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Sending birthday wishes
March 14, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 1 comment

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Birthdays come once a year, one in every three hundred and sixty five days. Just like it is to a doctor performing a major surgery and to the patient undergoing the said surgery. To the doctor, it is just another day at work, but to the patient, it is a very big day in their life.

To anyone who is not celebrating, it might look like any other day, but to the one celebrating, it is one of the most important days of the year, if not the most important.

So missing a birthday wish might seem unforgettable. Yet there’s always a chance to deliver your birthday wishes and pacify your friends and family when you forget. Simply send them belated wishes. Here are some brilliant belated happy birthday wishes to make your friend feel pacified after forgetting their day.

Short Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

#1: I am so sorry that I forgot your birthday. I hope that you had a good time anyway and that you have a wonderful year to come. Belated Happy Birthday.

#2: I cannot believe that I forgot your birthday. Please accept my apologies, and I wish you a blessed and happy year to come. Belated Happy Birthday.

#3: Belated Happy Birthday. I do not know how I missed your birthday, but I hope it was a good one and that you enjoyed your special day. Best wishes for the coming year.

#4: Oh dear, I missed your birthday. Sorry about that. I hope that it was fabulous. I wish you health and happiness for the coming year. Belated Happy Birthday.

#5: Happy Birthday to my dear friend…a little late. I hope that you enjoyed the day. Sending you my best wishes and blessings for a happy and prosperous year to come.

#6: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Is your birthday already over? Oh no! Oops. Well, I hope you had a good day and that you enjoy the year to come.

#7: Somehow, I lost track of time, and I seem to have missed your special day. I am so sorry. I hope that it was spectacular. Belated Happy Birthday.

#8: As I get older, it gets harder to remember important dates. Now that you are a year older, maybe you can understand. I hope it was a good one. Belated Happy Birthday.

#9: Belated Happy Birthday. I am so sorry that I forgot. Please accept my belated greetings and my best wishes for a great year ahead.

#10: Even though I am late for your birthday, I want you to know how special you are. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and best wishes for the year to come.

#11: I have a funny feeling something important just happened, and I missed it. Was it your birthday? I hope it was a good one and that you have a great year to come.

#12: Belated Happy Birthday to a wonderful and understanding person. I hope that you had a wonderful day and that the coming year brings you happiness and joy.

#13: I missed your birthday, but I think that gives you permission to celebrate it all over again! Maybe take the whole week or even the whole month. Belated Happy Birthday.

#14: Another year has come and gone, and I missed your special day. Please accept my apologies and my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday.

#15: Please accept my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a nice time and that your dreams come true in the year to come.

#16: Belated Happy Birthday to a truly amazing person. I am sending you wishes and prayers for blessings and happiness in the year ahead.

#17: My sincere, but belated, wishes for happiness for your special day. I am also sending prayers for blessings and prosperity in the year to come.

Funny Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

#1: You know I like standing out? Like, being outstanding. Let’s this belated birthday wishes be as outstanding as I am.

#2: When the registered attendees showed up to your party, I’m sure they thought I was locked out for misbehaving. Belated birthday wishes!

#3: Cause this birthday is just for you and well, I wanted to stand out, that is why I let the crowd do their thing yesterday. Belated happy birthday, dear friend.

#4: There is this part of the world where it is customary to send birthday wishes days after the birthday has passed, and it has my name on the entrance to the city.

#5: I don’t know where this place is actually, but obviously, I’m from here. You’ll always be my family so belated happy birthday wishes to you.

#6: How about I go a bit higher? Let me celebrate your birth-month instead of your birthday. It is still your birth-month, right? Happy birth-month!

#7: I didn’t know if I should send you a handwritten letter, an email, a Facebook message, an SMS, a tweet or a voice message. It took me a whole day to decide. Here, belated birthday wishes to you.

#8: I didn’t forget your birthday, I just wanted to annoy you by sending my wish late. I am not sorry, belated happy birthday to you.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To A Brother

#1: Maybe there is a reason you were born later than I was. I am not sure, but I think so. Belated happy birthday, my lovely brother.

#2: As it seems your birth, in relation to mine, is belated. Allow me go scot free with this error of forgetting your birthday kid brother. Best wishes on your day!

#3: Throughout yesterday, mom couldn’t let me breathe. I was so encumbered with house chores. I not only forgot your birthday, brother, I also forgot to eat. Nevertheless, belated happy birthday, bro.

