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Wish for pregnant friend
December 29, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 2 comments

A loving message from a husband to his pregnant girlfriend your love texts for a pregnant girlfriend, and will be published, others friends will thank you.

Being a mother is one of the beautiful experiences in the life of a woman. Well, it is not the just a special moment for the mother. But it is a special moment for the friends and relatives of the new mom to be. You feel happy that anyone from your friend’s list or relatives is expecting a Baby. In this article, we are sharing with you all the congratulatory wishes that you can share with all the women who is expecting a Baby. We hope you guys will like all of these wishes.

All of these wishes are filled with the congratulation words for the mom. If you want to wish a good health to the mom and the child then you can share all of these wishes. These wishes will give her a strength to take care of her health and take care of her baby. These wishes will give to new mom to be Postive vibes.

Congratulations on Pregnancy Quotes

The doors of happiness for you and the entire family has opened up in the most beautiful way possible.

Your home is soon going to be filled with new energy, shine, happiness, giggles and the sparkle that the new born baby is going to bring along with.

Heartfelt congratulations are about to spread through the entire house of yours as the little life begins to create a new ever-lasting bond with the entire family.

I wish that every dream that you ever dreamt of will become true with the new little member of your life.

Congratulation on creating that one sweet little treat that you and your family is going to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Blessed is the entire family who is going to be gifted with a new bunch of goodness and happiness in the coming months.

The most beautiful thing that a mother and a new born child share is heart. Congratulations on this delightful love saga.

You are soon going to give life to a new human being who is going to love you till eternity. Congratulations!

Congratulations to you and your new heavenly little angel who is going to glow brighter than the brightest star.

There’s nothing sweeter than the smile and the spark of happiness that radiates from within a soon-to-be mom. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I wish you become the mom of the year and give all the love and happiness to this little angel of yours.

Just like the spring season, I wish that this new beginning is going to be sensational for you and your entire family. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The upcoming days of your life is going to be one of the most memorable days. Live it up to the fullest. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

That little smile when you touch your baby for the first time is a dream come true. Hearty wishes on your pregnancy.

The first kick of your child is going to change your life in the best possible ways. Best wishes on your pregnancy.

Be proud of yourself. You are soon going to give life to a newer version of yourself. What an exciting moment! Happy pregnancy.

A child is a gift and messiah of love and fortune. Feel blessed to be one of those women. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The fact that you are so beautiful from inside in itself speaks volume about the beauty of your new born child. Congratulations!

I heartily wish that you and your baby will have a wonderful time together and bring bundles of joy everywhere.

Not every woman receives this wonderful gift that you are going to possess in the upcoming months. Be proud and responsible at the same time. Hearty congratulations on your pregnancy!

During all these months, every day is going to be a new day with new experiences with the excitement of your child growing inside you. Best wishes!

I wish and hope you get the cutest baby in the world who can make the mommy super proud each day. Hearty congratulations on the pregnancy.

This is not just a baby that you are going to bring along with. This is a bundle of joy and happiness that you are spreading across your family. Congratulations on being pregnant!

Becoming a mother is soon going to change your life and show the world the selfless character of a woman. Congratulations and be proud of yourself.

All these sacrifices, pain and struggle of the months will vanish the second you feel your baby. I hope you cherish those moments to the fullest.

A baby will soon be born and will cherish the arms of the two most beautiful parents I have ever known. Best wishes!

Pregnancy in itself is a beautiful miracle, a miracle that will transform you in the best ways possible for the life ahead! Congratulations!

The beauty of your motherhood will embrace your little child with all its spark very soon. Best wishes on your pregnancy.

I wish you all the very best with the twists and turns of these 9 months that is going to shape your life in incredible ways. Have a beautiful pregnancy journey!

To be a woman and to be a mother are altogether different levels with increased sense of maturity that these pregnancy days are going to bring in. Hearty congratulations on your pregnancy!


You were truly a great friend. We are desperately waiting for your upgraded version. Congratulations on pregnancy

Congratulations to the best mom to be the world.

Congratulations to you and the lucky baby who will be born in your home.

Happy to hear that you are expecting a baby. May God Bless you with a beautiful Baby.

Congratulations soon you will be complete women.

Congratulations on adding a new life to your existing life.

You are expecting a baby. And we assure you the Happiness after.

Thanks for giving us one more chance to be Happy. Have a safe and secure Pregnancy.

We hope you guys liked all of these wishes on the pregnancy, Share all of these inspiring wishes with all the women who are expecting a baby. These wishes will definitely make them happy.

