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Happy 21st birthday wishes for brother

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Happy 21st birthday wishes for brother
January 03, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

Drop a Happy 21st Birthday message to a family or friend who is Happy 21st Birthday to the older brother/sister I've always looked up to.

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These funny birthday wishes will give you something to write on Facebook, Instagram, in emails, cards and notes when your friends or family members are celebrating birthdays. Don’t just go with the tried and true:  Happy Birthday! Or, even the less work approach: HBD! Try something new – stand out from the crowd.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated in person. Friends, family and all acquaintances shower the person with birthday wishes and blessings. Everyone desires to bring a smile to the person’s face and make their day special. Whether they are going to celebrate the day with a grand party or with just a small get-together of closest friends, it is always a good gesture to send the birthday boy or girl your best birthday wishes.

Hopefully, these funny birthday wishes will bring a smile to their face and make the day a little more special.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday. Don’t be sad you’re a year older. Keep your chin up…if you can! Well, you know what I mean.

Stop counting your candles and start counting your blessings. You still have hair on your head, not in your ears and nose! Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! At this point in your life, you should really think of making a new start. You should really start lying about your age.

You’ve joined the “Raiders of the Lost AARP” fan club. Happy Birthday!

For your birthday, I wanted to give you something that was both funny and charming, but then I remembered you already have me in your life.

If anyone calls you old, hit them with your cane and throw your teeth at them! Happy birthday!

The Best

You know how most people, on your birthday, tell you, “My goodness, you never seem to age.” Well, I’m not one of them. Happy birthday, old fart!

Happy birthday! Don’t count the candles on your cake or the wrinkles on your face. Just be glad that you’re not down for the count.

I made you a birthday cake to celebrate, but I couldn’t light the candles. It turns out the fire department requires a permit for bonfires.

Happy birthday. At your age, you should really try to see everything as larger than life…starting with LARGE print.

You know at your age your not getting any easier to live with – let’s start with the fact that we have to wait in line longer while you show cashiers your AARP card.

They say that with age comes wisdom. I’m not so sure…I’ve met a lot of really stupid old people. So far, you’re not one of them. Happy birthday.

First the army recruiters and now AARP — you must know you’re a wanted man. Happy Birthday!

Someone your age shouldn’t say “chill” unless they’re talking about the weather.

First goes the memory, then your eyesight, and then…I forgot. But, have a great birthday.

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Funny Wishes for Men

Don’t worry about your age. You are still younger than your next birthday. Have a special day!

Be thankful for another year
It just reminded me that weeds don’t easily die.
Have a blast on your birthday!

Happy birthday! At our age, I don’t know why people expect us to remember their birthdays. On a good day, we’re lucky if we even remember where our car keys are!

A big Thanks to your Birthday, your birthday cake candles are giving us so much warmth to counter this chilling cold. Thanks again and happy Birthday!

Real men are proud of their age.
Best wishes on your birthday!

Happy birthday! Considering all the candles on your cake, I hope you remembered to top up your fire insurance.

Big boys don’t need toys.
But big boys should eat and blow their cakes.
May you have the best birthday ever!

Why people like you get depressed on birthday for becoming old. If you think on it, you are getting old on left 364 days of a year. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Another year, another reason to curse the inventor of the first modern mirror.

I lift a toast for your being older than last year.
It’s still an achievement though!
All the best this year for you!
Happy birthday!

You should be proud of your age. This year you are wiser, smarter and very close to reaping the benefits of senior discounts at restaurants. Happy birthday!

From this point forward, this is the youngest you’ll ever be. HBD!

Funny Wishes for Friends

Yes, you’re getting older and wrinklier every day, but it could be worse…you could still have an acne problem! Happy birthday!

Don’t worry about getting so old. I will have the fire extinguisher ready in case your birthday cake gets out of control. Love you my ancient friend! Happy birthday

My dear friend another year has gone, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean you’ve become any wiser. Chill! Happy birthday dear!

