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Funny happy birthday wishes for sister in law
August 01, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 2 comments

A sister-in-law is the best support or the worst nightmare you can have as a family . Funny and Emotional Happy Birthday Wishes & Greetings For Sister-in-Law.

Find amazing happy Birthday Quotes for Sister in Law here with cute images. Sister-in-law is not just a sister from your other parent but she might be your best friend and closer than your real sister. So you should wish her on her special days like birthday is great opportunity for you to wish your sis. Sister in law is your sister according to law or because of some relation with you but it does not mean she is less than your real sister.

She loves you like your own sis and care for you. If due to some reasons you have differences with your sister-in-law then take advantage of her birthday and wish her in a remarkable style, celebrate it by giving her a big party, buy a surprising gift for her. Try to frank with her to remove your differences and come closer with each other by sharing your emotions and increase your conversations with her. These Birthday wishes and quotesmay help you to wish your sister-in-law.

Best Sister in Law Birthday Wishes with Fun Moments:

As you know, sister in law has some special place in your family so you always need her advises and favor in your personal family matters. Due to these reasons, you should wish her and make her feel happy and special. It not only make you pleasure but also your parents will feel happy when see their siblings have great feelings for each other.

Birthday Messages to Increase Your Friendship with Your Sis-in-law:

No matter you sister is elder or younger from you, she has expectation from you and from your family. You should say her welcome by wishing on moments like birthday. I hope these birthday quotes will be appreciated by you and you will use them to greet and wish your sister in law. There are so many ways to wish her, like you can use social apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. To make it public, use Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform. Simple text is also good idea to make your message more personalized.

Funny Birthday Jokes to Enjoy with Sister in Law:

There are both good and bad times you spend with your sister. Here on her special day, You can share some funny moments of your life and laugh on your golden memories.

Text format Birthday SMS for Sis-In-law:

  • The memories and joy that you have brought to our daughter’s life is priceless. When she grows up, I would want her to be like her you – beautiful and strong. Happy Birthday, my sister-in-law!

  • Most of the people I know do not get along with their in-laws, but not in my case! Happy birthday, sister!

  • I really should have to you this a long time ago. I am so thankful that you are my sister-in-law. I have learned so much about you and I can honestly say that you are a blessing to our family. Happy Birthday!

  • In times of emotional whirlwinds, you are there as my shoulder to cry on. In times of trouble, you are there to back me up. Thank you for not only being my-sister-in law, but also a friend that I can always count on. Happy birthday!

  • Sisters-in-law are known to have a bitter-sweet and a love-hate relationship with their in-laws. But I have a sweet-sweet and love-love relationship with you. Happy birthday.

  • They can call yοu Sister in Law οr my Brother’s Wife. Ιt doesn’t really Μatter Yοu’re a special persοn in Μy life. Yοu’re like Μy sister. Ηappy Birthday Sister Ιn law! 

  • One of the most fabulous surprises that life has given me is you, my dear sister-in-law! Congratulations on your day, may it be fantastic!

  • Happy birthday to the best sister a girl could ever have…my sister-in-law. Hoping your special day is full of the happy moments and happy hours that make happy memories.

  • Now I know why my husband is such a gentleman. It‘s because he had a wonderful sister! The warmest birthday greetings to my smart, beautiful and simply amazing sister-in-law!

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You love her so much, only a Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law are good enough Birthdays are always an exciting occasion, but they are even more fun and.

Best 50 Lovely Birthday Wishes For Sister In Law

funny happy birthday wishes for sister in law

A sister-in-law is the best support or the worst nightmare you can have as a family. They bring joy to life, make sacrifices, understand you when there is no one, be your crying shoulder and the strongest support that you can have in life. These are happy birthday wishes for sister-in-law to let her know you love and care about her, and that you appreciate all the sacrifices that she has made for you.

