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Wishing someone success in business
September 30, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents No comments

Here are a bunch of good luck wishes and messages to send to your friend, boss, A thoughtful message with good luck wishes is always welcome to anyone starting a business or a new Good luck and continued success. If it is directed towards someone about to get into college or if it is related to farewell, you can wish.

When you want to tell someone their life achievement is worth celebrating, it’s typical to offer a note of congratulations.

Saying ‘congratulations’ can take many forms. Sometimes, we shorten the word to simply, ‘Congrats!’ Other times, it may be more appropriate to pen a long, thorough message that showcases how proud you are.

Whatever the case—be it a finished marathon, a major promotion, a new baby, or even a small victory like pulling a grade up from a C to an A—writing a congratulations message is a fantastic way to express your feelings and give praise.

As long as you pay attention to the recipient’s milestone, your words of congratulations will let them know you truly care about their success. Who knows, your heartfelt message might just make their day!

Since we’ve been focusing on writing how-to’s all month long, here are our tips for giving hearty congratulations throughout every stage of life.

Wedding Wishes

A wedding is a massive milestone in any person’s life, which puts the pressure on you to write something extra-special in your wedding card. Don’t worry! Here are some ideas to get you started . . .

  • I’m so happy to celebrate this special day with the two of you. Congrats!
  • You both are a wonderful example of what true love looks like. Congratulations on the start of your new chapter together!

New Baby Congratulations

There’s a new addition to the family, and it’s a small bundle of joy! Let your friend, coworker, or family member know how excited you are to meet the baby and, of course, see pictures. You could begin your congratulations message with . . .

  • Congrats on your little miracle! Wishing your family plenty of love, health, and happiness now and throughout life.
  • Wishing you and your newborn all the best—and plenty of sleep! Congrats on the safe arrival of your bundle of joy. 

Congrats to the New Grad

Graduating is a big deal at any age, as it’s often the culminating moment of years of hard work. How can you encapsulate a person’s educational achievements in words? Here are two good places to start . . .

  • Congrats, grad! I am so proud of you for reaching this milestone and can’t wait to see what you do next.
  • Congratulations on your graduation day! Wishing you all the success in the world as you begin your next adventure.

Still Stuck? A Simple Congratulations Guide

If you’re still lost for words, these tips can make it easier to write a message of congratulations, no matter who’s on the receiving end.

1Start strong. There’s one word you can always count on as you begin singing your praises. You probably guessed it: Congratulations! By congratulating your recipient from the very start, your note will already be on target with what you want to say.
2Be personal. Everyone loves a hand-written compliment! After you say congrats, tell the recipient how proud you are of them and remind them why they deserve this. Acknowledge the specific achievement and add in some extra congratulations words.
3End with a heartfelt closing. Offer your well-wishes for their continued success or new chapter, and you’re all set!

The goal of any congratulations message is to show the recipient you care—and to make them feel extra-special! Words go a long way in expressing our deepest sentiments, and congratulatory words are no exception.

What are your favorite ways to say congratulations at every milestone?


To be successful in all our businesses and ventures, we need some luck. To wish somebody luck people always use a lot of Good Luck Quotes!.

How to Congratulate Someone in Every Stage of Life

wishing someone success in business


I am very encouraged by the warm and generous messages of support from my fellow Liverymen:

Robin Arculus, PM Glass Sellers

I have known Gwen both inside the Livery and outside for over twenty years and believe she will make an excellent Sheriff.

Andrew Beales, Court Assistant, Bakers

Best wishes on your candidacy Gwen. With your background in bringing women forward into positions of responsibility within the City, you deserve to be given the chance.
We all know that the world of the livery companies remains far too dominated by patriarchal ideas, when, if it is to be at all relevant to the 21st century, this has to change, and the sooner the better.

David Barker, PM Coopers

Having met a number of non aldermanic sheriffs over the years I think someone like you could be a breath of fresh air and a great help to whoever becomes Lord Mayor.
I would be honoured to turn out and vote for you and hope other liverymen will join with me.

Barbara Beadman, Glass Sellers (past Court Assistant)

You have many qualities that will enhance the role and assist the Lord Mayor to keep the City at the forefront of the world.

Simon Bentley, Needlemakers

Wishing you all the very best of luck Gwen.

Claire Bowler, Insurers

Gwen has energy, passion and drive and I know will give this role her all. Her contribution to the City has spanned many years and her drive for inclusion and diversity was ahead of its time.

De Bradshaw, Past Master Plaisterers, Glass Sellers

You are the perfect candidate for the position of Sheriff.
Your dedicated and inspirational work with business and educational organisations in the City, over many years, has been with the aim to ensure that talented, successful and future business leaders are recognised and rewarded and to help young women and men progress and succeed within their specialist fields.
In addition you have quietly and humbly made time to support your chosen charities and have provided much invaluable pro bono work .
I wish you now every success going forward and encourage my fellow Liverymen to show their support for you.

