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Music birthday wish
November 12, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 5 comments

Today, we're launching birthday stories globally — a way for friends, You can even add a music sticker to give your story a “Happy Birthday” soundtrack. Then, your wish gets added to your friend's birthday story, creating a.

Birthday Wishes for Guitar Players

What to Write in a Guitar Player's Birthday Card

Here are some examples of what to write in the birthday card of a guitar player. Guitar players can be a little crazy sometimes, and these messages were all created by a guitar player. Feel free to work these out for your guitar playing birthday boy or girl.
  1. "If it's too loud, you're too old."
  2. Have a rockin’ birthday!
  3. You were born to play guitar.
  4. Marshall amp volume knobs go to 11, so they are one louder. You just became one year older. Now you go to __.
  5. Guitar players don’t mind birthdays so much, because for them birthdays are a great excuse to buy another guitar.
  6. It’s amazing to me what your hands can do with a guitar. When you were born, the world was given a gift of music.
  7. Happy birthday to my favorite musician, from your biggest fan.
  8. On the day you were born, “The head nurse spoke up, said leave this one alone, she could tell right away... you were BAD TO THE BONE.”
  9. What do you call a guitar on the day of its birth…? A 'ukubaby.'
  10. There’s one type of gift that all guitarist want for their birthday. A NEW GUITAR!
  11. When you have a lot of birthdays, people call you ‘old.’ When a guitar has a lot of birthdays, people call it vintage. Happy birthday to a truly vintage person.
  12. Old rockers can still be cool. Look at the Stones, the Who, or Led Zeppelin. They still rock, even though they are getting close to rolling into their graves.
  13. Getting old is like slowly turning down the volume on your amp. Actually, if you play guitar, the older you get the more it’ll be like turning the volume down from the hearing loss you will acquire.
  14. The older you get the more years of experience and the better you get at playing guitar. You’ll need it, since it’ll be the only thing you have to try to impress the ladies.
  15. For aging guitar players, there is a direct correlation between style of music and ability to hear. Don’t you think it’s about time to start playing smooth jazz?
  16. Many guitars sound better with age, just like you get better with age.
  17. Any serious guitar player will tell you that the number of guitars you need is exactly half the number of years old you are. So if you’re ____ years old, then you need ____ number of guitars.
  18. Guitarists have to be careful that they move up from a dreadnaught to a jumbo sized body as they age. Keep aging well.  Happy birthday!
  19. You're only as old as the music you play.
  20. As long as your guitar is older than you, then you're still considered young.

With the app "Happy Birthday with Music", you can congratulate the birthday of one original and personalized way. With 7 different melodies of the Happy.

How to Make Birthday Wishes Video?

music birthday wish

Writing Happy Birthday on Facebook wall is so 2012. Are you still doing that? Well, not anymore. Birthdays are special and if you’re wishing your friend, then you better stand out from the crowd of those strangers on the friend list.

Have you thought about wishing your friend through a birthday video? You might as well. Videos are memorable, more meaningful and they are not as bland as writing two words on a Facebook wall.

Now, the real issue here is how to create a birthday wish video. The things you can put in, ideas for the video and more.

But let’s start with how easy it actually is to create a birthday wish video these days. All you need to do is find online slideshow video makers (like Picovico) and that’s it. You don’t need to be some coding expert. All you have to do is upload pictures, music, some texts, and that’s it.

Let me walk you through the step by step procedure of creating a birthday wish video with pictures and music.

Find a Birthday Video Maker

Since you are already on Picovico, that’s already taken care of. Picovico is among the very best slideshow video makers on the market, and is especially popular for its birthday videos. We also rank on the very top with most keywords relating to birthday slideshow videos.

Now, if you haven’t already created your account, create one through this link and login to picovico.

You’ll then be guided step by step within the product itself until your video is finally done. For detailed instructions follow this link.How to make a birthday video with Picovico?

Birthday Wishes Video Ideas

You know how to create one, now digging into the things to include in your video is equally important.

Picovico offers you a variety of features and themes which can be used to suit your personal needs. We suggest all our users to have a clear idea about the story you want to showcase with your video.

Uploading Images

You could upload stock photographs or any random photos (as long as it’s free) and your birthday wish video will still be created. However, to bring more life to the video, we would suggest that you use personal photos that the birthday person can relate to. This will create a more memorable and lasting effect.
You can use photos in the chronological order to create a story, or you can choose to highlight some particular aspect of the individual’s life.

