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New father wishes
February 26, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

He does not wish to tear it. – What does he wish to tear? –He wishes to tear your heart.–With whomis our father? –He is with his friend.–To whom do you wish to.

While so much of pregnancy and the newborn stage is focused on Mom, this Father’s Day, we want to share these beautiful, inspiring, straight-from-the-heart words from a father to his newborn son. Lucas was born at Women & Infants Hospital earlier this year. His father posted this on the Women & Infants Facebook page. Share your story of parenthood here.

Dear Lucas,

You’re here, and both your mom and I are so excited to finally meet you! Your mom and I have been waiting for you for 9 long months – filled with hundreds of trips downstairs to get mom something to eat, visits to the doctor’s office checking on your development, trips to purchase outfits for you to wear (have to confess, think I spent more time shopping for outfits than mom, lol). And now that you’re here, I get to touch you, holding you in my arms and nuzzling your sweet smelling head, love you and gaze into your beautiful eyes. I’m so looking forward to spending hours together with you, from cuddling you, changing you, helping you learn how to walk and skate, taking you to your first Notre Dame, Yankees and Penguins games, answering all your questions as each year passes, guiding you all along the way.

I can’t wait to encourage you, tell you you’re the most amazing person in this world along with your sisters, that you can do anything or be anything you want. I’ll be right there for your first diaper change, first bump and bruise or scraped knee. As you take your first steps, that first word (even if it’s mama), that first day of school, your first award and the hundreds that will follow. Helping you learn to drive and buy that first car. I’ll be there as you graduate, and on your wedding day, and as you hold your first born. But most of all, just enjoying life together being father and son.

Your mom and I will always be there first for you. With love and devotion, I will fight and strive to give you the best life you deserve. For you, even just minutes old, have made my life wonderful beyond my dreams for the third time by being my son. You’re mother and I will give you our last breaths, as you today have breathed your first breath into our lives.

Just wait until you look into your mother’s eyes, you’ll know and see what I do. She’s perfectly wonderful and amazing. I know she’s going to be the best mommy to you. When I was single and it was just me and your two big sisters hanging out, all before meeting your mother, I had decided that the next woman I completely shared my life with would have the biggest, most beautiful heart. And that’s your mom. She cares so deeply, and shares herself so openly and completely. I love her honesty and the way she has trouble being patient when she wants something. I completely trust her to take exquisite care of our hearts – yours, Samantha’s, Juliana’s, Jordyn’s, Gabby’s and mine – which is really the most important task of all. With your mom in our lives, we are sure to have lots and lots of laughter and fun.

One of my deepest hopes is that we can always communicate openly with each other, that no matter what’s happening, you know you can always come to us, share whatever’s on your heart, and we’ll always love you, no matter what. There may be times when we don’t like each other very much, but even then, please know that we love you dearly, deeply, and without conditions. And even in times when you think you don’t, we’ll remember that you love us, too. Because that’s how it is in our family, we practice unconditional love and acceptance, no matter what the circumstances.
So, welcome to life on Earth, and welcome to your family. May you be surrounded by love, inspired to learn and grow, and always know that you are deeply cherished.

So much love, Dad

As a son and a new father, I can appreciate the importance of thanking and acknowledging the blessings that good dads are in our lives.

Father’s Day 2019 quotes, messages and wishes to send to your dad

new father wishes

New Baby Girl Wishes

Having a new addition in the family is always a happy occasion to be celebrated. Families would be looking forward to yet more joy, personal and family growth and so many more! When a family welcomes a new baby girl into their wishes, you know that they are already imagining their little girl growing up, wearing pretty dresses and playing with dolls and teacups. Mothers would look forward to dressing their young girl up with a new wardrobe collection, while fathers will activate their protectiveness over their precious girl. Is someone close to you welcoming a new baby girl into their lives? Here are some baby girl messages and quotes that you can wish them with!

Short New Baby Girl Wishes

There’s a reason why people say that short is sweet at times. Let your wishes be as sweet as the new girl they are welcoming into their lives with short & simple yet meaningful messages today with the following messages. Remember that you can always personalize these new baby girl messages with some personal touch so that they are even more special!

