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Happy birthday wishes to friends son

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Happy birthday wishes to friends son
June 21, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 5 comments

When you read the beautiful quotes and wishes from a mother to her son on his birthday below, remember to share them with your friends and family!.

It’s nice to send warm birthday greetings and wishes to six-year-olds.
They might be your own child, niece or nephew or a friend’s child.
They would be very glad to share their birthdays with you.
To make their day more special, here are wonderful wishes especially made for them.

Kids who are six can already do some moves but you are the best among all the children you age. Have a rocking 6th birthday celebration! You rock!

All of my presents come in six. The hugs, kisses, cuddles, tickles and cheers. You deserve to enjoy your special day. Have fun on your sixth birthday, cutie!


Welcome to the Six-year-olds club. There’s free membership until you’re seven. As a member of this club, we’re going to spoil you with lots of your favorite foods like ice cream, cake, pizza and more. Plus lots of presents wait you. Happy 6th birthday, dear!

Today is a special day and something six-tacular is about to happen. Have a six-citing 6th birthday.

I pray that this will be the best birthday day for you. It’s going to be another best year so we need the best cake to put the six best candles you have to blow out after you make the six best wishes for yourself. Happy 6th birthday, sweetie!



Cutie, it’s time to blow the six candles out on your birthday cake but be sure to make a wish. Do it before the cake is all gone. You’ve got lots of visitors. Have a fun 6th birthday!

I hope that your 6th birthday will be six times more fun than last year’s. Enjoy the celebration. Happy birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday Quotes

You’ve just turned six so I have six awesome presents for you – warm hugs, lots of kisses, chocolates, ice cream, cake and all those who love you. Have a wonderful 6th birthday, darling!

Our days are filled with joy. I pray that you will be joyful not only on your birthday but every day. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!


Today is special because we commemorate your natal day. I can’t believe it has been six years. Those were wonderful years we spent with you. Have a fun 6th birthday, sweetie!

I know your birthday will be filled with fun. There will be wonderful presents, games, chocolate cake and ice cream that comes in different flavors. Happy 6th birthday, darling!

Best 200+ Religious Birthday Wishes and Messages

Yesterday you were just five and today you’ve turned six! Wow! Time flies fast and you grow up so fast. Have a wonderful 6th birthday.

You’re six now but you have the most incredible strength. You’re way stronger than the strongest man in the universe. Have a fun 6th birthday!

I hope that your birthday will be filled with six-teresting things like games, presents, foods and surprises. Happy 6th birthday, love! Best wishes!

Cheers to our award-wining 6-year old who happens to be the winner of last year’s Greatest 5-year old of the World Award. Enjoy your special day with your friend. Have an amazing 6th birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Wishes and Messages

S stands for superb and smart. I stands for incredible and interesting. X stands for exceptional and exciting. You really have turned six today. I wish you the best year. Happy 6th birthday, dear!

The sixth birthday is for kids like you who just turned six. It’s a special day for an amazing kid like you. Have an awesome 6th birthday!

Little one, I pray that your special day will be the most fun and awesome time of your life. May all that you dream in life come true. You are the cutest, most charming birthday celebrator I’ve seen. Have a terrific 6th birthday!

Happy birthday to our north star, the brightest and most glowing kid in the universe. Have on your 6th birthday, sweetheart! Please know that we dearly love you!

It’s good to be part of your birthday celebration. You are such a cute little girl. I hope that my presence is enough for a birthday gift. Kidding. I got you something you’ll like. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!

You can still blow the birthday candles out easily because they’re just below ten. You’ll get to blow out more as the years go by which is going to be harder. Don’t worry it’s still far from now. Be thankful. It means you’ve lived longer. Have a fun 6th birthday!

On your special day, I’m giving you the privilege of staying up late watching your favorite TV program, eat as much ice cream as you can and have tickle fights with me. You’re my queen today and our boss. Have a fun 6th birthday, my dear! We love you dearly.

Being six is so cool because it’s the time when you start doing new things and meetings new friends. You might now be able to remember many things but you’ll remember how you felt at that time. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!

I wonder where you get your cleverness from, because it’s just too much to imagine where it comes from. I hope you’ll keep it. Happy 6th Birthday.

You might now be growing big so fast but it’s okay. The most important thing is your attitude. I hope you grow into a kind and loving person. Enjoy the celebration. Have an amazing 6th birthday!

I know you’re a well-behaved kid but I pray that you’ll stay as you are. It’s good to have a kid as respectful as you are. Continue to be the person you are. Have a wonderful 6th birthday, my little one!

To my lovely kid, happy birthday, I hope your 6th birthday will be more fun than your previous birthdays. Enjoy your special day as well as the new chapter in your life.

Don’t look at others and be insecure. You are one great child. You’ll discover that you have many attributes you can be proud of. Happy birthday! Enjoy your 5th birthday party!

