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October 13, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 1 comment

“It's about a matter of our daughter's wishes not being honored by the not signed the paperwork allowing them to speak to the news media.

A HIGH court judge authorised doctors to secretly drug a pregnant woman, then force her to have a caesarean section against her wishes.

Mr Justice Williams ruled the 25-year-old, whose identity cannot be disclosed, could be tricked into going to hospital under the pretence of a normal appointment.

When she arrived she was to be given a sleeping drug hidden in a drink before taken to theatre where she would be given general anaesthetic, possibly while she was restrained.

A medic would then be allowed to perform a caesarean on her before she was sent home and the baby taken into care.

The disturbing plan even allowed for the possibility the woman, who has learning difficulties, would not be fooled into going to hospital.

Then medics were approved to be able to go to her home to secretly drug her, or restrain her and inject her with ketamine.

Details of the plot – which was only revealed in court documents this week – sound more like the script of a horror film than life in a developed country.

In the end, the woman actually gave birth naturally after the hearing, meaning the shocking plan was never actioned.

But it raises serious questions over how experts had got the situation so wrong - and were days from putting her through such a harrowing ordeal.


Chief executive of charity Birthrights Amy Gibbs told The Sun she had been shocked by the details of the ruling and plan.

She added: “I have never heard of a case before where there has been this kind of deception.

“From a human rights perspective it is deeply worrying any court would authorise such an order.

“This seems particularly horrific for three reasons.

“A caesarean is something she did not want to happen, the evidence shows she understood some of the choices. She was very clearly expressing she didn’t consent to certain things.

“The second real concern is that the court didn’t hear from the woman, partner or her family. There is a serious question of if enough was done to help the woman understand the question.

“But the real, real worrying fact in this case is the level of deception they approved in this care plan - it really concerns me.

“We can all imagine how distressing and traumatising this would have been for her. The risk seems so high.

“Birthrights are really concerned whether the Court of Protection is representing women’s rights.

“The judge talks about weighing up risks and probabilities but one of the worrying things is how late in the day this is being discussed, he himself asks why it is coming to court so late.

“The level of deception in how to achieve a forced caesarean seems disproportionate, given she then gave birth naturally.

“We believe all women have the right to decide what happens in childbirth. This point is really well established in UK law.”


At the start of the pregnancy she was in a relationship but living at her home with her mum and spending time at her boyfriend's family home.

By May she had moved out of her mother's home into a supported living placement.

The fact there were no problems stunned the judge, who admitted later it had “confounded” assessments.

Making the original ruling Mr Justice Williams admitted: “She is likely to experience distress, distrust, anger, frustration at both the deception that may be necessary and the carrying out of a surgical procedure against her will in respect of such a profoundly important matter.

"This is likely to be all the greater because it is proposed that the baby will be removed from her care.

“The evidence demonstrates she lacks capacity to make decisions as to her antenatal care and the delivery of her baby.

“That lack of capacity arises from a learning disability which renders her unable to make a decision because she is unable to understand the information relevant to the decision and to use or weigh that information as part of a process of making a decision.

“The overall balance in the evaluation of her best interests is thus in favour of the proposed treatment plan provided it is supplemented to address the psychological or psychiatric consequences of giving birth in this way.

“I therefore declare that it is in her best interests to undergo a planned caesarean and the proposed transfer and proposed postnatal care plan.”

The papers, which refer to the woman as JP, laid out in full the steps of the proposed treatment by the NHS Trust, whose identity was also hidden.

Experts said it was needed because she has learning difficulties and did not have the mental capacity or ability to make decisions about her delivery or her care.

If necessary she might be physically restrained in order to achieve her transfer to hospital. If necessary a general anaesthetic would be administered at that time in order to effect her transfer. In theatre the Caesarean section would be performed.

Court documents

She had actually said she did not want a Caesarean and had become agitated during a visit to an antenatal clinic, calling one medic a “b******”.

The woman had said she had wanted to do the birth her way and punched a chair when an anaesthetist came to see her.

Court documents laid out the drugging plan in full: “JP will be asked to attend hospital in order to conduct monitoring in respect of the baby.

"This will be a pretext for the carrying out of a planned caesarean section.

“I JP agrees to travel to hospital for the monitoring on arrival she will be provided with a sedative, oral midazolam, contained covertly in a drink.

"When that takes effect she will be taken to theatre where she will be provided with a gas administered general anaesthetic.

"This might involve some degree of physical restraint. If JP was cooperative a general anaesthetic by IV would be considered.

“If JP was not willing to travel to hospital for monitoring she would be given midazolam covertly in a drink at a residential unit.

