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Birthday wishes letter for boyfriend
February 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

Writing a sweet happy birthday letter for your boyfriend may seem old . to offer and also I want to wish you a happy birthday with all the love in.

Love letters still make the heart go a little wild and the smile a lot wider even in a generation that has lost touch with genuine emotions, you would have surprised yourself by deciding to write a letter to him or her.

Your sweetheart will be equally surprised but very thrilled to receive notes of your good thoughts and wishes on her birthday.

To get the letter that has both the 19th century and 2019 juice, check from the following happy birthday messages.

Best Birthday Love Letters for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Romantic collection of best birthday love letters for myy caring boyfriend or girlfriend. Sweetest Happy Birthday Notes for Him or Her.

1. Dear sunshine,
Your joy is still my priority just as it has always been since I got in touch with you. It is very easy to maintain this poise because of how well you have been able to prove yourself worthy of all my efforts and more. I look to you daily for inspiration and you never fail to give in double dose. I love you now and always and wish that you have a truly amazing birthday. Happy birthday to you, from the Heart that cares for you forever.

2. To my heart,
I thought I would let you know before telling the world that you mean so much to me. You have always been very special and your significance seems to increase with each passing day. I hope you are aware of my unfailing love for you and that you are as committed to loving me until eon like I am. Happy birthday, babe.

3. To the love of my life,
I have always believed that you are destined for greatness and going to have the best life only if you believe. You can! Believe that. You will! End of story. I hope you go through the next few years of your life with the consciousness of these facts. Happy birthday, sunshine.

4. Dearest,
I have been thinking about you and your birthday celebration for a while now and I have let the thoughts of what could have been robbing me of the beauty of what is. I feel like I just got pinched. Hence, the reason I am writing this letter. If I emptied my tank of thanks to the universe, it would still not be able to measure up to all the good things you have made come my way. I am so immensely grateful for your love. Happy birthday.

5. Love,
You are so much more than I have let you believe these past years. I have a very strange way of showing that I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life but it does not mean that I do not obsess about our future together as power couple and perfect companions. You are a huge part of my life I do not take for granted no matter what. Happy birthday lovely!

6. Darling,
You are not wrong to wish for the best things in life. In fact, that is all I ever want you to focus on having. The best! You deserve to enjoy life to the fullest starting from this birthday celebration. I hope you have a blast and wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to the one I genuinely love.

7. Moonlight,
Just like light, you illuminate every part of me with just a flash of your smile and send sparks everywhere in my head whenever you laugh. You are capable of making or marring my day and I love you for that. As you celebrate another birthday this year, believe that the universe has good tidings in store for you and what you have been wishing for is coming to fruition very soon!

8. Love of my life,
You know how to make everything else around look like a fluff with just the ambience of your presence. I cannot believe a year has passed since we met for the first time. It is so exciting that I get the joy of celebrating both your birthday and our one year anniversary today. Happy birthday, love.

9. Hey dear,
Your clear skin, genuine laughter and cute smile remind me that your arm is where I belong and that my happiness is very tied to yours. I am almost certain that no other person can make me feel the way you do. May this New Year you have just begun, brings you more reasons to show off your cute smile and glow to grow. I love you.

10. Love,
You are not going to believe if I tell you the way you sway your hips still make me catch my breath and your elegance still takes my breath away. I mean every single time you walk through the door towards me just makes my heart really warm and expand with love. May this new year of yours bring you all the blessings you deserve and cause us to continue our love story even in a grand style.

11. Honey,
I hope at the bottom of this letter you would have realized the reason I have written this piece is to let you know that on your birthday, the thoughts of you have been the only thing consuming my mind. Happy birthday to the queen.

12. King,
Nothing is going to change my love for you or make me decide you are no longer the one I see my future with. I am blinded by your love if blind is what some people want to call that. Happy birthday,

13. Candlelight,
Just like the light of a candle gets us in the mood for love and romance, your smile gets me in the mood for joy. I can’t explain how it happens, all I know is it does. Happy birthday to my source of joy and happiness.

14. Dear,
With or without me, I am sure you will have the best day because you know how to celebrate yourself. It is one of the things I love about you. I am just really grateful that you won’t have to celebrate this birthday without me.

15. Love,
You are undoubtedly the owner of my fragile heart and you have been a loyal keeper of it. I am very grateful for this and hope the coming years help us love each other more’

16. Dearest.
I do not care at all about persona. I am chuffed with your person. It is all that matters. I actually think you are the most amazing person in the world. Happy birthday.

17. Love,
You have thought me to hone my skills, linger and believe that the universe has so much in store for me I hope you take your own advice this year. Happy birthday, love.

18. Handsome,
I cannot promise you heaven and earth because I do not own it. I can, however, assure you of a birthday filled with laughter, joy and pure happiness. Happy birthday.

19. Beautiful one,
You are definitely the one I want to be cuddling and working out with in the next twenty years. You are mine forever, I hope I am as grounded in your heat as you are in mine. Happy birthday.

20. Honey,
My greatest wish has always been to make you the happiest person on earth and my prayers have always been the ability to do this. Nothing has changed love. Happy birthday.

21. Sugar,
You are heaven in motion, each time I get to watch you walk round the house, I see love everywhere and wonder how. Happy birthday to my magic.

22. Beloved
It may not be the best idea to convey my feeling and bare my heart this much to you. But, if what I feel will be used against me in future, I am so unafraid! Happy birthday, love.

23. My joy,
May your birthday be beautiful and full of gifts and good tidings because you deserve all the good you can get today and beyond. Happy birthday.

24. Dearest,
You are undoubtedly my most favorite person in the whole world and I never get tired of saying that the mercy and goodness of God locate you. Happy birthday.

25. Sunshine,
You have made my life better and my days’ worth living. I wish you a really happy birthday that is void of persona and more of genuine happiness.

26. To my everything,
I can’t help but look forward to days where I spend mornings making breakfast with you and evenings falling asleep in your arms. I am glad you are getting older. Happy birthday.

