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Jan 20, 2019 What are positive affirmations are and how do they work? aren't nearly as powerful as statements that contain words like “am” and “do.”.

Growing Up without Positive Thinking

Why are these simple messages of truth and love that can change our lives so absent in culture and the environment that raises us?

Why do we have to discover these positive affirmations by accident and feel like we have found a new gold mine whereas almost all of it is found in ancient messages that still hold true?

I grew up with a lot of love – and I mean, a lot of lovefrom my parents, my relatives, my grandparents, and my childhood friends.

All of these are irreplaceable affections in their own right.

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But the love was often overshadowed with a lot of fear, shame and guilt imposed by our guardians and authority. I don’t mean fear, shame and guilt for wrong-doing but for doing anything that was not “the norm” (the norm itself being anything but normal or sensible).

The overflow of affection in our culture cannot be matched, I admit, but it is rarely about teaching a child to be positive and confident in life, or about believing in their own abilities to make smart choices or to follow a dream. It is about making sure they follow the rules, with obedience always being the measuring stick above all things.

If you didn’t grow up being told just how unique and special you are, how capable you are of everything you want to become, how normal it is to have dreams outside of the norm, and how much you matter to this world, this blog post is for you, darling!

If you want to be happy and successful in your own life, a positive, fierce, proud and happy person without shame, learn how to be confident, and love and approve of yourself with these guided affirmation audio tracks. Use them daily and you’ll see results in your moods and happiness levels in 7 days at the latest.

100 Positive Affirmations to Carry You Through Life

Where did I get these affirmations? I have read the work of Louise Hay and adore her to pieces and I may have a few of her phrases or words but they are mostly altered to fit my own language. She is truly my source of inspiration, that much I admit openly. However, just as Louise recommends, I wanted to put together my own affirmations for you and encourage you to use them as they are or feel free to change the wording even further to adopt it as yours.

You may laugh, you may sneer, you may not believe a word of these affirmations but if my engineering logic-oriented mind can come around to believing them and watching them bring happiness to my life and profit into my business, I have high hopes that it can help you too.

Affirmations work best in the PRESENT tense, just as you see below, and when you say them consciously and preferably loudly (if the circumstance permits!). Also, it helps to adopt positive BELIEVING as well as positive THINKING as you embrace these words in the situations that arise in your life.

When you feel lonely and sad:

1. I feel the love of those who are not physically around me.
2. I take pleasure in my own solitude.
3. I am too big a gift to this world to feel self-pity.
4. I love and approve of myself.

When you feel terrified (without your safety being in danger):

5. I focus on breathing and grounding myself.
6. Following my intuition and my heart keeps me safe and sound.
7. I make the right choices every time.
8. I draw from my inner strength and light.
9. I trust myself.

When you feel insignificant:

10. I am a unique child of this world.
11. I have as much brightness to offer the world as the next person.
12. I matter and what I have to offer this world also matters.
13. I may be one in 7 billion but I am also one in 7 billion.

When you are nervous or afraid:

14. I trust my inner wisdom and intuition.
15. I breathe in calmness and breathe out nervousness.
16. This situation works out for my highest good.
17. Wonderful things unfold before me.

When you are angry:

18. I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made.
19. I let go of my anger so I can see clearly.
20. I accept responsibility if my anger has hurt anyone.
21. I replace my anger with understanding and compassion.
22. I offer an apology to those affected by my anger.

When you feel hopeless and at the end of your rope:

23. I may not understand the good in this situation but it is there.
24. I muster up more hope and courage from deep inside me.
25. I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to look at this.
26. I kindly ask for help and guidance if I cannot see a better way.
27. I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways.

When you feel conflicted about a decision:

28. I know my wisdom guides me to the right decision.
29. I trust myself to make the best decision for me.
30. I receive all feedback with kindness but make the final call myself.
31. I listen lovingly to this inner conflict and reflect on it until I get to peace around it.
32. I love my family even if they do not understand me completely.
33. I show my family how much I love them in all the verbal and non-verbal ways I can.
34. There is a good reason I was paired with this perfect family.
35. I choose to see my family as a gift.
36. I am a better person from the hardship that I’ve gone through with my family.

