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Thanks for your hearty wishes
December 20, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

Best 140+ thank you message and quotes to show appreciation for gift, Here are some graceful choices for you to thank your well-wishers and make . Please , accept my heartfelt thanks, my dear family, for your allegiance and devotion.

When it comes to showing appreciation, nothing says thank you like a personal card. When creating a thank you note for your birthday, be sure to properly greet and title the person. Express your appreciation and add details specific to the event. Mention the next time you may see them and that you are thinking about the individual. Restate your thanks and end with some sort of regards. The below collection of thank you messages for birthday wishes serve as great examples of special and personal sentiments you can use or help inspire your own unique message.

For the incomparable love, care and support you gave in my trying moments, I say thank you for becoming a friend without minding my faults.

Here is a little thank you from me to you, a thank you for just being you.

I am what I am because you stood by me when the world turned their back on me. I say a million thank you for your true friendship.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you and what you have done to help me.

I cherish you and everything about you. Thank you for being there for me.

I had a wonderful birthday, and I could not imagine spending one without you. I appreciate all that you do for me.

I loved the gift you gave me. It was so thoughtful of you to think of me on my birthday.

I may be older, but I am definitely happy to be younger than you. I cannot wait to help you celebrate with an amazing party like you threw me this year. Thanks a million.

I owe you thanks for all the years you have been by my side.

I send heartfelt thankful wishes for attending my birthday party. It has been a pleasure celebrating my birthday with you all together and having lots of fun.

I send thank you wishes for your special birthday wishes. With your sweet wishes, my day turned out to be the best and the birthday the fabulous of all.

I thank you for teaching me what it means to be who I am and hold my head up high.

I want to thank you for your love, patience and kindness in all things you say and do.

I want to thank you for your patience, kind heart, and loving attitude.

Kindly receive my infinite gratitude for accepting my faults as part of my being. For your sincerity, thank you.

Life has its trying moments; for your trust, cordiality and unique support; I say a big thank you.

Meeting you has been a most rewarding moment of my life. For your patience, kindness, advice and devotion, thank you.

Money and gifts can buy almost everything – except the love of friends like you. Thanks for your sweet wishes on my birthday.

My birthday was so special thanks to you. The party would not have been the same without your help.

My heartfelt thanks to you for being there during my time of need. My love to you and yours.

Please accept my thanks for all that you have done to help us. We appreciate you.

Saying thank you hardly seems enough after all you have done for us.

Saying thank you is not enough to show how much I value everything about you.

Success is the fruit of personal effort plus support and encouragement from people like you. Thank you for giving me a shoulder when I could not support myself.

Thank you for being a friend; you are truly a friend in need; a friend indeed.

Thank you for everything you have done and know that you are loved by all of us.

Thank you for offering me a friendship more valuable than gold itself.

Thank you for sending me best wishes on my birthday and making the celebration more special with your surprise gifts. It was a wonderful birthday party.

Thank you for showing me what it means to lift my head and smile again.

Thank you for standing by me despite my faults, my tears, and all of my mistakes.

Thank you for staying by my side, sharing my hopes and dreams, and just being you.

Thank you for your kind wishes and heartfelt thoughts. They are much appreciated.

Thank you for your love, generosity and well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for the birthday treats. I will enjoy eating them all night long.

Thank you so very much. You have made my day that much brighter just being you.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful wishes and for your generous gift as well. I’m really happy that I have a friend like you. You just made my birthday happier and more memorable because of your wishes. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your genuine wishes and greetings for me as I celebrate my birthday. You guys are incredible.

The gift of a family is incomparable. You are the source of my strength and sustenance, thank you for your devotion, moral support and loyalty.

The most invaluable asset I have is gift of your friendship. Your friendship has rewarded me with love, understanding and support; thank you.

Words are often inadequate to express my joy for your help. For sharing my dreams; for your invaluable help, support and patience, I say thank you.

You deserve more than just a thank you. Know that you are in my heart now and forever.

