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Wishes card for baby shower
October 03, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 3 comments

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card + 49 Messages She'll appreciate these funny baby shower messages, even if the kiddo is sitting on her.

Messages to Write in a Baby Shower Card

So, you got an invitation to a baby shower. You have gone through the registry, ordered the gift and it will be at your front door within a matter of days.

You have mapped out the address, you know what time you need to be there, and you’re prepared to wear the clothespin they will hand you at the door for that famous, “don’t say the word baby” game.

Now all you need to do is wait for the gift, so you can get it wrapped up neatly in that shiny wrapping paper showing off those colorful teddy bears, and you will be sure to carefully hook that rattle to the ribbon.

Of course, there is one more thing you will need to do; you will need to write a message inside the baby shower card and the envelope will need to be addressed properly, because, of course, you wouldn’t want Aunt Mary to make her card look better than yours.

Gee, you didn’t realize there were so many preparations for a baby shower, but you wouldn’t want to be the one who shows up empty handed, eats all the food, and wins all the prizes, would you?

So, with all this in mind, let’s talk a little about baby shower etiquette.

Choosing the Gift

When you received your invitation the baby registry was attached, after all, how would you have known what to buy, but let’s talk about what you would have done if the bubbly mom-to-be didn’t have a registry.

In that case, you would want to know if a boy or girl is on the way. If Mom doesn’t know the sex of the baby, that’s okay too because you can find a lot of gender neutral gifts that will work just fine.

Ask what the theme of the nursery is going to be and find out what they really need. Try and pick a gift that is more practical and something that Mom can use several of is a good idea too.

Something like crib sheets and blankets is things Mom will need plenty of, so go ahead and consider that if you want.

Diapers, wipes, onesies, socks, newborn hats, and bibs are also great gifts to think about. Also, keep in mind that Mom and Dad will be happy with a supply of gas drops and pain relievers at 2 am.

Special keepsakes are always welcome along with something a little special for Mom to enjoy while she enjoys the last few nights of rest in the hospital.

Addressing the Envelope

Now you need to decide if you’re going to choose a card with an envelope, or should you opt for one of those tiny, impersonal cards that come with gift bags, or those that you find attached to a flower bouquet.

If you want to send out a thoughtful message to the mom-to-be, it would be a nice gesture to get a standard sized card and include a special message, more about that in a minute, but let’s talk about the envelope.

Don’t put all your time into that perfect wrapping and special message only to attach a blank envelope to the package; you need to address it to someone, but to whom?

You can put Mom’s name on the envelope, unless of course, the baby shower is for Dad too, in that case, you will want to be sure you address both Mom and Dad’s name on the envelope.

If you know the baby’s name you could put that on the envelope, or you could be cutesy and put the baby’s name followed by Mom and Dad because once you have a child, you rarely ever have a first name anymore. If you’re the parent of an older child, you probably understand the reference here.

Writing a Message Inside the Card

Finally, you will want to write a special message inside the card for the expectant parents to enjoy, but what should you say to them?

If you’re a close family member you will probably have it in your mind to write a special message for them that will help and encourage them through this new experience of parenthood.

If the Mom-to-be is your best friend then you probably have some inside jokes that you want to share with her, but keep in mind, some people could get offended, so be careful if someone other than Mom is reading the cards.

Keep in mind that Mom isn’t the only one who will be blessed with the presence of the new baby, the little one will be a blessing for the entire family, so keep siblings, and Dad in mind too when writing your special message.

No matter what you decide to write, Mom will like the fact that you took the time to make it personal and from your heart.

If you are at a loss for what to write, you will appreciate the following list of messages to write in a baby shower card.

From this list, you can choose from categories, and you can take the words and make them your own by adding your own thoughts into the phrases.