Hey baby girl, your arrival to this world has made the wait worth it! May this life treat you like the little princess you already are! Love you!

Dear parents, you have welcomed a baby girl, and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting! May you live the happiest lives with your new baby doll!


As parents, you must be beyond proud of welcoming your baby girl! Knowing you too, I cannot wait to see the person this little angel grows into.


Be happy with your baby girl, as these miracles happen often, but happen good! Have a blast being the best parents ever and may your little girl be happy forever!


Meeting your baby girl must be such a precious and intimate moment! I wish you nothing but love, joy and wonderful memories with your new addition!


A baby girl promises to forever lover her father, and respect her mother! I cannot wait to meet this little doll! All the best!

new baby girl wishes


The best moments in life comes slowly, and almost sneak up on you! Enjoy every minute with your new baby girl and may the angels always guard your way!


There is something to be said about welcoming a baby girl into the world! Here is to laughter, happiness,and unconditional love!


Enjoy every single moment spent with your new baby girl, and may she make your lives richer, your hearts full and your happiness everlasting!


Welcome, little baby girl! This world is ready to show you all its love and adventures! May your journey through life be happy, memorable and forever hopeful!


Baby girls are God’s way of letting us know the universe, indeed, makes sense. I wish you nothing but excitement, cheer and great love with your new addition!


May life open the doors to happiness and patience for your new baby girl, and may she always find her way and live the best life possible!


We have welcomed yet another baby girl! She will be as kind as her mother and as loving as her father! I cannot wait to see this little belle grow up! Congratulations!


Congratulations on your baby girl! I believe your hearts are filled with love, and your minds are forever hopeful! I wish you all the best this world can offer!


Speaking of your new baby girl means speaking of love and miracles at the same time! I hope you have the best time ever being parents to your precious girl!


Life’s happiness consists of the little things coming with big force! May your new baby girl learn all marvels this world has to offer! Congratulations on the arrival!


Time moves quickly, and with a baby girl in your home, you will never see a dull day again! Make the most of your time with this beautiful baby girl! You did good!


No one would have told you that loving your baby girl will exceed your every expectation! Congratulations to the proud parents – let your home echo with happiness!


Be forever grateful for the arrival of your adorable baby girl and never take a day with her for granted! You will be the best parents this baby could’ve asked for! Bravo!


A baby girl will forever hold her father’s heart, and will eternally be supported by her mother! Love this baby girl with all the power you have, she deserves it!


Do not rush your days and make sure you are with your new baby girl as much as possible! They grow up so fast, so create memorable moments to last a lifetime! Congratulations!


A baby girl has made the world richer today! Richer in love, hopefulness, blessings and more. May your little lady keep you smiling forever! Congratulations!


I heard it through the grapevine, you just had a new baby girl! I wish nothing but happiness and bliss to your family! Can’t wait to meet the little princess!


You are free, happy, strong, kind and patient as people. Make sure you are all that and more as parents! Congratulations on your new baby girl!


Find life’s purpose in enjoying the little and big things in your life, such as the birth of your baby girl! You were meant to be her parents, and I am so proud of you!


A baby girl spreads love, and teacher parents of acceptance, thrill and a unique adventure! Surrender yourself to this love and enjoy every second spent with your baby girl!


She’s here! I wish your baby girl introduces joyfulness, serenity,and harmony to your already happy home! I couldn’t be more excited for you! Congratulations on the news!

wishes for new born baby girl


It is only through the eyes of their baby girl, that parents are able to understand the power of love! Be patient, be sweet and love your girl more than anything! Congratulations!


Start this magical journey together with your new baby girl, and cherish every second of the way! Congratulations on your latest addition, I wish you all the best!


I’m guessing you are the happiest parents alive right now! Nothing but best wishes for your new baby girl and for your whole family! Lots of love!

Why not write messages or quotes of your choice on a card attached to a gift basket for the recovering mother and the new baby girl? Bringing some diapers, pacifiers, milk bottles or even a small, warm blanket would surely be an appreciated gesture by the new parents. Celebrate the birth of yet another bright and loving baby girl just right by wishing them well early on!