When you are among friends:

37. I choose friends who approve of me and love me.
38. I surround myself with people who treat me well.
39. I take the time to show my friends that I care about them.
40. My friends do not judge me, nor do they influence what I do with my life.
41. I take great pleasure in my friends, even if we disagree or live different lives.

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

When you are around strangers:

42. I am beautiful and smart and that’s how everyone sees me.
43. I take comfort in the fact that I can always leave this situation.
44. I never know what amazing incredible person I will meet next.
45. The company of strangers teaches me more about my own likes and dislikes.

When you are at work:

46. I am doing work that I enjoy and find fulfilling.
47. I play a big role in my own career success.
48. I ask for and do meaningful, wonderful and rewarding work.
49. I engage in work that impacts this world positively.
50. I believe in my ability to change the world with the work that I do.

When you can’t sleep:

51. Peaceful sleep awaits me in dreamland.
52. I let go of all the false stories I make up in my head.
53. I release my mind of thought until the morning.
54. I embrace the peace and quiet of the night.
55. I sleep soundly and deeply and beautifully into this night.

When you don’t want to face the day:

56. This day brings me nothing but joy.
57. Today will be a gorgeous day to remember.
58. My thoughts are my reality so I think up a bright new day.
59. I fill my day with hope and face it with joy.
60. I choose to fully participate in my day.

When you worry about your future:

61. I let go of worries that drain my energy.
62. I make smart, calculated plans for my future.
63. I am a money magnet and attract wealth and abundance.
64. I am in complete charge of planning for my future.
65. I trust in my own ability to provide well for my family.

When you can’t get your loved ones to support your dreams:

66. I follow my dreams no matter what.
67. I show compassion in helping my loved ones understand my dreams.
68. I ask my loved ones to support my dreams.
69. I answer questions about my dreams without getting defensive.
70. My loved ones love me even without fully grappling with my dreams.
71. I accept everyone as they are and continue on with pursuing my dream.

When you come face to face with a problem:

72. I am safe and sound. All is well.
73. Everything works out for my highest good.
74. There is a great reason this is unfolding before me now.
75. I have the smarts and the ability to get through this.
76. All my problems have a solution.

When you want to do more with your life but feel stuck:

77. I attempt all – not some – possible ways to get unstuck.
78. I seek a new way of thinking about this situation.
79. The answer is right before me, even if I am not seeing it yet.
80. I believe in my ability to unlock the way and set myself free.

When you can’t stop comparing yourself to others:

81. I have no right to compare myself to anyone for I do not know their whole story.
82. I compare myself only to my highest self.
83. I choose to see the light that I am to this world.
84. I am happy in my own skin and in my own circumstances.
85. I see myself as a gift to my people and community and nation.

When you feel you are not good enough no matter how hard you try:

86. I am more than good enough and I get better every day.
87. I give up the habit to criticize myself.
88. I adopt the mindset to praise myself.
89. I see the perfection in all my flaws and all my genius.
90. I fully approve of who I am, even as I get better.
91. I am a good person at all times of day and night.

When you want to give up:

92. I cannot give up until I have tried every conceivable way.
93. Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay it for another day.
94. I press on because I believe in my path.
95. It is always too early to give up on my goals.
96. I must know what awaits me at the end of this rope so I do not give up.

When you recognize how powerful, gifted, talented and brilliant you really are:

97. The past has no power over me anymore
98. I embrace the rhythm and the flowing of my own heart.
99. All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in this life.
100. I am deeply fulfilled with who I am.

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A list of the best daily positive I am affirmations for men & women to help you attract success abundance money & more!.

50 Morning Affirmations For Success And Confidence

i am affirmations

Affirmations are very powerful. Your subconscious mind does not think in terms of past, present or future. If you affirm that you “want” something, then you get “the wanting” but you don’t really get the thing that you are wanting.

To get what you want, affirmations must be at present tense!

When you say I AM HAPPINESS, then life will provide you the means to have happiness. Replace I WANT affirmations with I AM affirmations. Inspire yourself from the below wonderful list of I AM affirmations and start to embody the power of I AM.