27. My love,
More than I have ever imagined I could feel about someone, the feeling I have for you intensifies by the day and it does not look like it is fading anytime soon. Just a reminder! Happy birthday, love.

28. My crown,
I am so pleased to be around again for this year’s birthday celebration. It is a very significant one. Happy silver jubilee love.

29. My queen,
No one comes close to taking your place in my heart, I hope you never forget this. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

30. Dearest,
You are loved now and always. I hope that you get the birthday celebration you have always desired and the joy that comes after.

31. Sunshine,
You are actually destined for greatness.t this means that no matter the condition or circumstance, I am cocksure your breakthrough is happening, soon! Happy birthday.

32. Dear,
Have a birthday that is so good that you find it hard to forget the memories and its sheer remembrance brings joy to your face. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

33. With you as my anchor, life has become very easy to go through. I am grateful every day and today being your birthday Is another opportunity for me to show how much the things you do mean to me.

34. My dear,
I do things better and create more under your gaze and with the presence of your smile. I hope it remains like that forever. Happy birthday.

35. My joy.
You are loved in the most intense and authentic way that even I can’t explain. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

36. It feels really good to be writing t you again this year like I have promised to do whenever you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, love.

37. Dear,
You may never understand why I remind you daily of my love for you. I just really hope you believe the words are true and unchanging. Happy birthday.

38. I am fine knowing you will read this letter and smile. Not because I am amused at all but because smiling is one of the things that come naturally to you, happy birthday love.

39. I have had the privilege to celebrate so many birthdays with you and every single one has always managed to birth a genuine happy feeling in me. This one is not different. I am super excited about your birthday.

40. I wish you joy, peace, love and all the good things of life in double fold. A very happy birthday to the love of my life.

41. I have not been in touch like I would. It does not mean I stopped caring or that you no longer mean so much to me. Life has just been getting in the way lately. I hope it gets better. Happy birthday, love.

42. This is a reminder that you matter than any other thing or anyone else in my life. You are the center of my world and I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. Happy birthday.

43. You are the reason for so many good things I have been able to achieve almost effortlessly. For being a source of inspiration that has never wavered, I think you deserve to at least have the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday, dear.

44. More than my own words can convey, more than my thoughts can grasp, my love for you grows daily with fervor. Happy birthday, soul mate.

45. I have you by my side and worry flees! I see you in my plans and I am sure of a great life ahead. Happy birthday, sunshine.

46. I won’t deceive you. No one has ever made me this enthusiastic about a birthday and I do not think anyone else is capable of making me feel this way about something I have always regarded as inconsequential. Happy birthday my queen,

47. You are a whole queen. You are worthy of all the celebration you get today and more. Happy birthday and never forget that I truly love you.

48. It is that time of the year again when I get to openly and joyfully celebrate the woman of my dreams. I always look forward to this time and pray that it meets you in peace, happy birthday.

49. May the rest of this year be as happy and glorious as this day is for you. You do deserve to have all day all year look like today, happy birthday.

50. I do not take all the love for granted. I am so grateful that words can’t be enough to measure my gratitude for far you have brought us. Happy birthday.

51. Every conversation I have with you is a journey to an epiphany. You are the deepest person I know. I am grateful every day for the gift of you. Happy birthday, love.

52. It is no longer new that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and the one I see carrying my children. I just feel a need to reiterate on a day this special happy birthday.

53. The day is about you and your birthday. I will try hard not to make it about us and the beautiful kiss I have been thinking of giving you all day. Happy birthday, beloved.

54. We do not live together yet and I already know the smell of your cologne like I do mine. You are a part of me I can’t wait to officially be with. Happy birthday.

55. May your birthday be full of wonderful moments capable of bringing out your best smile. Have a wonderful celebration!

56. You are gaining momentum this year and experiencing joy in the greatest form and dimension.

57. Nothing I say is enough to express how much you make me feel or how sure I am of our future together, happy birthday love.

58. I can never get tired of saying just how much you mean to me or showing you just how special you are. I love you girl. Happy birthday!

59. Life is worth living because I have you in it to make all things bright and beautiful. Happy birthday.

60. At least I know my passion for you will never go away and my love for you will never fade no matter the birthdays I celebrate with you. Happy birthday.

61. To me, you just look even more beautiful each passing day. That is contrary to popular opinion that people actually grow old. Happy birthday, dear.

62. If I had the power to do everything today, I would gladly make all your wishes come to fruition. Happy birthday, love.

63. If there is anything I am grateful for, it is the love we share and the fact that you saw it worthy to share your special day with me. Happy birthday, love,

64. I love you. I must have said it so much already and should probably be weary. But, I am not tired of loving you or reminding you. Happy birthday.

65. You are just so sweet and you smell really nice. Who wouldn’t love to spend a whole day in your arms? Happy birthday,

66. May this birthday bring you all the joy that you so desire and set your heat on fire for things that actually matter.

67. Happy birthday to the one who is exceptionally unique and the one who owns the key to my heart. I love you.

68. You are a beautiful story that everyone needs to unravel and see. Iconic! I love you and wish you an amazing birthday.

69. All the things you do to make the universe a better place are seen. If not by anyone, by me. I appreciate you and wish that you garner more strength this birthday to do more exploits.

70. Congratulations on your birthday. Have a blast today and expect all day all year round to be as good.

71. If my heart could be seen by mere eyes, you would see how much you mean to my soul and how well this celebration resonates with me. Happy birthday, love.

72. All that you have dreamt about are coming to fulfillment, believe it and live your life like you expect it to happen anytime soon. Happy birthday

73. I love how you make everything about you a priority. You are a daily inspiration that self-love is important. No wonder toxic is not in our ship at all. Happy birthday.

74. I am so very proud of the boy you left behind and the man you are gradually becoming, happy birthday.

75. I will probably keep saying this as long as we are together, you are to be loved and cherished forever and that is exactly what I plan to do all my life. Happy birthday.

76. Birthdays come once a year, u hope you have a blast in this occasional event. Happy birthday love

77. One thing you must know on your birthday before anything else is that I am truly, deeply in love with you. Happy birthday.