Ronald Brickley, Glass Sellers

You will do the City proud.

Andy Brockett, Glass Sellers

Wishing you every success! You will make an excellent Sheriff, and a tremendous asset to the City.

Roger Brookes, Senior Warden, Tobacco Pipe Makers

Good luck with the campaign, Gwen! Carpe Diem.

Annie Brooks, Marketors

I’ve known Gwen for many years, in fact we met through networking in London. She was instrumental in me joining the Livery as she introduced me to the person who proposed me for the Marketors. She’d be such an asset as Non-Aldermanic Sheriff as she is passionate about the City, is one of the most well connected women I know and if you want something done – ask Gwen!

Guiliana Bruce, International Bankers

I have been supporting Gwen for the last 10 years in promoting female talent in the industry, and I believe that her ethical values combined with her business acumen and sense of justice render her a perfect non-Aldermanic Sheriff and that her appointment will also contribute to promote diversity within the institutions of the City.

Alan Cheeseman, PM Distillers

I have known Gwen since we were both Masters in 2014/15
She has an amazing bubbly personality mixed with a sense of purpose and ambition
I’m sure that her personal and business attributes would make her an admirable Sherriff- she has all my best wishes

Bill Chesshyre, Court Assistant Glass Sellers

Good luck, Gwen. Your energy, enthusiasm and business experience deserves to be recognised.

Sarah Calcutt, Fruiterers

I believe that Gwen will make a hard working, dynamic and inclusive Sheriff, benefitting the Lord Mayor and the City of London as a whole with her energy, enthusiasm and love of our great City

John Clark, PM Glass Sellers

We are delighted that you are “having a go” Good Luck !!

Michael Vaughan Cooper, Butchesr, Plumbers (Past Steward) and PM Parish Clerks

As a fellow Magna Master it gives me great pleasure to support your Shrieval candidature.

Jacqueline Davies, PM, The Guild of HR Professionals

Gwen has pioneered the development of the next generation of City leaders. She doesn’t shy away from challenges and fosters an innovative ‘can do’ spirit in those she mentors. She is a Sheriff for the 21st Century.

Russell Dawes, Needlemakers

Although I have only known you for a short while I can see you have the dynamic qualities to make an excellent Sheriff. All the very best of luck

Graham Dickinson, PM Insurers

Gwen’s support for the City has been and continues to be immense. Her campaign and passion for improved diversity is to be applauded.

Janice Donaghue, Pattenmakers

I hope you are selected – you do so much for the City already and I’m sure you would be an excellent candidate for this position.

Colin Evans, PM Hackney Carriage Drivers

Good Luck Gwen you have the Stamina to see this out!

Richard Floyd, Basketmakers

Good luck Gwen. I’ll come and cheer.

Christopher Freeman, Second Warden, Bakers

Good luck and glad to see a City candidate concerned with diversity and inclusivity.

The Revd Nicholas Gandy OGS, Glass Sellers

Gwen, I’m thrilled to hear that you are offering yourself as a prospective non Aldermanic Sheriff candidate. Your dynamism, knowledge, and passion for the life and flourishing of the great City of London will surely win tremendous support for your campaign.

Sean Gavin, Tobacco Pipe Makers

You have my full support as I know you would do a fantastic job if elected! Best of luck.

Colin Goodman, PM Stationers

I am sure as a Magna Master you will be an excellent Sheriff and will enjoy your year

The Revd John Hayton TD, PM Bowyers

Go for it!

Stephen Hodkinson, PM Plumbers

You will make a superb Sheriff and I’d like to wish you all the very best with your campaign.

Mark Holford, Court Assistant Information Technologists; Glass Sellers

I hope that you will garner enough suppport. You a great City Supporter.

Andrew Hornby, Court Assistant Constructors

Well done for pledging to promote diversity and inclusion across the Livery.

Laura Jewell MW, Vintners, Distillers

Having met Gwen for the first time recently, I am impressed with her energy, enthusiasm and networking skills, and admire and support her ambition to stand for election.

Michael Jones, PM,  Plaisterers

Gwen has immense energy and drive, a passion for social mobility, inclusion and diversity. She is great company, is a first class advocate of the wider livery movement and has an excellent ability to articulate and communicate key issues.

Beth O’Brien, Innholders

You’ve got my full support. You’re a perfect candidate for the role. Best of luck.

Denise Lee, Glass Sellers

Gwen, your energy and passion will win the day. Just what the City needs.

Geoff Lewis, PM Needlemakers

I’m delighted you have put your name forward. Your enthusiasm for the City and its Livery Companies and everything that you put your mind to is tireless and infectious. You would make an outstanding contribution as a Non-Aldermanic Sheriff. I wish you the very best of luck.