#4: Hey, younger brother. How am I supposed to believe you are a year older when you always look the same to me every year? Well, if you insist you are a year older, belated happy birthday, bro.

#5: All through yesterday, I was thinking about you even up till this morning, the thoughts of you aging paralyzed me. I wish you happy aging brother!

#6: I did not celebrate yesterday because a day is not enough to celebrate you. I celebrate you every day, brother. Belated happy birthday, bro.

#7: That I forgot yesterday was your special day, doesn’t mean that you are not a daily reminder of how troublesome brothers can be. Belated happy birthday wish, to a naughty brother.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To A Sister

#1: Remember when we were young, and you would send me on errands and I would return late? I’m sorry, but I just had to remind you of those days with my belated birthday wishes, big sister.

#2: Sometimes we forget important things on our calendar and schedule. Just like I did to the house chores you gave me as a kid. Just like I did on your birthday. I’m sorry. Belated happy birthday, Sis.

#3: Lovely sister, I hope you had a great time at your birthday party? I am sorry I couldn’t be part of it. Belated happy birthday, dear.

#4: I am even sorrier I forgot your day entirely and missed seeing you cut the cake I sent. I hope you had a beautiful birthday.

#5: No explanation is enough for the fact that I forgot your birthday? I’m deeply sorry, forgive me. Belated birthday wishes Sis.

#6: May troubles, sorrows and tribulations miss your way, just the way I missed your birthday. Belated happy birthday, sister. I do hope you forgive me.

#7: It’s quite sad that I missed your birthday. A party that would have doubled as a reunion. I am sorry. Belated happy birthday, sister.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To A Friend

#1: Dear friend, I wanted your celebrations to last more than a day. That is why I decided to send my birthday wishes a little later than all the others.

#2: No, I did not forget your birthday. Of course not. I cannot even try to. Belated happy birthday, friend.

#3: Hey, dear. I went shopping yesterday. I wanted to get you some gifts for your birthday. The gifts are running late so let me wish you happy birthday in arrears.

#4: I don’t know if it was some kind of special sales day or a promo day, but the queue was so long I spent almost the whole day shopping for the perfect gift. Belated birthday wishes to you.

#5: I got back home very tired and stressed out. It made me forget to come around with the gifts and wish you a happy birthday. I’m sorry, happy birthday.

#6: I no longer see you as a friend, that was in the past. I now see you as family. I feel very bad when I forget to observe a family ritual, like sending birthday wishes as and when due, and that is why I feel so bad that I forgot your birthday. Forgive me. Belated happy birthday, friend.

#7: Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet, and my love for you is eternal. I am sorry for missing your birthday, dear friend, forgive me. Belated happy birthday, dear.

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Stuck on what to write in a birthday card? Send happy birthday wishes with these ideas from Hallmark! Includes over 100 birthday messages.

Birthday Wishes

sending birthday wishes

Remember to send your loved ones a Birthday message to remind them that you think about them on this special day!

Of course it is much easier to fall into the typical clichés of just saying “happy birthday” but if a person means anything to you it’s only right that you go the extra mile of actually sending a thoughtful message. Sometimes it can be difficult to coin the perfect birthday wish for that special someone especially with so many options available, but with these collection of very unique messages you no longer have to stress yourself in an attempt to formulate a beautiful message for your friends or family. Whether you’re in search of a message that will have them laughing or one that makes them feel so incredibly loved with the help of these birthday message compilation you can make the next birthday you celebrate with your special one a memorable day by sending them one of these carefully drafted messages. Here are some original birthday messages you can easily send as a text or even write on a birthday card:

Birthday messages for family

When it comes to family it is important that you make them know how much their presence in your life means to you. Whether it’s your dad, mum, husband, wife, sibling or relative it’s always nice to add a side messages that shows you are grateful for all the sacrifices they’ve made and that their mere existence has impacted your life immensely, here are a few messages you can send to family members:

