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Best wishes for your operation
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One of the best ways to do this is with a thoughtful get well card. It allows you to write a message and let the person know you're thinking of.

Want a present to wish good luck at hospital or for an operation? We have some great Get Well Soon gifts to send your message or prayers to a friend and loved one who is unwell and to wish them a speedy recovery from surgery

Did you know that, at one time, it was believed that if someone had some sort of illness, they could be cured by placing them on the beach when the tide was coming in? When the water receded, it was thought that the waves would carry away their sickness.

Speedy recovery wishes – get well soon!

Nowadays, this might sound strange, but lots of the “old cures” had some sort of logic behind them – even if that logic was simply a strong BELIEF that the designated cure would work. A lot of people have faith in their religion, and religious-based gifts wishes and prayers are as strong today as they’ve ever been.

Sending you all my thoughts and prayers

We have a range of such gifts in our shop to pass on your prayers and Get Well Soon wishes including a lot of  CHRISTIAN GIFTS OF FAITH  that are frequently given to wish a speedy recovery from illness, before surgery or after an operation in hospital.

The presents in our shop are gifts with real meaning, so whether you are looking for a small Get Well gift or one of a more religious nature like the Guardian Angel necklace above, for example, we can help.

See some  GET WELL SOON GIFTS for HOSPITAL visit or OPERATION  in our shop online

Wish good luck on your surgery – the old way

Ancient beliefs (some religious, others not) and lucky charms and talismans still form a part of our lives – even for people who are not very superstitious or religious. For example, how many people still say “Bless You” when someone sneezes. According to an article in Britain’s Guardian Newspaper, this custom goes back to more superstitious times when a sneeze was believed to separate the soul from the body. To prevent the devil stealing the soul, Bless You was said to release the soul from Satan’s clutches and return it to its rightful owner. More concretely, it is said to come from the time of the Great Plague: As sneezing was one of the first symptoms and it was thought likely that person would die, “God bless you” was a suitable thing to say . . possibly in the hope that God’s intervention could save them.

But whatever someone’s beliefs, little gifts to friends and loved ones can pass on feelings and sentiments and encourage people to get well. The power of the mind (and of love) to heal the body is well-known, and what better way to express your love and concern for a friend or loved-one than with a small Get Well Gift to lift their mood.

Send a message to a friend before her surgery

See some  INSPIRATIONAL JEWELLERY  to pass on good luck wishes before surgery in our store.

Do you know someone who could benefit from a special little gift to encourage them to get well?

It is believed that a Get Well Soon gift for a friend or loved-one to pass on Good Luck wishes for an Operation / Surgery at the Hospital, really CAN help, and aid speedy recovery from illness too


Guardian Angel necklace

I'm glad to hear your surgery went well and that you're resting up. Take good Take good care of yourself and best wishes for a quick and easy recovery. —.

20 Get Well Wishes Before Surgery

best wishes for your operation

147 Get Well Soon Messages and Images

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Wish them a speedy recovery by choosing the perfect get well wishes from our collection of over a hundred get well soon messages. Whether you send it in a get well soon card, a hand-written letter, sms text message or email, get well messages will help boost the spirit of your friends and loved ones who are ill. Our thoughts and emotions have a significant impact on one’s ability to get better soon. Putting a smile on someone’s face and touching their heart with your thoughtful get well soon wishes will help speed up their road to recovery. Here you will find a variety of ways to wish someone a speedy a recovery. In addition to all sorts of different get well soon messages for friends and loved ones, you will also find funny get well wishes and get well soon images. How will you say to them “I hope you feel better soon”?


Get Well Wishes


  • Hurry up, bounce back and sparkle like the star that you are. Get well soon.
  • I hope you’re feeling better, I hope you feel fine, I hope you heal so quickly, cause you’re always in my mind.
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Wishing someone speedy recovery

Get Well Wishes: What to Write in a Get Well Card

best wishes for your operation

Going in for surgery isn’t a thought that many people relish; an experience that is usually the treatment for a medical problem, bad enough by itself. Going ‘under the knife’, whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons, is always going to be quite the daunting experience. There are risks to take into consideration, alongside recovery times. A patient going in for surgery is a patient who could really use a friend right now.

