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Bidal shower wishes to write in a card

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Bidal shower wishes to write in a card
March 09, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

Lots of free bridal shower card messages you can write in your card. Save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next bridal shower card.

Bridal or wedding showers are a great celebration of love and happiness. For the bride, having all her friends and family by her side to enjoy and celebrate the upcoming wedding is such a lovely event. It’s obviously a joyous time but can also help to settle any upcoming nerves she may have about the big day. Just being surrounded by all the most important people in your life who are so pleased to see you get married can be incredibly heart warming and reassuring. And we haven’t even mentioned the gifts yet!

A bridal shower usually means you give a gift to the bride or couple, and a gift mostly comes with a card. But knowing what to write or say in your card isn’t as simple as it might first seem. Bridal showers are different to a wedding so require different sorts of wishes and congratulations.

If you are finding the right words difficult to come by for your bridal shower card then try some of the examples below. You can copy them directly to your card or change them to fit the bride or couple they it is for.

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Bridal Shower Wishes

These bridal shower wishes are perfect for letting the bride or couple know know how excited you are for them and encouraging them for their special day.

  • We’re so excited for you! You’re going to be so happy together!
  • Can’t wait to see you in the big day! You’re going to look so beautiful in that amazing dress!
  • We’re so thrilled to be a part of your wedding! Best wishes
  • Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both. Wishing you all the best
  • I hope your big day is full of memorable and magical moments.
  • Wishing you the best for a happy marriage full of endless love
  • A beautiful wedding is just the beginning of a beautiful marriage!
  • May your marriage bring you a lifetime of happiness and special memories
  • This is just the beginning of your ‘happily ever after.’
  • Thank you for the invitation and to share this special event with you. I wish you the best on your upcoming wedding and am sure you’re going to be so happy
  • I’m so looking forward to the big day!
  • Married is such a huge step but I’m certain you’ve found the perfect soulmate. Enjoy all the excitement!
  • I hope all of your wedding plans come together smoothly, and that you two are able to enjoy your last few weeks of engagement.
  • Watching you walk down the aisle is going to be so perfect, I can’t wait!
  • You’re so lucky to have found that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. Have a wonderful day

Bridal Shower Wishes for Family

If the shower is for a family member then you can make it very personal, perhaps recounting an anecdote. Be less formal and really express your feelings towards them.

  • Tickled pink and fuzzy inside that my daughter is going to be a bride! Congratulations!
  • Let me know if I can help with any wedding preparations. I know that sometimes you might need someone to help who will listen to you and respect your wishes.
  • Awaiting the day to see my beautiful daughter draped in white lace from head to toe. My how you’ve grown into such a beautiful, young lady! Congratulations.
  • I can’t quite believe my sister is actually getting married! I’m so pleased for you and know you’re going to be happy and in love for eternity
  • Congratulations to my beautiful sister. I could not be happier or more proud of you.
  • You two are living proof that soulmates do exist. Congratulations
  • Congratulations, soon-to-be-Mrs! I can’t wait to see you start this next chapter in your life with an incredible guy
  • May you grow together and always find new ways to love and support each other.
  • I can’t believe you’re getting remarried Mom! But know that I’ll be there to support you a the way and am so glad to see you fall in love again

Bridal Shower Wishes for Friends

Most bridal showers you attend will be friends of yours. So having a card and message for them is important.

  • I still remember you the day you two met and fell in love. It’s amazing to see you both have found true happiness. Wishing you a truly special day
  • I can’t believe how much time has flown by! It just feels like yesterday we were both at school, and now you’re getting married! I know how happy you’re going to be though and can’t wait for the big day
  • The big day is almost here! Wishing you so much happiness and if you need any help just ask!
  • Congratulations on finding that special guy. Have a wonderful life together
  • You couldn’t have found a better person to share your life with! Wishing you both so much happiness
  • May you and your husband be blessed in your marriage by the blending of your friends and family!
  • Congratulations to my best friend! I am so happy to see you experience the joy of getting married
  • Kiss every day, laugh often, and never stop being friends. You two were made for each other.
  • Congratulations on finding your perfect mate! Wishing you, my best friend, and your new spouse the best on your upcoming day.

Funny Bridal Shower Messages

A funny message is a great way to make the bride it couple smile on their bridal shower. If they’ve got a good sense of humour then including a witty or funny message could be a great tension easer.

