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October 11, 2018 Anniversary Wishes for Wife No comments

This card has optional greetings: Happy Birthday!, Happy Belated Birthday!, Congratulations, Let's Celebrate!, Best Wishes, Good Luck, Happy Retirement.

As Meghan Markle celebrates her 38th birthday, celebrity friends have been sending their best wishes on Instagram.

Prince Harry, 34, shared a sweet post on the couple's Sussex Royal Instagram account, with hundreds commenting with their own messages. 

Meghan's close friend and former stylist Jessica Mulroney was among the first to comment on the picture, writing: 'Happy birthday beautiful'. 

It wasn't long before Vogue editor Edward Enninful, who worked with Meghan on the September issue of the magazine, also sent his own message, writing: 'Happy birthday Meghan.'  

Posting a picture of Meghan in Tonga, Prince Harry wrote: 'Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! - Love, H' 

Alongside her birthday message on Prince Harry's post, Jessica made her own personal tribute on social media. 

Posting the same snap of Meghan in Tonga on her Instagram story, she wrote: 'Happy birthday, you are everything.' 

Writer Matt Haig was also quick to send his best wishes, commenting: 'Happy birthday, Meghan. Keep up the truly inspiring work.'

The writer's poem 'I am a beach' was recently selected by Meghan to feature in the September issue of Vogue.  

Celebrity friends were quick to comment on Prince Harry's birthday post to Meghan, with former stylist Jessica Mulroney and Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful among the first to share their best wishes 

Meanwhile actress Jameela Jamil also shared a birthday message with the duchess.

The body positive activist was selected by Meghan as one of her 15 Forces For Change and appears on the cover of the September issue of Vogue.  

Prince Harry led the tributes with a post to the couple's 9.2 million followers on Instagram early this morning.

Alongside his loving post message, Harry shared a photograph of a beaming Meghan, taken during the couple's royal tour of Tonga last October.   

Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful was quick to share a birthday tribute to Meghan Markle, having worked together on the September issue of Vogue 

Meghan's best friend and former stylist Jessica Mulroney is believed to have grown close to the Duchess after meeting while Meghan was working on Suits 

In his post, Harry thanked Meghan for 'joining him on this adventure' on her 38th birthday. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are thought to be celebrating at Balmoral with the Queen, and their little boy Archie. 

Posting a picture of Meghan in Tonga from their first international tour together in October, he wrote: ‘Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! - Love, H.' 

Jessica Mulroney went on to share a tribute to Meghan on her Instagram stories, posting: 'Happy birthday, you are everything' 

Prince Harry shared the note with the couple's 9.2 million followers on Instagram early this morning.

It quickly amassed over 90,000 likes in just under 20 minutes, with hundreds of followers sending their birthday wishes. 

The Duchess of Sussex is thought to be celebrating her special day at Balmoral today, and according to reports the Queen will advise her on how to navigate the tricky world of PR. 

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Vogue editor and Meghan's best friend lead birthday wishes

Wish Happy Birthday to your customers with our marketing automation recipe. We help you build long and lasting customer relationships.

Creating automated and personalized birthday emails

email birthday wishes

Birthday is the most special day of the year. Here you can find the best happy birthday messages online; we have text birthday wishes, pictures and greeting cards collections just for you that you can share with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

Birthday wishes

So to whom would you like to send a birthday greeting today?

More categories:

Happy Birthday Wishes

The best happy birthday wishes messages

On this website, sending happy birthday wishes messages to a good friend or family that we love is easy, and it doesn’t cost anything but only a few seconds of your time.

On this page below you can find some of the best happy messages for birthdays that you can send to any one you wish such as your kids, a good friend, a family member, to a coworker, to someone special in your life or to anyone else that you might know.

If you want to share a birthday wish using this site, all you need to do is to select a category by clicking on one of the images below, then choose a text message or a greeting card that you like, and to click on the sharing buttons. Continue reading to learn how to wish happy birthday using this site below.

How to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ in 3 simple steps

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11+ Sample Birthday Email Templates

email birthday wishes

Now days people depend on emails for almost everything. Even birthday party invitations are sent out via email. Our lovely sample birthday email templates have been designed with this purpose. You can edit them and use them for birthday invitations. They have lovely high resolution birthday related images on them. Some of them have cakes, others have balloons, champagne bottles, cupcakes, fireworks and so on. You can also see Birthday PostCards.

The example templates can be downloaded and customised easily before sending out as emails. The Birthday Templates also have beautiful back grounds of majestic and vibrant colours. So, for all the people out there who are extremely concerned with the environment, using e-cards prevents the wastage of paper.

Birthday Email Template With Image



Attractive Birthday Email Template



Birthday Email Template Free Download



Colorful Birthday Email Template Download

It is needless to point out that colors bring life to any invitation letter. A nice display of colors and a nicely written message is simply mind blowing. One can download such wonderful samples from the link provided below and wish their special ones on their special day.


Birthday Email Template For Wishes

A birthday wish reflects how much your heart goes out for the special one. A nice birthday wish template with a few lyrical lines written on it makes the birthday wish very special. Count on such fantastic creative samples if you are looking for just that.


Birthday Email Template With Balloons

Balloons are always special in birthdays. Perhaps it is indispensable when it comes to a birthday decoration. A nice email involving colorful balloons with a few lines written on it is no less than artistry. It makes the opposite person feel special and if it is an invitation then it creates a deeper impression.