To have positive events in your life you need to think positively. Thinking positively is done with positive words. Inspire yourself from the list of positive words updated constantly at Positive Words Research since 2013. Read the below affirmations and feel them. Memorize the affirmations created with I AM and positive words. Repeat in your mind the affirmation that you need when you need it. Feel your affirmation by adding positive emotion to it. Example: “I AM BLISS”: add positive emotions to this affirmation by lightening up and radiating blissful happiness using the muscles of your face, basically make the muscles of your face become a big and large smile.

Human beings have two main powers on Earth: Awareness and Choice. Become aware of who you actually are so that you can make a good choice. You are a blessing. You are unique. You are a gift to the entire world. Learn positive words so that you can become aware of who you actually are. You are magnificent. You are Love. You are Pure Love and Light. Affirm it!

The power of the I AM affirmations can be better understood from this anonymous quote:

“I AM are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.”

List of I AM Affirmations

~ I AM Affirmations for A ~













~ I AM Affirmations for B ~









~ I AM Affirmations for C ~


























~ I AM Affirmations for D ~






~ I AM Affirmations for E ~

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i am affirmations

Positive affirmations have become really popular, especially with the rise of social media.

You’ve probably seen Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts that quote positive affirmations.

But what are these magic words that claim to transform your mind and your life?

As it turns outs, there’s a lot of science to back up exactly how a set of positive words can dramatically improve your mind and body.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what positive affirmations are and how they work. We’ll explain the ways you can use them in your life to create wealth, love, physical well-being and so much more.

Finally, we’ll instruct you on the best practices to use them in your life, including how to create your own positive affirmations for any situation.

What Are Words Of Affirmation?

Positive affirmations are so much more than just feel good quotes and positive statements.

In short, positive affirmations are statements that are repeated to encourage and uplift the person speaking them.

In reality, a positive affirmation is actually part of the language of the brain.

We’ll explain more about this in the next section, but for now, let’s look at the elements that make up a positive affirmation.

3 Elements Of Successful Affirmations

Because positive affirmations are written in the language of the brain, they follow a specific formula.

If you come across a quote on the Internet or in a book that claims to be a positive affirmation, but doesn’t follow this formula, your brain won’t register the thought accurately.

It turns out, our brains are pretty strict and straightforward about their language rules.

1) Positive affirmations are always in the present tense. If you see a positive affirmation that says “I will,” “I used to” or “I’m going to,” move on. Your brain only responds to present tense statements.

2) Positive affirmations only include positive words. If you see a positive affirmation that has words like “don’t,” “can’t” or “won’t,” it’s not a statement you’ll want to repeat. It takes your brain a lot of extra work to get past negative statements and transform them into positive ones.

3) Positive affirmations are spoken as statements of fact and truth. Statements that contain words like “might” and “could” aren’t nearly as powerful as statements that contain words like “am” and “do.”

How Do You Effectively Use Affirmations?

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to get super scientific or technical here.

But there is plenty of research out there, if you’re curious.

Instead, we’re going to explain how your brain communicates.

It does so in a very specific way, and understanding this can help your positive affirmations become more effective and powerful.

Your brain is a complex and complicated network of information that is always sending and receiving thoughts and instructions at lightning speed.

Every simple action you take is really a set of complicated communications between cells called neurons.

Because of the amount of information your brain has to process every single second, it takes everything you think and say in a very literal way. When you understand how this literal communication works, you begin to see how this affects your emotions, behaviors and even physical well being.

The literal, present tense brain

The brain doesn’t communicate in future or past-tense.

Everything that happens is happening in the moment for your brain.

When you think a thought, your brain processes the information literally and prepares you for the action that should immediately follow the thought.

For example, if you think to yourself, “I’m going to have a great time on my date this weekend,” your brain essentially hears “good date” and starts firing off all the connections to make your date amazing.

The problem is, it starts firing off those connections in the moment.

You may get a boost of confidence and even start sending off some feel-good pheromones, but it will be in that moment, right then and there.

This effect is highlighted when you start to fear something that might happen in the future.

Have you ever thought about why you can have such a strong physical reaction to things you know are fake?

