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Birthday wishes for wife on facebook
May 11, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 3 comments

Here are birthday wishes you can offer your wife with or without an actual gift. Happy Birthday Messages for your Wife | Images for Facebook.

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When it comes to your wife, there is no doubt that you would be willing to go to the moon and back just to make her happy. And when it is your wife’s birthday, it is only natural that you will want to make her feel special. A birthday only comes annually, and it is the one time a person is the centre of attention, guaranteed. Your wife’s birthday is a celebration of her life, and you can send her a wonderful birthday wish to make her feel loved and remind her that you are blessed to have her in your life.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Here are some birthday wishes for your wife, with love from her husband:

  1. Though you have blinded me by your love, I really do not mind because I can see a beautiful future with you. Happy birthday, darling.
  1. People watch romantic movies that show true love, others read stories or poems about it; but as for me, I only need to look at you, and I know I have it in my life. Happy birthday, my love!
  2. Undeniable is my connection with you, unbelievable is how much I love you, and unbreakable is the bond that we have formed with each other. Have a wonderful birthday, my love.
  3. You have turned me from a boy into a man. I am now content, happy and I feel invincible with you by my side. Happy birthday, my darling.
  4. I must have done something incredible in my past life because I was rewarded with you as my partner. I love you, now and forever. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  5. I love you for your big heart, the patience you show an imperfect man like me, and for making everything right again. Happy birthday.
  6. There is no denying that you are beautiful, no denying that you are kissable and your smile is magical. Happy birthday to my special lady.
  7. Looking into your eyes, I see a passionate fire that burns so bright it is practically blinding. My love for you is utterly insatiable. Happy birthday, darling.
  8. My life was black and white before I met you, but you have filled my world with colour and beauty. Happy birthday, my love.
  9. You deserve the very best out of life because you are the very best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday to the angel that lights up my life.
  10. I am so grateful that I was able to find my way to you, to love and hold you for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine life without you, and I am happy that I do not need to find out. Happy Birthday.
  11. Getting into our cosy bed together or cuddling together on the couch, being able to wake up next to you each and every morning are the memories I cherish. Happy birthday.
  12. I am really glad for everything that happened in my life because it led me straight to you. Happy birthday, gorgeous.
  13. You have brought meaning to my life and made it worth living. I look forward to coming home to you every day, lying down next to you every single night and waking up next to you every single morning. Happy birthday.
  14. If I ever fail to tell you what you mean to me, it is only because there aren’t any words good enough. Happy birthday.
  15. Your birthday is special to me because it is the anniversary of your birth, and my life would have no meaning without you in it. Happy birthday.
  16. I am deliriously in love with you and always will be. Happy birthday, sweetness.
  17. The trials of life only deepen my love for you. What would I do without you? Happy birthday.
  18. Adam was not complete without Eve, just as I am not complete without you. Happy birthday.
  19. I am truly blessed that you chose me to spend your life with. I love you. Happy birthday.
  20. You are the best decision I could have ever made, and you are everything that is awesome about me. Happy birthday.
  21. Every day with you is special to me, but today, other people also remember how wonderful you are. Still, you are still mine forever. Happy birthday.
  22. You, my darling, are the only person I would want to be deserted on Antarctica with because your love warms me from the inside. Happy birthday.
  23. You are the heartbeat that I would die without, you are the air that I breathe in and out, you are the song on these happy lips of mine, and you are the light that in my life does shine. Happy birthday to my most precious wife; without your love, I lead an empty life.
  24. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us. We are still alive, together and head over heels in love. Happy birthday, my dear.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

Here are some birthday wishes for your wife that are sure to make her smile:

  1. I’m sorry for not knowing how many birthday candles to put on your cake. It seems that I have forgotten how many times you have turned twenty-five. Happy birthday!
  2. My beautiful wife, we have been through a lot together. I do not mind dying for you. Just don’t ask me to prove it. I am just not ready to die as yet. I love you, sweet-pea. Happy birthday.
  3. It’s like fine wine; we tend to get better as we age. Or perhaps we simply feel better about our age with a lot of fine wine. Happy birthday, darling.
  4. On this special day of yours, I would like to remind you to be good to the kids. Just remember, the older we get, the closer we are to them choosing our nursing home. Happy birthday, my darling.
  5. I just wanted you to remember that age is just a number and it represents exactly how attractive, able-bodied and happy you are. It’s really nothing to get worked up over. Happy birthday.
  6. Happy birthday, darling. It’s time to celebrate your ingenious escape from your mother’s womb. I got really lucky to have such a beautiful and wonderful woman for my wife. I love you.
  7. Our kids get their good looks and charm from you and their stubbornness from me. They are going to turn into great politicians if they want to. Love from your partner in total world domination.
  8. As we grow older, three things happen: First, our memory begins to fade; and to be honest, I do not remember what the other two are. Happy birthday!
  9. There is nothing more attractive than an older woman, and though you may not really look it, we both know your dirty little secret. Happy birthday, my love!
  10. You sure are a smooth criminal because you stole my heart. Happy birthday to my partner in crime.
  11. Putting an amazing birthday present inside your cake crossed my mind, but I wasn’t too keen on getting frosting in my hair. Happy birthday.
  12. It’s cool getting birthday cards that match our age, but as I could not find a stone tablet, I hope this message will suffice. Happy birthday, my love.
  13. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one person I love sharing my life with. Sharing your birthday cake though is a whole different story.

