as you accompany one another to ever happier older years as friends of each other. Congratulations.

4. May you find strength to keep your vows exchanged on the wedding day and stay true to them. Enjoy your wedding my dears, you are a blessed couple and I wish you all the very best.

5. Was glad seeing you walk down the aisle, you look beautiful my dear friend. Wishing you a happy marriage full of lovely smiles and warm memories of love.

6. Wishing you many more days as happy as this one, many more occasions for celebration, and a lifetime of love and laughter.

7. Congratulations on your becoming one! Best Wishes to an amazing couple! May you always be filled with love, joy, peace and romance.

8. Congratulations to the newest couple in town. While its no surprise to those who love you, may this time in your life be filled with lots of love and joy, as well as many days of unexpected bliss!

9. May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine and your life and times together always be blessed with love and care. Congratulations.

10. May your hearts beating as one never cease to beat for each other and your becoming one signifies the start of something really great in your lives. Congratulations on becoming one.

11. May the coming together be the start of a splendid lifetime filled with special love, happiness and the warmth of oneness seen in all you do. Congratulations on your wedding.

12. Your love has been sealed and on the start of new heights as you learn to keep one heart seeing you are now one. May your future be a bright and happy one as best friends to each other. Congratulations

13. On this sweet occasion, a love-filled healthy and romantic life ahead is all I wish you as one. May God Bless your love. Congratulations dear friend.

14. May your love shine strongly brighter and your companionship grow richer with amazing ways to love with each passing day. Congratulations on your becoming one.

15. May your life together be filled with all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a dash of humour, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. Congratulations to you both.

16. Nothing beats the feeling when you know someone is thinking of you, cares for you and is constantly with you to see you grow. Enjoy your wedding and each moment after.

17. A heart of love, amazing care and thoughts of each other are necessary for marriage, May you have all this and more. You are a blessed couple and I hope you enjoy each moment of your marriage.

18. As I look at you on the wedding day I see love, honour and respect for one another, I hope that is something that will never fade. Enjoy your married life sweethearts, you are loved.

19. Lots of talk on how it goes but no one knows how you two love each other more than you two, keep the fire of love burning always and enjoy your wedding and the many years after.

20. Looking at you two I see a picture of how beautiful love can be, how much loyalty and respect can yield. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness as you enjoy the married life. You are loved and many congratulations.

21. May the ink from the pen of love be fresh as you continue writing your story together, I know some days may get gloomy but with the right attitude, I believe you can surpass every bad weather together. Enjoy and welcome to the marital estate.

22. True Love is like a new day each filled with its own amazing lessons, each moment brings new experiences, new moments and new reasons to enjoy your happily ever after. Congrats on your wedding.

23. Keep in mind and always remember what brought you two together and I guarantee that will be enough for you to enjoy each and every moment you’ll have together. Congrats on becoming one.

24. Just as the deer pants for the brook, so must you two pants for one another, then you’ll enjoy a fruitful and an exciting home. Happily married life dearie. May your homes be full of children.

25. In cleaving may you find strength to cleave, heart to love and spirit to forgive for this are the keys to loving a partner. Happy Married life.

26. Congratulations on this wonderful occasion of yours, It is everyone's dream and I’m glad you’re experiencing it in a massive way. I wish you a love-laden progressive home. Happy married life.

27. Love is greatly appreciated when it is celebrated every day. Don’t take the love for granted. Always elevate it above all other things in a home. May your home be beautiful. Happy married life.

28. This moment you had made a decision and found a place not just to live, but a habitation to share with the love of your life together as one. Happy married life.

29. Learn to cherish each other always, learn about and always do what makes your love stronger. May your heart find reasons to always love. Congratulations

30. As you had tied the knot and made the right decision to be one. I hope you’ll live to see your children’s children and see them grow up to great and valuable people in the society. Happy married life.

31. It doesn’t take much for us to see you guys are in love, have the perfect married life and keep the fire of love burning. Congratulations on your new home.

32. Congratulations on taking the decision to live as one excellent couple, your ways aren’t two but one. Go through the same way, don’t ever break away. Happy Married Life.

33. Love is the most powerful feeling ever I am taught, looking at you both I know and am assured that is true, I am assured you are on the journey to the start of the best days for both of you. Enjoy your marriage life.

34. Love is all you need to keep someone forever in your heart, and time is all you need to know someone, I pray you, have enough of both and may the coming days bring you sweet memories.

35. You may be new to getting married but you are not new to the feelings you both share, I hope your married life is the best and sweetest, for then you will see how beautiful and sweet love really is.