78. No regrets, only reasons to be grateful for all the years God has been there for us individually and collectively. Happy birthday, love.

79. I am never ashamed to call you the love of my life or bare all my emotions to you. I won’t start now. Happy birthday to my world.

80. I like you so much and wish that we continue to be friends even as you enter a whole different level from me, happy birthday queen

81. I am very sure that you have all that it takes to have the best birthday ever. But would still be stupid for me to sit back and watch or should I say listen. Happy birthday boyfriend

82. You are the one I want when things are right and the one I still want by my side when rights things got wrong. Happy birthday

83. You are a natural help in time of trouble. Happy birthday to constant help in the face of storm.

84. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. In and out and all round, you surpass expectation every time. Happy birthday.

85. I hope the day works together for your good and cause a smile to break forth from you. Happy birthday.

86. You are a living proof of my endless love. I do love you and wish you the best birthday celebration yet.

87. A very happy birthday to the gorgeous one of my heart, enjoy your day and remember that I adore you.

88. This year has been a roller coaster, but one thing that didn’t change and hasn’t change is my love for you.

89. Happy birthday celebration, love. May you continue in good health and wealth as the year goes by.

90. You are a reason for so many peoples greatness and I couldn’t be prouder. Happy birthday!

91. You are my love and will not let anything terrible to happen to you. Happy birthday love and remember that I love you

92. I will not fail to daily remind you of my love or you. It is going to be always there. Happy birthday celebration to the love of my life

93. God’s blessing will locate us and cause his face to shine in it. Happy birthday, sunshine.

94. All the efforts you have put into the past few years are coming to fruition this year and beyond. Happy birthday.

95. I am of the opinion that you are the most beautiful woman have ever seen and the most generous at heart. Happy birthday, superwoman.

96. It is a great thing to be alive and I am sure a ton of other people feel the same thing. Happy birthday, dear.

97. I want this birthday to be the best one in history. I pray for strength and might to do exploit. Happy birthday.

98. I love very tiny bits of you. Even your toes and your cute kissable lips too. Have a fantastic birthday celebration.

99. I love you. I could shout it on the roof's top for the world and not be ashamed. Happy birthday and thank you for teaching me existential property.

100. You're one person in the whole world that I am sure loves me back as much as I love him. Happy birthday

You just got served on a gold plate! You better swallow the messages one after the other and ensure it is well passed across to your lover.

Written By Adebayo Esther.

Here are some brilliant ideas that you can incorporate in your happy birthday messages for your boyfriend, whether funny, sweet or smart.

Funny letters to boyfriend

birthday wishes letter for boyfriend

These days, love letters get sent online where it’s easier and more convenient. But if it’s your boyfriend’s birthday, why not make it just a little more special by giving him a letter that you wrote yourself. You don’t need fancy papers of calligraphy to pull it off. In fact, all you need is your own writing, some nice paper, and a bit of patience to write down everything you want to say.

And that’s where the tricky part comes in. Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it can be tough, especially if you’re not used to writing romantic letters. They key here is to write the way you would normally speak. Make it sound like you and not some 18th century author who’s greeting him a happy birthday. We’re sure he’ll appreciate the gesture more if it has a personal touch from you.

If you still can’t come up with the right thing to say, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Here are some romantic letters that might inspire you to write your own letter for your boyfriend on his birthday. Keep in mind that the more personal the letter, the better, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a helping hand by getting a little inspiration!

You are my knight in shining armor. I know it’s a cliché, but clichés have some truth to them. In this case, you are the personification of a knight who’s always there to rescue me in times of need. When I don’t need rescuing, you’re always there to lend a helping hand to those who need it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, a relative, or a complete stranger, you never hesitate to share your blessings and your strength with them. I really am lucky to have you in my life. So on this day, I hope you have the best, happiest, most wonderful birthday and many more to come!

Whenever your birthday rolls around, I often think about the day you were born. It makes me wonder what would have happened if you were born just an hour earlier or an hour later. Would it have changed who you are? Would it have changed the choices you’d make? Would those circumstances still lead me to you? That’s when I get so thankful that you were born at the exact date and time that you were, because of things were different, I wouldn’t have had such an awesome man in my life to call mine. So happy birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy this day because it’s the anniversary of God giving you to me.

Today’s your birthday, and I hope it’s one of the best you ever have. In fact, that’s something I want to say every year because I want to be the one to make your birthday better and better each year until you’re old and grey and you get overwhelmed by how I manage to make your birthday even more awesome. I want you to remember this day in our lives. We’re still young and we have a lot of growing up to do, but your birthday marks each year that you travel through your journey in life with me by your side. Happy birthday to the wonderful man I’m proud to call mine.

As you blow the candles on your cake, I want you to remember that there’s one flame that will never go out – it’s the one burning in my heart for you. As you open each present you get from friends and loved ones, I want you to remember that the best present of all is the gift of life that we receive each day. As you go through your day, I want you to remember how much I love you and how there are so many of us who want to wish you a great birthday. Lastly, as the day ends and your celebration is over, I want you to remember that no matter what day it is, I will always be the one to try to make it the best day of your life. I love you, and happy birthday!

I want to write this letter to the future you. Twenty years ago, you were dating a starry-eyed girl who was quick to laugh and always has a silly grin on her face when you’re around. Twenty years ago, you were a strapping young man who could have had any girl you wanted. Twenty years ago, you celebrated your birthday and received a simple letter as your gift. And because you’re not at all materialistic, you’ve kept it for twenty years. How time flies when that giggly girl and that dapper gentleman are now mature adults with children of their own. Throughout the ups and downs, we fought through side by side. It wasn’t an easy road, but we had each other. Throughout all your birthdays, we celebrated together. So happy birthday to you now, and again in twenty years!

If I could give you one thing on your birthday, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes so that you would realize how special you are to me. But since I can’t do that, I’ll just describe what I see. I see a handsome man whose smile can make me melt. I see kind eyes and a laugh that could light up a whole room. I see a soul so good and pure that it would make anyone wonder how you could be so serene in this crazy world. Lastly, I see a birthday boy who looks like he didn’t age a day since his last birthday. I see a birthday boy who has only grown wiser and more awesome with age. Happy birthday, my love!