Sure, getting older is like a time travel movie in slow motion…but better slow than fast, I always say! I’m in no rush to get to the end of the film. Happy birthday!

On your special day, I wish you peace, love, insight, relaxation, fun, knowledge, romance, friendship… and all that stuff that doesn’t cost anything. Happy birthday!

You are only young and reckless once, but you can be reckless well into your hip-breaking days. Happy birthday!

For your birthday this year, I hope you don’t mind if we avoid the fire hazard of so many candles and use electronic candles, instead. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wild and crazy friend. Thanks for keeping all of the adults busy with your antics when we were kids so that I never was punished!

More Funny Happy Birthday Greetings

For Sister

Well sis, I have to tell you I never thought
You’d make it this long without getting caught
After all of these years, mom and dad still think you’re the best
Until I start letting them know things you never confessed!

I hear you are kind of a big deal now. Well, you’re still my baby sister and I still have your back. I saw that birthday fairy headed your way, so I hit her on the head with a broom and knocked her butt out! Happy Birthday, Sister!

To a sister who I can say is one in a million
You’re a unique combination of a best friend and a villain
Have a spectacular birthday, let out lots of cheers
And here’s to many more over the next many years!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you belong in a zoo! There ya go, little sister. I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!

Sis, you were a handful as a kid but you seem better now
I’ll assume it’s the therapy, I won’t inquire about how. Happy birthday dear!

Sis I want to tell you things I’ve never said
That I no longer think you have a thick head
Even if I did I know you probably feel the same
And for that we only have our parents to blame!
Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother

I hope your lungs have enough power to blow up the entire candle at one go. Happy Birthday Brooo…

Happy Birthday to my sweet brother. I hope you get one more disease of love and relationship. May virus of fun enter to your life? Happy Fun and humor on Birthday. This hilarious Birthday wishes is only for you.

I asked Mom and Dad to tell me about the day you were born. Know what they said? They can’t remember that far back! I guess that means you’re ancient. Happy birthday, old guy!

Happy birthday, it’s going to be a great day
I’ll call you and you won’t answer but that’s okay
Because I know you’ll get around to calling me back
It’s your birthday so I’ll cut you a little slack!

Don’t worry, brother, age is only a number. Although, in your case, it’s a very, very, very, very big number! Happy birthday!

But seriously I’m kidding you’re beyond compare
I know in the end you will always be there
Because that’s what the most amazing siblings do
Happy Birthday bro!

For your birthday, I decided to get you some practical gifts. Now, I know you might think the toupee is a little bit over top but, seriously, it won’t be long now, brother! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to one old fart from another! We’re so blessed to be able to grow old and senile together. Who knows—we might even get to be roommates in the old age home?! How crazy would that be! You’re the best brother anyone could ever ask for! Happy birthday!

These funny birthday wishes can serve effectively as Facebook captions, scrapbook comments or Instagram caption.

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

No woman should have kids over 40. Really, 40 kids is enough. Happy birthday!

‘May all your dreams come true’ – this is what I wished you on your twentieth birthday. ‘I hope all your dreams have come true’ – this is what I am hoping for you on your fortieth birthday because it is too late to start dreaming now. Happy 40th.

Some birthday advice: don’t run upstairs right before you have to blow out 40 candles. Happy birthday!

40 is when you finally get your head together and your body has other ideas. Happy birthday!

Age is relative. If you think you are twenty, you will feel like you are young and twenty. If you think that you are fifty, you will feel like you are old and fifty. So how young do you want to feel on your fortieth? Happy 40th birthday.

Be wise with speed; a fool at forty is a fool indeed. Happy birthday!

Forty is the age when it suddenly dawns upon you that life is indeed, very short. Better late than never, start doing the things that you have always dreamt about. Happy 40th.

The forties are pretty much like the thirties, except it takes longer to recover from a big party. And you start to get more sensible tattoos. Happy 40th birthday!