General Baby Shower Wishes

  1. Twinkle, twinkle little star, we can’t wait to see how cute you are! Wishing you the most love, happiness, and good health during this blessed time.
  2. Here’s to smiles, laughter, patience, and joy. We pray you get a healthy baby boy or girl.
  3. A little gift wrapped up and tied, a little wish for the baby inside!
  4. Thank you for inviting me to share in your blessed event. Wishing you all the best in motherhood.
  5. The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. Enjoy this love.
  6. A blessed event is about to happen, wishing you a safe and healthy delivery.
  7. A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above! Congratulations and lots of love.
  8. A lot of love and best wishes on the arrival of your new baby.
  9. Precious one, so small, so sweet, dancing in on Angel’s feet, straight from heaven’s brightest star, what a blessing you truly are.
  10. I am so excited for you! Your life will never be the same. Have fun and enjoy, your little bundle of joy.
  11. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! You are going to be an excellent mom!
  12. Stop worrying Mom, you’ve got this!
  13. Welcome to the world (insert baby’s name)! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love, and health.
  14. Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest space in your heart.
  15. The love just got real! I’m so excited for you, congratulations!
  16. A new baby makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, savings smaller and homes happier. Congratulations and best wishes on your wonderful blessing!
  17. The sweet sound of baby’s voice will be music to your ears
  18. Baby booties, baby toys, baby shower, baby joys. Warmest wishes to you and your family.
  19. Acknowledge how lucky as parents you are. Smile, as you gaze into your newborn’s eyes. Soak in the joy of having a baby and appreciate your life’s biggest prize. Wishing you all the best.
  20. Diapers and crumbs and sucking their thumbs; that’s what babies are made of. Congratulations!

Baby Shower Wishes for a Baby Girl

  1. Booties and bonnets, ribbons and lace, little-stuffed toys all over the place. Congratulations on your sweet little baby girl.
  2. I’m tickled pink to meet your new baby girl.
  3. Sugar, spice, and everything nice; that’s what baby girls are made of, congratulations on the arrival of your new baby daughter.
  4. A cradle full of best wishes for your newborn baby girl. Congratulations!
  5. Excited to meet the new little lady in your life. May she be as smart, sweet and sassy as her mommy!

Baby Shower Wishes for a Baby Boy

  1. May he melt your heart in ways no other man could! All the love to you and your baby boy.
  2. Oh boy! I can’t wait to meet him. Thank you for allowing me to share in this blessed event with you.
  3. Get ready for toy cars in all shapes and sizes, for balls, bats, bikes, and all kind of surprises. Congratulations on your new little man.
  4. Here comes a brand new little boy, to fill all our hearts and lives with joy! Congratulations on the celebration of your upcoming event!
  5. Tiny fingers and tickly toes, cowboy boots and trucks to tow. A bundle of joy created by love. A precious gift, from Heaven above. Congratulations to the proud new mom and dad.

Baby Shower Wishes for Twins

  1. If there’s anything more special than a new baby on the way, it’s two babies on the way! Congratulations!
  2. Here comes double trouble! Congratulations on your twins.
  3. It’s twins! Congratulations! Twins mean double the kisses and double the fun; it’s double the joy for everyone!
  4. There are many reasons to smile, and you have two more on the way! Congratulations on your twins.
  5. One will cry, and one will laugh, one will weep, and one will sleep. Through the troubles and the double shift, these memories will be worth the keep.

Baby Shower Wishes for Second Baby

  1. Now that the stork knows where you live, may this child bring you the same joy as your first.
  2. Your first child has brought so much joy to our lives that we just can’t wait to meet the second! Congratulations and best wishes to your growing family.
  3. A mother’s love is like no other. The smile on your first child’s face shows that your love is abundant. May you continue to delight in your children as your family grows.
  4. The best part of having a second child is that no one will try to give you parenting advice because they know this isn’t your first rodeo. Congratulations and best wishes to your growing family!
  5. A second baby means double the cuteness, double the sweetness, and double the happiness in your family. Congratulations.

Humorous Baby Shower Wishes

  1. Hello baby! Goodbye, sleep!
  2. Remember this shower because it will be the last one you will enjoy in peace!
  3. I heard about your newest creation. Congratulations on your creativity!
  4. Welcome to parenthood, where now going to the grocery store by yourself will be considered a vacation. Congratulations!
  5. Parenthood is one of the best journeys in life. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
  6. Trade in the designer purse and high heels for a diaper bag and flip-flops, you’re having a baby! Congratulations!
  7. Congratulations, you only need 14 more babies to qualify for your own reality show. Happy baby shower!