Happy birthday to my best friend in the entire world. You are my pillar of strength, the light of my life, and the one who gives me hope when all I can see is a bleak future ahead. You always manage to light up any room with your presence, and all you ever really need to do is smile. You make me feel like a princess every single day, even if it’s just by making me my morning cup of coffee or going with me to run some errands. Our relationship may not be grand or romantic, but it certainly is the one that I wouldn’t trade anything for. So happy birthday, babe! Here’s to another year of silly jokes, movie marathons, sugary snacks, and cuddling until we fall asleep.

Ever since we first met, I knew that you would be the one to change my life forever. I saw it in the way we talked to each other, laughed together, and fell in love simultaneously. With you, I never had to feel insecure or not good enough. You would lift me up higher than I ever thought I could go, and that’s just by saying something sweet and reassuring. I trust you like I trust no one else in this world. You know my secrets, my fears, my hopes, and my dreams. You know me through and through, better than I even know myself. People search their whole lives to find someone who can do what you do, and yet the universe conspired to bring us together. Happy birthday to my soulmate.

Life has become very special ever since you came into my world. I used to think that love was just something teenagers would believe in because they were naïve, but boy was I wrong. Falling in love with you was like hitting a brick wall, there was no way I could mistake it for anything else. And having you in my life has been like having the other half of my soul by my side, loving me, protecting me, and keeping me safe. I swear you were like an angel that swooped in and made me realize that all those romantic books and movies had an inch of truth to them. You are the leading man in my life, the center of my world, the beat of my heart. Happy birthday!

To the love of my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I know you’re not a big fan of big parties and celebrations so I wanted to keep this short and sweet. I just wanted to remind you of how wonderful you are. You never cease to amaze me with the little things you do that just make everything better. You give me so much joy in life, and I can only hope I give you the same. On your birthday, I want you to have the time of your life. I want to be the one to make it happen for you. So just say the world and we’ll go on that adventure!


No matter the personality of your boyfriend, there’s no doubt that he’ll be touched when he receives a handwritten letter from you. So go on out there and get some nice paper, so you can start writing the perfect birthday letter for your guy!

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10 Romantic Birthday Letters for Your Boyfriend

birthday wishes letter for boyfriend

People talk and do, they speak and act, they express themselves and then take the initiative, but that’s a sequence of events, right? So, let’s clarify since the beginning that words and actions are two completely different things! That is to explain that, on your boyfriend’s birthday, you can easily find some good birthday wishes for him, but you will have to plan out something interesting that will surprise him as well.

We couldn’t possibly help you with the latter, but you know who’s the expert on Birthday Wishes, right? This compilation of happy birthday wishes for your sweet man includes funny, sexy, tender and, of course, smart wishes that will bring you closer. Even if you don’t use them as they are (which we definitely recommend), here are some brilliant ideas that you can incorporate in your happy birthday messages.

Smart Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

  • Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I wanted to plan you a surprise birthday party but we all know that I can’t keep a secret.
  • You’re the best boyfriend on some days. On most days, you’re a lot to deal with. Have a happy birthday.
  • I know that I can be hormonal, but after being your girlfriend, I’m convinced of the possibility that you too have a visit from mother nature every month. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Dear Boyfriend, I’ve never met such a hard-working boyfriend. You put in long hard hours on the sofa and give so much of your efforts in sports watching. Keep up the good work, babe. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • I have the hottest boyfriend in town. Thanks for making all the girls jealous. Happy Birthday, sexy!
  • Happy Birthday, Baby. I promise that if I get mad today, I won’t take it out on you. I’ll wait until tomorrow. Enjoy your special day.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who makes my blood pressure rise. Love you always!
  • Congrats, babe! You’re officially too old to count all the candles on your birthday cake.
  • You may be a manly man, but you are as sweet as can be. Have a great birthday!
  • My dear boyfriend: I know you love to stunt in front of your friends. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you’re really a mommy’s boy. Happy Birthday!

I will love you forever, for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday.

  • They say it’s the thought that counts. So I thought I’d save my money instead of buying you a gift. Best wishes, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my dear. Tonight, let’s do a role reversal…I’ll be the designated driver for once and you can be the sloppy drunk.
  • Happy Birthday, Baby! Being your girlfriend rocks. Except on your birthday because you have expensive taste.
  • Forget about your age. Just have fun! It will catch up with you later when you find that your body can’t handle your lifestyle. Enjoy your wonderful birthday!
  • Have a great birthday! I hope this year you will reach your fullest potential…if only you would get off the couch.
  • Happy Birthday to my cuddle buddy…except when it’s my time of the month. Then DON’T touch me!
  • I’m not clingy, I just never want to let you out of my sight…ever! Have a happy birthday, dear!
  • I realized my boyfriend’s prettier than me because he takes twice as long to get ready in the morning. How is that possible? Happy Birthday, pretty boy!
  • Happy birthday from your last and only girlfriend!
  • Each kiss I give you represents the many reasons why I love you. Happy birthday, baby!
  • You are crazy sexy and that’s why I can’t keep my hands off you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Happy birthday to the man with the craziest girlfriend. I’m crazy about you!

I love you birthday boy!

  • I would just like to wish a happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend ever! You make my life complete.
  • You get one birthday wish so use it wisely. I’ll do my best to make your wish come true. Happy Birthday to you.
  • What would I do without you? You hold me together. You are the better half of me. Happy birthday, baby.
  • You are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I hope you’ll be the last. Loving you always, happy birthday.
  • I am more than lucky to have you in my life. You make every day more special than the last. I hope your birthday is special and one you’ll never forget.
  • My boyfriend, you work hard all year round. Time for a little birthday fun with your one and only sweetheart.
  • Have a very happy birthday from the most grateful girlfriend on the planet. I love you more than you know.
  • My boyfriend, your future is brighter than the rising sun. I wish to be a part of it forever. Happy birthday, my love.
  • You give so much and ask for little. That’s why I’m giving you the grandest birthday ever.
  • Happy birthday baby. And in case you didn’t know… I really, really, really like you.
  • My handsome boyfriend, I want you more than I want that birthday cake.