Be happy that you are still 3,650 days away from turning fifty. Maybe this is the only way you can console yourself about turning forty. Happy 40th birthday.


Any funny birthday wishes ideas? Send your suggestions to us via the Contact page. Thanks!


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114+ EXCELLENT Happy 21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes

happy 21st birthday wishes for brother

Turning 21 is like standing in front of the gates of adulthood.
That entrance represents privilege, responsibility and maturity.
Opening that doorway does not mean that you will stop having fun! It is a start of more exhilarating adventures and a journey of discovering yourself further.
Drop a birthday message to a family or friend who is reaching this milestone to remind them how important turning 21 is.

Congratulations! You’ve reached yet another high point in your life. Goodbye, college! Hello, corporate world! Enjoy this new ride! Happy 21st birthday!

A special day like this can’t go uncelebrated. Call your friends, go to the beach, dance around the bonfire and go crazy! Happy 21st birthday!


Turning 21 has so many perks. You can enter a club, vote and gamble legally now, you can also move out of the house and start living on your own, and most of all, no one can stop you from drinking that beer or champagne anymore! Happy 21st birthday, friend. Have a blast!

No matter how old you grow, I won’t stop looking after you. After all, you have a reputation for being a bit reckless. Happy twenty first birthday my little bro/sis! Have a blast!

Now that you are legal to do so many things, remember to use this freedom wisely. Getting too drunk is the leading cause of unforgettable humiliation. Have a wonderful 21st! Happy birthday!

Look how far you’ve come! It feels like yesterday when you were wishing you could be free of school. I’m pretty sure you made most of your school days. Welcome to the real world! Happy 21st birthday!

Let’s make this a night to remember! We will go party until we can’t stand no more! Drink to our heart’s content and pretend we have life figured out! Besides, the best adventure is to discover the endless mystery of our journey. Happy twenty first birthday, buddy! Cheers!

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

Wishing you nothing but the very best for your 21st birthday! May you be showered with beautiful opportunities, exciting adventures and wonderful blessings along the way.

Screw Driver, Black Russian, Bloody Mary, or Mojito? Choose any! It is your first day of legal drinking! Have an awesome 21st birthday!

Welcome to the world of job hunting, rush hour and traffic jams, office Karaoke nights, and crazy overtime. Don’t be scared. It is just like college but with pay! Have an amazing 21st birthday! Cheers!

Gone are the days of sleepless nights because of an upcoming exam, in with the sleepless nights because overtime at work! The real world is just a bigger classroom! Don’t worry, one thing will never change: You are allowed to party as long as you show up the next day or finish your report on time! Happy twenty first birthday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Was it just yesterday when I first held you in my arms? Or how delighted my heart was when you took your first step and spoke your first word? Or how proud I was when you graduated from university? Or how it was painful for me too, when I witnessed your first heartbreak? Oh, how you’ve grown up to such a beautiful person! Happy 21st birthday my son/daughter! Remember, I will always be here to guide you.


I see no difference in adding a plus 1 to your age. We will still be as silly as we can be, make mistakes and play around like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday 21st birthday, buddy! Let’s make this an epic journey!

Why is 21 awesome? Not only are you building the blocks toward your dreams, you also get the opportunity to learn a lot of life changing lessons that will lead to a better and wiser you! Have an awesome 21st birthday! Cheers!

No matter how old you get, remember this one piece of advice: Have fun! There is no age in experiencing the joys of life! Make the most of it while you are young! Happy 21st birthday!

You should be proud of yourself! Not everyone gets to celebrate their twenty first birthday. Enjoy the wonderful gift of life! Happy birthday!

21 is the wonderful mix of young and old. You are not too old to stay up and party until 4am, while you are not too young for your parents to ground you anymore. Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life. Happy birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Mom

Finally, I don’t have to pick you up every after party, but that does not mean I will stop worrying. It just means that I trust you to make wiser decisions. Happy twenty first birthday, my boy/girl!