You made my day extra special. Thank you for your kind words and the sweet gift.

Your friendship was the medicine that revived me on my sick bed; for standing by me when my strength failed me. Thank you.

The below infographic is filled with great and unforgettable birthday quotes from some of the most popular and well known people in the world. Many of these signs resemble current perspectives on aging and celebrating the idea of getting older. As Mark Twain says, “wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” Find more inspirational quotes in the below infographic.

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Bless your generosity! A heartfelt thank you for all that you've done. You made my day! Our highest gratitude and appreciation – we are so grateful for your.

Birthday Thank You Messages, Thank You for Birthday Wishes

thanks for your hearty wishes

When it is your birthday, there are so many people that greets you and you do not even have the time to make up thank you notes for them so that is truly the struggle that a person can meet. They took the time and the effort to find birthday wishes or even create their own birthday wishes for you just to greet you a happy birthday and that totally counts! Imagine racking your brain for words that would make the person who greets you feel special and appreciated, that is surely a hard task. Imagine how you would feel if you greeted someone and received no thank you reply at the very least. Nowadays when social media notifies your friends to greet you on your birthday; it makes your task of saying thank you to people even harder than usual. Though you cannot make so many, you can make a few and just repeat them over and over again, with slight variations. Worry not about those thank you notes because here are some awesome quotes that will help you say thank you in the best way possible and help you overcome your dilemma on how to say thank you to those people who greeted you on your birthday.

I want to tell you just how much I appreciated your happy birthday greeting to me and I do wish you all the best in whatever you are going through right now!

Thank you for the birthday wishes that you have sent me, I just want you to know that it was highly appreciated and that I find it awesome.


I am grateful for the fact that you remembered my birthday, this is me saying thank you and also greeting you in advance: advance happy birthday to you as well.

The gift you gave me was awesome but the birthday wishes that comes along is even better, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, my friend.

The one thing that I am forever thankful for is that you never forget my special day and always greet me a happy birthday right on time, thank you!

I find it amazing that you even bothered to send me a gift when plain happy birthday wishes could have been fine, thank you so much!

Kindly accept our sincere thanks for the lovely baby shower gift and card. We really loved the gift and your warm presence on our special occasion.

You have truly touched our hearts with your blessings. Thank you for your best wishes and lovely presents.

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

With our sincere thoughts, we thank you for the beautiful baby gift. And especially your kind and warm presence.

Both of us thank you for adding a joyful spirit to our baby shower. Grateful to you once again for your pleasant and loving presence. You have given us beautiful birthday wishes and thank you for that!

Hope you enjoyed the party, Lots of love to you.

Thank you from both of us for the baby shower gift and lovely wishes of congratulations with your generous heart. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and blessings.

Thank you for the birthday wishes List

How to say properly thank you for the birthday wishes, to show our appreciation of not just gifts but also for warm messages to people who have been so kind to us or our loved ones. That is the reason of crafting these wonderful wishes and quotes for special bday that you will find as inspiration.

Thanks for the gift and warm wishes, Thanks for your lovely presence too.


Thanks for the beautiful surprise and the fantastic gift. This is the most amazing birthday surprise I have ever received. You rock my world. Thanks so much once again.

Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. You all are the most fabulous buddies in my life. I love you all. Keep smiling.

You guys made my birthday remarkable with so much fun, I really cannot thank you enough, To start with thanks a ton!

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60 Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

60 Happy Birthday Son Quotes

60 Happy Birthday Funny

Thank you very much for the unforgettable surprise. It was really good to see all of you celebrating my birthday with so much fun and laughter. My day wouldn’t be this special without you guys. Lots of love to all of you.

I really loved the surprise gift you sent. I will always miss you whenever I use it. Thanks a lot dear.

Thanks for the lovely surprise you all gave me, It really made me feel special, Thank you for the awesome surprise, Thanks a lot to all you guys!

