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Birthday wishes moving pictures
January 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 2 comments

Either way, our collection of happy birthday pictures can be a source of inspiration for your own wishes Wishing you all the happiness and joy a dog can bring! If something can move you, it might be moving on its own, too!.

Download best happy Valentine’s Day gif animated images to wish your girlfriend, boyfriend or friends. Gif animations always work better than static images and describe your feeling and emotions with the help of moving pictures. You can wish your girlfriend with animated greeting cards. Gifs is now more famous than flash and video greetings because new browsers does not support flash greeting on the other hand you can open .gif format images anywhere any time even in slow internet connection. It is easy to share and inspire anyone with animations, so have a look on given eye catching Valentine animations and wish your lover in a modern romantic way.

1. Red roses animated pics

2. Nature Lover Gif to wish valentine

Animated Happy Valentines Day Images

3. Black and red Glowing .gif

4. Small Animated Greeting Card

Static images are common but to standout alone and behave differently, .gif images are perfect. Now almost all social media sites start supporting gifs like Google plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and even now you can share them on Facebook by pasting link of any image. I hope you will love you use these cool romantic Gif animations to wish your partner in this Valentine’s 2017. You can also make fun with these pictures on social media so what are you waiting for? Just take any of your favorite and send via email or through social apps.

5. White Shiny Heart Moving and Burning with Love .gif

6. Cute Roses with Green Leaves to Wish Her

7. Red and Black fade-out moving anime to send her on 14th Feb

8. Dog with glasses and Big Rose Flower – Valentine Day Gif

9. Ring Style Anime Moving Pic for GF and BF 

10. Valentine Day Quotes are written on animated Gif Image

These are different sized gifs so you can use any of them according to your need. I hope you will find these cool images useful and wish your partner with the help of these moving pics. Don’t go away without exploring below related posts. We have bundles of love quotes, poems and phrases for valentine week. Cheers 😉

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Just take a look at this cutie! If the birthday girl likes cats, this gif will be the perfect greeting card! Furthermore, colorful and moving details make it even more.

Happy Birthday

birthday wishes moving pictures

“Funny gifs” are now one of the most popular ways to express feelings. They require less time to view than a video, but are also more expressive than a simple photo.  So, if you are searching for the first-rate “gif maker from video” but none of it seems good enough - don't worry, we have the right “gif creator” and “gif invitation card maker” for you! Our new 🎥Reverse Gif Maker - Moving Pictures App🎥 is a “video animation” app that will astonish you with all the stunning features: incredible “reverse effect”, cool “photo stickers”, “gif maker with effects” and much more!

You can easily record “gif clips” of your exciting moments with this 🎥Reverse Gif Maker - Moving Pictures App🎥. You can use your old photos from the gallery or take a new one and upload up to 10 cool images. Add effects, filters and “gif stickers” and make “moving images” that will fascinate everyone. After that, you can save your “animated pictures” and amaze your friends when you share these “reverse photos” on all social networks! Exploit this “moving picture app” to the maximum and feel free to create as many “funny video clips” as you like! 

🆒 🆕 🆓⏭ ⏮ 🆒 🆕 🆓

⏪ “Photo video maker app” with many options;
⏪ Create the illusion of a “reverse image” in an instant;
⏪ Use old pictures or take new ones;
⏪ Upload up to 10 photos from your gallery;
⏪ Take a “sequence of pics” with your camera automatically;
⏪ Choose which of the shots you want to include;
⏪ Add filters and adjust “special effects for videos” to your “video montage”; 
⏪ Add “video sticker“ to make the experience even greater;
⏪ Enjoy our “gif creator and editor” with a super-easy user interface;
⏪ Save the “slow motion video” you created in the gallery of your device;
⏪ Share your “video clip” on all social networks!

🆒 🆕 🆓⏭ ⏮ 🆒 🆕 🆓

Make a “cute love gif”, “Valentine gif” or “happy birthday gif” from photos as many times as you want and make it longer in length, or add and create a time-lapse forward, reverse effect, and backward to improve it. Download our 🎥Reverse Gif Maker - Moving Pictures App🎥 - an ultimate “photo gif maker” and “free video maker” which uses free motion loops to transform your precious moments into “moving pictures images in motion”. Our “photo animation app” allows you to edit your videos endlessly with special effects for videos and cut and trim them so as to get a perfect “animated gif”!