  • I am blessed to have an amazing brother like, you are the most beautiful being and my prayer this day is that all your dreams come true and that each materialized dream fills your heart with so much joy and happiness.
  • Sending these birthday wishes to my guardian angel! Thanks for teaching me how to be strong, and for always having my back, you mean so much to be dear brother I hope you have a blast.
  • Happy birthday to the most magnificent (girl/woman) in my life. All I wish for you today is joy, happiness and greater heights, you know I’ll always believe in you, cheers.
  • Like the sea waves, your goodness surges and blesses everyone it encounters. I hope that life is good to you, I hope that all your wishes come true and most of all I hope this day brings you as much joy as you have brought me, happy birthday sis. 
  • Mum you’re the greatest gift god has given me, when I think of how blessed I’ve been to have you as a mum my heart is filled with pure gladness, I hope you live long enough so I can repay you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me. Happy birthday
  • Today, I celebrate the woman who has empowered me to believe in myself and dream big dreams.  Without your guidance, I would be a man with no vision. Happy birthday, Mom! God bless you.
  • Dad, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank god for all the amazing things you’ve done for me. If all children were lucky enough to have a father like you, the world would be a better place, happy birthday dad.
  • Having you as my dad is one of the greatest gifts ever, I must have done something incredibly remarkable in my previous life to be blessed with my own guardian angel as a father. Happy birthday to you, I love you.
  • Darling, your love for me is nothing short of a priceless gift from Heaven. On your birthday, I just want you to know how grateful I am that you are my beloved wife. Have an amazing day.
  • I am must be the luckiest man in the world to have gotten the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing woman to have ever graced the surface of this earth. Happy birthday, my sweet love. 
  • I have everything I need in live because I have the love of the most phenomenal woman in the world. I wish you all the joy and happiness you have brought me, happy birthday love.
  • Wishing a fabulous birthday to the only man in the world whose smile has the power to light up my world. I love you so much, sweetheart.
  • Honey, I am so glad that of all the men in the world, it is you my heart beats for. Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to my soul, happy birthday my love.
  • You’re as important to me as the sun is to the earth. There’s nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice to make you happy every day. Happy birthday, my sweet husband I feel blessed that you are mine.

Birthday messages for friends 

No matter who your card recipient may be, whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or perhaps a close friend, boss or colleague who has been there for you, it’s always sweet when you add a cute happy birthday quote to your messages, here are a few ideas you can send to your friends:

  • I hope this day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, laughter, warm wishes, and many, many blessings. Wishing you a happy birthday! 
  • I hope this day is special and everyone treats as well as you have treated me. I wish you all the happiness in the world, happy birthday.
  • My number one wish for you today is that you remain in good health. This is to ensure that I have many more birthdays to celebrate with you, so then I’ll wish good luck and success! Happy birthday my dear friend.
  • Flowers and balloons for the birthday star. I hope these lovely wishes meet you well wherever you are. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is the day I celebrate the number of years you’ve brought happiness to my life, I bless the day I met you, Happy birthday.
  • Through all the years I have known you, you’ve never changed for worse, instead you have become even more awesome with every passing year. I hope you continue to stay true to yourself, happy birthday, Love always,.
  • I congratulate you as you become a year older today. This year of your life shall be a year filled with precious moment, you shall conquer every challenge that comes your way and the sky shall be your stepping stone, Happy birthday.
  • Today as we celebrate the wonderful gift of your life, I want you to know how grateful I am for the moments we’ve shared, here’s to more of that, have a wonderful birthday!
  • Your existence has indeed brought joy to the world and happiness to my heart. May you receive double the blessing on your birthday, have a wonderful celebration.
  • I hope that this day is a reminder of how far you’ve come, you are older and wiser today so be sure to look ahead for better days are yet to come, Happy Birthday to you, pal!
  • You’ve made my life worth living, every day with you is sweet, every minute, every hour, every moment is precious to me. I hope that on this special day, you know that what matters most in life is you here with me. Happy birthday, my love.
  • You are the reason I smile each day, you are the reason I live. You are the reason I laugh every day I’m so glad to have you here with me. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • To my truest friend: On your birthday, I hope you get a big return on all the love and charity you’ve shown towards others. You are a truly lovely person and I am proud to call you my friend, happy birthday.
  • I couldn’t let a day like today pass me by without saying happy birthday too you my dearest friend, you are all the light I have needed in life, I hope you continue to shine even brighter. Happy birthday
  • I can search for a lifetime and still never find a friend as amazing as you. You’ve been such a blessing to me, I hope you have a wonderful day, happy birthday.
  • I always think about the fond memories of our beautiful childhood years together. Happy birthday to you my most precious friend, may we make more beautiful and fun memories together.  Love you!
  • Whenever I think that I don’t have any reason to smile, your laughter and funny face prove me wrong, I feel so lucky and blessed to have you as a friend. Have an amazing birthday.
  • Happy birthday to an amazing friend who has made even the most challenging aspects of life bearable. Thank you for always being by my side and supporting me even in times when I didn’t deserve it. You are truly a great friend and I wish you all the best.
  • Working with you over the years has been an incredible experience for me, i wish you all the best things this year has in store for you, happy birthday, dear colleague.
  • Dear *insert colleagues name* you brighten everyone’s day with your lovely smiles and words of encouragement, as you grow older today I wish you much more happiness and joy, happy birthday.
  • Dear boss, thanks for being such an inspiration to me, from you I have learnt that with hard work and determination I can achieve anything. Thank you for all your advice and guidance. Happy birthday.
  • You are undoubtedly the best boss in the Universe. I feel so lucky and blessed for opportunity to work under someone as amazing as you. Happy birthday, boss.
  • They say success only comes to people who are hardworking and perseverant, no wonder you’re so successful, all the important things I have learnt in my professional career, I have learned from you. Happy birthday boss, I wish you more success in all your endeavors.