The 60 Happy Birthday Brother

The road ahead of you is filled with fantastic experiences and life-shaping memories. Make the most out of them! Enjoy your 21st chapter to the fullest! Happy Birthday!


You have the freedom on how to live your journey now!
You can explore the deep oceans of life in a submarine,
Take off to the skies and discover the constellations of existence in a rocket ship
Or trek on the teeming forest of living!
Wishing you the best escapade on the 21st page of your voyage!
Happy birthday!

Wherever you go, whatever your decisions will be and whoever you will take with you on your life’s voyage, never forget that your family will stick by you no matter what! We love you and are so proud of you!

Are you really 21 already? You don’t even look like one to me! What a hassle to be stopped at bars because you don’t look the part! Stay forever young! Happy birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Son


Turning 21 doesn’t mean that you will stop experiencing your firsts: You will have your first job, first salary from work, first time living alone, and your first legal bottle of champagne! Wishing you a lot of new experiences on your expedition ahead! Happy birthday!

This is a chance for you to start making that childhood dreams a reality! All you need is hard work and the persistence to keep on going whatever hardships are thrown in your way. I will be cheering on!

The 60 Happy Birthday Daughter

May the winds of opportunity blow your sails towards an astonishing quest,
May the tides of fate lead you to the right people that will make your voyage a colourful one,
And may the seasons of life shower you with overflowing abundance and beauty.
Happy twenty first birthday!

Have you heard about the latest gossip? There is an awesome party happening in town and it is the craziest one ever. It is your 21st birthday that’s why! Have a blast today! Happy birthday!

Watching you grow up has been one of the most fulfilling blessings in my life. Now that you are 21, I can legally ask you to buy our beer. Have a blast, my son! Happy birthday!

What an awesome adventure so far! Witnessing you reach this important milestone could not make me any prouder. It is an honour for me to have this privilege of holding your hand as you venture into this amazing voyage of your 21st chapter. With all my love, I wish that I could be with you as you turn the succeeding pages of your life. I love you! Happy 21st birthday!

Remember the days when we are young, in love and stupid? Being 21 doesn’t change that! Although, we can now add that we are wiser and stronger in the equation. Hoping to stay with you until we turn classic and old. Happy 21st birthday my love!

Never forget the people who have led you to where you are now and most especially, God for giving you the magnificent chance of living. Have an amazing 21st birthday! Cheers!


It is awe-inspiring isn’t it? How you made it this far and how you have grown to such a strong and stunning person? Well, I am proud to say that I have witnessed your beautiful transformation. I am pretty sure that you will grow further in grace and beauty. Happy twenty first birthday to you, my sweet daughter!

Welcome to the realm of adulthood! Instead of waking up to the alarm for school, you will have to get-up for work now. You can start travelling farther than the next city; you can finally explore the temples of China or the breathtaking architecture of Spain with your friends, or if you are brave enough to do it alone. You have financial freedom and won’t have to rely to your parents with money. You can stop thinking that you are driving them crazy because they know that you are independent now. Enjoy the sweet adult life. Happy 21st!

You know what I know you best for? That is having awesome fun with! We will rock and roll until our teeth falls out. Here is to our more than a decade friendship! Happy 21st birthday, buddy!

Loosen up! Who says you need to take life seriously when you are 21? The fun has just begun! Happy birthday!

You can now ditch the mocktail and finally drink a real cocktail! Cheers to your new found freedom!

Happy 21st Birthday to the older brother/sister I’ve always looked up to. Thank you for setting me examples that I should and should not follow! Until I have yet to reach 21, please drink for me! Have a blast! Cheers!

You can now boldly put the bottle of your booze on the table. No need to hide like before!

If should you fall 20 times, then stand up 21 times more! There is no reason giving up no matter where life takes you. Happy twenty first birthday!