Commemorating birthdays of people is fun but nothing comes close when it’s my lovely kid’s birthday. I pray that you’ll be the happiest today and that you’ll continue to live a good life. Happy birthday! It’s your 6th. Let’s enjoy this day!

This greeting is for someone who is already athletic at the age of 6. Happy birthday! May you kick more balls today. Kidding! Enjoy the celebration, kiddo!

You are filled with so much energy and enthusiasm. When you’re here, my home is never silent. You have so many pranks and silly jokes. Have a fantastic 6th birthday, dear!

Our life is given by God so it’s up to us how we use it. I pray that you’ll grow into a person God wants you to be. For now, enjoy your 6th birthday, dear. Happy birthday!

You grow so fast from being five to six. It’s something I can’t comprehend. May you continue to be the best you can be. Have a fun 6th birthday, son!

I know many people will give you gifts and wishes on your 6th birthday. Enjoy opening your gifts. We’ll fill this day with wonderful memories. Happy birthday, dear son!

I pray that you’ll be a role model in having the perfect conduct so that kids who grow up after you can emulate what you’re doing. May God guide you as you grow. Have a wonderful 6th birthday, son!

Happy birthday to my beloved first born. You’re my strength and you give me power. Son, I pray that you’ll turn into some one God wants you to be and that we’ll be proud parents to you. Have the best 6th birthday party ever!

On your birthday, I hope that you’ll enjoy the day and cherish every happy moment with your loved ones. I pray for a good year ahead. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!

To my beloved son, it’s your 6th birthday so there are six things I pray you’ll have – great health, peace in your life, joy in everything you do, success in your life, long life and great character. Have a wonderful 6th birthday celebration!

You’ll always be the best thing in my life and nothing can change that fact. You are my son and you’re a big part of me. Happy 6th birthday!

Son, we’ve been praying for a child and it took a while until you came along. That was something unexpected. We’re so glad we have you. We thank God for you. Enjoy your 6th birthday!

I pray that you’ll always have a positive mind and that you’ll see goodness in everyone. Have a wonderful 6th birthday, my dear son!

The best thing I my life is to see you happy. Just a smile on your face makes my heart melt. May you ever feel sadness in your life. Have a fun 6th birthday, dear son!

Today, we are celebrating my cute son’s 6th birthday. Let’s give him our wishes and enjoy the celebration. Happy 6th birthday, my cute son!

This is the best day for all of us because we’re celebrating your birthday, son. Let’s make this day extra special and let’s party all night. Have a fantastic birthday, dear!

Sweetest Happy 6th Birthday Wishes with Images

I’m so ecstatic that we’re celebrating your birthday. You’re now six which means you’ve grown fast and handsome. I’m blessed to have witnessed you grow every second. Have a terrific birthday, son!

Happy birthday to our dear queen. You can make a wish and we’ll try to give it to you. May you continue to be our queen. Let’s enjoy your 6th birthday with a grand dance.

You are given to us by God and let it be that every step you take will be guided by Him. I don’t know what you want when you grow up but I pray that God will guide you with your choices. Have a blessed 6th birthday!

The age six is the best because my lovely daughter just turned six. Enjoy being six, child. Let’s make today the best day of the year. We’ll make it special for you. Happy birthday!

To the most charming daughter in the world, happy birthday. It’s your 6th birthday so let’s make this day be the greatest day of the year. I wished to have a baby boy but boys are quite messy and naughty so I’m glad to have you. I love you so much!

The best wish I can give to someone who just turned six is to grow up fast and to be healthy. Oh! I pray that you’ll remain a good child. Happiest birthday, dear!

I wonder what I would give to someone special as you. You deserve to receive nice presents. There are many things I can choose. I could give you something you can use. Have a fun 6th birthday!

My little girl, I pray that you’ll never feel sorrow but only joy in your life. Enjoy your life especially your special day. Have an awesome 6th birthday!

Your cute and charming smile make my heart skip a beat. I pray that you’ll remain as charming as you are. Things might not be smooth sailing but just remember that these won’t last long. Have a sweet 6th birthday, darling!

At five you were so independent for your age. Not that you’re six, I know that you can do great things. I’m happy that I can trust you with little things. Have a fun 6th birthday, my strong girl!

A super child like you should be given a great celebration on her 6th birthday. I hope that you’re going to enjoy what we prepared for you. May God guide you and guard you, our little one. Happiest 6th birthday!

To the most charming princess I know, happy, happy birthday! You have turned six today and we want to make this day as memorable as possible. It’s a way of thanking God for giving us such a lovely princess.

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. My life was empty but when you came, you brought joy to my lonely world. Let’s celebrate your 6th birthday grandly. Happy birthday!

Enjoy every moment as a child because this would mean pleasant memories as you get older. I pray that we can make good memories on your 6th birthday party. Happy birthday, my nephew!

My special nephew is celebrating his 6th birthday so let’s make this day extra special by giving him wishes and wonderful presents. Have the best 6th birthday, dear!

