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Popular birthday wishes
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Celebrations are like a window into the heart of a culture. Celebrations show what people value, how they relate to each other, and how they express themselves. Learning how to say “Happy Birthday” in Swedish means more than learning to pronounce a few key phrases. It means digging deeper into how to celebrate a Swedish birthday.

Whether wishing to acknowledge a Swedish friend’s birthday or hoping to know what to expect when celebrating a birthday in Sweden, there are many reasons to learn more.

Helpful Swedish Phrases for Birthdays

One wish, many forms

To wish someone a happy birthday in Swedish, there are many options. Their use varies based on the level of relationship to the birthday boy or girl, how formal a greeting is desired, and the mood of the well-wisher.

A simple “Grattis på födelsedagen!” (pronunciation: ) is always an appropriate way to wish someone a happy birthday in all situations. It means, “Congratulations on your birthday,” and is often shortened to a less formal “Grattis!” – “Congratulations!”

To say “Ha den äran på födelsedagen!” or simply “Ha den äran!” (pronunciation: ) is another popular way to wish someone a happy birthday, though it is far less common than “Grattis på födelsedagen!” Literally translated, it means, “Have the honor on your birthday!” or the abbreviated, “Have the honor!” It is slightly more formal to use this phrase, but it remains popular at least in part because of a scene from Disney’s Cinderella that is featured in the popular Christmas special that most Swedes watch each year on Christmas Eve.

A more formal way of saying “Happy Birthday”, more commonly found in written messages or greeting cards, is “Hjärtliga gratulationer!” or “Hjärtliga lyckönskningar!” Meaning, “heartfelt congratulations” or “heartfelt wishes for happiness,” it is a lovely message to write in a birthday card, but would raise a few eyebrows if said in person at a party.

Also more common in writing than speech, and more appropriate for acquaintances than close friends is the generic, “Födelsedagshälsningar!” or “Birthday greetings!”

“Att fylla år” – to fill a year

A birthday is a thing – a noun – and in English it is usually discussed in a passive form. However, it is far more common to talk about birthdays in Swedish using a more active verb form.

In English, someone has a birthday, or might ask, “When is your birthday?” but in Swedish, people “fill” or “complete” a year in their lives. A birthday is something you do, not something that happens to you. The phrase “fylla år” (pronunciation:) is the most common way to refer to a birthday and it can be used in several different ways:

Today is Cecilia’s birthday.Cecilia fyller år idag.
When is your birthday?När fyller du år?
My birthday is in July.Jag fyller år i juli.
Whose birthday is it?Vem är det som fyller år?
He turns 12 tomorrow.Han fyller 12 år imorgon.

Födelsedagsbarnet – the birthday boy or girl

To refer to the “birthday boy” or “birthday girl,” Swedish uses a gender-neutral term that means “birthday child.” It is worth noting that this expression can be used for anyone of any age, whether the “child” in question is 5 or 25 or 85.

Swedish Birthday Traditions

Many Swedish birthday traditions are very similar to how birthdays are celebrated in other western countries. Cake and presents are popular ways to celebrate, and there may be special meals or parties. Sending a card is less common than a phone call on the big day to wish someone a happy birthday.

Other traditions are more unique and can be surprising for those unaccustomed to Swedish culture.

The Swedish birthday song: Ja må han/hon leva!

The “birthday song” in Swedish has no mention of any of the birthday phrases described above. It does not wish someone a happy birthday as much as it wishes them a long life.

Ja, må han/hon leva (x2)Yes, may he/she live
Ja, må han/hon leva uti hundrade årYes, may he/she live to be 100 years old
Javisst ska han/hon leva (x2)Yes, surely he/she will live
Javisst ska han/hon leva uti hundrade årYes, surely he/she will live to be 100 years old

(Watch a video of the song, performed by popular children’s TV characters, Babblarna.)

Depending on the context, there are other verses that may be added. These involve lighthearted wordplay that is difficult to translate but implies that once the person has reached the age of 100, he or she should be shot, hanged, or drowned.