A genuine birthday wish will certainly make anyone’s day. Saying happy birthday with some lovely words is actually a gesture most people do not forget. These birthday quotes are a great place to start with, at least now when you sit staring at the blank greeting card in front of you, you no longer have to worry that you can’t put pen to paper and draft a nice message for your loved one because the truth is you’re probably not alone in that respect, a lot of people get a case of writers block when they want to write a birthday message or greeting, especially to the people they love the most so it’s really nothing to feel guilty about. However, you don’t have to stick to only what we’ve written here. You can personalize the sentiment even more with an inside joke or by including special moments shared between you and the birthday celebrant, it will make all the difference. 

Also note that these massage are not limited to cards or text messages only you can print them out on say a cup or some décor piece, or even print them out and have it framed, it would make them even more special and lasting because that way the birthday celebrant has something tangible to remember always. 

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130 Best Birthday Text Messages You Can Send To Anyone

sending birthday wishes

Birthdays are chances to put your love and show some affection towards your loved ones. Your wife’s birthday is one of the most important days of her life. A good husband knows how necessary and important is to make his wife feel special on her birthday. Birthdays are not only just to be remembered, but also to express your lovely feelings to your closed ones. The best gift to give your wife on her birthday is a kind expression of never-ending love. You must make her birthday most memorable by sending some romantic and sweet birthday messages to her. Women love to get loved. If it’s her birthday, then you must try to plan something special for her. Make her feel happy on this day, and the best happy birthday wishes listed here will help you to show your love to her. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find some best happy birthday wishes for wife:


Birthday Wishes for Wife:

  1. I know you have a lot of things to do, so I’m going to go ahead and take them off your hands and do them for you. Happy Birthday!

  2. I am not going to take any selfies with u, because age hasn’t touched you and I don’t want to be the only one looking older. Happy birthday.

  3. Everything I have ever wished for in life is you, my dear wife. You are my priceless treasure, and I will cherish u all the days of my life. I wish u the happiest of birthdays, my love.

  4. My love, on this day that you celebrate your birthday I want you to know that you are the best wife in the whole world and I am so lucky to be ur husband. Happy Birthday, sweet wife.

  5. Happy Birthday, have a truly perfect day because you are so special, I wish you a wonderful day.      

  6. You are the fairest of women and I am lucky to be your husband. Baby I wish for you all the good things in life nd most of all today I wish you a Happy Birthday.

  7. If I had to choose again, u would definitely be my number one all over again. You are the light of my life and I love u so much. On this special day, I want to tell you Happy Birthday baby girl.

  8. I love your smile, I luv ur touch, I love your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible. Happy birthday to my wife.

  9. My lovely wife, every day spent with u makes my life worth living. I want to treasure every moment with you. I love you forever. Wonderful bday.

  10. I love your smile, I love your touch, I luv your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible, happy birthday to my wife.

  11. You are the most wonderful woman in the world to me. You are and will always be – the special girl! Happy birthday!

  12. Darling here`s wishing you a life always full of happiness.

  13. I must have been a gambler in my past life, because I did get lucky to win you as my prize. Happy birthday wife!

  14. Thank you for always believing in me and making me feel like the most important thing in your life. U are definitely the most important in mine. Happu Bday.

