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Congratulation wishes for promotion to boss
May 16, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

Saying "congratulations" helps you communicate that a loved one's Whatever the case—be it a finished marathon, a major promotion, a new.

Best Congratulation on Your Appointment Quotes, Get congratulations messages and best wishes on appointments  see the best congratulation on appointment and  promotion wishes and messages wish friends, family member, coworkers or boss. you may also like to read from our previous post: 200-happy-birthday-messages-for-my-dad, birthday-messages-to-my-aunt e.t.c.



Congratulation Wishes on Your New Appointment

1. There is no doubt that, you actually deserve this appointment because there is no other of your equals that can handle that position.

2. I am pleased to congratulate you for your new appointment. I am looking up to you as a role model; you are just too lucky.

3. I wish you endless success on your new appointment. Just be guaranteed that you have our fullest support. I am so happy for you.

4. As you are uplifted to a new position today, I pray that your success should not see end again. I am really glad that you are the chosen one.

5. It is my great pleasure that you are appointed as the new managing director of our company. Happy appointment to the best of my role models here.

6. I am so happy to learn that you have been given new position. Good and great that’s exactly where you are expected to be since these days. Congrats.

7. We are overwhelmed with joy to learn that you have been elected as (the position) president of our organization. We are hoping for a greater transformation.

8. We are wishing you ease in your new appointment. I am looking up to you as a great senior colleague to work with. Thank God you are the appointed one.

9. I just learned that you have been appointed as the new minister of our great country. I wish you all the best in your new office.

10. Great men are the ones appointed for a leadership position. Thank God that you are just that great man I have been proud of. Congrats!

11. Leading people is not easy but thank God that you are the appointed one and I know you as a hard working person fit for the position.

12. Congrats my dear, you have been appointed as the best candidate for the job. I am hoping for a great leadership skills from a great man like you.

13. Congratulations for a new job given. It really pains us that we are already losing you and your personality but we are happy that you are leaving a great legacy to push our company further.

14. As you are promoted to a higher position we pray that the Lord will ease your affairs and make you fulfill your new mission.

15. We know you are hard working and this will make it more painful that we are losing you for another branch but it will always ring in my heart that a great gem touched our hearts.

16. I will like to cease this opportunity to wish you very big congratulations for your new appointment. I pray that you will achieve the purpose of your mission.

17. Congratulations to my dear colleague, I will really miss you but there is nothing I can do than to just take heart and wish you a greater future ahead.

18. I believe that you will be the best to handle the position given to; I hope to see the result of your leadership skills as soon as possible.

19. It was with endless joy that I received the news that you have been appointed as the new managing director of our company.

20. A contender like you is the best for your new appointment; I will like to say very big congratulations for you.

Congratulation On Appointment Messages

21. A good job deserves good manager. As you become the new (the position) may your office be filled with lots of successes and breakthroughs.

22. So far so long I already believed that you are the best for that position and finally you have been elected to handle it. Congratulations.

23. Thank God for this new position you just attain. It is not always easy to scale through the ocean of challenges in life; congratulations.

24. Learn from your past mistakes. The truth is that you can’t tell what will happen in the future. Just want to say congratulations for your new appointment.

25. It is a great pleasure that you are granted the job to do. I pray that your new mission will be fulfilled in great ease. Congratulations.

26. I wish you all the best on this special day in your life in which you were promoted. I just want you to know that you are such a great colleague. Congrats.

27. You may be wondering why some things are not working fine in life but with matter of time and patience, the future will speak of your hidden efforts. Congrats.

28. You have been there as a great role model and this is more reason why I was overwhelmed with joy to learn that you were appointed for the job.

29. Winning a contract is not easy and only few lucky people win it all the time; thank God that it was granted to you; I am so happy for you.

30. Thank God that you are a great boss all the time, I am wishing you success in your new office. I pray that your effort will be reward in great quantity.

31. We have been searching for a quality product like you in our branch. Thank God that you are now appointed as our great supervisor.

32. We wish you a great time in your new office, may the Blessed God in Heaven create ways for you where there are no paths. Congrats for you new job.

33. I wish you a very great success today as you resume your new job; I pray that the Lord will continue to uplift you above your counterparts. Congrats.