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Congratulations Messages for First Time Dad

new father wishes

Becoming a dad is an amazing feeling, a new father holding his newborn baby for the first time may realize for the first time just how much his life is about to change. If you know someone who has just become a new dad the best way to congratulate him is by sending a loving and kind message with some inspiring words or helpful advice. Many new parents are thrown into parenthood not knowing what to expect. Having loving people to surround the new family will help the new mom and dad keep their sanity during the difficult phases of parenthood. Here are a couple of ideas to congratulate a new dad:

Warm Wishes for the New Dad

  • Being a first time dad is an incredible experience. I am so happy for you to enjoy valuable bonding time with your little baby. Being a parent is not easy but much joy can be found in the experience. Best of luck to you.
  • Enjoy all the busy moments that parenthood brings your way. Being a first time dad will set you on a journey for a life time. Embrace your baby and the tough first years of their life because all too quickly they grow up.
  • Congratulations to the new dad. I pray and I hope that you and your baby have a healthy life filled with nothing but joy and happiness.
  • There is not a feeling in the world that compares to holding your new baby for the first time. Congratulations to a loving first time dad. Be a loving father to your child and give them a life full of happiness and success.
  • To the new daddy of an amazing little baby, your child is an amazing gift. Cherish your child and encourage them in every aspect of life. I wish you all the best of your fatherhood journey.
  • Being a new daddy means being the child’s protector while unleashing the little kid trapped inside you. Have fun with your kid and don’t forget how fast time flies by. Spending time with your kid now will help strengthen your relationship with them as they grow older.
  • Becoming a new father means having lots of responsibilities. You will no doubt be a pro in no time while gaining a love and joy in your heart that you never knew possible.
  • Congratulations! I wish you all the best as you enter life as a father. You are now an official daddy of your very first baby!


  • The moment you have been waiting for is finally here. You are now a daddy to a brand new beautiful baby. Take care and cherish your bundle of joy. Enjoy and embrace your new status of parenthood.
  • Now that you are a new father it is normal to feel nervous but within time you will know exactly what to do. I am so happy for you to embark on the next journey of your life.
  • Today you become a new dad and I am so happy to see such happiness and joy emitting from you. This little baby will change your life for the better. Enjoy every moment of your new child.
  • I wish nothing but happiness and joy for you and your family. With the birth of your baby comes a new dad who now needs to focus on decision making for the family rather than just for himself. Enjoy the beautiful bond that you have with your child, and enjoy life.
  • I know how much happiness you must be experiencing because of the birth of your new child. There are many new routines and changes that are headed your way but I have no doubt that such an amazing man such as yourself will have no trouble adapting to daddy hood.
  • I am filled with joy to know that you are now a father. Take great care of your new child and mold him into a respectful, responsible and loving person just like his parents are.


A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

  • Today you have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby. Enjoy all the perks of being someone’s daddy. Always remember how fast time flies and use the time with your children wisely.
  • I am so proud of you for becoming a dad to the most beautiful child and for being such a great husband. I know you will teach your child all the proper ways to become the gentleman you have become. Your family deserves all the happiness in the world.
  • Having a child is a precious gift, remember to always love, protect and cherish your child as you head on your family journey together. Teach your child many things and you will be surprised by the things you learn from your child. A father always holds a special place in their child’s heart for a life time.
  • As we get older, life continues to change. Having a baby shows how much something can change from day to day. The love for your child is one thing that will never change and will always remain in your heart. Congratulations on becoming a daddy.
  • Congratulations to the new daddy for entering the next phase of his life. Parenthood means sleepless nights, messy rooms, diaper changes and constant laundry, but that’s nothing a man like you can’t handle. Good luck on your new journey!


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New Born Baby Wishes

new father wishes

Image: Shutterstock

He has been your caretaker, protector, the staunchest supporter, and above all a guide. He carried you around on his shoulders, tucked you in your bed, and always made sure you had the best in life.

Dads are adorable. Though underrated, a father’s contribution to one’s life is irreplaceable. So, what are you planning to do on your dad’s birthday this time? Tell him how much you love him and how important he is for you.