Dear, it’s your 6th birthday! Let’s celebrate it with delicious food, wonderful presents and lovely guests. Enjoy the party!

I pray that much love, joy, peace, achievement and fun will be with you not only on your special day but every day. May God bless you with these things – plus presents too! Have a lovely 6th birthday, nephew!

Another year is added to your life. Thank God for that. May this new year provide you so much fun, success and blessings. Have a blessed 6th birthday, little boy!

There’s a reason why are here on earth. You may not be able to know yet but you can figure out as you grow. Happiest 6th birthday, my sweet niece.

When you look at the past, things look different. When you look ahead, you can make plans. Enjoy the present while looking forward to the future. Happy 6th birthday, my dear niece!

Dream big because it’s your motivation to be successful. Need less so that you’ll feel satisfied. Laugh aloud to keep stress away. Do more so you can achieve much. Happy 6th birthday, dear niece!

Try to live a simple but fulfilled life. May you continue to have that charming smile. Enjoy your life’s journey especially today- your 6th birthday. Happy birthday, dear!

Just stay focused on your goals but enjoy everything that comes along as you’re on your way. Enjoying every moment will be your motivation to finish each goal well. Have a happy 6th birthday, sweet niece!

Happiness comes from within. We can’t buy nor sell it. It happens through our own thoughts and actions. Make your actions right and make a difference. Have the best life. Have the best 6th birthday!

Be courageous in trying new things you think are right. Never say no if you think that’s the best thing to do. As you tread on that path, remember to cherish each moment. I dearly love you. Have a fun 6th birthday!

The most courageous award goes to you, my sweetie. Let’s make this day the best in the year. I dearly love you so I want to do anything so that you’re going to enjoy your celebration. Let me start by telling you how important you are to me. Happy 6th birthday!

Today is your 6th natal day. I know that this is just the start of a great year. Let’s begin it with a grand celebration. Have the best birthday, dear. I pray that what you wish will happen.

You are now six so I guess it’s time for you to act like a child and not a baby anymore. Since this is the first day of being six, let’s enjoy the day and make it special. Have the sweetest 6th birthday, cute girl!

Have the best 6th birthday, my special girl. You paint a smile on my face. Enjoy all the birthday presents given to you by everyone who loves you. Enjoy their presence too!

To my little boy who just turned six, I guess you’re going to be a naughty boy but please just don’t overdo it. Enjoy your special day with everyone you love. Enjoy the party. Happy 6th birthday!

My little one, happy birthday. You’re the best thing in my life and I can’t believe you’re already six. I’m so grateful that you’re a part of me. Eat the delicious treats and play with your friends.

It’s your birthday, dear. Have an awesome party with your friends. You can enjoy the food and the games together. Happy 6th natal day!

It’s your 6th birthday and my wishes are that all your wishes will happen and that you’ll enjoy the birthday party today. As my son, I pray that you’ll grow up as a brave, handsome and respectful man.

Time indeed flies fast when you’re with someone who you love deeply. Your 6th birthday means that you’re growing up soon. I dearly love you and I can’t wait until you become toothless again.

Little boy, you are my favorite person and I only pray for the best for you. I hope you’ll turn into a fine young man. Enjoy your special day. Happy 6th birthday!

Within each year of our lives, there are unforgettable moments. You had so many at five. Now that you’ve turned six, I pray that there will be more wonderful times to cherish. Happy birthday!

As I imagine with anticipation how you are growing up as a child, I guess that I’ll give you freedom to grow the perfect way you can. That would make you independent and courageous in your decisions. Have an awesome 6th birthday!

Eat more cake today. Count the candles on your cake and not the calories you consume. Have a terrific 6th birthday, my dear child.

Baby, as you grow, face the challenges that come your way and try to make a change in the world. Have an amazing day. Happy 6th birthday!

To the most adorable, intelligent kid in town, happy birthday. You brighten up our days. I hope we can brighten your 6th birthday too.

You are such an important person to us. You deserve our love. We’d like to give you an unforgettable birthday. Have the best 6th birthday!

Have a great 6th birthday celebration, darling! Try to live a happy life. God bless you with more blessings!

May this be a special day for you and that all your wishes will come true. I know there will be a lot of surprises today so enjoy every moment of it. Have a blessed 6th birthday, my little one!

You are the sweetest and loving child. Everything I do is for you. I pray for a wonderful future and a happy life. Have a terrific 6th birthday.

You possess a lot of nice personality traits. The two values you have which I like the most are your gentleness and humbleness. May God bless you with more positive values as you turn six. We love you, brother. Happy birthday!

Your presence has made such a big difference in our lives. You might be young but you influence us the way we influence you. I’m glad that you’re there to make our lives beautiful. Have a fun 6th birthday!

It must be tough for parents to raise kids especially when they turn six but I know that you’re different. May you become the best child you can be to them. Have a blessed 6th birthday celebration!