If the wordplay is misunderstood, this can seem to be a shocking way to celebrate someone’s birthday. Rather, it is a classic example of Swedish humor. Consider two different ways to use the word “skjutas”:

att skjutas → to be shot
att skjutas fram på en skottkärra → to be pushed (forward) in a wheelbarrow

So the second part of the song, which is not always sung, can be translated like this:

Och när han/hon har levat (x2)And when he/she has lived
När han/hon har levat uti hundrade årWhen he/she has lived to be 100 years old
Ja då ska han/hon skjutas (x2)Yes, then he/she will be ‘shot’
Då ska han/hon skjutas på en skottkärra framThen he/she will be pushed around in a wheelbarrow

It is admittedly a somewhat morbid way to celebrate a birthday, but not as terrible as it might appear at first glance. And the additional verses are generally avoided at children’s birthday parties.

Ett fyrfaldigt leve…

Immediately after singing the birthday song, the gathered group will be encouraged to cheer for the guest of honor. If it is Samuel’s birthday, someone will say, “Ett fyrfaldigt leve för Samuel! Han leve!” Everyone replies by loudly chanting “Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!”

While it is difficult to translate this phrase directly, the guests are being asked to cheer four times for födelsedagsbarnet. The response word Hurra! is celebratory, similar to the English word “hooray!”

Newspaper announcements

One way many families send birthday greetings to loved ones is to place a birthday announcement in their local newspaper. These announcements are relatively inexpensive and are printed in the “Familj” (family) section of the newspaper together with wedding or birth announcements and obituaries. Featuring a picture and a short message, they are common for children of all ages and adults celebrating milestone birthdays.

In this part of the newspaper, readers also find short messages from people who wish not to be recognized or celebrated on their birthdays. The phrase most commonly used for this is All eventuell uppvaktning på min födelsedag undanbedes. The word eventuell is often abbreviated (ev) for space.

People who are placing these ads are asking anyone who might have planned to acknowledge their birthdays to please refrain from doing so. While it might seem that those making this request have strong negative feelings toward their birthday or toward growing older, this is usually not the case. It more often simply reflects the very high value Swedish culture places on not calling attention to oneself.

Flying the flag

Swedes view their brightly colored blue and yellow flag as a symbol of celebration. In addition to nationwide flag days, when flags can be seen flying from private flagpoles and city buses alike, raising the flag to celebrate a family event such as a birthday is both common and encouraged. The flag motiv is printed on greeting cards, napkins, and party decorations of all kinds.

Swedish Birthday Milestones

Not all birthdays are created equal. Turning 27 (pronunciation:) is nothing special – just another year. Although for native English speakers, 27 is perhaps the hardest number to pronounce so it may represent a different kind of milestone: a year of being unable to answer the question Hur gammal är du? (pronunciation:) – How old are you?

Turning 50, however, is a very big deal in Sweden. Celebrations for milestone birthdays go above and beyond the ordinary, and big parties, more expensive presents, or extravagant vacations are some popular ways to mark the occasion.

Extra privileges: 15, 18, 20

When a Swedish teenager turns 15, he or she is old enough to get a license to drive a moped. This privilege dramatically increases his or her sense of freedom and independence, so it a much longed-for milestone. A common gift for a 15th birthday, if a family can afford it, might be the costs associated with getting the license, which can be equivalent to several hundred US dollars. They may receive the moped itself as a gift or be expected to save money to purchase their own.

Eighteen years old is the age of responsibility in Sweden. A young person is considered myndig at this age and legally gains adult privileges and responsibilities. Most 18-year-olds are still in gymnasiet (high school), but they gain the right to vote in elections, and purchase restricted products such as tobacco and alcohol (in restaurants or bars only.) Eighteen is also the minimum age for a driver’s license.

At the age of 20, it becomes legal to purchase alcohol at the state-run liquor stores, Systembolaget. Most Swedes have finished high school prior to turning 20 and few have enrolled in university studies yet, so 20 is an age of “gap year” explorations.