If you are that friend (or relative), holding hands through your BFF or sister’s surgery, putting their mind to ease when they are worried is part of the job. That’s what friends are for, right? To hold your hand through the bad times, and make you laugh occasionally too?

Here are a few things that you could say or text to your friend or relative going in for surgery, to put their mind at ease and make them feel more comfortable:

20 Get Well Wishes Before Surgery

1 – Hello, dear friend, I hope you are doing okay. I know that today is a big day for you, but I’m here for you on the other side. I’ll feed you grapes and read you magazines, and I’ll assist you to the bathroom if necessary. Friends are meant to be there for you to lean on when times get a little tough, so, in the words of Bill Withers, you can “lean on me”.

2 – I know you’re scared today. It’s a scary thing that’s happening. But you’ll be just fine, I know it. And I’ll be right here to make you laugh when you wake up. Just think of it like this: the operation you have today will stop all of those troubles that you had before. Life will be so much better once you’re fully recovered. Take it slow, take it steady, and always remember that I’m here.

3 – Today will be over before you know it. We’ll be laughing and joking, causing mischief, in the blink of an eye. What you’re going through today? It’s just a brief moment in time compared to all the amazing times we’re going to have when you’re all better. Love you, friend. See you on the other, BETTER side.

4 – You might not see me there. You might not even know that I’m there at all today, but I will be, every step of the way. Surgery is scary, but I’ll hold your hand. It’s frightening, but I’ll be there when you wake up, with a smile on my face and kind eyes to see you through. I hope your surgery goes well today. See you when you wake up!

5 – When today gets too much to bear, just imagine yourself at home. Imagine yourself relaxing on the couch, cup of tea in hand, favourite Disney movie on the TV. I’ll run around after you, bringing you cups of tea aplenty, and making sure you have all the chocolate you need to see you through. Dear friend, it’ll be a big day, but I promise I’ll be right here waiting for you.

6 – I know you didn’t want people to know but I could see that you were scared. I could sense that you were worried about today. I could feel that you really needed me. I hope your surgery goes as well as can be expected today, and that your recovery time is short and sweet, but whatever you need, just give me a call. I’ll be right there in a flash!

7 – With all the breakups we’ve been through together, you’d think that a little bit of surgery would be a walk in the park. What’s a bit of minor surgery when you’ve had your heart broken a hundred times over? We made it through all of those bad days and breakups, and we’ll make it through today. I’ve got your back, Bestie, get better soon!

8 – I’ve always believed that a little bit of positivity will see you through the bad days and today, I’m sending all of my positive vibes to you. I hate the thought of you going through surgery, being scared, or having to worry about a thing, but you’re in safe hands, with good doctors, and you should be reassured that you’re getting the best care that you can. I’ll be here when you need me, no matter how long or short the recovery period might be. Get yourself back, fightin’ fit. We’ve got some mischief to make!

9 – How about you relax today, your surgery day, and I’ll take care of all the worrying? You heard the doctors – they’ve done this procedure a hundred time or more. You just need to put your faith in them, close your eyes, and wake up with everything better than it was when you first went to sleep. Good luck in there! I’ll be here to make you smile after it all!

10 – It’s normal to feel worried about surgery, and I want you to know that you can relay all of your fears and worries to me. If I can soothe your worries, I will. If I can find answers to your questions, I’ll do just that. If you need a cup of tea, a glass of water, coffee, something to eat, or just another new magazine to read, I’ll go grab it. This is the one time you are allowed to ‘milk it’, dear friend, so go ahead. Let me take the slack for a while.

11 – They should come up with a vow for friends, something that goes along the marriage-lines of, “in sickness and in health.” We might have made such vows to each other, but as a friend, I’m certainly here every step of the way today. If you need me, I’ll hold your hand. If you need to cry, I’ll wipe your tears away. I know it’s probably pointless telling you not to worry, but you really shouldn’t. You’ll be just fine. I know you will. I hope it all goes well for you!