Everybody will be impressed when you share your custom “animated images” made with this “photo gif maker” on social networks! Beat the transitoriness of life, and preserve your memories in a free “reverse video”. Take many selfie pics while you kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend, and then use this “video to gif maker hd” to make a “love kiss gif” which will last forever! Or make funny “slow motion gif” to save the best moments with your best friends. Download 🎥Reverse Gif Maker - Moving Pictures App🎥 - a free “gif generator” right now and create your own “gif birthday wishes with photo” or “cute animated love images”!

Simple photo editing is outdated, so raise it to a whole new level, the level of moving gif images with the help of 🎥Reverse Gif Maker - Moving Pictures App🎥. Make the ordinary moments extraordinary by creating unique animated pictures. And if you want to be innovative, just add some filters or special effects and make your video's design completely brand new! Check out all the features of this new “reverse gif app” and join us in this exciting adventure!

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Happy Birthday Gifs

birthday wishes moving pictures


We often try to find something special to congratulate our beloved ones. We are looking for unique presents, trying to find the warmest words to express our feelings and to show how much we love the birthday boy or girl. There are never too many greetings, and that’s why a lot of people wake up early in the morning and send their closest people cool and special happy birthday gifs. We gathered the best ones especially for you! Just look through our collection – we are sure that you’ll find the gif you were looking for!

Birthday Dance Gif

This cute and positive dance from the popular comedy TV show can cheer anyone up! Just send it to your beloved one in the morning of the most important day. You will be the first who will put him or her in the right mood!

Funny Happy Birthday Gif

Take a look at this cute cat near the birthday candle! The pic is really nice and funny; furthermore, it’s universal – you can share it with your colleague, boss, girlfriend, or parents.

Best Happy Birthday Gifs

This energetic and positive gif is the best alternative to the greeting cards! Be modern, use it to congratulate your closest ones. Dancing, cheerful and a little bit crazy cake is able to make anyone smile!

Happy Birthday Cake Gif

If you are looking for something beautiful to congratulate a girl, this animation is especially for you! Beautiful pink cake, shining hearts are the little but cute details that will help you to express your feelings and show your love!

Bday Gif

What can be cuter than Olaf from ‘Frozen’? Only Olaf eating a bday cake! This nice and sweet animated pic is able to melt anyone’s heart!

Happy Birthday Humor Gif

If your friend has a sense of humor, you can feel free to send him or her this funny and a little bit ironic gif! The little fish trying to blow out the candle can make anyone smile!

Happy Birthday Animated Gif

You can save this simple but colorful animated pic to send it when necessary. It‘s great as for boss or colleagues, as for your friends. Just add some warm words to make it more personal and special!

Happy Birthday Gif Images

If you have a good taste, you’ll definitely like this bday gif image! Fireworks, beautiful and sophisticated inscription make this animation really unique.

Cat Happy Birthday Gif

Just take a look at this cutie! If the birthday girl likes cats, this gif will be the perfect greeting card! Furthermore, colorful and moving details make it even more beautiful.

Happy Birthday Sexy Gif

This sexy pic is perfect if you want to congratulate your best friend! He will definitely appreciate this playful gif with warm wishes from you!

Happy Birthday Bitch Gif

Maybe this congratulation is not for your boss, but it will be great for the best friend, especially if he or she is the big fan of Glee show. Say “Bday, bitch!” in the most creative way! Just send it and add some personal greetings from you. Be sure your friend will like that!

Happy Birthday Brother Gif

This super-sweet pic will melt your brother’s heart! Just send it to express your love and respect and to show that he is one of the important persons in your life!

Gay Happy Birthday Gif

It’s getting hot in here! If your friend is ok with his sexuality, send him this gay bday pic to congratulate him and have some fun. You can even send it to your straight bf – if he has a sense of humor he’ll have a good laugh!

Dirty Happy Birthday Gif

Oh, this animation is really, really bad! However, if you and your friend like dark humor, this dirty but funny gif will be the best for you two! It’s only the joke, nothing has to be taken seriously.

Happy Birthday to the Ground Gif

If you want to be creative, you can send your friend this original gif. The bday cake falling to the ground is not the super-sweet kitty, but it will definitely make your friend remember your greeting!

Justin Bieber Happy Birthday Gif

If you are searching for something creative to congratulate the Justin Bieber fan, here it is! The very fact that you remember what is important for your friend will make your greeting really special for him or her.

Cute Happy Birthday Gif

Just take a glance at this super-cute rabbit! This gif is perfect if you want to send something special to your cheerful and sweet friend!

