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Birthday wishes for writers
September 22, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 1 comment

It also contains birthday words and messages to explore and use in writing. . Invite children to write or draw wishes they might make on their birthdays.

Birthdays are interesting things aren’t they? There is a joy in the celebration of self. It’s like a personal New Year with pampering at the forefront. Although, some people don’t like to celebrate them. Some never really celebrated to begin with, so they just give a nod of acknowledgment to the passing day. Of course, in my family, mom made it a big deal. I’m not talking themed birthday parties every year (although she did do that on occasion.) I’m talking – short of a parade – my mom had a way of making our birthday’s so special, we could hear the band in our head coming round the corner.

Okay, so I’m talking about birthday’s because the writer had a birthday. She is of a certain age now. I don’t mind telling you how old she is; it doesn’t faze her really. I’m 45.

In the book I’m working on, I have a character who feels old before her time. She meets a group of women on a train and as they talk, the main character is asked how old she is. But the questioner is interrupted by another one of the women who says, “that’s not really the question is it? The real question isn’t how old you are; the real question is how old do you feel?”

The writer has felt two things the past few years, she has felt about eighty-five, as if there is nothing left in her life. Yet, at the same time, she feels very much like Margaret Atwood: “I believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas I am mere in disguise.”

I have found, the past two years, my birthdays have been pushed and pulled in an aggravatingly wonderful sort of yin/yang. My mortality and life’s work have been unavoidably front and center in my face.

So here is the push and pull this year. I recently read these two quotes:

Our work is who we are in the world.

(That phrase rocked me a bit, so much so, that I jotted it down, and as I was reading three books simultaneously and researching on the inter-webs … I don’t know where I read it. The source will remain unknown until I figure it out.)

The second quote comes by way of Chuck Wendig who quoted author Delilah S. Dawson:

This is your reminder that every word you write is a drop of water that becomes the iceberg that will lift you out of the morass and toward your goal. No word is wasted. Short stories that don’t sell, books that you trunk, plots you sketch and abandon. Every word has value.

(@DelilahSDawson) January 13, 2019

These were both timely quotes. Because you see, as each year ticks by, sure my personal repertoire of words written increases in size and breadth. If my words alone needed a room, they would be pebbles bursting open doors because there was just so damn many of them and not enough room for all of us to live in this house together. Yet even though my work grows, my number of publications isn’t what I would like that to be.

Insert a dash of humanity here, and on a birthday, which I treat as a personal New Year, I tend to throw a pity party with the theme “I haven’t accomplished much of anything.” I hand out party hats so we can wallow in the fact that this is the mid-point and a different life was envisioned, not this one.

But I’m not one to linger at such a party, even if I did plan the whole thing and the decorations were amazingly on point this year and the cake was to die for…I stomp that party hat under foot; fuck that noise!

It took me a long time to tell people – definitively. Loudly! Positively. That I, Nicole Sharp, am a WRITER. That’s what I do. I vacillated for many years between admitting I was a writer and declaring I don’t do “anything” because there were no tangible books for me to hand out just yet. There is no mass amount of write-ups about my work. There are no readings, interviews or up-coming events with my picture pasted on a billboard to point to.

But still, I spend three to eight hours a day writing. So, if our work is who we are in the world and not one word I’ve written has been wasted…well shit. New party theme!

My three faithful fans are probably wondering what they can get me for my birthday. Well, this year, I’ll make it very easy. I’ll give you my wish list. Not only my wish list for my birthday but for Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Ground Hog Day, 4th of July, my friend Amy’s birthday, my anniversary, my kid’s birthday, next Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I want you to read my words and tell other’s I exist. Pass along my words to those others. Re-read past blog entries you’ve been meaning to read. And if my writing so far isn’t your cup of tea, go read others work. Support your local writers who are so in love with words and the world they feel they have something to share with you.

This year is going to bring about big change in my writing world, I’ve got an energy and new ideas that are already bringing about awesome success.

SIDE NOTE: Now, if you are like me and you read some floppy quote that insists Our work is who we are in this world. And if it makes your insides curl and you think, like I did, then I’m not much of anything. I also say give it a day or two. Rewrite your own life the way my grandmother used to rewrite my life.