Thanks a ton for all the lovely wishes. I really cannot believe that I am so blessed in life. Thanks everyone, believe me it really means a lot. Thanks for all the lovely wishes and gifts, Without you, I wouldn’t have enjoyed so much. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for making my birthday a special one, So much of laughter and fun, Oh! I really enjoyed the time spent with you, You really made me feel like the day was new, Thanks a lot!


Thanks so much for adding color and joyful spirit to my party,It really means a lot to me, Your presence made all the difference, I really felt happy and glee, Thanks for your wishes!

Thank you my friends, For your warm wishes, For your lovely gifts, For your wonderful smiles, For this unforgettable birthday, Thanks a ton!

It feels so good when someone does special things for you on your birthday, It really feels out of the world, I am feeling the same thing, So, I would like to say thanks for making me feel extra special.

Thanks to you my dear, For making my day so memorable, I will always remember your gesture, Never felt so happy on my birthday, Thanks a ton!

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts you sent, With you, I really do not need to pretend, You always make me feel so good, Cheers to our friendship, ‘touchwood’ Thanks a lot my friend!

I would like to express my heart-felt thanks, Without your help, it was not possible to do the task. Thanks a lot!

You supported me throughout, You are the best boss one can ever have, Thanks for all the efforts and praise, I do not have words or phrase, But, I cannot be thankful enough sir, Thanks a lot!

Please give me the opportunity to thank you from my heart, You guided me along for a perfect start, Without you, everything was impossible to achieve, Thanks a lot!

I honestly appreciate all your efforts and commitment, It will surely take us to another level of betterment, Thanks for your throughout support!

Thanks for your appreciation, Without your support, it was impossible to achieve the aim, Wish in the coming years, we keep achieving the same,Thanks a lot!

Roses may be red, Violets may be blue, What I expected you did not do, But still a thank you!

Thanks so much for always being there, Sometimes you do and sometimes you do not care, But, still thanks for your precious efforts!

Thank you for the good times, Thanks for always being there I have never been so happy in my life, Don ’t believe ? But, I swear!

I am greatful to you, for making my day a pleasure, for giving me unmatched treasure, I will surely remember this time, For me you will always remain prime!

Thanks for everything you did, A special thanks for all the fun, I will always remember the time. Thanks a ton!

Thanks for lending your shoulder during my sad days. Your humble and kind words have helped to heal me.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! You guys helped me a lot !

Your courageous words made me strong. I successfully fought all the obstacles. Thanks for understanding my worries.

The quality time spent with you relieved me peacefully from the painful loss. Thanks for making time for me.

Without you, the wounds on my heart would never heal. Thanks for sharing the love and kindness I needed.

You wiped my lonely tears. Carried away my fearful thoughts and healed my sad heart. Thanks for being in my life.

Your warm act of kindness made my day. Thanks so much, my dear friend. Keep smiling.

Thanks for your regards. We appreciate your love and care. May God bless you with happiness.

Thanks for being such a good friend, Thanks for holding me with your love and care, Thanks for your kind help and being by my side, Thanks for being my light in the darkness.

I love spending time with you. Thanks for being my friend. Please be my friend forever.

Thanking is the most beautiful thing, Especially for someone who you love, Tell them how much you need them, And thank them for being in your world.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face, When I was feeling all broken and lonely, Thanks for being such a lovely person.

Before I start with all the good things about you, Let me thank you for being a good human being, Besides the relationship that we share as siblings, I want you to know that you mean a lot to me.

Thanking you is a great pleasure. Because friends like you bring many memories to treasure.

You have always loved us with your warm presence. Thanks so much! Lots of love.

For sharing your sweet smiles, Making us laugh till we cried, And the days you spent with us, We appreciate it very much and thanks for the birthday wishes dear.

Thanks for your gracious presence, Having you on this day, was such a pleasure, You made my day, Thanks a ton!

My sincere thanks for all your good wishes, Thanks for all the efforts you made to wish me today, You really made my day, Thanks a lot!

Thanks so much for your kind gesture, It will be remembered for a lifetime, Heartfelt thank you from my side, For making this the best day!