Emotional Happy Birthday Messages for Sister-in-law

  1. You were always by my side when your mother was making my life miserable. Your support has let me survive a family life and find happiness. Happy birthday and may you find a lot of love and a good husband to settle with.
  2. You are a fun and charming person who always brings something new and is with fresh ideas. Happy birthday, you are like a sister and a best friend with whom I can chat with and talk for hours.
  3. You bring so much brightness to my mundane and boring life. Love the movie nights and shopping sprees with you. Happy birthday my doll. There is always so much fun with you that I forget all the burden of being married.
  4. Your antics are entertaining. You are the true joker of the family with all your jokes and mimicry. You can make people laugh even in the most serious situations. Happy birthday. May your life be filled with a lot of laughter and joy.
  5. Amongst all the in-laws you are the person I bond and connect well with. For anything at all you are the person I like to reach out to and will always be there for you as well. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. May all of your life shine like a diamond and you always find joy in everything.
  6. To the dear sister-in-law who is so full of life and always with a smile on her face. I love your simplicity and your good-heartedness. Happy birthday. May all of your life be blessed with a lot of love and fulfillment of your dreams.
  7. You are full of tantrums and annoyances. But it is still a joy to have you around as you are the youngest and the most pampered member in the family. Happy birthday. May you find peace and joy in your life.
  8. Life is full of opportunities and you have many reasons to look at the brighter side and be happy. You have so many talents which makes you so special. I wish you a happy birthday and an extraordinary life full of fun and adventure.
  9. You are a good person to be around with. Initially, you came across as standoffish but having known you as a person I now see you in a different light and love you for what you are. Happy birthday sister-in-law and have a rocking birthday.
  10. I had nurtured you like a child as you had such a bad attitude for so many years. It is good to see you grow into a wonderful person now. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. Our spa retreats are pending and this is a good day to bond over some girly time.
  11. Your makeup and all the cosmetics that you have been collecting over many years have been your treasured collection. I love your artistic talent and your ability to do so well for yourself. Happy birthday. Your makeup skills are so professional, we hardly need to go to the salon.

Birthday Greetings For Sister-in-law

  1. You are a bookworm, voraciously reading on so many books, gorging and devouring all the stories and information. On your birthday, take some time out and enjoy the sun. You will see a real world beyond books and imagination. Happy birthday.
  2. Your fairy tales and all the time that you spend watching sitcoms on TV have turned you into a couch potato. On your birthday here is a surprise gift for you that lets you see and enjoy the beautiful things in life. Happy birthday.
  3. Your styling and jewelry collection is amazing. It is good to see you have such a good time enjoying your single life. You are a soon-to-be bride and there is a lot of advice that you can always get from me. I will always be your best friend and an agony aunt. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. This is your time to see all the beautiful side of the world.
  4. You always hang out with friends. On your birthday you can spend time with your brother and the family. We would love to keep up with you. Happy birthday. We have made all of your favorite arrangements. Come home quick. Its celebration time.
  5. Talking of movies and all the gossip, you are the go-to person to know about everybody’s inside stories. You bring so much spice and entertainment in our lives. Happy birthday and keep up the good work.
  6. May your dreams of entering the world of journalism come true. More books, gossip, and entertainment for you. Happy birthday. May you get all that you have been looking for.
  7. You can take time to heal from a broken heart. Not everyone deserves a princess like you. Happy birthday and may you be blessed to find true love and see the world with him like a fairytale.
  8. Waking up in the morning is not your thing. I hope you get your life back on track and experience all the good things in life. Happy birthday.
  9. I hope you start taking life more seriously, spend less on insignificant things, and understand the value of time and money. Happy birthday. May you be showered with abundant love and riches.
  10. You are so quick at completing any task. I am sure you are an asset to your company. We need to do some catching up. Happy birthday. Vacation time with you is pending. That is something I look forward to.
  11. How do you manage to stay so fit even though you are a foodie. It is awesome how you pull on any clothing and look stunning in everything. Happy birthday and have a blast partying.

Funny and Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-law

  1. I am tired of hiding your booze nights and night outs from the mother-in-law. Today is your birthday and you have an excuse. Happy birthday. Hope you find a sensible company to hang out and wish you good friends and a good life.
  2. You are such a joy and the best company I have in this family. Its so much fun to gossip and crib about everything. With you, every family occasion becomes enjoyable and interesting. When all the boys go out on the booze, we women have all the fun. Happy birthday, sister-in-law. May all your dreams come true.
  3. This is the day you need to take some time out as it is your birthday. For a day, you will be free from running after your children for their homework and other tasks. It is good to see you enjoy and smile. Happy birthday.
  4. Your children are the best thing in your life. I see you are such a good mother and take on all the responsibilities so well. Happy birthday. This is your day to be the queen and relax and enjoy it at your own pace.
  5. You have seen so much turmoil, a bad marriage, and have faced all the challenges with boldness. You are a true inspiration for all the single mothers. I cannot say my brother was right. But I still consider you my sister-in-law and a good friend. Happy birthday. May you find true love in your life. The person who understand you and loves you no matter what.
  6. I have signed you up for a cookery class so that we can go together and have a blast. Post your birthday this is the awesome thing we will be doing together. Lesser taunts from mother-in-law and more foodie time for all of us. Happy birthday and god bless you with peace and happiness.
  7. You are always in the state of marital bliss. I am so glad my brother loves you so much that you sometimes forget that there are people around you. Happy birthday. We all love you even though you are silly and absent-minded sometimes.
  8. You make for the most ideal family member with so much perfection in everything you do. I sometimes wonder from where do you get your strength to be so awesome in life. Happy birthday and have a lovely time on your birthday.
  9. Every event and dinner, and every outing with you is so much fun. You bring so much cheer and happiness to our lives. Happy birthday to the greatest sister-in-law who is fun, love, and puts people before her.
  10. You have seen so many hardships but it has not hardened you on the inside. You are still soft and filled with so much love inside you. You are a blessing to my brother’s life and our family. Happy birthday.
  11. Your room is filled with so many books that I enjoy reading in my free time. You are so well read and so full of knowledge. It gives us the incentive to be better people when we are around you. My brother has become a better person because of you. Happy birthday and may your life be filled with a lot of joy and happiness.