MomJunction has come up with 101 birthday wishes for father. Pick the ones that suit your relationship with your dad, and make him happy on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad Quotes

Writing a beautiful and soulful message to your daddy is not an easy task. There are so many feelings you bear in your heart; pen them down with these ideas.


  1. “I know I wasn’t always the perfect child, but you have always been the perfect dad. Thanks for fixing the little things I broke and for showing me how to correct my own mistakes as I grew. Enjoy your birthday today. I love you!”

  1. “Father, happy birthday! I hope this year brings your most exciting adventure yet! Celebrate today and always.”
  1. “When I need some support, you’re always there. When I need some guidance, you always come. You are the best dad in this world. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Happy birthday. Thank you for always being there to lend a helping hand. I hope today brings you lots of love, happiness, and smiles, dad!”
  1. “No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I would never be able to thank you enough for all the love and care you have filled my life with. You are my hero, my icon. I wish you a very happy birthday!”
  1. “You can always seem to make me crack a smile even when I’m at my lowest. Thank you for bringing so much laughter into the world. Happy birthday, my best man.”
  1. “Happy birthday daddy. Thank you for guiding me how to deal with the big stuff and for teaching me how to get away with small stuff. I love you!”
  1. “Dear daddy, you taught me the small ways on how to increase happiness in our lives, thanks for that. Have a great birthday!”
  1. “You made my future brighter than a billion lights, and I can never thank you enough for that. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Happy birthday dad, I would be lost without you.”

  1. “I love how even after all these years you are still chasing your dreams. You are an inspiration to all of us, dad. Happy birthday!”
  1. “When I see you smile, the whole world lights up. Thanks for being so great. Happiest birthday dad.”
  1. “I hope that for your birthday every hope, wish, and dream you have comes true today. If anyone deserves such happiness, it would be you. Happy birthday, my loving father.”
  1. “No one brings a smile to my face as much as you do. Your joy, wit, and sparkle are incredibly appreciated, dad. And today is your day. Have a blast, happy birthday!”
  1. “Dad. You have such a free and cheerful spirit. I hope your birthday is as filled with cheer as you are!”
  1. “Whenever I feel like I have lost my way, I know exactly what to do: Call you. Happy birthday, dearest dad.”
  1. “Dad, you are my hero. No, you can’t scale buildings or fly, but you survived labor, and that seems way harder. I just wanted to take today to say thank you, I love you, and happy birthday!”
  1. “Thank you, for all the stories you read, all the lessons you taught, and all the patience you had. I love you. Happy birthday, dad!”
  1. “It’s because of you that I’m always striving to be better. Thank you, dad, for believing in me and always pushing me to do my best. Wish you a very happy birthday.”

  1. “Yet again, I find myself at a loss trying to come up with the perfect words on your big day, but you already know what I’m about to do before I do it most of the time anyway. Thank you for creating our special bond, happy birthday dearest father.”
  1. “I wait a long 364 days to finally get to this special one when I can wish you a happy birthday and see your big smile.”
  1. “With the joy I see on your face today; I want to celebrate every day as your birthday. Happy birthday, daddy.”
  1. “Dad, happy birthday to you. I could never find a gift that would measure up to the love you have showered on me.”
  1. “Dear dad, your soul is pure, your heart is priceless, and your wisdom is astounding. Happy growing, happy birthday!”
  1. “Your heart is made of diamonds, and I hope they glitter on you forever, dad. Happy birthday!”
  1. “Blow out the candles with the knowledge that you are the best father a child could ask for! Happy birthday, father!”
  1. “Today, I celebrate you, dad. Thank you for being such an incredibly fun and loving father. I am so proud to be your child. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Daddy, we wish that you stay strong and healthy, responsible and selfless, all for the reason of genuine love for us. Happy birthday!”

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Birthday Wishes for Dad from Son

Sons and fathers have a unique equation. It’s more formal and yet full of love. Here are some birthday wishes a son can use for his father.