Starting a new decade – “Att fylla jämt”

The expression att fylla jämt means to turn an “even” age – which refers to the numbers ending in zero. When someone begins a new decade of his or her life, it is cause for extra celebration. It is first acknowledged at 30, though the celebrations (and the finances available for them) tend to increase with each decade.
In a country where all employees are legally guaranteed a minimum of 5 weeks of paid vacation each year, many employers give increased semesterdagar (vacation days) with age, so reaching milestones is cause for extra celebration – with a little extra time to do just that!

From throwing a large and extravagant party before jetting off to a sunny beach in Southeast Asia to placing a newspaper ad asking the entire city to avoid acknowledging your special day, there is a wide variety of ways to celebrate birthdays in Sweden.

When in doubt, simply say:

Grattis på födelsedagen!

Struggling to say something funny, romantic, poetic, or sincere for a birthday gift, a list of popular quotes, messages and poems to wish them a happy birthday.

Most Popular Birthday Wishes

popular birthday wishes

Here we shared the most popular birthday wishes. An ideal approach to say Happy birthday to somebody is to utilize one of our handmade interesting happy birthday sayings. Sending happy birthday wishes is quite a while custom and a customary need. It is an approach to tell the individual that you give it a second thought and that you are happy in light of the fact that it is his or her birthday. Read this one of a kind birthday wishes, quotes and idioms for each sort of individual and additionally for any age.


Most Popular Birthday Wishes


Hope you have bunches of bright and happy days all through this new awesome year. Happy Birthday!


Sending you incalculable wishes to make your birthday critical.


I was resolved to blessing wrapping my love for you yet a container sufficiently extensive to fit everything is yet to be made. Happy birthday.


You get more impeccable and wonderful as the year’s cruise by. Despite the fact that it is your birthday, I have an inclination that I am the person who got the present. You get presents while I get your quality.


What a brilliant day it is since it’s your birthday.



We should treasure the day when life gave me a companion.


Since I am your closest friend, do I get the principal cut of the cake?


Birthday Greeting Cards


Why am I feeling happy? Gracious! It’s your birthday.


To the most magnificent individual on the planet, on the day when he/she was really the greatest.



Am I not wishing you unless you need to part with a couple of endowments of yours?


Ok! That day again which denoted the begin of my agonies in life and made me feel invigorated from that point forward.


I would have brought the whole world to you, on the off chance that I could. For the present, Happy Birthday and we can discuss the present later.


Happy Birthday to the most valuable fortune of my life.


One more year has passed. May all of your desires and dreams work out as expected. Have a happy birthday!


Motivational Birthday Quotes


Dreams make wishes work out as expected, so sending you heaps of dreams on your birthday.


An apple a day keeps the specialist away. A flame a day makes an expensive fire on your cake. Happy Birthday.



Try not to grow up, don’t wear a tie. How about we take off today and commend your Happy Birthday.


Birthdays are extraordinary events that call for uncommon festivals. Give us a chance to praise your birthday today!


I have been so honored to have you for my niece. You are an unimaginably keen and perfect lady, and I have developed increasingly glad for you regular! Happy Birthday!


Try not to cover up for your bday. I would readily have this birthday, open the presents, eat cake and frozen yogurt and do every one of those things that accompanied it.


Try not to hold up to be old and insightful. Know everything now and quit getting more established.


Top Popular Birthday Wishes

Here we have shared top Popular Birthday Wishes for your friends and loved ones. make your loved one’s birthday more memorable with this Popular Birthday Wishes.


Fella, similar to, I, as thoroughly man, trust that you have, you know, a sweet birthday.


Birthday Wishes for Grandma


Eat, drink and make happy in light of the fact that it is your birthday. Happy Birthday.


Eat, drink and make happy. It’s your birthday.



Appreciate the gathering before you achieve the age that all the young ladies call you sir. Happy Birthday.