Special Birthday Wishes for Wife

Here are some birthday wishes to a wife from her husband:

  1. Every year on your birthday, I am only reminded of the fact that on this day, my soulmate came into the world. Happy birthday.
  2. If you ever wonder what I love the most about you, it is the fact that I never have to drop you off at your house after an amazing date because the two of us have a home and a beautiful life together. I just wanted to wish you the very best on your birthday.
  3. To the wonderful lady who made me warm up to rom-com marathons, Sunday brunches, and the importance of facial masks, I wish you a very happy birthday and a long life by my side.
  4. When I look at you, I still see the charming and beautiful woman I fell for. It is my greatest desire that we spend our lives together doing everything we have always dreamed of. Happy birthday, my love.
  5. I want to make you a promise on this special day of yours. I will never tire of doing everything in my power to make all your dreams come true. Happy birthday.
  6. I am only a good man and husband because I have you for a wife and partner. I really don’t know what I would do without you. Happy birthday, dear wife.
  7. I was quite content with my life before I met you, but when you came along, everything changed for the better. Happy birthday.
  8. You have a way of making me fall head over heels in love with you each and every day. I love how strong, brave and giving you are. Happy birthday, my sweet.
  9. You gave me beautiful children and turned our house into a home. You are what dreams are made of. Happy birthday.
  10. Thank you, my love, for working as hard as you do to make sure that all of us are content and happy every single day. I love you! Happy birthday.
  11. You are my light and my love; the guardian angel that is always by my side. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  12. You are absolutely breathtaking, and there is nobody in the world that will ever be able to replace you. I love you, now and forever. Happy birthday.
  13. The way you care for our children, the way you are kind to others and the way you make me feel every day shows how lucky I am. Happy birthday.
  14. Hey birthday girl, though it’s your birthday, you are the gift that I get to unwrap every day of my life; today is no exception. I love you. Happy birthday.
  15. You, my dear, are the most amazing wife and mother there ever was, and nobody can ever take your place. Happy birthday.
  16. Over these years, my love for you has become stronger, and it will never go away. Happy birthday.
  17. You bring the ultimate loyalty and strength to my life. Thank you for being the queen of my castle, my partner and the love of my life! Happy birthday.
  18. I am brimming with pride at having a woman as courageous, strong and wise as you by my side. Happy birthday.
  19. My mind and body may decay with each passing year, but my love for you only grows stronger. Happy birthday.
  20. The treasure hunters in the world are so terribly misinformed because I have the world’s greatest treasure by my side. Happy birthday.
  21. You are the “super” to my “man”, and I am nothing but ordinary without you. Happy birthday.
  22. I always thought I was a strong man, but when I met you, I found a new kind of strength. Happy birthday
  23. We can walk through fields of flowers, and I won’t be able to find even one as beautiful as you. Happy birthday.
  24. They say “Life is an adventure”, but to me, it wouldn’t be much of one without you. Happy birthday.
  25. I am happy to celebrate you every single day, but since it’s your birthday, let’s over-celebrate. Happy birthday.
  26. Life has a way of bringing good with the bad, but when I look at you, I cannot be sad. An angel you are who taught me to love, I’ll defend you, my darling, if push comes to shove. Happy birthday.

Cute And Sweet Birthday Wishes for Wife

Here are some cute happy birthday wishes for your wife:

  1. You are the superwoman in my life. Happy birthday!
  2. Life is more satisfying and much sweeter now that you are in it. Happy birthday to the dreamiest woman of all time!
  3. There is no fairy tale that will ever be able to compete with our love story. Happy birthday!
  4. You are the Crème to my Brule, the straw to my berry, the cherry to my pie, the flower to my bee and the chocolate to my cake. Happy birthday!
  5. The light from the candles on your birthday cake will never be able to shine as bright as you. Happy birthday to you, the best wife and mother!
  6. Congratulations on circling the sun yet again. You seem to get younger with each passing year. Happy birthday.
  7. Diamonds, platinum and gold seem cheap compared to a rare treasure like you. Happy birthday to my special woman.
  8. Money can buy mansions, cars and jewels, but it can never buy the love of a queen as special as you. Happy birthday, my beauty.
  9. You deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year because you bring so much joy into my life. Happy birthday.
  10. Before I met you I had no one to answer to and nobody to consult, but looking back at all those times, I only see how empty my life was. Happy birthday my beauty.
  11. You bring out the best in me, and I feel content and loved with you by my side. Happy birthday.
  12. I hope that all your dreams come true, because all of mine came true because of you. Happy birthday.
  13. I am not the same guy I once was, nor will I ever be content with what I had before you walked into my life. Happy birthday, my darling.
  14. I hope I make you as satisfied and happy as you make me. Happy birthday, my angel.
  15. I am really glad about everything that happened in my life because it led me straight to you. Happy birthday, gorgeous.
  16. I would not be complete without you. You are the yin to my yang. Happy birthday!
  17. Today is the anniversary of the day you were born, and a reminder that a star fell from heaven to shine its divine light into the life of a simple man. Happy birthday, gorgeous.
  18. With you, I can smile even through the hardest times and show bravery I never knew I had. Happy birthday.
  19. You are my lover and best friend. Life would be unbearably dull without you. Happy birthday.
  20. The most epic gesture will still fail to convey what you mean to me. Happy birthday.
  21. You are the most beautiful out of all God’s creations. Happy birthday.
  22. Too much of anything is said to be bad for you; lucky for me, too much of you has made me a healthier and better man. Happy birthday.
  23. You are the foundation that keeps our family strong; without you, my life would come crashing down. Happy birthday.
  24. Every year on your birthday, I really thank God for your parents. Without them, I would not have you in my life. Happy birthday.
  25. Ever since you walked into my life, I can no longer distinguish dreams from reality. You are an amazing woman, and I am blessed to call you mine. Happy birthday.
  26. I may not be able to kiss your worries away, but I can do my best. Happy birthday.
  27. You are the sweetest melody to this song called life. I make up only of lyrics that are more than happy to go along with your tune. Happy birthday.
  28. Cook, caregiver, and therapist, you are everything I need to make me a better man. I don’t know how you do this, but I do know I cannot live without you. Happy birthday.
  29. You have put a spell on me, and now I’m yours, so let’s spread joy and love like Santa and Mrs Claus. Happy birthday, wifey.
  30. You are sugar, you are spice, and you are everything nice. I am blessed to have won your hand, for without you the flavour of my life would be bland. Happy birthday!

Your wife is the woman who supports you in all you do, making her a very special person indeed, so it only makes sense that she deserves only the best wishes on her birthday. Go ahead and wish her in the most romantic way you can.

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Kanksha Raina

It is really important to find the best birthday wish for your loved ones. My mom is the sweetest woman in the world, you are beautiful and.

The 55 Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

birthday wishes for wife on facebook

If your wife is celebrating her birthday, and you are looking for the right words to make her day even lovelier, then this page is your new best friend. Here, we have a fabulous stockpile of very sweet romantic birthday wishes that will not only color your wife’s special day, but will also let her know how much you really love her.

Your wife’s birthday is one of the most important days of her life, so it is imperative that you do whatever it is you can to make that day very glorious and memorable for her – and one of the things you can do to achieve that is by sending her any of our truly romantic messages below.  You can write the message on a beautiful birthday card and deliver it to her or you can use social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc) or normal SMS text to get that beautiful message to her so that she can feel like the Queen that she really is on her Big Day.