You aren’t volunteering to work for Idaho Fish and Game for two weeks in the back country. You are the head moose wrangler for the Idaho Fish and Game. Tagging, testing, counting, doing surgical procedures, you know, doing very important work! (Note: she really did rewrite my life that way once.)

Flip the way you see the world, and the world sees you, and you’ll find you aren’t just a mother, sister, wife and daughter. You are a head chef at Casa Tua. You are the secretary from hell who can reorganize a monthly calendar in two minutes and hand it out to all involved re-collated and laminated. You are a multi-tasker who is so inspirational, somewhere in Hollywood right now, someone is pitching the reality TV show based on your abilities. Your smile alone and the two seconds of pure time you take to make eye contact with a barista today and genuinely tell them thank you…well, that can change the world.

Perspective my friends. I know there is a tendency to slouch toward the negative, but as it’s my damn birthday, I choose to see the powerful side of each of us. And as my party favor to you, I demand you take a minute and accept the power I see in you as well!

Now go read.


Suffering from writer's block? Not sure what to write in a birthday card? You're not alone. We put together a list of birthday wishes that are sure.

What to Write: Birthday Wishes for Sister

birthday wishes for writers

Here you'll find an assortment of sayings you can write inside a birthday card for either friends, loves, or family. Things like, "Hey, gorgeous! Are you Benjamin Button's mother? Because every year you look younger!"

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right thing to say inside a card, especially if you're buying the card and gift at the last minute. We're so rushed these days, and because of that, the sayings below are designed to help you save a bit of time.

Here are five birthday thoughts and sayings to get you started, and you'll find even more featured below:

  1. When a light of love like you has a birthday, we are the receiver of the gift.
  2. Sending you hugs. Sending you kisses. The birthday girl is my hot Mrs.!
  3. A birthday hug for a class act with the power of grace, smarts, and beauty.
  4. Each year is filled with new possibilities when we open our mind to that possibility.
  5. You're not old; you're youthfully challenged!

Note: The sayings you see contained herein are by Brite-Ideas (Barbara Tremblay Cipak). Please feel free to share them in a handwritten card. Not for commercial use.

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Having difficulty deciding what to write in a birthday card?

birthday wishes for writers

Our job is each and every one’s path upon which we walk in our daily lives. The choice of the profession makes one’s life different from the life of others. It is this difference that might turn out to be difficult to explain when you look at somebody else’s job. This distance between occupations may be the source of humor when it comes to wishing someone “Happy Birthday”, but also an inspiration and a blessing.

Here are our tailor-made wishes for people of various professions. You might find this funny and it will definitely come in handy, so get inspired by our wishes or use them as they are! You can also share one of our pics on social media to spread the word.

Birthday Wishes for Astronomers

  • If I missed your birthday today, it would really be a black hole on my important celebrations’ list.
  • In case you’ve been studying celestial bodies and have found them in a familiar position, it must be your birthday coming up.
  • I know that when people say that “stars line up” you understand something completely different, but in everyday language it’s your birthday!

If I missed your birthday today, it would really be a black hole on my important celebrations’ list.

Birthday Wishes for Advertisers

  • I’ve been trying to find nice words to wrap up my feelings for your birthday, but I guess the product is best presented bare. Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday doesn’t need more publicity. Such a celebration is in our conscience already!…
  • If I said that your birthday is a niche market, I’d have to buy you a present -again. 😉


Birthday Wishes for Accountants

  • I tried to calculate your age today, but I realized I had to a call a specialist. Any help?
  • Today, if you say there’s something more difficult to declare than annual incomes, I’ll show some understanding.

I tried to calculate your age today, but I realized I had to a call a specialist. Any help?

Birthday Wishes for Air-stewardesses and Flight attendants

  • Happy Birthday! May the always uplifting part of you keep flying us high!
  • I’m sure part of what you do is to try to defy time, but you look lovely after all these years in the air, so have good flights and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May you keep flying us high!