Just want to thank you from my heart, You helped me to get a wonderful start, People like you are so very few, Your gratitude was so lovely and true, Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the support you gave me on this day, May you get everything you wish for today, This is my heartiest plea, Thanks for being there!

Thanks to you for the warm and lovely wishes, your thoughtfulness and for joining us on the lovely occasion. You are very special.

Thanks for giving your helping hand when I needed it the most. I’ll always be there for you. May God bless you.

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift. I really loved it. I will always keep it with me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I fall short of words to thank you. I am very grateful to you. Please call me whenever you need me and I will always be there to help you.

Thanks for being so kind and thanks for your love and care. I owe a lot to you. Thank you birthday wishes, you are a wonderful person.

Thanks for being so good to us. We are happy to have a person like you in our life. We all like your presence in our family. Keep smiling.

Thankfulness is next to Godliness. So let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. May God bless us with a long lasting friendship.

I am blessed to have a person like you. You mean a lot to me. A heartfelt thank you for all the things you do.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes, they are beautiful !

Your love is like a paradise,So warm, pleasant and good. I am happy to be your friend,Thank you for sharing this sisterhood.

I want to thank you for the all the good things you taught me. You are my best guide and an inspirer. I wish to learn many more things from you. You are the best.

You were always there for me when no one was. Accept my sincere thank you, because you mean a lot to me. Thanks for being there! I mean it.


Thank you for your kind gesture,I will never forget it throughout my life,I wish you get all that you desire,So that you don’t have to strive!Thanks again!

When no one was around me, When there was darkness, I could only see, You gave me your helping hand, Because of you, Today so tall I stand, Thanks for every gesture of yours, Thanks for everything you did, It means a lot.

Without asking, you gave me so much, Your loving nature is such, Thank you for everything, I mean what I say, May you get everything whatever comes your way! Thanks for everything!

I learned all the lessons of life from you, You gave me so much, old and new, Thank you for being my inspiration in life, Without you, it was tough to survive, Heartfelt thanks to you!

I want to thank you, with all the pleasure, Being with you was such a treasure, Thanks for all what you did for me, Thanks so much, thanks to thee!

Your kindness cannot match up with my thanks to you, But, still I want to thank you. Stay blessed and happy, that is my only prayer, Coz people like you are few and rare.

Thanks for the precious time you gave me, It really means a lot to me, I will remember your gesture with each passing day, I wish to thank you today from my heart!

When I was lonely, you were there for me, When I was depressed, you made me smile, Thanks for being there for me, Thanks for all this while, With you around, I can walk an extra mile!

Thanks for everything you did, Your deed will always be cherished in my heart, Thanks for all the love and care, I know you will always be there for me, Thanks so much!

I don’t know how to express my thank you, Coz people like you are so few, Who does so much without a thought? So much unsaid, or sought, Thanks so much my dear, With you around, I feel no fear!

I would like to say thanks for all you have done, for being there, thanks a ton, May God bless you with loads of luck and love. Coz you deserve it so much. Thanks my friend!

Thank you for your genuine gesture, It will always be appreciated, Thanks for all the support, It will always be remembered, Thanks a lot!

You have always been my pillar of strength, You have always been kind to me, I would like to thank you sincerely from my heart, With you, I had a wonderful start. Thanks a lot!

Life is fun and beautiful because of you. Because of you, everything seems new, thanks for being there in my life, Without you, it is tough to survive, Thank you and God bless!


When time was not so right, When the sun was not that bright, You came, and saved my day, Thanks for always being there for me, You mean a lot to me!

Words are not enough for me to thank you, I don’t know where to start and end, You have always helped me throughout, With you, there is no presumption or doubt, Coz I know you will be there, thanks so much!

Your gratitude means a lot to me, Thank you for everything you did, I really appreciate the gesture, And will always remember your kindness, Once again, thanks a lot!

Thanks for being the support of my life, Thanks for everything you did, Heartfelt thanks from me to you, You are a true friend, and I really mean it.