"If she was then cooperative she would be transferred to the hospital. If she was not cooperative she would be given an intramuscular injection of ketamine.

"If necessary she might be physically restrained in order to achieve her transfer to hospital. If necessary a general anaesthetic would be administered at that time in order to effect her transfer.

“In theatre the Caesarean section would be performed.”

But the day after the Court of Protection hearing, when the ruling was made, she went into labour without any of the disturbing actions having to take place.

In fact she had given birth naturally without any issues, according to a postscript to the papers.

Mr Justice Williams admitted: “The capacity for individuals to confound judges' assessments is a reminder - to me at least - of the gap between probability and actuality.

“I hope JP and the baby are well.”


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Mum dying of cancer records 25 years of birthday wishes for her newborn baby credit: (Picture: CCTV News). But she was then given.

Pregnant woman kept alive against family's wishes in Texas

pregnancy news wishes

The last time Erick Munoz saw his pregnant wife conscious, she had gotten up before 2 a.m. to give their son a bottle.

When Marlise didn’t return to bed and with the boy still crying, Erick went in search of her. He found her unresponsive on the kitchen floor, her face blue from lack of oxygen. A short time later, doctors declared her brain dead at a Fort Worth hospital.

Marlise Munoz had been clear about her wishes never to be hooked up to life-support machines if she were fatally injured. But when the unthinkable happened to the 33-year-old mom, doctors told her family that they could not respect her wishes. Because she was 14 weeks pregnant, they would have to follow a Texas statute making it illegal to disconnect life support from a pregnant woman.

“The doctors told us that even if a pregnant woman has a DNR or a living will, the law supersedes that,” Munoz’s mom, Lynne Machado, told NBC News. “So any pregnant woman must be kept alive with life support because of the fetus. We had never heard of this and we wanted to get the information out there. No family should have to go through this. It’s been pure hell.”

Although doctors have been sympathetic to the family’s plight, they feel they have no other choice.

“We follow the state law on this," said J.R. Labbe, vice president of communication and community affairs for JPS Health Network. "We cannot withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient."

According to a 2012 report by the Center for Women’s Policy Studies, 31 states have laws that allow hospitals to keep women alive against their wishes if they are pregnant.

"What is quite stunning about these statutes for women is that they don't even take into account a woman's pain," said Lynn Paltrow, executive director of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women. "A woman could be in excruciating pain and near death's door and they still would force her to suffer.

"These are extraordinary laws creating separate unequal status for pregnant women in which they lose control of medical decision making, the right to bodily integrity and right to be free of excruciating pain."

No one knows exactly what happened to Munoz before she was found and rushed to the hospital on Nov. 26, but doctors suspect that a blood clot traveled to her lungs and blocked air flow.

“They won’t know for sure until they can perform an autopsy,” Machado said, her voice cracking. “And that can’t happen until she is no longer pregnant—either because she miscarries or the fetus can be delivered.”

When Machado and her husband arrived at the emergency room they found doctors and nurses hovering over their daughter, assessing her condition.

“They did a CAT scan and an EEG and there was no brain activity,” Machado said. “She was clinically declared brain dead. The doctors said she had been without oxygen for well over an hour.”

The family expected at that point that doctors would disconnect life-support and that they would say their goodbyes to Marlise.

When the family was told life support could not be disconnected, “my jaw hit the ground,” Machado said.

Stunned, the Machados and Erick Munoz tried to explain that this was against Marlise’s wishes. They told hospital staff that the family had had many conversations about what should happen if anyone became so ill that there was no chance of recovery.

Marlise’s brother died several years ago, but the subject had come up even before then, her mother said. Marlise and her husband, both paramedics, were well versed in issues of life and death.

“We were all on the same page,” Machado said. “None of us want to be on life support.”

Doctors told them there was nothing to be done, that Marlise Munoz would need to stay on life support until she miscarried or reached 24 weeks, when they could do tests on the fetus. “At that point they would decide whether to start labor, do a C-section, or see if she could go to 34 or 36 weeks when the fetus would be full term,” Machado said.

In the meantime there would be nothing for Marlise Munoz’s family to do. The family doesn’t know the condition of the fetus, and worries about the effects of an hour or more of oxygen deprivation.

“It’s been heart wrenching and we’re all emotionally drained,” Machado said. “It’s one thing if you don’t know what your child would have wanted, but if you do know and then for it not to happen . . . it’s been very frustrating for all of us.”

Linda Carroll is a frequent contributor to and co-author of “The Concussion Crisis: Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic.”

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Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

pregnancy news wishes

Shakira has thanked fans for their "well wishes" on her second pregnancy.