Romantic Messages for your Wife’s Birthday

  • A true friend like you, my dear wife, is really difficult to come by these days. Thank you for being such a wonderful companion to me.
  • All I wanted in this life was to be all yours and for you to be all mine. Now that I have achieved that, I can die with a smile on my face. Happy birthday, my love.
  • The reason every blessed day of mine is sunny is simply because of the love you give me. Happy birthday, my love. You are and will always be my sunshine.
  • No amount of riches in this world can brighten my world like your presence in my life, my sweet love. All I need in this life is you because you are the reason this heart of mine beats. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, in addition to the oceans of kisses that I’m sending you on your Big Day, I also want to tell you for the billionth time that my heart will always be your home because my love for you is everlasting. Happy birthday.
  • I know that I often don’t say this, but you are the most precious thing that exists in my life. I love you with every beat of my heart, and I am so proud that you are my woman for life and I am your man for life. I will love, cherish and support you for as long as I live. Happy birthday.
  • From the very first time that I set my eyes on you, I knew deep within my heart that you were the right life partner for me. And how right I was! You constantly let my heart overflow with indescribable joy and happiness.  Happy birthday.
  • All I want to do is hold you in my arms forever because my paradise is right in your loving arms. Happy birthday.
  • You changed my imperfect existence to a perfect one and made my imperfect world to become a perfect world. You are indeed a perfect wife.
  • Everything I have ever wished for in life is you, my dear wife. You are my priceless treasure, and I will cherish you all the days of my life. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, my love. I hope this next year brings only what your heart wishes for.
  • Honey, I am very thankful to you for making me a complete man because I was totally incomplete until you came into my life and blessed me with your love. You will always remain the only woman whose lips these lips of mine shall kiss. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Babe, I’d rather be the poorest man on earth and have your love than be the richest man in the world and live without your love. Your love is too precious to me to live without. Happy birthday.
  • I consider myself to be the most fortunate man ever to live on this earth because I get to hold the most beautiful woman on earth in my arms and plant kisses on her lips. I love you so dearly, my beloved wife. Happy birthday.
  • Being loved by you is such a priceless feeling I can never trade for anything in this world. Thank you for being my world. Happy birthday, my beloved wife.
  • Falling for you was the greatest good that my heart ever did me. Have a super duper happy birthday, my dearest wife.
  • You are the real queen of my castle and you will rule in that castle till this world comes to an end.
  • Today, my darling wife is another year older, and looking more beautiful than ever. I am so fortunate to be the one you have decided to spend the rest of your life with. Happy birthday.
  • Babe, on your birthday, I just want to tell you that this heart of mine belongs to you and only you. It beats for none other than you.  Happy birthday, my love.
  • You are the only person who has the keys to my heart. I will adore you all the days of my life because you are my everyday sunshine and my only source of joy. Enjoy every single moment of your Big Day, my beautiful wife.
  • I love you so much I see you everywhere. Even when I look at myself in the mirror, I see none other than you. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • I would not want to live for a second if living in this world means living without you and your love. Happy birthday.
  • Dear wife, as you celebrate your special day, do know that your love is the air that I breathe. Your love is the water that quenches my thirst. Your love is the food that fills my tummy and keeps hunger at bay. Simply put, your love is my everything, and I will perish without it.
  • Happy birthday to my true life companion and the mother of my beautiful children. Babe, it’s amazing how even after all these years of marriage, you are still to me the most beautiful girl and the best wife in the world. I shall never stop loving you.
  • Everything I wished for in this world came true the moment you walked into my life. With you by my side, I don’t need any blessings in life anymore. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
  • What is paradise? To me, my definition of paradise is when we are lying in each other’s arms and listening to our hearts beat. Honey, I love you more than I love my life. Happy birthday.
  • To me, true happiness is when you are near me, honey. You are the only one that has the ability to make my soul and heart to overflow with happiness. I love you eternally for that. Happy birthday.
  • No woman in this world can be the love of my life simply because my dearest wife has occupied that position and will occupy it until the end of time. Thank you for being the one for me. I love you. Happy birthday, my amazing wife.
  • Wishing the most beautiful woman in my life the most beautiful birthday ever. Every single day is Christmas for me because I have a wonderful wife like you in my life.
  • The day you promised to love me for the rest of my life was the day that happiness took over my life. Sweetheart, I promise to endeavor to make you smile every second of your life because you are my world and I love you more than I can ever say.
  • It’s amazing how after all these years of marriage, you still take my breath away like you did on the first day we met. I’m so lucky to have an extraordinarily wonderful woman like you that I can introduce to the world as my wife. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • Babe, making you happy was what I was born to do, and that is what I shall do until my last day on earth. I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  • I would walk a thousand hours just to see your face light with a smile because you are the reason my heart beats. Happy birthday.
  • Honey, I love you more than the breath of life God breathed into my nostrils. Happy birthday.
  • God programmed me to love you and put happiness in your heart all the days of my life. My dear wife, as long as I live, I’m going to follow that program and make you know nothing but happiness every blessed day of your life. Happy birthday.
  • My beloved wife, my heart belongs to you always an forever because it knows that you are the only woman in this world who can take good care of it and make it happy. Happy birthday.
  • The greatest thing I did with my life was to share it with you. You’re my greatest gift in life, and I shall forever love, cherish and protect you. Happy birthday, my love.
  • We have been married for ages now, babe, but my heart still races with excitement just by taking a look at you. I cherish every moment with you because no one ever makes me feel as happy as you do. Happy birthday.
  • As long as the sun continues to shine above us, you’ll always occupy the most special of places in my heart. Thank you for giving me your love. Happy birthday.
  • My love, on your birthday, I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for being such a wonderful wife to me.  Babe, I always want to see you happy, and I would sacrifice everything in my life to do that, including my life itself. I love you.
  • I fall deeper and deeper in love with you every time I look into those beautiful eyes of yours. Thank you for coming into my life and deciding to spend all your days on earth with me. I will never stop loving you, my angel. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing a tremendously happy birthday to a wife who constantly takes my breath away. Babe, I love you more than all the words on earth and in heaven can ever have the power to express.
  • Sweetheart, on your special day, I just wanted to let you know that my love for you will never end. The day the world stops spinning and life comes to an end is the day my love for you will also end. Happy birthday.
  • To the world, the sun rises from the east, but to me, it rises in your eyes. Happy birthday, my beloved wife.
  • Babe, the most special place in my heart will always be reserved for you. Nobody can ever enter that place because only you have the key to it. I love so much, my dear wife. Happy birthday.
  • The day you gave me your heart was the day I experienced paradise for the first time. My heart is forever yours, my sweet wife. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Celebrate your special day, knowing that I shall be yours forever and that no one can ever enchant me like you do. I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  • Sweetheart, every piece of my heart is yours. Every piece of my body is yours. My entire soul belongs to you. I live for no one else but you because you are the only sunshine of my life. I love you today and I will love you forever.
  • You changed my life and brought sunshine into my dark world the day you opened your heart to me and gave me your love. Have a sweet birthday celebration, my love.
  •  Babe, I promise to always put a smile on your face because you are indispensable to me today, tomorrow and forever. Happy birthday.
  • Your love is my life. My world would be dark, cold and empty without you. In your arms, I always find paradise. Thank you for beautifying my world. Happy birthday.
  • My dear wife, I want to thank you for sharing your body, life and soul with me. All the words in all the languages that exist in this world can never express how much you mean to me and how much my beating heart loves you. Happy birthday.
  • You are a wonderful wife and my best friend. I could never ask for more. I can never live without you, babe. May your Big Day be full of joyful and memorable moments.
  • No one can ever touch my life like you do, my adorable wife and best friend. God gave me His the most precious gift when He gave you to me. Happy birthday, my love.
  • All the wealth in this universe is useless to me without a loving wife like you in my life. Happy birthday, and always remember my love for you will always be as certain as the sun.