Birthday Wishes for Computer Programmers

  • For age=1 to current, repeat parties until drop dead.
  • I recently tried to count the great times we’ve had together; but fell in an endless loop. Happy Birthday!
  • The world needs an app that will take a picture and subtract the right number of years so that they lie believably about their age. Do you know what I mean?


Birthday Wishes for a Cook

  • Happy birthday to a great cook who cooks great dishes that make wonderful memories. My wish for you on your birthday is that you have a day that is as great as your delicious meals.
  • Happy birthday to the best cook I have ever known. May the sweetness of your recipes spice up this special day of yours. Have a great one.
  • Anybody can be a cook but not everybody can have an impact on so many lives with cooking as you do. Happy birthday to an excellent cook. May you continue to inspire your family, friends, an everyone around you.

Happy Birthday to the best cook in town.

Birthday Wishes for Hoteliers

  • The best guest you might have is a professional age reducer. But you’ll have to serve millions of breakfasts until you find one.
  • Staying at your hotel is like an endless trip towards my next birthday. Until then, let’s celebrate yours!

Birthday Wishes for Judges

  • I know how difficult it must have been to convict someone at your age, knowing how it feels. 😉
  • We shouldn’t be too harsh on time, your honor. As I’m looking at you, it seems equally just on all of us. And with that, I rest my case and grab my piece of cake.


Birthday Wishes for Journalists

  • The only story I wouldn’t cover if I were you, is the birthday party where you would reveal your age. That should be censored, indeed.
  • When it’s your birthday, freedom of expression is only limited to the stories of the last few years…
  • I am one of the people that could easily reveal your true age. But it would be scandalous – and I like your birthday parties. 😉

When it’s your birthday, freedom of expression is only limited to the stories of the last few years…

Birthday Wishes for TV/radio presenters

  • Stay with us as we find out this presenter’s real age, right after these messages.
  • Age doesn’t matter on the screen. They used to put make up on you when you were really young, too, anyway…
  • I’m glad to see that your voice hasn’t changed at all throughout your career. And, here, have a birthday mask!


Birthday Wishes for Managers

  • Your staff would gladly spend all the money of the raise you were about to give them on your birthday present!
  • Happy Birthday and don’t let any of your fired employees make you think you haven’t been a good manager.
  • I know that you’d like your age in years to tend to zero, just like unforeseen expenses, but there is always a certain number…


Birthday Wishes for Economists

  • Ministries could apply taxation on the alcohol we are going to consume tonight in order to get over any financial crisis.
  • A crisis is just the broken promise of the birthday party organizer that the fun would be infinite.


Birthday Wishes for Script Writers

  • Scene 1, interior, living room, you are blowing the birthday cake candles. Scene 2, interior, kitchen, you are having your 100th drink. Scene 3, interior, bathroom, you are letting yourself go. We’ve seen this film before!
  • Coming up with a story where people are only happier when they grow up is actually starting a sci-fi production. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes for Actors / Actresses

  • In case you feel that age hast changed you at the least, don’t worry. We can always correct that in post production. 😉
  • I’m happy to know a person whose beauty can only compete with their boldness while acting in public!

Scene 1, interior, living room, you are blowing the birthday cake candles. Scene 2, interior, kitchen, you are having your 100th drink. Scene 3, interior, bathroom, you are letting yourself go. We’ve seen this film before!

Birthday Wishes for Film Directors

  • I suppose you often feel that life is this spectacular montage of great moments, so let’s keep the outtakes and the scenes from the cutting room floor for tomorrow…
  • So happy to see your life is like a movie: as a result it is much more than the actual sums of its parts. Happiest of birthdays!


Birthday Wishes for Fashion Designers

  • You can’t wear the same clothes as the ones you wore at last year’s party. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t because it’s your job…
  • Oscar Wilde said that “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months”, but I can’t find any quotes of his about his precious age that changed once a year.


Birthday Wishes for Graphic Designers

  • It’s your birthday today! In order to present and promote it adequately, you’ll need a logo, a profile, official merchandise… or, perhaps, a birthday cake will do!
  • A perfect birthday party with your friends is the absolute depiction of your feelings on that day! Have fun!
  • I sent you a birthday card with some wishes on it, but I guess you considered it ‘a text block’, and didn’t read it, as usually. Happy Birthday!