Words are not enough, Still I want to thank you You were there, when no one was, You supported me throughout, Without any condition and clause, Thanks for always being there!

I want to thank God for sending you in my life, And, yes! To you as well for always being there!

Words are not enough, Still I want to thank you You were there, when no one was You supported me throughout, Without any condition and clause, Thanks for always being there!

Lots of hugs and wishes for you, Want to say a heart felt thank you, Coz you always supported me, Stay blessed forever, this is my only plea! Thanks my friend!

When sun was not that bright, When nothing was so right, But,you were there beside, To support me through the rough tide, Thanks a lot,I really mean it!

You have helped me to fill up all the empty spaces in my life. Life really seems complete with your company. Thanks for all the love and support you gave me.

The journey of life is not effortless, But,with you around I feel no stress, Thanks! For all that you have done for me, Your gratitude will always be remembered by me, Thanks a lot!

There is no reason to thank, There is no season to thank, It is just a way to show, that someone means a lot, It is just a gesture of your thought, Thanks for everything,thanks a ton, With you around,life is so much fun! Thanks!

Your good act of kindness, Will always be cherished by me, A heart felt thanks for everything, Thanks for your unconditional love, Thanks for sticking by my side,when no one else did! Thanks again!

I really don’t know whether I should thank you or God for sending you in my life. You have been so kind and you helped me whenever I needed you. Heartfelt thanks for always being there.

I really don’t know whether I should thank you or God for sending you in my life. You have been so kind and you helped me whenever I needed you. Heartfelt thanks for always being there.

I want to thank you for all the patience you had with me, You stood by me with all my faults and mistakes, I highly appreciate that, Thanks for always being there!

I want to thank you for all the patience you had with me, You stood by me with all my faults and mistakes, I highly appreciate that, Thanks for always being there!

Thanks for your wishes and heartfelt thought, It really means a lot, You were there,when I needed you the most, Thanks for always being so close, You have a special place in my heart, In my life, you play a special part, Thanks again!

I value your time and kind gesture for me, I value everything that you did for me, Really blessed to have you in my life, Without you,it is hard to survive, Thanks for always being there!

Thank you for your lovely wishes, It really made my day, You gave me so much, That I have nothing left to say, Accept heartfelt thanks from my side! Thanks again!

I really appreciate your gesture and support for me, Please accept heartfelt thanks from my side!

Thanks a lot for your warm wedding wishes. We really appreciate your presence. Hope you enjoyed the wedding. Thanks for making our wedding a very special one.

Your best wedding wishes, gifts and blessings mean a lot to us. We really enjoyed your presence on our lovely occasion. Thanks for everything. May God bless you.

Both of us thank you for your lovely contribution at our wedding ceremony. We appreciate your presence, as it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Thanks for being a part of the most important day of our life. We both thank you for raising the toast and your blessings.

We really appreciated your presence at our wedding. It wouldn’t have been this special without your presence. We thank you very much for being a part of the lovely occasion.

15 Happy birthday images to thank you all for your birthday wishes

There is nothing better than to say thank for the birthday images you have sent us or even better that we have all became part of it during our birthday celebration. With these happy bday images you will definitive make it right with sharing on Pinterest or Facebook wall, or even on any other social network you like.

Thanks for birthday wishes image

Thank you for birthday wishes picture

Thank you message for birthday wishes image

Thanks for the birthday wishes picture

Thank you birthday wishes pic

Thank you notes for birthday wishes image

Thank you messages for birthday wishes picture

Thank you all for the birthday wishes picture

Your birthday wishes serve as a keepsake that I will forever remember, as a reminder of all the happy times and the wonderful memories we shared, thank you so much.

My birthday is only for one day, however, all the wishes you sent me will definitely last for ever. Thank you for your thoughts and sincere greetings.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! The words are definitely a perfect embellishment to my birthday celebration. Your kind wishes have truly blown me away and I can never replicate the warmth and kindness you have shown.