  15. May all ur life be filled with loving memories! Happy birthday, sweetie! Let’s spend another year happily.

  16. I am still and will always be blinded by ur love. I don’t mind since you made me see how beautiful the future can be with u. Happy birthday, love.

  17. You are all things wonderful, all things meaningful and all things possible. I am blessed to have a perfect wife. Happy bday, dear.

  18. I love your smile, I love your touch, I love your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible. Happy birthday to my wife.

  19. You make not just me, but our whole family complete every single day. I hope that on your special day, you are showered with all the gratitude you so richly deserve.

  20. Your birthday is my birthday too. I’m celebrating the joy of having you in my life. Happy birthday, honey.

  21. You changed my imperfect existence to a perfect 1 and made my imperfect world to become a perfect world. U are indeed a perfect wife. Happy birthday!

  22. To my beautiful wife, I hope this year brings u as much joy and happiness that you have brought and continue to bring into my life. Happy birthday!

  23. Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me the perfect husband that I am today.

  24. It is another birthday for u and another year of being together. Thank you for putting up with me and have a very happy birthday darling.

  25. All I want to do is hold u in my arms forever because my paradise is right in your loving arms. Happy birthday.

These birthday wishes to wife from husband will help you to show your feelings. You can also post these wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram with lots of love. There are also a few funny birthday wishes in English which you can send to your lovely wifey. You should gift her a greeting card with love lines written in it, and also a cake with her name on it with a special note. You may also write Happy Birthday to my Wife on the birthday cake.

Birthday Message for Wife:

A cute happy birthday message for wife can win her heart. So, you should not miss this opportunity. Love greetings and messages carry a special feeling with itself through which you can impress your wife easily. Here, we have the most romantic birthday wishes which you can send to your lovely and beautiful wife as a bday SMS. Look at these messages and pick one happy birthday message for wife:

  1. Happy Birthday darling, May all your dreams come true. and on this day of happiness, I send my love to u…

  2. Thank you for the person I am today, Because you believed in me and stood by my side. You are truly an angel sent by God. Happy birthday!

  3. Baby, you and me are like peanut butter and jelly. Sure you can have one without the other but why would you? Happy Birthday my wife.

  4. There r many parts of life. But what is life without love. A life without love is not a life at all. With you and me together, there will be more life than ever to love. Happy birthday my wife

  5. As I send this message to my dearest wife, I hope it reminds you that my love will never fade no matter how long it takes. Happy birthday sweetheart!                                                                                      

  6. May God bless my beautiful wife with health & happiness!! I will always be there for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!!

  7. You always manage to bring joy to my life no matter how heavy the load is. You r my life and my joy. Happy Birthday!

  8. You are my wife, the mother of my children, without you, I would be lost. I love you so much darling, I hope you know that. Happy birthday honey!

  9. There are both gud and bad times in life. I love you for always being there with me in my good and bad times. U are the best wife in the world. Happy Birthday.

  10. I know you have a lot of things to do, so I’m taking them off your hands and doing them for you. Happy Birthday – I Luv you!

  11. I will be forever grateful for the love you have given me all these years. I just hope that you have many more years to spend with me. Happy Birthday!

  12. If you ever asked me to show how much I luv u, I would say that life is too short for that. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  13. May this day brings lots of happiness in your life and may your all the desires and wishes be completed.

  14. I love driving you crazy and making you mad. It is all in the attempt to play with u. You make me want to be so playful. Happy birthday my wife.

  15. Hundreds of ways to wish birthdays, but I have chosen to give you a hug because I love to do this. I luv u dear. And wish you a very happy birthday.

  16. You are my true luv. Without you, I won’t be here where I am. Happy Birthday My dear.

  17. Smile. It makes my heart beat faster. Happy Birthday, beautiful.

  18. You are so beautiful to me. You are my fantasy. You are the colour to my world. You are the treasure forever I will hold. Happy Birthday!

  19. You have always poured your love upon me and my family. You are the one who have shown me the power of love. Thanks for all the love, my wife!! I wish you a happy birthday!

  20. Do you believe in miracles? You should because when I found you, it was a miracle. Wishing happy birthday to the most special wife in this world!

  21. You are a special woman and I am glad that on this day some years ago, God brought you into this world and ever since u have light it up just like you light my life up. Happy Birthday baby.