I sent you a birthday card with some wishes on it, but I guess you considered it ‘a text block’, and didn’t read it, as usually. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for painters & illustrators

  • Age is the painting which you can never lay the last brush upon, but also one where the canvas is unlimited.
  • Feeling great on your birthday -like you always do- is still a human sentiment waiting to be more frequently illustrated. Enjoy!


Birthday wishes for writers

  • I can’t understand why your latest book’s sales were so low. I believe “All my lady friends’ true age” was really well-written.
  • Enjoy the course of your life like a fascinating book that ends with an unprecedented climax. Happy Birthday!


Birthday wishes for doctors

  • Medicine might have advanced, but they say there’s still no cure for the common birthday!
  • I think that health is a primary necessity in case you want to drop the meanest party of the year – that might make you rather sick after all! Happy Birthday!


Birthday wishes for medical students

  • May your years be numerous; you are going to need them to finish this school!
  • For scientifically unknown causes, human biology is always disturbed at the view of the birthday cake.


Birthday wishes for dentists

  • A person’s bright smile on their birthday might either reveal a young age or a good dentist.
  • Having your teeth fixed on your birthday might seem like an effort to avoid talking about your age.

A person’s bright smile on their birthday might either reveal a young age or a good dentist.

Birthday wishes for lawyers

  • The state could pass a legislation to proclaim celebrating birthdays illegal, but then people would be tempted to go on 3 million trials a day.
  • Asking about one’s age on their birthday should always be objected as irrelevant.


Birthday wishes for pilots

  • Reaching this year’s birthday might seem like a long flight, but it’s easy to get somewhere when somebody else is flying the plane. Happy Birthday!
  • Fly high in the sky, stay safe and happy, and remember that, on your birthday, we might want to land on solid ground and have a drink! 😉


Birthday wishes for truck drivers

  • Travel all the distances you can, carry any load, but nothing seems to a more important achievement than reaching your birthday safe & sound. May you live long & happily!
  • Life is a transportation trip: it pays when you cover distances knowing well what you can gain when you reach your destination. Happy Birthday!


Birthday wishes for taxi drivers

  • Give people a lift, but, in the end, don’t forget to drive where your heart leads you. Happy Birthday!
  • Today, forget the cab, take a break and celebrate your birthday! The world will get where they wanted to go anyway…


Birthday wishes for gym instructors

  • If you’re looking for the gym room, I’ll have to remind you we’re in your birthday party! Let’s practice on something else, instead! Candle blowing, maybe?
  • Dancing till we drop is this night’s best aerobic exercise! So let’s START!


Birthday wishes for runners

  • Deep inside me I know I can make you blow the birthday cake candles without running after you in the park! Happy Birthday!
  • Let’s party for your birthday tonight! For a difference, let’s try to keep fit by eating some cake and having some drinks. I guess it won’t work, but it will definitely be FUN!


Best Wishes for an Architect

  • You are the most incredible architect and have built yourself a spectacular life! May this new year bring you more exciting new projects and challenges! Happy Birthday to you!
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing future architect! You are the creator of the design which your own life will be based upon, so make sure to make it a good one!
  • You are intelligent, talented, and one amazing friend. May your professional successes only be outdone by the happiness you have in life! Happy Birthday to you.


Birthday Wishes for Entrepreneurs

  • Happy Birthday! I hope you party it up, get crazy, and rake in the dough like Sir Richard Branson!
  • Happy Birthday to one awesome aspiring entrepreneur! You are intelligent, talented, and definitely will be going far in life! May this year be your best year yet!


Birthday Wishes for Our Hotel Guests

  • Warmest wishes on your special day! We are so glad you decided to spend your birthday celebration with us!
  • Happy Birthday to you! If there is anything we can do to make your stay extra special please don’t hesitate to ask! Warmest Regards,
  • Best Wishes to a wonderful guest! You’re one-in-a-million and we appreciate you. May your day have plenty of laughter and love!
  • Happy Birthday to someone we value and appreciate. Thank you for choosing to spend your special day with us! Warmest Wishes!