Thank you for the message that’s truly priceless and is definitely the epitome of your sweetness. It shows what a great person you really are.

Money might be able to buy you almost everything, except amazing friends like you. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Thanks for the greetings. Your beautiful wishes have done something to me, which no amount of money can ever pay. These beautiful messages made me believe the true value of friendship.

Just like how some food will remain tasteless without any salt, my birthday will be incomplete without your wonderful wishes. Thank you so much for all the great things you have said about me.

I was really feeling worse about turning another year older but when I received your beautiful messages, all my blues have disappeared. Now I feel that adding another year in my life is truly worth it since I get to share it with amazing friends like you.

Thank you for the wonderful messages. I hope you will remain as wonderful as this for the rest of the year.

Birthday gifts can get lost or broken, however, your priceless kind words will definitely remain in my heart until forever.

We hope you have found new ideas on thanking for birthday wishes and do keep visiting us for new thank you messages here at Share these messages and bday ideas so it can help this site running.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes quotes

Birthdays serve as happy reminders of who your friends are. I’m glad you’re mine. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Birthdays are made better by the people who celebrate them with you. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. It’s friends like you who make growing older fun!

I am lucky to have people in my life to celebrate my birthdays with. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Birthday parties are fun. They’re even more fun when you’re there. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Birthdays have a way of making people reflect on their good and bad choices. Having you as a friend is one of my best decisions. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes are bright spots that make the day better. Thank you for yours.

I count myself blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes are like friends: you can never have too many. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.

This one thing I know is true: birthday wishes are best from you! Thank you for celebrating with me.

Birthdays are so much better with happy wishes from friends like you! Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. My life is so much richer with friends like you to celebrate with me.

Birthdays are best when you have people to celebrate with. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Birthdays aren’t my favorite, but birthday wishes from you are. Thank you for celebrating with me.

Birthday wishes are like stars in the sky: they brighten my world. Thank you for celebrating with me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, they really made my day so much more special!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I am lucky to have a caring person like you in my life.

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Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes: Quotes and Notes

thanks for your hearty wishes

Simple and Sweet Verses on How to Say Thank You

Here are some verses to say thank you. Have a look.
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Many times in life, it so happens that you wish to thank someone, appreciate someone or express your gratitude towards him for being there for you. It could be for a small gesture that made you smile or years of support that made you what you are. It could be for their help in any form, financial, physical or emotional. Yes, you need to thank those people who did it for you. There are occasions which give you the opportunity to say thanks but you do not know how. So here are some verses on how to say thank you, just for you!
Phrases that will Help you Word Thank You Letters
  • Thank you for your gift of love.
  • Thanks a bunch.
  • A Special Thank You. It's nice to know that there are people like you.
  • Thanks for everything you've done for me.
  • One person made a difference to my life... and that person is you. Thank you.
  • With sincere appreciation, I would like to thank you.
  • How I wish there were more people like you. Thank you so much.
  • I can never thank you enough, but I will try to. Thanks a million.
You receive gifts. They are not just objects; they convey sentiments of the people giving them to you. They are a token of their appreciation for you and the means to give you good wishes. All you can do is thank the people who gifted you. You can word a thank you verse and also buy them a gift in return. Here is something that will help you thank someone for his/her gift. Take a look.
  • "We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your very lovely wedding gift."
  • "This brings sincere thanks for the lovely gift you sent. We hope it helps to tell you just how much it meant."
  • "A loving note can barely say all we felt that magic day.
  • A heartfelt thanks is sent to you for your thoughtful gift and wishes, too."
  • "So from the tips of our boots, to the tops of our hats, we thank you for your present and your hearty "congrats"! "
  • Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence and lovely gift.
Say something nice about the person you are thankful to, to someone else and let the person you appreciate overhear you. That's a different way to thank someone. You can leave candies and/or flowers on his desk along with a thank you note or drop him a mail saying thank you. Make cookies, bake a cake or cook something special for the person you want to thank. This sweet gesture will surely be appreciated. Other interesting ways of expressing your gratitude can include quotes like these. Take a look.
  • "I've never been more pleased... and it's all your fault."
  • "I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom."
  • "Being remembered in such a nice way means a lot more than what a "thank you" can say! "
  • "Thank you! You really brightened up my day."
You would want to thank your teachers when moving out of school. You would like to express gratitude towards your professors on your graduation day. Words bring in the warmth but action makes your expression livelier! So plan well and use your creativity to gift something special to your teachers. You can write about some unforgettable experiences with your teacher or something special he/she taught you and present your teacher with a handwritten letter or card. While saying "Thank you" to your parents or relatives, it's great to talk about your beautiful relationship, about the bond you share and about their affection for you.
  • Verse 1
    "I would like to thank you, my family and friends,
    For treasured memories and loving support throughout my education and graduation."
  • Verse 2
    "Graduation reminds me of everyone who has touched my life.
    The gift of their presence and acknowledgment is truly appreciated. "
  • Verse 3
    "As I graduate, a new journey begins, I thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and prayers."
Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships. You cannot thank a friend enough! Here is one verse that can say it all.