Birthday Quotes For Sister in Law

  1. You are always dreaming to be rich. But let me tell you there is more richness in the love of the family. You can venture around the world only to know that your family is the only one that truly cares about you. Happy birthday. May there be more love and meaningful experiences in your life.
  2. It is time you have to stop being so hard on yourself and lighten up. It’s your birthday. There are many more years and many more candles to blow. With each birthday and each year, I want you to grow into a happy person and smile more.
  3. You made lemonade when life gave you lemons. You are a wise person who hardly needs advice because you know how to come out of tough situations. Happy birthday. May there be many more happy moments in your life.
  4. You are always so busy and yet you take care of the kids so well and manage to look stunning. On your birthday I want you to take a week out and enjoy your life. Happy birthday. May there be many more fun times on your birthday.
  5. When I see a shooting star, I think about you and wish joy and happiness for you. You have a wonderful birthday. I always see you as a person who is so full of life. Happy birthday.
  6. On your birthday I wish you all the joy and fun. May you forget all your worries this day and have a good time with your friends. Happy birthday.
  7. You always take care of all the family needs. I always think, when I get married you will be the person whom I will like to be like. In every situation of life, I would like to think about you and how you take care of things and follow the same. Happy birthday.
  8. To the prettiest sister-in-law. Life would have been so boring without you. When you married my brother, I was so happy thinking I got a friend for life. Happy birthday and God bless you with all love and beautiful moments.
  9. Since the time you have come, everything in our lives has changed. You bring a sense of responsibility and discipline that has set us on a good path of progress. Happy birthday. May you enjoy all the days to come and have more peace and happiness.
  10. Seeing you grow is like taking care of my own daughter. You have always been the most pampered member of the family. Happy birthday. Your age difference does not change the friendly bond between us.

Sister-in-law is the best friend you can have in the family. These are the happy birthday wishes for a sister-in-law who lets you into her world and gives you company in all the family occasions. Wish her on her birthday and let her know how much you love and care about her.

Olga Jones

I have been writing for birthday inspire from Past 1 year and over the course of time receive a lot of thanks messages and mails from our readers that keeps me going to find more unique ideas for my articles. I hope my articles are worth reading for my readers.

Olga Jones

I have been writing for birthday inspire from Past 1 year and over the course of time receive a lot of thanks messages and mails from our readers that keeps me going to find more unique ideas for my articles. I hope my articles are worth reading for my readers.

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Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, And Quotes For Sister In Law

funny happy birthday wishes for sister in law

Birthday Wishes For Sister

It is great to have a sister like you. Be it times of joy or sorrow, you are always by by my side supporting me. Happy birthday!

Dear sister, you are the most precious gift that God has given me. Thanks for your constant support. Wishing you a very happy birthday and have lots of fun today.

Dear sis, no matter how much we fight over petty things, deep in my heart I know that you really care for me. Have a very happy birthday dear sister and keep smiling.

Hey sister, I am the luckiest person in the world for I have such a sweet and wonderful sister like you. May your life be filled with tons of happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Though we quarrel a lot over various issues, but you should know you are the most special girl for me on this earth. Happy Birthday dear sister!

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Happy … (year) birthday sister. May God bless you gorgeous. Keep smiling..Love you. Enjoy!

Happy birthday to my lovely sister, I wish every year you grow as a better person, but remain my cute sister.

Happy birthday dear sister, may the Jesus gives you all happiness and success in life as you grow year after year.