Birthday Poems for my Wife

  • The fault in our stars makes us imperfect
    Yet we are perfect for each other
    You are strong where I’m weak
    And I’m strong where you are feeble
    Together, we make a monolithic force to reckon with
    And this is why we always prevail; even when all hope is lost
    Happy birthday, Sweetie


  • You are my precious
    You are my world
    You make my life incredibly delicious
    You will forever be the love of my life
    Thank you for being the world’s most loving wife
    Have a wonderful anniversary


  • Life is good when you kiss me on the lips
    Life is good when you hug me very tight
    Life is good when you caress my body with your finger tips
    And whisper sweet words into my ears all throughout the night
    Life is good when the first thing I see in the morning is your lovely face
    And life is good because today marks a special day for you
    Sweetheart, I shall forever get lost in your love without a trace
    Happy birthday


  • You make my world go round
    It’s always a pleasure when you are around
    The vicissitudes of my fortune have been ever present
    But they seem manageable when you are present
    Because you are firmly there by my side despite life’s twist and turns
    A strong woman like you is rare to find
    And that is why I can never get you out of my mind
    Happy birthday


  • I’m fond of you like I’m fond of my life
    Your love makes me feel so alive  
    Without you I can’t survive  
    Honey, I’m so blessed you became my wife
    Happy birthday

Short Birthday Wishes for your Wife

  • I didn’t have anything worth living for until I met you. Happy Birthday from your man who owes you everything and more.
  • I would still cross the world just to see you for one night. Some things don’t change.
  • You might never accept how beautifully you laugh. Luckily for me I have a lifetime of appreciating it to look forward to.
  • If you told me I would be this happy 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and the words greatest life saver.
  • The only regret I have in life is not proposing to you sooner.
  • “Precious” does not do justice to the way I feel about you, but it certainly does the trick for the gift I’ve got you this year!
  • Happy Birthday to the woman whose 2-second-glance led me to keeping her for a lifetime.
  • Men sometimes hide their affection in public, but my love for you can’t be hidden anywhere.
  • If I had to choose between living with you and living to be 3000 years old, I would choose you every time. What good is a long life without you to share it with?
  • Our marriage is the beacon and you are its light. Happy Birthday, I love you.
  • Happy Birthday, my beautiful love! You are the sunshine of my life.
  • I love you, honey. Happy Birthday and let’s live our lives with joy.
  • No other words can explain what I feel for you: I love you, honey!

Long Birthday Messages for your Wife

  • On this great occasion of your birthday, my dearest wife, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my best friend, my lover, and my caring and loving husband. Your presence in my life is the greatest gift that I have received from life. Have a gorgeous birthday, my love.
  • To me, you are a work of art that is more precious than the air that I breathe. You bring into my life heavenly happiness, and that is why I will forever devote my entire life to your wellbeing. I will love you until the day the sun stops rising from the east. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.
  • The brightest day of my life was the day you came into it. You have no idea how much you decorate my world. Every day I wake up from sleep feeling like the richest and luckiest man ever created all because you are with me. Thank you for this great blessing you have bestowed upon me. I will never stop loving you. Happy birthday.
  • May your birthday be as special as the day we fell in love with each other. To me, the best thing in my life is you, and it shall forever be you. I was blessed with all the wealth and happiness in the world when you walked into my life. On this special day of your life, I ask for true happiness to accompany you like your shadow for eternity.
  • This is your Big Day, my darling, and I’m more than elated to be blessed with the opportunity to share this great day with you. My prayer for you today is that your life will be full of the happiness that you fill my life with. Have a fabulous birthday, sweet darling
  • My dearest wife, on this very significant day of your life, I need you to know that I shall forever owe you a huge debt of gratitude for all the countless years that you have supported, loved and cared for me. You shall always be my pride, my happiness and my world. Have a truly smashing birthday!