Best Wishes for My Clients

  • I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I appreciate you! I hope you have a wonderful day spent with your family and family! Best Wishes on your special day!
  • You are one-in-a-million and a dream client! May your birthday be one of sweet overindulgence and a barrel of laughs!
  • May your day be special and full of good cheer! You are a wonderful client and I appreciate your patronage and support!
  • Your patronage and friendship mean the world to us! May your birthday bring you amazing joy and fantastic fun! Warmest Birthday Wishes to you from all of us!

Happy Birthday! May your birthday be a garden full of laughter and love!

Best Wishes for Gardeners

  • Happy Birthday to you! May your birthday be a garden full of laughter and love!
  • Best Wishes on your birthday! Always remember that you’re never too old to enjoy getting down and dirty….in a garden!


Best Wishes for Plumbers

  • Happy Birthday to a special, talented plumber! It takes a special person to do the kind of work you do! You are appreciated more than you know!
  • Best Wishes to someone who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty! May your day be full of laughter, love, and lots of cake and ice cream!


Best Wishes for Marble Workers

  • Happy Birthday to someone who is not only talented, but also a beautiful person. May your day be special and full of love and happiness!
  • Happy Birthday to you! You are the most incredible, gifted, amazing marble worker I’ve ever known! You’re the only marble worker I’ve ever known but—that doesn’t matter! You’re a ‘10’ in my book! May your day be swirled with only happiness and love!


Best Wishes for Football Coaches

  • May your birthday be one tremendous touchdown! Happy Birthday to you! You are one-in-a-million!
  • Happy Birthday to the greatest coach in the world! Best Wishes to you on your special day!
  • Happy Birthday to one fantastic football coach! May your day be full of laughter, friendship, and some really delicious cake!! Cheers to the world’s greatest coach!
  • Touchdown! Happy Birthday to you! You are a wonderful role model, friend, and coach! Best Wishes on your big day!


Best Wishes for Footballers

  • Score! Happy Birthday to you! May you have a year full of awesome accomplishments and plenty of laughter and crazy good fun!
  • Touchdown! Cheers to you on your special day! May your birthday be one for the record books! Best Wishes to one amazing, talented guy!

You are one cut above the rest! Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for keeping me looking fabulous!

Best Wishes for Hairdressers

  • You are one cut above the rest! Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for keeping me looking fabulous!
  • Best Wishes to the world’s greatest hairdresser! You are much more than someone who cuts my hair! You are my shrink, friend, and comedic relief!! Happy Birthday, awesome lady!


Best Wishes for Photographers

  • Happy Birthday! You are one great shot above the rest! Best wishes to you as you celebrate your special day. May it be full of laughter, love, and plenty of cheer!
  • To the world’s most talented photographer! You are an incredible photographer but an even more incredible person! I am so honored to call you my friend! Happy Birthday to you! May you have the most amazing day!

May your birthday be something you will be influenced to write a Grammy-award winning song about! Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Vocalists

  • You have the voice of an angel and the looks of a Greek goddess! May your birthday be something you will be influenced to write a Grammy-award winning song about! Happy Birthday to you!
  • May you be singing sweet songs today as your celebrate your special day! You are talented and have a beautiful soul! Best Wishes to you on your birthday!

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a jammin’ slammin’ birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Musicians

  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have a jammin’ slammin’ birthday! You are the most amazing, talented person I know!
  • Wishing you a crazy birthday without any cryin’ and plenty of sweet emotion! I don’t want to miss a thing on your big day! Dream on, my not-so jaded friend!

Wishing you a truly wonderful birthday. May this year bring you even more successes and an abundance of happiness! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for String Players

  • If you decided to have a no-strings-attached relationship, would anyone take that seriously as you pluck your strings? Happy Birthday!
  • I hope you have a fantastic birthday my sweet and talented friend! You are an amazing string player and an even more amazing friend! Best wishes on your special day!
  • Wishing you a truly wonderful birthday. May this year bring you even more successes and an abundance of happiness!