  • You’re one of the lucky ones who got a great guy. If you changer your mind before the wedding, send him my way. Just kidding!
  • Bridal showers are good for letting you know how well the ladies of each family will get along!
  • May your wedding be almost as beautiful as you!
  • If you didn’t go through the stress of planning a wedding, then how could you be prepared for the challenges that marriage will bring?
  • I’m glad that bridal showers are a tradition. Otherwise, brides might stink on their wedding day!
  • They say opposites attract – If that’s the case this marriage could last for a very long time. Best wishes.
  • Congratulations! It’s a boy! And he’s going to be your husband soon!
  • Congratulations! May you forever stay consciously coupled.

Lots of free bridal shower card messages you can write in your card. Save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next bridal shower card.

Exactly What to Write in a Bridal Shower Card

bidal shower wishes to write in a card

Everyone knows that weddings necessitate special cards, but what about bridal showers?

Bridal showers are a nice way to celebrate the bride before the wedding while showering her with gifts for the home and for the impending wedding.

It’s a common misconception that a wedding is all about the bride; rather, it’s all about the bride and groom! Bridal showers are about the bride, and she does deserve her own day to be celebrated, no?

>Bridal Shower Card Messages

Picking the perfect card for a special occasion is crucial in creating that perfect moment, but what happens if you can find any cards with bridal shower card messages that you’re looking for? You make one or buy a blank and write in your very own bridal shower card messages!

Making cards by hand is more for the crafty and scrapbook-handy. If this is not you, then simply buy a blank with a nice design on the cover.

Here are a few tips to help you figure out what to fill that card with:

  • Congratulations: Um, there’s a wedding coming up, she found the one so a congratulations is definitely in order!
  • Positive thoughts: Bridal shower card messages should always be happy, uplifting, and positive thoughts or words. Never air dirty laundry in a card.
  • Advice: Give constructive advice for the bride’s wedding day such as “have a drink before the wedding to calm your nerves, but never two!”
  • Old picture: If you have a really good throwback picture of you and the bride, or even you and the groom, make sure a print of it makes its way into the card! She’ll love it.

Chances are, if you are family you know the bride pretty well, so you have a good idea as to what would touch her heart or make her laugh. So as long as the message isn’t offensive to her in any way, then it’s a good one to write.

Example Card Messages

Here are a few example bridal shower card messages that are great for family to write to the bride:

  • Tickled pink and fuzzy inside that my daughter is going to be a bride! Congratulations!
  • Awaiting the day to see my beautiful daughter draped in white lace from head to toe. My how you’ve grown into such a beautiful, young lady! Congratulations.
  • As the wedding date gets nearer, we are here to celebrate you, bride! Congratulations on finding the right one!
  • You are such a lucky lady to meet such a handsome, well-mannered gentleman! Looking forward to watching you two tie the knot. Congrats!
  • I am honored to be a part of your wedding! We have the best bridal party with the most beautiful bride, just sayin’. Congratulations to you, dearest sister!
  • I could always see how happy your Mr. Right made you. You two are truly a match made in heaven. Congratulations, I can’t wait for the big day!
  • Seeing your smile so big and bright, I just know he’s worth it. Congratulations, may your smile be this big and bright forever!
  • A million words can be summed up in two: “I do.” I cannot wait to hear you make the biggest promise of a lifetime.

When giving a gift for a bridal shower, cards can make all the difference in how she remembers the occasion. Never forget to give a card, especially if you’re family!

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Bridal Shower Card Messages & Wishes

bidal shower wishes to write in a card

Looking for some awesome bridal shower wishes to wish the bride well? We’ll you’ve come to the right place. You will find unique and one of a kind wedding shower wishes here. We’ve written these sayings for you because we know how hard it is to write your own. If you choose to write your own, hopefully these will inspire you and give you ideas.

Below you will find our messages for a great wedding to come and a great life afterward for the bride and groom. You may find you like more than one message. Why not combined them to make a longer wish?

  • Life takes us on these twists and turns and we sometimes feel lost and lonely. It is when we find someone we can share our everythings with that we know we are blessed. You are blessed.
    Wedding Blessings

  • Congratulations on this life changing event. May your lives be rich with things that matter.
    What To Write In A Wedding Card

  • So happy to hear its your time to tie the knot with your man. You both will definitely live happily ever after!
    Wedding Wishes

  • We know that weddings can be a hassel, but thats only if you stress about the unimportant things and forget why you are getting married in the first place.
    Wedding Phrases

  • Continue to love, laugh and be the kind of person you want your spouse to be after the wedding. Don't let life lead you off track.
    Wedding Card Messages

  • To two people who were meant to be right from the start. May this only be the beginning of your love story. 
    Wedding Toasts