The Waka Waka singer has confirmed she is expecting her second child with soccer star Gerard Piqué - with whom she has 19-month-old son Milan - and is overjoyed to be able to share the news at last.

She wrote on her Twitter page: "Yes, we are expecting our second baby!! Thank you all for your well wishes! (sic)"

The hip-shaking 37-year-old beauty announced her latest pregnancy in an interview with the Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, admitting: "Yes, I'm pregnant".

During the interview Shakira also gushed that her relationship with 27-year-old Gerard is perfect and they couldn't be more in love.

The She Wolf singer - who has been in a relationship with the sportsman since 2010 - said: "Seeing me in love is a constant state, there are no questions as the answer is simply there."

Shakira and Gerard already have 19-month-old son Milan together and are overjoyed about the prospect of becoming parents again later this year.

They met four years ago when Pique appeared in the music video for Shakira's hit song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

Colombian singer Carlos Vives - a close friend of Shakira - let their happy news slip during an interview on Fox News Latino in July, saying: "Yes, she is pregnant and she's very happy."

Shakira, however, had remained silent on the pregnancy until now.

Rumours first surfaced after she toned down her trademark bellydancing during her performance at the World Cup closing ceremony in Brazil two weeks ago.

Last time we saw Shakira, she was kicking off the closing ceremony of the 2014 Brazil World Cup in all kinds of hot, sexy and raunchy ways.

The Colombian singer stripped down into a bright red stringy outfit, which we suppose was supposed to be a dress, and showed off her incredible figure as she took to the stage in front of the thunderous crowd.

Gerard Pique's missus performed her La La La (Brazil 2014) song alongside Brazilian percussionist and singer Carlinhos Brown, and had plenty of backing dancers in full tribal gear to make it possibly the most colourful performance we've ever seen.

Of course, what would a Shakira performance be without plenty of twerking, and sexy dance moves? Well, she threw them all in there.

It's hard to remember this is a football event.

But possibly the best part of all was when the star carried her adorable son Milan on stage - there's something he'll remember forever (we hope).

The star was almost as excited as us before the event, and tweeted: "Just TWO HOURS until the #WorldCup Closing Ceremony, feat Shak performing La La La (Brazil 2014)! ShakHQ."

And she followed it shortly after with a montage of her best snaps, and added: "That was so much fun! ¡Increíble! ShakHQ #WorldCup #ClosingCeremony."

She's a bit of a natural at all this, because four years ago she sang Waka Waka in South Africa, and four years before that she performed Hips Don't Lie in Germany.

See all the stunning snaps in our gallery above, and follow all our live updates of the match here.

See what all our celeb pals had to say ahead of the match by following this link.

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Pregnancy wishes and congratulations messages to the lucky couple and especially to the lucky mother! Browse many cute wishes and make.

Goldie Hawn Wishes Granddaughter Rani Rose a Happy 1st Birthday With the Sweetest Post

pregnancy news wishes

Goldie Hawn is one super excited grandma!

The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to celebrate her adorable granddaughter Rani Rose's first birthday.

Hawn shared a heartwarming snapshot of daughter Kate Hudson's beaming baby girl, who claps her hands in the super sweet pic while rocking a very sophisticated red and white nature-patterned baby ensemble.

"Happy 1st birthday to my granddaughter Rani Rose Fujikawa," Hawn captioned the pic. "Our new little princess flower who makes us jump for joy."

Hudson herself celebrated her little girl's big day with an Instagram post of her own to commemorate the occasion, sharing a super cute video of the birthday girl sitting in her car seat.

"And what a year it’s a been… A big Happy 1st Birthday to Rani Rose," Hudson shared, along with a chocolate cake emoji.

Hudson -- who is also the mother to 15-year-old son Ryder, 8-year-old son Bingham -- welcomed Rani with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa after dating for nearly two years.

Hudson and Fujikawa both celebrated Rani's birthday a bit early when they held a joint celebration for their little girl and the daughter of a family friend, Yale, who was also turning 1.

"Happy 1st birthday to little Yale and an early celebration for my little Rani Rose," Hudson wrote. "What a year!"

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with Hudson in January, and the actress opened up about raising a baby daughter in a household filled with boys.

"We're sort of balancing out the masculine and the feminine," Hudson says with a smile. "It's great -- it's a lot right now, I'm not going to lie -- it's busy in the house. It's a lot trying to juggle and manage, and balance is a daily ... it's like, the family huddles around and everyone gets their strategy and then and we're like, 'Hike! Let's do this, let's spread out.' But it's good."

For more on Hudson's adorable family, check out the video below.


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Mum dying of cancer records 25 years of birthday wishes for her newborn baby credit: (Picture: CCTV News). But she was then given.

pregnancy news wishes
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