I love you, Birthday Boy!

  • My charming prince, I wish you a magical birthday and may our love last forever.
  • Falling in love can be a scary ride. But your love came in and chased away all the doubt. Thank you for opening up my heart to this amazing adventure. I love you and happy birthday!
  • You get sexier by the day. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend.
  • Wishing you another year of growth and happiness. Share your light with the world but save all the loving for me. Happy birthday.
  • I never knew it was possible to love life so much until I started living it with you. Hope you have a great birthday, dear.
  • You stepped into my life and mended a broken heart. You stitched up my open wounds and showed me how to love fearlessly. For your birthday, I offer my sincerest gratitude for everything you do.

Happy Birthday! I love you.

  • Sweetie, you know that I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger. But today is your day so I’ll be wrapped around yours. Let your every wish be my command. Happy Birthday!
  • Honey, you bring out the best and the worst in me. Sparking up emotions I never knew I had. Only you have that effect on me. Happy Birthday.
  • Sit back and let me work my magic. This is going to be the best birthday ever.
  • 364 days a year, you treat me like a queen. It’s your turn to receive the royal treatment. It’s long overdue. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • It’s your birthday! Birthday kisses and hugs for you to warm your heart on this incredibly special occasion.
  • You are more incredible today than you were yesterday. Happy Birthday!

Romantic Birthday Messages for your Boyfriend

  • Every time I close my eyes, I feel you next to me. Wishing you were here to hold me. I’m sending my sweetest birthday wishes to you.
  • No news, but I have to say it: my boyfriend is huggable and loveable. Congratulations on your birthday celebration.
  • Our love is the gravity that keeps us from drifting apart. It’s the glue that keeps us closer than ever. From my heart to yours, happy birthday.
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  • Every day, I reflect on our love and how happy I am with you. Even the darkest moments are made bright at the thought of you. Happy birthday, my boyfriend.

I’m so fricking happy you were born!

  • A minute apart from you is a lifetime of torture. I love you and happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite person in the room. You are the life of the party.
  • Happy birthday, birthday boy. I’m so happy to spend time doing all this fun stuff with you.
  • I’m always looking for reasons to shower you with love. Today is no exception.
  • I never get bored or tired of loving you. Be blessed on your birthday.
  • I want your sweet kisses more than anything in the world. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • Cold nights spent with you are the most romantic. Happy birthday to my cuddle partner.
  • You are the author of my fondest memories. I love you so much. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday. I love you.

  • I treasure the moments we share and the love that we have. I pray that our fire never burns out. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • May your birthday bring you plenty of smiles and lots of warm wishes.
  • Close your eyes and count to three. Then greet my lips with a sweet birthday kiss. Happy birthday, honey!
  • I’m seeing roses and butterflies with you next to me. Hold me close and never let go. I want to make this an amazing birthday.
  • It’s cheesy to say you light up my life when you’re more like the bonfire on a cold night. Happy Birthday!
  • Like a four leaf clover, you brought joy and love to my life! Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you a great day full of gifts, surprises and birthday greetings.
  • Though I cannot express my feelings in words but still I love you a lot and you mean the whole world for me. Happy birthday to you my love.
  • May god bless you with successful life, good health and warm wishes to make your day even more special? So enjoy and have a blast!
  • I’m really blessed to have you in my life as nothing could be more special than the day when you came into my life. So thank you and a very happy birthday for a special person.

Happy Birthday. Don’t hold back, enjoy every second.

  • Wish you a very very happy birthday and hope our relationship always blossoms like a fresh flower and brings us together.
  • This greeting is especially meant for a lovely person like you who has filled my life with lots of happiness, love and care.
  • Sending you a lovely birthday card wrapped with a small surprise and lots of love to make your day happy.

Funny Birthday Greetings for your Boyfriend

  • Happy birthday! I would sing you a birthday song but that wouldn’t be a very pleasant sound in your ear.
  • Happy birthday to the reason I spend hours trying to look decent every day.
  • I usually return your sly comments with an evil eye, but today, I guess I’ll let it slide. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the only one who gets my dry jokes.

Happy Birthday, you handsome man!

  • Blow out your candles. You don’t have much to wish for since you already have the great girlfriend of all time.
  • You’re lucky you have a girlfriend who does the most to make your birthday special.
  • I don’t do birthdays. So you should feel special. Happy birthday.
  • Cheers to getting too old to have those long nights out on the town like we used to do. Your birthday will be just as special while celebrating from the couch.
  • I know it’s your birthday but your mom deserves the congratulatory wishes for birthing that big head of yours.
  • I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. What I do have are a particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. Skills that I have acquired over many years of singing in the shower and my car. If you give up now, I will not pursue you. If not, I will find you and I will sing you Happy Birthday.

Cold nights spent with you are the most romantic. Happy birthday to my cuddle partner.

