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Wedding wishes card in marathi

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Wedding wishes card in marathi
July 04, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 5 comments

FotoJet's wedding card maker enables you to create free wedding invitation cards, wedding greeting cards, wedding thank you cards and more designs online.

Free online marathi wedding invitation cards

Create personalized wedding invitation card in marathi, all you need to do is pick a wedding card design/video template and add information about your wedding like Wedding Date, Bride Name, Groom name, Parents name, Pre-wedding function, Wedding function, Reception details. You can share or post your wedding card/video to Facebook, google plus, pinterest, twitter, you can also download your wedding invitation card / invitation video and send by whatsapp. is an online tool/software to create Wedding-India card for whatsapp.


There are so many times of wedding rituals that are followed in India. Here we shall concentrate on various types of wedding and to begin with here is a detail on the way the Maharashtrian's conduct

Indian Wedding Function

Indian Wedding functions Pre-wedding: 1.    Roka: This occurs before wedding date is set. This ceremony is to set a formal commitment of both the families towards the marriage. Th

मनाच्या रेशीमगाठीचा ऋणानुबंध ....

लग्न …… लग्न काय असत…… लग्न हे मनाच्या रेशीमगाठीचा ऋणानुबंध असत …. लग्न म्हणजे दोन जीवांचे मधुर मिलन …. दोन आत्म्याच पवित्र मिलन …. ही साथ असते आ

शादी-दो दिलों का बंधन

  शादी-दो दिलों का बंधन            भारत में शादी को अटूट और पवित्र रिश्ता माना जाता है | यह न केवल दो अंजान लोगों को अटूट बंधन में बांध देता है प

How to create Wedding invitation video.

With Desievite you can create online invitation video. Planning your party in advance helps you to make all the necessary arrangements well in advance. It is best to send online invitations as the

Marathi wedding invitation card Ideas ( More )

Marathi Wedding Invitation Video - Marathi Format (ID-19283 Premium )

1 Min 7 Sec, 2 Photos
Ganesh intro, Groom Bride photo, Wedding ceremony ( हळदी समारंभ, विवाह समारंभ), निमंत्रक

Personalize Video InviteBuy now at $6 / Rs.349

marathi-wedding-invitation-video-without-photo - Marathi Format (ID-19461 Premium )

55 Sec, 3 Optional Photos
Groom Bride name, विवाह समारंभ, विवाहस्थळ , निमंत्रक

Personalize Video InviteBuy now at $3 / Rs.249

Marathi Wedding Invitation:मराठी लग्नपत्रिका - Marathi Format (ID-16842 Premium )

Personalize Card Buy now at $1 / Rs.70

Traditional Marathi Wedding Whatsapp video - Marathi Format (ID-19369 Premium )

1 Min, No Photos Ganesh intro, Groom Bride name with parent name, साखरपुडा सोहळा, हळदी समारंभ, विवाह समारंभ, निमंत्रक

Personalize Video InviteBuy now at $3 / Rs.249

Wedding Invitation in Marathi: मराठी theme Bride Groom - Marathi Format (ID-16633 Free )

Personalize Card

Wedding Invitation in Marathi: मराठी Theme नवरा नवरी - Marathi Format (ID-16616 Free )

Personalize Card

Your wish is important for us Please join our wedding ceremony Shubh Vivah - Marathi Format (ID-13116 Free )

Personalize Card

Invite you to let the good times roll at our wedding - Marathi Format (ID-19083 Free )

Personalize Card

You are invited to share joy as we exchange marriage vows - Marathi Format (ID-19084 Free )

Personalize Card

Invited all our Friends and Relatives Wedding ceremony - Marathi Format (ID-13057 Free )

Personalize Card

Your presence could bring good fortune for this newly married couple - Marathi Format (ID-13225 Free )

Personalize Card

Indian Wedding Ceremony Invitation - Marathi Format (ID-1231 Free )

Personalize Card

Invite you to all on Wedding ceremony - Marathi Format (ID-13138 Free )

Personalize Card

Invite to all in my marriage ceremony Happy Wedding - Marathi Format (ID-13221 Free )

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife In English, Hindi, and Marathi Best Happy Birthday Create Free online Marathi Wedding card & send e-invitations with RSVP.

Custom Greeting Cards Templates

wedding wishes card in marathi





Size: 5.9" *5.9" (approx- 15cm x 15cm) L x W

Colors: White,beige,Pink,and so on...

Please note me the color after you place the order

Material: Pearlescent Paper


50sets=50cards+50blank off white insert paper+50 off white envelop+50seals



Refund Policy


Our store offer the money Back guarantee For all items
that have been unused and returned in 14 days receiving.




Goods will be shipped out within 4 working days after the design is confirmed by you.


We can ship worldwide. Shipment need 10-15 days. Shipment to US is free. To other courtries, you need to pay extra shipping cost.




About Us


We are a professional wedding invitation card and birthday card producer and seller. We understand how happy you and your family will be when you get good thank you.


For all personalized thank you card, before producing them, we will make the designs and ask you to confirm. We will revise the designs till you are satisfied.


If you have any questions or problems with the goods you receive, please contact us.