At such a young age, I want to teach you to call God’s name all the time. It is only God who can help you every step that you take. May His guidance and love always be upon you. Have a fun 6th birthday, dear child!

You’re only six but it seems that you’re going to be taller than I am soon. I pray that this will be a great birthday celebration for you and everyone. Happy birthday, my dearest child!

I pray that your birthday celebration will be filled with limitless fun and that all that you ask will be granted. I know you have many friends so I hope they will be as nice as you are. Happy 6th birthday!

My little one, I’ll be here for you no matter what. I’ll be your motivator, teacher, supporter and your greatest fan. Please remember that I’ll always love you and willing to forgive you. Happy 6th birthday!

You may grow up but you will forever be our little girl. Nothing will change our love for you. Happiest 6th birthday, dearest daughter!

I pray for a very meaningful and wonderful life for you, my dear. There are people who you can turn to all the time and that’s us. We’re here to love and take care of you. We are your greatest supporters as you start introducing yourself to the world. Have the best 6th birthday!

This is going to be the best year so far. It’s time to be in a different environment and that is your school. May you have more new friends, the best teacher and great memories. Happy 6th birthday!

I pray that everything will go well with you as you start a new chapter of your life. Don’t be scared to explore and be curious about things around you. Be someone you want to be. Don’t forget to be good to everyone along the way. Happy 6th birthday!

You have six candles on the birthday cake. I pray that for each candle you blow out, one wish will come true. That’s a total of six! Happy birthday, my love!

It’s your special day so expect a great party with a lot of presents, a big cake, yummy treats and special guests. You’re the best kid who just turned six so you deserve special treatment. Happy birthday, darling!

They say that number six means completion and I know that’s true because you are the one who complete me. I’m grateful that I have you in my life. On your birthday, I pray for a good life, great health and never-ending joy. I love you! Happy 6th birthday!

I can’t believe it’s been six years since I became a dad. You’re six now and I am so happy that you came into my life. Happy birthday, dearest son!

You’re six today so there will be six candles on your birthday cake. May six wishes as you blow each one out. Let’s celebrate your birthday with much fun and food.

I pray that as you grow, you’ll reach for the star with God’s guidance. When you stumble, rise and go on. You can do it. Never give up. Trust in God and believe what He can do for you. Happy 6th birthday, my dearest!

You deserve an award for the best six-year-old kid. If only I could give you a trophy or a plaque for that. No doubt, you are the best for me. I love you. May you enjoy your special day. Happy birthday!

Let’s prepare the birthday cake with the six candles. My nephew has just turned six and he deserves to have six wishes today. My child, may you have the most memorable early school years. Enjoy your birthday as well as the new school year. Be kind to everyone.

On your 6th birthday, I hope that all the good things like love, joy, peace and success will come your way. May you arise in all the challenges you face. May you enjoy each moment as you tread your path towards your goal. We dearly love you. Happy birthday, dear!

God has blessed us with a wonderful daughter and that’s the biggest reason to thank God for the favor. We pray for your good health, long life and happiness. Be a good girl because you’ll be surrounded by people who will truly care for you. Have a fun 6th birthday!

You just turned six today which means you’re growing up very fast. You’ve grown smarter and prettier. That calls for a warm hug. Have a wonderful 6th birthday!

We don’t know yet what you’ll become when you grow up. You could be a doctor, an engineer, a pilot or a politician. All I know is that you’re the nicest six-year-old. Happy 6th birthday, my little princess!

Today you have turned six and it’s amazing. Yesterday, you were just five. Time indeed flies fast. You’re going to a regular school. May you have the best birthday celebration. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!

On your special day, I wish that you’ll have a wonderful birthday party filled with foods, chocolates, present and the biggest cake. The best kid deserves the best. Happy 6th birthday!

There are six things I want to give you on your 6th natal day. These are my warm hugs, funny tickles, sweet kisses, charming smile, the biggest cake and a special present. Enjoy all of them. Happy birthday!

Look how much you have grown. This warm greeting is for you telling you to enjoy your 6th birthday celebration. May this day be filled with laughter, foods, games and many more, happy birthday, dear!

You just turned six and I know you’ll have fun on your birthday celebration. You can have as many friends as you can and you can play the games you want. Have a happy birthday!

Enjoy your birthday. It’s your chance to do fun things all throughout the day. Cherish the time when you’re still excited about your birthday.

Birthdays are the best times to start dreaming anew and to continue working towards your current dreams. Is pray you’ll be strong enough to face all the challenges along the way. Happy 6th birthday, little one!

I pray for all the best things especially on your birthday. May everything that you wish and hope for will turn to reality. May this new chapter bring great blessings in your life. Happy 6th birthday, dear!

It’s your special day so dream big and don’t be afraid. God will be your help as you travel on your life’s journey. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!