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158+ Unique Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wife Wishes & Quotes

birthday wishes for wife on facebook

Birthday Wishes for Wife: Thinking about what to write in a greeting for your wife? Take ideas from these romantic wishes to write something of your own. The easiest way to come up with something that she will remember for a long time is to bare your feelings. Think of all the sweet memories and reminisce about how your relationship was drenched in love’s hues when you started dating. Jot it down on a handmade card or a cute little note and place it on her bedside table. Wish her a Happy Birthday in the morning with a hug. Follow it up by telling her how much you love her with a kiss. Make her the social media queen for a day by tagging her in birthday wishes all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Take her out on a date and make sure you don’t cheap out on her gift. By the end of the day, she will be pretty convinced that she has the best husband ever.


1) More than a wife, in you I have found a friend for life. Happy birthday.


2) On your birthday I want to make a promise that I will not tire, until I fulfill all your wishes and desires. Happy birthday.


3) Good times become better and bad times become tolerable when shared with a life partner like you. Happy birthday.


4) Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me the perfect husband that I am today.


5) Although I am blinded by your love, it has opened my eyes to a better future. Happy birthday.

6) In my arms, I want you to be. My love for you, I want you to see. My heart beats, I want you to feel. Layers of my emotions, I want you to peel. In my eyes, I want you to gaze. Lost together, I want us, in love’s daze. Happy birthday.


7) Most people read quotes to find the true meaning of life, but all I need to do is to look into your eyes. Happy birthday.


8) Your birthday is a sweet reminder that our relationship is all about looking into the years that lie ahead. The past has never mattered, and never will. Happy birthday.


9) There may be hundreds of ways to wish you a happy birthday, but the best one is to give you a hug and whisper sweet nothings as we sway to love’s tango. xoxo


10) There is so much to like about you baby, complimenting you would take longer than infinity. You are the woman of my fantasy, and I can’t imagine my life without you baby. Happy birthday.

11) Your birthday cake is symbolic of how your sweetness makes life’s bitter moments worth tolerating. Happy birthday.


12) The best part of our relationship is that the memories of bitter fights have been overshadowed by those of making up after. Happy birthday.


13) I amassed a massive debt on the day I got married to you – the debt of unconditional love and undying commitment. I promise to keep repaying this debt until my very last breath. I love you, happy birthday.


14) The woman who managed to make me like soap operas and hate using dirty washrooms, deserves a standing ovation on her birthday. xoxo


15) Good times or bad, happy or sad… just one look into your eyes is all it takes to make me smile. Happy birthday.

16) Happy birthday, to the person who has made all my birthdays worth celebrating. xoxo


17) It seems that everyone knows you turned a year older except me. In my eyes you are exactly the way that you were when I met you for the first time – stunning and gorgeous. Happy birthday.


18) As you blow the candles on your birthday cake, I want to tell you what a wonderful wife you make. Without you in my life, my heart would have bled. With you, I look forward to a wonderful life ahead. Happy birthday darling.


19) I didn’t know what to get for you on your birthday since I figured that diamonds would be too cheap and gold too common, when compared to a jewel like you. Happy birthday sweetie.


20) Before I met you, my life was a walk in the park – lazy and boring. After I met you, life became a spacewalk – awesome and simply out of this world. Happy birthday.

21) I considered myself a total misfit until I met you – my life partner and my perfect fit. Happy birthday.


22) If you really want to understand how much your birthday means for me, just listen to my heart after you blow the candles on your cake. It won’t be beating, it’ll be singing… Happy Birthday To You.


23) I don’t feel embarrassed in telling all my friends that you are in charge of my life. I feel lucky and proud to have a woman as hardworking and focused like you, as my wife. Happy birthday.


24) Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to say SORRY for all the fights and arguments, THANK YOU for all the sacrifices you’ve made and I LOVE YOU for everything that you mean to me. Happy birthday.


25) You are my life’s healing tonic. Without you, everything would be completely toxic. The rock solid support of a wife like you, is available only to a lucky few. Happy birthday.

26) On the day we shared our first kiss, I knew you were going to be my Mrs. Happy birthday darling.


27) As you blow the candles on your cake, please don’t make any wishes for me. In you, I’ve already got everything I could have ever wished for. Happy birthday.


28) On your finger the day I slid that ring, you made me fly by giving me wings. As radiant as the sun’s beams, you have always been the girl of my dreams. Happy birthday.


29) With you as my wife and the mother of my children, I wouldn’t have life any other way. My lifelong promise towards our marriage and family, is what I ceremonially renew again on your birthday.