36. Life can really bring a lot of good things, this I know for a fact. I hope you always share and keep the flame of love that radiates from your hearts burning. Have a fulfilling married life.

37. A loving heart is the truest wisdom and one of God's best gift, for it understands, cares and encourages the best out of the one it loves. Be blessed as you start the journey of becoming one.

38. Today I celebrate a wonderful friend in my life, wishing you happiness, true unfading love and lots of respect as you live as husband and wife. Congrats dear friend.

39. Happy married life dear friend, your way of life has been exemplary and your heart always merry and today brings joy to us and everyone aware of your good nature. Enjoy a fruitful and delightful home.

40. Love one another, show care, learn to forgive always and you will be happy. It is as simple and as difficult as that. Congratulations on your marriage.

41. Through the storms of life, the dark and gloomy nights of uncertainty and the bright sunshine. May your love for one another be steadfast and strong. Wishing you joy and happiness. Congratulations!

42. The perfect love story does not exist in a novel. It is written daily by couples who are interested in each other and whose heart are filled with loves as yours. Congratulations.

43. In my heart is a torrent of joy, I am really happy for you. Wishing you all the best on the marriage journey.

44. Lovestruck a perfect target when he got you two together. Congratulations on becoming one.

45. As the days will come and go, May your love forever grow stronger and better just like an old wine. Congratulations!

46. Congratulations on becoming one. You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this be just the start of a long and wonderful journey. Happy Married Life.

47. Congratulations on taking this exciting step together and becoming one. May your future be a bright and happy one filled with stories of sweet loving.

48. Congratulations on this wonderful commitment to each other. I knew you two are made fit for each other and best compliment of each other. May you always stay in love for the rest of your lives. Congratulations

49. With love to a wonderful and special couple whose happiness and coming together warms the hearts of everyone around them. Congratulations.

50. If love could write a poem it would be about you two, if love could allow for a duet it would be about both of you. Am happy you two are together as one. Congratulations and best wishes.

51. Strong and pure may the love that brought you together at your wedding be; as well as the fire of the love you showed us on your wedding day. Congratulations

52. I am lucky to be a witness to such a joyous and blessed occasion, you will surely have many memories of sweet days as a married couple for your love is truly never-ending. Congrats on your wedding.

53. Glad that you are happy in each other’s arms, you are blessed and loved and I hope your marriage will be the best as you venture in it. Congratulations on becoming one.

54. The lonely night will never be cold again when you have each other to keep warm, have a blessed marriage life my dears, May the spark you had on your wedding be fresh as ever.

55. May each day bring new moments of love, and each moment creates new memories, I know your days will be filled with the happiest times, have a blessed married life.

56. To a Love uncompromising, made strong in commitment and unbroken promises. May love be the signature of your heart in the marriage. Hearty Congratulations.

57. May this union bring out the best of you and groom your heart towards achieving all your marital goals. Congratulations

58. Just a quick note to express our happiness at seeing you becoming married. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations!

59. May the tensions of the day, the disappointment of many unfinished projects and frustrations of the economy does not dampen your love as the days will come and go but your love should forever grow. Congratulations!

60. Congratulations on taking this exciting step together and agreeing in love to be One. May your future be a bright and happy one leading to the best of days.

61. May you always in agreement with one another drink constantly together from the source of love, which is a mighty spring forever refreshing enough to help you grow as one.

62. Congratulations! It is indeed a great blessing and wonderful that you should meet to make both your lives complete for you are fit for each other. Wishing you the very best in Marriage.

63. My heart is merry my friend, From a little girl, to a princess and now a queen with an amazing personality, I have known you and seen you grow. You are truly a beauty worth a thousand words, wishing you every ounce of happiness on the marriage journey.

64. Another special reason to rejoice and be glad, not just to attend an event but to witness a great union, you will truly make a wonderful wife. Congratulations on finding a wife.

65. I’m happy today seeing you exchange vows with a man who understands and loves you deeply and also able to get this man who is perfect for you. Happy married life cousin. May your home become filled with good children that will delight you.

67. Our homes can standout if we really understand our roles and play them perfectly well without wanting to shift our responsibilities. I hope you’ll not leave your role to do another thing as you build this marriage. Happy Married Life.