Take a scary movie for instance.

Your heart may pound and you might even sweat and feel dizzy.


This happens because your brain can’t tell the difference between what you’re experiencing right now and what you’re imagining you might experience in the future.

Your brain reacts to your thoughts in a very literal way, in the present moment, and prepares you for the perceived danger.

This is why it’s really important that your positive affirmations are always in the present tense.

“I will do great in my job interview,” tells your brain to set you up for success now, but not in the future.

“I am a great interviewer. I am a great employee,” strengthens the neural connections that make you feel confident, determined and prepared for your interview.

The positive word brain

Have you ever had an experience in which you’re overcome with emotion? So, you tell yourself, “don’t cry,” or, “don’t get angry,” only to find you become more upset?

There are actually two things happening in the brain that make phrases like “don’t cry” increase your negative emotions.

First, when you tell yourself “don’t cry,” you are giving your brain two different commands. The first command is don’t and the second is cry.

You can process the two words together and understand their meaning, but your brain hears the word “cry” and begins to activate the neural connections for that command.

In the end, you’re essentially telling yourself to cry, over and over again.

Second, a simple command like “cry” takes one small process for your brain to interpret.

It’s straightforward and simple.

A command like “don’t cry” takes further interpretation.

While your brain is busy firing off the processes to follow the command “cry,” it’s also going through a multi-step process of following the “don’t” command and then negating the entire command of, “don’t cry.”

Unfortunately, after all that work, you haven’t given your brain an action to take instead of crying.

It searches for something else to do, but you haven’t told it what to do.

So, the next time you’re in a situation where you want to experience the opposite emotion, think of that opposite emotion and command yourself to do that instead.

Instead of, “don’t cry,” try, “I am calm,” and see what happens!

The Focused Brain

With all this talk of the strict rules and patterns of your brain, you may start to feel a little annoyed with how literal your brain can be.

Though it seems like an annoyance, these systems and processes are actually in place to help you better achieve your goals.

The world is full of sensory information that, frankly, is of no use to you. If you had to consciously and actively process every piece of information that comes toward you, and then try to make a decision and take an action, you’d be completely overwhelmed.

Your brain has an autopilot function that filters information and guides your actions so you don’t have to.

It’s actually an incredibly helpful process.

If you’re hungry, you don’t have to think about every sound, smell and sight in your environment and think about whether it’s food or not.

Instead, your brain senses the hunger and filters out the junk. In turn, potential food sources stand out to you.

When you drive down a busy street, you probably don’t notice every single store and business, but when you’re hungry, you probably notice most of the restaurants.

That’s the system at work.

If you don’t consciously decide, something else will

Because your brain is constantly looking for clues to filter your environment and guide your actions, it will pick up on any available influence.

This could mean all the subconscious fears and doubts you haven’t dealt with, or even messages embedded in your environment.

Luckily, you have a lot of control in this process.

Your brain is eager to set you up for success – all you have to do is instruct it.

This is why positive affirmations are so powerful.

Your brain is always looking for a command, and if you can clearly give it one – in the language it speaks – it will activate everything you need to make your wildest dreams come true.

Repetition is the key to success

To understand how positive affirmations work and why they’re an excellent tool for creating the life you want to live, it’s important to understand why repetition is so important.

As you start using positive affirmations, you may feel like repeating them over and over again is a waste of time.

If the brain responds to positive, present tense statements, then why is it necessary to repeat them several times every single day?

Your brain is a creature of habit.

The processes inside your brain are set up to help you succeed.

To run efficiently, your brain strengthens its connections every time you think, feel and do.

This helps you perform tasks with less energy and more focus.

Think about driving a car or riding a bike.

It can be awkward at first, when you’re learning, but after you figure it out, it comes naturally.

This is because your brain strengthens those connections every time you repeat the action and thoughts.

Anything you want can come that naturally to you through the use of repeated positive affirmations.

Break the tension

Sometimes positive affirmations can feel like a lie.

If you’re not happy with your weight, repeating the phrase, “I love my body,” and, “I maintain the perfect weight,” may feel like an outright falsehood.

For many people, this is where affirmations take a wrong turn.