At 21, you will learn how to pay your own bills, work hard for your career and add a touch of fun every now and then. Have an awesome birthday!

For your 21st birthday, I wish you that you will build beautiful memories, not credit card bills! Have an adventure! Happy twenty first birthday!

Feel the wind against your body. Let the ocean drift you into an adventure. Be consumed by the fires of your dream’s passion. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe you can do it! You are young, you can do anything!

Happy 21st birthday quotes for son or daughter

Your 21st birthday is very special and you are blessed to be able to celebrate it. Wishing you nothing but pure joy and peace on this day, much love to you always.

On this birthday I hope that you get all you are hoping for and much more. You are a true blessing to me, love you always.

What a perfect opportunity to remind you of how much you mean to me. You are a true joy in my life, love you more than ever. A happy birthday to you on this special day.

For your birthday I hope that you are surrounded by the ones you love, making memories that will last for life. You deserve all the best today and always.

A true friend you are, cannot believe it has been this many years already. Happy 21st birthday and may it be filled with all the usual birthday trimmings. Presents, cake, and all.

Take time to put yourself first today and celebrate life, what a blessing to be alive. A huge happy birthday to you and love you always.

Sending you warm wishes for your special 21st birthday and I hope you get to party like never before.

Get dressed up and ready to party because we are going to celebrate like never before. Here’s to an epic birthday celebration ahead.

We have been waiting for this day and it is finally here, time to celebrate being an adult. Major love to you and much peace and joy on your birthday occasion.

May this birthday be one of the best yet for you, you truly deserve to have an epic day filled with laughter and love. Hope you have an amazing day and that you are blessed the whole year ahead, with many more celebrations to come my friend.

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21st Birthday Wishes

happy 21st birthday wishes for brother

Brother and Sister Birthday Wishes

What to Write to Your Brother or Sister

Brothers and sisters get to share in some of the same joys and sorrows of growing up in the same house. They get to pick on each other for fun and band together in difficult times. Sibling birthday messages can follow these themes as well. Here are some examples.
  1. I love how age doesn't change our relationship.
  2. We may as well age together, we've done just about every other unhealthy thing together.
  3. Isn't it great when you and your own best friend get to have the same parents?
  4. If you ever feel too smart in your older age, just come hang out with me. I can always tell you how much smarter I am than you.
  5. Siblings and birthdays are two things you will never get rid of or change. We both like to remind you at least once a year how old you are getting.
  6. I'm still not sure that you and I were really born as siblings. We're nothing like each other.
  7. Siblings have rivalries, but I like to think of it as older and younger sibling competition. You win the age competition every time.
  8. Celebrating your birthday is just like celebrating the birthday of a friend I didn't get to choose.
  9. You are my favorite brother/sister born today!
  10. Thanks for all the fun times growing up. I would not be the same person today, if it weren't for you.
  11. I've been able to enjoy having a great brother/sister for __ years now!
  12. Siblings are good at keeping secrets, like who broke the lamp. So your real age is safe with me.
  13. I know we didn't always get along growing up. When I look back over all the years and birthdays, I realize how lucky I am to have you as a sibling. We have had a lot of fun.
  14. I love having you as a brother/sister, and I love that you are always going to be older than me. Have a great birthday.
  15. I am glad I was able to be your little brother/sister, because I was able to learn from all of your mistakes. I am glad you were born before me.
  16. No matter how old we get, you’ll always be my big brother/sister. I love you.
  17. I probably hate you having birthdays and getting older just as much as you do. When you get older I know that I am getting older too since I am your brother/sister.
  18. Did I ever tell you how glad I am that you were born __ years ago? I am especially glad that I had someone to be an ally against mom and dad’s rules.
  19. I still look up to you after all these years of you being my big brother/sister. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
  20. I remember how when we were kids we couldn’t wait until our birthday. We would count down the days. Now we dread birthdays and try to deny that they even happen.
  21. I think there is a connection that brothers/sisters have with each other. Because of that, I feel like I got a little older on your birthday. Darn you for that!
  22. I have been blessed in my life to have a brother/sister like you. We have gotten closer through the years even though we don’t see each other as much as when we were growing up together. I appreciate our relationship and the blessing it has been in my life.
  23. I am glad that you were born into our crazy family, although I think you were the wildest one of us. Thanks for making things fun growing up. Have a wild and crazy birthday!
  24. Remember when we were able to eat all the cake we wanted and we wouldn’t get fat? I guess somewhere along the way our birthdays have caught up with us. We are just boring old people now. I am glad we are in this together.
  25. Remember how you used to try to help me blow out my candles? Now you need help blowing out your candles, because there are so many!
  26. Between me picking on you and you telling on me, we were able to keep mom and dad pretty busy. I think that is our biggest accomplishment from growing up. I couldn't have done it without you. I am glad you were born.
  27. I guess now is a good time to tell you that mom and dad adopted you, and we don’t actually know when your birthday was.  Happy made up birthday!
  28. No matter how old you try to get, you'll always be younger than me. Nice try. You still have to listen to me.
No matter how old you try to get, you'll always be my little brother/sister. So you have to do what I say.