Happy birthday, my sweet sister, you mean the world to me and the world mean you to me. Be cheerful always

Dear sister, on your birthday I wish that every desire of yours gets fulfilled. But remember to make dreams that are realistic. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish For Sister

Life provides many opportunities, but we have to be alert enough to grab them. So sister, keep your eyes open, grab the opportunity and you would surely get success. Happy Birthday!

If things are not working out do not give up. Keep on working hard and with dedication; surely you would get success one day. Happy Birthday!

There are times when we feel that our dreams would never get fulfilled. Dispel all such thoughts and always believe in your dreams and capability. Happy Birthday!

You would come across many people who would pull you down and prevent you from realising your dream. Do not pay heed to them and work towards the realisation of your dream with focus and determination.

There is never a dull moment with you around. You bring so much happiness and fun into my life. wishing you a very happy birthday.

I really appreciate your patience. No matter how naughty I used to be, you would keep a calm attitude and handle the situation with grace.

Thank God I have an elder sister. You are a a shield that protects me from all harm, including mom and dad’s anger.

Dear sister, you are so patient, calm and composed, but at times you can be really funny too. Thank God, I have a sister like you.

Happy birthday to the most gorgeous woman in the world and that is you, dear sis.

I remember the lovely times we shared together. The little fights, sharing ice creams, playing in the park, those were really fun days. Dear sister, wishing you a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

You are more than a sister to me. You are my best friend, mentor and guide. At times you also take up the role of mom and dad. Dear sister, I am so lucky and happy to have you in my life. Many happy returns of the day.

People say that angels are only in stories, but I believe that they are right here on earth among us. And you are one of those angels, my dear sister. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

With you by my side, I can overcome any obstacle that life would throw in my way. Thanks sister for everything and wishing you a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the most charming girl in the world. You will always be my most cherished treasure. Happy birthday once again.

I still remember those pillow fights that we had as kids and also how we played in the park. Such beautiful times, they passed too soon. Wishing you a very happy birthday; have a fun-filled day.

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Little sis, you have always been by my side whether it was sharing our pizzas or that blue jacket as little kids. I always want you to be there with me in thick and thin. Wishing a very happy birthday to the world’s best sister.

Dear sister, at times you can really be irritating, but then, you are my best friend and sometimes a mentor also. Happy birthday and enjoy your day.

Teenage life is the bet phase of our lives. So, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday; welcome to the teenage club age.

Happy birthday dear sister, congrats to be a teenager, but still younger to me. So, don’t try to be smarter, remain my follower.

Happy birthday dear sister, you are cutest sister in this world, but always remember, never argue with your elder sister.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Dear sister, on your sixteenth birthday, I want to reveal a secret of your life. You are an adopted child. HBD.

I don’t know why mom and dad loves you more, when are not their own child, HBD may god give you strong heart to bear this truth.

Great birthday celebration is when you cut the cake and I have it all. Let’s celebrate this birthday the same way.

Remember all those fights we used to have as kids. Though we have outgrown all that, but I still want to have a little fight when you are not listening to me. Happy birthday my wonderful sister.

You and I are really crazy and funny siblings. All those fights and later on apologies. It is all so much fun. I really do not know what would I do without you. Have a fantastic birthday dear sister.

I remember how you ate my share of cake on my birthday. But, I am gonna get back at you on your birthday. So stay alert and have a very happy birthday, dear sister.

At times you tend to act silly and get me really angry. But in the end it is you who stands by me in times of need. Thanks dear sister, and have a very happy birthday.

Two girls sharing one room, there are bound to be fights over very trivial matters. But, you are the best and I am lucky to have a sister like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

I am glad to have a sister like you. You are the more like an inspiration to me than a sister. Happy birthday to you.

When you will wake up, I will not be there. So, this is the message for you! Happy Birthday my sweet sister.

Happy Birthday Sister Funny

Now, you have your own family, but you will remain as an integral part of this family forever sis.

Sending the best wishes and lots of love to my sweet sister on her another new birthday.

Say you are my sweet sister 10 times loudly and get your favorite birthday gift from your brother.

I feel very lucky to have you as a sister, on this birthday I can say only this.

You are my little angle and I wish all birthday desires of my angle become true. Love You!

Everyday I fight with for small things. I fight with you not to hurt you, but to catch ur attention.

On this birthday of yours, I pray to God, to give you years of good health and long life.

Never be depress, when I there. I cannot commit to fulfill all ur desires, but I promise to keep you happy always.