Happy Birthday Minions Gif

No one can deny that minions are adorable! These little creatures dancing to congratulate your beloved person will make him or her smile on this important day.

Happy Birthday Unicorn Gif

Unicorns are commonly associated with joy, happiness, and, of course, fairytales. Even though this funny horse is not really the magic creature, this unique gif will magically cheer your friend up!

Happy Birthday Dog Gif

Please, feel free to send this dog animation if you want to make your friend laugh! It’s a little surrealistic, and this makes it so special and original. Be sure the birthday boy or girl won’t forget your greeting for a long time!

Beyonce Happy Birthday Gif

Gorgeous Beyonce singing happy bday is definitely better than a standard greeting card! You can send this gif to everyone, starting from your boss to your parents. There is no one who won’t appreciate this little but sweet gesture.

Happy Birthday Mom Gif

Mom is the most important person in our life. We have to do our best to make her not forget about that. This sweet pic together with the warm words for you will make her smile the whole day long!

Sexy Happy Birthday Gif

If you are expecting something special and spicy from your beloved birthday boy tonight, just send him this pic! It will show him how important he is for you and how naughty you really are!

Happy Birthday Gifs

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How & where moving pictures are made. 26516. Fowler (A. M.) I wish you a joyful Easter. 5613. Gordon Continued. Nesbit (W. D.) Birthday greeting.

Fantastic Happy Birthday Gifs

birthday wishes moving pictures

In the same way that a funny photo is a great souvenir from a wild birthday party, a Happy Birthday card can be the ultimate introduction to it. Birthdays are some of the most important days of the year and they are often the best chance for a gathering filled with fun, but they can also be the opportunity for a romantic dinner for two, a night out at a bar with friends or simply a reminder of how much someone loves and cares for you. Either way, our collection of happy birthday pictures can be a source of inspiration for your own wishes and a thoughtful, affectionate introduction to a friend’s special day filled with joy and lots of moments to cherish.

Here you’ll find something for every taste, depending on who the birthday person is: Funny Images, pictures for the members of your family & special birthday pics for the one you love. Choose the birthday person’s favorite style and share one of these images to send your words of love to the ones in your heart.


Happy Birthday Images for a Special Person

Happy Birthday to you!

Flowers for you on your special day – and many more kisses as gifts.


To a special friend. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!

May your special day be filled with lots of laughter and joy.

Have a beautiful birthday.

May this day be as beautiful as you are – and then we’ll call it a true celebration.

Read these 250 Birthday Wishes that will inspire you to send a great wish on a day filled with joy.


Happy Birthday.

I hope you have nothing less than a fantastic birthday!

Take a look at out our Happy Birthday Collection for wishes for all occasions.


Happy Birthday.

Wishes for the special day for my amazing friend!


Happy Birthday.

A bouquet of flowers for my beautiful friend on her birthday!


Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day.

Special people call for special moments. Wishing you the very best.


Happy Birthday to you.

Your birthday cake can’t be as sweet as you are, but that’s what we have for now…

Here are 200 Happy Birthday wishes that will help you find the perfect words.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to a special friend. Enjoy your day.

And what a big day it is going to be indeed!

Happy Birthday Wishes & Pins you can use on Pinterest.


Happy Birthday.

Birthday cats instead of the typical birthday text? Mea(w)ow!


Happy Birthday. We love you.

Wishing you all the happiness and joy a dog can bring!

What did famous people say about birthdays? Read our Famous Birthday Quotes.


Happy Birthday.

A birthday cake is the absolute must, so why not share this?

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. Never stop dreaming.

Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday.


If something can move you, it might be moving on its own, too!

Happy Birthday GIF

Happy Birthday


Have an amazing Birthday!


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Cheers! to many more years!


Our Warmest Wishes.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


We turn not older by years, but newer every day.


Happy Birthday. Many happy returns of the day!


Happy Birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Friend!” Images

Party till you drop, honey. Happy Birthday.


Not a day over fabulous.


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday. Don’t hold back, enjoy every second.


Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to a classy and handsome man.


Happy Birthday, Make a wish!


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Have a sweet birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday, Old Timer.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday, Beautiful!


Happy Birthday.


Smart, Suave, Sophisticated & Supercillious


Happy Bee Day!


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to my beloved friend.


Happy Birthday.



Funny happy birthday animated gifs, pictures and happy birthday images. Free animated happy birthday graphics. Labels: happy Nice moving gifs. Reply.

birthday wishes moving pictures
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