Welcome to our club – the wonderful 6th Club! You just turned six and it’s a privilege to be part of this exclusive club – plus the membership fee is for free for a year. A lot of friends will greet you and you’ll get hugs and kisses from me. Happy birthday!

I am sending you a warm birthday greeting on your birthday. I pray that you’ll get a lot of nice toys and other presents that would make you happy. Happy 6th birthday!

We don’t know what life will bring you when you grow up. You can be anything you dream of. All I know now is that you are so cute, charming and kind. Happy 6th birthday, my princess!

I pray that your birthday will be filled with presents, foods, treats and most of all, happy memories. Happy 6th birthday!

I pray that your birthday will be the most fantastic thing in your life. Have a wonderful 6thbirthday, my love!

Time is so fast because you are now six. Happy birthday! Enjoy the moment, my dear.

Let me fill your 6th birthday with six hugs, kisses, smiles and more. Have fun on you birthday!

Yippee! It’s your sixth birthday. You seem like a grown=up now. Have fun!

Wait! You’re already six? Oh I’m getting older now. You have grown so big. Happy birthday!

It has been six years since you came to our lives. You have brought so much joy to all of us. You are curious and smart. I’m so happy of how you’ve become. Happy birthday!

It’s your birthday so enjoy your time with all your loved ones and I pray you’ll get lots of gifts. Happy 6th birthday!

Six means you are six-tacular. You’re our superhero. Have a blessed 6th birthday, son!

On your 6th birthday, I pray for more friends and exciting adventure, happy birthday!

Here’s my birthday greeting for you. Have fun and enjoy the celebration, God bless you, happy 6th birthday!

To the best six-year-old, have a fun 6th birthday. Have a blast, little princess.

Have a wonderful 6th birthday. You’ve turned a year older so be wiser and cooler. Have fun!

You’ve turned SIX. S stands for sweet treats. I stands for interesting presents. X is for exciting games. Happy birthday!

Enjoy your party. Sing, eat and play. Happy 6th birthday!

My little princess, may this year be as great as your 6th birthday. Have fun! Happy birthday!

I wish you can have more gifts till you drown in them. Have the best 6th birthday!

I pray you’ll receive more gifts that you expect. Happy 6th birthday to the coolest girl in the neighborhood.

My love, you have turned six and I know you’ll be smarter than ever. May you enjoy today’s celebration. Happy birthday!

Have wonderful 6th birthday. Enjoy your birthday celebration especially now that you’re still young.

Dear, may all that you desire will turn to reality. Have a fantastic 6th birthday!

You’ve turned six and have been growing fast. You’re prettier and smarter. Happy birthday! This warm big hug is for you.

Since it’s your sixth birthday, you’re privileged to blow out six candles and make six wishes. You can eat as much cake and ice cream as you can. Happy birthday!

You complete my days and I pray that you continue to be a blessing to everyone. Have a fun 6th birthday!

These warm greetings are for the most fantastic 6-year-old. Happy birthday, dear one!

I guess it’s time for you to have your own pony. Let’s persuade your parents. Happy birthday!

Here are wonderful presents and warm greetings for you birthday. Happy 6th birthday!

We may not know what job you’ll have but we know you’ll become the best in what you’’ want to do. Happy 6th birthday!

I pray that you’ll have the best birthday presents and surprises plus the biggest cake. Happy 6th birthday!

I pray that this will be another good year for you. Have a terrific 6th birthday, dear!

May you still have the cutest smile as you grow up. Have a fun 6th birthday!

There are six special things I want to give you since it’s your 6th birthday. These are hugs, kisses, foods, ice cream, cake and gifts. Happy birthday!

Hey! Somebody just turned six! Happy birthday, buddy boy!

Happy 6th birthday, my little rocker. Let’s rock your party with you friends.

Here are the six things from me to you for your 6th birthday – hugs, kisses, tickles, ice cream, toys and cake. Happy birthday, princess!

Happy birthday to the kid who’s growing up fast. You’ve turned six and I can’t believe you were only five yesterday.

May you have the grandest 6th birthday party filled with grand presents. Happy birthday!

I pray that you’ll remain cute now that you’re six. Happy birthday, dear!

Because you’re now six, you’ll be our superhero with super powers. Happy birthday, my son!

I pray that your 6th birthday will be fantastic just like you are. Happy birthday, little one!

Here are six tight hugs, six sweet kisses and 6 sacks filled with presents. Happy 6th birthday!

On your 6th natal day, here are hugs and kisses and wishes. We’re sending you six of each. Happy birthday!

You’re already brace and strong at six. I know you’ll grow much. Happy 6th birthday!

Six is an exciting age. It’s the start of a new chapter of your life and that is your school life. Enjoy your new year with new friends and teachers. Happy birthday!

You’re now six and you rock. Let’s have a rock and roll party to rock out the birthday celebration. Happy birthday!

Let’s make your birthday as six-citing as possible because you are a six-tastic kid. Happy 6th birthday!