I understand I proud you feel to be called as my sister, trust me I too have the same feeling. Happy Birthday

Without you my sister my childhood would have been imperfect and incomplete. So here sending you a great birthday wishes!!

Funny Sister Birthday Quotes and Sayings

Sisters are like diamond they sparkle every time and a priceless gift from god and a truly best friend.

Nobody is perfect we both are imperfect that’s why we both make a cute pair of siblings. Happy birthday sissy!!

My Sister you are a secret box where I have stored and preserved my all the beautiful memories with you for the lifetime.

Some people wanted respect, care and attention and unconditional love and you require all these at same time. Happy birthday!!

When no one is there for you, sister is always a standby to show her love, I love u sweety, H, Bday

Everytime I used to steal your favorite things. So here comes a big day, today I give everything that u want.

U have grown up, but on your birthday I am wishing my same little, pretty and cute sister.

It doesn’t matter you have a best friend or not, coz I am there for you always, I promise this on ur birthday.

For people it seems we are not good siblings, but only I know ur importance in my life. Happy birthday Sis.

You were there when I was sad, happy and in trouble, on this birthday; I pledge, I will there for you all the time.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister Quotes

There is no one exist on this earth, who can replace you, my sweet loving sister. Wish you Happy Birthday.

Side by side or miles apart we are connected my sister by our hearts!!Happy birthday my sister.

Friends will make us laugh, lovers make us smile but sisters are one who stay back and wipe all the tears.

Fairies are rare and real to exist, and I have one fairy who call herself as my sister. Happy birthday dear.

To the one who is there with me in my every good and bad times. Here I am sending a great birthday wish.

Best feeling when someone likes you, adores you, cares for you, thinks about you. It is none other than your sister.

You can choose your friends but not your family, u are both my friend and family lucky to have you!! Hbd sister.

Today comes the day to celebrate and wish you. After so many fights, you are still best my sister.

Without the water, the plants hardly survive. Similarly without you I am nothing my sister. Many happy returns of the day.

Some people can’t be substituted by others and you are one of the gems in my life. Happy birthday my dear sister.

Happy Birthday Sister Funny

It’s always fun to fight with you because you are a good companion. Thanks for being my little sis.

A bunch of happiness, a teaspoon of love and pinch of arguments having lots of sweetness here’s presenting a special long life gift to you!!

When everything is dark around me, I think of you are there 4 me. Thanking you for being there.

We are sisters by chance but we are friends by choice. Love you always. Have a great birthday.

We remain friends until we die, then I think we stay the ghost friends and scare the shit out of people.

You are the one to share every phase, believe in good and forgive the rest. Thank you for being there.

The sisters are like the true mates, people say this and I feeling this, happy birthday dear sister

You have been so special to me in my life that I never realized the need of any friend.

Having you as my sister wasn’t a choice, but in my life is the best thing I have. A big birthday wish

God has given you a big heart and a beautiful face and a lovely sister like me to wish you happy birthday.

Inspirational Birthday Message For Sister

Be careful and enjoy your birthday to the fullest, this is your birthday my dear never let it go like that.

I think I have the cutest sister in this World, I want to wish her the most beautiful happy birthday.

You are better than me in all terms, but I have never jealous of u, because you are mine and I am your sister.

On this birthday it wish a great and happy and a rocking and glorious birthday to my lovely-lovely sister.

You have lots of friend to wish you on your birthday, but I have only one sister to wish her the birthday.

When you cry I become sad, when you laugh I feel happy, when you are with me, I feel complete.

Whenever I fail you don’t allow me and that is beauty of yours. Happy birthday siso!!

You are my support system throughout my life by setting the examples. Thank you for always being there.

You are so beautiful and pure by heart that I can’t imagine my life without you for being my sister.

Whenever I fall, your soft hand are always there to motivate me and stand me up. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Sister in law

Happy birthday to my sister who always bring smile and joy on others face. Today I wish the same for you.

Behind so many arguments, fights, differences still we share the same bond. Happy birthday sister.

Superheroes and magician comes one in a million but sisters like you exist for lifetime and always stay in heart.

All the wealth of the world is not enough to compensate the love of the sister. So here I am to celebrate this great day with you.

Sisters not only share the gifts, not the clothes and accessories but share the life and memories together.

I felt scared when I was alone thank you for always being protective and wish you a very happy birthday!!

The most amazing feeling in the world is having a female sibling like you. Have an amazing birthday!

You were always my first and you will always be my last friend. Hbd to my sister and best friend!