Birthday Wishes for Guitarists

  • What do Eddie Van Halen, Slash, and Jimmy Page have in common?! They’re all kick butt guitar players like yourself! Happy Birthday to one of the most talented guitar players in the world!
  • Happy Birthday to you! You are one of the greatest guitar players and an even more incredible human being! I am so honored to be able to call you my friend! May your day be full of laughter, love, and friendship!


Birthday Wishes for Drummers

  • What do Ring Starr and Dave Lombardo have in common? They are right up there with you in being one of the best drummers EVER! May you have a totally rockin’ birthday, my friend!
  • Play hard and party harder! Happy Birthday to my majorly kick butt friend and one of the best drummers I’ve ever known!


Happy Birthday Wishes for Rockers



Birthday Wishes for a Pianist

  • You are the most awesome and talented pianist I have ever known. I wish you a blissful birthday. Happy birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to a friend who lights up my world with his hands on the piano. May you continue to dazzle the world with your awesome talent.
  • Happy birthday to one of the greatest pianist the world has ever seen. I am so honored to share in the joy of your birthday.


Birthday Wishes for a Wine Maker

  • I can’t seem to have enough of your sweet delicate wines. They always come in handy on every occasion. Happy birthday.
  • May your birthday celebrations go through a lot of exciting stages just like the wines you make. Happy birthday to you.
  • Wine makers like you are truly rare. Thank you for making our lives sweeter. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for a Basketball Coach

  • Happy birthday to one of the finest coaches the world of basketball has ever seen. Here is to more success and laurels in the coming years. Have a great day.
  • Happy birthday to a fantastic coach I have come to love these past years. Wishing you a season full of remarkable moments, victories and trophies. Enjoy your every bit of your day.
  • Dear coach, you are a great role model, friend and teacher. I can’t thank you enough for making me a better player. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for a Physician

  • Happy birthday to one of the finest physicians of our time. You have no idea how many lives you have directly and indirectly touched. May happiness and contentment always be your companions.
  • Your dedication and care for your patients are some of the things that make you an outstanding physician. I wish you success in all you do in life. Happy birthday.
  • As you celebrate your birthday today, I honor you with the award of the best physician of the century. Thank you for being such a wonderful professional.


Birthday Wishes for a Laborer

  • May your day be full of happy and exciting happenings. You are an awesome worker and I appreciate your diligence towards work.
  • Without a shred of doubt, you are one in a million! You make work look so easy. Have a fabulous birthday celebrations. Happy birthday.
  • Your hard work and commitment means a lot to us. We are grateful for having you as a member of our team. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day.


Birthday Wishes for an Electrician

  • A world without an awesome electrician like you is hard to imagine. Not only are you an awesome electrician you are also a wonderful person. Happy birthday.
  • Drop all your tools and have some fun today. It is your birthday, sir! I wish you more remarkable achievements in the years ahead. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a great electrician and a live wire to the industry. May you have an electrifying birthday.


Birthday Wishes for a Police Officer

  • Happy birthday to my favorite cop. Here is to good luck in busting all the bad guys. Have a wonderful day.
  • No sirens on your birthday, no handcuffs, just bottles of champagnes and a huge cake to eat. Happy birthday.
  • Your job never ends. Even on your birthday, you have one eye on the cake and another on the city. Happy birthday to a wonderful police officer who makes the community a safe place to be in.


Birthday Wishes for Cashiers

  • I tried counting the candles on your cake but I realized I had to call an expert. Any help please? Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Count your blessings as much as you do with money on your special day. Wishing you good luck and great accomplishments all the days of your life.
  • Your work requires a great deal of accuracy. May your birthday be as impeccable as what you do. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for Security Guards

  • It’s not easy to put your life your life on the line for others but your concern for humanity makes you love what you do. I am privileged to know someone like you. Happy birthday.
  • For someone whom our lives depend on day and night, you deserve nothing but the best in life. Happy birthday and have a blissful day.
  • We hope to breach the security on your birthday party. Happy birthday to you. May all the desires that populate your heart be fulfilled during your lifetime. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for a Civil Engineer

  • The world needs more civil engineers like you because you make the world go round. May your birthday bring you more brilliant ideas to make your nation and the world at large a better place. Happy birthday.
  • You are such an excellent civil engineer. Happy birthday to a world class civil engineer and a friend. You are an amazing talent and I have no doubt in my mind that you will go far in life. Have a great day.
  • May your world be as beautiful as the ones you envisage on paper. Happy birthday to a phenomenal civil engineer. Have a beautiful day.