Contact Us


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through Message. We will reply you within 12 hours .



Color card

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Unique & Exclusive Wedding Invitation Cards

wedding wishes card in marathi

Wishes for newly married couple

Dear newly married couple, the most important and spectacular phase in your life has already started. You’ve decided to start a family. May all your plans and hopes on it become true! Congratulations on your wedding!


You have a bright future ahead of you two, make sure you have a good one, because you need adventure, laughter, joy and happiness in your life, but don’t forget all your downs, you will be fine, just promise you won’t leave each other, good luck!


Family is some kind of a magic place, where one can get love, care, tenderness and understanding. Family is intended to heal us, not hurt. That’s why I wish you two to give each other only positive emotions. Congratulations on your wedding!


Congratulations on your wedding, dear friends!
Today a new life for you will begin,
Wishing that no matter what, together you always win!


People say that real love must go through many tests. And I wish you from all my heart to stand these tests and keep the love till the end. Congratulations on your wedding, my beloved bride and groom!


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WEDDING DAY CARD 1. Wish a beautiful couple on their anniversary with WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CARD 1. Wish an adorable couple on their anniversary.

100+ Best Wedding Congratulations Messages

wedding wishes card in marathi

It's wedding season — meaning, for many, it's probably also anniversary season. Writing a special card that makes their heart go pitter-patter all these years (or decades!) later can be a tall order. But don't worry. Lovepop loves love. 

Writer's block can be wicked when crafting that absolutely perfect card that says: "Happy Anniversary/I love you/I appreciate you/I am so excited to spend my life with you/and all of the above."

Or maybe you're celebrating the anniversary of two other people you love! "Your love is inspiring and amazing! Congrats!"

It can be tough. But fret not: we're here to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are 40 amazing places to start. 

How to write Happy Anniversary to...

Your spouse/partner:

  1. My love for you continues to grow no matter the years we’ve spent together. Happy Anniversary.
  2. I never thought it was possible to love you more. But somehow, each year I’m proven wrong. Happy Anniversary.
  3. See, I told you I wouldn’t forget. Happy Anniversary!
  4. I feel saddened for those who have never had the joy of loving you. Happy Anniversary!
  5. My teammate, my rock, and my best friend, Happy Anniversary.
  6. How lucky I am to have fallen in love with my best friend. Happy Anniversary.
  7. Words can’t describe what it feels like to have you in my life. Happy Anniversary.
  8. To put it simply, I love you. Happy Anniversary.
  9. You make every day more magical than the last. Happy Anniversary.
  10. Same day and time next year? Happy Anniversary.
  11. Our love is not about how many days, months, or years, we've been together. Love to me, is about how much I love you every single day. 
  12. You complete me! Happy Anniversary! 
  13. Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite! Happy Anniversary! 
  14. Love you then, love you still, love you now and always will. Happy Anniversary! 
  15. See this smile! It's the same one you gave me on my wedding day. 
  16. You still give me butterflies! 
  17. You're not my number 1. You're my only one.
  18. If I told you everything I love about you I'd never be able to finish 
  19. I kinda... sorta... maybe.. actually I do... like you way more than I originally planned. 
  20. I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever.

Your friends — those lovebirds!

  1. Your story together continues to unfold, and we are excited to see the next chapters be written. Happy Anniversary.
  2. You both share a very special love, one that will never be matched. Happy Anniversary.
  3. May love forever live in the time you share together, Happy Anniversary.
  4. We wish you nothing but the best for the next __ years. Happy Anniversary.
  5. Hope your special day is full of making more memories together, Happy Anniversary.
  6. May you continue to share wonderful days, wonderful nights, and a wonderful life. Happy Anniversary.
  7. Congratulations and best wishes on your future together! Happy Anniversary.
  8. For all you do for me/us, let today be my/our turn to say thank you, and congratulations on your continued love and happiness. Happy Anniversary.
  9. Today is kind of like a birthday for your love! Happy Anniversary!
  10. You both continue to shine as an example of love and kindness, Happy Anniversary.

Your family member and their partner: 

  1. Thank you for serving as an example of what love is, you continue to live the values our family has built together. Happy Anniversary.
  2. To have learned what love is from your relationship is a true gift. Happy Anniversary.
  3. With all the fish in the sea, it’s a joy to know you caught each other. Happy Anniversary.
  4. Wishing you both, on your special day, a life of love, happiness, and many more years of wedded bliss.
  5. The love you share makes today special for all that have the joy of experiencing it. Happy Anniversary.
  6. I’m blessed to be able to watch your love grow day by day. Thank you for sharing it with those in your life. Happy Anniversary.
  7. Nothing in our world is perfect, but you both come pretty close. Happy Anniversary.
  8. Through all our family parties, you both survived together! Happy Anniversary!
  9. Thank you for setting the bar so high for a wonderful marriage, Happy Anniversary!
  10. Your relationship has taught me patience, gratitude, and kindness. Thank you for the many lessons, and cheers to many more. Happy Anniversary.

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On your loved one's wedding, send across your blessings and warm wishes from the vast collection of beautiful and apt wedding cards. Congratulate.

wedding wishes card in marathi
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