It seems unnatural to repeat something that is completely untrue.

Because of this, you may be tempted to change your affirmation into a more comfortable phrase like, “I can lose weight,” or, “I can keep up with my diet.”

These affirmations won’t be effective for all the reasons we discussed above, but there’s also something else to be said for the discomfort of repeating a false phrase.

We don’t like tension.

Most of our life is spent avoiding, preventing and fixing discomfort.

So, it’s no wonder that people use ineffective affirmations, because effective affirmations are often uncomfortable.

Yet, it is exactly this discomfort that makes them work so well.

When you come across an affirmation that makes you squirm in discomfort, it’s a good sign that it’s probably exactly the affirmation you need to repeat.

If you feel uncomfortable about lying to yourself, you’ll want to fix it.

You’ll either change the affirmation to make it comfortable, or you’ll change your lifestyle and habits to make the affirmation true.

The latter action is the response that will completely transform your life for the better!

What Can Positive Affirmations Help You With?

You can use positive affirmations to accomplish anything imaginable.

Most people use positive affirmations to shift their attitudes about themselves.

Confidence and self-esteem are certainly the number one reasons people use positive affirmations, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these uses.

With positive affirmations, you can:

  • Create positive relationships

By training your brain to get used to a thought, emotion or behavior, you set yourself up for success.

This success can come from any part of your life.

How Do You Write Positive Affirmations?

Though there are excellent resources that list positive affirmations, including the list featured at the end of this article, you may way to create affirmations that are specific to your situation.

Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, attract or manifest, be sure to use the language of the brain that we spoke about earlier.

1) Make sure your affirmation only contains positive words. If your affirmation contains “don’t,” “can’t” or “won’t,” re-frame the affirmation to confirm what you’re trying to achieve.

2) Make sure your affirmation is in the present tense, even if it’s untrue. The discomfort you feel will motivate you to change.

Even if you’re not rich, repeating, “I’m wealthy. I have plenty of money,” is a great affirmation to propel you toward financial success.

3) Be relevant. If you’re creating an affirmation for a specific situation, think about the things you want to achieve.

If you want to give a great job interview, think about what that entails. Does giving a good job interview mean you’re confident, experienced, likable and successful?

Create affirmations using those qualities in the present tense. Don’t say, “I will give a great interview.” Say, “I am confident, experienced, likable and successful. Everyone notices these qualities.”

4) Repeat your affirmation. There’s no formula for how often or how many times you should repeat a positive affirmation.

Many people set a routine that works for them, like repeating the affirmation 20 times, 3 times a day.

As long as you are focused when you repeat it, and you repeat it frequently, it will be successful.

A good rule of thumb is to repeat the affirmation for at least 5 minutes, 3 times each day.

5) Empower your affirmation with physical touch. You can supercharge your affirmations by tapping on the back of your hand or gently caressing where you feel negative emotion.

For example, if you want to lose weight, think about your unhappiness with your weight.

Where do you feel it at in your body? If you feel a sinking sensation in your stomach, you can gently rub your stomach while you repeat the affirmation.

Tapping any part of your body works the same way.

This creates a muscle memory attached to the feeling and thought.

And whenever you repeat that physical action, your brain and body will remember the positive affirmation.

What is an example of a positive affirmation?

Before we hop into our list of 80 powerful positive affirmations, here are a few general examples:

  • I know, accept and am true to myself.
  • I eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I never give up.
  • I enjoy life to the fullest.
  • I accept others for who they are.
  • I commit to learning new things.
  • I endeavor to be the best that I can be.

Do positive affirmations work with the law of attraction?

Positive affirmations are a very powerful weapon for making your life better.

But the key to a successful affirmation is – belief!

So, yes, positive affirmations do work alongside the law of attraction. After all, you have to believe in what you tell yourself

80 Powerful Positive Affirmations

We don’t just have a set of generic positive affirmations for you. We have sets of positive affirmations in 4 important life categories: work, love, health and everyday life.

20 positive affirmations for work

These positive affirmations can help you clarify and obtain your career goals.

If you’re looking to improve your overall job performance, find a new job, change careers or even improve relationships with clients and coworkers, you can use the affirmations below.