Dream big on your 6th birthday. You’re young but you can achieve much. Happy 6th birthday!

on your 6th birthday, let me tell you how special you are to me. Enjoy your birthday!

It’s a special day and there are many special things I want to say. You are the greatest, the prettiest, and the best six-year old. Happy 6th birthday!

Turning six is amazing and exciting. Happy birthday!

You deserve the best birthday celebration because you just turned six. Happy birthday! Love you!

A sweet girl deserve some yummy treats on her 6 birthday. Happy birthday, sweetie!

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Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Son

happy birthday wishes to friends son

Beautiful birthday image for kid girl

Have an awesome day, cutie, and may all of your days be full of amazing achievements and discoveries!


Pink birthday to my pink girl! I love you, dear, and wish you to have soft and pink time with your friends. We all need to see you happy. Happy birthday, barbie!


Happy birthday, my little darling! You are so sweet and cute girl I just want to kiss and kiss you. And… today is a perfect day to do this, so be ready for this! I’ll be like a bee and you – my honey. Hug and kiss you, cutie!


Please, don’t grow up so fast, my little girl. I need to enjoy you as much as possible. Kiss you! Congratulations with birthday! Be happy!


You’re my little teddy bear girl. My fluffy love. Wish you to have funny and happy all the next 12 months and the most adorable birthday. Happy birthday, my special girl!


Have full of dreams and wishes day, dear! Today it’s your birthday and I perfectly know that all your desires can turn into a reality. Just close your eyes and make a wish. It works! Happy birthday, darling!


Wonderful birthday, love! On this beautiful day I have only one asking – please don‘t grow up so fast. It‘s so fantastic to see you playing in sandbox and running in the yard. Enjoy your childhood and I‘ll enjoy you. Congratulations, dear!


Dear little princess, today you came into our world and made it a real fairy tale. Thank you for everything, and may God bless and save you all your life. Of course, we’ll keep you safe, too. With the biggest love, happy birthday!

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50+best birthday wishes for son

happy birthday wishes to friends son

Birthday Wishes for Kids

Were found 129 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday, kid!
Enjoy your special
day but above all
enjoy your childhood.
Don’t forget to smile
all the time, which,
coupled with your
sweetness and your
beautiful light will keep
blessing the world.
Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to a dear childhood friend of mine!

I’m really lucky to have had you around for so many years, and I hope to have you in my life for many more to come, too!

Sending my very best wishes to you on your special day this year, my friend!
Wishing a truly great birthday to
a truly great friend!

I hope you have a birthday that’s
as filled with fun as the parties
we used to have as kids!

Wishing you all the very best on
your special day, my friend!
I hope you have the time of your life today! Happy birthday, sweetie! You are a lovely child and I’m sure you’ll also become a great adult one day.
Dear child, may you have the greatest of times and enjoy every second of your birthday. Laugh and play surrounded by all of your loved ones, and make a lot of wishes, as I’m wishing for all of them to come true.

You deserve to always be happy, and be loved at all times. You are special and I’m sure that whatever’s waiting for you in life will be great.
To one of my longest-standing friends, I wish you the very best birthday today!

We’ve been pals for as long as I can remember, and I’m so glad we’ve never lost touch over the years.

You’re a great friend that I know I can always rely on, even if sometimes we’re busy and haven’t checked in with each other for a few weeks or even a couple of months. We certainly do compensate for it over a good catch up, though!

Thank you for always being there, and for making my childhood the most fantastic, memorable years of my life. I only have happy memories of us playing together all the time as kids.

Cheers, to the most wonderful companion anyone could ask for in life!
Enjoy your day!
Sending the very best birthday wishes to my lifelong buddy!

I am very lucky to have had such an extraordinary friend from childhood to adulthood, and hopefully long into old age! I am so grateful to have known you virtually my whole life!

Enjoy your special day and I wish you all the very best for the year ahead! Cheers!
I feel so lucky to have you as my friend and to have known you since we were kids. I am looking forward to sharing many more years of friendship and spending many more birthdays with you.

I want you to have an amazing birthday which you deserve!
Happy birthday to the one who knows me best and still chooses to stick around, my best friend in the whole world: you!

We’ve known each other since we were kids and we’ll be able to count on each other for the rest of our lives. Thank you for always being there for me.

Have a great birthday and many more happy years to come!
Happy birthday to a great friend
who was a big part of my childhood! 

We used to spend so much time
together, my friend! We go way back! 

I hope that since then life has been
treating you well and you have lived
some incredible experiences!

All my love and big hugs to you and
your family on your special day!

Today wishes day your son birthday you have so lucky Son is brightness for a “ Wish you all the best my friends and lovely happy birthday”; “MY son I am so.