Dont forget the Adorable wish tree instruction card at your baby shower. Wish trees and tags are a beautiful and unique idea to have at a baby shower but it.

Baby Shower eCards & Greeting Cards

wishes card for baby shower

Whenever my kids let me pick the books I read to them at bedtime, a few stand out above the rest. There's the melodic board book On the Night You Were Born, the ridiculously funny Dragons Love Tacos, and a pop-up alphabet book about animals for which I can never remember the actual title. I love these three very different books for very different reasons, but they all have one meaningful thing in common: they've all got a heartfelt, handwritten inscription on the front inside cover from the loved ones who gave them to us. Every time I open one of these books, I feel a connection to my support group — whether a great-aunt, a close friend, or my parents' neighbors — and am reminded of how much they care.

I wish more of my children's books had such sweet words inside. But too late did I discover the new baby shower trend that tasks the entire invite list with building up a baby's library in such a sentimental way.

Recently, more and more baby shower hosts have asked guests to reconsider spending a few bucks on a Hallmark greeting card that will likely be recycled at party's end or, at best, tucked away in a memento box that goes unopened for years. Instead, they are asking friends and family to bring a baby book that they've signed, ideally alongside a heartfelt inscription.

Many invitations now even include a short poem prompting this gift idea:

Personally, I love the concept. Not only is it highly personal — guests can purchase their most beloved childhood book or a story that has a message they value (ahem, Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You'll Go!) — but it allows those sweet well wishes to remain accessible for years of constant viewing.

Sure, some people might consider it bad etiquette to make such a specific mandate, likely one that is in addition to a gift off their registry, but with most greeting cards costing $4 to $7, it's not so ridiculous to instead spend that on a similarly priced copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Goodnight Moon. Plus, gently used books can be found for pennies. And who doesn't have that in-law who'd come with a handmade scrapbook filled with family photos?

What do you think? Do you like the idea of skipping the greeting card or do you prefer not being forced into a specific gift idea?

Image Sources: Unsplash / Annie Spratt and Zazzle

Do You Like This New Baby Shower Trend?

Yes! It's sweet and practical.

No. It's too much pressure.

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What to Write in a Baby Shower Card? Awesome Baby Shower Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

wishes card for baby shower

If you’re attending a baby shower, you’re probably taking a card with you. But what to write in it? Do you go for something simple, funny, cute or thoughtful? Whatever style you decide on, you’ll find some ideas below to help you out. We’ve searched the internet, rifled through our archives and flown around the world twice to offer you some of the best baby shower card ideas.

Simple, Easy Things to Say

  1. Wishing you an easy, safe delivery and a healthy baby.
  2. Welcoming your new baby with wishes of health, joy and plenty of sleep.
  3. We are so excited that you are welcoming a new member into your family.
  4. Congratulations and all the best on the upcoming arrival of your little one.
  5. Enjoy your journey into parenthood! We are wishing the best for all three of you in the coming months.
  6. Congratulations on the new baby! I’m so happy for you, you will both be amazing parents.
  7. Happy baby shower. Good luck on your greatest adventure yet.
  8. Wishing all the best to you and your precious little one.
  9. Wishing you and your baby love, laughter, sunshine and happiness.
  10. Hip, hip, hurray! You are both going to make such amazing parents. Congratulations!

Funny Baby Shower Messages

  1. You better remember this baby shower, this will be one of the last showers you enjoy in peace!
  2. I’m really looking forward to learning everything about your new baby on social media.
  3. Congratulations – I really hope your new baby is either a girl or a boy!
  4. Have fun learning how to remove a whole new spectrum of stains.
  5. Kids cry, throw fits, eat all your food, and keep you up all night. Don’t worry, that’s only for the first 18 years…
  6. “Because I said so.” Is going to be your new catchphrase.
  7. Just think, in only a few weeks you’re going to have…alcohol again! Oh and a beautiful new baby, of course!
  8. Don’t worry about the difficulty of raising a child. It is just as easy as running a marathon, doing your taxes, and wrestling an octopus at the same time, every day.
  9. To test to see if you are ready for a baby, try putting a pair of underwear on a kangaroo.
  10. If you are worried about having enough space after the baby comes, you can get rid of your bed. You won’t be using it much for a while, anyway.
  11. I am sure your baby will be really cute, at least as long as they take after their mother.
  12. Let the noise begin!
  13. Congratulations on making a human with your genitals.
  14. I hope you’re excited – soon you’ll lose 10 pounds in one day!
  15. Congratulations for making your bulging belly the topic of constant discussion with your friends and family!
  16. It’s great you’re having a baby I can cuddle, spoil and play with – then give back when they cry. Thanks so much!
  17. Of all the people who’ve thrown up on you, your baby will be the best!