68. I hope you will never get bored of yourselves, talk together like best friends to sit down together, weep together if need be and laugh together over simple things. May the union give you loads of sweet memories. Congratulations

69. Marriage is meant to bring out the very best of each other and help grow as you commit yourself and with the right person, it sure will be fun watching each other grow, wishing you all the best dear. Congratulations

70. Marriage is a journey worth taking, a sweet adventure for growing hearts and minds together as one. May your heart find growth in the union. Congratulations on finding each other.

71. May your love shine brightly like a lighthouse on a dark night, As the soothing calmness of the sea on a cool night may your love for one another always comfort one another. Congratulations on your wedding day.

72. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy. Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems made in heaven!

73. Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple!

74. My earnest wishes for you that as you grow, may the union be filled with lots of sweet romantic day made of moments meant for two, filled with love that feels brand-new. Congratulations

75. With the warmest wishes to a very special couple. May the bond of wedding unite your souls and bring out all that is good for both of you. Congratulations

76. To a dear friend, Marriage is not just an auspicious bond. It is a journey that lasts till eternity. Right at the beginning of the journey, here’s wishing that both of you have a memorable and joyful ride. Congratulations.

77. Hearty Congratulations. Wish you enjoy all the pleasures that togetherness brings in life. May your life hereafter be filled with happiness and delight. Good luck in the days to come. Happy Married Life.

78. Here’s to you two amazing friends. Wishing my two favourite lovebirds a lifetime of happiness, joy and love. Congrats on a beautiful wedding and sweet adventure of together.

79. It is my prayer that every day you two lovebirds spend together be as blissful and love-filled as possible. Here is to one of my all-time favourite couples! Congratulations on becoming one.

80. It is like a heavenly blessing when one finds true love. May you always find health and happiness, and I wish you many together years of unbreakable love and laughter. Congratulations

81. Understanding, love, happiness, fruitfulness, and romance are some of the very ingredients that sustain marital union: May your marriage be garnished with loads of them. Congratulations and Happy Married Life.

82. May your wedding be a time to celebrate all the richness love has brought into your lives and all the joy that still lies ahead. Wishing you happiness always. Congratulations!!!

83. To a special couple: May romance, love, understanding, fruitfulness and happiness be constantly evident in the union. Happy Married life

84. Congratulations on the change in your new titles, bride, groom, husband, wife, and to the many more you will pick up over the years together. May the memories be fruitful and rewarding on all sides.

85. May your wedding be a time to celebrate all the richness love has brought into your lives and all the joy that still lies ahead. Wishing you happiness always as you embrace the title of Mr and Mrs.

86. Congratulations. I hope that you will enjoy love that never dies, joy that never fades and enjoyment that never ends. Happy married life. May peace and love forever reign in your home.

87. To a journey of a lifetime that begins with a simple exchange of vows and togetherness. Have a blessed and happy marriage filled with love. Congratulations

88. Always make time and never stop to incline your heart to the plea of one another. It is the basis upon which all marriage should stand. Congratulations on your marriage. Enjoy your new home

89. I know you will make unforgettable memories with the one you love as you enjoy the transition into marriage. Can’t wait to hear of a baby soon dear friend, Enjoy your marriage.

90. On this journey of togetherness may your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on the marriage estate.

91. We are glad to see the blessing in your lives and that is the blessing of marriage. We hope you find great joy in the union and you have a wonderful time as one.

92. To a love ever fresh and a commitment always renewed. May the thrill of marriage never run dry and you always find time to live as one. Congratulations

93. Heartfelt congratulations on your marriage. May your bonding last forever, and should it ever change, may it change to a firmer and better one as the years pass by.

94. Blessings to the happy couple! May your commitment deepens, your joy increase and your love grow stronger from this day forward.

95. This joyous occasion marks the start of a new life together. May the journey be a happy one filled with peace and harmony, joy and laughter, romance and passion. May your enduring love be the crown jewel that ties together all the rest. Best Wishes!!

96. May your love gather with the power of a storm, so your future life together can be watered by its unending laughter and joy. Congratulations on your wedding.

97. A big hearty congratulation on reaching this lovely milestone of conjugal bliss and together as one. We pray that favour, peace and love may follow you all the days of your union.

98. To the wonderful couple, may every day you share deepen and strengthen your love as you accompany one another to even happier older love filled years. Congratulations!

99. To love and be loved is a great feeling that defies definite explanation as comforting as staying on the pinnacle of happiness and riches. May you never lose sight of this precious treasure in all your days together.

100. Good things happen to good people, and you two are certainly well-deserving of the kind of love I’ve witnessed, Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on this very special day and for the rest of your lives together!... Congratulations on your matrimony.

Written By Kukoyi Festus.

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