You are truly adorable and remarkable sister of mine and a great friend too. Happy birthday dear.

Every day I remind myself that how lucky I am to have a supportive, creative and nicest and funniest sister as my best friend.

Happy Birthday To My Sister Message

A person who knows you inside and out and still thinking about you. Thank you for being my sister.

If everyone have a sister and best friend like you the world would be a better place. Hbd dear.

We are friends by chance, sisters by choice and supercool by association. Happy sweet birthday!

Friends may come and go but sisters like you stay throughout your life and become best friends.

From all the souls, floating in the heave. You turns out to be my greatest sister. Happy birthday!

Cut your cake, lit the candle and spread the joy because it’s a special day for both of us. I love you sister.

In my life, you are 1. You are not only my 1 sister but you are my 1 friend. Have a 1 birthday!!

How incomplete one earring look when worn without other. That is how I look. Happy birthday sister!

Not you and not I are perfect but still we make a cute pair of siblings. Thanks for coming in my life.

Birthdays come every year and my love for you also grows year by year. Wishing you a fantastic birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Sister Funny

To someone whom I love by my deep heart inside was born today and that is you.

Sisters are like diamond they always sparkle in life and priceless and true gift for women. Happy birthday sis.

The world gets brighter when you enter into it. Wishing you a wonderful celebration full of joy and laughter.

Though we have different opinions but my heart and affection is with you when I am happy or sad. Blessed you!

Because you understand me a little more than I do. Thanks for being my side and my best sister.

When I count my blessings I always count you twice or thrice because you are always on my top. Hbd sis!!

Cuddling catching playing together like kitties two, this is the kind of relationship between me and you, happy birthday to my sis

It is really a fun when you are around me, I love you my sweet little sister and wish you very happy birthday.

On your birthday I wish my sister get all the happiness and good health to achieve the dream she has seen in life.

The sisters are true friends, they do fight for all little things but at the end of day they are together again. Happy birthday my sweetie

Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

You have given me so many lovely and cheerful moments in life, I am proud that I have sister like you.

No expensive thing can take your place in my heart and sole, you are my sister whom I love the most

Remember all the fights we used to do when we were young and innocent, Nothing can replace the love that was hidden in the fight, happy birthday.

On this day, I just want to pray God that he bless you with all his special blessing and make your life spectacular

Happy Birthday to my sweet little sister, though I’m not with you on this birthday, but my wishes are there to make you happy.

I know you are waiting for my message, so here I am wishing you the most beautiful birthday you have ever.

On this birthday I wish, you shine like stars and bring smile on each face who are around you. happy birthday Sweetu

You have a distinct and reserve the place in my heart, it is the place that will never be touched and disturbed. Happy Birthday to my sis.

If God give me one wish ever then I will ask him to give it to you so that you can fulfill all your dreams. Happy Birthday my queen

On your birthday I pray to god, my sister never face any trouble in her life and make her life cheerful always.

Birthday Wishes For Sister Images

You are the sister who is hard to find, and with your love you make our relationship truly divine

The bond between two sisters is the kind of bond that can never be explained, and replaced by any other thing. happy birthday.

You are like a golden thread to the meaning of my life, you are the one who can never be replaced.

After having a sister like you, I think the God has some special blessing for me, as he has given you as a gift.

If ever happens that I forget your birthday, I request you never get angry on me. I can forget your birthday but not your love.

You know me better than anyone, I see myself in you so I never give any justification for anything. Belated Happy Birthday.

No matter how occupied I remain; I can never forget to wish happy birthday to my lovely, cute and adorable sister.

Our likes and dislikes are same, each of our styles are same as you are me and I am you, Happy Birthday my sibling

I have gone far from you but that has no relation with the intensity of love and affection I have for you. It is eternal.

Happy birthday to a wonderful sister, who brought more smiles and joy into my life than i can imagine.

Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister in English

I still remember the struggles we had, I still remember the joys we shared. Today, on your birthday, here is a special wish: that you always remain happy and lucky. Happy Birthday Dearest Sister!

Sisters do not have to be fun to hang out with, but it’s great when they are. Happy birthday.

Dear sister, from this moment every day of your life is full of the warmth of the sun, of joy and sounds of laughter. Love and happiness never leave you. Congratulations happy birthday sister!birthday wishes for sister

For all the times you made me smile. For all the times you defended and cuddled me. For all the times you listened to me. For all this I am grateful to you and I wish you the most sincere wishes that a brother can make! Happy birthday! I love you!

Life is short … live it. Love is rare … grab it. Sweet memories … keep them in the heart. Happy birthday wishes my beloved little sister!