"Thank you for your friendship true.
For being there, for being you.
For your heart, so good and kind
A truer friend, I could ever find.
Thank You."
There are times when you really cannot find words to appreciate someone's gesture. You are too overwhelmed to express yourself. In this case it is best to say that. Let him know you are speechless to comment on his gesture. Or say that you have no words or that words won't be enough to thank him. You can thank the person by saying that you wish there were others like him, thus acknowledging how much the person means to you.
Life brings with it, both joys and sorrows. There are times of grief from the bereavement of a loved one. There are times of feeling low about a broken relationship, a wrong decision or a failure. When you come out of the trauma, you think of the people who have supported you, encouraged you to start anew. It's important to thank them for being with you, being there for you. Here are some verses that you can use.
  • Thanks for everything you've done in making my grief easier to bear.
  • Thank you for your support and help during the funeral.
  • Thanks for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you.
No matter which verses you use or how you say thank you, what's more important is the emotion. At the heart of all these verses lies the feeling of gratitude towards those who have been there for you when you needed them the most. Even if you cannot word long verses, that's fine. A simple heartfelt 'thank you' can say it all. And before I sign off, I must say, thank you readers for stopping to read.

Use these thank you messages for birthday wishes to thank your dear Thank you for the warm wishes and for the fabulous present as well.

Simple and Sweet Verses on How to Say Thank You

thanks for your hearty wishes

Expressing words of thanks is not only good manners, but the right thing to do. It validates the actions of the person that helped you.

The world is a better place because there is always someone out there helping others. Someone is always trying to make this world a better place to live. Whether it’s through their actions or comments, these folks deserve our thanks. Saying thank you may not repay the good things someone did for you, it can certainly go a long way. Whenever someone does or says something positive for you, make sure to express your appreciation.

Here are some lovely choices that can be shared with people who helped you when you feel gratitude. Whether you want to thank someone for helping you in time of need, you can find the right words here.

How to Say Thank You

I’m wearing the smile you gave me.

TYFBA! (Thank you for being Awesome!)

A BIG thank you with a lot of love!

Thanks a million!

I cannot thank you enough for your help! You are nothing less than a blessing from God!

Please accept my vehement protestations of gratitude.

Thankful and grateful to have you as a friend.

We’d love to express our gratitude for your generous gift.

You have no idea how much this has helped me.

Thanks for the great time…and the great memories.


I am so grateful for the things you did for me.

What a blessing you’ve been.

Bless your generosity!

A heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done.

You made my day!

Our highest gratitude and appreciation – we are so grateful for your support.

Magnificent! You’re a life saver!

I’m humbled and appreciative for all you’ve done on our behalf.

The world is full of wonderful things like you!

Our highest appreciation for your kindness.

At this difficult time, it’s so nice to feel appreciated.