34. I have been following your works and efforts over the years and realized that you are the best person to occupy this position. Thank God that the boss also got it right.

35. I want congratulate you for a new mission given to you. I hope you will find yourself as one of the best people at the top where God has just placed you.

36. May your new appointment be a source of your success; I pray that you are the next managing director of our noble company. Congratulations.

37. I hope that you will continue to the best jobs you are known to do. We hope on God and hope you to bring to the company the success it has been searching for. Congrats.

38. I am extending my warm welcome to you as the new appointed leader of our department. We are looking forward to working with you in peace and harmony. Congrats.

39. You are such a wonderful colleague and I am pleased to learn that you are granted the position of a new managing director of our company. Congrats for life.

40. As my husband and colleague in business, I am using this special opportunity to wish you all the best in life. Congrats my dear husband.

Congratulation on Your New Appointment Messages

41. I wish to let you know that today is very special in my life because I am overwhelmed with joy for having heard about your promotion. Congrats.

42. Great men like you are rare to find and in a lifetime; great privilege are to know you. I am extending my tenderness pleasure to congratulate you for this new achievement.

43. Wishing you great congratulations on your new position. May your new job bring joy and prosperity into your life; congrats.

44. Just like every other success, this new achievement in your life really touched me bringing joy to my heart. Congratulations.

45. It is my pleasure that you are now in a higher level in your organization. I beseech the Lord to always uplift you as soon as possible. Congrats.

46. I am willing to say a very big congratulations to you because your new mission is not just a success but great achievement that will stand the taste of time.

47. You have always impressed me and I saw in you a special gift that makes you the best person to occupy this sit. Congrats.

48. An intelligent person like you deserves great treatment and thank God you have just been rewarded for your efforts. I just want to say congratulations.

49. I am extending my sincere congrats to you as you emerge the new (manager) of this great company. I pray that your new office favors your mission. Congrats.

50. We extend a cool welcome to you as you become the new leader of our parish may the Lord find an endless space in His Heart to reward and crown your efforts.

51. Success is here, I am greeting you for this new appointment that came your way. I pray that more of it locate you now and forever. Congrats.

52. May your new appointment mark the beginning of your success in life; may you find the rest of mind to enjoy your purpose and mission for the newly granted fortune. Congrats.

53. We at the great organization are pleased to give you a great welcome to our midst. We have heard a lot about you. Congratulations to our dear manager.

54. We love you better than you think and we are so much interested in your skill that’s why we appointed you. Congratulations sir.

55. You really impressed me with the speed of how you move up through the organization. You are such a lucky man. Congrats.

56. Congratulations to the best of colleagues ever. I am so happy and therefore decide to extend my warmth congrats to you for a good appointment.

57. You are the best guy I have seen. In terms of diligence you are number one, in terms of hard work, you are just too good for the job. You worth this new position. Congrats.

58. I wish to say a big congratulations to you as you resume your new office; may you find ease in carrying out the expected job. Congratulations.

59. I pray that your new appointment be a source of your endless success. I beseech the Lord to continue to uplift you beyond expectations. Congratulations.

60. The chosen one is not hard to know. As the Lord chose today above your other colleague; may He inspire you with the right thing to do on the level you found yourself.

Congratulation Letter on Promotion to New Post

61. Thank God for been there for you; He changed your status today. I advise that you should always put effort in taking our company to a higher level.

62. It is my sincere pleasure to learn that you are now been promoted to the level that you have been waiting for; you really deserve it. Congratulations.

63. You finally made it and this is my dream for you since this year. Try your best to apply the needed skills to perform better at your new position. Congrats.

64. Now that your status has been increased, I pray that nothing bad will come between you and your success. I just want to say congratulations.

65. We believe in your skills and ability so it is not a surprise that you were promoted to this new level; this day we have been waiting so we hope that you lead us well as expected.

66. Congratulations to my beloved brother as you hold up to your new appointment. I wish you good performance in your new job.

67. I wish you the best at your new position; I pray that the Lord see you through and crown your effort in every single area.

68. To the best friend I met in life, I just want to say congratulations for the new appointment; may you find a good reason to smile. Congrats.

69. It is my pleasure to say congratulations to the best of friends ever met in life; I hope you will be performing well on that level.