30) You came, you saw and you conquered the rest of my life. I love you, happy birthday.

31) After many years of marriage and memories so sweet, even today when I see you my heart skips a beat. Happy birthday honey.


32) Heaps of years have gone by since the day we got married, but you still look as beautiful as the moment I saw you walking down the aisle. Happy birthday.


33) As the Queen of this home prepares to blow the candles on her cake, we all get together to thank her for all the sacrifices she makes. Happy birthday.


34) A birthday is incomplete without a toast, and here’s mine for you – As a mother, you’re the sweetest. As a woman, you’re the prettiest. As a wife, you’re the best. Happy birthday.


35) Even after all these years, every moment I am away from you, makes my heart feel dull and blue. Happy birthday.

36) The way you juggle everything is an amazing feat. You are the only reason why our family feels happy and complete. Happy birthday to the woman so beautiful, mom so loving and wife so sweet.


37) Your birthday party will whizz by in a jiffy, but I promise that the celebration of our love will last forever. Happy birthday.


38) Today, I promise to pamper you like a queen for the rest of your life, whether it is your birthday or not. xoxo


39) I am not going to take any selfies with you, because age hasn’t touched you and I don’t want to be the only one looking older. Happy birthday.


40) As long as I have you by my side there isn’t anything in the world that can stop me now. To a supportive wife and a beautiful life partner like you, I take a bow. Happy birthday.

The cutest way to wish your wife happy birthday through words. On her birthday show No need of Facebook to tell me about your birthday. It's written deep in.

Birthday Wishes for Wife

birthday wishes for wife on facebook

A friend's birthday is a perfect occasion to say how he or she is dear to us. Therefore, congratulations to him or her should be the most touching and unusual. Don't be shy to congratulate your friend brightly and emotionally. After all, a birthday is a special holiday. It gives the best impressions. We have made a selection of birthday wishes for the friend on Facebook. You need to spend only a few minutes to choose a text.

Happy birthday wishes for the friend on Facebook

Here you will find many unique birthday greetings for both male and female friends, for best friends and not so close ones.

  • Dear friend, today is your birthday! And I am glad to wish you health, which is strong as whiskey, cloudless life, and beautiful love. I want to say thank you for giving me support in the dark moments of my life. Your day is so happy for me. So be always the same fun, kind, ready to help in any difficult situation. Happy Birthday!
  • You know, we always appreciate those people who bring some mad things into our life. They are rash doings and spontaneous jokes. We always remember such situations. Thank you that you bring this madness into my life, I appreciate this a lot. Happy Birthday to you, my friend ever!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish a hundred reasons for happiness, a thousand reasons for fun, and a million opportunities for a carefree life. Stay who you are. Be free in thoughts, actions, and feelings. Live by the soul, dream by your heart, smile to your thoughts. Let life be a beautiful song. I appreciate our friendship!

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  • Dear friend! I wish you a fabulous celebration of your birthday, and may the whole next year be so happy! Good luck!
  • My dear friend! Life is complicated, but on your birthday, I wish you easiness in everything. Let your dreams come true. I wish you a lot of creative ideas and thoughts. I wish you to reach the heights and never fall. And let your beloved inspire you every day. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear friend! I wish you to choose the tastiest piece of a festive cake and always choose the best things in life with the same appetite! I wish you easy, productive days and fun, exciting weekend! Let your success exceed all expectations!
  • Hello! Today, one of my friends has a birthday, and if you don’t know who it could be, the bathroom mirror will allude you! And I want to wish this friend good health, success at work and in personal life, to remain always the same cheerful and kind person.
  • A birthday is not just a small number underlined in the calendar. It is the starting point, which is dividing life into "before" and "after." Many doubts and recklessness are left behind. The first hopes and the first offenses, victories, and retreats are in the past. But the main thing is what lies ahead. There is a long way to happiness. I wish you millions of rainy and sunny days, snowfall and rainbows, love and friendship. Just believe in your luck. And it will not let you down!
  • I know that I will never meet such friends as you. You are unique. Today I just want to tell you a few simple words. They are sincere, kind, just like you. They are worthy of you! Just be happy! And do not be afraid that luck will betray you. Just believe in yourself! And everything will work out! Never forget that this world loves you too!