Calling you a sister-in-law doesn’t generally do our relationship equity. You are more similar to an awesome companion and the sister that I never had! Much obliged for being you! Happy Birthday!


Despite the fact that you are one more year more seasoned, you can, in any case, attend to changing to that ‘Elderly people deserve some preference’ thing since you are still gorgeous. Happy Birthday.



Each Birthday, choose to live entire heartedly as though it was your last Birthday ever. Each Birthday, choose to learn entire heartedly as though you never knew anything. Happy Birthday and have an extraordinary year ahead.



God has really honored our family with you, Grandma. You are so impeccable in everything that you do. You adore us genuinely and for that, we are thankful as well! Happy Birthday!


Locate your happy place on your birthday.


Happy birthday! I trust you have a wonderful birthday.



Happy birthday! It’s going to be a really fabulous day simply like you are awesome.


Happy Birthday! Simply need to state thank you for simply being you.


Happy Birthday! You are such an excellent individual.


Happy Birthday!! Despite the fact that Technically Heroes Never Age.


Best Popular Birthday Wishes


I can’t generally clarify what you have added to our family. It’s a sure superb that exclusive somebody like you could give. We are thankful to have you in our lives and cherish you beyond a reasonable doubt! Happy Birthday, Sister-in-Law!


I wish you satisfaction, well-being thus numerous great things throughout your life. Happy Birthday!


I wish you heaps of love, bliss and numerous lovely minutes encompassed by every one of your loved ones! Cheers to you! Kisses! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!



You make your general surroundings sparkle splendidly as a result of the delightful light that you have inside. Today, we will praise you and that light…and the impact that it has on everybody you meet! You’re stunning! Happy Birthday, Niece!


I wish you cherish and joy on this brilliant day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!


I wish you the best birthday ever! I trust you get heaps of kisses and embraces. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin



I wish you the most joyful birthday ever and I trust you go through it with your family and companions!


I wish you the most joyful of birthdays, and numerous, numerous more, so that others have room schedule-wise to value you as much as I do.


My all the best for an irate and unquenchable day loaded with a lot of grin and chuckling.


No words in any dialect are sufficient to express how thankful I am, for your being a major part of my life. Happy Birthday!


Of the majority of the great, the terrible and the monstrous individuals, you are the one with the birthday. Happy Birthday. On this unique day, I wish all of you the absolute best, all the delight you can ever have and may you be honored richly today,



Enjoy your special birthday party. Simply be cautious where you step. Happy Birthday!


One day they will put you on a rundown of well-known individuals conceived on your birthday. Until further notice, be happy being on my rundown of most loved individuals. Happy Birthday.


One year more established means one year better.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew


Gathering early and frequently. Keep in mind that it just considers one year regardless of how often you celebrate. Happy Birthday.


On your birthday, I wish you copious satisfaction and love. May everything you could ever want turn into a reality. Yet, significantly more than that, may it bring you heaps of intimate romance and companionship. Have an astounding birthday!



I trust that your birthday is as happy as a chimpanzee without pants! Happy Bday.


Gathering hard – this is YOUR day, and just yours! Happy Birthday!


Interruption and make your spirit happy on your birthday!


Roses are red, Violets are blue, All I need to state is Happy Birthday to You!


When I paint my gem, I am almost certain there will be a spot for you. Happy Birthday.


Popular Birthday Wishes for your loved one


At the point when would it be a good idea for you to quit putting a light on your cake for consistently old you are? Not when you can no longer blog… w them out however when it is not any more enjoyable to attempt to blow them out! Blow infant blow. Happy Birthday.


When you find the opportunity, I trust that you will take it. Happy Birthday.


Who will praise a birthday? You’re going to celebrate. Who will victory the candles? Will victory the candles. Who will have a ton of fun? Will have a fabulous time. Happy Birthday.


Entire parcel of things I’ve never done never had excessively birthday fun. Happy Birthday.



Wish you the best of your day and the following year Love u. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!