Dame Martina Milburn, Needlemakers

London needs your inspiration, vibrancy and championing of inclusion. Go Gwen!

Margaret Milner, Assistant, Glaziers

I am delighted to support you.

Gill Moore, PM Builders Merchants

Gwen’s enthusiasm and commitment makes her an ideal Candidate.

Lt Col Roderick Morriss TD DL, PM Glovers / Barbers

As Immediate Past Chairman, I have known Gwen as an enthusiastic and dedicated member of Queenhithe Ward Club and I am positive that she will bring that same spirit and drive to the role of Non-Aldermanic Sherriff. The City will benefit from her wisdom and input.

Roderick Newton, Glass Sellers

Eloquence, energy and charisma – she merits your attention.

Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, Glass Sellers

There is no one more qualified to the role of non-Aldermanic Sheriff than you.

Stephen Pollock-Hill, Past Court Assistant, Glass Sellers

I think you will be an excellent Non Aldermanic Sheriff,  so go for it with my full support!

Samantha Pollock-Hill, Court Assistant, Glass Sellers

Your ability to inspire and support will be invaluable in the City. I hope you succeed in this as well as everything else you do.

Lynn Richards-Cole, Glass Sellers

Gwen, over many years you have championed the smashing of the “Glass Ceiling” ; have a strong personal brand ; have put your outstanding reltionship skills to benefit the Livery. You have all the requisite skills for the role. You would be a breath of fresh air.
Good luck!

Lance Shaw, PM Cordwainers

The City would be well served by someone as able as you and it would be terrific if someone made it from our year.

John C Shonfeld, PM Launderers

Good luck Gwen.  A big commitment, but you are very suited to the task. You can rely on my support

John Spencer OBE, Glass Sellers

You have given a great deal of time and effort to ‘the livery’ and will bring experience with a touch of (appropriate) humour to the role.

Jason Stephenson, Glass Sellers

Wishing you every success in what I hope will be a successful journey towards playing a part in supporting our amazing city.

Issa K. Tahha, PM Environmental Cleaners

Good Luck Gwen. Wish you all the best.

Dr Christine Tomkins, PM Spectacle Makers

As an expert networker and relationship builder, I believe you would bring energy and effectiveness to the role of non-Aldermanic Sheriff and I wish you success.

David Wilkinson, Glass Sellers

Best of luck Gwen, your enthusiasm will carry you past the winning post easily!

Huw Wynne-Griffith, PM Actuaries

I am sure you will enjoy being Sheriff as much as I know the City will.

Lady Yarrow, 4th Warden, Feltmakers

Good for you! Your enthusiasm and generosity will be greatly appreciated!

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Good Luck Messages for a New Business | Wishes for Startups and Entrepreneurs

wishing someone success in business

When a business associate lands a new job or gets a promotion, it is important to acknowledge this milestone by sending a note wishing them continued success. It's a nice gesture you'd appreciate if you were changing jobs, and you never know when a former employee or colleague may be a colleague or client again in the future. Getting in the habit of writing congratulations letters and sending your business associates off with best wishes will set the right tone for when you cross paths again.

Ways to Send Your Letter

There are a few appropriate ways to send your letter. The most old-fashioned (and often most appreciated) method is to take the time to hand-write your note of congratulations and post it through traditional “snail mail” or to slip it into your colleague’s physical mail cubby at work (if they have one). However, it’s also fine to send a congratulatory email or even a well-crafted note via LinkedIn (if you and they communicate through this social media regularly).

Here's an example of a congratulations note you can send to someone who has found a new job.

Business Congratulations Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear John,

Congratulations on your new position with the Sunshine Agency. I'm sure you will be an asset to their staff, with your years of experience and organizational skills, not to mention your easygoing personality.

You will be greatly missed here, but I speak for the whole team in wishing you all the best in your new endeavor!

Best regards,

Your Name

Business Congratulations Email Example (Text Version)

Subject Line: Way to Go! (Congrats from Your Name)

Dear Jane,

I don’t know whether it was with more joy or sadness that I learned the news that you’ll be moving on to Jones, Able, and Jellico. I’m really proud of you for getting hired for your “dream job,” but boy, will we miss you around here!

My congratulations are heartfelt – please keep in touch and let us know how you’re enjoying the challenges of your new position.