70. You were chosen because you worth it so don’t put shame on me by not delivering the rightful. Congrats for your new appointment.

71. Special positions there is no doubt are given to special people. I am happy to hear that your new office is the technical department. Congrats.

72. As you soar to the sky of success today, I pray that your fortune continue to flow forever. Congratulations.

73. It is my warmth pleasure to extend congrats to a special senior colleague. I wish you the best on your new sit.

74. It is not always easy at the top but the best of leaders is the one who can manage his people through patience and productivity. Congrats boss.

75. You worth this new job, all my prayer for you now is to see you succeeding in your new appointment. Congratulations.

76. I beseech the Mercy of the Lord upon you to aid you in every area of your skills and talent to take the company to a higher level. Congrats.

77. No other person deserves this appointment as you do and thank God justice was made from the desk of our noble boss. Congrats.

78. I pray that this new office favors you and bring the best of business partners to our company. I am also using this opportunity to extend my warmth congrats towards you.

79. Leadership is already part of you so it is not a shocking fact that you deserve this new position. I just want to say; congrats!

80. It is my pleasure to extend a very big congrats to the best of friends on his new appointment; do your best and live the rest for God to take care.



Messages to say congratulations on a promotion. lady boss metal plate plants 50 Best Examples of Sincere Thank You Notes to Boss.

Congratulations On Your Promotion Wishes

congratulation wishes for promotion to boss

For every hardworking employee, promotion and salary raises are deserving compensations for good years of commitment to service and loyalty to his employer. A promotion is an upward movement from one rung on the ladder of achievement to another. Therefore, whether it is your friend or family that got a promotion, it is imperative that you congratulate him or her heartily.

Needless to say, it takes lots of timeless sacrifices, diligence, and smartness to be ushered into a higher phase of one’s career. Celebrate with them, and don’t forget to announce your own celebration by sending hearty messages to them. Below are some congratulations on promotion messages that can serve as guides to you.

Best Congratulations Wishes Messages For Promotion

1: Those who have met and know you can testify to your relentless dedication to excellence. It is no surprise that you got promoted. I am really happy for you. Congratulations, chief.

2: When I hear that success isn’t an accident, I quickly remember you. You have consistently proved to many that nothing is impossible once the mind is made up. Congratulations on your promotion.

3: When I hear that success isn’t an accident, I quickly remember you. You have consistently proved to many that nothing is impossible once the mind is made up. Congratulations on your promotion.

4: On this day, I wish to felicitate with you on your promotion and the latest feat you’ve achieved for yourself. May the days ahead be fruitful and great for you.

5: You are the perfect match for this office you’ve been promoted into. Your new position calls for great celebrations. Congratulations.

6: Congratulations on your promotion. I am very happy to be identified with your success story. You are indeed, a smart and hardworking person. I pray that more frontiers will be opened for you.

7: You are not just attentive to details; you are also caring and willing to lend your hand of help. It is incredible how far you have come, from the green horn of a couple of years ago, to the skillful professional you’ve become today. Congratulations on your promotion.

8: How fantastic it is to be honoured with a promotion! Words are insufficient to tender my high praise of you. I am proud of who you’ve become. Congratulations, dear.

9: The moment I heard that you were elevated to the position of a manager in your company, I was beyond myself in joy and excitement. I had always prayed for a time like that to come, and permit me to say that the party is on me. Congratulations and more of greater heights for you.

10: Even though a promotion comes with tougher challenges, I am very sure that you are up to the task. Before then, celebrate fully and accept my merry congratulations to you.

11: May God grant you the limitless strength and sterling wisdom that match with your new position. I pray that you become recommended for more opportunities which will take you to greater heights. Congratulations on your promotion.

12: Make sure you remain the person of integrity you have been. This promotion is a sign that you are capable, productive, and people-oriented. Never give your naysayers something to talk about. Congratulations on your new promotion.

13: You’ve got the basic attributes of a successful person. That notwithstanding, you are kind, down-to-earth and genuinely caring. Congratulations on your promotion.

14: You, my friend, are highly favoured. From the midst of fierce competitors, you were singled out to be promoted. Enjoy your new beginning for more successes.

15: Your brilliance is unhidden and your problem-solving capability is exemplary. Your promotion is a clear indication that you are an achiever. Congratulations for attaining such an enviable height. 