Captions and Text Slides

Now, we do not assume that you are a writer, but we do have sections for captions and text slides for you to get creative with words. Put up witty words to make photos more meaningful. Also, you can add separate text slides to include some catchy quotes. Or, you could put some witty birthday wishes to provide a more personal touch.
Like this one for instance, which I stumbled upon this morning: Hope today’s filled with all your favorite guilty pleasures!

Choosing Music

Likewise, music is another important aspect to take into account while choosing music for the slideshow video. Here, you can go with the safe bet of choosing the birthday person’s favorite music for your birthday wish video. Or, you could be inventive and search for something that well suits the story line.
Another alternative is to record yourself singing Happy Birthday song, and upload it as a voiceover for your birthday wish video.

Extra Tips

Other than the general story lines and covering certain aspects, something else you can do is collect birthday facts for their specific date and then make a video out of those interesting ones. This will surely make them chuckle at the least.
Another interesting idea is to collect messages from different friends and family and compile them into a birthday slideshow video.

We recently published a blog about how to create birthday video for a friend. Follow the link, if you missed it.

Create a Birthday Wish Video Now

Want to create more birthday related slideshows and videos. Here are 9 Tips for Birthday Slideshow Videos.

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Fans send birthday wishes to Robert Smith as The Cure frontman turns 60

music birthday wish

Happy birthday, Snoop Dogg!

The legendary rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, turned 47 Saturday (Oct. 20) and his fellow rap stars and celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to wish him a very happy birthday.

"On some real shit, I met Dogg before G thang dropped and he been A1 ever since, no matter if I call him just to talk, play Madden or need him to pull up, my nigga always there, I love you and I’m 1 of your biggest fans, wishing you the best 47th Birthday Day eva!!!!" Jermaine Dupri wrote on Twitter.     


Other stars sending their birthday wishes included Ice Cube, Bow Wow, DJ Khaled, Kirk Franklin, and many more.   

See more birthday tweets to Snoop Dogg below.   

Happy G day my brother ICON @snoopdogg BLESS UP

— DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) October 20, 2018

Happy DoggDay

— Ice Cube (@icecube) October 20, 2018

Grateful to be a part of this series with @SnoopDogg! Listen in as we discuss Music, Careers and the Kingdom! @BET

— Kirk Franklin (@kirkfranklin) October 19, 2018

Happy Bornday to a real blessing to the game snoopdogg your presence is a present sir!!!!

— Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) October 20, 2018

Yo Cuz snoopdogg #happybirthday brother , I love you homie , when I need Snoop D .. O .. double G , that motherfucker is always there !

— George Lopez (@georgelopez) October 20, 2018

Happy born day to my uncle snoop! Love you @SnoopDogg stay blessed.

— Bow Wow (@smoss) October 20, 2018

On some real shit,I met Dogg before G thang dropped and he been A1 ever since,no matter if I call him just to talk,play Madden or need him to pull up,my nigga always there,I love you and I’m 1 of your biggest fans,wishing you the best 47th Birthday Day eva!!!!

— Jermaine Dupri (@jermainedupri) October 20, 2018

Happy Birthday to the legend @SnoopDogg ! More life ------

Check out our single #TUFF OUT NOW Here:

— DJ IRONIK (@DJIronik) October 20, 2018

Happy birthday @SnoopDogg — sending my ❤️

— Wheeler Walker, Jr. (@WheelerWalkerJr) October 20, 2018

Star Maa Music Wishes our #Restart #VjNeha A Very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday AR Rahman: Anirudh to Santhosh Narayanan, celebs wish music maestro

music birthday wish

AR Rahman, the only musician from India to win an Oscar Award, has turned 52 today. Born as Dileep Kumar in 1967 in Chennai, the music maestro has had quite a tumultuous journey in life. He had a difficult childhood, as his father died when he was very young.

On his birthday, from his fellow music directors to actors, many celebs have wished the legendary musician.

Here are the tweets:

AR Rahman is currently working in Vijay's upcoming film, Sivakarthikeyan's next and Kizie Aur Manny.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Happy Birthday - Ishq Forever - Nakash Aziz - Krishna Chaturvedi & Ruhi Singh

Out of all the art that the human kind has devised, music is the most direct and the closest one to our life's pace. Even today, the sound of music.

music birthday wish
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