Wishing a super great birthday to the most lovely, solid and motivating individual.


Wishing an exceptionally unique individual an extremely extraordinary day. Happy Birthday.



Happy birthday and the sweetest September,

A festival we should most likely recall.

We know you held up one more year,

To bring every one of us, together and close.


You shout on occasion and you lose your brain. You get wild and you have a tantrum as well. Be that as it may, all that is pardoned in light of the fact that today is devoted particularly to you! Magnificent birthday.


You used to have outrageously small fingers. Yet, you have dependably had a massive heart. A debt of gratitude is in order for opening it to me. Best Birthday.


I wish you 1 thing, to allow you to consider yourself to be I see you, at exactly that point you would acknowledge how exceptional you truly are. Awesome Bday!



The ideal formula for your year ahead ought to be 20 percent cherish blended with 30 percent good fortune. Extra best 20 percent fearlessness and embellishment it with 30 percent well-being. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!


It’s your birthday today! You know what that implies? It’s a great opportunity to wear the cap, blow the candles and cut the cake. In any case, remember to think about every one of the desires you need to make! Make the most of your day!


Since today is an exceptional day just sending a birthday wish, wouldn’t do. So I’m sending you a day when everything you could ever hope for work out and, a year that implies the most to you!


Most Popular Birthday  Wishes and Saying


I simply needed to state the best Birthday, and expectation you host the best gathering ever.


It’s not my blame for overlooking your Birthday, it’s recently my memory that debilitates a seemingly endless amount of time. I think you hear what I’m saying.


Nothing brings me more bliss than the favor your face. I need to see that grin on my girlfriend’s lips for eternity. Celebrate! You merit the best.


Give us a chance to fly together through the breeze of affection on your birthday.


I trust that the sun sparkles as brilliantly on you today as your adoration has dependably shone on me. Best Bday.



My adoration, You convey a grin to my face. You convey delight to my heart. You are the daylight of my life. The majority of that and a great deal progressively, every time I consider you.


I draw a hover around you, Not a heart, Because a heart can break, But a hover goes on until the end of time. Magnificent bday sweetheart.


Best Birthday to my wonderful, awesome, astounding and fantastic Wife!!! Anticipating commanding you today. I cherish you.


Words are rare to reveal to you how I feel today. You are my actual satisfaction, Happy birthday my love.


To carry on with my existence with you is all I crave, Wonderful Birthday!/


Cherishing you is the best thing I have ever done in my life, happy birthday.


Robert Frost said A negotiator is a man who never forgets a lady’s birthday however always forgets her age. Happy Bday!


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A Long List of Short Birthday Wishes

popular birthday wishes

When you are a kid, each birthday is a high point of the year—your own special day, with cake, ice cream, a party, and presents. And you are the absolute star for a day. As you get older, the milestones matter—ages 18, 21, 30, 40 and so on through the decades. As those numbers get bigger, some feel an intense need to ignore this most personal and important holiday, all your own, while others celebrate each one to the max. As Abraham Lincoln said, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." Make a toast to that. Excellent advice.

What would it be like if Plato or Jonathan Swift wished you a happy birthday? Would it make you feel special? Here are some uplifting famous birthday quotes from some famous people. The authors might not be around to give their wishes to you personally, but their heartfelt birthday greeting could make you feel on top of the world.

Famous Birthday Quote

Plato: "Old age: A great sense of calm and freedom. When the passions have relaxed their hold, you may have escaped, not from one master but from many."

Pope John XXIII: "Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age."

Jonathan Swift: "May you live all the days of your life."

"No wise man ever wished to be younger."

Tom Stoppard: "Age is a high price to pay for maturity." 

John P. Grier: "You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime."

Titus Maccius Plautus: "Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words."

Lucille Ball: "The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." 

J. P. Sears: "Let us respect gray hairs, especially our own."

George Burns: "Nice to be here? At my age, it's nice to be anywhere."

Robert Browning: "Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made."