Best Happy 6th Birthday Wishes and Messages

happy birthday wishes to friends son

There is nothing as beautiful as friendship, genuine friendship, where you get to help out a friend and be the extra sibling they get to have always. When their son’s birthday comes around, treat it as though it is your own son’s birthday and send them a little message to show them you care and will always be around if they ever need you. Birthday messages are good in showing: forever support, devotion and love not only to your friend’s son but also to your friend so they know they have an extra hand if they ever need help. Here are some birthday messages to your friend’s son you can choose from:


Happy Birthday Messages for Son of A Friend

  • Your charm stole my heart ever since your youthful age, I hope you’ll grow up to be a man of wisdom and hope you retain your charm. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • A Friend’s Son is a son, no wonder we’ve shared so much together. May you enjoy life in new dimensions as you celebrate today. Happy Birthday son.
  • Happy birthday to our little Prince, my friend can so adore you, and that’s why you look so handsome. May your days be rich in joy. Happy Birthday my boy.
  • To the only spice and sugar in my friend’s life, you’ve grown into such a handsome boy and you’re all that’s in the life of my friend. Happy Birthday son of ours.

Happy birthday to you great buddy, make daddy proud.


  • Anyone who loves you my friend will be happy to see the look on your son’s face, he is just like an angel. I’m happy he is a year older today. Happy Birthday little angel.
  • You’re my best friend and your son is the most Important thing to you, I pray that he’ll soar to the level none of us reached, so we’ll both have joy. Happy Birthday son.
  • I’ve never seen a bond so strong between a mother and a son like the one you have with your son. I hope your boy will repay your love. Happy Birthday to your son.
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  • A boy like yours with so much of compassion even at this tender age is a special person. I hope he’ll grow up to become even better. Happy Birthday to you friend’s son.
  • Every time I see your boy, I see greatness in him, he’s not short of that aura. I wanna wish him all the best in fulfilling his life’s purposes. Happy Birthday to him.
  • What else can a sweet son have than the support of his father and his father’s friend, especially someone like me! 😀 Happy Birthday son. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday!


  • People with good heart always enjoy wonderful life, and that’s what we all want for you. May you live and enjoy life in its fullness. Happy Birthday son.
  • Even though I’m just your mother’s friend, the attachment I feel towards you is a delightful one, I hope your mother won’t be jealous. 🙂 Happy Birthday our little champ.
  • In all honesty I don’t see my children more important to me than you also, because I’m your mom’s best friend. I wanna wish you a prosperous year my son. Happy Birthday.
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  • We are all faraway from one another, but if it’ll cost me a fortune to unite us, I wouldn’t mind. You’re greatly loved son. Happy Birthday. Enjoy with your mom.
  • You’re not just my friend’s son, but you’re also my son and joy is all that we feel for you as you are a year older today. Happy Birthday dear son. Enjoy your special day.
  • Often, I’m moved to tears because of what you’ve been to my friend. She often told me that you’re not just a son, but also husband and a friend. I’m proud of you. Happy Birthday.

May you live and enjoy life in its fullness. Happy Birthday!


How To Say Happy Birthday To A Son Of A Special Person?

  • Your birthday gift is really huge so I couldn’t carry it with me, so you’ll have to come visit me, so you could get it. Happy Birthday friend’s son. You’re great deal.
  • Everyone loves to have a little naughty son, but it’s not possible, so we must enjoy the only one we have in this community. 😁 May your joy become full. Happy birthday man.
  • Happy birthday to my darling friend’s son, we all couldn’t be prouder of you than we’ve already been, because you’ve given us so much to enjoy. May you enjoy life more and more.
  • I hope nothing in life will take away the smile on your face, because that smile is enough to give my friend strength and my friend’s strength is my strength. Happy Birthday son.
  • I’ve never seen a son who wants to make his mother proud at all cost. All of your efforts are really appreciated son. Keep making your mom proud. Happy Birthday friend’s son.
  • A joyous happy birthday to you, son. You have been such a blessing in my life and I’m glad you’re getting old so handsomely. May you enjoy this day with all the best of smiles.

A boy like yours with so much of compassion even at this tender age is a special person. I hope he’ll grow up to become even better. Happy Birthday!


  • Congratulations my sweet cute son. Glad you made it to this far regardless what the doctors said. I will stand by you always in your darkest hours. I love you, Happy Birthday.
  • I’m always thankful that you came into our lives. You are a role model to my son and today is your special day. Happy Birthday boy, Enjoy your party with much love.
  • You have been the best gift to my friend. We love you in everything you do. Happy Birthday to you my boy. Have a lovely birthday with all the best wishes. Enjoy your day.
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  • Special people deserve to be celebrated every year. I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Happy Birthday to the best of everything. Make memories and enjoy your cake and drinks.
  • Seeing you grow up with my kids was simply amazing. It got to a time and (name of your son) was copying your style. You’ve taken another step to adulthood. I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday.
  • As you blow off these flames of your cake, I pray for long life and may all your sorrows be blown away forever. May all your dreams come true. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, son.