Congratulations dear sister! For your birthday..sorridi .. that is good for wrinkles! Happy birthday!

A beautiful desire for the best sister in the world. God can fill your life with love, happiness, wealth and so much luck! Happy birthday, dear sister.

You’re my best friend. I love you dear sister. Happy birthday!

The superheroes are one in a million. Sisters like you are one in a lifetime. Happy birthday!

It’s nice to have a sister with whom to share everything, to argue with and then make peace, to talk and play with.

Birthday Wishes For Sister in christ

It is beautiful that you are there, that we are united forever, that you are my sister! On this very special day I just wanted to tell you with my heart: I love you so much! Happy birthday my little sister!

I have always loved you and will continue to do so. For your birthday I send you my best wishes, love and greetings. I wish you a fantastic birthday!

Sisters not only share clothes and accessories but also share a life together. Happy birthday!

It was too much fun growing up with you. I wish you all the happiness and joy for your birthday!

I know it’s impossible to choose a sister, yet I realized over time that if I could do it I would have chosen one that is the same as you. There is nothing better in the world! Happy birthday!

It is always difficult to find a sentence to dedicate to you on your birthday. Let’s do this: make a smile and I wish you to take it all year. Best wishes for your dear sister’s birthday!

I wish you an unforgettable birthday: a day full of joy and an even happier and more peaceful future. Happy birthday, dear sister!happy-birthday-sister

I was scared to sleep alone at night, but you have always been by my side, always protecting me. Thank you for being a good sister and I wish you a happy birthday.

Magnificent, crazy, funny, beautiful. But also proud, surly and spiteful. Here’s what you are! Yet you’re perfect like this: I love you! Happy Birthday!

I can not express the feelings I have for you, but certainly the best is the love we have always shared. Happy birthday!

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Sister

Here is the love and the struggles we shared, Here is your health, your wealth and your prosperity. I wish you all the best for your birthday!

I always thought that without a sister like you my life would have been more empty, less noisy and maybe even a little sadder. You have enlivened my childhood and my adolescence, giving it advice and love. Thank you … you deserve a unique birthday party and a special future. Best wishes!

Friends come and go but the sisters remain forever. Happy birthday.

Despite our quarrels and differences, you are still the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, big sister!

I must admit that, thanks to my teachers as an elder brother, you are coming up very well … Congratulations to me, and best wishes for a happy birthday to you little sister!

All the wealth of the world is not enough to compensate for the love of a sister. So, I do not want to miss the chance to wish you a happy birthday!

There is no more comforting consolation than that found in the arms of a sister. Happy birthday wishes my little sister!

As a child you were a lot of nymphs, but you’ve always been sweet as a candy: really a big sister. Happy birthday to my sister!

Dear sister, for your birthday I pray to the Lord that you can obtain all the happiness and wealth of the world.

Even if I do not talk to you every day, you’re still in my heart. Happy Birthday Sister.

Best Birthday Wishes and Messages

Now that you’ve finally reached 18, you can finally go and vote! Meanwhile, I vote for you as the best sister in the world! Happy Birthday!

You’re the darling of Dad, Mom’s favorite daughter, the uncles’ cud and my best sister. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday my sweet sister. We are sisters by the grace of God, friends by choice. You are an important part of my childhood and I will never forget it. Thank you for always being there for me during my difficult times all these years.

My dear sister, I wish you that your special day will be full of good memories! Celebrate your birthday with a heart full of joy and love. I love you sister. Happy birthday!

I know that sometimes they are hard to bear. We have had quarrels and I always make things difficult for you. But still, I did all this for love. And if I hurt you, believe me, I never wanted to. Happy birthday!

From staying up all nights to all those weird pillow fights, I would like to say we have shared enormous moments together. You are not only my sister but also my best friend.

Love you lots!

Cuddling, catching, playing together like two kitties.. This is how mom remembers us!….

Happy Birthday my dear kitty!

You can always pick your friends but not your family. I feel so lucky and blessed to have a wonderful sister.

Happy Birthday my booo.

Our destiny made us sisters but it is our compatibility that made us the best of friends. Love you lots…

Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for always making me understand the world better and being there in all walks of life.

Happy Birthday, sister!!

Birthday Wishes For Sister in law

We are different as day and night nevertheless you are the best sister one could ever get!….

Happy Birthday, dear sissy!!

I am the luckiest brother on Earth because I have the best sister!

Happy birthday!