A nice collection of funny birthday wishes for family and friends. Great for Don't just go with the tried and true: Happy Birthday! . 10 – 21st Birthday Quotations.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Lover (Everyone)

happy 21st birthday wishes for brother

Brothers deserve to be keenly celebrated, especially when they are awesome and unequivocally kind at twenty-one

21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

Wish your younger or older brother who will be 21years old today or in the next few hours a happy birthday with these happy 21st birthday messages or wishes for brother.

1. Your voice is soothing
Your words are comforting
Your act is inspiring.
Your smile is priceless
Thanks for being a brother I am proud of
Happy birthday!

2. Of all the people celebrating their birthdays today, you’re the dearest to me. I wish beyond expectations that you meet with peace, love and great food this year!

3. You’re the only 21year old I know with a 30-year-old mind. You’ve proven beyond measure that maturity supersedes age and I’m happy you’re my brother.
Wish you the very best as you become a year older.

4. Days have turned into nights and nights into days but there hasn’t been a moment I’d wish that you were not in my life. May you continually stay alive, strong and sparkling! Happy celebration

5. Whether sun rises or sun sets isn’t a determinant of your shine. You shine all day, every day.
Happy birthday!

6. I’m blessed to know a smart, altruistic, active and soulful 21 years old… It still surprises me sometimes that you’re my own brother. Continue giving me pleasant surprises even as you unfold 21

7. Dear 21,
Expose my dearest brother to all the good tidings 20 was unable to expose him to.
Be joy, peace and love overload.

8. I hope that the days ahead as you embrace 21 today will be manifestations of the hard work in the last 20 years.

9. I actually feel like I met the 21-year-old you some years ago. So, you’re the only anxious one
I hope your anxiety is chuffed by all the good things the year has in store.

10. May the favour and blessing of God be your closest companion as you begin another threshold. Happiest birthday to you!

Happy 21st Birthday Brother

Your brother is 21years today? It will be a great thing if you can also join the world to celebrate him. The following heart touching 21st birthday quotes for brother will help you do this better.

11. At the age of 21, you have Metamorphosised from a growing child to a grown man. Congratulations on the flawless transformation

12. Happy birthday to you dearest. You will not just hear about God’s goodness this year, you’ll experience it with fervour.

13. I hope you’re savvy enough to know the blessing of God for this season and inclined enough to believe you’re one of the people he’s set to bless. God bless you on your birthday and beyond!

14. God’s blessing is elucidating. It brings clarity and purpose.
I wish you nothing but God’s blessing this year.

15. Welcome to adult Zone! May all your years in this zone be laced with bliss and glee.
Have a wonderful birthday

16. I have many wishes for you on your birthday but none supersede the thought of God for you which is to have an expected end. May God’s plans stand!