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Top Love Texts For A Pregnant Girlfriend | Take Care Messages for Pregnant Wife

wish for pregnant friend

Some of my best friends are women I hardly ever get to see. That’s what happens with life, I suppose. People move away for college. They begin careers. They follow spouses on deployments. Or they chase their own dreams of travel.

We leave the people we love behind.

It’s nobody’s fault. Life changes; people move on. But one day you get a call that a friend you love and miss is pregnant, and that distance suddenly feels more difficult to bear.

There is something about motherhood that makes us want to bring our people closer. I don’t know about you, but if I had my way, I’d build a compound and ensure all my nearest and dearest had homes within a block of mine. Our kids would grow up together. They would swim in each other’s pools, knock on each other’s doors, and string tin-can phones from window to window.

And we, my dear friends, would be right there watching them as we sip spiked lemonades on the porch, reminisce about the wild days of our youth, and agree that we like this life more.

We’d slow the chaos of parenthood and enjoy it with good friends.

We would have each other to lean on — not just through phone calls and Skype, but in those moments when we truly just need someone to take over the reins. You could call me at the height of your pregnancy misery, and I could be there in five minutes with pickles and ice cream and some Channing Tatum movie to take your mind off all the rest.

Any fantasy I may have had of us raising our kids together is just that: a fantasy.

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We could swap school pick-up days and even take each other’s kids for the night when one of us needs a break. We could sit in backyards and let the kids run wild while we have adult time and decompress.

We could be there — really be there — to watch each other’s lives change so much.

Instead, I’ll be following along on Facebook for the ever-growing baby bump photos. I’ll be waiting anxiously for the text from your husband announcing the birth of the little one you’re carrying. I’ll pick up the late-night calls when you just need to vent about how exhausted you are. And I’ll do my best to try to book a trip to see you, and meet your little one, before that little one goes off to college.

Of course, it’s hard. I’ve done this before. You aren’t my first pregnant faraway friend. There are hundreds (thousands) of miles in between us, and we both have our own families to care for and support these days. So, as much as I love you, I know we won’t see each other as much as I’d like. I know that growing baby of yours might not be a baby at all by the time I hold them in my arms — and that kills me. Because I want to be there. I want to be a part of this huge thing now happening in your life. Just as I wish you could be a bigger part of my motherhood journey as well.

I don’t want to just be at your baby shower, I want to be the one throwing it.

I don’t want to just get the text about your newborn, I want to be right outside your hospital room waiting to be invited in.

I don’t want to measure your baby’s milestones by the updates you share online, I want to be there witnessing each and every one alongside you for the first time.

And I hate that it probably won’t ever be that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my village and I know you have yours. But when I think about the women who know me best — the ones who have played the biggest roles in my life thus far — you’re absolutely on that list.

And now you’re pregnant and far away, any fantasy I may have had of us raising our kids together is just that: a fantasy.

Motherhood has a way of making those miles feel even greater.

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And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that distance makes me even sadder now. Because as much as I’ve missed you all these years, I’m going to miss you even more when you join the mommy ranks. I know how many times since becoming a mother I’ve wished you were closer to share my journey with me. And I know how helpless I’m going to feel when you make those late-night calls, exhausted and overwhelmed, and there’s nothing I can do but listen.

But just know, I’ll be wishing I could do more. Wishing I could pull you in my arms and promise everything is going to be okay as you panic about the impending birth of your little one and worry you aren’t quite prepared. I’ll be wishing I could show up on your doorstep with a bottle of wine after bedtime when your toddler refuses to go to sleep. I’ll be wishing I could swoop in to take your kids for a few hours, just so you can get a break.

You’re going to make an amazing mother; I know that because you’ve always been an amazing friend. Someone with your heart and strength and compassion is built for this new role you’re about to take on.

But I wish I were there. Or that you were here. Because while the distance between us has never been my favorite thing, motherhood has a way of making those miles feel even greater. And if I had my way, we’d be on that compound raising our babies sister-wife style instead.

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Birthday Wishes For Pregnant Friend

wish for pregnant friend

Congratulations on your pregnancy

Wishes for mother to be

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Lucky baby! You're going to be amazing mother!
Mother is a person who does the work of 20! Congratulations and best wishes to the Mother to be!
A dream had come true!
There's a new life
Growing inside of you!
So excited to hear your news! Wishing all the joy of anticipation to a very special Mother-to-be.
A little birdie told me that you're expecting! May your days be filled with love and contentment!
Congratulations on your pregnancy. May this special time be filled with health and lots of love!