Today my sis became wiser, more pretty and experienced. I wish you always see beauty and kindness everywhere.

Happy birthday!

Life is an ocean and I get lost without you. Thanks for being my guiding star always. Love you!..

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on being a year wiser, mature and cuter.

Happy Birthday my sister.

The bond we share is is irreplaceable.

I am so grateful that I have such a thoughtful sister in my life.

I hope your birthday is filled with lots of wonder, joy, and delight.

For your birthday I wish you endless happiness and unimaginable joy

Happy birthday, sis!

Happy birthday to my amazing sister,

who has enriched my life in too many ways to count:

I am so glad that I have a sister like you,

who always fills my days with moments of cheer.

Sis, you are just like a rainbow: vibrant and colorful,

Thank you for always appearing after my rainy periods in life.

Happy birthday sister!

With each passing year, I realize you’ll continue doing the most amazing things and maintain the position of being the best sister forever!..

Lots of love to you, Happy Birthday!

Funny sister birthday quotes and sayings

My dear sister, on your special day I‘d like to wish you an exciting life, full of great discoveries and joyful surprises!

Sister, you haven’t had it easy, to say the least, the motivation and spirit you demonstrate makes me succeed. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

Every time I had a fall, I had your soft hand giving me hard support. Happy birthday!

Your mantras for a joyful life are real learnings for me. Keep working on me. Happy Birthday dear sister, do well

The sisters don’t have to be around for all the time, but it really becomes a great thing when they are around you. Have a Happy Birthday.

Happy bday to the coolest sister ever! You always know how to cheer me up and make my day brighter, love you!

What a fighter you are? Your spirit and never say never have changed our lives. Happy Birthday Sister, you are the difference.

May be i don’t speak you everyday, i may sometime rude to you but you are always in my heart and soul. A very Happy Birthday to the dearest sister!!

Forgetting all those mistakes which were made by you or me. I just want to say you that i love you more than myself and we will have a rocking party today. Happy Birthday, sister!!

When people say I am so smart and handsome, I feel what all of you is deep inside me. Happy Birthday!


So Birthday Wish For Sister In Law can feel her how special she is in your life. You're the most friendly, funny and loving sister-in-law and I pray to God that.

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funny happy birthday wishes for sister in law

Heartfelt birthday wishes for sister in law

Sister-in-law, thank you showing my husband and your brother how to respect women. At first, it was a mystery for me, but now I understand everything. He has you, such a wonderful and perfect sister. Wish you always to be so amazing as you are now. Happy birthday!


At the moment I got to know you, I realized that you would be much more than a sister-in-law. Now I have the best friend and today is her birthday. I’m so happy for you, dear. Enjoy this day in one thousand percent and let this day be fantastic.


Greetings with birthday, dear! One more year of being my sister-in-law was great, but I hope the new ones will be even better. More time together, more discoveries and new activities. Together we have a power. Congratulations!


Happy birthday to my beloved sister-in-law! I’m sure that the best decision my brother has ever made is you. You are a wonderful woman, friend and mother. I’m so happy to know you so personal. Wish you love and everything else will come by itself.


Congratulations on birthday, sister-in-law! I just want to thank you for your wisdom and help in trouble situations. You are like a real sister for me or maybe my best friend. Hope we will increasingly know each other with each passing year. Send you my love.


Marriage not only gave me a wonderful husband but also an incredible sister-in-law. You perfectly understand me and my feelings from one sight and it’s awesome. Hope your awesomeness will always be so strong and you’ll always be my best sister. Love you. Happy birthday, darling!


Life is full of surprises and one of the best and sweetest surprises is you, sister-in-law. I’ve never thought that my sister-in-law will be my closest friend. Most likely, our souls are very close. Hope this closeness will never end.  Happy birthday, dear!


Having you as a sister-in-law made me stronger. It’s so good to know I have a person who will always be able to listen and talk with me. You are my favorite person in the whole family. Hope you have a really good time today. Congratulations, sis!


Sister-in-law, thank you for making my life easier, funnier and brighter. You are like a good mood creator and everything can be transformed into such light things with you. You are a gift, I already have. Hope, this day will bring you a lot of gifts, too.


Have a lovely day with the biggest happiness, sister-in-law! If you are happy, I’m happy, because there’s no such close friend to me as you are, dear. I’m with you and will always support you. Enjoy this special day and take everything is the best for you. Happy birthday!

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To my dear brother-in-law and my true friend, I wish nothing but the best on your special day! May your You make each family get-together so much more fun.

funny happy birthday wishes for sister in law
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