17.Turning 21 is amazingly exciting… I hope you get to enjoy the year with colossal excitement!

18.Whatever God is doing in this season, I wish that he never does without you. May ultimate blessing follow you now as you celebrate your birthday and forever more

19. May God decorate your life with blessings and may your life begin to glitter with pleasant surprises. happy birthday dear…

20. May this new year be an expression of God’s grace and splendour for you and yours. Live long and prosper!

21st Birthday Brother

Send this sweet happy 21st birthday quotes to your cute brother as he is celebrating his 21st born anniversary today.

21. The words in my heart can not really accentuate how well I wish you right now, just take this simple wish of God’s blessing and enjoy as the new year unfolds.

22. I think you’re very blessed and have been a blessing to all. May the blessings of God never relapse in your life. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

23. You’re benevolence, bravery and beauty wrapped in a 21-year-old body. All these graces that come with you are enough reason to be proud of you.
Enjoy your day

24. You’re the most amazing disguise yet
My angel in disguise as a brother. I enjoy you being just that…Don’t ever stop!

25. Every stage of your life has been so captivating I have no worries about you travelling through the 21st phase. All I envision is more wonderful wonders.

26. I have this strong faith that 21 is going to be even more mind-blowing than previous wonderful years.

27. You were a miracle at 20. I hope you continue to be at 21 and beyond. Happiest birthday to the world’s best brother.

28. You remind me of God’s joy, the way she doesn’t let circumstances determine her. You’re truly beyond circumstances, don’t doubt.

29. You’re a trailblazer who manages to serve others in the most selfless manner. I am so proud to have your kind as a brother and more proud that you exhibit this beauty at 21.
Have the best 365 days at 21 buddy

30. If loyalty had a face, it’d be you undoubtedly.
You’ve proven that one can have both a brother and a friend in a person in more than million ways.

21st Birthday Messages for Brother

Let your brother know that you can never forget his birthday date by the wishes you send to him as he is marking his 21st birthday today. Make use the following touching happy 21st birthday wishes and quotes to make know your thought for his birthday.

31. Your soul is set in beauty and it only extends joy to anyone who cares to stand close.
I’m so blessed to be one of the closest to your soul brother!

32. I was okay. Just okay. Not good. Not bad.
Then came you my dear brother and mediocre flew.
You’ve made life excellent since your presence.

33. Twenty-one years ago, I didn’t know what to say to you and how to say anything to you.
I knew however that I would care for you until the end of time.
Happy birthday!

34. Happy birthday, bro! Now that you’re getting older, maybe we’ll argue less and agree more.
Whatever it is, I’ll never love you less

35. Happy birthday to world’s best brother. Thanks for your constant care and unwavering love.

36. Because I have you as a brother, I do not need to ever worry about being alone…
You know best how to bring out the joyful me.
Happiest birthday!

37. You’re a brother who constantly feels my purse with chocolate and my heart with music…
Happy birthday moonlight

38. It’s awesome to watch you grow wiser and better rather than older… I do not have to worry about you because l know you’re only capable of being a success. Happy 21st birthday

39. You’re an old soul in a young body…Nothing you do hints that you’re 21. I marvel at your level of intelligence and maturity. Happy birthday.

40. There’s nothing you do better than putting a smile on my face and making my heart pulsate with Joy.
May joy never cease in your life as you become a year older.

Happy 21st Brother

Make this 21st birthday a remarkable one for your brother by sending him awesome happy birthday quotes for my brother who is turning 21years today.

41. You’re my happiness.
I’m eternally grateful for the birth of you that happened two decades and a year ago. May I not see the death of you.

42. I have known for more than two decades now that you’re an entire blessing I never want to mourn.
Happy birthday baby brother!

43. You are haughtily beautiful and on par with sweetness.
May your beauty glow with age and may your sweetness not be soured.