  • Happy Birthday to a guy whose apartment smells of rich mahogany and many leatherbound books… I love you!!
  • For your birthday, I hereby swear to never complain about watching endless hours of baseball, golf, basketball, football, etc. or force you to drink soy cinnamon-vanilla lattes as long as I am yours and you are mine!! Happy Birthday, my love!
  • If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Your girlfriend! If there’s something weird and it don’t look good. Who you gonna call? Your girlfriend! Happy Birthday! Love, your Ghoul-friend.
  • Boyfriend, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get everything you’ve EVER wished for! (with, of course, the exception of Kate Upton!!!) Love, Your Girlfriend.
  • Happy Birthday to the one that holds the keys to my heart & soul. “Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you.” I love you always & forever.
  • Happy Birthday to someone with impeccable music taste, the greatest sense of humor, the biggest heart, and the world’s greatest girlfriend!!! I love you!!!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who knows how to annoy the crap out of me……. but I love him more than anything and anyone. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, my dearest love. I hope your birthday is happier than King Joffrey & Margaery’s wedding and more fun than Brienne of Tarth had in the bear pit. Love Always, Your Faithful Betrothed
  • My birthday wish for thee is your best day you’ve ever spent…..with me!
  • Happy Birthday! It’s your day to make a wish! I don’t know what you could possibly wish for as I’m already yours but….Love Yours Truly
  • Happy Birthday! I wish I could put the world in a box and hand it to you so that you know that’s what you mean to me. I love you to the Milky Way, the moon, the stars and back. Enjoy your special day, my one and only.
  • I wish I had a shrink ray so that I could miniaturize you and carry you around in my pocket. That’s not weird, is it?? Happy Birthday to you. May your day be full of weirdness, fun, and laughter!
  • Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend… I’ve had yet! Let’s hang around some time and make sure nobody loses the first place.
  • Happy Birthday from the person who loves everything about you…..except when I catch you picking your nose, when you spend an hour in the bathroom playing on your iPhone and your selective hearing…so almost everything. I love you and I look forward to growing old & senile with you!

You are everything I have ever wanted. Happy Birthday with love.

  • Happy Birthday to my best friend, favorite pillow and foot warmer. I hope your day is full of love, laughter, and fun!!! I love you!
  • Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face. Happy Birthday to my knight in shining armor.
  • Congratulations for making it to another birthday!! Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya? Another year older, wiser and… I take that last part back. Another year older!
  • What do you, cheese, wine, and Harrison Ford have in common? They all get tastier and more badass with age! Cheers to another year older! Happy Birthday, boyfriend!
  • At 12:01am I received notification from Facebook that today is your birthday. I have been formally requested to write on your wall. Happy Birthday from me to you. I officially love you!
  • No, you’re not the world’s hottest vampire Edward Cullen but you still know how to get my blood pumping and heart skipping. Happy Birthday. ‘All of my best nights have happened since I’ve met you!’

Happy Birthday, Love.

  • Let’s drink beer, spend the evening watching baseball, have a belching competition, and then tell extremely sexist dirty jokes—–said NO girlfriend ever. Happy Birthday to you. I love you–even if you don’t think The Notebook is the greatest movie ever.
  • I felt like a sock that found its match the day that I met you! You are the stars in my universe and the sails on my boat. I love you & I hope your birthday is full of love and laughter.
  • To my one and only true love, Prince Charming, I would like to request your company, joining me in celebrating this momentous occasion. The anniversary of the day the world was blessed with your birth! Love, Your Princess
  • I went to a psychic yesterday who told me that we were going to get married and live happily ever after with a dozen children on a farm in Idaho…you were going to be a stay-at-home dad and I was going to be…… hey…. what’s the face for?? Just kidding. It was Iowa, not Idaho. Happy Birthday to my one and only. I look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you! (…& our 12 children!)
  • Happy Birthday, my love. I wish you a truly blessed and wonderful day. I love you more than I love Nutella……… and that’s a whole lot!!!!
  • Happy Birthday to my amazing boyfriend! If I could bring one thing with me if I was stranded on a tropical island it would be lip balm…. but if I could bring 2 things the other would be Channing Tatum. Just kidding. I love you and only you! I would without a doubt give up the lip balm to bring you with me!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, whatever you wish that’s what we’ll do! Happy Birthday, to the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday.

  • You must have been a really good boy. Karma has brought you to me. Have a really great birthday!
  • I’m just a girl who loves a boy. Today is your birthday and celebrate we’ll do. Life is an adventure and I’m so glad we’re sailing these uncharted seas together. Together makes it so much brighter and better. I love you to the Milky Way and back.
  • You are too hot to handle, but that’s why I love you. Happy birthday, honey.
  • Birthdays are so overrated. I just wanted an excuse for some birthday cake. But jokes aside, I love you and that’s worth celebrating. Happy birthday!
  • My boyfriend is so talented! You always know just what to say to tick me off and pick me right back up again. Love always. Happy Birthday, Baby.

Happy Birthday! I love you to the moon and back.

  • Who needs gifts when you have an amazing girlfriend like myself? All you’ll ever need is found in me. Happy birthday!
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  • Happy birthday, Baby. I took my sweet time picking out the perfect birthday gift for you. So, you’d better love it or this will be a very unhappy birthday. 😉
  • You’ve been a very good boy this year. I’ve trained you well! So I figured I make your birthday a very special one. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear Boyfriend, if you feel like an old fart, just remember that there is always someone much older than you and much closer to the grave. Have a fantastic birthday, old man!

You make me happy and I will always love you because… I love you birthday boy!

  • You are the most thoughtful boyfriend ever. You always come up with the newest and sweetest ways to work on my nerves. But I love you anyway. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, boyfriend! I’d offer you warm wishes but I know that all you really want is lots of birthday kisses.
  • For your birthday, you get me! I’m an upgrade from your last girlfriend. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  • Don’t act a fool for your birthday. You may be able to get away with it today, but tomorrow I will repay you. Happy Birthday!

Celebrity Status Boyfriend Wishes

  • Tonight my birthday gift to you will be having me alone in a dark room. Tonight my birthday gift to myself will be imagining you’re Christian Grey. Now that’s a birthday to remember! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re good looking like Channing Tatum, mysterious like Johnny Depp, and funny like Adam Sandler. I couldn’t ask for more in a boyfriend. I love you and happy birthday!
  • I love you because you’re amazing, but also because you resemble my Hollywood crush: Ryan Reynolds.
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  • You remind me of my favorite Twilight characters. You have eyes like Edward and lips like Jacob. You are truly the man of my dreams. Have a happy birthday and stay good lookin’!
  • You’re no George Clooney, but you still make my blood rush. Happy Birthday, Honey.
  • You’re my Jay Z and I’m your Beyoncé. Together, we’re unstoppable. Happy Birthday to my partner in crime.
  • Honey, you don’t need Matt Damon looks to have my heart. But if you had Matt Damon money, that would help a lot. Happy Birthday!
  • You’ve got moves like Jagger and I love it. Happy Birthday!