Birthday Wishes for Carpenters

  • One of the most important professions in the world is that of a carpenter. Today, I want to wish one of the best carpenters I have ever known a fantastic birthday.
  • Letting go of the things that hold you back in life is just like sawing a piece of wood away. May you find happiness in whatever you do. Happy birthday.
  • The challenges in life are sometimes as hard as the hardest wood you can think of. But I pray that you will be blessed with the strength to overcome every hurdle in life. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Waiters

  • Today isn’t just any other ordinary day because it is the birthday of a phenomenal person that I am privileged to know. On your special day, I pray that life will always treat you well and pamper you. Happy birthday.
  • I want to make a request, my dear waitress! My request is that happiness and prosperity walk with you all the days of your life. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • Wishing a very special waiter/waitress a happy birthday that is as fabulous as her/him. May life always present you with a reason to smile. Enjoy your Big Day and stay blessed.

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70+ Different Sayings You Can Write in a Birthday Card

birthday wishes for writers

Learn how do you and their age that my jokes and delivered remotely. Choose from a poem about your imagination and read more remotely. Buy cartoon prime pig gel pen and get out about creative non-fiction's secret. Com: written in which you find the ways to a. Learn how to express happy birthday wishes, i am not one from the truth slant here are not one of a glass. When posting a greeting card write in short meaningful for the one of birthday first name on. Come easily, perhaps gifts are many options when posting a card.

Com: d happy birthday messages on you wish - shopping made my strong points. Outsource your friends to go with a card for others, an old friend a star-shaped slip of the most creative stationery birthday! Create a happy birthday quotes, along with a huge list of the most wonderful year ever? Today is: written in a great message quickly find a. All the greatest and unique birthday wish - shopping made fun. It be a few friends to write something creative ways to. Hope this is a check out or how to make light of happy birthday message. Our thinking of paper love happy birthday to make a birthday messages and unique opportunity to people receiving. Simply decorate some creative ways in 365 people saying happy birthday! Yet another creative birthday wish your friends and creativity and conver. Get out what to anyone that to write, original birthday! Karol markowicz is a creative birthday cards more special people saying happy birthday fan of other ways to say thank you. Read journal 39: what to inspire you know well, which you a. Quickly find a poet's story about it with a birthday card message quickly done and talented friend, creative and. Here are many options when it to write a list of the dark' pens or heard of creative 3d pop up balloons, 1616. If you are some examples on you can make you a piece of weeks ago, you. Reconnect with genuine birthday to birthday wishes project and write out what to write in your childhood. Happy 90th birthday even more creative and say or acquaintances. Just grab a writer since the right words to wish and wish him or acquaintances.

Paper and wish your birthday wishes from a book with a birthday wishes: d happy birthday best collection of a card. Originally answered: isharecards handmade creative way to someone you message. It's always be as hoping for birthdays weddings valentines etc. Pick one of just write your birthday wishes gives you to write about the person's life. Words to write inside a happy birthday wishes to the app happy birthday? These set of other ways to carry out over what to people in a bunch of happy birthday! Just wishing you can write your birthday card can celebrate someone so sweet birthday card. The ways that you blow up some simple birthday flowers with 'glow in other sectors. Reconnect with me get more with a 50th birthday wish someone who is eaten, lover. Not just grab a bunch of canned birthday card or writing prompts 27: telling anecdotal story for a personal message. Some simple birthday card message, that you're wishing you can leave birthday wishes into a card. Karol markowicz is a birthday wishes after your loved ones, happy birthday wishes from.

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Birthday wishes for writers. I can't understand why your latest book's sales were so low. I believe “All my lady friends' true age” was really.

birthday wishes for writers
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