  1. “From helping me up when I fell to taking me out for practice after I missed the winning goal, you’ve taught me never to give up. I owe my success in life to you, and can’t wait to take you out for your birthday.”
  1. “Dad, you are charming, intelligent, with a great sense of humor. I guess it really is true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Happiest birthday to you.”
  1. “I may have been tough, but you have always been tougher, dad. Stay like that; I love you! Happy birthday.”
  1.  “No matter how old you become, you will still be my best friend, dad, after all, with whom am I going to watch the game on Sunday night if it’s not with beloved dad? Happy birthday!”
  1.  “It is a fact that you are miles away from me, dad, but it is also a fact that despite everything, you are constantly in my heart and mind. I wish you all the best in the years ahead. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Another year older, but still looking sharp. Guess I know where I got my good looks from! It’s nice to know I’ll age well. Happy birthday, dad!”
  1.  “You worked so hard to make sure I could have a better life. You did so much to make sure that we had everything we needed as a family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am really proud of you dad, happiest birthday to you.”
  1. “Thank goodness looks are genetic. I hope I look half as good as you do at your age. Have a great birthday, and don’t forget to stop by the mirror and celebrate that you get better looking every year.”
  1. “Dad, I don’t know how you do it, but you make everything look easy. Thanks for being awesome at life. Happy birthday!”

  1. “Happy birthday, dad. May you keep aging in grace. Have a phenomenal day.”
  1. “Dad, my gratitude for all the love that you have shown me over the years is immeasurable. God bless your new age. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Every birthday you have means another year you made our lives special! Thank you, dad.”
  1. “I grew up wanting to be just like you, dad. And today, if I can even be half of the person you are, I would consider myself to have achieved something remarkable. Happy birthday, my dearest father.”
  1. “This day reminds us that a man like you was born to take care of a family, love them unconditionally, be able to forgive and be a shield to his household. Happy birthday our hero!”
  1. “Dad, your birthday is just another day of the year, but this is the day that I get to celebrate how lucky I am to have such an amazing father. Thank you and happy birthday dad!”
  1. “You’ve put up with me at my worst and celebrated me at my best. Happy birthday to the best father in the world!”
  1. “The older I become, the more I have realized that a dad like you is as rare as the desert rose and just as beautiful as well. On this birthday of yours, let me tell you that I’m forever grateful to have you as my dad. Happy birthday, dearest father, I love you so much!”
  1. “From fishing to barbecues, sports, and computers. There is nothing you can’t do! You’re like a super dad! And that is why I admire you! Happy birthday!”

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Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

For a daughter, her father is the most reliable friend, guide, and a hero. Let’s help you wish your dad like his girl!

  1. “Dad, every girl’s dream is to have a kind and understanding father. That’s why I am lucky to have you. Happy birthday!”
  1. “To my dearest papa, you are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. Love you and happy birthday!”
  1. “Daddy, no matter how much I have grown, I will always be your little girl. May you have many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Beloved dad, you are the only person that I know who is completely flawless. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor and hero to me. I will never stop looking up to you. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Happy glorious birthday to a father in every way, your kind of love and care would surely elevate any family. We’ll celebrate you sir.
  1. “For my sweet dad, happy birthday. Thanks for always being there to hold my hand. You are the best dad I could ever ask for.”
  1. “People tend to call their fathers superheroes. But superheroes tend to disappear, and you’ve always been there for me. So my dad isn’t a superhero, he is a super dad! Happy birthday!”
  1. “Beloved dad, you are the only person that I know who is completely flawless. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor and hero to me. I will never stop looking up to you. Happy birthday.”
  1. “You my king, always made me feel like I’m a princess. A wonderful birthday to my wonderful man, love you, daddy.”

  1. “There isn’t a throne suitable enough for a king like you. Happy birthday, dad!”
  1. “You gave me the greatest gift in the world by loving me unconditionally and making me believe in myself. With every day that goes by, the stronger I believe that you were sent from Heaven to make my life on earth paradise. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Dad, you are the King of my castle today and forever. Thank you for constantly bringing me peace and making me sane in this crazy world. I love you with all my heart, dad. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Every time I can do the right thing in life, I try and remember that it was you who taught me the merit of that. Thanks for passing on your values as well as your love. Happy birthday, dad.”
  1. “Thank you, dad, for being the rock I can stand on when I feel like I’m falling apart. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you. For your birthday know that I love you very much. A warm, happy birthday.”
  1. “Happy birthday, father & guide. Thank you for being the lighthouse that keeps me safe during the storms of life.”
  1. “Dad, happy birthday! You’ve always been an amazing father. Now, I’m glad to say; you’re an even more amazing friend.”
  1. “A loving father like you deserves to have nothing but all the happiness and beauty in this world. May God bless your beautiful heart and soul with happiness all the days of your life. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Here’s to you dad, the first person I call when I get into trouble! Happy birthday, I love you.”