Colorful Birthday Email Template



Easy To Edit Birthday Email Template

Following the same sample multiple times is never a good idea. Easy to edit samples come handy in such scenarios. One can download them effectively and edit them as they feel like. Often you need to send a birthday wish to different colleagues on the same day. With these samples, you can edit them as you feel like and make a special wish.


Multipupose Birthday Email Template



Birthday Email Template With Cake



Birthday Email Template For Multipurpose Use



Uses of Birthday Email Samples

Creating a catchy email with nicely positioned images is almost next to impossible. First, very few people boast of that creative quality and second, time is always a big constraint. Thus making such samples an automatic choice. These samples come handy just for this special day and one can edit and put in his inputs as he feel like. Wishing someone or sending a birthday invitation is always nice with such samples and they reflect how much your heart goes out for them. If a birthday is a special day, why won’t be the wish a special one?

Who Can Use Birthday Email Samples?

Anyone who plans to make a birthday special can use this sample emails. One can count on them for a birthday wish or sending a birthday invitation. If you are in your office or at your workplace, all you need to do is download the best one suited to your kind, edit them as per necessity and forward them to your close one. With these wonderful birthday samples, you save valuable time as well as do justice to your social commitments. Invitation through such samples are always special and spreads warmth and good wishes.

> Benefits of Using Birthday Email Samples?

Many people send ordinary birthday wishes and they are never so special. Busy people sometimes tend to get this done through a third person and is also not a good idea. There is never a better chance to stand out of the crowd with these samples. The sample birthday emails come with all advantages and encompass a birthday wish or an invitation with loads of special feelings. They are available for free over the net and can be downloaded and sent almost instantly. In simple words, they are the platform on which you draft your special plans for the day. There is practically no wastage of time with these samples and they are easy to edit. Thus finds multiple options. With nicely decorated email and special warm lines, it is bound to give a special feel to the target person. So, count on them whenever there is a birthday amongst your closed ones.

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Friends of Meghan Markle, 38, were quick to send birthday wishes to the best friend Jessica Mulroney lead the celebrity birthday wishes as .. leader for this moment' in email to senator's supporters during final push to raise.

Use Gmail to send birthday and date-driven emails automatically

email birthday wishes

“Surprise and delight your subscribers!” It’s a phrase email marketers read and hear often. A popular option for brands to do just that is a birthday email—an automated email sent on the subscribers’ birthday. But what makes an effective birthday email?

I celebrated my birthday this month—and my inbox was chock-full of emails from brands helping me celebrate. But there were a few that stood out. Here are the five birthday emails I loved the most and what tactics you can steal from them to really surprise and delight your subscribers on their birthday.

1. Experiment with the right timing

Most brands send their birthday wishes on the subscriber’s actual birthday. Make your campaign stand out by sending them a coupon or offer before the day. 

Pizza Express sent me this email 17 days before my birthday:

With such an early lead time you’re guaranteed to actually surprise your subscriber! However, sending too early may alienate or confuse them—which makes this the perfect opportunity to run an experiment, collect some data, and learn what the best time would be to send an early birthday message to your subscribers.

2. Give Something Away for Free

Who doesn’t like getting something for free on their birthday? Alamo Drafthouse offers a free movie ticket to their subscribers the day before their birthday:

And it’s valid for 30 days, giving subscribers plenty of time to redeem the offer. 

3. Create a Series

Email marketers are probably more familiar with onboarding emails as a series, but how about creating a series of birthday emails? That’s exactly what Lumberjaxes did. Their birthday email series consists of three emails sent one month before, the day before, and the day after the birthday.

1 month before:

One day before:

The day after my birthday:

I loved this approach because if I wanted to go axe throwing on my birthday, I’d need plenty of advanced notice for myself and anyone who I’d be inviting. The additional emails in the series are a type of reminder email—however, positioned around my birthday they felt less like they were bugging me to take action. 

4. Celebrate the Subscriber (not your brand)

Chubbies’ birthday email can only be described as 100% on-brand using incredibly fun animated GIFs and copy that is designed to make you smile. 



























Chubbies also include a coupon for $5 off your next purchase. But what made this an effective birthday email is that the email felt more like a celebration of the birthday rather than the brand trying to get you to spend money.

Southwest brings a friendly face to their birthday emails to wish you a happy birthday:

The email feels warm and genuine, and sometimes that’s all you need on your birthday. Be careful about trying to tie-in a message like this with a call-to-action that asks the customer to make a purchase—this may cheapen your genuine well wishes. Make the email about them, not your brand. 

5. Don’t know when your subscriber’s birthday is? Ask them

Of course, the first step in successfully delighting your subscribers on their birthday is knowing when your subscribers’ birthday is. But how can you convince subscribers to give you that information?

Rewarding or incentivizing subscribers to share their birthday with your brand is one tactic.

BuddyBrew hints at a special offer for the subscriber if they submit their birthday information:

Colgate uses the same tactic, too:

These emails could easily sit within an existing customer onboarding or nurture flow to ensure you get the subscriber’s information as early as possible their lifecycle.

Alternatively, asking for this information could be something you embed in your email’s footer like Chubbies do:



Including this message consistently across all your emails can ensure your subscribers will see it at some point. What makes this messaging effective, even if it is a little hidden in the footer, is the language they’re using—it’s on-brand, eye-catching, and funny.

In a nutshell, great birthday emails:

  • Have a goal and the content supports the goal
  • Considers the goal when it comes to timing the send
  • Surprise and delight subscribers with a valuable and genuine offer
  • Are the perfect excuse to remind your subscribers of your brand

Received a great birthday email? Share it in the comments below and tell us why you like it—we’d love to see it!


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email birthday wishes
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