Sweet Birthday Wishes for your Boyfriend

  • I’m the robot that you programmed to love you forever, Happy Birthday my loving nerd!
  • To my crazy dancing-in-the-rain partner: Happy Birthday with all my heart!
  • I’m like the icing on the cake, and you, my sugar sprinkles! Happy Birthday my sweet love!


Happy birthday, love.

  • You make my heart go mach 4 and break the sound barrier! Happy Birthday!
  • I’m just cowgirl enough to hog tie you forever! Happy Birthday, cowboy!
  • Happy Birthday to the gamer that played his way into my heart!
  • You mean the world to me, you fill my heart with glee, Happy Birthday Baby!
  • I’m lucky you marched your way into my heart, soldier. Happy Birthday!
  • I could write a book about how you make my life better, but I wouldn’t do anything that takes time that could be spent with you! Happy Birthday!
  • If I’m the petals to a rose, then you’re the thorns! I love you, Happy Birthday!
  • I’m the luckiest girl alive, for you my love will thrive. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the beating of my heart, the roaring in my ears… Happy Birthday!
  • I could say “you make my life complete”, but it’s more like “buckle up & hang on to your seat!”. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re like the bass to my music, full of groove and soul. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re like the stars that light my dreams, Happy Birthday!
  • If my heart went skydiving, your love would be my parachute! Happy Birthday!
  • If I locked my heart away only you would get the key. Happy Birthday!
  • Like a frog that turned to a prince, you hopped your way through my heart! Happy Birthday!

I wish I had a shrink ray so that I could miniaturize you and carry you around in my pocket. That’s not weird, is it?? Happy Birthday to you. May your day be full of weirdness, fun, and laughter!


  • Wishing you a great year packed with my love and affection. Yours truly, your birthday gift.
  • Every birthday gives me a chance to say how special you are to me and I’m incomplete without you.
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday together, only you and I to fall in love once again.

  • No other day could be better than your birthday to express my love for you. Happy birthday, my darling.
  • Let your Birthday be full of love and happiness, just as our relationship is.
  • I pray for my love to have all his dreams come true on his Happy Birthday.
  • It’s time to hug you tightly, as it is your Birthday.
  • Let us make so much of love today, which will make your Birthday very special.
  • Wishing a joyous Birthday to my sweetie pie.
  • Let me remind you once more on your Birthday that you are all mine. <3
  • Your birthday is special to me, and so are you. Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Happy birthday to someone I hope is my friend even when we’re too senile to remember each other’s birthdays.
  • Whether we are clubbing or just chilling, I always enjoy spending time with you. I hope that you have room for one more Happy, Happy Birthday!

I’m always looking for reasons to shower you with love. Today is no exception. Happy Birthday, Love!

  • I hope we stay together forever and for your birthday, I can’t wait to spend time with you. When we’re together, it feels like we truly have it all, sending you my BURNING wishes, hugs, and kisses on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who makes me smile, wishing that your day is filled with wonderful friends, sweet memories and above all, lots of love.
  • What I love to hear is your voice when you laugh. I am glad to have you in my life and for all the days, we spend laughing. I wish you a very, wonderful birthday!
  • With a burning desire, I’d like to wish to the specialest guy in my life, Happy Birthday!
  • Perhaps even more beautiful than the joy that you bring to my life is the fact that I get to share this amazing journey with you. Thank you and Happy Birthday to a wonderful man.
  • Happy birthday to a dear friend who will always have my support in lying about your age.
  • On your Birthday, all I want to tell you is that you should be regret-free and disease-free! Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Hey, birthday boy! When do I get to give you your birthday kisses?


Original Birthday Poems for your Boyfriend

Your charming smile
Your sweet kisses
I will forever hold dear
Your love makes my dark skies become clear
Whenever you are with me, I have no fear
Thank you for such a wonderful person
Enjoy an awesome birthday, my dear

Oh my dear one, so bright and fair
You’re my everything
In my heart, you’re king
How I love to behold you all day long
With you by my side, nothing can go wrong
Happy birthday, my darling

I look into your eyes
And I see in you all the important things that I need
Whenever I ponder about your friendship
Whenever I wonder about your care
I see that you are meant for me
In this world and in the world to come
You are my best friend for life
I pray we end up being husband and wife

Life is beautiful with you around
I don’t need anyone
All I need is you
I will forever cherish your love
Happy birthday, my dearest one

Happy birthday to the only one who gets my dry jokes.


A birthday is a very important day in one’s life. Everyone wants to feel special and different on this day. So if your boyfriend’s birthday is approaching, you will surely be planning for a huge celebration and lots of surprises. To make them feel even more special, you can start their day by sending them a special message that comes from your heart and shows how much you love and care for them. The greetings easily express what you want to say and can be kept as a part of the memories too.

You are crazy sexy and that’s why I can’t keep my hands off you. Happy birthday, sweetie.


A beautiful birthday card with a sweet message from your end can make their morning really special and bring a smile on their face. Your boyfriend will surely be overjoyed if the wishes from you are special. So, sending birthday wishes for your lover is very important, because if you do so, it will tighten the bond of your love.

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She smiled at him, her eyes already closed, drifting off back to her peaceful slumber. I'm a little embarrassed because I've never given birthday wishes over a.

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life (Open Letter)

birthday wishes letter for boyfriend

Writing a sweet happy birthday letter for your boyfriend may seem old fashioned but it's important to master this concept in a relationship. Never wait until your boyfriend or husband has a shining moment before you praise and celebrate them. Cheers them on during the process of meeting their goals. Let them know they'll get the next contract if the first was a no go. Do birthday lunch or dinner when they deliver the presentation. Be their greatest and oldest cheerleader. Lead the cheer.

