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Advance wishes for engagement
March 13, 2019 Anniversary Wishes for Wife 4 comments

So they finally married. Wish them a life of marital bliss.

Weddings must be one of the most cheerful occasions ever because people really come out looking their best. But I think weddings are mostly special for the bride and groom, because on their big day they get to become the main center of attention. Sending someone an advanced wedding wish can be a precautionary measure because the likelihood of them seeing your message on their special day is almost slim to none. Your message won’t be any less special because you sent it earlier. Just send them a wish you know will put a smile on their face, you can choose from the ones below:

Early Wedding Wishes and Congratulations in Advance

  • You don’t know how happy I was when I heard you are getting married; I wish you a lifetime of smiles and love. I can’t wait to be part of your wedding!
  • A few more days and then you’ll be married. You were made for each other and I’m really happy to be a witness at your wedding!
  • Marriage brings bliss and happiness all through its experience. May all the love and pleasure that marriage brings always rest in your heart Amen. Happy Marriage life in advance.

Congratulations! Best Wishes.


  • Love, peace, and happiness are the ingredients that make life enjoyable; these are my wishes for you in your marriage and throughout your life on earth. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Your marriage shall be a blessing to your children surrounding the table. Nothing shall be lacked as you set up your new home. Happy Marriage life in advance.
  • Sweet Wedding Wishes for Bride
  • Congratulations on your engagement for marriage. This is a sign that God has selected you for the next stage in life. Happy Marriage in Advance.
  • You shall never be counted among those who have had pains and sadness. Your joy shall overflow and reach out to friends and neighbors around. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Love is never known to change; it’s forever. So also your marriage, it will be forever. Happy marriage life in advance.

Congratulations! Be always the happiest couple.


  • Marriage is a bond, and it is greater than every other relationship known to man. Enjoy this bond with a great affinity for peace and joy. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Just as the flower of the field and the fragrance that follows, so shall your joy and happiness in marriage be a wonderful sight for all to see. Happy Marriage life in advance!
  • Your marriage life will be flooded with love, care, respect and spiritual blessings. Happy Marriage life in advance.
  • Best Wedding Wishes for Groom
  • May God shower blessings on you and your beautiful fiancée. May you forever stay in love and never fall out of love for one another. Happy Marriage in advance.
  • Marriage is a union that involves the conscious efforts of two persons. God is consciously going to water your marriage with heavenly blessings. Happy married life in Advance.

My friend is gonna be married, so I will be alone.


  • Marriage is a blessing to the world, because two persons agree to become one. As you get married, Joy and happiness will always be with your home as one. Congrats in Advance.
  • God will cause your face to shine and lift you in the times of difficulty. Happy Marriage life in Advance.
  • Love is the perfect ingredient God has blessed your life with. I hope you’ll enjoy every ride that this marriage presents. Happy marriage life my dear.
  • Unique Wedding Wishes for a Friend
  • The love between you and your fiancé will never run dry or cold. Keep soaring high above the hatred of me.
  • This marriage is only filled with good news and happiness. No evil shall befall you in your wedding. Happy marriage life.

Best wishes on your wedding.


  • This marriage race is a directed path that God has commanded His angels to wait for you there. Hence, you will know nothing but success and prosperity. Happy marriage life in Advance.
  • Your marriage is blessed with good health and prosperity. No power can stand against you in this marriage. You will not be shaken. Happy Marriage life in Advance.
  • You shall see your children’s children and the Lord shall bless your womb with grace and love. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • Funny Wedding Messages
  • Flowers are a sign of good things hence your marriage will be like the blossoming of a new delight just as it is found in flowers. Happy marriage life in advance.
  • I’m definitely attending your wedding, I can’t miss the chance to see two love birds finally becoming one, I wish you the best in your married life together!

Congrats on your wedding!


  • I have to see this for myself, I wouldn’t believe it if I only hear about it. You make me proud. You are the couple I definitely look up to. Congrats on your wedding!
  • I’m sending my wishes to you early because I want to be the first one to wish you a perfectly happy marriage with lots of love, togetherness and happiness. Congrats!
  • Seeing you this happy a few days before the actual wedding day is a really positive sign. I wish you the very best as you celebrate your wedding and togetherness. Enjoy!
  • 300 Wedding Wishes
  • I know your wedding will turn out as perfect as your love for each other, can’t wait to see you with the gown on you. Have a great day; I’ll be here if you need me.
  • A few days to your wedding and I’m the one who’s anxious, I know it will be a glorious day and that we will all be impressed by your love for each other. Wishing you the very best!

Have a happy married life.