12 – There’s a good chance that you’ll recover from this surgery feeling just a fraction of the pain and suffering that you felt before, so you should think of today as a GOOD thing, and not a BAD or SCARY one. The recovery time will be short and sweet, over in the blink of an eye, and then you’ll be right back on your feet again, doing what it is you do so well – putting a smile on the faces of others. For just today, though – surgery day – how about you let me put the smile on your face? I’ll miss you, buddy, get well soon!

13 – I know you don’t need me to tell you how brave, strong, or determined you are, but I just want you to know that I know all of those things about you. I also know that today will be just fine. You’re strong enough to recover from your surgery, and to make life bigger and better on the other side. Whatever happens, whether you need me to lend a hand or not, I’ll be right there. Love you, dude, I hope the docs fix you!

14 – Surgery is just around the corner, we’re counting down the hours, minutes, seconds. I know it’s big and scary, but I’m not worried. The medical professionals know what they’re doing, and I truly believe that God is looking over you. I’m waiting right here, desperately checking my phone every five minutes for the text to say you’re back out again. Just think of it as a long nap. (Some of wish for a nap like that!) Keep safe, stay well, everything will soon be better again.

15 – Thank goodness for modern medicine. Without it, you wouldn’t be waiting to have surgery today, although, I’m sure you’d rather be doing anything but that. Just imagine how much better your life could be when you wake up, and how happily you’ll live once you’re done with your recovery. A scary today means a brighter tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what adventures come our way.

16 – I just thought I would send you a little message to let you know that I’m really going to enjoy annoying you, making you laugh at inappropriate times, and probably saying entirely the wrong thing, over the next few days and weeks. However long it takes to recover; that’s how long I’ll be right by your side. Surgery is a big deal, no matter how ‘minor’ they say it is. It’s time for me to be the annoying one for a change … 😝

17 – Sometimes, life will test us. It will send us sadness and pain, some of which we can fix and put right, some of which we can’t. It will send us obstacles and battles, things that bring us down as much as things that lift our spirits. I imagine that today is both something that brings you up and also brings you down. Surgery isn’t fun. It’s definitely not the top of our ‘fun’ list. What happens after, however; that’s fun. You’ll get better, the sickness and pain of your previous problems shed. It’s gonna be quite the ride. Get ready to buckle in!

18 – I wanted to write something super hilarious to you today, but I didn’t want to run the risk of you reading it AFTER your surgery and then poppin’ out a stitch! Just know that I’m here for you, whatever you need, and I wish you the easiest and speediest of recoveries. Get well soon!

19 – Hey, dear friend! I hope you get well very soon. I’ve got lots of,life to live and I’m hoping you’ll be down for the ride. Just remember; if ever need surgery, you’ve got to be there to help me recover too. I’m just playing, but I do wish all the very best for today. I’ll see you on the other side — life is about to get a whole load better!

20 – Thankfully, friend, the person doing your surgery today is much better than I ever was at playing the game, Operation. Do you remember that game? Well, when you’re awake and I’m the other side, on your road to recovery, let’s say we grab that game and play it? In fact, let’s say that we do a lot of things together. Let’s make a list. I’ll see you soon, friend, and I’m sending all of my positive thoughts and wishes to you.

Check out our best get well soon quotes, messages, and more. get well wishes after surgery, or funny get well wishes to lift spirits, we have.

147 Get Well Soon Messages and Images

best wishes for your operation

The best get well soon messages
for your girlfriend

Looking for get well soon best messages ? Medical science has produced many medicines, but there is no cure more powerful than love, so if your girlfriend is sick you should help her heal, for example you can devote romantic get well soon phrases to her.

Simple messages of prompt improvement for your girlfriend, full of all your love, will be an effective medicine that will keep you in high spirits and with a desire to recover as soon as possible. So , it would be a nice detail to dedicate her the best get well soon messages.

In this section you can find a collection of nice get well soon messages for your girlfriend and you can dedicate her all you want, thought SMS or social networks.