Yours truly,

Your Name

Congratulatory Descriptions for a Business Associate

Here are some sample sentences that you can draw on to craft a letter of congratulations:

  • I heard you got the job you've always wanted. Cheers to your continued success!
  • This position was truly made for you. Congratulations on finding such a perfect opportunity.
  • I'm so thrilled to hear you got your dream job. Would love to celebrate the occasion with you!
  • Your new company made the right choice in hiring someone like you. You deserve all the rewards to come.
  • Congratulations on your new endeavor! I'm so thrilled that you'll be working on something you're passionate about.
  • Your talent will truly be appreciated in this new role. They're lucky to have you!
  • It was a pleasure and an honor working with you. Your new role is well deserved, and I wish you success in your new job. 
  • I know you've waited a long time to find this job, and it's inspiring to see you fulfill your dream.
  • You are a force to be reckoned with in this field, and I'm so proud to know you and to have worked with you.
  • Our loss is ABC Company’s gain. We will miss you enormously around here, but it will be exciting to hear about your new adventures.
  • You are indeed the best person for your new job. Kudos to you for reaching this wonderful milestone.
  • You are proof that dedication and determination go a long way. You inspire me!
  • While we'll miss your valuable contributions and dedication, I am so glad you got a new job that excites you.
  • Your new job is a perfect match for you. I wish you continued success.

Personalized Business Correspondence

Writing a personalized, brief note is appropriate in a variety of work situations, not just when your business associate is moving on to a new job. Other instances for which you should learn how to write personalized business letters include thanking someone for an interview, following up after an interview or application, accepting or rejecting a job, resigning from a position, and many more.

As fewer and fewer people put the time and energy into sending these letters, each one that is received becomes more memorable to the recipient, whether that's a business associate or a future employer.

Check out this great collection of business New Year wishes for boss, colleagues and May the next year be full of success and good deals. . But a real businessman is someone who knows how to combine rational thinking with the voice.

35 Ways to Wish Someone Well in Chinese

wishing someone success in business

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So it’s time for business owners to give thanks for their customers, clients, team members, partners, and anyone else who made an impact on operations this year. In preparation for the holiday, you may want to compose a quick message to people who have impacted your business in the past year, giving thanks and wishing them a happy holiday.

Thanksgiving Messages for Businesses

If you’re not sure where to start when crafting this message, here are some examples of different Thanksgiving messages for businesses to consider.

Share a Simple Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. So in any message, it’s important to say thank you in some way, whether you’re speaking to customers or those involved with the behind-the-scenes of your business. Share your appreciation in a quick social media post, an email or even a photo or video post.


1. Thank you so much for your patronage this year. We’ve truly enjoyed serving you!
2. We’re thankful for all of our customers/clients! Thank you for being a part of our journey this year.
3. We have so much to be thankful for this year, most of all YOU!
4. This is the time of year for sharing what you’re thankful for. And our customers are at the top of our list.
5. On this Thanksgiving, we want to share our genuine appreciation for you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

Offer a Longer, Heartfelt Message

Longer messages are perfect for businesses that have small teams or work closely with clients. It gives you the opportunity to share a few different sentiments and really drive your point home. It also allows you to personalize the messaging a bit. You can use these examples as a starting point and then add some more personal details to make your message stand out for clients or team members. Share these messages in a blog post, email newsletter or even a handwritten letter. You could also create a video of you speaking the message directly to customers.


6. Dear valued customer: This Thanksgiving, we want to share our genuine appreciation with you. Without you, we would not be where we are today, and we’re so thankful for all of your support throughout the year. We hope you have a joyous holiday and we look forward to serving you again.
7. Dear [name]: I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve you this past year. I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. Thank you for being a wonderful and supportive client and for all you do to support my business. I value our relationship and look forward to the opportunity to continue serving you.
8. We’re thankful for wonderful customers like you this Thanksgiving. Our team has really enjoyed serving you this year, and we wanted to share our heartfelt appreciation.
9. To our valuable team members: We’re so thankful for all you’ve done for our business this year. All of your hard work and dedication has helped us reach so many of our company-wide goals for 2018. On this holiday, we want to make sure you know how much you’re appreciated as a member of our team and how much we value you. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and loved ones and we can’t wait to see what our team can accomplish together in 2019.
10. This Thanksgiving, we want to share a sincere “thank you” to every member of our team. Thanks for making this a model workplace and for all you do to keep our company moving forward. We’ve had a great year, and you’re such a big part of it.

Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday

Sometimes a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” goes a long way. With this type of greeting, you might consider adding it to a festive image or at the end of a video. You can share this type of post on social media or even turn it into an actual card. It could also make for a perfect visual for blog posts or email newsletters that feature longer messages as well. You could also share text-only messages on Twitter or other short-form platforms.


11. Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all there is to be thankful for.
12. Here’s to another year of giving thanks for all of the wonderful blessings our team has experienced.
13. Wishing you a happy and festive Thanksgiving with all your family and friends!
14. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and gratitude-filled holiday!
15. We hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo via Shutterstock

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We wish you continued success as you celebrate this important milestone. . First of all, how could someone as YOUNG as you have been in business for 25.

wishing someone success in business
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