Cute Marriage Wishes in Advance

  • I hope you’ll have a day worth remembering and admiring forever my dear, I’m happy that I’ll be part of your wedding day and that I’ll see true and real love.
  • You make a really beautiful couple my dears, your love is real and not like any other I’ve ever seen. Have a blessed wedding and honeymoon in advance!
  • I can’t wait to finally see how your wedding will look like; I wish you the very best as you’re getting married. Congrats!
  • Each day your wedding gets closer my heart beats faster, I’m really anxious to see the outcome of the beautiful union you’ll have. Enjoy your wedding sweethearts!
  • Wedding Wishes for Son
  • I know you’ll make a beautiful happily ever after, wishing you in advance an amazing wedding and honeymoon my dears. You deserve each other!
  • Have a great wedding for there is nothing more satisfying than seeing two people in love happily together. I can’t wait for the actual wedding day!
  • May your wedding turn out as amazing as I know it will be. I wish you each and every ounce of happiness this world has to offer. Enjoy your wedding!
  • It is an exciting fact to begin a very interesting part of your life today. I wish you heaven’s blessings as you thread blissfully on this glorious path. Happy Marriage life in advance.
  • There is a life that all ladies want to experience, and that is what you are about to taste. God blessings and Guidance follow you. Happy Marriage in Advance.
  • You must be the luckiest pair in the world; I know everyone here is looking forward to seeing how happy and fulfilled your wedding will be. Congrats on your special day my dears!

At this time, our engagement wishes are expected to rain down. . Wish me luck as I wish you a blissful marital union in advance. 42: On your.

50 Congratulations Messages and Wishes for an Engagement

advance wishes for engagement

The birthday of your spouse-to-be (fiancé or fiancée) is a very special event that needs to be treated with the relevance that it deserves. There are a number of ways you can make that special event even more special for your husband or wife-to-be, and one such way is by sending them very heartwarming or touching happy birthday wishes.

Knowing how important it is to send that perfect birthday message to your fiancé or fiancée, we have produced a collection of some of the most heartfelt and original birthday wishes for fiancé and fiancée that you can get on the internet. These birthday wishes, which range from romantic to funny, can be modified or just sent the way they are to put a smile on the face of that special someone in your life and let them know that you are thinking about them as they commemorate that special day of their life. Your fiancé or fiancée surely means a lot to you, so why not make their birthday extra special with any of our cool birthday wishes below?!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Fiancé

  • Even if I spent my entire life paying you for the happiness that you have brought into my life, I would never be able to thank you enough. I love you, honey, and I hope that someday I can bring into your life as much happiness as you have brought me. Have an amazing birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful fiancé. May your special day cause your heart to overflow with nothing but pure happiness and joy. I love you so much, babe.
  • My wish for you on this special day of yours is that life brings you everything that puts a smile on your face. You are such a wonderful man, and I love you more than I can ever say in words. Happy birthday, dear handsome husband-to-be.
  • Happy birthday to the love of my life and my future husband. On this special day of yours, I pray to God to bless you with a lifetime of happiness and peace. You deserve it because you’re such a wonderful person. I love you.
  • Wishing the most amazing fiancé a super duper happy birthday! Babe, you mean the world to me and I can never stop loving you.
  • My love, you’re the most precious man in my life. I wish you a very fun and memorable birthday. Happy birthday, my soul mate and husband-to-be.
  • This is your special day, sweetheart, and by Jove, I’m going to help you enjoy it to the max! May true happiness accompany you today and all the days of your life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my love! Thank you for making my life wonderful. Let’s enjoy this big day of yours like we’re on vacation! And don’t ever forget that you will always be the man of my dreams and the love of my life!

Happy Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Fiancé

  • Babe, put your party pants on because today you and I shall party like Gatsby. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • Wishing my sweet fiancé a very happy birthday celebration. Honey, today I just want to let you know that I love you more than any man who has ever walked the surface of this Earth, with the exception of Jesus Christ. I hope you’re not jealous!
  • Happy birthday, honey. I love you more than anything, except Santa Clause.
  • If the good die young, then I guess I’ve got me one bad a** fiancé. Happy birthday, my handsome but bad a** fiancé.
  • Babe, did you know that throughout your life, this is the oldest you’ve ever been? Happy birthday!