Congratulations on your pregnancy messages

You radiant with the glow of an expectant mother! Congrats!
I'm so happy for you! Wishing you love and joy, peace and wisdom, beauty and happiness.
My heart is filled with joy for you! Congratulations and best wishes!
An angel baby
Grows near your heart,
Waiting for love
And a new life to start!
Congratulations on expecting! Enjoy the excitement and joy of anticipating your new little one!
OMG! You are having a baby! Sleep well now, it may be your last chance for the next three years!
So excited to hear your wonderful news! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Other best wishes for a pregnant woman

We recommend you to read these to be mother congratulations.

Giving a card is a great way to congratulate a loved one on her pregnancy. But sometimes the sentimental messages found in the greeting card.

Congratulations on your pregnancy

wish for pregnant friend

Birthdays are times to celebrate milestones, achievements and the addition of another year to life.
Pregnant mothers rarely pay attention to their birthdays as they are normally busy supporting life in their bellies.
Here are a few sweet quotes that you can send an expectant mother on her birthday and have her positively beaming ear to ear:

 No need for cake this year, you already have a bun in the oven! Happy birthday to you, mom to be soon!

 Wonderful Birthday mum to be! Your mum was in a similar position once at this moment in time.

 Best Birthday! May you grow old enough to see your baby’s baby blow out their candles!

 Happy Pregnant Birthday!

 We were given life to give life. As you celebrate your birthday, bear in mind the journey ahead that will give someone else a chance to celebrate theirs. Congratulations and Wonderful Bday.



 A lovely birthday to a mother to be, a present that is more precious than any physical gift will be here soon.

 You are a strong woman, soon you will have someone look up to you. I wish you the very best and a best bday.

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

 Blow out those candles and make a wish – For world peace and a better world for your baby.

 Warm birthday wishes to the expectant mom. May the year ahead be filled with happiness with the coming of your little one!

 Double warm wishes. One for you on your birthday and one for the joy that will come with your unborn child.

 You were born by a queen, you became a queen, and may you raise a queen.

 You were born by a king, you married a king, and may you raise a king.

 A special birthday, at a special moment, for a special mom to be.

 We have so much to celebrate: Your birthday and your little one’s upcoming birthday!

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

 This is a special birthday for you. A new year that comes with new love and new blessings.

 May this day be all that you wish for and more. This will be the year you get a bundle of blessings. Cherish every moment!

 Happy Belly Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter

 Enjoy this day as your first birthday. Soon a mother will be born and it will be another birthday for mother and son/daughter. As your child is born, so is the mother residing in you.

 All my love and warm wishes on your pregnant birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Husband

 (Insert age) years ago a girl was born, this year a mother and son/daughter will be born. We thank the heavens for such joy.

 Sending a special birthday wish for a special expectant mother… now that we are done with yours, we begin a count down to the baby’s birthday.

 On your special day, have all the cake you can for the sake of your little bun. Best Bday.

 Two-in-one wishes for a two-in-one package. Enjoy your birthday in doubles.

The 100 Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

 Happy bumpy birthday!

 The ride might be bumpy or smooth, whatever the case, enjoy every minute of the ride. At the end of it all, comes the best present of all. Wonderful Bday to a special mummy to be.


 A baby in your arms is the best gift you will receive in this year. Enjoy your birthday.

 You are starting a new phase of life. One that needs dedication and lots of love to give. Enjoy your day as you gear up for the journey.

 Special times call for special celebrations. With your darling baby on the way, there is more reason to celebrate you on your birthday. Best Birthday.

 Wonderful birthday and congratulations on your expected bundle of joy.

 As you grow a year older and wiser, you grow a miracle inside you. May the experience of growth bring you and all your loved ones so much joy.

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 A woman is the centerpiece of life. The whole purpose of your birthday is that you were given life in order to go forth and give life.

 At around this time (insert age) years back, it was your mother. Now it is your turn.

 Here is to the last birthday as a woman without this thing people like to call responsibility. Enjoy your birthday!


 In all your birthdays, people have sent warm wishes that you may achieve the most in all the important aspects of your life. This year, one important aspect has come to pass; you get an addition to the family.

 Here is to messy, fun and fully-occupied birthdays. The rest of your birthdays will never be the same again.

 Happy cautious birthday, do not have so much fun. Baby is on board.

 New Year, new life! Happy bday.

 On this special day, eat as much cake as you can, no one will judge you.

 On this special birthday, do not worry about how much cake you eat, it will shed off with the baby weight.

 Here is to hoping that one of your cravings was cake. Happy cake day!

 Sugar, milk, eggs and everything nice. These are the ingredients that made your cake. Love, beauty and strength. These are what your baby is made of.

 Two hearts beating in one body, enough music to start the party. Happy Bday.

 For your birthday, I choose to gift you will diapers. Trust me, you will need them. With lots of love for mother and baby.

 Happy pregnant birthday!

 Old enough to purposefully have a baby. Congratulations and wonderful birthday.