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

Fathers are always cool and their jokes always brighten up a dull day. Why not make him laugh while wishing him on his big day? Check these out.

  1. “Dad, you are just like a busy student. You’ve got a lot of class. Happy birthday!”
  1. “Dad, happy birthday. I hope today is a day full of love and relaxation. You deserve it. After all, you’re a real catch.”
  1. “If I had a dollar for everything I love about you, I’d be rich! Happy birthday to a million dollar dad!”
  1. “Hey, dad! You taught me to grill a perfect steak, and that’s what I’m doing this weekend for you. Looking forward to seeing you on your big birthday!”
  1. “I will always look up to you, even when I eventually become taller than you. Happy birthday, my sweet father.”
  1. “Thanks for all those times you didn’t tell mom. Just know you’ve got a lot of favors you can call in, dad. Happy bright birthday!”
  1. “When I was a kid I had to look up to you because you were so much taller. Now that I’m older, I look up to you because you are an amazing man. Happy birthday, dad.”
  1. “Happy birthday to the man who always had my best interest at heart, even when I was too dumb to realize it. Love you.”
  1. “With age comes wisdom, that’s why I’m always bugging you with questions! Happy birthday to the most helpful dad.”

  1. “Your birthday only comes around once a year, but luckily your amazing dad skills are 24/7. Happy, happy birthday!”
  1. “Sure, you may be a little bit older, but that’s no reason you can’t act like a kid! Have fun on your birthday dad.”
  1. “Happy birthday pops! If you want, I’ll make a distraction so that you can sneak off and get some gaming in.”
  1. “A father of your caliber deserves more than a happy birthday. You deserve a stupendous, breathtaking, extraordinary birthday! Unfortunately, we didn’t plan a birthday on that scale. But just know you deserve one!”
  1. “All these years later you still know how to party, keep rocking dad. We love you. Happy birthday!”
  1. “Happy birthday to the dad that can build anything, fix anything, and deal with any problem. You are my superhero.”
  1. “There are good dads and great dads. But for your birthday I just want you to know that you take daddying to a whole new level. Happy birthday, cheers!”
  1. “Relax dad, have a drink and put your feet up. It’s your birthday, and we are going to take care of you.”
  1. 1. “Dad, I know you have the heart of a child. But stop trying to steal a bite of the cake before we sing Happy Birthday.”

  1. “Happy birthday dad. May all your fish be big, your beers cold, and your teams win.”
  1. “Happy birthday to the puniest dad in the world! Thanks for all the laughs and the groans.”
  1. “Dad, you’re one in a million. No, one in a billion. Actually, one in a trillion. In other words, you’re one of a kind. The best, most loving kind. Happy birthday!”
  1. “Who needs an instruction manual for life when I have you! Happy birthday and thanks for all the great advice over the years!”
  1. “You put up with me while growing up. That automatically qualifies you for dad of the century. Happy birthday and thank you for your vast amounts of patience!”
  1. “Wear your gray hairs proudly dad. They are memories of all our times. Thanks for bearing it all, happy birthday!”
  1. “As you get older you’ll start forgetting lots of things. Just never forget how much I adore you. Happiest birthday to the best dad!”
  1. “When I think about the golden oldies, I think about you! Happy birthday, daddy star!”

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A message is not expensive, nor is it everything that you can do for your father on his big day. But it is a sweet gesture to let him know about your feelings, which you always wanted to share with him.

Hope you spend a great time with your dad this year and in the coming years. Share your experience with us.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Happy Birthday Wishes from Father to His Son

We have come up with this lovely birthday wishes for father to make his I just want you to know that you take daddying to a whole new level.

new father wishes
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