Happy Birthday to the pride of my friend.


  • Best of the warmest birthday wishes to my little boy. May you have all the games you ever dreamed in the box in your room. May you enjoy your day with a wonderful smile. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Son. To a fresh beginning and the act of leaving the past in the past. Move forward with courage and confidence. May you enjoy today as one of your last. Have a wonderful day.
  • May you have an absolute great birthday boy. May you receive all the best wishes and may God bless you with good health and happiness in life. Happy Birthday to you my sweet potato.
  • May this birthday bring you joy and wonderful memories? I wish you the best of comfort in your days with good health. Wishing you a Happy Birthday my dear son. Enjoy your moment.
  • A toast to the most amazing human in the world. A son who is more of a father than a son, and who deserves all the best in life. Happy Birthday, my dear son.
  • A new year gifted to you my love, prepares you for the life ahead where you need to be responsible. We are here to support you get there. My heart’s warmest wishes to you. Happy Birthday.

A friend’s son is a son, no wonder we’ve shared so much together. May you enjoy life in new dimensions as you celebrate today. Happy Birthday!


Cute Ways to Say Happy Birthday To Your Friend’s Son

  • With all those troubles you cause, in all your happy moments and in all your saddest hours you still keep your head high. Happy Birthday, my dear, always stay blessed in life.
  • It was so special when I first time heard you cry. Look how you have grown so taller than me. Son, step into this new age with a smile. Happy Birthday, my sweet pie.
  • Much love and blessing coming your way. Today is a very special day, for it’s on this day, an angel was sent from heaven. Happy Birthday to you. May you enjoy this day.
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  • You deserve the best because you are an amazing son. May you grow in wisdom, understanding, knowledge, love and in good health. Congratulations on your Birthday. Happy Birthday, son! Enjoy your hours.
  • God bless your new age my dear boy. Life has been so beautiful with you around. I have always wanted to have a boy child but glad you take me as a father. Happy Birthday,
  • On a special day like this, may the sun shine in your path. May all your heart wishes come true. Enjoy this very wonderful moment in a grand style. Have a Happy Birthday, Son.

Happy Birthday to the son of my best friend.


  • Just relax and take a moment to reflect on your past years and see how wonderful you have transformed year after year. I’m very happy to be part of this day. Happy Birthday.
  • No matter how old you are, life will come at you in different ways, son. Just be strong and whenever you feel weak, I’m here to give you a hug. Happy Birthday my son.
  • You are a capable young man full of intelligence and the brightest future. I hope you make us all proud, have a hearty birthday my friend’s son.
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  • I really am grateful to be sharing this day on your behalf, may you grow to be a wise, strong and intelligent young man, my friend’s son.
  • It is a new day clean of any regrets from yesterday, write a story you’ll be proud of. Have a great birthday dear friend’s son.
  • A boy today a great man tomorrow, take it one step at a time and see your full potentials get unlocked. Have a great birthday my friend’s son.

Each day is a gift and having you is one of my greatest gifts. Happy Birthday to you!


Sentimental Birthday Wishes For A Friend’s Son

  • Each day is a blessing; I hope you realize how much you have and how much you’ll have. Have a blessed birthday my friend’s son.
  • You have given me so many reasons to appreciate you and admire you, always be proud of who you are my friend’s son, I’m proud of you.
  • May this birthday be bigger than the last, may it bring more friends and create more new memories. Hearty birthday my friend’s son.
  • From the little baby to the man you are today, I’m glad I never missed a single moment. Have a grand birthday my friend’s son.
  • The man you are today is better than the boy you were yesterday, may you continue growing to make us proud. Have an unforgettable birthday my friend’s son.
  • Never forget where you came from, move forward and always stay humble, these are my wishes for you as you turn a new age my friend’s son.

Happy Birthday to you my friend’s son.


  • Continue to shine, be the best and always look forward to happy and fulfilling moments, you were born to be a star. Hearty birthday my friend’s son.
  • Today is a new day, tomorrow is history, what you do today will count, what you did yesterday may be forgotten, never forget that. Hearty birthday my friend’s son.
  • The happiness level of my friend grew to a very high level when she had you, thank you for bringing joy into our lives strong little prince. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are like a son to me and I trust you with everything I have. Have a great birthday my friend’s son, remember, you only live once (YOLO).
  • You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I know you are great and you will make everyone proud of you. Have a great birthday my friend’s son.
  • May this day shower you with more blessings than ever before, enjoy your birthday my friend’s son. I hope you eat lots of cake too.
  • Never forget that with me, you not only have another guardian, you have a friend and a person who’ll forever wish you the best. Enjoy your birthday my friend’s son.
  • You are a great child and I see so much in you, channel your energy into something good and you will make it great. Hearty birthday my friend’s son.
  • Each day is a gift and having you is one of my greatest gifts. Always appreciated, have a bold birthday my friend’s son.
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happy birthday wishes to friends son
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