16: I don’t know how you are a crazy hard worker and a dutiful mother at the same time. You make them look easy but the truth is that you are sacrificing heavily to create a balance between your workplace and your home. Now you have gotten promoted, I am sure you are going to whip out more surprises for us. Congratulations.

17: The way you carry people along is amazing. Ordinarily, it isn’t compulsory to be in the good books of all and sundry. That isn’t the case with you. In fact, you are the most loved and valuable employee in your organisation and I am happy you got a deserving promotion. Congratulations, brother.

18: There are few people on earth who were born to rule. You are one such person. Your one kind of ruling is different from a dictator’s because you are effortlessly influential amongst your superiors and subordinates. Congratulations on your new promotion.

19: You paid the price, so it is proper you reap your reward. Your days of labour to get to this point aren’t futile. Congratulations, mum, on your new promotion as the boss of bosses. I am super proud of you.

20: You are a role model to your children. You walk the talk and live by example. You demand the best from then without letting yourself out from the picture. Truly, they are blessed with a father like you. Congratulations, honey, on your promotion today. The world is at your feet.

21: Your promotion is a good thing for you, and for all of us who like seeing you successful. Thank you, for not letting us down and for exalting our shoulders higher. We are proud of you, anytime, anywhere.

22: Your promotion means: more money, more expectations, more skilfulness, more diligence. I know you are already set for the adventure. Congratulations, dearest friend.

23: People say you are too young to be promoted. But they have failed to see the mountains you have moved within the shortest time of joining our company. Anyway, I am glad our boss is a man that is more interested in results than in old age. Congratulations, dude, on your attainment of a much needed height. Where is the party holding?

24: You work without expecting praises. You have a hidden rule never to esteem yourself more than others. That was why, when the nominations were made on who to be appointed for the new position in your workplace, your name was in the mouths of over 60% of workers. I am excited that you made it. Congratulations.

25: I didn’t know you really wanted this promotion badly. Look at how you are beside yourself in happiness. Sincerely, I share in your joy. Congratulations, sister.

26: You are a workaholic who doesn’t fail to be relevant in the home front. Everyone cannot manage affairs the way you do without crumbling under pressure, but you do it effortlessly. I am not scared of how you will handle the responsibilities that come with your promotion because I trust your abilities. Congratulations!

27: You worked hard for this promotion, and your efforts paid off. Congratulations on the new chapter of your life which started this day.

28: Your promotion today serves as a lesson to every one of us, that there is a fine reward for hard work. Enjoy your new status.

29: Your success has left lasting imprints on the hearts of your admirers. Your life is an evidence that no mountain remains standing before a determined soul. Congratulations, friend, on your promotion.

30: It is a thing of joy to hear that you finally got the promotion you earnestly fought hard for. It meant a lot to you, and you gave your all for it. Congratulations, my friend, on never giving up on what your heart really wanted.

31: You are the teacher of professionals, yet one of the most humble persons I have ever come across. It is my pleasure to rejoice with you on your new promotion today. Better heights for you, I pray.

32: In your local branch, you have risen to be recognised as the Most Valuable Staff. Now, another victory has been added to that with your promotion. I heartily celebrate with you on your unprecedented achievements.

33: Your company knew better than to let a man of your calibre to be stolen away by another company in need of you. That was why they gave you this promotion. Congratulations. Give them a run for their money!

34: I am happy you got promoted. It is my earnest desire to see you go beyond your present position, next year. Congratulations!

35: While others were complaining vigorously about their poor working conditions, you chose to look beyond it to make the best of your time in the office. Your decision to be different earned you this promotion. I hope you change and shake things up with this position. Congratulations.

36: Contrary to popular opinions, successful people are ordinary people who saw extraordinary opportunities in ordinary problems. All your working life, you always looked out for ways to make things better, without minding the cost. I am glad you got your needed reward. Congratulations on your promotion.

37: I heard you have been promoted. Didn’t I tell you that a day like that will come in your life. You are different from the rest, and deserve the special promotion you got. Congratulations, dear.

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Congratulations Wishes On Promotion – Messages & Quotes

congratulation wishes for promotion to boss

Stuck for sweet words to put into your congratulatory message for someone who has just received a promotion at their workplace?