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The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.
Dalai Lama

Being thankful not only shows good manners, but a simple expression of thankfulness can go a long way in relationships and communication with others. It not only enhances our own lives, but makes other people feel appreciated.
Daniella Whyte

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy

Thank you expressions

Much obliged!

I am all gratitude.

You were there for me during a very difficult time. Thanks!

It was so awesome of you.

I will forever be beholden to you.

You have my gratitude.

What would I do without you?

I will never forget what you have done.

I’m so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Words are powerless to express my gratitude.

Accept my endless gratitude.

My sincere gratitude.

Your generosity overwhelms me.

I appreciate your time.

Consider yourself heartily thanked.

I truly appreciate you.

I cannot express my appreciation.

I’ll forever be grateful.

Thank You Card Wording for a Gift

Perfect is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe your gift. I don’t think I myself even could have gifted anything better. Thanks for knowing me so well.

Only someone with great taste could get me such a cool gift. Your generosity is as great as your sense of style.

Thank you for the gift. You put a smile in our hearts.

I think you know me better than I know myself. Your gift was exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

You never fail to surprise me. Thank you for such a terrific gift.

Thank you for knowing me so well and for the perfect gift. One of the best presents I’ve ever gotten!

You made me feel so special when I opened your gift. I knew that you spent time, effort, and energy to make sure it was awesome. Thank you!

Thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding with your warm wishes and thoughtful gift.


Appreciation for Your Help

It’s harder and harder these days to get the number of volunteers we need—but you made time in your busy schedule to step up. Thank you!

Thank you very much!

I am blessed to have a friend like you.

Thanks for not giving up on me.

Thank you for your help. Please accept this card as a symbol of my sincere gratitude for everything you’ve done.

Thank you for your help. You always know how to make life brighter for everyone you know.

It was a great party! You really know how to make good times happen. Thank you for letting me be part of it.

Thank you for the unforgettable meal. You’re incredible.

I couldn’t find a card that expressed my gratitude the way I wanted. I need a card that gives you a big hug.

If you could see my face right now, you’d see a look of gratitude. Thank you!

Much Obliged

I’m very lucky to have a friend like you. My deepest gratitude for all your help! Thank you.

For all the little and big ways you’ve pitched in…thanks!

For my burden-bearing, laughter-sharing, forever-caring friend…a very happy, hug-filled, heartfelt thanks.

A big thank-you to you for letting me crash at your place (again) during the conference. You always make me feel just like family.

You made a difference because you are so caring and thoughtful.

There was nothing random about your acts of kindness. Thank you for all you have done.

Today I have realized that people who are kind are actually the richest, because they are giving away kindness – something that can never be taken or stolen. Thanks for being kind.

Thanks so much for all your help when I know you’re already so busy.

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel when I think about what you have done. I’ll just say thanks.

Thank you for your kindness

I wanted personally to let you know how gratifying it was to receive your kind note of support and encouragement.

I was captivated when I received your compliment note and was manifested pleasure reading your beautiful words. Thank you.

Looking at how obliged and indebted I am feeling towards you right now, I have realized that kindness is actually one of the greatest weapons any person can ever have. Thank you.

Thank you very much for telling me how much you have enjoyed reading my column. I’m so pleased to know that it brightens your day.

Your thoughtful note really made me happy that now you are wholly comfortable with me and my family. I would like to tell you that we already miss you a lot and really enjoyed being with you. You are always welcome to stay with us anytime in future.

Your incredible generosity and thoughtfulness shone through in your card. You didn’t have to do that, thank you!

Words of Thanks

Thoughtful and generous are two words I think of when I think of you. Thanks!

I would like you to know that I was pleased when I received your beautiful and kind note of encouragement and support. Thank you for supporting me all through the ups and downs.

I truly appreciate your nice note for my efforts. I really need your support for further endeavors. Thank you again!

Thank you for your kind words. If you could see my face, you’d see the smile you put on it.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. They mean a lot to me!

I would be grateful even if I didn’t write this thank you card, but I wanted to let you know that I think you are cool.


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thanks for your hearty wishes
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