  • I further my career with every action I take.
  • I have my dream job.
  • I love every day that I work.
  • My career brings me closer to my family.
  • My job brings me financial abundance.
  • My coworkers love being around me.
  • My boss values the work I do.
  • I am a valued employee.
  • My clients appreciate and value my work.
  • I attract new clients every day.

  • My positive attitude, confidence and hard work naturally draws in new opportunities.
  • I am enthusiastic and excited about my work.
  • My enthusiasm about my job is contagious.
  • My workplace is peaceful and full of love.
  • I make decisions easily.
  • I speak positively about my coworkers and they respond by speaking positively about me.
  • I am rewarded for doing my best.
  • I engage in healthy stimulation during my breaks.
  • I eat healthy, nutritious food during my lunch break and my body is grateful, granting me energy and good health in return.
  • I radiate success.

20 positive affirmations for love

Whether you want to improve the romantic relationship you’re already in, or you want to attract your soulmate, positive affirmations can prepare and guide you towards healthy, happy partnerships.

  • I radiate love and others reflect love back to me.
  • I am loving and lovable.
  • I am attractive.
  • My romantic relationship is healthy, long-lasting and full of love.
  • My partner is kind, compassionate and understanding.
  • My partner is very physically and spiritually attracted to me.
  • I am with my soulmate and we share a life full of love.
  • Life is full of love and I find it everywhere I go.
  • My relationship is divine, and my partner and I are perfectly matched.

  • There is a deep understanding between my partner and I.
  • Forgiveness and compassion is the foundation of my romantic relationship.
  • It is easy for me to look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
  • My words are always kind and loving, and in return, I hear kindness and love from others.
  • Every day of my life is filled with love.
  • All communication between my partner and I is loving and kind.
  • Everything about me is lovable and worthy of love.
  • I am with my soulmate because I am a loving, kind person who deserves true love.
  • I wake up every morning filled with joy, because I know that I face each day with the support and love of my partner.
  • My partner finds my sexy because (he/she) is attracted to every part of me.
  • All of my relationships are healthy because they are based in love and compassion.

20 positive affirmations for weight loss

Easy access to unhealthy foods has created an epidemic around the world. The temptation to choose convenience over health is difficult to overcome.

Many people struggle with weight-loss, going back and forth between diets, but never finding success.

If that’s you or you’re simply looking to improve your diet and overall health, these affirmations are for you.

  • I love everything about my body.
  • I am grateful for how effectively and efficiently my body works.
  • I accept the shape of my body and I find it beautiful and appealing.
  • I only make healthy and nourishing eating choices.
  • I take care of my body and exercise every day.
  • My body is healthy and full of energy.
  • My body is filled with healing energy every time I inhale.
  • I am very grateful and happy that I weigh ___ (fill in with desired weight).
  • I crave healthy, nutritious foods.
  • I love the taste of fruits and vegetables.

  • I am in love with every cell in my body.
  • I radiate confidence and others respect me.
  • Others find me sexy and desirable.
  • I am filled with excitement when I look in the mirror.
  • I am filled with love, hope and confidence.
  • I greet each second of life with enthusiasm and hope.
  • I am grateful for the life force and energy that runs through my body.
  • Every action I take increases my confidence.
  • Everything I think, say and do makes me healthier.
  • I feel safe and comfortable in my body.

20 positive affirmations for everyday life

Who doesn’t want every day to be filled with happiness and excitement for life?

That attitude may seem hard to come by right now, but practice some of these daily affirmations and watch how they transform your everyday experiences.

  • I wake up happy and excited every single day.
  • Each day of my life is filled with joy and love.
  • I am enthusiastic about every second of my life.
  • Everything I do is fun, healthy and exciting.
  • I am a beacon of love and compassion.
  • Everyone sees how much joy and love I have for life.
  • I crave new, healthy experiences.
  • All of my relationships are positive and filled with love and compassion.
  • I see others as good people who are trying their best.
  • I find opportunities to be kind and caring everywhere I look.