Let the following sweet messages of congratulations help you express how happy you are to see a loved one or an acquaintance reach greater heights in their career.

  • Congratulations! Hard work indeed pays, and this is exactly what you have done in order to earn this promotion. Congratulations once again, and I hope you are greatly successful in your new job.
  • This is to wish you an exceptionally big congratulation on your new position. I trust that you are well prepared and equipped to handle all the added responsibilities. Good luck!
  • To the newest boss in town, I wish the best of luck as you take up this new office. Congrats on your betterment!
  • I believe that you are the best person for this position and I am full of confidence that you will not let your employers down. I congratulate you on your raise.
  • You are such an incredible worker who gives more than 100% to make sure that a job is well accomplished. I wish you great success and many accomplishments in your new position.
  • I know that your only limit is the sky above, and I hope that this raise is just a tip of the iceberg for many more amazing accomplishments in your career. Congrats!
  • I believe that this great news of your promotion has been long overdue because you have really worked your socks off to warrant this new position. Congratulations, and I wish you the finest luck!
  • Congratulation! Your promotion is just a sign of many remarkably great achievements to come for you. I wish you great luck and I hope that you keep striving for absolute greatness.

Well Done!

  • Congratulations on your highly deserved promotion, dear! I am hoping for great success for you on your freshly merited job.
  • I have absolute truest in your exceptionally brilliant and unique talent, and I believe this is something that your bosses have also noticed and that is why they have rewarded you with this enviable new position. Congrats on this lift.
  • I am aware of all the hard work, sleepless nights and all other neck breaking efforts that you have made to make sure that this part of your dream becomes a reality. Congratulations on your promotion!
  • Your raise is a big sign that your bosses have full confidence in your truly amazing talents and abilities. I hope you repay back the great trust your employers have in you. Congrats, dear!
  • Your elevation is a true evidence of the amazing wonders and rewards of hard work. Your success and accomplishments are indeed inspirational. I salute you!
  • You are the perfect example of the phrase, “hard work pays”. Congratulations on this fantastic new position your hard work has rewarded you with.
  • Sincerely, I am extremely proud of you. Congrats, workaholic!
  • In order to be lucky, there must be a perfect mix of hard work, determination, and opportunities. I hope you don’t mind being considered as a lucky person? Congratulations on this elevation!
  • Your bosses gave you this promotion because they have been witnesses to all the back-breaking tasks that you have successfully accomplished diligently. May your hard work and extremely brilliant talents keep taking you to greater heights. Congrats!
  • The result of hard work is something very difficult to hide because no matter what happens it will always reveal itself just like this promotion of yours has. Congratulations!
  • I’m so glad to see your occupational dreams gradually becoming an absolutely beautiful reality. Congratulations on this promotion! You merit it.

Woohoo! You own it!

  • I see this elevation as a reward for your reliability, efficiency, effectiveness, leadership skills, and hard-work, which are all amazing. Congratulations! All the best!
  • Congratulations! This well-deserved betterment of yours is a giant leap towards attaining your career goals. Wishing you all the luck needed to shine in this new position!
  • Congratulations on your well-earned promotion! I pray that this new phase in this occupation brings you a lot of satisfaction and catapults you to achieve even greater things in your career.
  • Here is to congratulate you on this promotion! I am extremely glad that your bosses have finally taken note of your exceptional work rate, your dedication, and your outstanding leadership skills.
  • I believe that no one else deserves this promotion better than you do because you have been relentless in your endeavor to ensure the growth and success of this company. I am overjoyed by your elevation.
  • I believe that your employers have indeed made the right decision and choice by giving you this new position. Congratulations, and I wish you many more promotions in your profession.

I knew you could do it!