 Your pregnancy glow is all we need to have a party in here.

 You are glowing, particularly in this year’s celebration of growth. Best birthday mummy to be.

 It takes a special kind of woman to decide to carry life. On this day, we celebrate you. Happy Birthday.


 The life you have lived will know no greater purpose than the life you are carrying inside of you. This is to wish you the best this year will bring.

 This coming year will unwrap unexpected joys, love and selflessness that only a mother would understand. Enjoy your birthday knowing that the best is yet to come.

 On your birthday, my gift to you comes in a wrapped box and ribbons. God’s gift comes in a sweet little bundle of love and joy that will make your life amazing.

 Silver and gold, pearls and diamonds, food and drinks: These are some of our gifts to you on your birthday. The best gift of all is the gift you are giving to yourself: Motherhood.

 On this birthday, no wine, no partying. This time have cake, pamper yourself and get some rest as you are in the process of creating a life.

 You are a good friend with a good heart. I would want nothing more than to wish you happiness and the best as you move into a new phase of your life and become a parent.

 Happy birthday from all your friends, family and your little kicking baby.

 This birthday marks the beginning of a different year for you. May it be marked with love unconditional-you know.

 This year you get cake, food and all the presents you wish for. Next time you get diapers. Enjoy your birthday.

 On your birthday, I appreciate your endurance, patience and sacrifice. I acknowledge your commitment to give us a family. This remains a special day and I celebrate you. Wonderful Bday my love.

 Best Bday, you are forever 22- of course until your baby turns 18.

 With every kick that the baby gives you this day, comes blessings and a future so loving you cannot imagine. Enjoy your day and the kicks.

 May every kick sum up blessings that are on the way. May they represent the joy that is to come. Have a Best Bday and enjoy to the fullest.

 This birthday marks the year that you graduate to parenthood. Happy graduation birthday.

 May the candles that you blow out grant you the wishes and desires of your heart. May they make you and your increased family happy. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest.


 Last year I wished you all the happiness in the world. While I might not know what that quantifies to, I know you are pretty close to it this year. Enjoy your birthday as you get your darling bundle of joy this year.

 Count the candles on your cake, count your blessings and name them one by one. This year marks the year that your dreams come true. Happy birthday.

 This year you add another feather to your cap, you become a parent. Congratulations and happy birthday.

 Warm and best birthday wishes to you and yours.

 Blessings upon blessings. Warm birthday wishes to you and congratulations on your soon to be darling bundle of joy.

 You are a strong and selfless woman. As you are a great friend to me, you will make an even greater mother. Wishing you well in the journey that lies ahead.

 Your life journey once started as the journey you are creating for someone else at this moment. On this special day, may you be aware of the joy you will bring in a few months time. Congratulations and Wonderful Bday.

 Best birthday and may God bless you in your coming years. May you have many more years to see your baby grow up to the adult you hope they turn out to be.

 Being a woman is a gift, being a mother is a sacrifice; one for whose the rewards are priceless. Warm wishes on your birthday.

 On this birthday, the meaning of life is revealed to you. Now you are clearer on the elements of life because you are growing one inside of you. Have an enlightened birthday.

 Your little gift will change the perception of life that you have. They will basically re-invent your whole world.

 After the birthday party, may the kicks of your unborn baby remind you that you are never alone in this.

 A woman lives two lives. The life they live before they become a mother and the newly-acquired life they get in parenthood. May this birthday serve as reminder of the crossing point of these two lives. May you always be reminded of where you came from in order to know where you are going.

 This year the gifts will be addressed to (insert name). On your next birthday, you will be someone’s mum.

 New dreams, new possibilities, new priorities. All these are markings of the New Year that awaits. Have a wonderful birthday and congratulations on your expected bundle of joy.

 Thank you for carrying me and taking care of me. I cannot wait to meet you outside the safe womb you provided me with. You made me who I am.

 Great parents make great children. I have no doubt that you will be the greatest of them all. Wishing you a birthday full of blessings as you anticipate the birth of your lovely little child.

 Here is to the year that you will feel like the hours in your days are not as equal as anyone else’s. The year that you will feel like everyone else that has come before you. There is a catch though: This year you will be rewarded with unsolicited, unconditional love. Love so pure, you will be willing to go through the hell days all over again.

 Enjoy every bit of your birthday as you prepare to serve an eviction notice to your little bundle of love.

 This year, you have been selfless enough to give me a gift of family. You remain loved and valued. Happy bday to you my love and may this year bring you happiness and all that you wish for.

To my pregnant best friend—you're going to be an amazing mama The important part is that you're sending the message that their big feelings are safe.

wish for pregnant friend
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