Send beautiful get well soon phrases for my girlfriend

– “Sweetie, I hope you get well soon. Do not worry that while you are a little sick, I will pamper you more than ever. “
Category: Get well soon messages for a girlfriend

– “I love you, my princess and I want to see you healed completely. Be patient and strictly follow the Doctor’s instructions. “
Category: Get well soon messages for a girlfriend

– “Honey, I know it is not easy to deal with such a disease, but be assured that in a short time you will get through all this. Cheer up!”
Category: Get well soon messages for a girlfriend

– “You are in poor health and I will take care of you because I love you and what I most want is that you will get well soon. Do not lose faith, my Queen! “
Category: Get well soon messages for a girlfriend

– “My love, at any time the medications you are using will begin to take effect and you will be fully recovered, you will see.”
Category: Get well soon messages for a girlfriend

Sweet get well soon quotes for Her

– “Your health is not going well, but I hope that soon you will be fine again. Have faith, my beloved. “
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

– “Do not worry, my Queen, that the difficult moments you have now , will soon pass. Now you must rest and not distress, remember that I love you very much.”
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

– “My love, my only wish at this moment is that you recover soon, so it could return your great smile of which I am in love.”
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

– “You are beautiful when you are healthy and when you are sick. I love you and I will take care of you with all my love; May you will recover soon. “
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

– “I leave this message loaded with my best wishes for you. I hope you heal soon, my love. “
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

– “You are not in good health and now we who love you will be by your side pending your evolution. My princess, I hope you get well and everything goes back to normal. “
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

– “I would like to be the one who is sick because I cannot bear to see you in this situation, but I can only pray to heaven to recover your health.”
Category: Get well soon quotes for Her

Cute get well wishes to my love

– “I know you do not like medications, but they are necessary for you to fight the infection that you have and so you are healthy again. I love you!”
Category: Get well wishes to my love

– “The ailments you have are temporary, soon you will be fine. Think of how nice this love is and your pains will be replaced by joys. “
Category: Get well wishes to my love

– “Sweetie, I want you to smile even if you feel bad and have good spirits so that your recovery is faster than we expect.”
Category: Get well wishes to my love

– “I am the one who loves you, in health or illness, and I will always be with you, my princess. May you be well soon! “
Category: Get well wishes to my love

– “I wish that you can get well really soon and that this disease would be part of the past. Blessings, love!”
Category: Get well wishes to my love

– “You are a very strong girl and you will overcome this disease. I love you very much and I promise to take care of you at every moment. “
Category: Get well wishes to my love

Your girlfriend will have a great smile when receiving your romantic get well soon words and she will feel much better. Keep an eye on her and remember that here you can always find the sweetest love phrases to dedicate.

Send beautiful texts
before a surgery

We should be more conscious about how important it is to maintain a good health as it allows us to do all the things we like most and lead a normal life. However, realizing that when someone close to us or even ourselves, are going through a health problem.

If one of your friends or family is going to have surgery very soon, then you must encourage him and wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery. On the next few lines we offer you some texts you can use.

Accompany that person in this difficult moment of their life by sharing one of the following texts through social networks or text messages.

The best cute words before a surgery

– “The procedure that you are going to undergo today is very common, you only need to keep up your good spirits so that you can have a quick recovery. I will ask God for everything to go perfect! “
Category: Phrases before a surgery

– “You are a brave woman who has fought against the disease that afflicts you and the time has come to give battle one more time. Know that God will always be with you and we will all accompany you. “
Category: Phrases before a surgery

– “Feeling a little fear is normal, but do not worry too much because everything is going to turn out ok, remember that the Lord accompanies you. I wish you a speedy recovery! “
Category: Phrases before a surgery

– “Imagine that everything will turn out well and you will be in your home in no time with the people you love most and you will see that you will feel much calmer. May God bless you! I hope to see you soon!”
Category: Phrases before a surgery

– “I have always admired your courage and the gift you have to cheer other people even when you are going through difficult moments. I know that everything will go well, so go ahead, we are all here with you.”
Category: Phrases before a surgery