Funny birthday wishes for friend

  • Dear friend, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish to celebrate it so that you do not remember where you are and realize that it was the best night of your life! Let the beer flow like a river. The number of girls around will be huge as the sea. The size of pockets with money will be so large as lakes. And the problems will be as small as the puddle!
  • Hey, friend! There is a terrible misfortune today. I deadly want to celebrate your birthday with you! What were we taught in childhood? Yes, our friends should help us. So wait for me! I will come with heavy artillery including alcohol and gifts. We will change the situation. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, dear! I wish your life was not a mincing machine and did not make mincemeat of you. And it was not a juicer and did not squeeze all the juice out of you. But let your life would be a cool shaker which will make excellent cocktails of love and happiness for you every day.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you to be mutton dressed as lamb for enemies and competitors. Be happy like cat Garfield for relatives and friends. Do wonders, like David Copperfield. Find the key to success by a wave of a magic wand like Harry Potter.
  • Happy Birthday! I confess that even small kittens may envy you in insane grace. Fluttering butterflies may adore your incredible magic. And wonderful raccoons will be completely upset when they see that you excel them in charm. But if you recount all your good qualities, then the world would not have enough animals for their description. I wish you happiness!
  • Each coin has two sides. So I want to wish you in the next year to learn how to combine such opposites as to fly on the wings of a dream and stand firmly on your feet, have a hundred friends and much more banknotes, laugh from rigours and cry from happiness. I wish you conquer the world and obey to love. Happy Birthday!

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Cute birthday wishes for best friends

  • With great pleasure, I want to wish you much health, love, happiness, and freedom in your dreams. Wish you eternal youth, original ideas, big success in everything you do! Happy birthday to you, my dear friend!
  • With all my heart I wish you to have many happy moments this day! Let all your dreams, hopes, and expectations come true. I wish you to have good health, strength to resist difficulties, big success in all your deals, and great happiness! Thank you for your being in my life! Happy birthday!
  • Amazing life will be your way, Forever, not only today. And let all your troubles disappear, And all your friends be always near!
  • One wise man said that a friend is the greatest wealth. In this case, I am richer than any person on this planet, because I have such a wonderful friend like you! So let me congratulate you, my friend, and say happy birthday! Let you will always have luck!
  • Do you know, my friend, how dear are you to me? I just cannot express it in words. Today is your birthday, and I would not be so happy even if it were my own birthday. Let the wish that you will make today come true as soon as possible!
  • I want to congratulate you! You are my best friend! Let your life path will be without barriers. I wish you loyal friends and a close-knit and loving family. May all your life plans be fulfilled.
  • With all my heart I wish you many happy returns of the day! Let all your fond dreams, hopes and expectations come true in your new year. I wish you always to have a cheerful mood, good health, strength to resist difficulties and patience, big success in all your dealings and great personal happiness! Thank you for the bright light you give me! Thank you for your being in this world! Happiness and good luck to you! Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on a wonderful day of your birth! Let every new day begins with a smile. Let all your cherished dreams come to life, and even the most ambitious plans will be realized.
  • I wish your life to be as vivid and exciting as a science fiction novel. Let bright moments and beautiful events accompany you every day. I wish you to meet your soul mate finally, a woman with whom you will live for many years in happiness and joy. May luck smile at you, and success always accompany in your hard moments. Congratulations!
  • My faithful friend was born on this beautiful sunny day. You taught me to trust, to open my heart to joy and fun. You gave me the most desired gift, and it was our friendship. What can I wish you? I wish great people like you to surround you!

Special birthday wishes

  • I wish my good friend a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead full of blessings and accomplishments.
  • Happy Birthday! Don’t count the age and the wrinkles you have. Count the stars and wonderful experiences you’ve had.
  • My best friend deserves the brightest sun, the freshest wind, the coolest stars, and the most amazing birthday party! Happy birthday to you!
  • Today is a special day because you are special. Have a wonderful birthday. Cheers!
  • There isn’t any word to express how happy I am staying with you here on your birthday. My wish is simple, be always happy and healthy!
  • I wish you a long and amazing life. I wish you great health and excellent results in all your dealings. Most importantly, I wish you happiness without measure every minute in your life. Be loved, be happy, enjoy every day!
  • Happy birthday my friend. I’ve never seen the day as bright as the sun and as fresh as the morning breeze, but today it is so because it is your birthday today.
  • I am sure there’re lots of beautiful moments in your heart. Hold them inside and enjoy this day and many others. Be always happy and smile as you always do!
  • Birthday girl, today’s your day! Time to eat cake, sing songs and play! There are so many ways to have birthday fun. Here’s hoping you get to do every one!
  • It was a pleasant thing for me to learn about your approaching birthday as it gives me the opportunity of adding my good wishes to those of your many colleagues. Your life has been so full of great achievements and well-earned successes that you must feel great satisfaction. Please accept my heartiest congratulations.
  • May this special day bring you endless joy and tons of precious memories! I want this day to be better than the previous ones. I wish you endless joy, passionate love and the most beautiful moments in life. Our friendship is priceless to me. Happy Birthday!

We have analyzed different birthday greetings and have chosen for you those you can please your friend on Facebook with. All you need is to select the appropriate greeting and then an exclusive, memorable, unusual and pleasant birthday surprise gift is ready!

Do not forget to congratulate your friend, even if you plan to meet him or her at the evening birthday party! Touching sincere words will please your friend for sure!

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birthday wishes for wife on facebook
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