  • This promotion is just a sign that you are headed in the right direction in life. Congratulations to you, dear! I look forward to seeing many amazing moments and achievements like this for you.
  • It is a gladsome achievement in your career and I am truly glad to join you to celebrate this highly anticipated promotion of yours. Congrats, dear!
  • I know that you have been toiling so hard to make sure that you secure this promotion, and now that it is all yours, I am sure that you will continue to relentlessly strive for perfection in this new position. Congratulations!
  • I am truly overjoyed knowing that you are making such an impressive progress in your profession. Congratulations on this awesome promotion that your impressive efforts have earned you.
  • I am extremely amazed by all the efforts that you put in on daily basis to ensure that you become an exceptionally successful professional. This amazing promotion encapsulates all your toil. Wishing you good luck! Congrats!
  • You merit this elevation because your employers need someone who is very dedicated, smart, honest, hardworking, efficient, effective, innovative, and above all, trustworthy. Congratulations!
  • I wish to congratulate you on this auspicious advancement in your work. You were given this position because your skills and talents are completely unrivalled. Congrats!
  • I believe that your advancement has been long overdue because it is axiomatic to everyone that your talents are of extraordinary nature and you have unparalleled skills. I salute you today, my dear!
  • This position is truly befitting for an avatar like you. Congrats on your raise and for having an amazingly distinguished career!
  • I am must confess that hearing the amazing news of your promotion wasn’t really a surprise to me. This is because you more than deserve this. My compliments to you for this elevation!
  • I have always known that you will be batting a thousand with such extra amazing talents and skills of yours. Congrats on this promotion!

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If you liked what you read, please share it. It really helps us a lot.

For example, if your boss just received a promotion, you might write, “Dear Mr. Peters, Congratulations on your recent promotion. Your hard.

How to Congratulate Someone in Every Stage of Life

congratulation wishes for promotion to boss

When you want to tell someone their life achievement is worth celebrating, it’s typical to offer a note of congratulations.

Saying ‘congratulations’ can take many forms. Sometimes, we shorten the word to simply, ‘Congrats!’ Other times, it may be more appropriate to pen a long, thorough message that showcases how proud you are.

Whatever the case—be it a finished marathon, a major promotion, a new baby, or even a small victory like pulling a grade up from a C to an A—writing a congratulations message is a fantastic way to express your feelings and give praise.

As long as you pay attention to the recipient’s milestone, your words of congratulations will let them know you truly care about their success. Who knows, your heartfelt message might just make their day!

Since we’ve been focusing on writing how-to’s all month long, here are our tips for giving hearty congratulations throughout every stage of life.

Wedding Wishes

A wedding is a massive milestone in any person’s life, which puts the pressure on you to write something extra-special in your wedding card. Don’t worry! Here are some ideas to get you started . . .

  • I’m so happy to celebrate this special day with the two of you. Congrats!
  • You both are a wonderful example of what true love looks like. Congratulations on the start of your new chapter together!

New Baby Congratulations

There’s a new addition to the family, and it’s a small bundle of joy! Let your friend, coworker, or family member know how excited you are to meet the baby and, of course, see pictures. You could begin your congratulations message with . . .

  • Congrats on your little miracle! Wishing your family plenty of love, health, and happiness now and throughout life.
  • Wishing you and your newborn all the best—and plenty of sleep! Congrats on the safe arrival of your bundle of joy. 

Congrats to the New Grad

Graduating is a big deal at any age, as it’s often the culminating moment of years of hard work. How can you encapsulate a person’s educational achievements in words? Here are two good places to start . . .

  • Congrats, grad! I am so proud of you for reaching this milestone and can’t wait to see what you do next.
  • Congratulations on your graduation day! Wishing you all the success in the world as you begin your next adventure.

Still Stuck? A Simple Congratulations Guide

If you’re still lost for words, these tips can make it easier to write a message of congratulations, no matter who’s on the receiving end.

1Start strong. There’s one word you can always count on as you begin singing your praises. You probably guessed it: Congratulations! By congratulating your recipient from the very start, your note will already be on target with what you want to say.
2Be personal. Everyone loves a hand-written compliment! After you say congrats, tell the recipient how proud you are of them and remind them why they deserve this. Acknowledge the specific achievement and add in some extra congratulations words.
3End with a heartfelt closing. Offer your well-wishes for their continued success or new chapter, and you’re all set!

The goal of any congratulations message is to show the recipient you care—and to make them feel extra-special! Words go a long way in expressing our deepest sentiments, and congratulatory words are no exception.

What are your favorite ways to say congratulations at every milestone?


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Congratulations for Promotion at Work: Whether it is a colleague, boss, friend, husband or wife – getting a promotion is a big career milestone and your wishes .

congratulation wishes for promotion to boss
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