Download feel better wishes

– “I also went through a surgery this year and although the recovery process is always a little hard, I know that you will recover and that soon you will be back here with all of us, with the joy that characterizes you. I wish you all the best!”
Category: Feel better wishes

– “Do not be afraid and do not feel alone because we are all here with you and we ask God to give you strength and let everything turn out as planned. It will be a matter of time for you to be like new “
Category: Feel better wishes

– “You have battled well against the disease, which is why I know that you will come out victorious from that surgery. I send you all my good vibes and wish you the very best! “
Category: Feel better wishes

– “Imagine yourself at home, recovering from surgery and then doing all the things you love so much. Everything is going to turn out great, so have keep up your spirits and God will accompany you. “
Category: Feel better wishes

– “For God there is nothing impossible, which is why I know that your surgery will go great and that you will recover soon, with your spirits up and very strong. Remember we are all here with you!”
Category: Feel better wishes

– “I want to tell you that I am with you in this difficult time of your life, and I want to remind you that you are a very strong man and that you will be able to recover quickly from your surgery. Keep your spirits up! “
Category: Feel better wishes

We hope that the person who is going to undergo surgery very soon gets to recover quickly and that he carries on with his life. Come back soon for many more texts suitable for any occasion.

Nice comforting
words before surgery

It is perfectly normal for people to become nervous before having an operation. Thus it is necessary for people about to have surgery to count with the emotional support of their families and also their friends.

Surgical intervention may be simple but sometimes suddenly very complicated, but if people have company and the appreciation of their families they may feel more at ease and more peaceful. Do you want to write a note to a partner or a close relative prior to their surgery?

In this post we will give you the best phrases to cheer someone up before an operation. Send these phrases through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp and send all the encouragement and good luck to the person who will soon be subjected to an operation.

Download wish you quick recovery

– “Do not worry, everything will go perfect, you are a very strong man who still has many years to live, I wish you the best recovery and that you may be like as if nothing happened soon.”
Category :Quick recovery wishes

– “Look to the future with enthusiasm and positivity, this intervention will help you get back your wellbeing, have no worries dear friend, this is the first step to have a good health.”
Category :Quick recovery wishes

– “Almost everyone at some point in their lives has to undergo surgery, and this time it is your turn, all of us who appreciate you have the assurance that your surgery will go well and that in no time you will recover.”
Category :Quick recovery wishes

– “During your surgery you will be asleep and you will not feel a thing, but when you wake up all the people who love you and appreciate you will be right by your side cheering you up so that you have a fast recovery, God bless you dear friend.”
Category :Quick recovery wishes

– “Allowing this disease to continue its course is a serious mistake, it’s for the best that you decided to take the surgical intervention which will help you improve your health so you can fully enjoy life.”
Category :Quick recovery wishes

– “Many blessings on your operation dear friend, I know that surgery is a complicated thing for all of us and that it is always a source of stress, but God will help you and everything will go perfect.”
Category :Quick recovery wishes

Beautiful ways to wish someone a speedy recovery

– “Your intervention will help you get rid of the disease that is currently invading your body, be sure you will be as good as new very soon and so will be able to do the things you like the most.”
Category :Speedy recovery wishes

– “The Doctors are experts in these operations so do not worry, your intervention is easy and in just a few days you will be ready to go home and enjoy the company of your family.”
Category :Speedy recovery wishes

– “The only thing left for you to do is trust the Doctor’s hand and pray to God to help you for a successful operation and a quick recovery.”
Category :Speedy recovery wishes

– “I know that you want to feel good in order to meet your many dreams, have great faith that after your operation you will be able to accomplish everything you want.”
Category :Speedy recovery wishes

– “You must be very happy that your illness has a cure, I desire from the bottom of my heart that your operation results in the best and that you recover is as quick as it can be.”
Category :Speedy recovery wishes

We hope you liked some of these before surgery messages so they you can help encourage that person whether it is a family member or a friend that is going to undergo surgery.

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Take good care of yourself and best wishes for a quick and easy recovery. ------ Thank God that your heart surgery went successfully. Here's wishing you all the.

best wishes for your operation
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