Romantic Birthday Wishes for Fiancée

  • Wishing a fabulous birthday to the apple of my eye. May life bring you happiness and prosperity beyond your wildest imagination. I love you deeply. Happy birthday once again, honey.
  • Happy birthday to my loving and caring fiancée. Sweetheart, may your birthday be the beginning of a life of happiness and prosperity. I love you.
  • Babe, today is as special to you as it is to me because it is the day that you, the love of my life, were ushered into this world. Happy birthday, sweetheart, and thank you for making me the happiest man in the world.
  • Today being your special day, I reiterate my promise to give you all of my love and do everything within my power to make you the happiest woman on Earth. I love you so much. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I can’t wait until we’re married!
  • Sweetheart, you’re more than my fiancée, you’re my best friend and pillar of support. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t give up to put a smile on your beautiful face. Have a delightful birthday, sweetheart. My love for you is forever.
  • You are the most precious thing in my life, babe. I hope your big day fills your heart with happiness beyond your wildest imagination. Happy birthday, my beautiful wife-to-be.
  • On this day, I just want to let you know that I never knew what true love was until you entered into my life. I love you so much, sweetheart. Have a happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, darling! May this special day mark the beginning of your dreams coming true and God’s blessings in your wonderful life. Enjoy your day to the max, and know that this heart of mine only beats for you.
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful and loving woman in the world. On your big day, my prayer for you is that you are blessed with all the things in life that fill your heart with happiness and joy. Have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart. I love you.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to the one that makes this life of mine hundred percent complete. Sweetheart, I can’t wait until the day we’re finally husband and wife. I love you to the moon and back.

You are the most precious thing in my life, babe. I hope your big day fills your heart with happiness beyond your wildest imagination.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Fiancée

  • Let’s party like tomorrow doesn’t exist. However, if we wake up to find out that tomorrow does exist, we can just call in sick. Love you so much, babe.
  • Honey, I love you more than pimps love canes. And these guys really do love their canes. I hope you have a magical birthday!
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart. Don’t worry about getting old since it comes with a number of benefits such as enjoying senior discounts.
  • On your special day, I hope you smile while your teeth are still intact because my birthday wish for you is that you grow until you are really old and toothless. Happy birthday, babe.
  • Wishing my fiancée and the Queen of my heart a happy birthday. Babe, as you celebrate your birthday, know that I love you more than a prisoner loves an escape route. And that’s a lot!!

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Advance Marriage Wishes

advance wishes for engagement

Engagement Wishes and Congratulations

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Last updated: October 3rd 2017. Find the perfect way to say ‘congratulations on your engagement‘ with this huge collection of engagement wishes, funny engagement quotes and images. If someone you know is getting engaged and you want to send them an engagement card, text message or email (or say it in person), you may be unsure how to choose the right words, what to write in an engagement card or engagement card etiquette. No worries, because we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking for engagement wishes for a friend or a family member you will find them all right here. The engagement of a couple is one of the greatest causes for celebration because it is the start of one of the most amazing journeys that life can give us. Congratulating the newly engaged couple, whether through engagement card messages or in person, is a time-honored tradition. Here you can choose just the right engagement congratulations messages from the following categories: 1) engagement messages , 2) funny engagement quotes and 3) engagement wishes images. May your engagement wishes contribute to a long, healthy and happy life for the engaged couple.

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Engagement Wishes – Congratulations on Your Engagement


Read our latest new collection of engagement quotes to wishes couple on the upcoming marital bliss. Sample congratulation messages on the engagement for .

The 105 Congratulations On Your Engagement Quotes and Messages

advance wishes for engagement

Engagement Wishes

Do you know someone who has recently been engaged? Do you need help finding the perfect way to express your congratulations and how to wish on engagement day? Consider anniversary wishes, a collection of heartfelt thoughts, sayings, and messages. A list of anniversary wishes helps you convey your thoughts in just the perfect way to your friends and loved ones.

Engagement Wishes

  • I wish you lots of love as you walk through this life hand in hand.
  • Congratulations on your engagement and may you always experience the joy and happiness that life offers.
  • May your days always be filled with warmth as you walk the journey of life together.
  • I heard about your engagement. Wishing both the best and all the love in the world.
  • It is such a sweet occasion when two people pledge their love and lives to one another.
  • Warm wishes to you both. I wish you a lifetime of love, romance, laughter, and joy.
  • Congratulations on getting engaged. May your lives together be filled with joyful brightness and plenty of love.
  • Happy thoughts to you both in this time of your engagement. May love be with you always.
  • May the love you have for each other never cease. Congratulations on getting engaged.
  • So happy to hear of your engagement! You both fit like two peas in a pod.
  • I heard the happy news of your engagement! So happy to know you have found love.
  • Love is something to be cherished for a lifetime. Well wishes on your engagement.
  • Congratulations on your engagement. Love and blessings to you both during this joyful time.
  • Your engagement symbolizes the profound love the two of you have for each other now and always.
  • As your two souls come together, so will your hearts. Well wishes on your engagement.
  • Two become one on this journey called life. So happy to hear of your engagement.
  • Congratulations to you both on getting engaged. Sending you lots of love.
  • May the joy of your love for one another always shine. Congratulations on getting engaged.
  • Happy engagement to you both now that your hearts have found one another.
  • My heart is overjoyed at the news of your engagement. Congratulations and lots of love to you both.
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Find the best Engagement pictures, photos and images. Congratulations! here's wishing you lots of wonderful moments of togetherness now and always!.

advance wishes for engagement
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