Mark Twain: "Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

Madeleine L'Engle: "The great thing about getting older is you don't lose all the other ages you've been."

Decimus Magnus Ausonius: "Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years."

William Shakespeare: "With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come."

Lucy Larcom: "Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come." 

Charles Schulz: "Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed."

Brigitte Bardot: "Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it."

Satchel Paige: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"

Ethel Barrymore: "You grow up the day you have the first real laugh at yourself."

Bob Hope: "You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake."

Bernard Baruch: "We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves." 

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How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Swedish (and Swedish Birthday Traditions)

popular birthday wishes

Another year has gone by and never before have you looked so good. Time has been kind to you, and I hope life will always treat you the wonderful way you deserve.

Have a very happy birthday! Laugh a lot and celebrate this special day with the people you love the most.

I wish you the best, and may the next year of your life be the happiest so far.

Lots of love, hugs and best wishes to you!
Of all the special women in my life, you’re my favourite! You are strong, caring and sympathetic. You’re my role model. You face everything with a smile and never give up on your dreams. If I could be half the woman you are, I would be fulfilled.

Best wishes to my amazing aunty!
A great teacher is one who knows their students, motivates them, and helps them evolve. You are definitely one of the greatest. Thank you for all your guidance and all you have taught me.

I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come!
Happy birthday, girl! There’s no better friend than you, and there's no one I would rather share my thoughts and secrets with.

You are a true companion and a great woman. I wish you only the best, lots of love, health and that every one of your dreams may come true.

I will always be there for you, and I know I can count on you too. Love ya!
This is a very special day, because a very special person is celebrating another birthday. I wish you a happy day!

I hope you get all you want in life, and that today you spend time with your loved ones so that you can celebrate together. Remember to be true to who you are, always faithful to your desires and your pursuit of happiness.

You deserve all the wonderful things that you are fighting for, and I know that the most beautiful of them are yet to head your way. Happy birthday, my dear!
Blessed be the day you were born and each year you have had on this earth. Happy birthday to you!

May happiness never leave your side, and shine brightly every day.

I wish only the best for you, lots of laughter, good health and that all your dreams come true. Live life to the fullest, especially today!
You are a true friend, the best companion for all kinds of adventures, and you are also a great man.

I admire you and see you as a huge inspiration, and I have only life and the universe to thank for bringing us together.

Happy birthday, my dear friend! May all the joy in the world live in your heart, today and always.

Wherever and whenever you need something you just have to look for me, call my name, and I’ll be there.
Happy birthday to my better half,
the person who completes me:
my beautiful wife!

Thank you for all of your love and
support over the years; I would be
totally lost without you.

You are an incredible woman, wife,
mother, and friend. Anyone who
has had the pleasure of being in
your presence adores you because
it’s impossible not to!

On your special day, I just want to
thank you for being the incredible
person that you are, and for making
all of those around you so very happy!

Have a tremendous birthday, my love!
On your birthday,
I wanted you to know
that I am so fortunate
not only to have such
a strong female figure
in my life, but also
the most reliable,
trustworthy friend
I could wish for.

You are an inspiration
to many, including me!

Have the absolute best
day, you lovely lady!
To the best teacher,
the most caring and
friendly of them all,
I wish a happy birthday,
much love, health
and lovely surprises!
Sending big birthday wishes to my best gal pal!

You are the best friend anyone could wish for, you are always there for me and I truly value how strong our friendship is. I hope you have the most incredible day filled with wonderful experiences and lasting memories.

Have an amazing birthday, girl!
Happy birthday to a very special someone,
of whom I hold very dearly in my heart.

You are a ray of sunshine and always
manage to make everything perfect.
You are a joy to be around, always
making those around you even happier.

Thank you for being the incredible
person that you are! Have a truly
wonderful birthday today, and I wish
you eternal happiness, my dear!

Here are some uplifting famous birthday quotes from some famous people. The authors might not be around to give their wishes to you.

popular birthday wishes
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