  • Your engagement set the tone, for this love to continue to bloom. After the wedding when you can calm, Connected lives will then presume.
    Wedding Poems

  • Treat your wedding like it is the stepping stone to something greater. Just don't go broke stepping over it!
    Wedding Quotes

  • With all the steps we take before we can get to the marriage part, we can sometimes feel like a piece on a game board. Don't lose sight of what you will win when you get to the finish line. There is nothing like the start of your marriage to bring two people together as one.
    Marriage Quotes

  • May the lives you share today be intertwined in many blessings from now until the day you depart.
    Irish Wedding Toast

  • A bridal shower is so much fun, Gives us a chance to celebrate you. Before you know it you'll be hitched to your dream, no longer alone but connected by love so true.
    Bridal Shower Poems

  • He popped the question and now its time to share your vows with each other. Remember those vows are your everlasting bond. Treasure them, and treasure each other.
    Wedding Vows

  • Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. How exciting it must be to anticipate such a wonderful event.
    Engagement Wishes

  • Love is so exciting, especially when a commitment like this is involved. Take your love to a new level.
    Love Sayings

  • This is your new start, just like when we celebrate a new year! Enjoy your new year together.
    New Year Wishes

  • May your you never lose yourself,
    May you grow in love and life,
    May you learn from your mistakes,
    All the while enjoying every moment of this next adventure.
    Irish Blessing Quote

  • I couldn't be happier for you on such a special day. May this only be the beginning of your happiness.
    Wedding Speeches

  • Oh how the marriage I want for you,
    To feel nothing like an animal caged in a zoo.
    But to feel like a wife who is wanted and loved,
    A relationship so close, it will fit like a glove.
    Marriage Poems

  • On the day you recite your vows to the man of your dreams, I hope you hold on to that feeling of being able to bare your soul to the one you love. Never let go of that feeling and never stop telling him how you feel about him!
    Marriage Vows

  • In just a few days now you will be waking up beside your one true love and be able to say good morning every morning from then on.
    Good Morning Wishes

  • Many wishes from us to you,
    On such a special day.
    Take this moment and see it for what it is,
    A new life, a new family, a new way.
    Marriage Wishes

  • I'm so proud of you for taking your time, living your younger years with no pressure from the outside world and really getting to know yourself. I can honestly say that you are ready for this next adventure.  Make it a great one!

  • Your getting hitched! So excited for you! Can’t wait to see the bride and groom as man and wife!

  • Taking the plunge into married bliss is a wonderful and exciting adventure. And more so, an adventure that you will walk hand and hand in together and forever.

  • Becoming someone's wife is a glorious event! Especially when it to someone you love and know will make you happy.

  • You are going to be a beautiful bride, and a wonderful wife. _________ is the luckiest man in the world to be making you his wife.

  • We are just so incredibly happy for you and your groom. May your life together be everything and more than you hope it will be.

  • Its your time now to walk the marriage threshold and become the wife and possibly the mother that you've always wanted to be.

  • A bride you are going to be,
    So sweet and beautiful.
    May you always be happy and love,
    Never feeling undutiful.
    Julie Hebert

  • When someone is getting married, this is an exciting time for them and also can be a stressful time. When you are sending your wishes, why not offer to help with the wedding in some way. It may be something as simple as offering to bring breakfast on the morning of. Or offering to help put together the favors. Brides to be, especially those that want to do the ‘do it yourself weddings’ need all the help they can get, so when you’re attending the bridal shower, sending a little help available messages can be a great gift.

    We hope these bridal shower wishes have been helpful to you and you are free to use them however you decide they will be of assistance to you. Using them in a congratulations card or to help decorate the shower or maybe even as part of your home made gift, we hope they will be of some use.


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    Best Wishes | Wishes | Quotes, Phrases and Sayings | Poem | Toasts, Speeches And Vows |

    A selection of joyous wedding shower card messages to help inspire you with the right words are provided below. These have been used by.