Pay very close attention to the things your boyfriend say to you when he is angry or not in agreement with you. It is the truest indication of how he really feels about you in his heart. And it's what he has wanted to say for quite some time. It is always this simple. I believe some key and healthy components for dating to ensure you're on the same page from the beginning. Always communicate. Believe when people tell you they are having a change of heart and do not try to convince them otherwise. Take responsibility and be accountable for your own emotional health. Set some boundaries and stick to them mugs like a budget. Your relationship boundaries should be like a mortgage to you. That's a line item that you have to enforce and pay or you will be homeless. Make your life matter. Dating is different from an exclusive relationship. Now being in a committed exclusive relationship does show you some aspects of how marriage would be. The fun of dating exclusively allows you to see the real them. Now cooking, cleaning, submission and all of that comes with marriage now they can see some of that because I may cook or clean or submit from time to time but too many women give guy full benefits when they have not given the woman full benefits of being the husband. Full benefits of being a husband are being my covering, protecting me, and taking care of the home fully financially and physically. If you are not doing all of that before you marry me, why am I doing all of the wifely duties?

Happy birthday letter for boyfriend

Happy Birthday Letter to Your Boyfriend

Dear boyfriend,

It's your special day, Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world I love you so much, you are my right hand, my joy, my headache, my pain, my life time partner and my last love. Today is going to be very special. Hey, baby let me see how can I start this well every day since we've been together I have never been so happy to be with someone like I am with you and I don't know where I'll be without you. In my life, you have always and will forever light up my days through the thick and then and I will do the same for you. When I first met you my heart told me that I should date you and every day I thank the Lord for bringing us together and gave me the love of my life and the Angel that has been sent to me by the Lord and I can't wait to begin our future together like getting our careers started and then have a child and maybe more as the years progress. I just want to let you know is that I'm very proud to be your girlfriend and soon to be wife and mother for the kids. You are the most beautiful man I saw in my whole life and the sweetest person ever, just think through the full three years we been together. I know we had our ups and downs and I made many of mistakes but you forgave me and I promise to god I'll never make them mistakes again as long as I live and I learn from them mistakes that never to leave my man and always give the shirt off my back if I had to and like the songs I be listening to like "I love you this big" that song shows all the love I have for you just in one song and the song "comfortable by k camp" that song shows how much I care about you and how much you make me happy and the most lovely song Is "making my way to you " by Cole Swindell. That song tells pretty much everything, but baby I just want to let you that I'm just blessed to be with you and I can't wait to marry you and slide the ring on your beautiful finger, you have no idea how much I love you. I swear I love you more than words can describe nothing can ever change the love I have for you.

Today is your birthday and it is also the best day of our relationship because we make three years and five months together and they'll be more and more years ahead and you just have no idea how much you mean to me. I swear you are the sunshine of my days and whenever I wake up in the morning all I could think about is you all. I will be saying I have to text my wonderful boyfriend and when I get a text from you I swear my whole day changes like if I'm having a bad day you change it to a good day in 2.0 seconds and when I'm having a good day you make my day great. Just getting a little text from you changes my whole mood and when we are hanging out I feel like I'm home. When we hung out for your birthday I had loved meeting your family I didn't want to leave if I could've slept there I swear I would've slept with you in your bed and wrap my arms around you as you sleep and kiss you on your lips and whisper sweet things in your ear. Happy birthday, baby I love you so much. I can't wait to move in with you so I can always be right beside you and roll over and get good morning texts instead of a call and when we are married I'll take care of you and I'll make you happy every day and I wouldn't let you go because you are the only man I want to be with. Every since day one of our relationship you have always been there for me and always kept me smiling I swear if I had to describe you in one word it would be fantastic and I am so blessed to call you mine forever. Well, baby, I love you so much and I'll always love you through the thick and thin and whenever we have our bad days. I'll love you even more than ever. I just want you to know that you have the key to my heart and you own my heart. All over my heart, it says in a big birthday letters with kisses around it. I just have one more thing to say and that is thank you for everything you have done and will do for me and all the stuff you've done for me so for I am really thankful and I'm really happy to call you mines. I just couldn't stop saying thanks for being there for me baby and I can't wait to meet you and your family again soon. Sorry, my boyfriend if I ever hurt you. When I'm by you my whole world is complete and I feel like I'm home and like when I be hugging you my life is so complete because I'm hugging the guy I want to be married to and the love of my life. I just really can't stop saying thanks for everything baby you are the best boyfriend I ever had and when I kissed you that was my first kiss so I was really excited and if I could kiss you right now,  I would so kiss you like there's no tomorrow. You have no idea how much I am blessed to have a smart young man who's happy to be with me and who aspect me for me. I'm so happy that you are my baby, my one and only and I'm so blessed that you come into my life because who's knows where I'll be today if I wasn't with you. You have changed my whole life since the first day you stepped into my life. But thanks for everything baby, you’re truly the most amazing and most important person in my life.

Once again Happy Birthday to the one who owns my heart! Happy 23rd birthday to my amazing boyfriend! I truly wish that you are blessed with all the happiness, health, joy and prosperity in life. I find myself so thankful to God because he sent someone as sweet as you in my life. Thank you for not just being my boyfriend but also being my best friend. I trouble you with a million questions and you patiently give me a hundred suggestions. It breaks my heart to be away for your birthday but I am sending a part of me on your special day. Wish you all the best that life has to offer and also I want to wish you a happy birthday with all the love in the world. You're the greatest gift I've ever had. Happy birthday Baby!

Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout your body. Your brain is what controls your thoughts and decisions. Think about this the next time you decide to allow your heart to govern the most critical choices of your life. In using this analogy, we must also remember that our hearts are responsible for pumping blood to our brains to ensure functionality to our bodies. When our hearts stop giving blood to our brains, we become vegetables and non-functioning mush. This is also true in making decisions, if you do not allow your heart to assist your brain in making decisions, you ultimately become a non-functioning over-analytical and harden individual. Sending a love letter to your boyfriend on his birthday is a great idea so, let your heart and brain work together to bring happiness to your life.

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Since I cannot be at hand I wrote this letter to wish you a happy birthday. I want you to be happy, you are the kind of person who deserves nothing but the best.

birthday wishes letter for boyfriend
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