  22. Every day with you I get to fall in luv all over again. Here’s to a lifetime of being in love with you. Happy birthday!

  23. Congratulations honey! U have circled our Sun again and it’s your Birthday! I wish you the best, and a seven-course dinner tonight

  24. Although I am blinded by your love, it has opened my eyes to a better future. Happy birthday.

  25. Since I know you do not like to believe me, I will just tell you that I have no good excuse for being late.

Birthday Quotes for Wife:

If your wife loves you very much, then respect her, appreciate her, and be thankful to her for coming into your life. Thank God for sending a woman like her into your life. As a promising wife, she will always be there for you in your hard times to support you, and in your good times to celebrate with you. On this birthday, you should send the special birthday msg to your wife. If it’s not a bday msg, then it can be a birthday quotation, and you are so lucky because we have the best birthday quotes available here just for you. You should read these happy birthday quotes for wife to pick the best one for her.

  1. I don’t want to wake up from the dream I live with you. Happy Birthday!

  2. On this special day, I want to give you a tight hug and lots of love because I don’t think that there can be any better way to wish u on your birthday. I love you so much darling.

  3. I look at you on this birthday nd it is hard to believe another year has passed. You are as beautiful now as ever before, perhaps even more so!

  4. You still look so hot after all the years we have been together. I cannot imagine a more beautiful wife. Happy birthday, my luv.

  5. My dear, you know I always wish you the best of what the world has to offer and on this special day, it is no different, Happy Birthday.                                                                                                                          

  6. On your special day, dear, I’d like to tell that my love for you is never ending and I feel so happy to have u by my side.

  7. No words can express my feelings for you, honey. You are my luv my sunshine, my life!

  8. You are not just my wife. U are everything and you are my best friend. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

  9. My life and world will be empty without a wonderful wife like you. I shall be yours forever and ever. May ur big day filled with full of happiness and joy with most memorable moments.

  10. Happy birthday my love! I love ur beautiful smile and the sparkle in your eyes! I want to be always by your side to see u enjoy all your birthdays.

  11. May all your life be filled with loving memories of us and God bless u! Happy birthday.

  12. From the way ur sparkle your beautiful eyes to the way you share your happiness with a smile, there are many more reasons I can say to the question why I love you a lot. Happy birthday, darling.

  13. I am such a lucky man to celebrate your birthday with u. I love u now and always, my beautiful wife!

  14. I can’t imagine how boring life would have ever been without you. Indeed, you are my soul mate, lovable partner, wonderful frnd and excellent wife. Happy birthday.

  15. No words can adequately express my love for u. It does not age. Happy birthday to u, my heart, my wife!

  16. Best wishes of birthday to my lovely lady!! You are not only an amazing wife but a best friend, wonderful mother and a beautiful woman. Have a nice day!!

  17. Every day I want u, every day I need you and forever I will love you. Happy birthday my love!

  18. Remembering your birthday is really tough job for me, but being romantic husband is easy task, happy birthday honey.

  19. The older we grow, the more I fall in luv with you. Thank you for who you are to me. You are the most special person in my life.

  20. I am urs eternally. Happy birthday my gorgeous and amazing wife!

  21. On your birthday and all the days after, I promise to make you happier and to help you fulfil all your heart’s greatest desires. Wonderful bday, dear wife.

  22. More than a wife, in u I have found a friend for life. Happy birthday.

  23. My dear, you know I always wish you the best of what the world has to offer and on this special day it is no different, Happy Birthday.

  24. Most people read quotes to find the true meaning of life, but all I need to do is to look into your eyes. Happy birthday.

  25. You are the luv of my life. I cannot believe you said yes to a man like me. Seriously, I count my blessings every day that I wake up next to you. I hope you have an amazing birthday.

Happy Birthday Status for Wife:

Your wife is the most important person in your life. She plays many roles. As a mother, she takes care of your children, as a daughter-in-law, she serves your parents, and as your wife, she supports you in all the situations of life. She is a superwoman. Make her feel special on this birthday by sending the special birthday message to her. You can also put a status on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram for her. Below are the best wishes which will work great as the birthday status for your wife.

  1. The times I spent with u r obviously the most memorable and best parts of my life. Whenever or wherever I will be, I get to fall in love with you every second in my life.

  2. A very happy birthday to my most lovable wife. May your birthday be filled with lots of smiles and most memorable moments of life. I request u to never ever leave my hand until my last breathe.