    Ideas to Write Wishes on a Bridal Shower Card

    bidal shower wishes to write in a card

    Granddaughter Bridal or Wedding Shower Pink Paraso…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: May every wonderful thing be yours and all of your wedding dreams come true as you’re showered with love and attention today and wished a long and happy lifetime, too!
    Artist: Penny Cork
    Artist Notes: Celebrate an exciting time in your granddaughter's life with this whimsical bridal shower card that features cute and classic pink parasols, hearts and bows. A sweet way to offer your best wishes for happiness. Add to, or change, the inside message to make this card your own.
    Product Id: 927389

    Granddaughter Bridal Shower, Bride-to-Be, Wedding …

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: ... a wish that you’ll always stay as happy as you are today! CONGRATULATIONS!
    Artist: *Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: Your Granddaughter is a very special Bride-to-Be. That's why you need this beautiful Bridal Shower card to send her your congratulations and good wishes. She will certainly like to receive this blue and white card from you before the wedding.
    Product Id: 205822

    Granddaughter, Bridal Shower, Pink Daisy card

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: To a special Granddaughter, Warmest wishes and blessings to you for a wonderful wedding day and a happy & bright future together.
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: Customization and tweaking of designs for your needs available at NO CHARGE. Inside of card is changeable by you.
    Product Id: 683004

    Granddaughter Bridal Shower, Wedding Dress & Roses…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: Wishing you a lifetime of love, to fill your heart always. Congratulations!
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: This is the wonderful and elegant design you need to wish the best to your Granddaughter on her Bridal Shower day. A beautiful illustration of a long wedding dress with a green ribbon with a rose next to more pink roses with leaves, all on a violet background.
    Product Id: 683078

    Bridal Shower Congratulations Granddaughter Tulips…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: Thinking of you with love and wishing you every happiness at this very important and exciting time in your life, congratulations.
    Artist: Cathie Richardson
    Artist Notes: A bridal shower greeting card for a special granddaughter decorated with lavender mauve tulip flowers painted in watercolor on a white background. You can change the inside message to fit your needs.
    Product Id: 1244970

    Granddaughter, Bridal Shower, Pink Umbrella, Heart…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: Wishing you showers of love, happiness, and blessings as you prepare for your special wedding day!
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: A pink umbrella is sheltering the message for your granddaughter. This cute card will surely bring happiness to her as she prepares for her special wedding day as the bride to be!
    Product Id: 683037

    Granddaughter Bridal Shower with Presents on Blue …

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: Each day, may you open tender gifts of love and joy. Congratulations!
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: Two big blue presents with a silver ribbon, all below cute typography and on a light-blue background with some polka dots. Your Granddaughter will be delighted to receive this beautiful card about her Bridal Shower.
    Product Id: 683130

    Granddaughter Bridal Shower, Wedding Cake, Umbrell…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: May showers of blessings fall upon you today and all your tomorrows!
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: Customization and tweaking of designs for your needs available at NO CHARGE. Inside of card is changeable by you.
    Product Id: 683150

    Bridal Shower for Granddaughter, Umbrella and Hear…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: May all your wishes come true!
    Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster
    Artist Notes: This is a beautiful bridal shower card for your granddaughter's bridal shower. The pink, white and light gray card features an umbrella and heart-shaped raindrops with the message handlettered in calligraphy "Showering love and joy for you Granddaughter - May all your wishes come true!" � 2013 Teri Nelson Kuster
    Product Id: 1058347

    Granddaughter Bridal Shower Silhouette, Christmas …

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: May showers of happiness fill your wedding day, and may a lifetime of love fill your heart with warmth. Wishing you joy on your Bridal Shower and always!
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: A wedding dress silhouette with a green ribbon next to a poinsettia. What a beautiful card to wish the best to your Granddaughter on her Bridal Shower this Christmas.
    Product Id: 646064

    Granddaughter Bridal Shower Dress Silhouette Teal …

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: Wishing you a lifetime of love to fill your heart always. Congratulations!
    Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
    Artist Notes: Your granddaughter will love this pretty teal bridal shower card. A dress silhouette with pretty swirls fills the front of the card with a pink rose. So pretty to wish congratulations to your granddaughter!
    Product Id: 1513692

    Bouquet - Granddaughter Bridal Shower card

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: Happy Bridal Shower!
    Artist: � Diana Ting Delosh
    Artist Notes: Bouquet -Granddaughter � Diana Ting Delosh. Ink & watercolor of lilies, roses and daisies tied with a blue ribbon - Lovely for sending a granddaughter happy Bridal shower wishes.
    Product Id: 1370880

    Bridal Shower for Granddaughter, Lily of the Valle…

    Customize: Inside text only
    Inside Text: May your special day be everything you wished for, and more With all our love
    Artist: Cisillia Tay
    Artist Notes: To a granddaughter for her bridal shower. This design features bluebells and lily of the valley flowers drawn in black and white. A lady in her bridal gown stands above the greeting, surrounded by the florals. Two frames in different shades of grey fill the edges of the card.
    Product Id: 1578070

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    Bridal shower wishes and messages: Sweet, religious, inspiring and funny bridal shower messages, texts and card messages to congratulate the bride.

    bidal shower wishes to write in a card
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