44. You’re one of the people who doesn’t butter me up with fake flattery. You give me facts.
Such a relief to know I never have to worry about being lied to. Thanks and happy birthday!

45. You’re a people person, it’s almost impossible to hate you. Happy birthday to the most awesome 21 years old out there!

46. With you around, my cheek would always hurt from smiling as a result of your outrageous banter. I never want to experience a life without you. Be less naughty at 21

47. Thanks for being a bucket of sunshine. May you emanate more light and exude more greatness at twenty-one!

48. I’m still awed by the miracle a tiny little boy has become. I hope 21 exudes more greatness for you and yours

49.Twenty-one is the new cool. Your charisma, charm and clairvoyance at such age is a big deal.
Sometimes I wish I could be this age again. Happy birthday, brother!

50. There should be an award after two decades of successfully being an amazing Sister to a troublesome boy like you. But if all I get for being amazing is to always have you around, I will forever be elated.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Brother

Be part of the few that will make your brother feel special on his 21st birthday by sending him the following heartfelt happy 21st birthday wishes for my brother.

51. You’ll never have the reason to hang your superman cape as long as I am your sister. You’re extraordinary for life birthday boy!

52. You light up a room with your voice. May the peacefulness about you that’s hard to explain never leave you. Happy birthday

53. Turning 21 is super amazing! I hope you are open-minded enough to enjoy this fun stage of your life.

54. Sweetest brother, thanks for being a reason to smile and a shoulder to lean on at 21. May I get to experience 80 more years with you.

55. I hope your journey as a 21-year-old takes you closer to your dream. Enjoy every moment of it!

56. Happy birthday to a selfless jock who turns 21 today. May the aura of excellence never leave you.

57. I’ve never doubted that you have greatness in you. I’m more assured than ever that as you turn 21, the greatness is you booms!

58. Not everyone gets to celebrate their 21st birthday in the 21st century…Only unique people do!
You’re a beautiful uniqueness dude! Happy day.

59. Success is official at 21. Go for the gold, brother!
Happiest birthday to the fiercest, dogged genius!

60. I watched as you took the bull by the horn at 20. I’m so glad I get to watch you rise to glory at 21. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Brother 21st

Let the following 21st birthday quotes for my brother reflect how precious your brother is to you by sending it to him.

61. Whew! It’s the 21st hour of the day, and I feel there’s no better time to celebrate the best brother for his 21st birthday.

62. Everything about you from your face to your soul is precious. I’d hate to see you put them to waste. Be unapologetically you at 21 and beyond!

63. When I was 21, I thought I could be great and here I am, basking!
Your thoughts this age should be geared towards positive things. It’s the first step to greatness. Enjoy your birthday celebration!

64. May this year be the start of the greatness you’re destined to become. Enjoy being 21!

65. There’s something about 21 that makes you feel like an achiever maybe because of the numbers you’ve left behind and an anticipator because of the numbers you look forward to conquering. Such an amazing time for a unique person to celebrate an exciting number!

66. You’re already a trailblazer at 21, you’ve already managed to give me so many pleasant surprises and you’re just beginning. Happy birthday man

67. There’s something about how you do your things at twenty one that gives me an assurance of a bright tomorrow… I can envision you telling your grandkids the story behind some of your awards. Happy birthday, brother!

68. My childhood memories are still capable of making me smile in the most unpleasant moment. You have made this possible. Thanks and happy 21st birthday!

69. We’ve been through all moments together. The good, bad and ugly. Moments that have brought us to this beautiful beginning of greater things. What a time to celebrate your 21st birthday!

70. I can not explain how the person that gives me the biggest troubles in the world happens to be the person that gives me the greatest joy! You’re such a precious pain in my ass! Don’t quit on me @ 21.

Written By Adebayo Esther.

21st Birthday Wishes for Brother: Best of Cute Text Messages to send as 21st Birthday Wishes for your Brother on his Birthday.

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