  3. Happy birthday to someone who is as sweet and beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

  4. You stole my heart in the first moment that I saw her And since then my happiness Depends also on urs.

  5. There are just so many things to love about you my dear wife. You’re the woman of my fantasy and I can never imagine my lyf without you beside me. I love you, happy birthday!                                              

  6. Lets celebrate this day together and forget all tension, happy birthday.

  7. You are still looking like a college girl when I first met u in our college. Happy birthday

  8. You are the one and only important person in my life. Happy Birthday, dear wife.

  9. Happy birthday to the person, who is my heartbeat, smile of my face and dream of my sleep. Happy birthday, sweetheart!!

  10. Do you know that I can’t imagine my life without you. Happy birthday.

  11. Happy birthday my love! I wish you have a day that shines like your smile and glistens like your eyes! I wish you a bright birthday wife.

  12. The reason every blessed day of mine is sunny is simply because of the luv you give me. Happy birthday, my love. U are and will always be my sunshine.

  13. God gave me an angel to guide me and show me the way when He gave me U. Happy Birthday to an incomparable wife.

  14. It’s hard to imagine what my life would be like without you. Your birth has been a huge blessing in my life, so I have a lot to celebrate on your birthday.

  15. You taught me the true value of love in life. I am so lucky to have a wife like you. Happy birthday, dear!

  16. Happy birthday my sweetheart! I am really lucky to have you in my life! I don’t know where I would be without u!

  17. Wish you happy birthday, my soul mate! I will always luv you, regardless of the distance that separates us!

  18. Have a very special Birthday full of happy memories. As you deserve a Birthday that’s as wonderful as u.

  19. Today, my luv I want to tell you all these things, and say that I love you so much that I could not stay without wishing u a happy birthday!

  20. May all ur dreams come true. I will always do everything to make each one come true! Happy Birthday.

  21. Through the years, u have given me the gift of your heart. On your birthday, please know you have my heart and all that I can possibly give.

  22. Happy birthday to the luv of my life, my perfect wife!

  23. A true friend like you, my dear wife, is really difficult to come by these days. Thank you for being such a wonderful companion to me. Happy birthday!

  24. There is nothing that I want more than to spend the next one hundred birthdays of yours by my side. I luv u my sweetheart, happy birthday!

  25. I cannot imagine a world without you in it, and I am so grateful that I don’t have to. Happy birthday to my delightful, charming, and adored wife.

These are the birthday thoughts and the best birthday messages for a wife. You should pick any of these. A relationship between husband and wife is very sensitive, but it should be strong as well, and you can make an effort to make it strong by these love birthday wishes for her. Don’t miss even a single chance to impress and create lovely memories with her.

So, all these were the birthday SMS for a wife. You can tell us what you think about these “birthday greetings to my wife in English” in the comment section below.

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Fans send birthday wishes to Robert Smith as The Cure frontman turns 60

sending birthday wishes

Happy Birthday!

Fans from around the world have been sending birthday wishes to Robert Smith this morning.

The Cure frontman turns 60 today (April 21) and fans have been sending their best wishes to Smith as well as sharing photographs of Smith through the ages.

One fan said “Happy 60th Birthday…without your music I’d be lost.” Another said “Happy 60th birthday to this legend” before sharing pictures of Smith at gigs she’d been to from The Cure’s beginnings to the current day.

You can see a selection of the birthday wishes below.

Earlier this week, director Tim Pope offered a glimpse into his upcoming film that celebrates The Cure’s 40th anniversary.

The Cure celebrated four decades since the release of their debut single ‘Killing An Arab’ last year with a Hyde Park show, while 2019 will mark the 40th anniversary of their debut album ‘Three Imaginary Boys‘. This summer, the band will also headline Glastonbury Festival.

While a release date or full details of the film are yet to emerge, Pope previously explained that it will be led by Smith.

“So, 2018 will see me collaborating with Robert on a feature-length, chronological documentary of The Cure’s history from the 1970s via present day to the future. Robert himself will tell the story and this will work alongside other events for the band’s 40-year celebration,” the director said at the end of 2017.

Meanwhile, it’s believed that The Cure are also wrapping up work on their first album in ten years – which Smith has described as “incredibly intense.”

Send an emotional and sincere birthday wish for your loved ones, make them never forget this day! Best birthday wishes and messages online!.

sending birthday wishes
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