  • I easily accomplish all of my goals.
  • I only desire things that are healthy for me.
  • I instantly manifest my desires.
  • My life is full of magic and serendipity,
  • My thoughts and feelings are nourishing.
  • I am present in every moment.
  • I see beauty in everything.
  • People treat me with kindness and respect.
  • I am surrounded by peaceful people.
  • My environment is calm and supportive.

Have you ever used positive affirmations before? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!

Affirmations in the vibration of Love and Gratitude. Connect with your heart and soul. Mixed with 8Hz Alpha binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies 852hz.

Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

i am affirmations

This site is for those that are looking for help with their meditation and affirmation work. We have accumulated an incredible resource of affirmations and meditations from some of the greatest metaphysical authors of our time and the past.

We then recorded the affirmations and added the text for those of you that are more visual.

Simple. Scan the menu bar at the right, find a topic that sounds interesting to you, click the topic and you will be taken to that page. There are three ways you can utilize this site and the meditations and affirmations.

#1 If you are visual, simply read and recite the affirmations out loud.

#2 If you enjoy being read too, play the audios. We have setup 3 different audios for each file. A single play file, a 10 looped file ( plays 10 times in a row ) and for those hard core a 25 loop file.

#3 Personally I like this option the best. Choose which file you want to play, and then you read along with the audio. Remember the old saying “When Two or More are Gathered in My Name” just think of me as your affirmation buddy.

Please do….if you have a personal affirmation or I AM Meditations that you would like to share, click the contact / submit button in the TOP menu bar and send me a TEXT version of your affirmation, and if I like it I will record it and add it to the site. Hopefully the site will grow leaps and bounds by user participation.


NOTHING Happens without FEELING.

“The feeling element is the female element”

The mental action alone is really “knowing,” or conscious consciousness; and may be said to be the first • step the mentality takes to experience anything. This “knowing,” unaccompanied by feeling, does not produce a visible effect. This “knowing” is the male element of Mind, the per­ceptive element. When this perceptive element is used alone, it produces• no visible effect or experience. It is on a par with the mentality that mentally draws plans of a house or invention, but never gets beyond the plan-drawing stage. Some­ thing more than mere plan-drawing is needed, before an individual mentality will actually set to work to externalize the house or invention. This something more is feeling.If there is no feeling • accompanying the house-planning, the mentality will not exert itself actually to produce the house or invention. It is no different in cases of success or failure, health or sickness, happiness or sorrow.

One could spend a century in planning or thinking health, and still not experience it; simply because, thinking or knowing without feeling, can­ not produce the experience called health; for health is a state of both knowing and feeling. The feeling element is the female element, or the mother element, which fulfills or brings to fruition or conscious experience, that which the knowing element thinks or perceives.

Knowing is really perception ; and mental per­ception might be said to be the first step towards conceiving. Conceiving, the second step, may be likened to reasoning, wherein the mental element is actively engaged in formulating or organizing its perception or knowing into a stabilized state, or a feeling of certainty ; and in this way feeling is engendered. Every set conclusion that the mentality arrives at has both the elements of knowing and feeling in combination. When the mentality really arrives at any set conclusion, that conclusion is always accompanied by the sense of certainty, which is really a feeling of certainty. All can prove this to themselves by giving a little thought to their past experiences.

This very perception or knowing, this apprehending or reasoning, and this comprehending or mental conclusion is the triune element, called mind. It is a trinity in unity, that produces only in unity. Not one of this trinity, alone, will produce form or experience; because it is only a single element, and it takes the three to produce objective form. This trinity in unity is the triune element; which was first called the Almighty by Abraham, because he recognized its all-power; and later, by others, called God, having been named this to correspond with its quality, which is all­ good.

The mistaken sense, that the primal element is a personal God or an enlarged Being, came about through misunderstanding; and through the indi­vidual erringly believing himself to be the servant of some unknown power.This, in turn, brought about the error of praying to, and pleading with, the supposititious, personal God for favors; instead of following the teachings of the few, who knew the facts and admonished get understanding.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom :” so wrote Solomon

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Here are 50 morning affirmations that you can use for success and confidence. “I am surrounded by supportive, positive people who believe in me and want to.

i am affirmations
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