Cute Messages

  1. Can’t wait to meet those tiny little feet!
  2. Little hands, little feet and a little trouble are all on the way. Congratulations!
  3. Some call them little bundles of joy. They’re also little bundles of diapers, tantrums, and sleep deprivation! Good thing they’re little bundles of love too. Congratulations on your greatest love yet.
  4. Congratulations on the bun in the oven. We can’t wait to meet him/her.
  5. Here’s to smiles, laughter, patience, and joy. Wishing you a healthy baby girl or boy.
  6. Happy baby shower! Here’s hoping the stork brings you a beautiful healthy baby boy or girl.
  7. Congratulations! The White Stork is just about to land at your door with a little one!
  8. Looking forward to being a part of the new journey. I can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy. Congratulations!
  9. Your selfies are about to get 100 percent cuter!
  10. Love just got real. So excited for you both.

Messages for Twins

  1. Its twins! Sometimes miracles do come in pairs…
  2. Congratulations on your double trouble!
  3. If there’s anything more special than a new baby, it’s two new babies!
  4. I can’t believe its twins! Twins mean double the kisses and double the fun. Let’s not mention double the hard work and stress…
  5. Having twins means two sets of grins. Here’s hoping the smiles never stop for your new family.
  6. Congratulations! And congratulations again!

For more ideas, check out our baby shower cards, where you can create a personalised card with a special touch.

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What to Write in a Baby Shower Card + 49 Messages

wishes card for baby shower

What should a baby shower message convey?

The most important part of the baby shower message is the body of the card. What the baby shower message should convey depends on the type of gathering and how close you are with the parents-to-be. 

If you’re a work colleague or an acquaintance, for example, a simple message of congratulations is appropriate. If you’re a close friend or a relative, it’s always fitting to write something meaningful, emotional, and inspirational. A lovely quote on motherhood sounds adorable and personable. Don’t forget that personal sentiments are most appreciated by parents. 

If you’re feeling stuck and need the inspiration to get those words out, we’ve gathered some sweet baby shower card wishes and delightful baby shower card quotes. 

Baby shower card wishes

Various studies show that a whopping 90% of all people prefer getting a greeting card than an email card. Why? Because greeting cards convey emotions and people are emotional beings. They feel more personal and more meaningful. Greeting cards can stay with the receiver for days, months, even years to come. 

Every mom and father-to-be could most certainly use a few baby shower card wishes that convey words of advice, encouragement, and wisdom. Even better if you make them laugh. Whether you end up writing a baby shower wishes of health, a cute message for mom, or a funny one, these sweet personalized baby shower card wishes will make the celebrations more magical. 

Baby shower wishes of health

  • Wishing you a safe and easy delivery and a beautiful and healthy baby.
  • A beautiful adventure is about to start. Wishing you a safe delivery from the bottom of my heart!
  • Good health to the happy parents and best wishes to you on your delivery day. 

Baby shower wishes for a boy

  • Thank you for inviting us to share the joy. We can’t wait to meet him!
  • Congratulations on your little prince! Get ready for toys in all shapes and sizes, and all types of surprises.
  • What an exciting time for your family! A precious little bundle of joy is on the way. We hope he will have your smile and his dad’s sense of humor. 

Baby shower wishes for a girl

  • We’re exceedingly excited to meet your delightful baby in pink! Best wishes for the pregnancy.
  • Congratulations on your little princess! We know she’s going to bring joy and love into your life.
  • Ever since we were children, your greatest wish was to have a daughter one day. I am so happy your dream came true. A beautiful girl to love and to adore, who could ask for more?
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If you're attending a baby shower, you're probably taking a card with you. But what to write in it? Do you go for something simple, funny, cute or.

wishes card for baby shower
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